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How to Develop Grit and the Hustle Mentality in Business

teacher avatar Elaine Ip, Event Planner and Project Strategist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Intro video


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      You are in charge


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      No blame or excuses anymore


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      Self awareness is key and nothing is below you


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      The material things don't matter


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      Last thoughts


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About This Class

Want to develop the right mental toughness and the tenacity to be able to pursue anything you want? Join the class and get some basics of why you may not be getting the things you wanted. Get a reality check and re-tune your standard of work.

In this class you will come to terms with what it takes to have the guts to pursue what you wanted in life. How to have the courage to take the first step in a new project and the mentality that will keep your options and mind open and to keep you motivated, grateful and hard working.

At the end, you will choose 1 interest in your life that you have been sitting on forever and take the first steps in manifesting this idea into reality. You will identify the very smallest steps in starting something new and realise that there are very few barriers in the way of you trying other than the mental barriers.

This class is for people who want or know that they are capable of more and want to be able to get over their fears or excuses for pursuing their goals.

Meet Your Teacher

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Elaine Ip

Event Planner and Project Strategist


Freelance event planner and project starter in Hong Kong. Bringing awesome projects to life.

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1. Intro video: Hi there. Welcome to the class Out of develop grit and that mentality in business. My name is Elaine, and I run events here in Hong Kong from your everyday corporate of s two bumps in a vase and world championships into our most recent seven day music event showcasing 100% of Hong Kong. I've been part of some great and interesting projects that I had the pleasure of putting together with some amazing people. So what's a good glass? You've been wanting a waiting to start a new project, but I haven't quite done it yet. I'm gonna help you break down the reason you're not doing that right now or haven't even taken first to try here. I'll also be helping you to set up the kind of mind set you need to power through those common mental hurdles that will keep you from trying a new venture. Are we talking about how to remove the mental distractions and how to build confidence to stand on your own? It everything you do nothings gonna feel impossible anymore. You'll slowly see the steps to where you need to go. Any of these points offends you. You may need to listen a little harder. Yes, there's going to be a lot of hard work, but if you're not willing to put in the hours yourself or something you believe in, Well, this is the wrong class for you. There might be something else to watch tonight. Listen said But this way, more important, I'm so excited for you and I'm rooting for you all the way in class. 2. You are in charge: Oh, nice to see a first part of the class for me to tell you that you are completely in control of everything you do while they're things like that, you can control how you react to them and how much work you put are completely 100% in your control. There should be no situations where you're just sitting around contemplating how bad things are. What are you doing? Bad. What is that, A Jew? Exactly. Nothing. Get up your cash flow. Lower your spending too much on your ideas, becoming stagnant or not going at all. Their first job is to recognize with problems and then to find the word. But that problem usually one or two things that you fix it can really make a huge look up the 80 20 principal about 20% of what you do that effect 80% of the output. How I see it. You basically have two options going right. You can either fix it or you realize that you can't fix it yet, and then you figure out what's missing in order for you to be able to fix it. There's no complaining about how bad thing is you're gonna have to deal with it. Your people choice should be to do something about it every single time you are in control . I'll give me an example that most of you could probably relate. So if your job really sucks and hate everything about it, there's really two things you can do. Y go get a new job. But if you realize your job, nature is not gonna change or you can find a job yet. Well, okay, now you figure out how to solve that problem. There steps you can take to solve your problems. Not enough money yet. Save extra money. Maybe you need to go out. Meet people networking. A lot of jobs that are out there aren't necessarily published online are published in the newspapers. They just looking for network. Ask your friends you up somewhere, so you need to stop thinking about how terrible everything is. There's always something you can do to proof, and there's always steps you can take to remove yourself from a bad situation. Whether you want to do it, just continuing to be in a bad situation without doing anything about it completely dreams your physical and mental energy, and it really doesn't help anybody, especially not yourself knowing that you've taken my step to change it. Even though it's not fixed, this is gonna help you gain the strength to keep going. Remember, this affects you most of all with you develop this sense of empowerment, go the skills to look at a problem and face it head on, set of side stepping in. You always know that you're gonna figure out how to solve this problem again. You're in control there, always in control. This is gonna be so important for increasing what previously thought you were capable of. When you know you have a way to deal with it, you're going to deal with it. 3. No blame or excuses anymore: people I talk to You bring up reasons Wesley doesn't work. And a lot of the time it's something that isn't related to them between the passively in the situation at the right time. But they really place the responsibility back on themselves. What are we learning? Lesson one. You always have a choice. In your response to your riddles in this section, I'm gonna outline the most common reasons people give for why they can't do something. Number one, I don't have enough time. You know what? You and I have the same amount of time in a day as Elon Musk does the differences in how we use it. It's all that time that you felt like you deserved unwind after work by watching TV or playing a game. Or maybe just going up for just one drink with your friends. All that time could have been used to be doing something else. Could have been spent on working on your new venture or that thing that you always wanted to do. It completely depends on how much you wanted it, and I can only assume that if you didn't think it was worth spending any time on or that new TV show was more important and you maybe didn't really want it that much. So if you're telling me you really want it, you really want to start? Sorry, TV shows might have to go to games. Do you still play them? But you know, baby, I don't have that be the only thing you do after work like set a limit. You spent 12 hours on Saturday Marathon E Through TV show. You could probably build your new website. Done the first steps of a business plan number two. I don't have enough money. You may not have enough money at this very well with the whole project, but that doesn't mean you can't start. First, you have to remember what age we live in right now. The Internet gives you options that are cheaper free, and you can use those to test an idea. Right now. You could test that a product concept without even actually making it. Take a website, make a Facebook group make a Facebook page making instagram account, but only things together. Free action, says the concept. You don't even need to have a product, even just putting the idea out there and see how people react is kind of the first step. You've been just sending it to your friends. Talking to people is free, and you're gonna get tons of feedback for your idea. You truly need money for your business, you know. Well, you gonna have the working harder time to save up. Get that extra job. Go collect recycling. Go. So cookies 11. A teaching class pick up an extra shift. That should be enough to get your started. Money. Really? Should be the thing that's stopping you from starting number three. Blame friends won't let me. I know this is a tough one, but you're gonna have to explore a little empathy here. Why are they against you recently? Most likely, they're scared that you're gonna fail and fall on your face. Really? Just want to know that you're gonna be OK. Nice, safe and stable life where you know you'll be able to eat and have somewhere to live. And of course, this is because they love you so dearly. But you know what? This is gonna be your life. You rather with this conversation earlier on instead of much later in life, when you're older and you didn't get to do all the things you wanted. And now you resent your parents were friendly for not letting you or holding you back in time insurance. Talk to them. Is it something you really, really want to do? And just to let you try for three months, six months, a year, two years in the process of nothing happens and nothing works. And you will see any progress that you'll become the normal human being that they wanted you to come and get a job and do what they wanted to be a safety movie. You should be much more open and receptive to this. You won't just come off of being rebellious and just ignoring everything they're saying about it and understand where this number four people are gonna judge me. This is probably one of my biggest pet peeves. Who cares if people are gonna judge you? What are they doing? People no one understand the amount of guts and time it takes to put something together like this bear gonna have your back and will be cheering you on. You know, you were at the beginning because you're gonna feel like you're constantly just asking for attention. You know, sooner or later you're gonna have your audience. You're just gonna have to show those people who were judging before that you're killing it if they keep judging you. Whoa. You got better things to do. You're running a business. I hope it makes you feel better with hurdles artist areas. You think they're all trackable, packable forward. If you have any other concerns or troubles that are lurking in your mind, you put a comment below and let me know. I'll be glad to talk it out. 4. Self awareness is key and nothing is below you: self awareness. Before you proclaim yourself to be the best or worse than anything, actually compare yourself to other people. Don't just assume this. It is detrimental both ways bigger and what you're good at. Improve on that like crazy and then figure out what you're bad at. And if the opportunity costs are too high to improve on that, or is it something you hate to do anyway? Great. Find someone who was worried at that and work with them even while you're improving yourself. Do not act like you are best things in sliced bread. Nobody likes someone who just constantly talked about how amazing they are. Shows them people who are best that something. Never have to say it. Everybody just knows, really be there and show humility to those you're working with. Think about how your actions affect everybody else around you and be aware of what level you're at yourself. You'll become more aware stage or what you need to improve on, and once you recognize that, you're just going to keep on improving. As soon as you feel like you're perfect, you're stagnated. You're not going anymore. Before you learn, the more obvious that should be how little you actually know. And it should be so exciting to realize how much more opportunity there is for you to explore. You were trying at all cause to avoid the Dunning Kruger effect. The Dunning Kruger effect is where you know so little about something that you don't even know how bad you are at it. Always reflect on yourself. It will be a great reality check to know where you are in each stage. This is especially for those of you who are looking to build a new company are new venture . But this also applies. Everyone else who was also may be important for another company. You need to be able to do whatever it takes to get your project done. You can't act like you're better than everyone else and that there's certain work that you won't touch because you're better than that. We're not talking about things you're not good at. It would be best left to those who've been trained or have the necessary skills to deliver that thing with high accuracy in high quality in in division time. We're talking about when your team needs you to pull your weight or something unexpected happened you need to be there for and they need to know that you are there, right there with them during my event with my team. Need that. I'm moving furniture, picking up garbage, even delivering our stuff. You know, you do what you gotta do and make things work. Don't delegate to someone that you wouldn't do yourself have a mindset that you'd be willing to do. Whatever it takes really rubs off on everyone around you. I don't get you going. 5. The material things don't matter: you may be looking at the new iPhone. Close whatever bag in the car that the other guy has. When you don't have put in the end, none of that matters. Where do you focus? No way that you be fine without any of this stuff that helping you succeed anyway? No. You're working for a Chinese. Things were fine, but really should be the main motivator of what you're doing. Because you're just gonna be choosing a never ending fat and not really accomplishing anything where your friends are posting pictures of them on a trip part of bottles and from it doesn't matter. You're doing your thing right. You don't need to compare yourself to them. Actually, no, don't compare yourself to them because everyone has their own lives. You are working on your own thing. Work on building up things that matter like your reputation, your relationships, your skills and your knowledge. Stop thinking the world owes you anything. You're not entitled to anything. You work for it. Don't forget that if you don't get what you want that the perfect opportunity for you to work even harder to get it World does not owe you for your hard work, and sometimes you will put everything you have into it. It still won't work out. That's your cue to figure out what went wrong and improved. Failure is not lost, only a failure. If you didn't learn anything from it, you always get to try again. No whining about how unfair things are. Yes, things are unfair for most people in somewhere other. But you could bring yourself to a closer playing field, putting in the hours respect everyone around you and what they do. But don't expect anything from them. Be grateful for everything to receive overachieve and don't dwell on the injustices. Move on and get better. 6. Last thoughts: So after all that, I don't have much else to say, even if you have any doubts, very unsure of yourself. The only way to really know if you're doing the right thing is to try it. There are always gonna be reasons why you don't want to do something for reasons why you can't. The only difference between you and someone who's already doing it is to just get started and just do it. And now hopefully that your mind is clear from all the clutter that's distracting. You're slowing you down. We'll be competent enough to go out and take your first steps. Or, if you're already doing it to help clear the distractions of all the stuff that's happening around you, and just to focus on what you need to do, you'll figure out things will work in things that don't might turn out that what you dreamed of always doing actually turns out to be horrendous and you hated. You're never gonna know until you actually try. Maybe something you never thought of doing or never even knew existed becomes a thing you're gonna do for the rest of your life. Just try. I really believe that once you adopt this open and honestly winds that you really open yourself up to opportunities. Did you never thought were there? It's not about telling everybody you're doing something, but to actually just do it show everyone were capable of. Remember, at the end of the day in the point of this is that you are in control of how you react to every situation. Don't worry, Gala. Just breathe. Anything that goes wrong is fine. You've got this. You are under control. The way that you are responsible for anything and everything really gives you a sense of power. You just gotta use it. You can affect what's happening. No need to freak out pondering what happened before. What everyone else is doing doesn't help you at all. This focus on your own thing. Focus on you. Focus on what you could do in every situation. What are you doing? What are you doing about it? You are being awesome. You are doing everything in your power to make something work. You were there for everyone around you and they will work so much harder with you. You're killing it. Kill it. Gonna be awesome. You know yourself. You don't know yourself. You figure yourself out and then you'll know what you could do. Any situation and you will be fine. Everything's great. It's not about having a positive attitude. It's about having a realistic attitude.