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How to Draw Boruto Uzumaki Step by Step - Part 2

teacher avatar Simba Draws, Check My Youtube for more exciting video

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      How to Draw Boruto Uzumaki Step by Step Part 2


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About This Class

Learn how to ink and color Boruto Uzumaki Step by Step! I use alcohol based markers and Prismacolor colored pencils. For how to draw Boruto Step by Step in simple way check Part 1 video.

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Simba Draws

Check My Youtube for more exciting video

Level: Beginner

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1. How to Draw Boruto Uzumaki Step by Step Part 2: way we're gonna think this and color this all that in this video you can see on the previous one. I already started the inking. I'll just do it again. So what? I used to think again. You don't have to use every same thing I use. You can just use a normal pen. But I use my crones because I like them. They work well with alcohol based markers and they don't bleed that much. And they're pigment bait. So the hermit article Archival are kylo Archil Oh, I don't know how it announced that it's this one. This word right here, Casey, that it's that word right there. All right, so when the start off, I am going to be using the 0.5 point eight and the 0.5 probably won't use the 0.5 as much. Still use it, though. Searching for my 0.8 should be around here somewhere. And it's not a well I could live without it. Make you with what I have. I have the late, but I kind of put somewhere. All right, Whatever. Let's just continue. I'm gonna start off with the old five then and start with the hair. So here. Simple. Just follow the lines just like that. Okay. Seriously. Wish I had the only here. I'll be right back. Guys, let me problem. Solve. Sorry, CIA. All right. So, guys, I couldn't find the o a gonna search later. Right now. I'm gonna use this, Penn, tell side pen instead. Not gonna be is good. Not as effective with markers, but the best Aiken dio The reason I wanna is since I'm doing it so big I want a thicker line. Bigger line really helps, you know. All right, so let me talk a bit about the inky. So the slower you go, the more waver your lines will be. But you'll have more control if you want a smooth, curved lines. You want to go fast, but you lose more control. That's the payoff, since I'm no expert and says my arm is already a Bittner and I have a nervous arm, shaky arm. So I go very slow. But if you're confident, I I mean, try it out. Try going fast. See what happens. You might like it. You might not, but that's what drawings all about. You try. You like stuff and you don't right show. We will start with the second tuft of hair right here. And also I'm playing around with lying that the that's one good thing about brush pen. The harder you press, the thicker the Linus, the lighter you press dealer, the light. So yeah, and the other thing I don't like about dependent sign pen. Sometimes the line you get, it's got a great It's not pure black microns. No other reasons are my crimes better. But the Pell told Sign Brush does much better with line line debt. I mean, sorry, right? So some mild readjustments with the camera there camera started to go low on battery, so to charge it to move everything over a bit hope it's still clear for you guys. Yet it's so this continuing with shading, adding lined up where I think it should be. All right, take their dinner at the tip of the hair. That's how I like to do it. At least I like it to be thick where the hair tough start and then or they end my style right, and the reason I sometimes go over the lines twice or thrice, is to make the gray color of the pencil signed brush a bit darker and make some lines a bit thicker. But the payoff is smoking. Look is refined your lines. They're not gonna be a straight gonna look more waiver, but I'm fine with that. All right, So I finished thinking I decided I'd be with you guys for the final reveal after you erase the pencil lines my favorite part of drawing loops. And that's also when you realize when you forgot to in part of the drying that this there we are Now it's continuing racing for the big grand reveal. Honestly, I would have like the result better as I had my 08 micron. Yeah, I like the pento fan brush. I'm the fan brush. The Pento signed brush but is almost out of ink, so I didn't really like it, but it's the best substitute I have Leo it No, it is great, but this is good too, Right? Years how and when I realized some things, I realize that I should maybe make this but thicker like so And I also realized that I the irises contour should be a bit thicker, especially on the edges right here. Think they'll make it look better with that? All right, so let's start off. We already have everything you raised pretty well. We have everything ready to marker. Now, when you marker, you wanna have some random scrap piece of paper in the bottom because alcohol based markers bleed as you may or may not know. So we're going to start off by adding a base color. I always like to add a base color and build on top of it. And at the end, we're gonna add color pencils to make it really pop. So we're gonna I'm gonna take out a caller. Let's start with the here because the hair is fun. More photos here is Ah, yellow, much like Nora toes, but it's a bit lighter yellow. So it's the color I'm gonna use Is light amazed this call right here. I always like to use the ones I use or brush on one side and chisel on the other. I always prefer the brush. So what you want to do is one of pain paint. You wanna marker inside the lines? We're just gonna do a flat base because afterwards, with color pencils we're gonna add more and more. That's what's really gonna pop. So you just wanna have some color down on the paper now, remember, I have a paper, another paper underneath so doesn't bleed onto the page of spear underneath. This she's this color is also running up. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna color all the hair with the same yellow. Just finish out the base layer in time, lapse, and I'll see you then. All right, So I got the basic color based color for the hair done, and I'm gonna do the same thing with the headband. Unlike the headband Lauretta had been. I have It's not blue in north connection aeration. Borough toes had been is kind of gray for that. I'm gonna use my neutral grace. I'm just gonna put down a base car. Actually, I'm gonna make this one a bit simpler, so I'll be right back. Same technique is before Just fought in, right? So I'm back. Didn't I Don't know why I said I'd go into time. Lapse doesn't take that long. I'm actually going to do something real time here. I'm going to take the cool gray and try to get a kind of metallic effect, Golan, You know, because this is metal the head, the metal plate gonna get a metallic effect court and see if I could do that. So since lights coming from here, what I'm gonna do is I have a cool grey that 30% 3 low. 30% means it's just much later. 100% is like black. So what I'm gonna do is is gonna push down to get metallic sheen. You that Just continue doing that, then have some going up. See that To see it. You see the metal kind of shining on it like reflections. Ooh, I like that thing that has a rule. You nice effect. Looks metallic already. There we are. Change of plans accounted in the shadow over here. So we're gonna have light coming from here. All right, this is where lights gonna be coming for. Let's do this. Now on Linna, add in the call for the eyes for the eyes Orators eyes are blue. So what I'm gonna do is I want to take lights ruli and just flat car it all in seen. And now I'm gonna take cerulean. I just use like on. And this is normal. Salute, Cerulean. And what I'm gonna do it That is just around the edges. Especially. Are gonna heart like this just like that? Kind of Get a shadow. You want more? If it on the top than anywhere else. The rest doesn't matter as much. Wanted top, though it's important. And that way you have already have car initiated. We're gonna do more to that. In fact, correct. I'm going with the horizon blue color all 15 and just make the blue pop a little more there . We're gonna do a bit more with that later when we get to the color pencils. So we have the eyes with the markers. Now I'm gonna put in this. The collar's for the jacket in the stripes. They're on a Hey, caller. Here, let me test out this different page. I'm not sure if I like that color. I'm gonna search for an equivalent of the brutal color Laurito jacket. You know who I think I found it. Un use very berry is your zero floor. Let's see. Yep. Works like a charm again. The look of this has got to change also when a I didn't the clerk pencil? Everything is just gonna pop more. Look much, much better. Why do the car pencil? All right, now I add it in all the base layer for that. We have that done now for I'm also for the skin. Let me think. Here. Should I add in a bass player? Maybe I should. Let's see what I can do here. I'm test outs of colors again. Ah, to yellow. Yeah, you don't for skins. I don't really have that many good skin clothes. So I'm gonna do all of the spline with prisoner color. No baseball and stuff like that Away. Second skin code No. Two out of all right. Yeah, I'm gonna do it all with. Quit my prison, Clark, our pencils. I'm gonna add in the light grey in the dark gray right here for his shirt under fear. And sure, and I'll see you then. Can't believe I forgot such an important part of the drying cigar bar. Atos whiskers like Laura Tobe or itto has three whiskers and, ah, you know, let me get my my crowd's. And they're very simple cat whiskers, so I'm gonna take my old size micron right here and one is gonna be about right there. You want to be slightly curved and where it's like that. See what I mean? A 2nd 1 down here? Yeah, Slightly disorder. So that, like that that those are born because whiskers? Yeah. Now we can do the skin. The skin I'm going to use. Let me see here. What color should I use? Boto has kind of a peachy skin tone. So our lettuce this well, that works very well. And what about what names? Shadow of a shadow. What about this color? That that's perfect, right? So the cars will be using for this is prison the cultural light Peach PC 9 to 7 and chestnut PC 1081 Those are the colors I'll be using. And let's get started now. Originally, I wanted my light source to come from here, but I messed up with the headband, so I have to have the light source come from here. So we're gonna do Is says lights orders coming straight from the left. We're gonna have or shadow on the nose. Be about right here. Now you want to imagine the nose shape? How the noses straight and first I like to do a light drawing before the shadows falling Ah , car like that I know all seated and lightly, So we know that's gonna be shadow And what else is going to be shadow, etc. So likes falling here. So the hair here is going to cast a shadow. So there's a shadow right in there. That's a shadow cast all the way across there. Let's see here there's a shadow and yeah, that's the shadows. Maybe one on the bottom with. So there's a shadow and that years this year is gonna be completely in shadow. This one's gonna have a little bit and there's gonna be a quite a big shadow on the neck. We're gonna have just simple, very little shadow coming across here. But then shadow gets much bigger as we get to this site. Appreciate that and lightly as well. Just imagine where the lights falling lights falling here has had also cast a shadow down here. That's why we have miss. We're just blocking in the areas more. The little circular motions. We're just lock in the areas where shadow is and leaving the areas where the lights falling light with no shaving like so maybe since lights falling there, we'll have some feeding on this side of face just like that. And we're gonna follow that around here. You just have this side of faith and shadow that comes here. All right. That's our shadow areas. Block did. Oops. Need a shadow over there? Because so, full of the eyebrow, your skin is always much darker there. As I said in the last video, I don't. There there were. So we got the basic shadow done. Now we're gonna do light, like since let's home here, we're gonna leave some white areas also. Same took me small circles. There's, like, going there, so we'll leave that, but lighter around it were gonna, um, this and also go over shadow area. Brings it all together, right? We left little white there, and it's a slow process. Really. You wanna slowly build up colors, don't want to rush it, the slower you build up your colors, the better results we're going to get. So do that slowly but surely fill in the whole face. All right. I might just kick it into time lapse. I know if I will, but if I am. I'll see you in a bit. What? I'm just gonna talk a little bit more lights, gonna re falling in this area as well. So what I'm gonna do for that is I'm gonna said small circular motions. All right, All those small, circular motions all around, We're gonna have less circular motions. I just want to build up your color where the area is lightest. You want to only do very little circular motion, so you get smooth blend from black and white, black. I mean, you're smooth friend from shadow color to light color. See what I mean? We have light falling in this area, so we're doing very few circles pressing much lighter in this area. Children lights following. I just just like that. Just build up the skin. Very. You go over the shadow color makes him better. Makes a blend better. Makes it look more natural. There we are. All right. So that's about it. I want to see you of it. Time lapse. A lot of time lapse in your story. All right. So I wanted to talk a little bit about what I'm about to do. I'm taking an almost dried out marker a kopeck marker this time of easier zero hill fruit. I found that after you put the car pencil on, if you go over it with a kind of dried out marker like this kind of smooth shading of it I found interesting, right? I really like it. I do this a lot for skin, especially actually only for the skin. I used the stick me to get a nice, much more smooth se. All right, My skin really helps in my experience. So just go over everything you drew. But don't go over the places where it's white. Where the lights Loy. You'll want to kill it with the color. I want to go over the places where you need smoother shading. That's all that's all. There we are notes year that Yeah, do more than there. As you can see, it looks a bit smoother already. And there that's our skin. You concede born till starting to pop much more now. All right, now let's do the hair now. This is going to be slightly different. How we're going to get the lightest whites on the hair color, where the reason I use her colors for This is because if you put a base, alcohol based markers don't change the grain of the paper or anything. So if you put on top of it, it's like working on the tone paper. Except you can choose whatever color you want to work on. So that's why I have a base yellow for the highlights on the use. A white clover pencil Get out like color pencil. And for the darks, I'm gonna use darker yellow. Let's walk. Oh, let me test this all use this. Ah, golden rod for Golden Rod PC 1034 Sick or I'm gonna use for the shadow for the highlights on using the white color pencil. Right, So here's my method to go about it where the lights falling, which is right here you're gonna wanna go over the color with white. Now these being Prisma colors, it'll show it will show on the tone, background and same thing, little circular motions. You want to slowly rolled up color and you want to follow the strands of hair how the hair flows You want to follow that train of hair might even have a few lines in here. The flow of the hair like that and from the darks do the same thing except on the side where lights not falling. It's a small circular motions in the shape of the hair like that. It's a slow process by really like the end effect looks really nice. The darkest part and what I like to do. I like to leave a little bit of white or a little bit of the light color at the end, so acts like rim lighting. Where we are is a small circular motions Don't rush it. I have a tendency to rush it. But my protest Don't rush it. Even though I'm not a pro. Slowly build up the color. Take your time for the best effects. I'll do the school strand in real time. Go over some of the streams you've already done to get the hair effect. Slowly build up the darks and lights Slowly, slowly The water I fit that gives us a nice shaded strand of hair. I'm gonna have some, you know, press hard and makes him lies in here. Teoh, give the hair effect was like strands of hair. There we are not to money. Don't overwork it just a few years to get that. There we are. That's nice, mood shaded standing here. No, do something I've never done before. I'm gonna take a light yellow marker for my studio Art Parker's I'm gonna take buttercream 096 I'm going to see if I can do the same thing I did with the skin. Make the shading more smooth. No, it seems to be working. You know, if you can see that camera, though for the shadow. I'm just making it smoother. You look better. No, I like that. That's really nice. So I guess I'm gonna be using this. Gonna take a very light color from the same color family. And I'm gonna go over the darks to smooth the shading. There we are. It's nice highlights. It's got to nice darks. This is some good hair. She had the idea. I'm gonna do the same thing for the rest of the strands in time lapse. I'll see you soon. All right. So that's that's that with the here. I'm going for here. Yeah, we're gonna use a Samore approach, Teoh the rest of the clothing and the rest of the shooting. We're gonna have where the highlight falls. We're going to use the white. I don't start with the coat. Now we're gonna use the white. And for our darker colors were then use a darker shade of cold. Where are the coat? Let's see. This seems like a good color black raspberry. Yet this works. I don't use a black raspberry PC 1095 asthma shadow color for his coat here. And for this part, I'm just going to use a dark gray or a black even. All right, So same approach. - All right, so we got the bulk of everything done. And now I just realized that I forgot to draw war. Atos necklace. No mortar has, like, a necklace thing I'm gonna do that would color pencil right now, so I'm gonna do it is around his neck. Believe this on here is going to be that shape and then, you know, throw it in, and then you gotta finish up that it's like a coil around the stick. Find out. And then what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna on some white to kind of make it look a bit better. And there we are, so so on Finally, I'm gonna take blue I'm using Cerulean blue I'm gonna make the shading a bit smoother and have some lines coming from outside to the inside pupil to make it look like kind of Irish lines Every I has I take a slightly darker blue though it china blue I'm gonna dark in this up. It has some over here too. And finally with our white we're gonna at some highlights are no orators boring toes I just some lines and some places and that finishes it up Well, I hope you guys enjoyed the story on how to draw Baruto. Hope you guys learn something. This is the final finish trying my second video. I think I like the way to know. And if you did too, don't forget to, like, leave a comment and subscribe. And so next time see you later. I'll put down by Micron and I will be that my