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How To Create Powerful Facebook Ads Using Detailed Targeting

teacher avatar Will Irish, Facebook Ads Specialist / Author / Certified Coach

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      FB Power Ads Featuring Detailed Targeting Intro


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      FB Power Ads The Offer


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      The Magical Detailed Targeting Worksheet


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      From Worksheet to Detailed Targeting


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About This Class


What if you could take virtually any product or service, quickly define a well positioned ad message, and then deploy 100,000 well-trained, virtual salespersons who would take your message to only those people that were almost guaranteed to be interested in your product or service?

Sounds pretty far fetched doesn't it?

Good news. It's not at all!

With Facebook Ads, if you know how to surface your products core angles, you can send out 100,000 "ads" (Your new virtual sales ambassadors) sharing your message with precision instructions, using Detailed Targeting.

In this course, you're going to explore how Facebook Ad, Certified Coach, Will Irish creates Facebook Ads that are so hyper relevant to their audience, it's hard to lose.

You'll follow along and learn a system he's perfected using a quick worksheet, & detailed targeting.

To teach the course, he's going to teach you step by step from a real handmade product that he made, and then sold via Facebook Ads within 24 hours.


It starts with a proven worksheet which helps you understand what you're offering through a unique lens, and then leverage that output to use Facebook's Detailed Targeting to precision guide the ad in front of only the most relevant eyes on the planet.

Not only that, but this worksheet will almost craft your exact ad, along with expose the most interested audiences.

Note from Will: I've updated this course several times over the years to keep it current, and this by far has been the most effective use-case for my coaching clients to understand how to craft Facebook Ads that sell, without sounding salesy, while landing in the view of excited audiences.

This isn't theory.

This is a real product (that wasn't impressive whatsoever), that I used to prove a point while enjoying being creative with my daughters.

I tried to teach in story fashion, so you get a chance to learn, watch, pause, and implement as needed. 

Can't wait to hear your feedback!


- Will Irish


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Will Irish

Facebook Ads Specialist / Author / Certified Coach


As a Certified Coach & Specialized FB Ads Trainer, I help entrepreneurs leverage Facebook Ads in unique ways that allowing them to set up "messages" (aka Ads) that inspire & rally, hyper-relevant audiences around their vision, even while they sleep at night.

Have you ever had this insatiable "gut level" passion inside that you're desperate to connect with but you just feel like you go in circles? Kinda like you just can't put a defining sense of clarity of "purpose" to anyone, much less attract others to your vision?

Well, that's who I live to serve.

Here's the deal...

What most people don't understand about Facebook Ads is that you have the opportunity of a lifetime to get your message in front of virtually anyone, at any time, virtually anywhere!  See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. FB Power Ads Featuring Detailed Targeting Intro: Hey, what's up, guys? There's Will Irish here and welcome to my Facebook power adds training featuring detailed targeting detail. Target is just a tool within Facebook that allows you to really navigate your ad or your message in front of very, very relevant audiences when you do it properly. So I've designed this course specifically for those of you that want to more effectively sell your products and services using Facebook ads. Listen, if you've ever hated the sound of coming off sales and you feel like you're a little high P when you write your ads, or maybe you spend hours and hours trying to think, What do I say? And who do I target with my Facebook ads? Onley. They end up with poor results. Really, That's the sad part of spending all that time and then ending up with poor result. Well, then this course will be perfect for you. Nice. I'd like to have a lot of fun with my courses, so I teach you by application, project application and by the actual training. So what I'll be doing is helping you discover and to find your perfect audience. And it's a framework that I'm gonna show you so you'll be able to do this for every single ad. And as I said, because I like to enjoy and have fun with it, I'm gonna actually do it with you. I want to show you a product and service that I have sold. And I'm gonna create that narrative just as I've done over the past 11 years to come out with that perfect mixture of messaging and advertising that doesn't turn people off on a social network. Okay, so after I teach you how to go through that framework, the next part is I'm going to take you into Facebook and show you detail targeting, and I'll show you the logic behind it and you'll be able to really, really laser guide your message, Every message that you write directly into the news feeds and the right audience that you're really looking to target. The great news is the irrelevant folks you'll have already weeded out. So you're stacking the odds in your favor. After taking this course, you're gonna be able to do that over and over. For every single ad identify that perfect target audience you'll be able to come up with a messaging or add narrative that's really important. And finally, you'll understand how to utilize detailed targeting to your advantage for your Facebook ads . So this course is for any of you if you are looking to grow your business or create a following. Or maybe you just do need that simple framework that you can repeat over and over again. Well, then again, this course will be perfect for you. In terms of the course, project is gonna be just that. I can't think of anything better than to motivate you to actually create your audience and add message for one single ad. So, as I show you in the frame, Mark, I'm gonna ask you for your project. Come out the other side with having an ad ready to go, a perfect audience identified, and you're targeting all set with detailed targeting. Gonna be a lot of fun. And I hope you enjoy this course. We're gonna use a lot of principle based learning and then I'll teach you the application as well. So let's get started 2. FB Power Ads The Offer: Hey, what's up, guys? Will Irish here? OK, in this video, I want to show you what you need to know first. And that is what product am I actually going to model for you in showing new power? Adds detail targeting. So I like to tell the story. Not because it's the only one I've done. I've actually done experiments across a wide variety of different products out there and services. However, this is one I like to share for many different reasons, and I think it best really exemplifies the power of detailed targeting. It will. It will become very clear as I model for you a product that I created and sold using Facebook ads with detailed targeting. So what is the product? It's a Christmas tree farm sign Pretty crazy, right? So again, one of the reasons I like to tell this story and show this is a demonstration is you will see that if you can find a way to sell a wood painted sign that says Christmas Tree Farm on it, well, you can pretty much figure a way out to sell almost anything, right? So that's why I like telling this story most of all. And maybe secondarily, you should know. I'm just not a painter I love. I've learned so much after digging in and diving in to learn how to create would signs. But the truth is, it's something I always wanted to understand that I don't know the first thing about it when I created the sign. So I took a lot of learning like 48 hours of learning 24 hours of intense really digging into it, and then another 24 hours of doing and this came out was a finished product. It was something I did with my daughters, one of our first products that we decided to do. And the reason again that I want to share this as the example is because I was able to put an ad together after creating this with my own hands and do it for very intentional purposes. So I want to share with you what the intentional purposes are. But here is the projects you could see. It's just a Christmas tree farm sign. This is it in the window thought it looked pretty cool, pretty nostalgic. Learned how to stencil Get the pain out there and I sold this one piece of art, if you will, and 24 hours using Facebook ads. That's 24 hours to a cold audience. I told this very sign. Now there's a couple things that you should understand and you're gonna learn how detailed targeting is taught best to modeling this. You're gonna have your own product or service. Or you might even have disa lead magnet. Offer something where you want people to actually taken action and opt in. The same principles will apply. This is about teaching you how to appeal to your markets so you're attracting and not so much selling. So people want to take an action on your offer. I'll call on offer either something you're you're selling or something you're offering for free. The ideas. How do you get people to do that using detailed targeting? So this is the one that I like to share the best, because again, if you can sell a would sign, that's not great. Distressed wood time. I've seen filling the stencils on this thing completely, as you can tell here, but this is the idea. If you can sell this, you can pretty much sell anything So in the next video, we're going to share with you how to draw out the narrative. And it's a worksheet that I'll take you through four steps and it will help you not only come up with creative, but it will come up with a design narrative that you want to make four year add. Show you exactly what I did to make that happen. So we'll see you in the next video. 3. The Magical Detailed Targeting Worksheet: in this video, we are going to dive into a four step framework that you're gonna be ableto walk through. I'm gonna do this with you using the model example of the Christmas tree farm sign. So you know exactly what to do now, I've done this several different times with multiple products of shared before from physical, too informational products. And it works it just flat out works. So I really encourage you to use this. Now I have made updates to it, so I call it version two point. Oh, as I've learned more of witness, how things convert a little bit better. So if you seen this targeting worksheet before, just know that I've added 1/4 step, which is pretty, pretty powerful. So let's kind of dig in this really weird detailed targeting is going to, you know, really pay dividends in the next step. If you do this worksheet. So what will you accomplish with this worksheet? Well, the first thing that you're gonna accomplish is you're gonna be able to discover and define who your audience is that you're talking to. The second thing that's really important. You're gonna come away with and this is something that really have developed over time. Is this gonna actually create your ad narrative, your creative narrative, your messaging behind it? Without all the hype, without all the sales venous of ads, you're actually going to find a way to position toe angle to potentially just come up with the story behind the story. So that way you're not selling your attracting that way. You're not being sales E, but you're just sharing information. The story board, if you will. So that's what I'm gonna walk you through in this example. So I need to give you a little bit of back drop. And I'll do that on this video as I walk through how to complete this for your own product . So keep in mind, though, I'm modeling for you. Exactly what I did and what I do. I want you to be thinking, What is it that I have so you can apply the same sort of reference. Okay, so here it is, audience positioning and discovering. Um, this is gonna gain instant clarity, as I mentioned on your audience and on the creative narrative of your offer. All right, so, step one, you're simply going I'll give you the four steps and I'll dive in and show you how to do. You're gonna just described exactly what you're offering now. Don't fall into the trap of not doing this thing because one of the things I found is that until you actually list out for yourself. This isn't for the public's eyes yet. But really, you're just trying to say, What is it that I'm truly offering? What problem solving what value my bringing to market? Why am I doing it? And it's really a non judgmental. It's an internal thing that I want you to do for yourself. And it's a really critical step that a lot of people take for granted and skip, because I I know what I'm offering. Offering would sign. No, there's a lot more to it, and there's a lot more to what you're offering as well. So I want you to be thinking that way when I show you an example of how I did it internally for myself. The second step is you're going to describe who would need this or who would want it. So in this case, remember, we're talking about an offer it could be something you're selling. And it could be just something that you're offering as a lead magnet or something to grow your email lists, that sort of thing. But this is the who. You know. I'm gonna give you some prompts behind that. After you get the who done, you're gonna talk about the why Why would they want that? So, you know I'm gonna share with you some of the prompts of why they might actually desire your offer. So again, offer meaning opt in or potentially a purchase. And then finally, this is the newest updated version of this is I have a complete this sentence audience script were you're going to be able to borrow it over and over and over again, and it's going to you just gonna fill in the blanks and I give you some prompts again, and that's gonna help you when you get into detail targeting. It's certainly the way I ended up selling the sign within 24 hours. Okay, so those are the four steps. Let me walk you through each step now. So the very first thing here's the example. The Christmas tree farm. Right? So if I've got the Christmas tree farm. Now I need to talk about what is it that I'm offering? So I put my notes in here, but I want you to actually just see them as an example, and really, we just replace them with yours. So I'm including him for your eyes only. So this is this is what I actually wrote when I did this. So I'm offering a handmade from scratch distressed wood Christmas tree farm signs. That would be an awesome, nostalgic Christmas decoration. So I'm just gonna pause for a second you're hearing and you can read this all for yourself . But the idea behind this was I didn't know that I might want a position. This is a decoration. Until I started saying, Wow, what am I really offering here? And that's why the power of this exercise is so, so important. And there was more story behind it. So the story behind this was honestly, I felt like, man, if I could, I just I've always wanted to make this type of a would sign. I've just found them kind of cool. I've always had a fascination with farms and Christmas tree farms, etcetera, and I just thought be a cool project to Dio. But more importantly than that, I was trying to train my daughter Ah, who takes a great deal of interest in her dad thankfully and what he does. And so I wanted to kind of train her that she could take. She could learn something brand new, prevent present value to someone and help people in need. Right? So in my case, it was supporting the homeless I shared before. It's kind of ah passion Ministry of mine that I just have a heart for the homeless. So what I wanted to show her was, Hey, if we could make one of these, it would be so much fun. We get to hang out together, spend some time together. I'll show you how we learn it together, how we created together and then how will sell it together. And then if we do sell it, our goal will be. Let's take 50% of that and of the prophet and go ahead and pay for one person's meal. Homeless persons being so That was an important initiative for me to dio because I just wanted to teach my daughter frankly to be more compassionate that her dad and see the world through a lens of I can do things for myself that are very fulfilling. But always. Why won't you ask? What good can I bring to the world? Right. So there was a learning lesson in here between a dad and a daughter. There was, ah, bonding opportunity. Because I know that I don't spend as much time with my Children as I want to. And so that was all behind this and you would never have known that. Had I not said, What am I offering here? You'll see why that's so important as you see it. So I I wrote it right out. I was made by a dad, works far too many hours. I wanted to grow my daughters up to be more compassionate. Um, and just maybe we could help someone in the Christmas season who, uh, likes dicker of crafts. Or potentially we could we could sell it and then just take the proceeds and pay for a meal for one person. If we could just impact one person that was such a big deal. And ah, that was a big deal because we wanted to you know, sort of that person, especially in the winter here in the Charlottesville region. This was, Ah, a passion of our So that was our what we offer. So a Christmas tree farm would be sign would be the easy way out here. You're going to see how I'd like you to approach it. Why did you create what you created? What's the story behind the story? What's the what's the true driving force? What are some other thoughts that come to mind as you describe your offer? So use that as an example. Okay, Step number two. We're gonna talk about who would want it or need it, right? So who would want it or need? It is the next. So let's let's kind of dive into this one. So these air gonna be a really quick brain dump. Um, in I say, one minute may take you a little bit longer, but I don't want you to judge your thoughts too much. Eso I found out really threw coaching people through this process, people tend debris really critical of themselves, and they don't open that Open up. This is your document, and it's going to help you So what I'd like you to do is answer them honestly and without thinking. So who would want this or need it? Well, here's the prompt. People who would be interested are most interested are people who are people who probably have, You know, this is a bunch of problems. People who love people who are afraid of people who live etcetera, they believe x about my topic. Um, they have these roadblocks so you can see Ah, the objections. And it's just a prompting list of this. This is going to help again with your overall narrative message that you have. So go ahead and fill this out and don't judge your thoughts on it. Just give your honest, honest, transparent thoughts. He's going to be for you on Lee. All right, Next, we're going to go into ah, the Step three. And this would be Why would someone actually want it? This is super important because this is ultimately going to start to create your narrative now that you've said what I offer and you kind of shared the story behind the story. And he said, Here's who, Um, that person is why would that person be interested in it. So I guess that that will just lead you into the positioning and the angle. So the messaging is gonna take form here when you do this worksheet for yourself. So let me kind of share with the what I put in here, and you just replace it with your information. This wasn't even all of it, but this is what I had, so ah, they like handcrafted decor. That might be a reason why somebody wants it all by itself. So it doesn't have to be, ah, bunch of issues. They just might actually like that sort of a sign, right? They like Christmas decorations, period. They love distressed wood movement, which I found out was a movement. It's not just and I learned the term distress through research on this. They have a heart to feed the homeless. So it's like a win win I put here because they they get to buy something that they can put in their house and they can feed the homeless, right? So it's a win for them. They get something and they know that they're they're helping their passion, their charitable desire. They might want to support just the mission of raising compassionate kids because that's part of the story. So again, when I say don't judge your thoughts, it doesn't mean that you're gonna use all of this for your ad. It just means you need to actually disclose it to yourself. I have a saying that I journal every morning, years of journals now, but I was saying that I often don't know what I I think until I see what I write. Well, this couldn't be more relevant in this stage because you want to find out all of these things out here, and then you can borrow from them. Maybe you don't want to share certain things. But I'm telling you, this will help you with your creative narrative Better than anything. Because people on social do not like sales messages. They like stories. They don't like hype. They like transparency. So the more you can have information about what it is you do and why you're doing it. This is going to serve you well. All right. So, compassionate kids, if somebody just wants to support that Ah, this guy is telling me he has kids and he wants to, you know, spend time with them. How about an affinity for Christmas trees? I mean it. That's like me. If if that's like a fun Ah, little fascination point. Well, we all have our unique stuff, right? Maybe they live. Ah, and they want to support local Charlottesville mission. So people get back to their communities all the time. So maybe they just wanted to support a local Charlottesville mission. Like I said, there's probably a lot more bolt points you can put in here. But I wanted to give you kind of the genesis of what I started with and kind of give you the rest to to run with, so describe why someone would want it. And again, this is for your eyes only. But really feed yourself and ask, Why would they want it? And it's crazy. When you ask yourself these questions, you start to answer them in a way that, um, is really, really revealing. It's gonna help you a lot. Okay, this may be my new favorite. Targeting Ah, tip, if you will. It's the complete the sentence script, and it's really gonna help you. After you've done this out. I put it step for on purpose because Now that you've done this, you might actually just be able to fill in the blanks almost like mad lives here. But it's really grew cool. So check this out. So complete this sentence to narrow down your dominant descriptive keywords. The perfect prospect who would be attracted to my offer is someone who and then it's is enjoys, loves to needs lives, work supports has, you know, whatever. I gave you these as prompts. But really, it's the perfect prospect who would be attracted to my offer is someone who fill in the blank. But this is the key word right here and who blank So I want to know that. So that's where this information up here is going to come in really handy. So give me a couple of things in your mind. Well, okay, somebody who's this and who this So they might live somewhere and they might love too something, right? So that's how you going to write it out. And by the way, don't limit yourself to just too. If you can continue to fill in the blanks and give multiple ways, that's only gonna help you exponentially with different ad creative. So that's really the story behind it. So now you know, The story behind mine was very transparent here and why we did what we did. And that was a huge reason why I believe it's sold and why it sold so quickly. So I want you to take away that this is the way social selling can happen by attracting the right audience. And that starts with understanding who your audiences and this little complete. This sentence targeting script is going to be really, really powerful. So that's it. So what you'll do for this when you open this up? If you hit file and then you hit, make a copy, you go ahead and make a copy, and it will actually move it right over to your own drive. And you you'll have that. And now it will be in your drive and it's a copy of bacon. Rename it, and now it's yours. You can update it because you won't be able to update. This one's gonna be just four. Resource is so that's what you do hit file and then make a copy and then go ahead and go to work on this. You could do it in a notebook. But here's your year four. Step off targeting script for it. So now it's really time to go over to detailed targeting and really understand our audience a little better and what we can do. Want to teach you detailed targeting now that we have this out of the way. And by the way, if you wanted to see this, though, the page that I put up um, here it is rustic would sign makes a perfect, perfect decorative piece for the holidays. Only one available, you know, check out the behind the scenes footage. So, you know, I had my wife takes him pictures and videos on our cell phone, and then I just mashed them up in Modesto. I think it was on my cell phone, just a nap there, and it created a ah, a cool little behind the scenes footage. And so it was a quick 22 social apurate on my fan page, and some of you have already know this story behind it. But for those of you that are newer, um, you'll see that narrative was really explained here, and you can watch this behind the scenes video, so I just put a button. And I opened the Etsy store for this very one product here. Just as a great, great experience. So, uh, that's that's what I did. And like I said, I drove traffic to this page in particular and sold this to a cold audience with the ad that I'm going to show you. So there's the four Step 2.0, audience worksheet go through that. And in the next video, I'm gonna take you into Facebook ads, and I'm gonna show you how detailed targeting works using this information right here. All right, we'll see in that video. 4. From Worksheet to Detailed Targeting: Alright, guys. So in this video, we're going to the worksheet now, and it's time to get into detail targeting. But before we take, I take you straight into the adventure placed the ad we're going to be targeting and show you how that works. What I'd like to do is help you understand how to move the detail from your worksheet into a potential targeting masterpiece. Okay, so the idea is we want to get this in front of the most relevant of eyes, so you can see I've got here. The perfect prospect would be interested in what and what, Right, So there's a couple things here. First of all, if you filled this out, this is gonna be super super helpful. But as you go up, some of these thoughts here are gonna be even more helpful that if you if you really kind of drew this out so I'm gonna give you what I pulled out of this for my ad, which made itself so when you look at it, they like handcrafted the core. So one of the things I'd say is Christmas decorations, right? Oh, our decor. Um, that would be anything like, uh, handmade handmade items. Those sort of things. It falls into that kind of product piece, if you will. So that's that's 11 thing I would pull from there now you can also see in distressed would would be another one. But you know, that kind of falls into this area here. When you look at this, you also see the opportunity for people who are interested in supporting the homeless, because that's obviously a key motivator. So you could also say, um, hope homelessness, really serving that charitable, uh, homelessness are but homeless charity. Just having a heart for the homeless and then the 3rd 1 could be locally in Charlottesville or simply because I've got the family narrative in here and I've got the homeless charitable narrative in here. You could also look at faith based organizations. So, for example, the church I belonged to had a soup kitchen that you could serve at so you could help feed the homeless and they participated in that. But also they re and they re instill family values, right? So they look at raising your Children to be compassionate as a good thing, I would hope anyway, so there would somebody that's aligned with your core values. So you could certainly look in this case at, um, Christians and any any faith based organization. For me, it was Christians because I knew that market in particular. Both had some sort of affinity, oftentimes with charitable things such as the homeless soup kitchen, but also with the family values. So there's three things I pulled out there. You could also look at this as, ah, location s Oh, this would be Charlottesville area. Um, so community based things such as that and, you know, Christmas trees that might put that up here with this because Christmas tree, either farms would love him. I mean, wouldn't it be cool if he owned a Christmas tree farm to have that in there? So so here it's a years, like one group of types of people that might be interested in it. Here's another group of folks that might be interested in. Here's another, and here's yet another. So is there a way to bring this narrative all altogether in here? So the reason why I kind of drew these out before it took you Ted over to the ads Creation tour get to detail targeting is I wanted you to have in mind why you're doing this, right. So you why this was so important to have this. So when we go over here to adds van injure, I'm just gonna go ahead and choose traffic and bring you straight in. I was literally going to get to the detailed targeting section. So in ads, you choose your objection objective, and then you move down to the audience section. So that's right here. So obviously you might want to do everyone who lives in this location. Now, in this particular case, if I was going to go location, I could I could certainly type in Charlottesville, right? I mean, that would be ultra Charlottesville, Virginia. That would be an ultra targeted add, because I I worked that in. And so when we talk about location, we could do Charlottesville area, and that would certainly be helpful. And you would set that obviously under location. However, for this example, because it's really I want to stay with the real. I'm just going to put United States back in here. Okay, So there's our country. So were country wide at this point. You obviously might want to play around with age and gender, Um, in language, etcetera. But here's where you get into detail targeting so detailed targeting. How do you use this? Well, the way a lot of people would teach you use This is the reason why I want to create this training and have a project based training toe actually show you how to apply it. So, as an example, many people might type in Christmas tree ah, farm only to see if what comes back here. Christmas tree cultivation. So that's an interest that they might have. And then, as I've shown many times before, you can hit suggestions. Interest in the Christmas holiday season. Christmas decoration. There we go. So now we're getting We're starting to Nellis in, right? So Christmas tree. That might be something that they're interested in. Christmas ornament. Maybe, Um, I'll put that in there just to help it narrow down. And yep, so, yeah, I think that's probably what I would do Christmas holiday season. It's a rather broad for the four million people, but that would be okay. We covered the Christmas, the Christmas ah, tree side of things. Now I might also put in here like etc. As an example, because everything obviously people who were interested in etc also might be interested in that hand made craftsman Shiva's well, just to give you a feel for how I might approach this. Then we got the homeless charity, right? So homeless. Let's just type that in there. Homelessness is an interest, obviously homeless, homeless shelter as as a suggestion, charity and causes community issues there. So there's different ones in their I really like to stay is keyed in on the on national alliance and homelessness. I mean, I would probably research these two, and I did actually back when I ran this. So in one way you do that is you can just go ahead and highlight it, right? Click it and search Google and find out, you know, is that is that is that really aligned with what you're aiming at here? People who support the homelessness because that could be pet homelessness. I remember doing some research and, um, the track that that Okay, so finally, the last one there would be, um, Christians. Right. So if you celebrate Christmas, you probably or Christian just because it comes with the holiday. But I have shared with the some of the family values that might be presented in the ad along with the associated Soup kitchen. So you could just type in Christians, certainly. And let's see. So you got Bible, Christian music, Christian worship, music. So there's a thana ways, um, Christian Church, Christian Theology, Warning and Christian. So there's so many ways that you could approach this one. Let's just let's just type in. The Christian church has an interest. So I'm gonna stop here because things were going to get really messy really quick. This is 49 million people, and most people will tell you Wow, that's a really, really well targeted group of people. So detailed targeting is super helpful in helping you come up with suggestions as you put things into it. The problem with this is have, explained Teoh. Many of my followers before is you really want to get this ad in front of the most relevant eyes possible, and the way you laser guide that ad in front of them is you make sure that it's not an interest by ah like association. So, for example, maybe a cool Christmas decoration comes across my news feed, and I like that. So Facebook now has some data on me that I might be interested in the Christmas decoration . Or maybe my mom made a craft and I liked it. So there was something to do there that there was an interest by association of my likes, where I joined a group or that sort of thing. So we we don't always want to trust interest based, even though they've gotten a lot better at it. We just want to really, really be sure that this is going in front of the right audience. But would it be fair to say if we could get it in front of people who were interested in Chris Christmas decorations and Christmas decor that you probably have a fairly good chance of, you know, at least raising an eyebrow or two over it? Uh, the second thing that I would tell you to do is when you have all of these in here as one, this is essentially being in or interest, so this ad could be distributed to just the person who is interest shows an interest in Christian church. Or it might go to Christmas decoration folks or Christmas Tree or etc. Now someone on Etsy might make egg carton crafts for all I know, and they have nothing to do with Christmas Tree Farm sign. So that's not necessarily a great way to put an ad targeting together because you don't know who this is going to. Just like someone in the Christian church has an interest in that in the Christian church, they may not have any interest in supporting the homeless or potentially a Christmas tree farm would sign. It was made by a novice, no less. So I would just I would just say to you when you think of like that, instead of piling this up and getting all excited about this number over here, you want to think a lot more strategically. So the way you do this is just go ahead and clear some of these out Onda again. This is where the power of detail targeting really comes in. So here's the homeless ones that I've got in there, that that would be a great one. But again, all three of these this is there either interested in a homeless shelter or interested in homelessness, or they're interested in ending homelessness, right? So let's just say we vetted these three interests. You probably get some more now charity and causes etcetera. But we're just going to stay with the homeless very specific to that. So here's where I think is the most powerful feature of all of Facebook, and it's when you do narrow your audience. And here's why, when we go back over to this, would it be fair to say that if I could get this in front of people who had shown Facebook and interest in Christmas tree farms or decor, um, and not war? And they also had an interest in supporting a homeless charity? And they also had shown an interest in faith or Christianity In this case, Um, if that if that was the case where you got all three of these things were part of the person that Facebook's gonna deliver this add to what do you think the odds of selling that that that we're getting the opt in, whatever your offer is, since we now know the ad narrative is Hey, you get this Dad, It was doing a project with his daughter. You've got a Christmas tree farm products. Sign on the stalled gift. You've got, uh, supporting the homeless in there. So you almost know what your ads going to say because he did the work sheet. But what if you could get in front of Onley people that you identified through this little worksheet here and you put them into those buckets? Well, that's what this narrow audience does for you. This is creating what they call intersecting audience. And then years ago, I used to do this in at espresso because it was the only way to do it. But now, of course, with Facebook's had it for a couple of years. So narrowing audience. This is how you do it. You take your very first Ah, your very first topic as an example. And you just type in homeless like, just like you saw me. Dio and I found homeless shelter. And then you hit suggestions until you kind of you don't want to bleed the integrity they noticed. I'm staying on the word of homelessness for ah, purpose here. And if there's no more homeless, let's just see homeless World Cup. No coalition for Homeless and, um, there your National Coalition for homeless veterans. Just another opportunity for you to put that in there. And you can do this. Just don't go over the edge with donations or charity or causes. Why? Because not necessarily tied to homeless. What I wanted to do when I asked this question is this person has got to be interested in homelessness or into that, that cause. So whatever your cause would be or whatever, your three are two interests that you want. Oh, nail down. Don't go the extra ambiguity route where you potentially like I could put in charity or causes, but that would all of a sudden leaving or in here of charity air causes. And that becomes a problem for May. Because now this ad on Lee might go to those interested in charity or causes. And all of a sudden I left out the opportunity to key in on people who have a heart specifically for the homeless, right? So if I want to give myself the best chance, I don't want to believe the integrity of such a strict narrative to my ad message. Make sense. How so? So, really, what you're doing again is you're just trying to find really king in on these topics specifically. So once you've got that in there, you've got three or four, and here it could go to any one of these. And you can say to yourself, Yeah, Facebook, some their job, right. That's the person that would be interested. But then you go ahead and you could narrow audience. And what you do is you see on awesome word here. This is the awesome word and can't highlighted, but and and they must also match one of the following. And here's where you start to mix and match. So let's go ahead and grab our 2nd 1 And let's just take the Christian ones as an example. So Christian so their interest as a Christian, um, Christian ministry is a field of study. Assure I would use that, um, you know, feels the study Bible again. I'm I'm just taking suggestions or giving me here completely different of what we saw before. So ah, Bible theology feel the study. I'm not saying that I'm doing this perfectly, but I did it perfectly. Let me put it that way before when I when I ran the ad, and these are just different ways I might. I might look at it, and I just really want to stay along the lines of the Christian being a Christian, right? So, church, I think we found Christian Church before as well. Um, you can go into denominations like, because I had I known what what church I went to that had association with them. I could type in that denomination, Or it was. It's Calvary Chapel at the time. So Calvary Chapel, as you know, it's a pretty, pretty big ah interest in there. So that was those were were attending at the time, so you could actually know that this anyone interested in that church. So the idea is, you want to keep this around the 2nd 1 So here's what we're telling Facebook. You can spend my ad money and get this ad in front of somebody if they have shown that they're interested in at least one of these homeless things Orm or at least one, though. But they also must be interested in this kind of faith. Christianity. Ah, that again family narrative and potentially some association with philanthropy. Or, you know, soup kitchens in particular. So they have to have one of each. And there now we've just really doubled our opportunity to really make sure relevant eyes alone. See this advertisement and then I would do it again. Narrow further. Isn't this crazy? Awesome. Super easy is just one click, and it's like you get a brand new section. But now all of a sudden you get this little And so now you get the re different things they're gonna need. So what was our 3rd 1 that we were saying It would be this Christmas decor, right? So let's go ahead and pop that in there. Christmas decoration. Let's start there for me and then we'll go ahead in and dive into so Christmas tree. So certainly Christmas Tree. Let's see if I think we had Christmas Tree Farm in there. Didn't me are Christmas tree cultivation. There it is Christmas tree cultivation. So let's see what suggestions we get. Christmas market Holiday season, Christmas lights, Christmas gift again. Here's where I'm also being very careful. This is a very, very specific thing, right? So I want to be careful. Ornament is the core, so I probably would be okay with that, because those are people who are trying to dress up their home with Christmas in particular . So whereas Christmas, you know Santa Claus, I don't know. I don't think I would use that ever. Because that really has nothing to do with Christmas Tree Farm piece of wood or decor. Does that make sense? So we're really just trying to make sure that this gets in front of people that are interested in Christmas decor or tree. Now, if I wanted to narrow it further, I could You could see my audience right now in the U. S. Is at 180,000. But here's where you could turn in and say, You know, they have to be. They also have to have an interest in etc. Which is gonna bring this number down to 110,000. But I just did four different narrow narrowing down. Think about this. The only people that are going to see this ad are people that have shown Facebook that they're interested in supporting the homeless, um, charities that there are Christian or they're interested in bible and theology. So they celebrate Christmas. And usually philanthropy comes with that. Not always, but usually and then there's a Christmas decor section in there. So then I topped it off and I said, Oh, by the way, they also need tohave, etc. The you know, handmade, crafting and gifting. That's something that would they see and be like, great, great product. And I want to support that. So if they have all four of these things, how powerful of an ad can you create? And that's what makes this detailed targeting so amazing. So just a recap on detailed targeting. What you don't want to do is load up one bucket of everybody into here because at that stage, you're bleeding again. The integrity of your ad message. Now you know how to write this ad. You want to make sure that your ad talks about homelessness and supporting that causes. And you also want to talk about Ah, what what values care about what the people you're targeting care about, what values the folks in this bucket would have and what valuable things, this one that would have. So now I know to bring to the forefront this is a Christmas decoration. Um, I'm raising my child to do this. I want her to be compassionate care for the needy. And, oh, by the way, we're also going to, you know, do this project together for some bonding time. But we're gonna pay for a meal. That's our goal. So the person that gets this and they're like, etc. As an example. So the person gets this is super super targeted, and now we've the ads written itself, and that's really the power of that work sheet there. And so that's really can't explain it much better than that where I would tell you you'd watch out for his watch out for your audience. You don't want to get too low, but you want to be as qualified as possible and still have distribution opportunity out there. Ah, you want to pick things and keep them very, very straight and narrow. So the state in the homeless, the state in the Christian faith there, the state and the Christmas decor or Christmas tree line and the state of with etc. So every time you hit narrow further, you're going to get lower lower number, so watch your numbers and always stay in line. Also, what happens is as you saw here when you put in another thing, another interest or another behavior, demographic or whatever you're using as long as you stay really narrow here, hitting suggestions is an amazing way to produce more so again here. We already checked it out. I don't think we we had too much more that you could say it's perfect around the homeless part. But here, under suggestions you saw you can go down a ton of different pass on this one to make sure and everyone that you add to this is like a lottery combination. So they might be interested in homeless shelter Bible as a field of study and Christmas decor that might be who they add goes to. But you know what? They also might deliver it to somebody else who's homeless, shelter, Bible and Christmas tree. That's a completely different audience out there, which is really, really powerful and every combination that's there they can mix and match it for you. And that's why I think it's an S e, of course. So that's why I think it's really powerful to give as many as you can without going outside the lines. It's just gives you much more of an audience crowd, so this is 110,000. So let me just see if I was to put in a few more interest here. So family has an interest. I think that's too broad. But they did come to mind. There is a program on the radio called Focus on the Family. Um, and it's a Christian programming station. And so I put that in there. So what else could I dio? Um, I could also put in an interest in Let's see So, yeah, I mean, there's so many. There's so many ways you can go with this, but let's just say you went feel the study. I was trying to go off a little bit more interest here, so feel the study. OK, so this will get Joyce Meyer as an interest. Somebody that relevant is a magazine. That is, you know, somebody that is not a Christian wouldn't find very relevant. I guess so. If I pop that in there, look what's happening to our audience. You see 120,000 now, so you can continue to build these out as long as you do not go outside the lines. So I encourage you to use as many as you can. But the litmus test that you have to ask yourself is, Is there any one of these interests where if this was the only one in this whole category, I could say they probably wouldn't? We'd lose the integrity of the precision targeting make sense. So if focus on the family was the only thing in this bucket, could I say that mixed with any one of these other ones? Could I say that that person has an interest in that? Are they representative of that Christian Charity Philanthropy slash family? Yes, I could say that because happened and know what program that ISS. So with that in mind, I I'll leave it. But that's the litmus test that you would ask yourself for everything. If you can say as an example, we just put one in here as a religion as an example that came up right. If religion was here and nothing else was in here, my litmus test would be one of everything in In religion was the only one for this bucket. Could that be true? No, because a religion could be defined by many other religions out there, and they don't even celebrate Christmas. So you be potentially losing the power of your precision targeting. So I only I'm ba labouring this point because this is where you win or lose in so many people are driven by the numbers. Look what happened as soon as I pop that in our audience more than doubled. And people get, you know, bright eyes on that, but that really blood the integrity Because now so many people are gonna get this ad that don't have any interest in Christianity, which you know, even if they like the Christmas decoration before and they've supported homelessness, that might not be something that they're interested in whatsoever. Christmas Tree Farm. A sign. So I share that Ah, as a real practical example because I want that narrative of your ad to be so laser precise that it makes your prospect actually perk up ins that awesome. That's perfect for me. And that's what detailed targeting allows you to dio hands down the most powerful feature in Facebook ads. So the Facebook ad that I would write for this is it or that I did write for this. It actually plays off of all of that. So I actually have a have the text here that I'll show you What? What it actually looks like here. So you have an example, is so you can actually see what sold what actually sold this. So let me go down to media for a second. This is where you would put your text in your image in here. So in this media, I'll put I'm gonna put the text. So I actually told the story that you have in here, and you can kind of read this on pause. I'm not gonna read through it, But if you really are interested in this, you could see where this would work. Now, in today's world, I might use emojis. I might use the brackets, the lead things off and like, two story or something like that. But take people through a story, put more white space in it than I did here, and tell people exactly hitting on those three things you targeted. So this person finds extremely relevant. And the headline that I use for the Ada's well was really this was the headline Let me actually show it to you. So here was my head. Mine help feed the homeless and score this rustic would sign and guess what the image was. The image was actually a picture of the rustic would sign, and that's what I use for it. So this guy didn't add image. So this is the image that I actually used for it. Be uploading right now. So there it is, my daughter and I and rustic wood holiday sign. That's underscored Onley one behind the scenes video cut and then helps feed the homeless so you can see it's hitting on all cylinders here. Family. Ah, holiday rustic would sign and homelessness is in there. And then there's the story there. So that's why this sold so quickly is you've got everything in there and you're putting it in front of only the most relevant eyes possible. So I hope this was helpful to you. I hope detailed targeting has just blown your mind and what's possible, I hope the work she really helps you draw out. They add message and narrative that you would use going forward, and that it helps you create ads like this, and now you can have different storylines, going to different ad sets in different groups and different images going toe with different narratives because you can run as many not the posies to your page. You run them dark, mean right through ads directly so different People see it with a different narrative without being deceitful, of course, but the idea is really utilizing in leveraging storytelling so that you appeal to the most relevant prospect. So really, really, really awesome stuff here and I truly hope you were able to capture it. I hope that I did a good job explaining it and certainly with a project based scenario, I hope that served you really well. So let me know how you do with this and enjoy detail targeting narrow further. And by the way, if you ever want to just get rid of one, you can x over any teasing. Knock it back out. And if you want to get rid of an entire bucket, you can hit this here. So I just want you to be aware of that. So getting rid of just etc alone Look, it were up to 470,000. We just need to get rid of religion. And there we go. We're down to 210,000. So, as I told you, every time he narrow further, you're going to go down. But it's also going hyper qualify your your user, so use it, you know, generously. And, um, conservatively, I guess, would be the right word. So, you know, exactly, I'm hitting a good number of people, but in the most quality way. So there you go. Enjoy that. And let me know I do. I'm anxious to hear and see your projects. If you want to send me your detailed targeting in your ad copy. Love to see it. Send it through two meat. Willett FB insider's report dot com And I'll take a look at it for you. All right, guys, take