How to easily create a Watch Face for the Apple Watch using Procreate | Brenda Bakker | Skillshare

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How to easily create a Watch Face for the Apple Watch using Procreate

teacher avatar Brenda Bakker, ♥️ Sharing my skills is sharing my joy ♥️

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      Importing Canvas and brushes and resizing the Canvas


    • 3.

      Creating the right size canvas for your watch


    • 4.

      How to create the Watch Face template


    • 5.

      Create the Sketch and Linework


    • 6.

      Creating the Watercolor


    • 7.

      How to get your Art to your Watch


    • 8.

      More examples and walkthroughs


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About This Class

Hi and welome to my new Skillshare Class; How to create a  fun Watch Face with Procreate

I just love to draw in procreate and I just got myself an apple watch. And for an artist who loves to draw, what could be more fun then to wear your art and show it to the world. With procreate we can create fun art and we can express ourselves by it and adapt it to our mood or to the colors we are wearing. No matter if your art is simple or more complex, do you just want the time in your art or more complications added, you can make the adjustments yourself by creating other templates. It will work about the same.

In this class I will teach you my way of creating a simple but fun watercolor drawing made in Procreate. We start out by creating a canvas and template fitting our apple watches, adapt the numbers in class for your specific watch and sometimes they fit in multiple watches. Then let the fun of creating begin. I love to create funny and happy stuff. But be warned because it’s highly addictive. 

I will provide a brushset which contain a few brushes. If you done some previous classes you might already have these. I also added a premade procreate canvas with a lot of fun stuff integrated for my watch. (My watch has the size of 324 x 394 pixels) but maybe check if it would fit also yours ;). You can find them in the class project section. Make sure you are in your browser to download them and not in the skillshare app.

You also will be needing an Ipad with procreate and a pressure sensitive stylus for this class, and of course an apple watch to show your art on.

perhaps you can create for other smart watches too if you know how they work. You can watch this class for the process and create a work around for your watch then.

So join me in this class and let's have some fun!

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Brenda Bakker

♥️ Sharing my skills is sharing my joy ♥️

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1. Intro: Hi there and welcome to my new Skillshare class. My name is Ben de Bakker and I'm from the Netherlands. In this class, I'll be explaining to you simple, with a fairly simple drawing on how to create in Procreate your own watch face for your Apple Watch. And so therefore from Procreate to your simple watch, just like this or this one or this. And we do it step-by-step together. I've chosen an easy drawing for you. I've, I will show you and teach you how you can make your own template for it. And I show you the whole process of getting it to work into your Apple watch. So if you have an Apple Watch and do you like to draw on Procreate, this is a gloss for you, so helping and let's have some fun together. 2. Importing Canvas and brushes and resizing the Canvas: So for this class I made some brushes and I made a little color swatch. And I made Canvas, especially for you. And if you want to use that, you can easily import them into your procreate file. And I will now show you how you can do that. For that, you have to go through your browser, it might face it's Safari. You can't go through the app. You go to the projects and resources section of the class. This is the watch face procreate canvas. Normally I will put it here. It's easier to import, but it was too big a file to place here. So that's why you've got a link to drop, Dropbox. So tap on it, it will go to your Dropbox. Then you click here and you find Export. And then in your search bar on top you can find Procreate. And it will automatically import into procreate. And it will be the first one appearing in your top left corner of your Procreate gallery. I've tried a couple of times just to make sure to link is working. So that's why I've got a lot of it right here. Also for importing brushes. You go again to this page through Safari. And the brushes, It's from my sketchy dueling clause. So if you already have them, you don't have to need to download it again, just tap on it. Download it. You see the little bar. Now it's downloaded. And you click on it. And it will go to your downloads and you just have to search by the name sketchy dueling, brush it. And from there on you can click on it. It will automatically import. And if you hit any painting that's from me and my husband's, it will appear at the top of your brush library. So there is the new brush set, import it. And let's go to the color swatch. Again. Go to the same page. This is the color swatch, just a few colors ever you might already have. It's also, so let's hit it. Download it. Again. It's here, the watch face swatch. And it's appearing right here. And also in your downloads, just tap on it. It would be important. And again, if you open any Canvas, you can go to your colors, find your pellets, and it will be the one at the bottom there. So this is also a pellet I use a very much for my other classes. So perhaps you already have it. We're going to use this one for small drawing class. I want to explain something about the templates of the canvas. I will do that later on. This one I made for my own watch. But perhaps it will it will fit to your watch as well. So you can give it a try. And if it doesn't fit, but you like to use layers. You can also copy the layers directly to your own pre-made Canvas. And you have to make some adjustments to them because some are multiply color burn. And also the one underneath you can easily copy and adjust sizes. Also, you can do this by go to your Canvas and crop and resize. You can make it smaller and it's not nothing wrong with layers. But when you do enlarge it for your own watch or your own size, you have to remove and expand the layers as well to get the texture overall. So that's for importing the brushes and the canvas and the swatch. So let's get over to the next two clauses. I will explain a little bit more about it there. So let's get on. 3. Creating the right size canvas for your watch: So we start out by exploring the pixels we need for our watch. So therefore, you go to your Safari. And I'm holding, in my case, I have a 14, 14 millimeter watch. So I google Apple Watch Series 6 because I don't know if it's different from any size and 40 millimeters. And I want to know the pixels. So let me search. And I think I can find it somewhere here. Yes. So here I can see the technical specifications. 40 millimeter, it's three on a 24 by 394 pixels. But when I create a confess that size, it will be way too small and way too pixelated. So I added a 0 behind every Canvas. I make for this. So I do your pixels of your Watch screen times 10. So let's create that improved creates. So when we do that, I'm going to go to the plus M, create a new canvas. And I remember in wise it was 324, so I go to my pixels, it's already on pixels. I choose to 324 and add 0 behind it. And I go to it, already remembered it. So I'm going to do it again. 394 at 0 behind it, and 300 DPI. And let's create this one, a new name. Watch face to face. So I'm going to create it. And now every time I need a new canvas like this is automatically created. Now, when uneaten need a new canvas, like did I go to the bottom of my canvases and there it's ready for me. If you have the same as I do, I put in an extra Canvas for you already. But you can see in class resorts, researchers. And I come back to that later. But now we first, we going to make a template for this. So now we have a canvas that is your watch times 10 in pixels. So let's now create a template for it. 4. How to create the Watch Face template: Well, you can just add in a photo to your watch and then you'll have it like this. So let me see. Here I've got my logo loaded into my watch and barely see time, but I want to have it integrated. So let me see like the next one. Let me search it for you like this. So now I created a drawing and I've put a time in a special balloon. And now it's on the upside of my watch. And I have one down already. Yes, but I can show that to you. It's not appropriate. We are going to make it. What am I going to do is just create a screen prints. So by tapping the button and the crown at the same time. So now I've just clicked it and my screen prints. And now it's on my phone as well. When I go to my iPhone, it automatically changes to my photos. So here's my screen print of this one. So now I'm going to create this into my Canvas and then I can create a template out of it. So that's what I'm going to do next. So from my photo gallery, I choose my picture. I'm choosing AirDrop. And I go to my iPad. Way to seconds. And now my photo is important. Oh my I bet. And from there on, it's easy. Just go to your Procreate. Here it is. Import. As. Insert a picture. Choose this one. Well, it's way too small. You see how small otherwise your Canvas will be. So I do fit the screen and now it fits all the way into my screen. And from there on, I can create a template. So I'm going to create a new layer on top. And I'm going to choose my black. That's what I want for this one. I'm choosing my mono line brush from calligraphy. Where is its calligraphy? Monoline brush. And a size doesn't matter. I'm going to create a straight line. Put my finger on it so I'm going to keep it straight and go down for me. My finger snap and add my fingers so it's fully straight. Go down. If you've got a one, you'll have to make it a little bit larger. So go a little bit further than the one because when you have two 2s, it will be more so adding my finger into it, you go down again. Angle to the right. So and then I'm going to fill it in. I'm going to create this off now. Same pen. It isn't just that precise, but now I'm going and now I know where my painting will be, where my dates and time will be. And now let's create another one for the time on the top. So therefore I go to connect to my watch again. And let me check. Do I have one with a picture on top? It doesn't matter what one. Yes, I already have one. So here it's on top. So now I'm going to press it again. And now this also is in my phone. So I go to my phone and see my camera, camera roll. So here it is. This one not selecting. I'm choosing my I bet. And now it's automatically on my iPad again. And we're going to do this again. So I'm going into my Procreate again. Go back to my Canvas. And then I'm going to edit another picture. I'm going to move this one away. So I'm going to leave this one here. I'm adding in this other picture. Fit to screen. Let me see now. Next is fitting. Yes, it's fitting. So make it a little bit smaller. And now the only thing I have to do is bring this on top. And it will be approximately the same. So I'm going to duplicate this one. And I'm going to move it. So I can't see, let us write here. So I can make this one infeasible to check and laid it on top again. Just to make sure. So I can move this a little bit upwards. You see it could be a little bit higher. So I'm going to move this one with the arrow tool and move it a little bit higher, so it will be approximately in the middle. And I can check this also. Again. We don't need that picture anymore. We can check this one again by laying it on top of the bottom one. And make this invisible and this way more. Yes. And now I see this a bit. What I can change that also, but I forgot, I think, to tap my finger. But now you'd have a size and where you can put your drawing around and maybe you can rename this one. This one was the top one, top time. And this one was the bottom time. So this is finished. So now we have a templates. So we can use this every time we draw makers. Feasible. So if I want to make a drawing for like having time set on the top, I can move this one and now I can create and draw around it, or I can integrate it, or I can make sure my picture is all the way here. Or let me show you some examples I did now. So like for instance, this one I created was former, former drawing of mine. I created the bookshelf with faces and flowers. And so for this one, I also created a bookshelf with a lovely small flower on it. And here on this area my time will be. And also for my cartoon, I made a textbook alone. So here my time will be appearing for this one. And that's how I create it. And we can also make textures if you like that. So this will be fun because my watch will be always on. People will see it from this angle. So these here are my feet and here are my risks. So they would read, Nope, and I have to tilt their heads to see what it says. So did one I think was funny. And you can perfectly see here was my angle of my, my free-space for my templates. So that's how I created this one. So shall we do one together? Let's get started. 5. Create the Sketch and Linework: So if you're lucky and you've got the same size, like me saying watch, I've got an Apple Watch, the six series to 40 millimeters, and it's pixels were 324 by 394. So if you have the same pixels, you can use an import this template I created. It's a procreate Canvas I pre-made for you. And it's got a lot of fun items in it. So I create a watercolor texture on top, which you can see. And if you want to like, draw watercolor paintings like I do is send water color texture. I've got all my other classes. If you downloaded that Canvas, you can easily use it to create your own. And you can easily click it on or off, all to your liking. This watercolor texture has to stay on top to create the watercolor feeling of an actual drawing. And then I create this one, the watch face templates. So if it moves away in my, in my gallery, I can always easily find it, but of course it can be selected off. And so if we take this off, we can also make the changes on, do I want it in the top layer though I just want to bottom layer, or do I want to create more? And also for the fun part, I edit a chalkboard background in it so the watercolor texture stays on top and if you want to bet ground, it stays on the bottom. So I've got a drawing layer and all the layers in between you can draw on. So for instance, if I go to my dry ink brush because I like to draw with my dry ink brush and it gives a chalky feeling. So go to my dry ink. And then, well, let me say I wanted here so I can draw around it or create some stuff with it. So like, if I do a quick one, Say, hi there. This is my easy to go. Just create a text balloon out of it. Simple shape. So there you have a, such a lovely client kind of thing, but you can create anything you like. And I think you now already have the thing you need to get started and create your own drawing. Let's get, creates some together. So for example, let's create an easy one like a bookshelf. So for this one, I'm going to do a watercolor texture. So I leave my watercolor texture on top and I'm going to draw underneath it. And I need my top template because I want to draw some bookshelves. So for now, I'm going to sketch on the drawing layer, and I'm going to draw a simple book shell. Just sketch it a bit so it doesn't have to be precise, it's just a layout. And 4 here, I'm going to create some books that are standing. And I only do a front, front view. So that will be lovely. So a thicker book and small level. One lying down. And perhaps we can add in a little cactus in a Pope's. So just like this and make it a hepatitis. So we're going to create a bookshelf on top of this one. And therefore, I'm going to make this one a little less visible by choosing the opacity and it's locked, so I have to unlock it. And then I can make it less visible. So now I can draw my bookshelf on this sketch layer. Now I need to make this size because when I've larger letters, so now I can create a lock on it again so I can draw on it and I can put it away, and I can even sketch so more. So I'm going to create a book line here also and some outer one on top of that. And I think our sketch can be done like this. So For hips here also another book. I think this would look nice. So let's create a lovely on top of it, because this was just a raw sketch. So let's make this less visible now and we're going to draw with the dry ink brush. And we'll go on to work with some thicker and thinner line. So my light will be coming from up here. And also that's where my time will be and my shadows will be coming from here. So left side and the downsides, just like my sketchy doodle plus maybe some thicker lines and we're going to work with larger stroke. So I think this is a nice shape. Am I on a new layer? Yes. So this is a sketch layer. I'm on a new layer on top of that. So let me create some some nice drawings. It can be not too straight, just make it loose handed. So a thicker line, a thinner line, a thick line, thick line, thin line, thin line. And we're going to do the same thing with the book. So thicker lines here, thin sin, sin, sin. Well we can create a little bit of shadow here. So when the books are the same size, we can add a little thicker lines. So here, sin from here thicker. So just a smaller book. It doesn't have to be precise, it's just for fun. So like so. I don't think that one worked out very well. So I started out sin and thicker on this side, near also thin, thick, thin, thick. He's cheering C. And then I'm going to create another book shelf like here. It's a bigger one, but it's fine. And I like it if it's not straight, so it's just hand-drawn and that's what's lovely. Next. So I'm going to create another book here on top of this one. And just one laying around here. And we can also do some texts, but perhaps you can see it because it will be a way smaller size, but we can do some texts on new layer so we can always make adjustments, like Procreate, go to right, make it smaller bits. So this one is about procreates, creative. It in the center is fam, or watercolor. You can have a book about a cactus and drawing. What can we do some more? I like dogs and creative. You can write it as clean as you want, but I wanted to make it a quick one. So if you're interested in doing this, you can see my process either way, creative and well, let's leave that one. Maybe I can write on it later. Let's head into the watercolor. I don't going to, I'm not going to merge these two layers together because I'm maybe I don't want to have text in it after all, so let's get started. I'm always going to color in the layer underneath my thick big lines. So on the link my line work. 6. Creating the Watercolor: So these are my two colors when I do mostly in watercolor because I like them right? So I can already get rid of the sketch, not going to toss it away, just make it not feasible anymore. So let's create some vote for my, my bookshelves. And I'm going to do this in watercolor. So I go to my watercolor scribble brush, small size, and I'm going to color in a layer underneath my line work. So let's get started. Just fill in some color here. Not very precise. I'm going to make it some darker just by lifting a pencil and go Edit again because it's a multiply brush, it will automatically take that color. And with the same brush and smudge, I'm going to end up somehow here and there. Just to leave some texture behind. If you took my other classes, you know how I'm working right now. So and leave some white in here because it's supposed to be hand-drawn. It doesn't need to be perfect. I'm going to do the same thing to this one here also. So I'm going to make it a little bigger. I don't mind getting out of the lines. It's okay. I can easily erase it a little bit darker. The size also. Then go to my smudge. The dragon so wide for lighting up and up. So you then get hold of that texture bits. I'm going to add in some more darkness here. So, and then going to smudge a little more. So perhaps you can play with the size and opacity for this one. I think this would look nice, so I'm going to erase it. And mostly I'm going to erase with my sketchy do over my dry ink brush again because I don't want to have it to be straight, so like so. And on top of those, I'm going to add some texture because I want to make it look like wood. So I'm going to create a layer on top of that. But I'm going to make a selection for this. So I go to the layer where my color is, I'm going to select it and then go into draw on a layer on top of it and create some darker color. And for my dry brush, I'm going to make some streaky lines. So very simple. Let me see how that worked out. I think this look nice. Just some things in here also. So I think this looks like wood. So let's create a new layer on top of that. And we're going to do the books. So let's have some fun with some bright colors. Go to my watercolor and again, make it a little bit smaller. And let's add in some color. So just to have fun, just roughly and go over it and up and up on the left side. And these angles once here, also, like this one. A little bit darker here. So this automatically looking very nice, very lovely to me. So it's just for fun, you know? And what color? I like these colors together. And you can also blend them together. If you don't like them, leave some white in-between, that will be nice. Next to blue, orange is always set very satisfying. It's just so you can create whatever you like. It's just for fun. I will add in this color palette also for you. Then some blue one again for heat is one. At a pinkish one. You can smudge them a bit if you want, but I think this will be so small later you won't see it anyway. So it's just the idea. And let's create color for the fall behind. It's like this is just one soul is color. Adding in some shadow. Shadow here also. Like so. And just some cactus. Again, this is just very quick. You can create your art. How you like is just to give you a small example of how to integrate your drawing with your watch later. Just so you would have a project at the end. And for now I'm going to back to my line drawing, create my black again, and go to my dry ink brush, small size. I'm going to add some needles. Perhaps you won't see that on your drawing, but well, I know it's there so it would look more lovely to me. Create another flower on top, pinkish. So I go back to my watercolor scribble brush to my right layer where I have my coloring. I'm going to add in some flower here. And now I'm going to make some lovely white accents on top. So a go above my color but below my line work, I'm choosing my white for my highlights. And I go back to my dry ink brush again. And I'm going to try something like make it a little bit more interesting. So create some depth by some highlights and where there's a lot of darkness going on. I also create a layer weights of rim lights just to make it more sketchy and fun. You may already learned that from my other classes. Here's some lights. How bright is the skewed fellow? Just to brighten this up a bit. And it's almost ready. We can add a little shadow beneath beneath the bookshelf. So I go underneath the bookshelves and I'm choosing a medium gray, maybe more to my lights, and then go to my watercolor scribble brush again. Create also a little bit of shadow underneath here. Maybe if my pencil ones. And I think we now have fun drawing. So now we have to get it into our Apple Watch. See you in the next clause for that one. 7. How to get your Art to your Watch: So now we have to get it to our watch. So I go and go to Share this one. I'm sharing a DJ back. I want to export it by AirDrop. So I'm going to put on my phone and make sure its own. And let me see now I have my iPhone, iPhone from Brenda and now it's there. And those showed up in my gallery. And from there on, I have to import it to my watch so I can put my iPhone of my iPad away. Don't need it right now. So let's go from there. And because I have my watch since yesterday, I'm not very quick on it yet, so I have to check. I'll go to my watch. And therefore, I'm going to my middle icon. I'm choosing photos so you can scroll and to your photos. And I want to add a new one, so I'm not going to click on this one. I'm going to photos. And there I see my gallery. I add this one. I want to edit. And then I'm going to see what my time is almost here. So let's see. It's also my date of my time. Have a date. So I think that's okay. And I don't want to have anything under needed. So below the time when the sun comes up and when it goes down, I don't want so I click on it, scroll all the way to the top and press off. And now I'm going to edit. And now when I see it, it's supposed to be on my watch. So now it's there. So I hope you loved this class on how to create a fun tutorial and backgrounds for your watch face for your iPhone. So let me see what you create and there are a lot of stuff you can do with it. So thank you for watching this and I hope you have fun with it. 8. More examples and walkthroughs : So for example, I will walk you through how I made this 1. First of all, I started out with the backgrounds of the chalkboard. And then I've got template on the bottom layer because I want my time to be feasible here. And then I divided the space into a lot of blocks. Like I will show you a hair, I'm going to create a new layer on top. And I will show you how I did this. I'm going to create pink and some dry ink brush. So I created in blocks like so, approximately like this. And this is the same size about here. So maybe this will make you more visible what I did here. So, and this is a block. So this is how I divided my MySpace and wrote words in it. So perhaps this is a template you can use also. And then I use different words on different layers so I can move them a bit. It's about composition. That's not what this class is all about, but I can show you how I created this. So this one is fun. Well, this one I talked to you about before, it's a drawing I made and I gave her a text balloon and then export it to my watch. And that was lovely to do. And this is also for a drawing I did previously. I also created bookshelves for this with what did I use? I think I used to dry ink brush for this, also the watercolor and a streaky brush for creating lines of the wood shelf. And so let me see what did I do? Also? This is the one I just did in class. So it's a very simple drawing, but when you see it on your watch, it's, it's so much fun and lovely and hand-drawn, so it makes it more. You don't have to draw very clean. So there's one way that this was lovely. This one I create from the character drawing gloss from Jennifer Nichols, my dear friend. I created this one and I made her eyes look at the time below. I will go and search it on my phone for you. Just let me show you. So here she is, watching what time it is. So you can have a lot of fun with it. If you do everything on different layers, you can make her eyes move or something like that. So this is simple how to, on how you create an easy watch face for your iPhone, for your Apple Watch. And I hope you liked it. And let's create some funny stuff for your Apple watch. So thank you for watching and I hope you post your project in the project section of this class. And please leave me a review so I can see what you think of this class and I hope you have fun with it. So thank you for watching. Bye, bye. See you next class.