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How to Draw Cute Cartoon Chibi Characters : Essential

teacher avatar Ecky O, Need help? Drop me a message :)

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      My Tools


    • 3.

      How to Learn


    • 4.

      Training with Lines and Dots


    • 5.

      Training with Objects


    • 6.

      Front View Proportion


    • 7.

      3/4 View Proportion


    • 8.

      Side View Proportion


    • 9.

      Side View Proportion with Hair


    • 10.

      Body for Boy and Girl


    • 11.

      Eyes Variation


    • 12.

      Mouth Variation


    • 13.

      Expression Variation


    • 14.

      Boy's Hair Variation


    • 15.

      New Boy Hairstyle


    • 16.

      Girl's Hair Variation


    • 17.

      New Girl Hairstyle


    • 18.

      Hands and Legs


    • 19.

      Holding Objects


    • 20.

      Finger Types


    • 21.

      Finger in Styles


    • 22.



    • 23.

      The Principle of Cute Colors


    • 24.

      The Combination of Cute Colors


    • 25.

      The Lighting Principles


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About This Class

Discover how to draw cute characters in cartoon chibi drawing style in an instant!

I’m Eckyo. I've been in Illustration Industry since 2002. Teaching is my passion, I share techniques about how I create my cute Illustrations. 

In this class you will learn how I draw chibi and kawaii character in some angles, my tools, variation for characters drawing and the principle of coloring. 


You can find it all in How to draw cute cartoon chibi characters course. I will show you how to create a very cute design characters.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ecky O

Need help? Drop me a message :)


Hello, I'm Ecky O.

I've been already in Illustration Industry since 2002. I am starting to work as a freelancer.

In 2006, I gathered a team and started working on children illustration for the book industry. Seven years later, January 2013, I started another team specialized in mobile game illustration. Even though I am working with two different teams, every one of them are on the same base, illustration and design Industry.

My teaching skill is forged by becoming a lecturer in Visual Communication Design Ciputra University since 2006 until 2021. Basic drawing, Illustration and Comic are my subjects in the class.

For more than a decade, I put my effort in this Industry and been living from it. This Industry become more greater as the time... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hi. In this course you will learn about how to draw a cute captain TV character in an instant and achy. Oh, welcome to my course. And been in this creative industry since 2002. And rho is the courting in my business for more than a decade. In this course, I'll share the secret of how I draw a cute character. Little principle are very applicable, whether you are using traditional tools or digital tools to draw. This concept is very easy to understand, very simple to follow. You'll uncover about how to draw the cute and autonomy to expression. The poses. And many, many more. Okay, who doesn't love good drawing? Lots of people from a wide range of age loved is kind of growing the market. This'll be many opportunities and possibilities. And historian skills that can be used for hunger games. Cooks each change, posters, T-Shirt, muffled cases, clove years, bags, even on your map, basically everywhere. What I like the most is if you want to be an illustrator like me, with destroying skillset, laptop, with Wacom tablet and internet connection. You can work on home or anywhere you like. Every source of cool if you just want to have the skill set as Harvey, the fact rowing is one of the most effective harvest to realize your stress. This is a lifetime skill. One more important things I want to share to you in business, there is something called triangle. If the transducer, so is the business, if the trend is ending, so it's the business. But remember this cute thing is a never ending trend. 2. My Tools: Hey guys. In this video, I will tell you about my tools and digital paintings awareness. If digital drawing is new for you, maybe information in this video can help you. Ok, for my tools, I use some from tablet with a pen. I already have this tablet for years now. And I also used a middle specs laptop with a Wacom drawing. For this kind of drawing, we don't need high specs or expensive laptop. You can choose whatever tools depend on what you like or your budget. But remember, traditional tools like benzo, a colored pencil, marker, paper, and razor wire up to the stores even cheaper and can be found easily. Like most of people. I also use Photoshop as my major software for drawing on laptop. This is very common editing and drawing software. On my tablet. I'm using Sketchbook pro mobile app. Since I'm using an Android tablet, I found that this is the best software until the day This video was made. If you are using an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil, I recommend that you do use procreate. There are lots of cheaper software or even free software for drawing that you can use for digital drawing. Any software with pass operas are solid brass, can walk excellent with discourse. So it's very easy and simple. If you use traditional tools. Our pencil and marker are your tools of trade. If you want to create digital drawing, you just need to choose depends on your budget or with software that you already have. So don't waste your time to search. The vessels are growing software. The important thing is the man behind the gun and it's you. Well, if you have any question about what tools or software that you need to use, don't hesitate to reach me in Q and a section. Okay. See you on the next video. 3. How to Learn: In this video, I will share some tips to learn this course effectively. First, prepare your tools, digital drawing or traditional drawing. Just make it ready before you play the video. Extract this. Played a video. Watch and listen carefully. Try to mimic what I'm doing in the video. You can do it by push the pause button on the video player while you draw, write down some notes to help you remember the important things in your practice session. Always practice regularly until you master all video. More often, the better documented every Upwork that you make to see your progress. As your friends or family's opinion on your drawing. You can use their opinions to improve your skill. Ok, let's roll to the next video. 4. Training with Lines and Dots: Draw something and let's imagine about what you want to draw burst the way your brain will be able to process it and tell your hand what image to drug a common problem needs. Usually, the drawing result is not consistent with what we have in our thought. So what went wrong? In this video? I'm going to show you how to train our hand to have more control in creating lines. This is very important because lots of frustration in rowing gum from our lecture on controlling our own pen to make the precise lines. So it just means you will have a better during result by controlling the hand to grip the lines. Let's start our Watts section. You can see what I'm going to do in this video lesson. All right, let's begin to practice. We have four boxes. Last field, it's box with lines. Draw these lines in a single stripe of your pencil or stylus. Let's start from the top left of the box. What if I cannot make the straight line? No problem. That's why we do this training. You see, I don't always make the perfect straight lines two. And there's Okay. Just let your hand will freely to create lines. Don't worry about anything else. After you are done. Willing to blocks with lines with again, we descend walks but with different angle. Just slowly. If you are not familiar with this practice, don't post append solo harp on a paper or your drawing tablet. Nice. Repeat this for the second box. Fill them all with lines. Remember, it's right to loosen your hand. Don't get to type holding the pencil or you'll get your hands defense higher, trust me, you don't want your risk to get injured. Done. Auto box number 34, we are going to do a different thing. We will make a curved lines. Let me show you. Start from the top left to make the curved line again, again until the boxcar filled in with brisker flights. And then do it again from the opposite angle. Is the same. Try not to offer layer between the lines. Next little nice, create awful dot and pay attention to their sizes. We want to do from a small size. And gradually there'll be their size. Practice will help you to aware about sizes. And then gradually getting smaller and smaller again. Just do it often, deal your hand, your eyes, and your brain can synchronize harmoniously, create the good ship and exact size of the object intentionally. Remember, when you draw, you don't think about anything else. How many lines that you should fill in is called or how far to get within the lines. Just try to loosen your hand and relax. We want to do this process with fun and that's stress. With this training. You will have steady lines for your drawing. Do it often until you feel having more control in your hand. And also have prepared a video file for you to print and do the practice. Let me know in the Q and a section, if you are having trouble with this practice, I will gladly help you. Okay, see you on the next video. 5. Training with Objects: In this video, I would like to share how we train our senses about cuteness. This is very important since we want our drawing looks skewed. Restraining is very simple and we can do it easily with staffs around us at home. As you can see, I'm using toys for an example here. What we need to do is to make a cute face on its objects. Why phase? Because the face is the element key to cuteness. And phase is always the center point of a character. So this time, just this time in this practice session, we ignore the other part except acute phase. It's raining. I also prepare a PDF file for you to print and do the practice. So you need to print a video file first before doing this training. Okay, let's start the watch station. But he then sent on how I draw the eyes and the mouth, how big the eyes and where I place it on the objects and stop. And the plane objects from just a regular desktop, they become alive and looks good now. Okay, let's start again. And this time you have to follow me on average types that I did by pausing the video. First, draw us more salt goal and another STIs. And then a curved line. Now you have a smiling queued thin. Let's do it again with the second object, rotary eyes. And make the EU leather shape and glossed the top part done. Let's draw another face on its own object. This time grid of all ship for the eyes. For them out, create a bigger letter U and Gloucester topped with a curved line. I'm anyway box at the deeds, this ice and mouth. Okay. Let's do it again, so we become used to it. I have another set here. The challenge is where we put those eyes and mouth. Which one is cuter? Tried to experiment on new, sharpen your feeling about how to make the institute. For this first slide, I'd try to draw the eyes and mol on the top. Let's see how it is going to be loving. Okay, let's move to the second object. The eyes are only from very simple dots shape. Pay attention on the mode. I'm doing something different here. Full of tea, fatherless uptake. I make the other eye a bit different too. So you can see it's winking at you. Remember, you can draw on anything, but you have to obey the one and only rule. Make it cute. Again. Seven new feeling about how to make things cued by adding a kid face with the expiration. If you work on this practice, you are always welcome to send me the result. I always love to see your progress with this course. Okay, let's draw the next video. 6. Front View Proportion: In this lesson, I'm going to share about how I usually draw my character. I'll it can be always in the same body proportion. No matter what the post of the character is, the secret, you must know the partitions of the character from the head to toe. Every artist can have their own measurement for the production of their character. For me, I'll do it in six lines plus another two lines later. Like you can see here, it's kept between lines, is in the same size. This is the character will looks like on this lines. I made, my partition consists of head with the face, torso, hands, and legs. I provide a practice ship with these lines that you can go look. You can use this for the beginning of your practice. Okay, let me show you what are we going to do in creating a basic body proportion. I always start with a head. Line number one to four is for the head with a big circle. Remember, it doesn't have to be a perfect rounded circle. I always prefer every line to be estimator as possible. For the eyes. We need to add an extra line in the middle of line number three and number four for them out at an XOR line in the middle of between ice line and line number four. Call it line number seven for the eyes and number eight for the mouth. Now, we put the eyes on the line number seven, and also ears on each side of the head. Next piston mode and the line number eight, I die rolls. You can create them on line number three. For the torso. We are using line number four and number five. Red, a little box for the body of the character. For the legs. Use line number five and number six as the guide. Less one is the hand. We are using line number four at a bit best true from line number five, like this. Ok. Well done. Now we have the basic of cute character. There are some important nodes that you need to remember. Always. One. The key to get the good taggers buddy is the partitions. Remember the, and you can play with the size to create even more interesting, cute characters to when you are getting Camilla with these partitions of your character's body, try to estimate the Gibbs size by imaging it on your paper or on your screen. When you can imagine it and estimate the Gibbs size nicely. You don't even need an extra lines to help you drawing a character, Train your brain and hence will become x. But we just wanted to, I believe you can do it. Okay. See you in the next video lesson. 7. 3/4 View Proportion: In this video, I'll show you how we draw a character from three-quarter view angle. I want to refresh our memory about the Bessie proportion for front view angle. There are six lines they used to create a basic proportion. You need to use these lines again. You want to be precisely the same size for every partition of the character in three-quarter view angle. And this is the character from three-quarter view angle. I also provide a PDF file for YouTube free so you can do the practice. Okay, next thing you need to be aware is there's a vertical line in the center of the head. So when you draw the eyes line, who will be in the middle of the ice into the court of the angle moved the line a bit to the right or less, in my sample is little f. Now, you need to redraw your eyes and your image into perspective. This happening in dispute angle. And let sites is narrower than the right side. So the distance of the left eye is closer to the line then the distance of the right eye. So to lie. At the MLK underlying number eight, the eyebrows underline. Number three, we need to make the head ML Fit Width tick what are few angle reducing the left side of your head. Just a small part of the left side. We saw me nice at the ears. Just a small part of the left ear. And we see in these two quarters the angle. I want to show you how we don't have stopped when the banks always drove the hair on the side of the headline. It's updraft the hair near the body part. We will do it later. Very thin at the top of her hair. Just omega tutor begins, you know, you're head is facing a bit to the left. Is sent baseball is happens with, but also on the line number four. For the line number five, there is a vertical line and you need to move it to the less. Instead of going vertical line to the left, just draw that. It's also a bit the new left from the center. Now we then draw the legs derived Lake is a bit wider than the left length. Disappear. Okay, W hands. And last, let's finish the hair part. We have a cute character facing a bit to the left, are often called three-quarter view angle. There's an important notes for you. You can practice and play with the center line Parisian placement. Is it a bit to the left or right? Maybe the central line placement is near to the side of the face. If you do this, don't forget to make the center line for the body following the center line of the head's position. If you have any questions about this resin, feel free to contact me, true. Q ns section. Okay. See you on the next video lesson. 8. Side View Proportion: Hey, now we want to create the character from the side view. Okay, how are we going to do it? First, you must prepare to eight lines that we learned from the body promotional video. If you forget about it. What's the body propulsion video first, before continue with this video. Okay, Assad. Now we have eight lines at a character facing to us. For sites few, make a circle for the head. Remember the size. Again. Don't worry if the circle is not wrong. Do it slowly. If you still have a problem with creating lines, you can do the practice about lines again. Do you have more control in your hand? Never give up. I took a long way to have more steady drawing lines. Just keep practicing. Ok. So make it clearly for you to see what I'm doing next. I change the circle to be a bit since parallel to, I want to draw is facing to our left side. Pay attention to what I'm going to do. We want to cut the left part of the circle a bit to the inner area, creating another curve line like this. And we must stop. And the line number seven, phone number seven and number four, we are going to make them out of curved line, but sharps or just part is called a jig and chin area. Okay. And all you want to draw debate but of the head and the sign, we will draw the curve line on the outside of the circle. If you pay attention to our big part of the head, the ship is more conflict and around. So we will apply this human nature shape to our QC drawing. Remember, the small detail can make a big different results in your drawing. And of course to make it better. Okay, now we have a head shape from the side view. Let's continue by filling in the face anatomic. Something with the where's the ice line? Yes. Correct. It's number seven. Let's store it on the left areas slightly a bit to the right area. I am not drawing the eye in Iran sort called shape. The eyes in the front few character. Since this is a side view, we can see the eye from the side. That's why I draw the eye in awful shape. And that circle. Next, let's draw the eyebrow is underlined number three, just a small curve, line. Or ear is on the same line with the ice line, but the position is round the center of the head. Draw it like a letter C, but in reverse. Next is for the mouth. It's on the line number eight. You can draw the line touching the cheek line or none. Like what I'm doing here. It's up to you. You have is almost done. We will donate her in the next video. Right now, I want you to focus on the site few buddy propulsion first. Photo torso. It's up above on the line number four to number five. Remember that at the top part is a bit narrow than the bottom part. Since this is a side view, you must draw the size of the torso a bit slimmer compared to the torso size on the front view. Let's continue to draw the hand. This part is under half right side of the torso. Start with the shoulder and a bit best through line number five. Okay, let's draw it. Now we need to erase this line. The hen is done. Let's fight this delay. Is on line number five and line number six. The exposition is on the center of the character. And the top part of the leg is y there. Then a button pot. It's done. Let me remove the circle of the head and you can make a straight line from top to toe. We can see our character is being divided into two parts and it's valence. Let me remove defines. So you can see are growing more clearly. All right. That's it for now. Let me know if you have any questions about this lesson. On the next video, I'll show you how I draw the hair from the side view character by. 9. Side View Proportion with Hair: Okay, we are going to draw the hair from the character from the previous video. Let me open the file force. On the left. We have a character with her at three quarter view angle. I'm using this character S3 burns for her hair. On the right, we have a very basic character, Woodside few NGO, and without hair. What we need to do each draw to her outside the head shape. And pay attention to the hair on the left character. I love the stop drawing a hair from the top to the hair banks. Pay attention to the spot where it, where banks is. We just need to draw the hub, but of the banks from the river runs because we'd draw a side view. Let's continue to draw the hair around the ear and a long black hair falling down to the back of her body. Pay attention to where the hair will stop. Also, pay attention to make a bit curve or the hair to make it more natural. Ok, I think the hair is stop here. Let's check it with the river runs. Very nice. Let's close to hair, mimic deliverance, hair shape at the bottom. Okay, next pop is the hair from the ear to the bottom. I will draw the line, start from the middle of the ear. My kid, a bit GF two. What about them? Plus pop is the small hair on the top of her head. Again, maybe the ship of the hair. Now we need to erase the headline and the big part of the body where it's overlapping with the hair. Let me remove the helping lines. Alright. She looks nice. This hall we draw the how're forms side fuel angle. There are lots of hair styles. Get practicing. And if you have any questions about drawing a hair, reads me out in the Q and a section. Okay. See you on the next video. 10. Body for Boy and Girl: In this video, I want to show you about the body shape differences between a boy and a girl is, well, it's not absolute. Things to do is my own personal reference to simplify in my drawing. So actually, you can draw them with any shifts you see fit. Because every human, male or female, they have differences in body shapes. 1and, mother, everyone is unique and beautiful. Okay, let's stop. For a boy, I'd prefer to draw the torso as a perfect square in size of the square that's almost the same length. Don't use ruler to DO the torso. You're stirring your eyes and brain. We measure it and let your hand do the rice. Let's draw the legs. I draw on obviously a bit Bank. So is stunning bows can be more stylus. And then though the hands, they are passed through, Lie Number five. Let me make the line T curves so you can see it more clearly. Squares. What do though is not the square anymore, but the Tiber soil. I drove four dots as the site more narrow and a top part and a wider at the bottom part. And I just need to connect the dots with lines. Okay, we have to troubleshoot. Now. Let's draw the legs. Sudden line a bit. Inner side of her buddy are traumas soil and roll her hands. The same position with a boy. Let me make the line t CO2 for her fertile soil and filled a color in it. Now you can see the difference more clearly. I also provide you with the PDF files of brain so you can do this practice. The important lesson limits. These buddy shifts is not an absolute rules to follow. It's just my personal motive runs. Every human has their own unique body shapes. So you can practice to make their shapes maybe a bit rounded or else just joy it and have fun with it. Ok, to you on the next video. 11. Eyes Variation: In this video, I will show you about drawing some ice in different size. All of them are using basic shapes. So it's going to be very, very easy. Even for a beginner. Reverse. Draw a dot. Well, it's a little bigger than a dot for the ice. For a secondhand, just draw false for the eyes. Fairly easy. Without one, draw another. Awful, but a bit slimmer shaped toward them out. Let's continue with the girl's eyes. Donors or goal. You can draw it a bit larger than the ice for boys. Adding aliases for each iss, n for final touch. Any Highlight. If you are drawing this iss manually, just lift the whitespace untouchable from your pencil. You will have the same result. Okay, for the next year eyes, you can draw it more bigger. I personally love bigger eyes. It makes our characters level of cuteness rising. And you can add three ISS for each iss. Four or less one. Draw an oval for its eyes, but bigger than the boy's eyes. No ionizes and you can add highlight. Still looks pretty right. Just tried to experiment with basic shapes for the ice. There are lots of drawing style for the eyes. Okay, let's throw the next video. 12. Mouth Variation: We have 600 from the video before. But as you can see, there is no moths on each heads. The shrine. In this video, I'm going to show you how to draw mouth. Before we start. Remember the mod position is between the eye level and the chin level. Let's start drawing. The first model is just a simple curve line. The whole, we can see it as a smile. For Michigan mode, I want it to be a big open mode. You can draw a peanut shape here and fill it with dates. And thank all of them are formed from civil coastlines. Doesn't lung, DO anaerobic beginner. And then another smaller one inside the Europeana. Now we have a very thick lips for a boy. It's kinda funny. Next one is for the girl. I wanted to look cute and sweet. So I just drawing a letter you looks for the next. While. I wanted another open mode, I really want it to look sweet x2. So I just drawing a lighter. Oh, that's smart, is a sweet tooth smile. A simple letter, w, lowercase. You can use this for animal like cat and it works. Okay, let's roll to the next video. 13. Expression Variation: Expression is final point to make your characters loss alive. I will show you some of the basic human expression in this video. For a, I'll draw a very heavy face, Fourier eyes. I want it to look shot. So it's only true curved lines combined become one on the side that near to another. I do it on the opposite angle for a second. I and a mouth. I want you to open B to make it loops loving. And in the states. Okay, we have a very heavy fish now. For the next expression, I call it the, the face, DO RE eyes shut again, but only one curve line for its eyes. And what amounts growing? Number three. So make it more fun at the heart icon. Let's make an angry face for results. One, to realize that's what the honor bid on the one side, that near the center of the face. And then create cross lines under the previous lines. Makes sure the pace of insulin's made up and perfectly closing for them out. Just drawing a box with a bigger at the bottom side. It's in the box. As you can see, I am drawing the deeds in jagged lines. I wanted to enhance the angry expressions. Now, I want to draw a sad face, draw circles for the eyes. And the letter u on the left, I put a curve line that facing down for the mouth. Next phase expression is about confuse, row, spiral as for eyes. And wavy line for a MLK. The expression for the phase is tired. Leather eggs for the eyes, and small peanut facing down for the mouth. Don DO lots of human expression and you can use into E1 leaving your character. Okay, let's roll the next field. 14. Boy's Hair Variation: I'll show you about how I draw boys hair in this video. As you can see, there are bunch of bowhead without hair and a top area of the head. The line is a bit transparent. If you work with regional tools, you can do it using a til stroke of pencil. This is very important because it will help us to wear size of the head. Also, we know where to start doing your hair. It's outside the top headline. Before sir, I'm using curved lines to form the hair. For the banks. You can draw it near to the eyebrow level. See if it works with your character. For me, I prefer to draw it in the middle between top line of the head and the eyebrow level. For a second here, instead of curved lines, I'm using jacket lines with the same composition from the first hair, but with different lifestyle. It will create completely different hairstyle and it can do the tricks for variation of your character designed by simply chains the curve versus check clients. For a less hair. I'm using curve lines combined with spiral lines is very simple yet look stylus for a boy. Just remember to draw the top part of the hair outside of the top headlines. And that really hair will grow on top of our hand. Okay, let's roll the, the next video. 15. New Boy Hairstyle : Hi, in this lesson, I'm going to show you how I grow new hairstyle when banks like this, let's stop. Alright, I want to draw the bank scores. Thought with this dot n. Follow my coastlines. Door another and another. Okay, let's draw the left side. Another long coffee line. Nine. Let's close the gap between the banks and the gears. Remember that drawing the pair on the outside part of the halves call. Stop here. Draw on the right side so we can make it a bit balance. Continues a door, a longer line here. And here. Let's close this top part with three lines. Fertilize the earth, the unnecessary lines. And it's done. We have a new hairstyle here. Let's continue to the next video and wrote a new hairstyle, or the girl. 16. Girl's Hair Variation: Now I'm going to show you how I draw girl's hair. Your principle is the same with how I draw boys her, I saw thunder beings combined wins three simple curve lines. A simple tied hair for each side of the head. Looks good. For the second hair. I combine it using curve lines and lines. She looks fresh and four or less hair. I kept a bang simpler than the others. And the hair band at the ponytail. She looks clean and lice. Okay, that seems forgoes her. Let's roll the video. 17. New Girl Hairstyle : Okay, this time I'm going to draw the curve for these dude go. Let's start like the boys hair. I started with a tiny little dot right here. And continue to enjoy the banks with a long curved line. N lambda. Let's draw on the left side from the earlier, a long coast line. Okay, now I want to close the gap between the bank and ears, but this time is different with the boys. Let's draw a UU leadership like this. And another U for the left side. Nice though the top part of the hair. And remember to draw it from the outside of the head. Shot here. Great. Erase the unnecessary life. Let's draw the break Saddam here. Like this. Shot GF line. That's another. And I know less one. Nice. Let's do this again. For the right side. Let's draw the power button. Just a simple half circle lie on a DOM updates rate. Thrown the ribbons. That symbol lion as needles under events. An ROC curve lines and not follow her band details. Alright, and loved the result. We have to matter new hairstyle for the girl. Let me know if you have any questions. I'll be glad to help you. 18. Hands and Legs: In this video, I will show you some drawing style for hands and legs. I have three sets of characters here. The first hands are more like a short state, will turn that. It's the same thing. Goes with his legs. But Wyler sticks, then hands. The second one though it like a stick, but with the circle at the end of his hand as his Wow. For a lex road mistakes. And at the end of its stakes, there is a peanuts sip. The third one is more like banana. That tape is more pointed. The same goes with his legs, but there are wider. Ok. let's try once again with another style. Draw nano shots with rounded eight is time, makes sure the s-bar that near to the body is narrow. The same goes with the lakes. The next one is very simple. Just draw a line with a circle is for a hand and for lake. The last one is more detail. We can add small fingers at the edge of its hands. Make sure to drawing it in small size for its finger. I will share how to draw fingers on another video. For Relax is almost the same, but wider. And at the ends of the legs is a simple peanut she'd save. Let's roll the, the next video. 19. Holding Objects: Okay, I'm going to show you how our character for an object on her hand. The object is a broom. First. You need to draw the hand without the problem. And then you draw the broom. But make sure your hand is not connected with the broom yet. Make a small space between the broom and the hand. Also, you need to leave a blank spot near Palm because we will draw upon and fingers there. For a fingers is just an awful shape. Done. We have to girls is holding the broom now. Next, what if C is holding a paper? First? Draw her hand again. And heartily DO time. Normally, we need our sample hold something like a car or another thin object. And we're not really necessary to draw any fingers. Since in this position, the fingers will be hidden in the back of the paper. Well, but if she's holding a beer object like a big ball in front of her torso. You need to draw the ball first. And then daughter hands. Makes sure to draw the hands with curved lines towards the ball. No worry about the fingers. I'll show you how to draw them in another video. Ok, we have her holding a big bowl. Now. Let's draw the, the next video. 20. Finger Types: In the previous videos, you were having hard times to draw fingers. In this video, I will show you how to draw them nice and easy. As you can see, we have a hand without Barb and fingers here. First, we need to draw the palm. I always imagine it as a box. Let's draw it. Next. We need a small triangle for a town like this. Okay, we have our palm. Now, let's create a curved line on top of the box. The distance is about the pump size. Work as a guide. When we draw the fingers. You can draw the fingers now makes sure to defy the pump vertically into four sections for each finger. And the tip of the finger will end at the guideline. Also makes sure they've of fingers is rounded. For a town. It will a bit through Paste from the box at the top part, just make it not too long or it will be very weird. Remember, the highest size of the bomb and the fingers are the same. And the tip of the towns will be a bit surreal. Pace. The box line. Let me give you another sample with different type of fingers. Robots for a bomb. To not forget to divide the box vertically into four parts for each finger. This imagine it, you want it and a ruler for this. Also this time, try to imagine the guideline for the fingers. And though the fingers again, make the tip of their fingers more pointed. We have a different style for the fingers. Now, I want to show you another method for another type of fingers. Let's draw four fingers instead of five. These kind of finger style has been used by some worldwide animation company. If we draw an apartment above, let's try a circle. Now. The find the circle vertically into three parts. For the three fingers at the top part. Though two fingers with more bigger and rounded and a tip of it. One. I want to make it more tutor by make the fingers more chubby. Let's make an oval shape. Makes sure the orientation is horizontal while like before the fire the bounds particularly into four parts and the top part and start drawing the fingers. Make the tip of their fingers more pointed. Alright, now we have four different types of fingers. You can use the one you like the most for your character. Let's roll to the next video. 21. Finger in Styles: This time I'll show you how to make different poses for the fingers. Let's try pointing fingers. It's very common in a Carter to point his or her finger at something. First, draw another box as the palm. And draw the pointing finger. The other fingers are just a small curve. Now you have appointing finger. Let's make a victory style. Again. Draw the box and small triangle. Draw a peanut as the town. And then draw the two fingers, four or less two fingers. Drawdown, S2, peanut. Done, victory. Next is a fish. Do books and small triangle. Vinod for the town. And draw for more peanuts for the rest of the fingers. Makes sure a hot parts of the for peanuts are in the box area. Yes. Fees. That's one is I love you hand sign, Davos and small triangle. Drought appointing finger to peanuts for relaxed fingers. Then the little finger part is the sum. It's done. Practice the Drove fingers in many combination to make a better result for your character design. Let's roll to the next video. 22. Poses: In this video, I'll draw some posters for the character. Let's make the first character of runs. When we run the answer, we will move to balance the body when it's speeding. So two arms are not stricter body site. Foreign legs make the left one is facing backward, so it will look shorter. And the right one is facing forward. We can add a little curve flying at the tip of the left leg. Is the foot part from the left leg. The next post is masculine pose. We can draw the legs first. Megiddo MON wide and a hands on her hips. I suppose it's working pose. I'm drawing the legs first. The right leg is more curve into the centre. This graph line is creating a walking perception and then draw the hands. Okay, we have three different poses now. You can practice to change the angle of the hands and legs to create new posts. Let's roll to the next video. 23. The Principle of Cute Colors: Again, in this lesson I'm going to explain about color for my good cartoon. To make. Our drawing looks to the side of the ship in the growing their color text and important role. So what is Jude colors? In my opinion, cute colors are the colors that can bring happiness effect on drawings. So maybe this year to understand, I will use some drawings of my okay. We have a two-step this year. Let me assume what color is commonly found on Hephaestus. That's right. It's green. There are lots of green color. So good screen shook with three to get the font and happiness inside the zipped up or gray color? Yes, that is correct. Right. These are the example of some bright color. Red, green, blue. These are lots of them. And red colors are easy to find in every treasure trove. We set this bright colors and also use some fossil cars or my role to understand the principle of pastel colors. Let's see this diagram. This is a bright color of green. You lead to add some. What color do we typically print pastel color. You can also add worldwide. Yet another real pastel colors. At another mike, the talent or spot. You see. You can add more wide for the color until you're satisfied with it. Let me put these colors on the cactus and comparator. That was what they think. Asa Palace was better, right? So that is the principles of good Fastow, house. Warm front, bright color. We just need to add white color. If you are working using digital tools. This is the area of color at the, of the US held about traditional tools. If you are using what the color painting, you just need to ask what currently in your bright color faith. Just be careful when you add a small amount of the white thing first to see if the result fits with your face or you who is working with complex. So if your color prints out seven, doesn't have fossil cars in it, you can play with the pressure if you want to grab bus or power or reserve. More pressure is dark-colored, forbidden enqueue drawings of ghostly still need dark colors for our youth though. We needed to do the line are the eyes and some other parts that is better with that health is another example of it. But remember that list of colors also needed. The white piRNA. Though it will not perfectly dark. I will not recommend you to use a dark color or you're throwing C. We definitely still using their colors and knowledge. So once you measure it, the color of our growing so bright boston partners. So to summarize this lesson, use bread and other colors as the majority of your throat. And used up colors just estimated. Only small part of your role. Okay. That's it. Let me know if you have any questions about how to color your growing. See you on the next video. 24. The Combination of Cute Colors: Hey guys. In this video, I will show you some color combinations that you can use for your drawing. Okay? I usually use four types of amnesia. Finish chart. This is the vesicle chart that I often do. I also fought by this truck ingredient per month for you to go to the first combination in the congressman, sorry, complimentary colors are colors that sit a whole set of other discarded combination creates a completed as energizing. The second combination, if the trial tried, colors are combination of three colors. They're equidistant from each other on the circle of color. This color combination, or use a high contrast effect while you so frequent isothermally. Combination is the analog of the NLP is a colours combinations of two to five colors that are, that guess and each other on the color. Some common effect is calming. What combination is the square of? The square is a combination of four colors that are exclusive. It's other audit scholars, or it creates a dynamic three-bit and playable five. As you can see from the samples. I also use other colors to then the colors combination because these colors combinations are used to create the max. I have mention before. So you can use it as you've seen before, with the rolling contact by with the colors and have fun. And we know if you have any question, shares. 25. The Lighting Principles: Okay, in this video, I will talk about how I do the lighting for my growing noted like guests yet. Alright, so I usually set my landing position on the area of my drawing. It's around here. I only use one light source. And I draw my art under the light source. I'm using this ball at the sample for how the lighting works on my drawing. The lightest form here. So the top area of the ball is politeness and the middle to the bottom part is getting doctor. The shadow is another bomb because the ball is blocking the light. So the principle, one, the nearest object for the light source is the lightest and the farmers is the darkest. To CDO is tested from object that is blocking the light. Let's go for the next sample. This is my character. So since the top of the pair of my character is the mirror to the light source. I will put some highlights on it. And the base that is blocking the light will text shadow on the forehead. Like date for the face is yellow, is placed on the Joe Jean area because and tin is far away from the light source then the forehead area for the coastal edge shadow I learned defend why? Yes. Because the head is dropping relied on the neck area. Didn't 100 asleep to put it on the arm and on the inside of the torso side-by-side with the hand. Because these area, our heart to be approached by the light or the light reducer is blocking the light. So it gets, you know, under Charles's, under the pieces area, also in the inner part. The source of, okay, we have done to bring the shadow for the character. That is how I do it. Naked people in resisted a TV factory character. Remember the principle? One, the nearest object, the light source is the lightness. Darkness is, the dash goes to CNO, is tested from objectives, locking the life. These principles work too on other objects of pulsars. All right, let me know if you have any questions. See you on the next video.