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How to Design & Print Your Own Wrapping Paper (Part 2)

teacher avatar Hanny Agustine, Artist | Designer | Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      Introduction & What Will You Learn


    • 3.

      Prepare Pattern


    • 4.

      Coloring Pattern


    • 5.

      Change Layer to Smart Object


    • 6.

      What is Repeat Pattern


    • 7.

      Create Pattern in Photoshop


    • 8.

      Create Repeat Pattern in Photoshop


    • 9.

      Change Background Color & Save File


    • 10.

      Print It ! Your Turn Now!


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About This Class

Do you feel bored with the available wrapping paper design in store ? Why we should buy and not make our own design wrapping paper ? Oh yes, Christmas and New Year are coming shortly, month full of gift giving to your love one. If you can draw with pen, now you can design and print your own Wrapping Paper.

In this topic, there are 2 classes Part 1 and Part 2, so the video in each class will be short to save your learning time.

This is Part 2 Class, I recommend you to enroll Part 1 Class first for preparing your hand-drawing pattern for your Wrapping Paper, then you can continue to this class.

Joining the 2 classes, you will learn :

  1. Draw pattern with pen (Part 1)
  2. Transfer your hand drawing to Photoshop (Part 2)
  3. Coloring in Photoshop (Part 2)
  4. Design Repeat Pattern in Photoshop (Part 2)
  5. Print it ! or Sell it ! (Part 2)

This class needs a very basic skill in Photoshop, only coloring and creating a repeat pattern. Everybody can join this class. What you need is only pen, paper and happy face :)

In Part 1 Class, I also provide Drawing Practice 1, 2 and 3 sheet that you can print.  You can use those flower and leaf patterns as a variety of your Wrapping Paper design.

I also explain how to create a repeat pattern in Photoshop, so you can make any design that you wish for your Wrapping Paper.

So, after join this class .... Don't buy wrapping paper in the shop anymore :). You can print your personal hand drawing wrapping paper by yourself now ! 

However, as a Teacher, I really need feedback on my class, so please encourage me to make another useful class for you - my dear students, and I would love to have your support to be in Skillshare's trending page soon by giving your LIKE, WRITE A REVIEW AND SUBMIT YOUR PROJECT SOON. 

Peek my Instagram @hanny.agustine and don't forget to tag me in your post. I will repost your project in my Instagram.

ENROLL NOW and see you inside the class.

Happy Wrapping a Gift,


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Hanny Agustine

Artist | Designer | Teacher


Hi there, my name is Hanny Agustine. I m an engineer who loves to draw.

I am living in a tropical heaven, Jakarta, Indonesia. In Indonesian, when you call my name Hanny, it sounds perfect as "Honey" in English. So everybody calls me "Hallo, Honey" :).

My background is Electrical Engineering and I have spent my career mostly in the Information Technology world before I established my passion on Education Technology Creativity for children 5-18 years old with in 2001.

Life sometimes gives you a surprise, my childhood drawing hobby suddenly was coming back. Then I find myself drawing every single day on my dining table and that's a very good meditation for me, which also helps shooting my busy mind.

Inspired by nature and the beauty of fl... See full profile

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1. Trailer: - way . 2. Introduction & What Will You Learn: Hello again. I'm honey Akesson from took after and I'm funder off our track. Tony I d. This is a learning center for Children to learn and create. Martin dies. This is some pictures from the class. They learn with artists techniques to be the maker off Mark Allen there disorder and so on , so to practice, their Enterbrain ownership and also this their self confidence. So I trained eaters in my London center. And my deters is the Children how to draw with Sony and Alana Technique, probably. Or you and middle or Honda Ho style. My teens. I love money so much. Also say we're not, You know, Frito go off course or Mondrian. We also conversation with schools to conduct some excavation for two Children. The show under project and be brought up themselves. So you know now why I love scenes here because I love to deeds in this class. I really did. You have to make your old repping pepper with your friend Troy. So you only need a pen and paper and draw flowers and live like ships. You And then later on, in a part two, you will learn how to transfer your hand rowing to photo show. Then we will cover it. He had a beautiful, different wrapping pepper with different colors and brain as wrapping paper. I hope you enjoy, discuss and let's go to the next session. 3. Prepare Pattern: Okay. Now welcome to Part two. We will create Photoshopped file for our gripping pepper. We have made the better off lovers and leaves if you just come up to this part too. Don't work in to see my class how to design and bring your own wrapping paper about one. Because in but one, you will learn how to draw the better. But you seem drawing practice one and two and I'm sure you already practiced. Draw better in one who picks also. And after Ted, you can join this class in part two and you focus on coloring in for the shock and printed as wrapping paper. Now you have your pattern. You can take a picture or scan it and then you open it in for the shop. You will have a layer background and we want to make a very black lines very sharp line. So you have to duplicate the layer and then you close eyes. Integra. We were on to picket layer and then we will improve our emits good to emits adjustment levels, input levels you can chance on the right side is how to make the big grown wider. Do you see the difference. And on the lab side, you can make your lines to be very sharp or very black, because later on, we will gallery. And now you see this is much better, right? Okay. Now we are ready to cut our flour and lives were going to use as a tool And make sure you are in the layer that we used. And then you send a lesson to you. Move around your mouse around the flower that you will come and right. Click on the flower and juice layer. Fear copy because we will make a copy layer from the previous layer. Don't forget to rename the layer because later on we will have many layers, so you will not be confused with each layer. We continue with the second flower. Make sure you work on the playground copy layer, and then you just again. Which flow? When do you want to cut? Use the last tools. Follow the line. Be careful. If you go missing like me, that's what does. Sometimes it's typical, so you can juice barleycorn, a loss of tools, which is you can click your mouse, and any time you want it, just click and clinic employees and follow the floor. It will be easier now with polygonal also to and yes, I can do it. Okay, So you have to join this. You can use the last tool or political. Now last two again we repeat. You can do the right click on the floor. Just layer via copy. And then don't forget to rename your a year to be lover to for example. Okay, so far me accomplish two flowers If you close the eyes and we see our two flowers when it lives now and again you sing the colic analysis to I cut my lives. Be careful when you want to make sure you work on the big ground. Coffee doing the layer here. Copy. Rename the layer to be live number one. And we finished with three seconds. This one, isn't it? Okay, we continue now. Number four. I still need this lives circles around it again. I usefully gonna lots of two layer p a copy and rename a Caitlyn here to be lives now too. Okay, so we close the eyes off a grand copy earlier. We have 1234 patterns. I need one more again. You repeat the process off, cutting the lives, and then you do layer p a copy renamed really year and so on. I'll make it this video fast, but actually I do it as slow as the 1st 1 and this rather would beat. If I know what again, Repeat the process to cut the European copy, Bring name layer. Now you have six metres already to gallery and the Scots unit only Very simple for the shop scales we will use only paid back of tools. So in the next session you will see how easy to color in for the shop, and your patterns will be so colorful and ready to design and dripping pattern. 4. Coloring Pattern: Okay, Decision. It is a fun thing. We will color our part in it. We already car two good color and photo shop off course. We should know in the beginning with scholar, you would like to put in flour and lives. You should the import a shop. We can use color picker to choose our color But you also can use application color. Few finder. You can install it in your hand. Four. It gives you the heads coat off its color that you like Teoh Be easier to have the color guidance. But if you want to use a normal color picker in voter ship, it's OK. Does matter. This is only the other way to buy the color that you lie. Sometimes we see some images from in dress or from Instagram that we like to color. And using this view finder, you will get the exact except code for the color. Okay, Now let's start coloring our pattern. First, prepare your flower. Which one do you like to color it? And then I usually have my color scheme folder and I choose this pain for my flower with the exact except code. So you open your limits, and then you open your file, and then once you have the color and we'll be in the color bigger on the right side, just take the big backup tools and played its part. So you will have the color that you like and make sure you feel in all parts of your flowers. And then you're wrapping paper Will looks perfect. And then, for the second color, just a softer being. And I put it besides the 1st 1 make sure you already feel in all parts off your flowers. Even do. This is very small, very time in test. Magnify your limits and then you can fill it with your color and then use magic one and delayed the white space. And then you have the clean flower, and it's ready to make a better. Now we continue with our number two. I just a different color again from my mitts and then go back. Use a pen pocket, too, and gallery. I love to do this. I can do this all day long. Human, Just different color for the metal part off your flower. I just this one minute they have sub code, so this is the nice thing. If you have a color few finder, do you exactly get the hex code off the color you like? But sometimes, in my experience, my eyes and our monitor colors is very different when we printed on paper or fabrics. So that's why I like to use a few finder to find the exact exact code, and we get the exact color that we want. So now we continue coloring our lives just that kind of green. But it's up to you to use your color. This is an example, and this video you sing, call up, you wonder and miss it. I coupled instagram or address, but actually you can use normal coloring input to show you can use the color picker or the library from Pantone, and that's okay. Sometimes you make a mistake like me. I clicked not exactly inside the leaves but outside, and it makes the color all green. But don't worry. We have commenced, see to undo and disco on get. Do you let the white space using Magic one until it on. We already have four limits are ready for next flower. I don't like this color any more so I go to my color scheme, Border five and other inmates and everybody's what? So I was just a pride rack to color display our No. I used this cramp like this world, and I never used for the circle here again to delete the ones space views Magic one and live. Now we already Penis our coloring for six better. And in the next class, we used this for creating a mentor, and then we do repeat pattern later on. 5. Change Layer to Smart Object: decision is very short, but important. We have to change our layer to be smart objects. And later on, when we do repeat better or getting better, you will know why we need to make it as smart optics. It caught smart because once retained it, it will change all the same flower or lives in our next pattern to make it s mom octaves very easy for its layer. You do rightly and then juice comfort too. Smart object. Your mayors now have the plus sign and it means that's already smart. Object a year through the same thing for the other layers until all are smart object linear . See you in the next session. 6. What is Repeat Pattern: and this session will learn what a sleeping pattern Because there are two words. Repeat and pectin. I will tell you like this. This is so easy to understand. First, recreate better and then we clear. Repeat, you can see this is similar with Benton is you're driving or decide and repeat is the paper or pep arrested you will grill in Benton. We create 3000 times did those big sound, and it's like you put three times off your better in do your repeat, so it's like you repeat nine times this wa square in tow. Pick square, so in one, drink it. It's like you have nine patterns together and the simplicity decide, and we will learn how to a rinse the better so it will be nice if you bring on paper or in fabrics. They decide that you have to make to be nice in the middle or at the edge off the square. To create a pattern. We see this picture, for example, in the square 2000 time 2000 Big sell. You have two ships as your design and the stew ships. We have to a rinse to be much with the square about below right and cried off the square so far assembled this red circle will cut it with market does so you see, there are red circles and we have to a rinse. The other half, which is this is the black one at the right lines, you know, off the square. So in the repeat, better the half red and half black will meet and it will becomes the perfect circle again. And then for the left and right off the square. We also make a seamless after So it's a part off. The blue chip, which is the black one, should be at the right line with the blue wall and in the repeat petal, they will be blue and black to be a single pattern. Again, this is a very basic understanding how I apologetic pattern. There are so many ways to make a repeat pattern in photo shop and also an illustrator. But today we learn in for the shop and I will did you like this? So our understanding will be the same. And one more thing that we have to know There are two access from the square. We call it why access and X X is so below to above its white access Left to right is X axis . This is very important because later on we will use calculator to call the co ordinate off white and ex access that you have to both pattern so it will become sinless in repeat pattern. 7. Create Pattern in Photoshop: Well, this is the session to make a better course in for the job. Really make a new file with 2000 times 3000 pig cells. And then you put the resolution to be many monetary 100 the color mode because we want to bring on pepper with juice C m y que and the big round the Jews transparent so little. All we continues the bigger on color to anything that we like. And then you go back to your file. Click all the layers from six patterns that you already color it and then go to bed and file 2000 times three dozen big cells. And then not this is the violent states, because we will a rinse our similares flour and lives. So in the repeat pattern, it balloon so nice. Usually I like to put the big one in the middle. And then I orange the other one around this flower. Maybe in the first time, you cannot imagine how it will be Lost lives in the repeat pattern, but once you practice it later on, you will have a feeling had to position its pattern and how to feel the space or the caps between two or more flowers and leaves. Okay, Now we will move this sprout flower. Do the right off the square. Remember you copy worse with two Prickett in the years come in day and then you do comme nt to Terrence Wall. And then now we see about X and y axis and the bran flour at 46.5 picks out. So I'm explanation before you have to add with 3000. So it's to be 3046.5 picks out and then no expectation, right? And the right edge off the square. So remember, this is the formula with the left minus three dozen still the right plus $3. So with three dozen 46.5 your flower. Nice position like that. It's perfect. And now click Both lay years flower to and power to copy and do right click and just laying layer. After you linked us later years, you will be easily moved him around as you like. If you think you need one more, this red floor can do commented to duplicate layer or this being one commented to duplicate layer and then later on you continued. Possession your object and again turn. Forget you can to commend t to transform. Make your flower speaker or smaller. Now we practice for why access? I want to put being flowers above at yet off the square againt and forget. Did you commented to to be killed and commented to transform? And now we're going to see our Why access the big plumber position in the white access with to every 9.5 XL And remember again for the y axis. If you go up, you have to minus $3 and if you have to go down, you have to act the y axis with 3000. So that's why not to make your life is here. We need a calculator. Put on calculator on your screen. I read your screen so you can see the calculator, and the issues will issue Copy the why access numbers and put on the calculator. And then because we grow up, you have to minus with 3000 so minus three dozens equal to minus 160.5. And then you put these numbers in Why access and see the second being flower position at the right place above, and it will create a very nice matching pattern Later on again. Click both layers and then rightly and Linley years so you can position where before you lie and the 2nd 1 will follow. Continue with the lives you can arrange very for you, like also, you can do commented to transform, particularly, or how recently make a bigger or smaller you can also there, and we will continue in the next issue to make it this arrangement completely finished. 8. Create Repeat Pattern in Photoshop: good. We continue with making repeat better now impetus. You You make a new file with 9000 times 9000 big cells Again, The resolution You just 300 d p i color Mancienne came because we will bring on paper and then the background is transparent. And now our report on file is ready. See, on the below you find adjustment layer is rightly and find better. And then you can just also the scale If you like to be big girl, make it 150 so on. You see here the big room is there's transparent. So to change the big rock Me Hogan toe our better earn file And then we give the color to our big grand at Les. You know, one and I just blue here and just did I feel for grown color like Okay, And now you're pattern with light blue color again. You do find that did divine better. Okay. And then both Teoh repeat 18,005. If you have many layers, close the eye. So now we are ready to make the new mentor I related play year because I don't need any more, right click adjustment to spec tone. And now you see the light blue background will be our new repeat pattern. The interesting thing when you make a repeat pattern is here. I say the plane space and those two pain flower is to close, so I have to change that back to Benton 3000 times. 3000. I rearranged the flowers. Sometimes I use commented to transform. You can make it bigger, smaller or vertically or horizontally flip Reince again. So there are no more M d space and the design will look seamless. Continue with your done under You are satisfied and after venous Now we defined the new better again with ended Divine better both deal Repeat 18,000 file right click adjustment. Just pattern and adjust Kill And now you will see much better, no more blank space. 9. Change Background Color & Save File: Honestly, this is my favorite steps because I can play with colors and background and so on this time I will. Did you help pigeons? The big home. Off course After decision, You can play with the flowers and backgrounds color. You go back to do those and times three dozen big sales and then in laying one you tins the background have said two big green one like anti feel for grand color. Okay. And then Now your big run is great. It looked nice. Whatever color you like. You can change this background. And then I'm intense again. The bread flour to the blue. So you find this. Find the layer off the red flower. DoubleClick the plus sign. This is smart object and suddenly you come up with this Emits juice, the blue color or you sculler libraries from Pantone. Okay, in backup tools and now become blue and just a different color. Que jack blue to be the middle part and also the black one. And then you will get always safe and close And Walla you're better now becomes blue And then again the yellow flower I want to change again the color and click the sign. The plus sign This time I choose life. Laurean's with backup tools. Tens. I do a scholar or in the middle. Okay, I'm happy. Don't forget to say And clothes and wall three yellow flowers now become three Oren's flower So that's the good thing. Why you make it your layers to be smart object because you are dramatically change it once for all Do whatever you like a rinse again The color as you gents The big run to be great And now you can see there was too little darts becomes blue already So once lieutenants automatically all will be tends to be blue Okay, I'm satisfied with the live no bing flour I want two teams again find earlier probably the plus sign And now I pick up the like blue being back up dudes Oakley Lately, make sure you color all part including the small one that I knew one and then dark blue oh intends to be deal and then using bread backup tool I Galleria again and forget to save and close makes your all timely and small part already color safe and close. And now it becomes blue lovers And then Now we make a repeat. We do. You find the pattern force with did define better and then click. OK, and then you see in repeat 9000 time and 1000 you likely just back down Just a skill who? 100 or 150. If you want to make bigger again, just 200%. Or if you want to make smaller repeat, then you type 80% were simple. It's up to you if all with your repeat pattern is that the space between each optimists? Nice or not, If you don't satisfy you go back again to 3000 big sell file A rinse again and make another pattern in 9000 BC five. You can rename the layer to be great or light three. So if I want to bring the wrapping paper with the three big round, I just use the layer Name three. Otherwise, you will forget which one which color for which layer. And then finally, don't forget to save asked you back because we will pray in our ripping pipe. Arrested back you're asking the quality sized I just 12 and just click. OK, so you're wrapping paper files ready now and let around in the next section. We will bring our wrapping backer 10. Print It ! Your Turn Now!: Yes. Now we come to the end off this class. We will bring our repping pepper at home. If you have absent render l one doesn't 800 like mine. You can print it on a three size pepper or you just bring a four size paper. If you need a paper size like a two or a one, you can goto the printing shop and I'm sure they can print it for you Here I use the most up from my dear friend Sarah Martina. You can go to her website to get into by this mocha. So here you see my design. We look so nice on the gift wrapping and I'm sure your design will be better than me. So this is the assigned look. Now you can create your wrapping paper, decide and then sandwich ipic fire, artistic a picture and send it to project soon with until the sun Costa Just send it and submitted soon and then force in urine sacrum and took me at her need Gattaca steer and let her on our repose in my in Sacra I'm waiting for your project and I'm waiting for your life and write a review and also go to sacrum. It had needed a question or two. My website. Honey. Honey Cole. Thank you. And bye.