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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      How to edit a video in iMovie Intro


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      How to edit a video in iMovie part 1


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      How to edit a video in iMovie part 2


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      How to edit a video in iMovie part 3


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      How to edit a video in iMovie part 4


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      How to edit a video in iMovie Part 5


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About This Class

If you are looking to create a vlog, YouTube channel or even a lesson here on Skillshare, you will need to know how to edit a video.

In this class I show you how I use iMovie to edit my video's for my Vlog, including the following

  • Cropping the video
  • Editing the audio
  • Inserting a photo into the video
  • Adding intro and exit frames, including music
  • Adding a title

I hope that this class helps you to create something wonderful!

I am using iMovie version 10.1.8 and this was recorded in January 2018

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mel Thorley (Ditsy Tulip)

A Dressmaker who likes to paint.


Hi I'm Mel from Handmade By Ditsy Tulip.

I recently joined Skillshare to help me to re-ignite an old skill of painting/illustration which I am absolutely loving so far (thanks lovely Teachers), but then I thought "I'd love to help others to learn how to sew"!

So, watch this space, I'm filming lessons as we speak and look forward to sharing them with you very soon.

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Level: Beginner

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1. How to edit a video in iMovie Intro: police dash Lights my way, too. Magic Rainbow List Just like a child Live in Wonderland. All my dreams are coming true Hi, I'm doing a definite type off video today. This isn't about so rangers. The reason I'm doing this video with because a few people have sent me a message to say that they would love to settle their own video block or block. I don't know where to start. Immolation Teoh editing their videos, ready for upload eso What I thought I would do is on the backhand London Xena video that I uploaded yesterday. I did a scream recording and then added some voiceover. Just a talk you through step by step. How I Eddie edit my video using I'm movie eso I've got an I Mac machine. It's a really old one. It's more than five years old, but it's still just about hanging on for dear life. And so I just used the I movie that came free on that software. Andi. I am by no stretch of the imagination, a tacky expert. I'm not a techie person at all, but have found a method that works really well for me and now I can quickly and easily. I'm Dietz. A video ready to upload onto you. Trouble wherever out from that looked. What? Loaded eso. If this is off interest to you, then do watch on. If it is just the Serbian side of things that are of interest to you, then perhaps switch off from this video because there's nothing so in related in it. I do hope it helps on. I'd love to see any new vlogs appear. I'm Do drop me a comment If you think that you're going to give this a go and settle pay flock of your own Okay, I will leave you to watch on with the screen. I'll see you soon. All my dreams are coming True Heavy shackles used to hold me down Now my feet don't even wreaking the ground Just like a prisoner ready Santon's on And all my dreams are coming true 2. How to edit a video in iMovie part 1 : Okay, so I'm gonna show you how I addict a movie in a video In my movies Have order Got my movie launched Now my PC is running on the slow side this morning so I'm not going to see how it goes So when you first open I movie there are three possible screams that you might land on You've got media projects, Andi theater In order to create a new project, you want to be clicked on the projects screen, which is what I am on here on. Then I am going to create new So click create new on a movie and that will bring me into this screen here. So the first thing that I need to do is import the main video that I want to add. It s so I'm gonna click the import media Born. I saved my videos in a file called Video to so that it's easy for me to find them. So this is the one that I want to add and then import selected. So that's brought the video through here. So what I'm then going to do is drag this down too. The area Well, I'm gonna edit it s so you can see here it's put that 10 minute video all in one frame. And so what I want to do, first of all, has made that bigger so that I can see what frames I want to mess about with. And to do that, I just use this slider here. So I'm just gonna besides across So it's like that. So then you can see the different frames. The first thing that I'm going to do is get rid off the bits off the video that I don't want to show. So you always have, like, a little awkward, Better the beginning. Where you fumbling around, getting yourself ready on the same at the end s I'm gonna find which bit I want to get rid off at the beginning. So I'm gonna get rid off it about there. So I just click on it on them, right? Click on split clip. What are they want to do is make sure that I'm clicked on the bit of the video that I want to delete. And I can tell that because it highlights in yellow on them. Right click again un delete. And then I'm going to do to say at the end, Uh, so that's what I have set by. So I'm gonna click, right Click, split, clip. Now you can see it's the main video that I'm clicked on. He and I don't want to delete that. I want to delete this bet. So click on it. Right Click on delete. So that's the first step completed. So now I've got the main body of the video that I want to work with. What I'm going to do next is all to the audio element off. It s so I will just show you how to do that. 3. How to edit a video in iMovie part 2 : at least Ash lights my way to bed. Okay, so the next bit then, is to edit the audio. So the first thing that I noticed on the audio bit here actually see lots off yellow. Andi Red Spikes now has to say I'm not a tacky person, but from what I understand, yellow means it's gone a little bit on the loud side. Red means it's gone a lot on the outside, a lot on the loud sound. So do need to sort that out. So the first thing that I'm going to do is click to highlight the video and then I'm going to right click on detached audio. So what that means is I can adjust the audio on its own. So if you hover over the horizontal line in the audio there, you can see that you get two arrows, one pointing up on one pointing down. So I'm going to click, and then I'm gonna drag, keep it clicked and dragged down until the audio looks better. So I'm gonna go about their There are still some little points where it turned yellow, but the but the majority off it is looking OK there, so there's gonna play it and see how it sounds and back. It's now from handmade by Dixie Juillet Enough that that's it. That that's fine, really turn that volume back down again and said that his that is how I just the audio within the main video clip at the next thing that I'm going to show you, is how to insert a photograph into the video so I'll just move on to that step. 4. How to edit a video in iMovie part 3 : at least Ash lights my way to bed because I'll show you know how to insert a photo into the video. And so what I want to do here is I want to insert a photograph showing the dress being worn on What I tend to do when I'm recording the video is point upwards a two point where you want to add a photo so it makes it easier for me to find. So just find where that is that you go. It's there. So I'm going to click around there, and then I'm gonna find my photo that I want to add. So I need to import new media. So I'm just clicking on the arrow, which is up here. I'm going to find the photograph that I want to insert, which I think is this will So import selected on going to drag the photograph down to the relevant bit off the video was gonna drop it there. Now you'll see what what will happen initially is at that point in the video, the video cuts away and it just goes into the photograph, which isn't the effect that I want. I want the photograph to appear inside the video to the way that I do that is I make sure that I'm clicked on this born here where it's like a white square with a dotted square behind it, and at the moment it's set to court away. But what I actually want is picture in picture, so I'm just going to select that, and then you can see the photo appears in the video on. You can adjust the size, so I'm going to make it about that big, and you can also change how it appears. So at the moment it's set to dissolve, but I wanted to zoom in and then click the little arrow. What you can also do is adjust the way that the photo appears, so at the moment the photo is set to cam boons, which means it zooms in on a bit of the photo. But I actually want the photo to appear in its entirety, so I just need to make sure I'm clicked on the photo, so that's highlighted in yellow. I'm going to collect the crop bottom, which is there. Then you got Ken Burns crop to fail or fit, and I want it to be fit and then hit the little arrow. So I'm just going to see how that plays. Now you go and there's the photo, so we'll add a few photos in. But I'm only going to kind of show you on this how to insert one. So the next thing that I'm going to show you is how I add intros on and exit to the video, so I'll just move on to that step. 5. How to edit a video in iMovie part 4 : at least Ash lights my way to bed. Okay, So I'll just show you how I add an introduction on and exit to the video. Now, I have got intros and exits pre saved as a video so that I don't have to mess around doing it every time. Im so I'm gonna import my interest. But then on the exit, I'll show you how I created it. So it's going to get to where they saved. So here is YouTube in trip on import. I'm going to click on that on Drug it to the start of the video on all It simply is is a series off photographs set to cam bones style on that. That's all my intro and exit is. What then want to do is add music to it. So again, I'm gonna import my music file. So collect the import bottom. I'll just find where my music ISS It's just that on import selected, I'm gonna drag that music file down so that it starts at the beginning. Off the in trim. Andi, I do want the music to overlap with where I start to talk, but I wanted to go for a longer that s so making sure that the music fail is clicked on So it's highlighted in yellow. I'm gonna click at the end, keep it collect and drug it back to where I want it to end, which will be about that. I don't want the music to play very loudly, So I'm going to reduce the volume on that as I did on the audio before. So I'm gonna click Drag that down to about 25% on I also want the music to fade in and out so you can see there's two circles here one at the start on one at the end And if you hover over it you get an arrow pointing left and right I'm gonna click, keep it clicked and drug it so that will fade in on the other side Keep it clicked Drug eight And I wanted to start fading out It's about where I appear so I'm just gonna play that and see how it sounds So to play from the beginning you just go for you play from beginning Magic Rainbow Yes. Challenge Wonder all my dreams are coming true It's now from conveyed by actually that perfect so that faded in Ondo. Out as I want. I'm something. Do my exit video now, but I'll show you how I create. It s oh, I need to import the photographs. So let's have that want Excuse the dog barking in the background. So just imported couple to show you and put another one. So just got three there to show you. So what I will just do is just drag them down to Theo. End off the video. So there's the 1st 1 drug down. The 2nd 1 Food won. That's all the airs. It's just a series off photographs. I've got them set to Cam Boon because I think that is good for intros and exits. But just to show you how that works, if you click on the crop, so where it's set to Cam Boone's, you can tell the I'm movie where you want the zoom to start an end. So at the moment it's starting. There is you can see, but let's say, for example, I want it to end by zooming into the middle of the sunflowers and see my arrow was pointing there and then click the tick for hover over it now that you go, it zoomed into the middle of the sunflower. So then I'll just add my music. Toothy exit a swell to click my music file. Drag it down. I want the music to start playing well. Stand still on video. Just get rid off this bit of music that I don't need. Adjust the volume again to bring it down to about 25%. I'm fade in and out. That's it. That's how I do my intros. Andi exits. So the final step that I want to show you is how I add a bit off text at the start off the video just to tell people what the video is about, so I'll just move on to that step. 6. How to edit a video in iMovie Part 5 : at least Ash lights my way to bed. Okay, so, as I say, the final bit is just too hot. Add a bit off a text at the beginning of the video to tell everybody what it's about. So I want to click on the titles menu, which is here. And then there's loads of different funk types that you can choose. I think I'm going to go for pixie dust, so you click on it and drag it down to where you want it to be inserted, which is there. And then, if you just make sure you click on that file, so that's highlighted in yellow, I can then add in my fund and then just type in what you wanted to say. You can change the color of the fund so you click on that button there and it brings. You will pay a little color screen, and you just click whatever you want it to be. A. So I'll leave it that nice green color and then click the little tick. So let's just play that now and see how that looks. It's now that's it. So that's the final step off how I added a video in my movie s. I'm just gonna make sure I save this now. So to save it just clicked back on the projects. Barton. It will then ask me to name the project. So we'll just put Marie Zien address. Okay? Not that it saved. That's how I added a video and I'm movie. As I said at the start, I am not a techie person, so they may well be easier and quick it in quicker ways of doing this. But I found that this is the method that works for May. Okay, Thanks for watching. And I will see you soon. All my dreams are coming true Heavy shackles used to hold me down Now my feet don't even wreaking the ground just like a prisoner