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How to Draw Majestic Animals: Draw Cats

teacher avatar Patricia Caldeira, Illustrator | Digital Artist | Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Use The Right Resources!


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      Playing With Proportions


    • 4.

      Sphynx Cat Standing


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      Sphynx Cat Sitting


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      Sphynx Cat Sleeping


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      Persian Cat Standing


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      Persian Cat Sitting


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      Persian Cat Sleeping


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      Bombay Cat Standing


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      Bombay Cat Sitting


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      Bombay Cat Sleeping


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About This Class

Learn how to create Majestic Creatures! This time around, How to Draw Cats

This Class is suited for any level of Drawing, either if you want to up your Character and Creature Design skills or to learn some of the basics.

We'll be covering a lot of the principles of Drawing, from Sketching, to Inking to Coloring.


For the Class you'll need either a Pencil + Piece of Paper or a Drawing Tablet + Drawing Software of your choice!

I'll be using Manga Studio with my drawing tablet but you're free to use whatever you feel more used to since the important thing to do here is just practice.

I want you to have fun drawing Cats so I'll be splitting the class in several shorter videos and I want you to improve by creating! Not just watching how to draw cats.


At the end of this class you'll be able to create ANY Cat you want in whatever pose you want, we'll be covering a few breeds and 3 Main poses for each:

  • How to Draw a Persian Cat
  • How to Draw a Bombay Cat
  • How to Draw a Sphynx Cat

You'll learn how to Draw Cats in several views, starting with the Side View, and then the Front and Back view. This will give you a good understanding of the general shapes and the 3D creature design, so you'll know better how to draw a Cat.

Can't wait to see you in Class!

Patricia Caldeira

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Patricia Caldeira

Illustrator | Digital Artist | Designer


Patricia Caldeira is a Freelancer Artist working in Illustration, Design and similar Artwork.

She graduated in Graphic Design and Multimedia and soon after started working on her own independent company "Don Corgi", doing work for several Streamers, Game Developers, Youtubers, and even selling Cards and Social Media Icons at her Etsy Store.

You can find more about her, her work and Drawing Tutorials and Tips at Don Corgi.

In the recent past She has:

- Co-Founded the Don Corgi Art Group;
- Collaborated with Programmers, Game Designers, Musicians, Youtubers, Twitchers and more!
- Taught over 14.000 people on different platforms;

Join her Class on Character Design, Gesture Drawing!

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Level: Beginner

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1. Welcome: Hey there. My name is Patricia Color, and I'm a graphic designer and artist said Don't worry. I create digital illustrations and graphics for different clients, ranging anything from characters and animals to designing logos and user interfaces for my class, I'll be teaching you how to draw. The majestic creatures known to mankind has cats. We're going over. Different cat breeds would step by step process so you can tag along at your own pace and follow the video lessons. I'll be also giving you teams on drawing the body shapes and journal advice to keep enjoying a new creature character or just a random object you want to try? Discuss. I'll be using a tablet and fungus to you, but you can either do it digitally or you spend in paper. It's enough to class. You'll be able to draw very different types of cats and move on to other breeds with the knowledge of Gander. You can get this to yourself or even put them on a birthday or Christmas card, giving everyone a merry Christmas. So let's just get into it, and I hope to see you soon 2. Use The Right Resources!: Hello and welcome back. Before starting our drawings, I want to go over some places where you can go and get references to help draw. Remember that references are always important when you're learning to draw anything. Beat animals, buildings. Are people. Be sure to find some images to help you. Alright, that are a lot of places where you can find some good reference images by forbids being and, And finally, pixels. Cough, simply right on the search tab what you're looking for, and you'll find what you need. If you're looking for a specific breed or species, you can always take pictures of your own plants or ask your friends if they own any bet. Taking your own photos means you will have the exact reference that you need and don't need to spend as much time in searching. Now, the challenge here might be to convince your bed to stand still. But you can do this either way. Finding references online or taking your own photo is always helpful. I also have a Pinterest board full of animal photos that you can check for inspiration and references. I'll leave the link so you can go there and give it a look. Alright, this is it for now. Let's go for the next video where we will talk a little bit about proportions. So I'll see you there. 3. Playing With Proportions: Hi again. Now in this video, I just want to talk a little bit about proportions and how you can play with them to create more interesting drawings of cats. Now when drawing something new, I like to break everything down into simpler shapes. This can work both if a drawing something more cartoony or more realistically, breaking an object or subject into simple steps is always really helpful. Now in the next videos we will be drawing some kids and play with their proportions. Doing this will really help you a lot into creating more interesting animal characters. For example, let's look at this guy. They already have quite some interesting shapes, especially with the big ears. But why not go a little bit further with them? Exaggerate them. Like here in Lady and the Tramp. I always love the design of the Siamese cats and it actually inspired me a lot. As you can see, the head shape is a bit different confinement and very long and thin neck. The same goes for the legs, long and thin. These makes them move more elegant, just like a Siamese cat looks, but more exaggerated. I think it also helps them look more mischievous, Which we know they are in the movie. But this is saturation and this repulsion makes the cat even more interesting. Let's see another example that shows from aristocrats. She's a very elegant cat as well, but in this case, not mischievous. So her precautions aren't as exaggerated. We don't know. She's exquisite though. So she has a very fine body along with the fluffy tail. She actually reminds me a bit of an angular ket, but without the long hair on the rest of her body. So picking certain features from my cat and accentuating them will give your drawing some more personality. So do have fun with it. Now in the next videos we'll be drawing crease specific breeds. But the principle is always the same. Fight shapes, draw them, and exaggerate its proportions. Alright, so next we're going to solve some cats. So I'll see you in the next video. 4. Sphynx Cat Standing: hello again. So we're going to start by drawing a standing swing skates. I really loved the sketch. They are one of my favorites, and the first thing I want you to do is to agreed to help you with the guidelines in the positions of our cats. Something really simple, just right. Horizontal lights just cope. It is like this just wants war. And there we go. Don't worry too much if it's not really the same exact size as long as it feels good and feels it's about the same distance, it's fine. So the first thing we're going to do is a few shapes who help us know where to put everything. For example, for this one, we start with the balloon shape. Don't worry if it isn't perfect. This is just a helping life like this. This is our body Now the circle here. This indicates the result directly then the curve line. So we know where the belly and the chefs of focus is. And now this line going upwards. This is our neck and a little circle for the head. There we go. Two triangle shapes to know where the years up there you can see the general shape off the cat now. You can also do a notch here, so you know where the legs are, more or less. You can see it's on the side position. You can practice doing it a few times, and he can look messy. So don't worry. Just do it a few times so you can get used to the general form and shape of your gets. It also helps you keep your lines reus and give you confidence on your lines. When you're happy with your shape, Let's go to the next step, which is making a rough sketch once again. Don't worry too much on how your lines look. I just tried to make a general shape of the gets. Give the lines loose. Okay, If you're not sure how to draw specific part of the cat, just follow along. Or just try searching pictures of what you're trying to drop. Feel free to exaggerate parts off the character to give some personal touch. Now let's start blinking their lights. Try to keep the strokes loose and clean. Do long lines in the stroke keep drawing on top of the other lines and Tulu heavy dull, clean, though. Just have fun drawing. Don't get frustrated. So here's our get in the standing position. You can also just give him some callers to make it pop up a bit more. Now when you're going to the next position, these initial drawing will help us get the positions right. You get the trying similar and more in line with each other. We just need to adapt the shapes of the perspective. Since you will be facing away from us. Let's do the same as before, lose lens posts and all the sketchy lines and finally, the clean lines to give more defined shapes to the cats. Just give it some callers as before, and we're done now for the front facing cats. It will be pretty much the same as the previous one, as faras general shapes go, but we'll have to change the features through the ruthless lines. First, keep them super loose. Now, some sketchy lines again. And finally, the clean lines and some simple colors to make the cats pop up a bit more. And that's it. I just tried this a bunch of times experimental lots and don't worry about filing. It's all about having fun, creating different shapes. And once you're done, just come with me to the next video, where we'll be going to join the same string skates in the sitting position. I really enjoyed drawing that gets in the sitting position. I think it's a really fun way to draw them. So I hope you enjoyed, too, and I'll catch you in the next video. 5. Sphynx Cat Sitting: hello again and welcome to our second part off drawing the Sphinx. Get this time in the sitting position. We already have the guidelines here, like before, so let's start with the shape. First, let's do a side view. Do it like a geometric shape, then the curved line again for the belly position and the circle again like before for the vaguely let's see how the straight line here like this So we know what the neck is. And this circle for the head with two triangle shapes for the years. Okay, we have our general shapes. We can start sketching and see how it goes. Stronger front legs and back legs like this. The front legs are always staying there, and Marshall Metric in the bag links now the head just like before. And now we can go into more cleaner lines. Do long curves try to keep the stroke continuous, so it feels more confident if you can do it right away. Don't worry, just try it a few times and see what works best for you. Looks you don't have to go crazy on the details. Just keep it simple, and the shapes that resemble the actual thing you draw, have fun with it. There is no wrong way to go about it. Let's at some base callers to it. With this eyes, he looks a bit more menacing, but you can do it however you like. Maybe it's a friendly get. Maybe it's hiding something. Maybe he wants to conquer the world to wherever you prefer and just go with it now for the front facing position. Just follow the guidelines from before the ships, who looks somewhat the same. Except we have to tweak them to the perspective, since its questing is right now, do somebody's guidelines first, then go with sketchy lines like this. General ships only don't worry about two things, and then just go over your previous lines with clean lines. This time around, give them loose and long. Try it a few times until you get it just the way you want. Now, some callers and lovely Let's go to the next one, where the bank is facing the camera, as before, the shapes who looked very similar to the front facing boats. But you have to change your features. Some guidelines would use your vote a diamond shape, simple shapes and simple life. Now we can go over the schedule lines, adding a few more features and finally just to declare in black lights. No need to overdo the details. Give everything pretty simple. Remember that most of the times when it comes to drawing less is more. Let's add some colors and most you're happy with it. We can go to our next video, where we will draw our swing. Scared sleeping, See you there. 6. Sphynx Cat Sleeping: Hello again and let's go to our third part. Off drawing are swings. Get now in a sleeping position. We have the guidelines on the back has before, and let's start by drawing a rough mountain shape like this. So this is our body. Let's do a normal circle shape here, which is or backlit and then a curve line here, where all cats belly will be now a circle shape with the pointed triangles for the heads and years. Yes, like this. So now this is our general shapes for our kids. Now we can do a rough sketch on top. Let's start by going through the lines. Don't worry about them not being perfect. Just add a few details, like the little feets and the back like curves. Then the face we skirt nos and ice. Everything pretty simple, not just go through the clean lines, keep them loose and long. If you make some mistakes, just try again or to raise the parts that you didn't get quite right. You'll see me raising and we're doing the lines, and I've been doing this for a long time, so don't worry. And don't give up. Just have fun with it There he looks nice. Let's just add some quick callers. Torque. It's like this. And here we go. We are finished with our first version off the Sleeping Springs cat. So next we are going to do a front facing gets. Start by doing a cross shaped like this and keep a horizontal line at the bottom, where the bodies such in the port. Now let's roughly unite the points like this, keeping a curve shape and funneling to the top. Throw a circle near the floor with 2.2 years and the feet at each site. You can also raise the lines that over love so you can see better the general shape of the gets. Let's also read the tail here to the side. This time, let's just scaled is a bit, so it looks more in line with the previous one. Now let's just some sketchy lines with the cats features. Let's start with the head knows little thief whiskers and the point of years and keep going at it. And Jill, you're happy. It's time for the clean lines, so keep them long and steady. Redo them as many times as you like until you feel that they're good. You Now let's spend feel free to take this time to try new brushes or new ways to paint. Experimenting is key to improving and finding your own style, and here we have our sleeping cats. Finally, let's to our back facing sleeping cats. It's one of the easiest one again. The ship will be about the same as the previous one, but you won't have as many features since the but will be facing us. So let's do the same shapes, but we won't see the fights, so just add the legs on the side and the tips off the point years right there. Also don't forget to tile lying there on the side now sketch alliance first and then the clean life. There aren't many details to read here, so just keep everything pretty simple. You can even duplicate help off the drawing to make it more symmetrical if you prefer at some callers and that's it. I hope you had fun with this review, and next we're going to draw fluffy Persian Cat. That one is way more round in this one, so it's pretty different to drop, but it's a lot of fun, so I hope to see you there, catch you in the next video 7. Persian Cat Standing: Hello, everyone. So now we're going to start to draw Persian Cat. As I said before, this cat is pretty different to draw than the swing scared. This one is way more wrongs, and the general shapes are very different. But it's really fun. A real likes, drawing him. It has a lot more hair too. So we learn how to draw offers your kits. So let's start with the standing position in the side view. We have the guidelines in place and now we can start with kind of a rectangle shape here. Don't worry too much if it's not perfect. As you can see this this is a perfect fit and burrito. Just give the general shape, try to keep the corners orbits round. Now we can make this helps quit on the top half circle on the bottom shape, this will be the head. We can also do this tiny squares on the bottom so you know where the feet are. Not that there will be a curving line like this the till here and like the other one is really big and fluffy. So a good line and then a big circle. Something like this. Okay, so we have our shapes than as you can see, this one is way more rectangular than the previous one. What it was, just curves. It's really easy. Just keep the general shapes as wrecked anglers with curved corners. Now we can start sketching the cat. So just to small lines throughout the shapes in this case you can do shorter. Quick lines represent Efird. The first is also a bit different, treasuring the most thinner and longer like this. And since he looks all superior trying, trying the eyes like this to making more magnificent now onto the clean lines, keep them short and fuzzy, except for the top off the head and the circle. Part of the time. In this guise, or get's ears are way shorter than the spring scale, so keep them tiny and simple. Feel free to exaggerate the size off the test to your liking. Have fun experimenting. Now that we're done, let's add some quick call it to him so it stands out a bit more like this. There's no need for a lot off colors toward trees. More than enough by scholars and shadows is only need right now. So that's it for the side position. What do you think of our it? Is it easier or harder? Breakfast the shapes until you're familiar with them, to the final result will look more confident, Have fun with it and no pressure. Let's do the front facing position now just with square shape, which round corners and one off the corners cut out like this. Then just at the square like before for the head and the big fluffy around se London. - Now we can start with the schedule lines. Do a first differ around him and the simple place. You don't see much of his feet, since there's a whole lot of for around and the green lines follow your previous sketchy lines, giving it some more details. With a little field, you feel like let's add some more details on the face. With the little fit and the whisker standing else, just try a different ways to do it and see what looks best to you now for the colors at the same as before. A small tip for Yuri's. Try to think of a story for your character while a drawing. It can help you with your doubts, like how am I going to draw the face or in what Both should he be? Just think about who they are. And the personality, for example, in this get is really majestic and thinks is the best room is a certain. That's why he has such a superior looking face with his closed eyes. It's also very lazy. He doesn't have time for the fewer people around him. Okay, now let's do the back facing pose. It's pretty similar, but now you won't be able to see much office rates. You'll have a better look at this sale, though. Do the square shapes again with the big, fluffy tail on top and a little square feet on the bottom afterwards, just to some little sketch aligns around him for the 1st 4 like this. Keep it simple. Here we go. Now the clean lines go over the previous ones like this, and that's some very tiny details. Keep the lines loose, except for the parts where you want to show a lot off. Finally, we can just add some callers as before, with some shadows, and that's it. So here we are. Here's our finished Persian cat standing. I think this one is really fun to draw with all these shapes and fancy for I hope you liked it and have fun drawing him. So just practice. How many times have like and once you're ready, just come with me so we can practice doing a Persian cat sitting. See you there. 8. Persian Cat Sitting: hello again and welcome to our new video on drawing gets. Now we're going to take a look on how to draw a sitting person cat like, really still, let's start by doing the side view. Let's try to do a ship like this more or less like we did on the string scat seating, but larger and rounded you. We have a tail and the head similar to what we did before. Now we can start building a sketch like before, keeping some fuzzy lines with tiny 20 years. We can try a different special expression this time around, trying out new things and experiment. There's no wrong way is a big ball of fur, so don't worry too much. If the shapes are in perfect. Let's go through the clean lines now, making that fuzzy book with short lines and straight the lines for the rest. Now we just need to call it up as before, we need to choose a color for you. Size December. This would change the expression, yet that looks nice. Let's go for the front view this time. Start with kind of a NextGen shape like a flower vice, but keep most off the corners rounded. Let's give it more tougher chest line. We also have the head here. Like before. The shape is Battisti Miller. Add in the front legs and the tail behind you. A big bore he didn't unusual. Now let's start doing the scheduling with the suspicious look on his face at some chest forward and fuzzy life with these little feet on the front. Go through the clean lines, keeping the bottom side fuzzier and the top parts straighter in one stroke. Remember that everything is made of general shapes. Visualize is simple shapes and go on from there, adding small details until you get what you want. Now we just need to color it up. When working with shadows. Always remember where your light source he's. It can come from the site or up, or whatever you like. In our case, the light source is coming from the lift. So are simple. Shadows are in the opposite position. Now. The back side. Simple shapes like before, with the hexagon as the mind body and the circle or history. Then, when sketching, don't be afraid, just make fussed and low strokes. It's not breathing, but it doesn't need to be a Despite you're just preparing the humid so you can make clean and lines later and know where everything is off course. If you'd prefer to. My cleaner lines from the beginning go ahead. Each person has his way off work. So do whatever feels comfortable for you. No pressure. Okay, so now let's just draw the cleaner lines all around like we did before. As you can see, I'm not making the exact lines when I had them in the previous sketch. And that's fine. Why would its and Julia, happy with your final results now, just spent it? And we're good to go. All right, here we have our scenting person cats in the prepositions. I hope you had fun. And I hope I will be able to see your own in the project coming up. We'll be going help trump Persian cats in the sleeping position. Hope to see you there 9. Persian Cat Sleeping: hello and welcome back to our less. We're now going for the final video for the person get. So let's put him in the sleeping boats. We have the guidelines here, like before and now let's start sketching the rough outline. Start with kind of a square mountain shape, something similar to our first shape when drawing our first get like a big love off bread with a bit often inclination. That's his mind. But now for the help. Same similar shape is before like this, with a small fit below and the big tail on the back. This is our side view now for the rough sketch. Let's add some more details with a furry coat, the big heads with a beard and the fits a bit more detail. Keep everything loose. That's a kind of looks like a question mark. Let's put him with closed eyes again, since he's sleeping. Now, let's go in the lines. Give them simple and long with 20.2 years for the photo. Don't forget to keep the lines shorter and more wavy, he said, and feet are way more rounder than the previous things get. Let's just put this place a bit higher up like this. And yet that looks nice. It looks a big like he's snoring with some colors on it. Now, since we don't have t eyes open, we just need this to callers. And then, at some shadows, let's go for the front first position. Do a big, large circle for his back body and the more rounded X agan shape for the rest of his body. Now, just to a big hit with a similar shape like before. Don't forget to erase the lines that overlap. Which part of the body at the big, fluffy tail of the side and, yeah, that's it. We can go to the sketching and letting details part. Now start screwing the four and letting the little feets and I knew years you big, loose and scribbling. We're just trying to find where each part of work it is. Okay, now, to some clean lines like before, keeping them long and smooth. You don't need to exactly follow your rough sketch changes as you see fit. Keep going with the lines and you live happy with the results. Let's just increases space features that beats. Yeah, that looks good now for the base colors again. We don't need to worry about the eyes since is being lazy right now and at some shadows lovely. Now let's go for the back position. The shape will be extremely similar to the front facing, so let's do it like this. We can even start with our big half circle first, and then our exit gone shape. This time around, his spec part is on top, so you raise the lines off the exit, gone part that overlap. Now we can just add a big, fluffy toe. There's not much more than we can see in this position, so this is simpler to drop now for the rough sketch. We just give him a bunch of small wines for the first and some bigger lines on top. Don't forget the big positive. We cannot spread some small 40 patch in the middle of this, but we can clean up the lines now. Just keep everything simple with small strokes for the for and longer ones where most of the talk boards in sales. Let's just some small pointing triangles 40 years and puts everything up like this. Lovely. So that's about it for the sleeping position off the person gets afterwards, we'll be going for our Bobic it which is more common cats that you see around. I'll get you in the next video. 10. Bombay Cat Standing: again. We're now going to drawer Bombay Cats, which is a more common Let's start with our standing side boats. So who are rounder? McDonald's shape like this? And the light for the neck? A circle for the head and add a little square part for the job and nose. Small triangle. 40 years now, accursed lined for the tail. And let's make the legs with straighter lines on the lift and cover lines for the inside. Yeah, that looks nice. Now let's do the rough. Sketch your life at some small details, like the feet. Now, the years Let's make a little smile and the big ground. I maybe adds a little bow on her neck. Yes, little exploit. As you can see, she looks marker within our sting skin, but quite thinner than the person. She's something in between. Now we can go for the clean lines. Most will be pretty long, and so just focus on that. Even her heads and years are rounder than usual. There's not a lot of foreign batches in this kind of cats like the person wants. So it's all about the growth lines, right? Beautiful. Now we can, at some base scholars. Most off the Bombay gets our Blake with yellow eyes. So let's give the scholars and that's some ready scholars to available. All right, so next let's go for a front view. Here we make a vice shape for her mind body like this, and then an important Pentagon shape for her head. We'll run that up later. Small, tiny years and the tail on the back. And that's pretty much it. Let's go for the sketch lines, start running things up and adding details like the feet and years. Let's add the face as well. She looks a bit therapy right now, but that's fine. Well cleaned it up in the next place. Okay, so now we just need to clean everything up. Remember, it's all about curve and long lines with this Get Oh , I don't forget or both. Let's clean up or face now. Yeah, that looks much better. Way Just need to add some callers now. Black for the body, yellow 40 ice and simple reddish color for her boat. Yeah, that looks lovely. Now, some shadows and we're good to go to the next position for the back bows. Let's do has before with the big boys shape for her body, and there's geometric shape for her. Hit with the tail I beat over at the site. Now let's do the sketch your line so we can feel in the details. Let's work on the legs and feet now at some, Master the tail and finally round up the face and give her some triangle years. All right, we just need to clean the lines now. In general, they have long and curved lines due to their short hair. So as before, keep everything pretty simple. Don't forget to add the little full details now for the colors. Since we can see a rise for the inside overhears, we just need to point the whole body in black and the reddish color for her boat. Next, the shadows. Good practice, how much you want and next we can go for the sitting position. I'll be waiting there for you. Catch you in a bit 11. Bombay Cat Sitting: Hey again. Now we're going to draw Bombay Cat sitting, So let's do our usual hooting. First of all, let's do a geometric shape like this almost as before, but have been tilted to the side and the Covalin huge So you can set the like line and another curve line here for hotel and the circle for the hit with the squared face and the triangles for the use. Also, add a straight line for more Joel. Line the floor so we can know where your feet are Now we can go for the sketch, start roughing out the box, having details for the legs and little feet. Now that and finally, that has details. We could be guy and the use. Don't forget to bow attached to her name. Now let's do the lineup. The long lines all around their bodies keep everything simple. As I always say, the simpler the better, at least in most cases. Maybe make the bow of it small like this. Yeah, that looks better. Now we can add, the caller says before and the shadows on top. Lovely. We can now go to our front facing position, so as we did with the Sphinx get before do a big, far vice ship with a straight line in the middle. Now we have the next position so you can draw the magic hands and add the little ears. Don't forget the sale. We can also at someone's here, so we know what our legs are. All right. Next, let's go for the sketch Him adding some details to find the major positions. We can start adding the face details as well and a boat. Now we can clean it up, so go through the lines one by one. Don't worry if you have to repeat the line, I do it all the time. It's always better to have a big, confident line that a bunch of smaller firms your wants, especially nor Bombay cats. - Now we can go over the collars and now the shadows. Next, the back position. Start with this same flower boys again, like this head now and the tail on the site. Since we're seeing her from behind, we don't have to worry about the fifth position at some day fills with the schedule lines like the tail and her boat, and finally, the clean lines once again perfect now just add the collars in for the shadows. Remember where your light source is coming from. This is very important to give the drawing a little extra debt. All right. And here we go. We are finished here. We have our sitting Bombay. I'll see you in the next video where we'll be going to drawing the same cat within the sleeping position. 12. Bombay Cat Sleeping: Hello again. We're not going to do our Bombay get sleeping. So let's first start with the wrong mountain shape for the body and the line for the to now at the neck and finally a circle for the head with two pointed triangles for the years. Now that we have our general shapes, that's to a rough sketch start, roughing out the details like her feet and special features. Next, that's still the clean lines. Long and smooth. Oh, I don't forget the boat. Lovely. That's much better now, the colors as before. Since she's resting, we don't need to worry about the I call. Finally, just at the shed. Very good. Now we can go to the front facing post start the same as before, with around a mountain like shape, but the bit more squished at the face on the bottom, this time that speaker in a more relaxed position and the line for the sale behind. Next. Let's add the sketch, aligns with some more details at the years and face the feet. Anto now clean everything up long lines as usual, - lovely finally at some base collars and now some shadows O n off course let's add or both. I almost forgot now for the back position. It's very similar to before. Focus on the same shapes. We will be able to see much West off the cattle, do some scheduling for the details at some mess to hunt. And finally, let's just clean everything up. - Lovely . Since you see her from behind, the only colors we have to add is their body caller and the Shen's. - And there we go. We are finished. I hope you enjoyed this video and have fun practicing the Bombay can. 13. Assignmeownt: Hey, everyone. So let's go quickly over the class assignments for the assignment. I would like you to go over one cut of your choice. He doesn't have to be the ones that have covered in. Plus, you can be whatever you want and pick oppose for your kids. That's it. From there, you can either just sketch it out like we did in the videos. Or you can go full steam, clean the lines and adding colors and shells. It's totally up to you. Bonus points if you include the process with each step, then just posted below, and I'll shake it out as soon as possible. I can't wait to see them. All right, so next we'll be going to the conclusion. So hold on to me a bit more, and thank you so much for checking the class until now. So you're right after this 14. Conclusion: Congratulations. You just reached the end of my course. Remember to keep practicing whenever you can. And put your cats if you have one. Thank you for shaking my class. And if you like it, please leave a review. And if you have any questions posted below, see you next time.