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How to Draw Cute Cartoon Caricature

teacher avatar Ecky O, Need help? Drop me a message :)

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Ideal Face


    • 3.

      Ideal Body


    • 4.

      Cute Caricature Face


    • 5.

      Cute Caricature Body


    • 6.

      Drawing Steps


    • 7.

      Man Caricature Face


    • 8.

      Man Caricature Body


    • 9.

      Man Caricature Color


    • 10.

      Woman Caricature Face


    • 11.

      Woman Caricature Body


    • 12.

      Woman Caricature Color


    • 13.

      The Long Hair


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About This Class


Hi, I’m Eckyo. I've been in Illustration Industry since 2002.

Teaching is my passion and I share techniques about how I create my Illustrations. 

In this course, I share about how I draw very cute caricature characters based in photos.

With this skill, you can create fun portrait illustrations for everyone or even open a illustration service. 

What will You learn?

- Create cute caricature character drawings

Understand how to draw body parts

Understand the uniqueness of people faces

Coloring your drawing with cute colors

Traditional drawing tools (Paper&Pencil) OR Digital drawing tools (Tablet or PC with stylus) works with this course.


You can find it all in How to draw cute cartoon caricature course. 


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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ecky O

Need help? Drop me a message :)


Hello, I'm Ecky O.

I've been already in Illustration Industry since 2002. I am starting to work as a freelancer.

In 2006, I gathered a team and started working on children illustration for the book industry. Seven years later, January 2013, I started another team specialized in mobile game illustration. Even though I am working with two different teams, every one of them are on the same base, illustration and design Industry.

My teaching skill is forged by becoming a lecturer in Visual Communication Design Ciputra University since 2006 until 2021. Basic drawing, Illustration and Comic are my subjects in the class.

For more than a decade, I put my effort in this Industry and been living from it. This Industry become more greater as the time... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: in this course thinks about cute Roy. Derek Jeter is a very popular drawing style that we often see around us, as in an invitation card for the French teacher, a gift person like a mark and so many more people love kid Target a ruling, he said. Hard to care one. The answer is no. It is easy if you know how to do it. In this course, dis about the step to create a cute together Roy. And what must we do is I also provide with some practice shits to sharpen your skill. Destroying skill can create kid targeted doing for your old ones, or you can open a cute, together growing self raise for others. And, of course, you can more, including creating a character for your brand like a mascot, because you'll run to identify a person's uniqueness. This can be used for more than I said earlier, Cordesman said. The best investment in the world is to confess in yourself. This is the last time skill. Let's don't ask, discuss, No, see you soon 2. Ideal Face: What is scary is a picture of a person in certain characteristics are exaggerated in order to create the comical and fund effect. What do you see in the first place to identify a person that's right, their head and specifically their face, learn about how to draw a cute caricature. Drawing one must learn about the basic off people's face goal is to know the idea. Placement for its face parts. Let's see this diagram of a help. Throw the horizontal line in the middle off the head and throw a vertical line also in the middle off the head. The placement off the eyes are in the horse on the line. Normally we can divide it into three parts. Eyes are placed in each side from the three part. They broke our above the ice in the middle park. We can put the nose down the bottom and then put the mark under her nose about the ear. Hears placement is on the side part off the head between the I live all and the most level . Okay, we have a completed half quicker face. Remember, this is an ideal composition and not after people has this ideal composition. Some have around the tell structure. Some half Rick Tunnel job. Some have a pair off big eyes, and some have small eyes. Some have tick eyebrows and some have seen eyebrows. There's nothing wrong. Everything is fried what you have to believe. Remember I looking position and use it as a benchmark to identify a face and how to draw and put its parts off face accordingly to someone face. Okay, this is the result. Remember, the ideal face Compassion in your hand. The ship off the head, including the job eyes I rose knows the mouth and ears. You will. Using this as a benchmark before growing Someone killed Carrie Cutter. I provide this lesson with 1/2 diagram in pdf file so you don't have to open the figure. It's time you forget about this ideal imposition. Okay, you under next video is, um 3. Ideal Body: okay, We already know about the ideal face. Now it's time to learn about the ideal body. I use help. That's my measurement tool. For me, seven heads are the ideal high for a person. Cities diagram There are seven has to show tall off a person. I always defy the body into true parts equally, and also we talked as three and health hats and the second part of the lakes with tall as three and health has to British mindset. I can simply for everything just need to define in the truth parts and draw it. There are two points that you need to pay attention in normal standing position. You must remember the position off the elbows and knees. For a book. You can draw a line from the middle off the torso to the side. There the elbows are located. For me, used to have measurement tools from the bottom. It's a round of heads where the niece are located. This is the reason for this reason. I know person have seven hats tall. He fight the body in to two parts head and also versus lakes, two points for elbow and knee in normal standing position. Remember these things, and you're good to go to the next place. And And don't worry, I also provide deep pdf file for this body diagram. Okay. See you on the next video is, um 4. Cute Caricature Face : Okay, Now we know about the ideal face. How about the ideal face for a cute car? Get her face first. You must understand about how to make a face looks cute. Cities ideal face diagram. What must we do to make it look? Shoot. The first thing to do is move your horse in the line of Don't work along with vertical line . Now with the eyes and a rose on the hunt is on the line for the nose. Grow it a bit smaller and then drove a month below the nose. Season us a bit smaller years. Get affected to be a bit smaller, too. See, now you have a cute fishing off a feast. There are lots off heads shaped around the world. Some have more stiff Joe with a rectangular had sip. Some have a fairly sharp chin, and some have combination from this basic shapes for their head. Whatever their had shapes is, you must know how to put its parts off the face. According to the original face, we learned bodies on the lesson about drawing kit. Male and female cricketer had to resume this lesson. You have to know that movie hers in the line of the door. Work can make a person face looks tutor. You have to identify their heads shaped before you draw your cute care. Koetter, I provide this resolutely practice media farm. Open it. If you are using manual tools to draw, you just have to print it and do the breakfast. Okay. See you on the next video laser. 5. Cute Caricature Body : in this lesson, I will show you about how to draw a kid body interrogator. If in the ideal body we used seven hands in this cute caricature, we only use tree hats. The draw for this diagram. It's much simpler. No one had ever had itself on Halfords also, and the less had called the lakes. The deficient for its head are more clear and easy to remember. But the same principle is still priced to the elbows and knees. The elbows will be located around the middle off the torso, and a niece is located at the half from the law after lace tourism. This listen just over there are around three taps, one for the hep one for it's also and one for relates. I provide this lesson with a practice. Pdf fall off if you are using with no tools Hydro, you just have to print it and do the practice. Okay, you on the nice video realism 6. Drawing Steps : in this lesson, we learn about the drawing steps and understand about its function. This part is very important, and you have to understand the profuse videos first before you turn to the next video. Okay, Heidi Fighter drawing stepped into three steps. First grow the time now. Second drove the scats Turk Throw the final art. Let's focus under First Step Tom Knew what this time. No Turnell is a small image intended to make it this year and fester to look at a larger image. So in the studio curricular case time now is the first things to Dubai Identify. What is the headship off a person? Is it wrong that rectangular combination off Run it and trying up? You have to decide which is close to identify the person's hat shapes on this first step. Then you drove the horse on the line. Kind of vertical line for the second steps is sketched, but you have to do here is identify all the parts of the half our eyes before small. How about the nose? Is it long or shock? And so all our religious sticks or till How about the years? Remember, since this is the two cricketer, we can't throw to realistically because the result will not be cute anymore. You must eat in fine. It's off them as close as it can be. But the lorry I also pro fight the practice video file for you to learn After you have done with the hat, you also have to identify the body type. Sleep are huge. In his very part, you have to identify them as close as it can get to. Okay, The last steps is final art this part this year you just have to read or what you have decided on the last step in nice and neat lines, then salary. Since this is a cute, targeted growing recommended you to use parcel color, that means if the original color is right, you have to pick Passel Rockefeller for your growing. So you re some stress and you have two steps that you need to follow and they are coming. L skates final arc. Remember its function and you are good to go. But don't forget to practice before you continue. Okay? You on the next video is, um 7. Man Caricature Face : in this lesson, I will show you. It stops you seeing the lesson from profits. Video. Have a man's photo. First, I have to make the tunnel. We need to identify. What is the ship off his help? Mrs. Round Long. So what it is? Yes, it's a direct, angular shape. Let's draw a singular for the Tom Neal. The eyes are normally based here. Think this is a cute caricature driving a place it a bit done. Work for the horse on the line. Don't forget to draw prophetic alive. Okay, we have a very simple Tom nail that's up to the next step Sketch story. Ice his eyes. It's normal. Not too big or small. Fighter side. Just draw a circle. Not too big or small. Don't put too much time at the steps. We just need to figure out what is the big picture way. Can always fix it. Later is I brought our big curve and don't work at the outer side. You have to pay attention to small details like this is this is not a realistic illustration way. Have not much room to drove. North is different size, so I will not draw it or small drove his my states and the most of it, smiling like the expression off the man we want destroying was fun. Do you remember the exposition? Surround the eye level and no slavery. Let's kiss the draw, the lines from the hair on the forehead. It's very important that invited ship off this airlines. I usually start from the top left down to the air part for this man. I drove it to his beer around cheek, chin bathed and scented ship off the beard around T. It's an important landmark to make our growing looks alike with the original photo, and I stopped this line at the right side around my bro level because, as you can see, he has a long hair around right for drove his hair later. Now I want to focus on the job, and you can see from the photo. It's not exactly reason. Mindel agrees. So I make it. Found it. Okay, let's continue to the top left here and the tough hair annoyances kerf line that says to hell I drove the car Florence to the character. Nice way have to sketch that's wanting you to find out our staff since I worked this drawing on a digital device. I just need to make the skits a bit since Baron and draw the lines on another layer. If you work on paper and pencil in a step, you need to draw it again. You see a marker fan or Bansal color disused any thoughts that you feel comfortable with? That's some I love to put small leaders like short lines and small dots that my drawing. You can do it too, if you like. For you can draw the short lines without the dots. It's up to you. This is just my reverence off style, and everyone can have their own preference. His final artist not done yet. I'll continue this lesson with the man's body. Okay, see you in the next video is, um 8. Man Caricature Body : in this lesson, I will show you about how to draw the body part way have ahead. Let's continue to draw his body, thesis his photo with some our tangle so we can see more off him and his outside. We need to transform his proportion into three heads tall. Make it This year, we can draw off everything lines between its hats. With this lines, you can see where the boundary to drug store so and the lakes steps are the same. You have to draw tunnel first and then the sketch before the final ob. Okay, lets throw it with some new to stop the drug like and three boxes for the torso. Her both is for the chest. Second boats for a Tommy. That box is for him. Next it's the lakes. The niece are in the middle of the Turk's head toward the march for knees and draw the time calls and throw a soldier with to circle for the elbows. It's under middle card off the Tommy marks for elbows and draw the upper arm and the forearm do the same with the other ham for the man. I want to make it straight. Just to show you where the limits of the head. It's a bit best through the hip level. Okay, way. Have a nice time. It'll here. Let's start. The scats make the layer of transparent, and in a step we have to pay attention to the Kulti. I always start from the neck area. Remember, it's just a cute cricketer. Same with the head. You don't have to make a realistic throwing for 30 signify everything. You do not have to draw the fault off the fabric. Just make sure you draw the man form off the courting. In this case, the color is whiter than normal shirt color. Don't sleep bucket under bottom area off the chicken. - He should under rejected, drove, atrocious and issues. - Forget the super's on the chicken at small details on the T shirt and let's throw the dark shirt. It'll wreck lines under the chicken. Now don't throw the ratlines yet. We'll do it later in calorie process way. Have clean and neat skates for the man. If you on the next video is, um 9. Man Caricature Color: in this video, I will talk about the coloring process. Principle is very simple. The idea is to present the image with a positive and fun vibration. So in the picture color for your growing, always choose a parcel or the soft version of the original color hair of the man. Stop a bit brown color with a very strong yellow. For like for the UK get abrasion. I just soft and deliver dark brown color. The atmosphere is still the same, but more comic and fun. Same thing with the skin color. Just a soft bitch color Jacob instead of a black color like the origin of our of the checker e. Just a soft that purple for the shirt and shoes, just a soft and darker purple. Remember, we don't want to create the trail stick drawing. Focus on how to make it more comic and fun. I just saw pink myself for almost it should with the new with Europe. Lines for the shirt space is tailing with Chito and highlight color started skin, but used the soft pink or so fellow almost the same with the notes. Color put this color on AIDS off the face your soul. Next is to put her life for hair. Your general color is bright brown and year lease, so we must use more soft version from the original one and put them in the highlight area according to the full, too. Let's continue with the chicken and sources just for herself. Purple color for the chateau, - as you can see in the photo jacket is a letter first. So we need to put highlight on it just the last soft purple color and put it on the chicken and trust according to the photo. - Next is the shadow for the T shirt. Just the soft purple color, just like color for the highlight off the eyes and shoes. You can bet, Lord, that brown color for the beer is in the photo beard looks black, old done, nice and preferred. Okay. See you on the left. Renewal is, um 10. Woman Caricature Face : in this video. I want to show you how to draw a different head shape. Head. It's moron compared to the man before, so let's throw around its head like an eight. Normally the eyes are in the middle off the heads shape, but for this kid cricketer will place the ice a little bit. Don't work. Okay, way have to thumbnail. Let's continue with sketch. Our eyes are bigger than the man in the perf use video, so I draw the circle a bit larger. Ibrox looked thicker and stronger than a man's most is normal. Not too lots of small, smiling lips. Max. Pay attention to the hairlines. Suddenly delights nearly hand area, draw and always simplify the shapes. This case is done now it's time to do the final. Are make the layer a bit transparent and draw again with a sold breast. Nice and clean. - Some details like the eyelids, some short lines and ducks. This is my profound style that you can use or you can do it with your own style. Okay, head for Afghanistan. Everybody on the next video is, um 11. Woman Caricature Body: this time we will draw her body. Let me show you her photo way can see more of her. And her outfit saw that I'm never retreat. Had stroke for the lines between hats, if you need it for her name and the three parts off. Also on for the test, one for Tommy and one for the hit marks for the knees. It's in the middle. Don't have level. Draw, type and draw the health and the foot. Yes, it's the hands. Remember, the elbows is in the middle, Tommy level promise around and a bit under the hip level. Okay, let's throw this cats make the layer of it transparent and stop from 2 May or say there don't wait details. Try to simplify the shapes, - jeans and a sure put some short lines and dots way , way that's removed the other l. A man's man. We have a very cute and beautiful lady here. That ready to be color. Okay, See you in the next video is, um 12. Woman Caricature Color: here. I'll show you the color in process for the woman. Principle is the same. Always choose Purcell or the soft version off the original color. Why? Because you want to make the drawing looks cute and fun. Sadly, her blonde hair just apostle or so feel color. Continue with shadow for hair, darker soft yellow color and hello, you Seymour Pellielo Color. No, no fees. Use a bitch color. The shadow color under face is soft pink color. - The nose is another soft pink color for hosts. Leader used the soft blue color and juice for Dr One for its yellow. - Choose another blue color for her jeans and a doctor blue color for the genes. Shero. The shoes color are wiped, and the shadows color is great. What fellow for highlights off the ice way, Unless is her licks. You can see in the photo that C is wearing a lipstick, so we need to put not upping color lip shapes on her mouth. OK, all done. Looks cute and beautiful 13. The Long Hair: Hello is one of the most important things when drawing a character, because in Canada, the hair will help me audience acknowledge the person. In this lesson, I will show you how to draw complex hair like this. First, you need to draw to have first. The steps are the same as the previous lesson. I'll show you a ready-made head drawing to save time. We'll draw the hair on top of this. Let me make it a bit transparent and you can see my lines more clearly. The next thing you need to do is map the hair. This is a fairly important step for growing complexity. By mapping the hair, you will do it step-by-step according to its area. This is an easier way windrow for these peptide. Let's start mapping in the fall though. The banks are the first area. The hair on the right is the second area. Is the third area. On the left side is blond hair is the fourth period. That's strands of hair is the fifth. By the math here is the sixth area. We have finished mapping to help. Let's start to draw according to these areas. Remember, we'd be skilled style, we need to simplify and a heart-shaped banks stop here. Notice part. Go to the second area. This warm temperatures. Continue to draw these hairs. Nice. The fourth the fifth area here. Let's area starts here. Continue here. What's on details again? Let's erase the overlapping lines. Here. Lovely. The hairstyle mapping complex hair will help you draw your character more precisely. And it will be easier to do because you only need to focus on each part. Not often. Hopefully is Lesson can help you to master your character. Drawing skill. 14. Frame : Hey, in this video, I'm going to cover about how to present our character to be more beautiful. That see, this is our character. Right? And this is our character in a photo frame. Looking good. How about we have a new descent element around our character like this of custom from from the floor patterns and or even for the characters limp for more personal touch. If you are an artistic for five self portrait targeted growing service. Trust me, this small touch can happen. Grateful you to your surface. People appreciate this. Nice thoughts. Okay. How are we gonna do it? Start with Tom. Nail. Rhode River. You can adjust the with depends on your needs. Make the river a bit. First I drove a big part. No, the animal store even gets excited. Okay, Nice. Now go along. Prophetic. Align on the left off The character sent offline from the right off the tractor. This'll lines will be our guide to draw the floor pattern. Okay. I met the time that the restaurant Let's draw This gets suddenly the cleaner version off the ribbon and the first floor pattern on the life. It's consists off three leads thistles Arman pattern, and we just need to regulate until this patterns fill up to the top off the car. Flynt's try to draw these patterns in pairs with the same level between the left and right kerf lines. It doesn't have to be exact same size, but try not to have much differences between the pairs. Okay, nice. You can see I always go dis patterns on the fats off the cuff loathe when it's near to the end. Off lines draw the pattern a little bit smaller. Okay, good. Now you just need to draw small flowers to my awesome friend. Looks sweeter. I drove three small flowers at the top off. Our characters had to close the frame on. Draw the small flowers around leaf. I just put them randomly. Oh, maybe around six flowers on each side. Yes, we have a very nice and sweet friend. Now it's color in time. I choose natural colors for the frame, so big rains like brown color for the ribbon way back part off the rebirth because we want to fill it with a bronze color. Do it slowly. Try not to cross the line. Now it's time to call it the leaks. It's patents consists off trillions I'm going to color. It's live on its pattern, with three different color off. Three for my grade toe darker green. Let's start with light green color, the live friendly for each pattern, but I call it the same position off the leaf for the past within the last on right. Okay, light green is done. Let's continue with a darker green collar. Principle is the same eye. Color it randomly, but we'll cover it in the same position. It will leave on the left and on the right. One is the doctor screen color. Careful. Don't pick the green color that near to the black color way. Still wanted droving with spun. Okay, let's today's Phil effort empty. Live without color with this last great done for the leader. Flowers used to yellow color but not the lemon color more than yellowish orange color. Okay, let's feel all the flowers with this year. Oh, now you come to us part of friend details for the frame and the character's name for details. I just at some dots around the ribbon. I think it's enough. That's right. Her name Martin is done results lesson all. Which draught of tumbling first, How the friendly love. Also, what is the sip off the ribbon? And then make sure that your pattern always looks the same. You can play with size, but try to make the look status thing. Let's want you send reading your name. It's a good choice to make your growing looks more beautiful. Okay, let me know if you have any questions and see you in the next video Listen.