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How to create Sweet and Stylized Girls using Procreate

teacher avatar Brenda Bakker, ♥️ Sharing my skills is sharing my joy ♥️

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      How to import everything you’ll need for this class


    • 3.

      Explaining Canvas and Brushset


    • 4.

      The first Raw Sketch


    • 5.

      Creating the Line Art


    • 6.

      Coloring Skin and Clothes


    • 7.

      Creating Hair and Flowers


    • 8.

      Finishing touch with Different Background Styles


    • 9.

      Ballet Dancer part 1


    • 10.

      Ballet Dancer part 2


    • 11.

      Bonus; How to create other body positions and feet


    • 12.

      More examples and walk throughs


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About This Class

Hi and welome to my new Skillshare Class; Creating Sweet and Stylized Girls using Procreate

I just love to draw in procreate and my greatest love is loose and fun drawings using digital watercolor.

In this class I will teach you my way of creating a simplified but fun watercolor drawing of sweet girls made in Procreate. I will teach you how you can use the template brushstamp I specially made for you and how you can make your own adjustments to the basics. It’s so lovely to create these kind of girls but be warned because it’s highly addictive. 

I will provide a brushset which contain a few brushes. If you done some previous classes you might already have a few of these but there are also new ones. I also added a watercolor procreate canvas. You can find them in the class project section. Make sure you are in your browser to download them and not in the skillshare app.

You also will be needing an Ipad with procreate and a pressure sensitive stylus for this class, but you can also draw this with markers or pencils on actual paper if you only want to follow the drawing process.

So join me in this class and let's have some fun together!

Meet Your Teacher

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Brenda Bakker

♥️ Sharing my skills is sharing my joy ♥️

Level: Beginner

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1. Intro: If hi and welcome to my new Skillshare class. In this class, I'll be teaching you how to draw these stylized girls in Procreate. We'll be drawing a full body with fun hair. And we'll be drawing two girls for this class. We will be drawing just simple faces. And if you want more specific phases, I want to recommend to you my class I already have made for you. It's stylized portraits class is about the same style, but more specific into phases, and hair and glasses and anything. This is more about the whole body and debate ground afford this kind of drawings. So we'll be starting out with this one in class. And after that, we'll be doing it a little more level up by changing the shape of the body into a ballet dancer. So after this class, you can draw these kinds of girls yourself. And I hope to see you in class. I hope we have lots of fun. And I warn you at front, these are highly addictive to draw. So if you want to join me, let's get started. 2. How to import everything you’ll need for this class: So this is a little part on how you get to import everything you need for this class. You go to the Projects and Resources section through your browser. So not in the app. And then in the projects and resources section, you can see everything you need right here. So it's my watercolor canvas. To download it. You can see it's importing right here. Once it's there, you're going to click on it. Tap on it. It will import right away into your procreate files and you can find it in your gallery. At the top-left corner, there will, there will be the new procreate file. And if you want to use it, just duplicated so you can always have a spare one upfront. So that's how you import to confess. Let's go back and erase that one. You can also download the brush set. You can tap on. It's downloaded through your browser and not in the app. And now it's Download. Click on it. And you will find it in your downloads and just find this type BB stylized. Go brush it. Once you've got it, importing it. And you can find it by opening any Canvas you like. And it's imported at the top of your brush library. So there you can find that one. And the last thing you want to download is the gills swatches. So you have every color I've been using in this class. Tap on it, download it very easy and very quick. Girls swatches. Tap on it. It will download into your download folder. Bb stylized skills swatches, click on it, it will import right away. You can find it in your color palettes all the way at the bottom. So yes, I've got a lot. And here it is, all the way at the bottom, you can find your swatches. You can set this to default, and then you can start to do this tutorial. So I hope you like it and let's get on. 3. Explaining Canvas and Brushset: So now you've imported everything. I want to explain to you something. First of all, I'm going to explain you about the Canvas. Once you've got the Canvas in your procreate, just duplicate it first so you always have a spare one and you're going to draw on this one. The watercolor canvas I have is provided with watercolor textures and those you have to keep on top. So you can draw on anything below and you can make changes if you want. But I have them locked for you on top so nothing can happen if you don't want to. And on these layers you can make layers on top of that and on that you can draw. Now, let's walk through the brushes. The first brush I've made you is my BB lady stamp brush is a template for your drawing. Just a simple shape, a large head because that suits my drawings. Small body. And I will explain something. This is top of the head. The bottom of the head approximately. You don't have to be precise about it. But it's how I do is with a needle, little neck and shoulders. I've bent the arms here. The size will be the waste and elbows. The top of the fingers will be approximately on the upper thigh. And here will be Denise, and this will be Defeat. I didn't draw the feet on purpose because we can make pointy tos like in my examples. Or maybe you want to change different feet. You can also make adjustments from this one by sketching. So if you want to say hi, you can make the same length, but just click bent over the arms. And if you've seen my belay lady wave crossed her under arms, or you can make somebody who's going to pray or read a book, or just make some changes. Just, it's about the shapes you can use for this one. Or well, maybe if you would like to say hi, you can take approximately the same size that you see here for the arms so you can make adjustments to that. And you can maybe you've seen this around someone. Just add some volume, volume to the hands or Denise. So here's approximately Nice. And so you can make better arms with more volume for you. It's a hard word for me to say. So that's how I draw the sketches. So I hope this will help you. And yes, I could make a whole sketch for you, but I want you to be creative and draw your own so you can learn from it. So over to the next brush. So let's clear this 13 finger swipe. And let's get over to the next brush. That's the 6 B pencil, my dry ink brush, which I always draw with. I have a watercolor all-rounder. It's a lovely watercolor brush, which I'm using. All the time. And if you've done some other classes of me, you'll already have that one. It's multiplied so you can get a darker color. And if you smudge with the same color, you can, just by tipping and dubbing, creating some lovely shapes and watercolor blobs. So this is how I use my watercolor. So I hope you like this one, but feel free to use your own. It's just about how I do my work. I've got a soft brush. I use it in my portraits clause for when we make the freckles. If you haven't done that clause, I would advise you to do it. So you can make more adjustments to your character and maybe create a portrait of someone you know, for your character and your, your stylized girls. So that's what I've still leave it in here. You can also use it for the cloth. I've done it on my ballet dancer with a soft eraser. So it's the soft brush just using this in Eurasia. Here I have the graphic stripes. I like this a lot. So it's just stripes. These are all little bit of interrupted lines hand-drawn. So not too straight because I like all my designs to be hand-drawn, even though I do it in Procreate. So digital, digitally. And for the next brush, a graphic designs on little squares. I like them a lot. It's fun to use in the background of your designs. Or maybe if you've got a nice dress or something like that, you can use it as a better normal dress. I also created graphic circles. Approximately the same thing. It's fun to create a background with it or just using as a person. I also have a bigger splash stamp. So you can make ink blobs out of debts. My fine dots. I've been using them in a lot of glosses, so you can use that also. And this one is a fun flower which I created. So you can use it also. It's made with a dry ink, but it's fun in any color. So you see it's not completely filled in. And that's what I like about this brush. So now if I explained something about the brushes, I want to tell you something about the graphic stripes. If you want to change the grain so you can make larger or smaller stripes. You can do it by go to Grain and make adjustments to the scale like so. Then you can make adjustments. This one is only for the brush size but not the grain size. So that's how we do this. So let's get over to next chapter. 4. The first Raw Sketch: So let's get started with sketching. I'm going to start out with an easy girl. And we're not going to make it ourselves difficult by drawing hands and feet. Or a whole face is just a stylized and Funny Girl Who sweet and have lots of colors and joy. So let's create our stem first when I'm at full size and approximately in the middle of the canvas. If I want to do it. Very good Now, I think I'm managed it to be also about in the middle. And then I'm going to make the opacity lighter. And I hope you can still see this one. Yes, we check. And on that layer, we're going to make a new layer on top of it. And there we go into sketch, and we're going to sketch with our six B pencil. I have a lot of rather small head and I want to have it like that. Also very round, but you can change it to your own adjustments, what you like. And I think I want just a lovely girl. So for the shoulders. And I want her to have a lovely dress just with some waves at the bottom so we can make some nice place in it. It's just a smoke sketch. I'm going to make it easy on myself to just bury her hands behind her dress. So trying to avoid those hands. It's just a small small girl. And this is one I made, the first one with some point the toes. And it's not precise, just the first roll sketch. And she has some sloppy socks. And we added some flowers to the side of the socks and some wrinkles in the SOC. So this is going to be a little bit wrinkled. And let's create some darker lines. Seal. So approximately how I wanted her to be so rough sketch. And she only is going to have some ice and some lighter eyebrows. And her her will be something like this middle part going upward first because she her hers coming out of your head. And I'm going to give her fair with long hair. I think this would look lovely as our first sketch. Lovely girl, because our head is so big she looks like a number go. So I can get rid of the templates. And now I only have to sweet girl, I'm going to make the opacity a little lighter, but still visible for you, but nuts in your face too much. And on that, I'm going to make a new line art. Let's go to the next chapter for dense. 5. Creating the Line Art: For the line art, I'm going to my dry ink texture brush because that's the one I like. I want to have it. A pencil look and watercolor look still hand-drawn. So now I'm going to roughly trace it by little more clean. So sometimes I'm going to undo some lines and create a smooth line. Then I'm going to draw the neck line. And because the dress is on top of the shoulders, I'm going to draw this over this one. So just a slight lift off the shoulders. If you don't do that, it's not real. And it's okay when some lines are a little bit more loose than the others, little bit thinner. And then I'm going to create some lovely waves in it. Is just a quick drawing. I don't know. I'm not working precise. If you have followed other classes of me, you already know that. So our arms is going to be slightly here, not too much round because that will be impossible. And they don't have to be precise but approximately the same. It's strange when one hand stops here and the other one here. It could possibly mean some arm is higher behind her back. It's also fine but don't make it look too weird. So we have still a little bit over lecture showing. Then her stockings creates the flowers. Just a little bit of Scribble. Not too precise. That's okay. It's just an indication of flowers. A little bit, a wrinkle down on the top and little bit slider at the bottom. So wrinkles and smalls, wrinkles and smooth. And just some little hints of some shadow here. And I go to the eyes, just small dots, just an indication. Slide stripes for the eyebrows. Just small and very delicate, not too much. And then we go on to draw the hair. And some indication of hair strokes, not too much. We're going to do this with watercolor later on. So now this is our line art for a girl. Let's get onto the next chapter where we can call her. 6. Coloring Skin and Clothes: So now for this next chapter, we're going to color her for dead. I'm going to get rid of the rough sketch underneath. And I want to keep the line art on top. So let's rename this one for liners. So we can see that later on and create a new layer underneath it. The line art almost stays at the top, and sometimes I do some highlights above that, but for now it will stay on top. I have to make sure I'm going to clean this up a bit. So I just get rid of this one. And I think the rest looks fine. And now we're going to do layer for the color. And there we go into our color palettes. And these are the same colors are using for my portraits class. So if you already have them, I make some adjustments to it at some new colors I like. And well, you can import this one later. Maybe I'll make some more adjustments during these lessons. And you can get rid of the former ballots and you can use this one instead. So let's go to the skin color. I will be using this one for her. And I will be using my watercolor Oberon brush. And make sure I'm on the layer below the line art. And yes, I am. And I'm going to cover in her face, her arms, and her legs. So let's do that. So it's very big. No. Maybe a little bit smaller. Don't go. If I go outside of the lines, note we're not worried. I'm just leaving my pencil the whole time, the screen, because it's a multiply brush. When I go over it again, I can make a darker color. So now I'm going to create the shadow just by using the same color, but lifting my pencil will multiply the layer of the color. And now this one I can blend a little. So you can also leave the straight lines if you like that, those kinds of shadows, it's also more fun. Maybe it could be darker here. So I DO go and making a lot of layer on top and blend it again. So we can play with that a lot. If we want. You go into arrays, what is outside the lines. And if I have a little bit of stains, I like that so I leave them. You can make it go away, but I like it because it's hand-drawn and watercolor. So I'm going to her neck. Come to the more arms. Is one is also pressure sensitive. So if you have a lot less pressure, the color will be darker and the point is small. And if you make more pressure to column will be lighter. And wider. So small is like this, and harder is like this. You see the difference in the color and the size. So you can use just like a normal pencil. And I'm going to color our days also. And now I'm going to create shadows and make him a little bit smaller. Just behind the address, there will be less light. So that's why I'm making a darker underneath her chin will be darker and decide my son is coming from this upper side, right upper side. So let's create some shadows for here. And also under her truss will be a little bit more shadow and all the sides of her leg and we can blend is a little bit too big. Happens to me a lot. If you know me, I work fairly false and not too precise. So that's what I like about my drawings. I have not I do not have to patients to work for many, many hours on one piece of the drawing. I want just to be good quick drawings, sitting on the couch just for fun and teach you what I, what I have learned so far are this could be a hard shadow, but I can also erase and now it could also be laid. Blend it a little bit, softens. I think she looks cute already. And now I have to decide on the color of the dress. I'm going to call it the address and the socks on top of our skin because the clothes are already on top. So when you have made a mistake and colored outside, the lion's skin color will never be on top of the dress. So that's why I also doing my layers above each other on how it looks in real life. Let me see. Yes, I wanted this color for the dress today and I'm on a new layer. Yes, That's where I go to do to dress a little bit bigger eyes. Okay. So I'm going to color it is. And now I've lifted my pencil. I don't want to leave my pencil for coloring, so I'm just keeping it on top. Keep it on the I bet the whole time. And it's not again, it's no harm if I go outside the lines because I can erase it because I'm on a different layer. Play with the pressure. So harder pressure for lighter color and slider pressure for dark colors. And that's what I want to my drawings. And now when I've got it all filled in, I'm going to do a second layer. So I'm lifting my pencil, go back with the same color and I can make my shadows. I'm going to make some depth in here. Where the folds are in the skirt. And I can play with that. And now I can blend, make it also a little bit bigger. Just by tapping on doubling. So not too precise and not too smooth. I want to leave some textures. They're just dabbing, dabbing so you can keep some little watercolor stains and dots. And it is also your feeling and how you feel it should be. And every once in a while I've got to zoom out. And I could also change. So if I was thinking about making it a little bit darker, why not duplicate the color and see what I like. I like the color here, so I don't have to do it all the time so I can know, merge them together and we'll be using this as one layer. So easy, it saves a lot of time. And now I can erase the size. I can erase the parts which are outside of the lines. For me, this works faster than coloring within the lines. And sometimes I don't mind if some color is outside of the lines because it's a handmade drawing, I think it's allowed to go outside of the lines. So let's do the same on those stockings. I'm going to make a new layer on it because I have to duplicate the color if I want the same, maybe I can make some changes to it, but maybe I want maybe I want some lighter, maybe I want them darker. And XR shadow. I'm blending a little bit. It looks nice when their deadline. We want them darker, maybe even more dark. Maybe I want them light. I think it's looks funny when they are lighter this time, but I'm going to make the shadows darker. So just only the shadow side. And just scribble and dibble. Erase the parts that are outside of the lines. And maybe do some folding and blend them. Also a little bit. Just giving you the hint of some folds in the fabric. I think this looks nice. I think we could have a darker and lighter color for this one, for the flowers. So I'm going to make that on a layer on top of debt. And let's see what this does with the same brush, a little smaller. I'm going very dark, so lift my pencil lot. And now I can't make them lighter because it's a watercolor and you can go lighter with watercolor. I'm taking the lightest color, making even more lighter. And go to my dry ink brush. And lets me make some scribble and dibble on debts. And maybe some wide. Or you can choose to make them totally different color. So that's also possible. And I'm going to erase what's outside. Yes, I like that. And let's go over to there and we will do that in the next chapter. 7. Creating Hair and Flowers: So normally when I will do the hair in layer, in the layering in digital art, we supposed to do the back ground of the hair on the layer below and everything in front of our heads will be on top of it. But because I'm approaching my watercolor own digital confessed, approximately the same as a real watercolor. I will be doing this on one layer, but I'm doing this on top of the close of the hair, but underneath my line art. And I'm choosing a brown hair, but choosing discover, aim of watercolor. 0 round brush. And I'm going to coloring, lifting the pencil just one. Smooth, leaving your pencil on the canvas. So it doesn't matter if you go over her arms or her address or her hits, we can erase it because we were all on different layer. Now I'll leave it here, but it's okay, It's just not a part of their hair. And leave your pencil again on the canvas and color her whole hair. Lifting it, making some shadow underneath here. And also here. And maybe that's where her parts of her hair. And now we're going to blend this a little bit more smallest, not too smooth. I want to leave some stains off the watercolor effects. And again, it's not nothing except rules just to my liking or to your own liking. If you create yours, just zoom out every once in a while and erase what's outside. Yes, I think I like her already. Now because I'm going to make some changes on the hair. I will do this on a new layer because maybe I don't like it, but my basic will be the same. So I'm going to create new layer on top with my same brush and the same color. I'm going to make some hair strokes. Just sing maybe a little bit sooner. And remember it's a multiply brush. So the more I go over it, the darker it will get. Makes strokes approximately the same way as your guidelines are because that's what your line art is about. Also, guidelines. It will be weird if it goes just one strike direction the other way around. Also in the darker parts, you can also make more because, because it's a multiply, it would. Be darker down there too. So that's fine. I think this would look lovely already. I think she will be sweet girl. And maybe we go into make some lighter strokes in there. And I'm going to do with wide and the dry ink texture just creates some highlights on top. This size, you can make it more. Maybe smaller, maybe I like smaller strokes and some highlights around the face. I think she looks cute. We can make some adjustments to the face. Let me go and go to the face and go on top of her face. I'm going to give her some nice, I'm blushing cheeks. With a watercolor all rounder brush. Do not lift the pencil and make them approximately the same size. And if you remember from my portraits clause, you can choose to leave it like this. I will leave it like this, but you can also choose Gaussian blur, go to your layer and smoothen it out. But I, I also like this one. But I think this is look more stylized and sweet. So this is how I'm going to keep her today. I'm going to erase her hair up, little bits. I forgot that to do that. So like here. And I went over the dress here. Here, I went outside of my socks. So that's why we can do it on different layers. You can easily remove it again. And maybe I want to give her some flowers like she has here in her hair. But now I've already drawn it. I can do a hard trick by masking everything, but then I have two mosque in every layer, or I have to merge the drawing and Mosque one layer. I'm haven't been easy solution for that. I'm going to draw on top of her head, on top of the line art. I'm going to create new line art for the flowers. So I'll go to my dry ink and it's just a hint of flower. So I'm just going to scribble and dribble some flowers. I like flowers cited that also on a portrait class. Maybe it's because when I was a cake decorator, I already did that. But I think these will look lovely. Maybe a little bit smaller down here. I can do with the Liquify and push little bit larger. I can push it in a little bit. I think that would look lovely. And now before, before I can draw any watercolor on debt, I have to make sure the background of the flowers will be white. So I'm going to create a new layer below the flowers. Choosing my Wyatt. And I'll go into creates just underneath the flowers some white textures with my dry ink brush again. So I don't have to erase any part of the hair or any parts of the skin. So if I decide later on, I don't want to have the flowers are I'm going to, we'll be using my drawing for another drawing, I can easily remove that layer and let me see. So no harm is done to the original drawing. So, and now we can choose the same color again and create some lovely flowers in it. Not with the dry ink brush, the watercolor brush. And just leave some white there. It's cleaned up and maybe some small scribble and demos to make some parts of the leaves a little darker. I think she will look sweet like this. And let's go to the background. 8. Finishing touch with Different Background Styles: For the backgrounds, I've got a diversity of little brushes. I've got a black background splashing ink brush. Some of you already know that from my other classes and you can see them in my examples a lot. I also created a graphic circles and graphics and graphic stripes, which are very lovely to use. I will starting out with my brick rounds fresh. So you can see that for that, I have to go on the layer below my drawing. So the first physical layer, aught to bottom will that will be and lets me see the background ink splash. You can set them at its largest, largest size. And you can choose to make it bigger. So for the whole drawing, but I like it to be smaller than my girl is. So I think this would look lovely, maybe even a little wider. And now because it's a see-through, we have to erase this one. So the easiest way to get rid of the layer behind it for me now is go to my ink splash layer, do a selection freehand, and trace roughly the outer line of the drawing. Why the splashes on do a three fingers swipe down, cut it, and now it's gone behind her. And I'm also going to erase with the dry ink and the small part of a white outline for her. It's not necessary, but it brightens it because well, white is making it more like shine. It just makes me more happy when I do that, brightens the picture. And so, and now I can create, well, let me see if I can create a lighter background, would then add some splashes to it. So make everything on a new layer so we can easily undo that. I'll be using the same color and create some splashes. Just some random splashes. So this could be our end result. But I will show you how to make more. Let's get rid of this one for now. And let me see what we can create an all new style and a whole new feeling with graphic design brushes I make. So for the stripes, it'll be fun to go behind her, but just one small part. And for that, we can do that easily with a rectangle selection. Like this. Go to the brush, stripes, graphic stripes. And it's, well maybe it's too small, but for now, I think it's okay. Get rid of the selection. And then we have to erase everything inside our clothing because it's see-through, because it's watercolor. And I quote, easily done that with selection as we did with the ink splash. It will be quicker. But this is also okay for now. And perhaps adding some black dots. You can play along with that. So it's a whole different atmosphere you get for your pictures like this. It's also fun to create something like this with a circle. Let's get rid of this one and create a new layer for debts. Let me choose my six B pencil and I'm going to draw a circle. Is all still behind the door. So let's create a circle. Let it snap, put my finger because to create a perfect circle for that. And maybe put a little bit more like so. And now for this one, I'm going to select Automatically, I'm going inside the circle and get the whole circle filled. And on top of deaths, I'm going to create new layer because I want to get rid of the circle in the end. So I have to do this on a new layer. Go to my, well, let me see graphic circles. So just we can make a different background and we can create a circle behind it. Like this. Let's get rid of the line of the circle and get rid of the circles within her body. For that one, I can go roughly selecting inside the dough again, three finger swipe down and cut. And then we have a lovely circled background's going to make some Razorfish behind it. Some parts I missed. So these are the basics you can use to draw from the templates. And I've shown some different using off the background and shall we do another one together for making a different person may be a ballet dancer. Well, let's do that one. We can do it together. 9. Ballet Dancer part 1: So let's start on a new canvas and let's start out with my templates. And make him at large size. Making it a little bit less feasible. Create a new layer on top. And let's start sketching. So we're going to draw a ballet dancer now. Is she? And maybe a little bit more down, like so. And now let's create the head first. She has to create a new layer on top. I didn't do that. Let's create that first. So and she has her shoulders. Hello. And for me she has crossed arms. So our arms will be approximately something like this. See her elbows are up here and then she has crossed arms just start out with a stick figure. And she has small waist. She has a white skirt with all lots of layers. So let's draw these. And it is too wide here. So it is going to be smaller part approximately. And legs will be something like this. She has pointed toes. Maybe she would have a more shape in her legs. So approximately here will be or nice or shoes. And while those ballet dancers as shoes that go like this and then like so, three crosses and just some lovely ribbons stare. And maybe she has a ballet kind of suit. Her arms will be more like these. I won't give her hands because hence are hard to do. So the outside of these go to the outside of those. And one hand is going behind the other one. She has two legs and not one big black. She has two eyes. Normally, eyebrows, maybe four. So are part of our hair is they're going upward first. The hairs on top with a bum, a messy bun. I like messy buns. So I think this could be my rough sketch for the ballet dancer. Let's see what it will bring us. Good way of days one. Make the opacity less feasible. And go work on a new layer for line art. And let's go to the dry ink texture brush. And let me see where it is will get us lot smaller. I'm going to talk you to it's shape for the head, neck line. Well, maybe it's not my line art, It's a rough sketch also that this one overlaps because we can see the front of her arm first. I think I needed a second sketch for her. That's fine. We can do as many as we want. I think her legs should be smaller because otherwise she would have very wide hips. Simple lines of the hair, curls, and perhaps some nose hairs in her face. Yes, I think we're getting there. Well, let's make this one into a liner then. Let's get rid of the old sketch and create a new sketch out of this one. Make it less feasible. I think she would look sweet like that. So do it again. My pencil. And don't like my lines. So I have to do it again, maybe from this angle. If I don't get it smooths, I can also do my liquefy bush that smoothing it out a little bit. Very shy. I like that for this one. Let's get some lovely Bailey suit. I don't know what color I will doing this. My first one I did black because I like black. Maybe it to this one black or pink. I don't know yet. Yes. Create wavy lines for this one. And also a few of these. Lovely. Yes, it's going to be sweet like this. Create a tip of her shoes. And some small lines for this. I love to draw this kind of girls. Just some quick sketches. Shape isn't dried, it's going outward, upwards. Some Missy bands, some loose curls, so loose hairs. Now let's get rid of the sketch and let me see how she turns out. I think she turns out lovely. So let's rename this one our line art. 10. Ballet Dancer part 2: And we go into color underneath that. So on the layer below, make a new layer. And I first start out with skin color. So go to my watercolor all rounder brush again, smaller. And it's coloring in the face. Well now if you already have done the first one and this one, we did easier. Just a little bit shadow on this side because this side is old way in shadow and hear her hair is a little bit on our face, so that's why I'll give it a little bit shadow dare. And that's blended bit. Let's erase underneath her face because otherwise we would have a full shadow already. Go to the body. Part is to leave your pencil on the paper. In this case, for the whole upper body and erase everything you don't need to hear her on the underside of their arms, there won't be any light. And the inside of our arms, a baby a little bit next, behind the strengths of our address. And let's blend us a little bit and then erase the parts that were outside of the lines. Wherever worked a little bit messy. I like to do they stay like it so far. I hope you do. And now for her legs, just leave your pencil on the paper. All the way down, all the way to her legs. Lifted, make some shadows underneath her skirt. Skirt is wide so there will be lot of shadow. And in the middle of her legs, there will be shadowed. So you see it's rough, roughly done. But I think that's nice because that is exactly what I want for my watercolor to be like. A little bit shadow on this side. Some extra here. Just leave it with a little bit texture. Don't go to smooth, Don't, don't blend too much. It would look like. Too much digital and I want just the ordinary watercolor look like best. So leave some textures behind. Don't blend all the way smalls. I think this leg is little bigger than the other one. So maybe I can make some adjustments to my line art with that. Go to my liquefy and push a little bit bigger and make this one smaller. But make sure you don't bend her knees. So you have to go and check if that will be okay. Smaller you get, the more you have to straighten outlines. And now I can go back to my coloring of the skin so I can erase the parts that I've been moving around. I think it looks a little bit better now. So that's what I like. What color should we give her dress? She would go for a pink pinkish English. Let's do that. Pinkish, pinkish it is today. Go to a layer on top because the address is on top of the skin. So on top of the skin, but below the line art. And we'll go into coloring. Again. Small watercolor. Give this one a little bit of color and go to color it in. And now I have to lift it because I have to go to another part. But that's fine with me. Colorado dress. I'm going to give it some extra dark underneath hair just by lifting it and give it some small strokes and like that. And some shadow. Side. Underneath her hands are some shadows on this side also. So here we're going to erase that soon because I'm going to show you what I'm going to do. I'm also because it will be a see-through. I'm going to color this more round her hips. I don't want her legs to be shown, but I have to do it like this. And now I will zoom out every once in a while. So I am going to check on how it looks. I'm going to blend is a little bit. And that's why we're going to need the eraser tool for this one, soft brush. And lower the opacity of that one. And I'm going to slightly, now, first I'm going to do one other thing. I'm going to create some. Shadows in here. And I'm going to erase now a little bit with my soft brush. Just going to give them color of the dress, a lighter. So it's now more see-through. And that's why I've colored this a little bit more. So you don't see the actual skin because we want to have this clean look. And now it's just a bit of see-through. And I'm going to erase underneath my skirt here, my dry ink brush again. I'm, maybe I'm going to do some lovely dots on top of it. Do a dish on the new layer. I think this look lovely. And I'm also going to color in her shoes, her ballet shoes. Smaller. Go a few times over it, so they will be having a lot more color. And I'm also going to trace over these to give it a hint of color. You can hear me what I'm doing. I'm lifting my pencil to give more color. And now I have to get the ribbons on here also. And for debts, I will be drawing with my dry my six B pencil and also go in black. Smaller. And now let's give her some colored hair underneath my liner new layer and go to my watercolor all rounder brush. And suddenly the drawing is becoming more of a girl with hair. Just one color for now. Leave the pencil on the canvas. And now we're just going to make some loose hair locks, strengths. By going over it again. Extra dark around the parting of the hair. Follow the strokes you made earlier. Neighbor's dog is outside. I hope you don't mind it too much. I hate it when she's outside, she always barks a lot. So well, this one is our fine ballerina. She has to have some rosy cheeks go to the skin layer on top of the skin. And watercolor or rounder she already has. Give her some rosy cheeks. She could have more color on that. So maybe duplicate ids and too hard now, so let's get a little bit lighter. Merge them together. And oh, yes, for this one, I want to go for the background because we have some sweet dots in here also, I want to have the perfect squares on the backside because I like to mix and match. And let me choose the same color as the address. And we can play with the darkness. But let me first see what size it is. Create a new layer on the background. I like it this size. Yes. And I also like the color. So I think we could do square it again. Rectangle. Let's choose a rectangle. Select with a rectangle and creates a square, something like this. Now I want some bigger. I want to dress, peeking out and I want a little bit below and a little bit on top of her. So now I can choose to directly go into us with this one and get rid of everything within the girl. So select we didn't the same layer. Everything about the girl. Up, three fingers swipe down, cut. And there you go. I think this one is bothering me, so I'm going to erase that by hand. I think I'm going to leave it like this. I think she's cute. So I hope you also like to Valerie net loss and now you can do something completely on your own. So remember, the template is just an a handout. You can create your own goals from that. And I will show you and talk you through some more examples. 11. Bonus; How to create other body positions and feet: So in this little small chapter, I want to give you a few different tips on how to make different body positions and how to create some real looking feet. So I want to give you some more tips about the sketching of the body parts for if you want to have a different movement of the body. So for this, I'm going to lower the opacity or create a new layer on top and go sketching. Well, I don't want to sketch the head again, but I want to show you something because these are the parts where the arms, the elbows, and the knees and the legs will join. So there we can make some movement. So from here, we can make this swing. We have to make a approximately the same size. So this must be approximately the same size as this one. So if we want to let her stand like this, that could be possible. And if you want to make some movements, like if she would be a ballet dancer with one leg up a bit. So this is approximately the same height. And here the knee will be. And then we have to get this length approximately. It could go approximately like so. And that's how we can create new movements of the body. We can also tilt the head a bit. So then we have a totally different human being. Like if we get rid of the sketch below, then we could make some shoulders from here. And then we take the outer part to the outer part. And then we add some volume. The body from outline to outer line. So the tip. And this could be her hips. So some smaller from outer line to outer line. And that's how we can create and body. So then you have a totally different movement of the body. And that's how you can make adjustments to the position of how the girl is standing in this case. I also want to show you something else. So get rid of this one. When I show you the example like this one. Go to my Gallery. This one, this one I like very much. She has some feet. And if you can see, it's a small kind of triangle like this. So let's go back to this one again. If we do that new layer, we can make to see the front side of the fetus overdose will be something like this. Will be bigger, like one TO here, big toe and I'm for small ones. So that's how we can see because it's coming up front and what's in front of human common two or two is bigger. So that's when we create a little triangle. And if you create a shoe, or you can do like this and add a soul to the shoe. Or you can make fit flops like so between the toes. And that's how you can play with that. And if we make this little less feasible, we can draw one behind it. So remember the feet is always a bit thicker on the upside and we have some toes here. And her heel. So here you have side fuel and you can create saw on the need deaths and also your fit flops, flip flip-flops or other shoes. So that's what I want to show you. So these are some short tips you can use also in your drawings, so you get more variation into it. So I hope you like this. 12. More examples and walk throughs: So I will tell you about what I did with some more examples. Here. I choose when it was a very lovely summer's day, I choose a spring colors and spring dress. So I added the flower on top of her dress at the flower here and made light large, braided your hair and did some hand lettering. It's build-up. Like the hand lettering. I did it on top of. It was besides her, so it was fun to do. And also you see the basic shapes are the same, the same legs, the same arms and say mad. And let me show you what I did also, this was the one I did with the black dress. You can see with ink splash, It's a rather total different lady yeah, you have there. But she's very cute also. And you see, I also did erase some parts here, did some highlights also in her hair. For this one, I create this morning when I was shooting and taping this class. I've got today I've got a shirt on also with bent or Luke, so I don't know if you can see is but it's where the idea came from. And so I give her as a kind of canceled and also the squares behind her. And this one I would like to show you. This one is one I also like. So this one is mix and match of a couple of things I did. So I took from a fashion advertisements, a model, and this is how she stood up. She has a capsule on with a lot of flowers. So that's why I created stamp. It's also free for you here in class so he can use it. So you can see the up-to hair from the ballet class is there. I did some sticks to create her hands in our pockets so you don't have to draw your hands. And I think she looks funny and mixed and match the background. We'd have to ink splash, see looks like this. And you can also delete the stripe part so you can create a lot of things. So I hope I have given you enough inspiration to create your own stylized door and hope you liked this class, and I will hope you leave me refusal of this class and also show me your projects in the project section of the class. And if you're on Instagram, you can tag me at decodable. I would love to see your work and I hope you'll have fun with it and learned a lot more. And maybe you can make a combination of this clause and a Portraits class. So you can draw someone you really in your own environment and now with her own whole body and not just the face and the portraits. So I hope you liked it, enjoyed it and maybe see you in the next class. Have fun with it. See you next time. Bye.