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How To Crochet A Daisy Granny Square

teacher avatar AlenaCharity, Modern Crochet Designer

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Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      1. Introduction


    • 2.

      2. Materials


    • 3.

      3. Make a magic ring


    • 4.

      4. Crochet petals


    • 5.

      5.Finishing the petals


    • 6.

      6. Starting the last row


    • 7.

      7. Ending the last row


    • 8.

      8. Weaving in the ends


    • 9.

      9. Final thoughts


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About This Class

Are you looking to make a crochet granny square project? Well this crochet daisy granny square is the perfect project for you. This crochet granny square is intended to be a coaster, but make a couple more and you have yourself some granny square for a bigger crochet project. 

Granny squares are definitely a great beginner friendly project  they are so beautiful with their colourful appearance. 

You will be needing a few materials to achieve this crochet granny square: 

  • Worsted weight yarn (in there colors of your choice) 
  • 5.00 mm crochet hook
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle
  • Stitch marker 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


Modern Crochet Designer




Hi, I'm AlenaCharity Limbithu, the crochet artist behind

I come from a family of crocheters even though my crochet hobby was self taught. I live in Malawi, the warm heart of Africa, when i am not crocheting, you can be assured to find me to be looking into my next crochet project. 

I have a smile for a resting face, and i hope to put that smile on your face too with these easy crochet classes.


I am obsessed with crochet and making crochet sweaters and cardigans. I love a challenge, and i do not believe crocheting is hard,... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. 1. Introduction: The makers and welcome to our first granite square class. In today's class, I hope to teach you to crochet a daisy crochet, grainy scrape. I'm Melinda charity and I'm the hands behind them., where we have made a variety of crochet designs ranging from beanies, summer tops, bugs, crochet sweaters. In today's class. I hope to teach you to make these crochet, grainy, square coaster. It is an absolute beginner project because I know how much I struggled to learn to crochet my very first crochet grainy square. So I have made this as beginner friendly as possible. I do hope to see you enrolled in this class, and I do hope to see your lovely projects at the end of the class. So be sure to enroll and let me see you on the projects. 2. 2. Materials: So these are the materials that we will be using for our crochet grainy square will have a strand of gray, yellow, and white. You can, we have to have three different colors to make these crochet, sunflower granny square. And I've just picked this. And we will be working with a five millimeter crochet hook. And you need some stitch markers. So this is about everything, not forgetting a pair of scissors. 3. 3. Make a magic ring: So this was the first granny square I made. As you can see difference with this one is I did one row of the single crochet, the foundation, the middle. Whereas this one, I did two rows personally, I prefer this one. So if you want it to look like this, I'll show you how you can do that if you want it to come out as this. I will also show you how to do this as we will be making this one. So putting those aside, you can grab your yarn. I'm grabbing the yellow yarn because that's what I wanted to have at the center. And the five millimeter crochet hook. Now we're going to have to make a magic ring. To make a magic cream. Just wrap your yarn or under three fingers all the way around, like so. And I just like to cross it at the front like that. And then I'd like to take my crochet hook, insert this under there, and bring that up just like that. So let me show you that once more. You're going to take your yarn, wrap it around your three fingers, like that. Go around, bring it through just like that. You can pin this with it with your pinky like that. Grab your hook, insert it through there, look that yard and pull it through. And then just make a chain to secure that. So now we have our magic ring and we're gonna be working into this magic ring. So we're going to be placing a total of eight single crochets into this magic ring. That's 12345, 678. You can just count to make sure that you actually do have 812345678. So now you're going to pull that little tail to close your magic ring. And what you wanna do is slip stitch into that first single crochet that were made. So this one right here. You want to insert your hook and slip stitch just like that. This is what it should be looking like your first row of your granny square. Now, like I said, I'm gonna be working two rows of single crochets. If you want to make yours like I did with this blue one right here, you can just stop here and cut off the yarn. So ignore this next step that we're going to do. If you wanted to make it like I did right here, just chain one and go over into that very first set of stitches. We slip stitch to place your first single crochet. Now grab the yarn and then search it into there. So we don't lose it. Now, place a single crochet into every other stitch. So you should have a total of eight single crochets. That will 678 slip stitch into her that stitch markers because that was your first stitch? Shane one and cut that off. So this is what it should be looking like. We're now done with the ilium. Just scrub your scissors and cut that off. 4. 4. Crochet petals: So now that we're done with the first row, we're going off to that second row of the whites. So make a slipknot just like that. And you're going to insert your hook where you cut off that yarn. And then you just want to make a chain, put it through like that. And then you want to make a chain of three. Now into the very same chain as joining and go back in there with double crochet. But we will not finish this double crochet yarn over and pull through 22 loops on the hook. Yarn over. Insert your hook into that same stitch as joining, pull through and over and pull through two. We have a total of three double crochets on our base because that chain three also does count as a stitch. Yarn over, insert your hook, yarn over, pull through. Now you have a total of 1234. And now you're going to yarn over, pull through everything. Shane to allocate the next stitch. Yarn over, insert your hook. Yarn over, pull through two. You have one on foundation, double crochet down there. Yarn over, insert your hook, pull through, yarn over and pull through two. There's two, you're gonna get four. You have three down there and one more. And now you have 41234. Now yarn over and pull through everything. Shane too. So you want to repeat doing this for the rest of this stitches, you should have a total of eight. Remember that? Let me do this one with you. And then you can do the rest by yourselves and over and pull through and over, pull through two and over. Insert your hook, pull through, yarn over, pull through two. There's two foundation double crochet is there. And you wanna have a total of four. So one more over and pull through everything. Chain two, I have three petals. I wanna make sure you have, you wanna make sure you have a total of four. So you're going to be going into each and every single crochet around. If you're lost, you can just count how many petals there aren't. You should have eight in total. Once you're done, I'll meet you so that we can close off that row. 5. 5.Finishing the petals: So I have gone around with my eight petals and I have just done placing my last one. So you and I changed to and then under that first petal, remember we did a chain of three. So find that third chain, so you're just going to count 123 and into that third round, just slip stitch to join like that. Let's go through both loops to avoid having a gap. So 123, just go into both of those loops and slip stitch to join. Just like that. Chain one. Grab your scissors and cut that off. Just like that. At the end of your second row, this is what your Grundy square she'd been looking at. It looks like a little egg. So just like that. And that's what it should be looking like. Now let's get started on the very last row. 6. 6. Starting the last row : So now to begin working on that last row, you're not grab your last color, your third color, which is the gray for me, make a slipknot just like that. And then you want to connect to any chain to space around your granny square. I'm just going to find that. And then you wanna make a chain of five. I'm going to explain why, or it's all going to mix ans at the end of this round into that very same chain to where our chain five came from. You want to go in with three double crochets. That's one. Oops. And that is 23. And then you want to locate your next chin to area which is here. And please three double crochets. After you have done that, find your next chain to area and police three double crochets. Just like that. So let me bring this one. For learning sake. We have just reached a corner. What we're gonna do now is from this corner right here. So to make that corner, you're going to chain two. And into the very same chain to area that we place those three double crochets. We're gonna go in with three double crochets. Just like that. We have made our first corner. And now we're heading one this way into that gene to area. Go in and place three double crochets. And by the way, do not worry about this lottery on sticking out at the end, at the back. We're gonna weave those in at the end. So please three double crochets in there. I'm just pushing up the white young Louis and three double crochets into that next stitch. And we have reached another corner. We're gonna be making them or that corner. So there's one cluster of double crochet before a corner. I've done three double crochets. I'm going to change to work three double crochets. And back in there. Just like that, I've done two corners. I've got one more corner to mixer. You're just going to work through double crochets in there. And then you're going to work a corner and here, and then you're going to work three double crochets in here. And then I'll meet you here so that I can show you how we can end and why we change five at the beginning. 7. 7. Ending the last row: So I have placed my last cluster of three double crochets. Now I have reached the last corner. So let me explain this. We made a chain of five and then we placed three double crochets into that same stitch. Now we started at a corner. This chain five actually represent, represents double crochet. The first three I double crochet. And the two are the chain to what we've done is already worked this corner. So all we're gonna do is place the readable two double crochets in there. Two, because our third double crochet is that chain three. And I'll change to, is that two chains making a total of five. So just count up three chains, 123 and into that third, connect with your slip stitch. And you have completed a corner chain one, grab your scissors and cut that off. And just like that, you'll grant is square is all complete. Now, let's get to weaving it off. 8. 8. Weaving in the ends: So now we're gonna even the estimate her granny squares look like this. However, when you turn out the back, you will always have this little funny bits, but that's fine. Because if you're making a blanket, whatever project you're working, it's gonna be facing this side and not the wrong side. So to do this, I like to just grab a three millimeter crochet hook. If you have a yarn needle, that's also absolutely fine. For this one is at the center. It's just want to pull onto that, made me want to make sure that it closed off that magic, that magic circle. But for this at the center, you can just use a scissors and cut them as this right here now that's on our hook. That's what I'm edge of our work. I'm just going to grab that our needle urine hook and pull that strand through at the back. And I'm going to keep finding areas to just leave it in by just pulling it through so it's out of the way. And that should be it. Now, just going to grab my scissors and cut off the bits, cut off the parts that I don't need that at all. Just like that. You're cutting you want to make sure that you did secure everything perfectly fine. But otherwise, if you're making a blanket, this is going to be at the back of the blanket, but still more you want to make sure that as short as they can be. Just like so. Because you don't want your blanket, whatever project you're making to come apart. And that's just how I like to clear my granny square. And there you go. Make as much as you need for whatever project you're making. Or if you want, you can just leave it like this. And it's a lovely little coaster. Just like that. 9. 9. Final thoughts: Congratulations, you have now officially made your very first crochet, goodness grant coaster. Place that cup of tea or a cup of drink on top of that and enjoy your very first crochet work. And don't forget to take a picture and add it in the project section so that we can all appreciate if you have any questions, comments, be sure to drop them or down in the projects and discussion area until next time. Bye.