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How to Create Business Cards (for Absolute Beginners)

teacher avatar Dinesh Subramanian

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

In this class, 

We are going to learn how to create business cards from start to finish. I will teach you how to create templates so that you can use it for future.

This course is aimed it for absolute beginners. I also have two demo for creating business cards from start to finish. 

If you have any questions, Let me know.

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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. My name, Mr Nation. I work us a three d artist who has a lot of passion to its graphic designing and three D. In this course, we are going to use basic techniques and for the shop to create business cards. The purpose off this course is to explore simple ways and poorer shop. To create your own business card, you lost a low out to create a business card templates so that he could use it for future purpose is to create very of business card from scratch. Thanks for treating discourse and let's get started. 2. Designing Template: Hello. Uh, this video is totally am that bigger uses afford a shop in this tutorial, we going to learn out to create templates using for a shop? Let's get started. So I'm using for a shop CC. So this so it's gonna look like SMS You open for a shop. So in our to create new document for your business card, you go to foul new. So I already set up some kind of numbers in year. For sometimes as a default, you'll have something like this. So you go and change to point fly and two inches and change the resolution toe 1 50 because you don't want a bigger file because it's easier to upload if you want to upload in a printing printing press website. So I'm gonna click. OK, so it's gonna create something like this. So this is the exact size you're gonna print for a business card. If you upload the size, they will approve it. But there are some issues, so we're gonna fix it on. I'm gonna show you have to create a template first. So now, for some users, um, the rules will be useful, like you can see at the top for some users. You won't see it. Not if you don't see it. You go to view on you see, rulers, or you could use contour are as a shortcut key. So once I have it, what I'm going to do, I'm going to go to my market selection toe move to our it V two. If you're in some of the two, if you re it's gonna go in 10 there. There's a shortcut for certainly moved toe. So you click on dry and snap it right there. So it's got a snap, so you don't have to worry. So, no, we created a guy for the basic document. I'm just double king on my layer. I'm gonna call it a background RBG. So now what I'm going to add is I'm going to add something called Bleeding Space. What is the breathing space? Let me show in a second. So this is the document size we created. So I would add point to flight to 3.2 point five on dpoint to fight to two. So it's going to be three point sound fly, and it's going to be 2.25 So it's gonna make my doctor in bigger. I'm not worried about it. So you could fill the old document, Oregon, it control t and pull this white background to the sides. So now the same thing. I'm gonna go to the move tool, but here, angry. Or you can go inside here. That's not at the ends off this cards. So this is not snap, so I'm gonna snap it perfectly right there. So we created the business card on the bleeding space. What is breathing space. So once, let's say once you have I'm watching exults 3.5 and t So this, sir business. Scott. So let's say you going to add some kind of like a Phil, but some kind of like a design in your business card. So once you give the dark woman with the brooding space, it's three points on five. So topping 50.25 tents. So once I give this document to someone else to the printing press are to the printing like a printing shop. What's gonna happen when they cut it? We're gonna have some kind of white bleeding through the red. So that's why we create bleeding space. So why bidding space up. So what we're gonna do, we gonna take this a red color? I'm gonna go all the way up on all the way up on all the air. So if if the print two points on plight plus two point on fight So we gonna have this breathing space filled across the reddest field across the world document. So when they cut it a 3.522 inches, it's not gonna be true. We're gonna get the full red. So that's what that's a reason we're gonna have a bleed space. So what? Check my So now I'm going to change it to three point two point by on cheap. So now it's going to say, Clippinger, I'm not worried about it. So now we created a bleeding space, and this is a work area, so not to keep everything organized on to be in a safe area. What we can do is we add, we subtract 0.25 inches from 3.5, so it's going to 3.25 And if you separate to from point to fight with me 1.75 Oh, I will say why I'm doing this in a second. So what we're doing is we're supporting 0.25 from 3.5 between just because this is our safe area. So we could put our attacks exactly in this space where we don't have to go through it because since it's a safe area up, it looks well are my So if somebody cut it here, it's not gonna have any problems. Because since the text that descends, everything going to be in this safe area. So now if I go to all the way to three points on five, 2.5 boom, there's our template. So this part let make some colors for it. So So I'm using ah rectangle selection to so, uh, must left everything quickly on and on. I'm gonna pick red on. I'm gonna say off billet so it's gonna fill it for me. So now I'm going to the same thing. So that's a bleeding space. So now let's do for I'm rolling on shift when I click and dragging a rectangle $8 the snaps to the guides. So that's a a really good thing about I'm also creating a new layer so I could put underneath it. So I'm gonna choose blue now. So So this is our safe area. So this is where you put all the contents. So this is a breathing space, and this is exact size for our business card, and this is the safe area. So we're gonna put all the designs here, So this is a pretty good template you could use for any business car. So even when you want to go to a printing shop, they always ask for breeding space because it's easier for them to cut it. And even if you are, put a document to any of the printing website where you can upload the business card attempt, business card, one business card and deliberate for you. So this is the document. You give it to them. So it's usually like a PSD or tiff or usually TJ pack. They don't mind until unless your resolution is about 100. Make sure your resolutions 1 50 because it's gonna hold up your text. You're pictures resolution. Quite well, one to print it for 2.522 inches. I'm gonna close this. So now we're going to save this document, so I'm going to business card. So I'm gonna say business card template sport shop and said it. Don't try this again. I don't So today we learned to recap everything. Today we created a document using three point fine to twinges with the resolution off 1 50 on we create a building space by adding plus 2.5 plus two point plus point to fight to 3.5 and two, and we also created a safe area. So this is a template used for all business card. You just create once when everyone I Whenever you want to create a new business card, he could use this template to create your own business card with exact measurements. That's it for this. This chapter and the next chapter, I'll show you out to create Mr Scarred using this template. Thanks for watching Andi. If you have any questions common below and you can write me at school, share on and I was happy to answer you guys on. Thanks for watching. Let's see in the next one 3. BusinessCard 01: Hello. Welcome to the next tutorial off this course. In this course, in this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to create a business card. So there's gonna be a simple one. We're going to create two business card. The 1st 1 is gonna be simplest one. The next one gonna be libit complicated, and it's gonna be stylish. So let's get started, guys. On year, I am a four. So far, this is from the last session I showed You helped to create this and templates, so I just named it bleed area and safe area. I'm gonna put enough holder. So I could I'd it and, you know, do what I want. Um, I want to say guides, so that would be there. So more threatening layer. So now, uh, so we go toe, create the front side on the backside. So sometimes when or before I create a business card, I asked my client to give all the informations they give me. I usually ask for their company name if they have some on. I also asked them their name. They're, like, pushing or like the phone number. The email address on if they have any like YouTube link or anything like, you know, which portrays their portfolio on DNA. Now I'm gonna create a business card just for myself that this could be really simple. 12 on The other trick I use is, um, Is the car well, it's really free. Ikan Go on type Google Color Hope Car wheels so describes show up. I use this re often because it's gonna give, like, really good car variations because it's also going to give more dramatic so you could pick and choose. If this is your basic logic, it's gonna be a wonder. Tones based on this course on Triad is like the opposite spectrum off the colors on the complement. Three years. What is opposite off it. So once you have the base color as a blue, so if you have something ello, it's gonna pop up good. It's like, really pleasing for ice on. Compounds are nothing, but, you know, like the closer colors and close to the base color and the system of the shades. The doctor one to the lighter one on my list, such rare to lowly saturated Andi. You can also explore ah, different cost games. I also used this quite often. I find this is easier than using this because you already have call apart here. So if you're going to use this color, it's gonna look awesome on a lot of Web designers use the site for picking up car creations . I'm going to use this one, This seems. Let's create something based on this one. Let's see how it looks like. So what actually do is you could download this if you want, but you have to sign in. What I usually do is I go to, Ah, outside. I got to snipping Tool. It's free and Windows seven. We'll just drag a right here like that. So it's gonna give all the cause for me. I'm going to seven Desktop saying Car Skip. So I am a parent there so I could open this. Go to my desktop. I look Makowski and control E control. See, to copy it Contra latest like everything and I go to control. There you go, boom! I am a cardinal cost. So this way it's easier to do it. So now I everything. Let's I'm going to pick the base color. This is basically clearing. Mueller Andi do all deal it. So it's gonna feel everything for me since, uh, so everything is black ato background. It's popping out more so right. Click. And I'm going to say like, Great, So we know. Um, the document for PM So now what you could do we could either go the opposite spectrum. We could go for orange and make something out. Up it. Let me show you something. So this going to the front and so what I'm going to do, um I'm going to create Ah, like a selection. I want to create a new layer. Andi, click on the kind of palate and choose this color. Okay, so now I'm going to alternate, so it's gonna fill it. So not have their home when I had it. So now I could place it anywhere I want, so I just keep it in the middle, So college school on you could make it bigger are smart. Just way using create fascination. Told by eating control. T we're presenter. So now I'm gonna put my name here. So the other way to make really organized, I'm gonna create a group. I'm gonna pull everything in here, and I'm gonna call it a friend side. So this is embarrassed. This is like a Phil. So now I'm going to create a text I'm calling Finish. Yes, it in Papa. Because what's happening is it's picking up the orange color. So I'm gonna pick there. That from it's a tribute. Sh amusing crib sheet. But I'm going to change my Frantz. Um, so I'm going to I can't like this one, but I'm going to release it to bold on. I'm going to release 2 48 No, maybe 60. So I put exactly in the middle, so I'm gonna pull the same. I'm warning that adult and pulling my text down so it creates a copy off it. So I'm for name three yards since I'm a three artist. So I'm gonna select everything, or you can click and drive. I'm gonna change the size to 30 report here on. I'm going to change my color. Let's see their costume. What would be the good color? Okay, let's, uh, two white does it, Papa, He had this eso Now, if you see I'm control h toe, I'd my guide. So now you could see it pops up pretty good. You know you unlike from far you could read my name and he could read my title job title. So that's what we want right on. If you see if you got inches 3.5 and choose. So this is what it's gonna look like when I print the business. Scott, to go back to the bleeding's two points on fight 2.25 control age to get back the rules, the guides, I mean, So the front side is done. So let's do the backside now. Um, what we can do the backside. So we go to the same thing created layer Arles. Sometimes I use this. What I do is I click and drag on, put her on new layer. So it's going to create like a new group for me. So I'm gonna call her backside since we have all the car colors in here. So I'm related. Keep it there. So? So we could use the same plant if you want. So I want my name and I want my name on my portion year as well in the front. So what I could do is I'm gonna take my name. Put it right here. so I'm gonna put exactly where the safe point the same point is so it's easier. I'm going to reduce my text size. So that's a 2024 every time. So I'm gonna say something like that. So I'm gonna good drove the actually, Let's change the car up. This I'm going to have three D artists as white, so I'm going to reduce the size off it as well. It's a 14 foot Penis. Three artists that worked pretty good. So I'm going to change on Danish my name toe a different color. So I'm going to do that. It's kind, uh, boom. So now I'm going to control T boom right there. It's done, s So now I'm going to use this the same thing to fill into, You know, I'm creating some kind of like a like a bar where I could have a separation between it. Something like that. I know what I'm going to do. I'm gonna change my name. I'll just prettier. I'm just saying, like a good pushing to put my name. I'm gonna make this a little tinier. This guy really huge on you could use a raise too. So this kind of create some kind Aleka affect the two of Mr Stark's until you could pull it in year and you could put other information zero as well. So what? I'm gonna dio I'm gonna bring my car guides to make sure I have guys every time, because so that it's there. So now let's create some custom ship tool to have some kind of like a bulletin. Um, kind of like this one, um, apprehend you layer older shifts so the sites doesn't change. And so when I have that on kind of like this, so let's see if that else I'm gonna fill that with that. It kind of creates some kind of like a design. So I'm going to go with that. So you know what? I'm weight at this. My email address. 123 on my Lincoln. Um, I make sure it's on the exact spot on, but there's and it's not equally spaced. So let's start with the 1st 1 You could create a text all week. Good. Take the three artist on golden ult on proving here. There you So no, I don't have to, uh, create and put a new next, but you could have different Dexter if you want. So you know what I'm going to do? I'm going to put my email address the nation, etc. So what about the tear? So click and drive. Pull it down on year. I'm going to say YouTube to the, um, user. That's my child. Loom, I teach lot off, three to trail, so actually, I do on at the end. What he could do is you could put your linked in your phone number six or seven to try for 23 Sometimes people put the coat. I'm just putting the code plus one, making sure it lines up exactly like there. Control h no, you could see we had something created Something really fast. This is a backside on. You see the front side. I'll show you things different side And this the backside. Both of the similar content. But like, I didn't put off information in it. But still, if you want, you could also put at the back side below three artists you could say very work. I'm gonna say I work that I work at a studio. And you know what? What's Hill? RSV affects company. I don't want to put my company name. So what I'm going to do, I'm gonna make up my one company name. So Studio Muser, he's my child. And I want to say three, um, user company. And I'm going to put in italics, and I'm going to put it involved. And I'm gonna change my size too. Probably for team. So now you have your top table, and we work. So now if I go back to the exact Mr Scott size 3.5 2% boom right there. So this is how when two printed your business card? Looks like Andi. This is like a simplest one I did for you guys. And this is my friend side. And this is my backside. Now, you could see this. Not exactly the move, but if you want, you could go back on equal, literally hold a ship. It's like everything. And he could pull it down. So it Zac's exactly in the middle? No. So make sure you have your So once you go to 3121 the village. Make sure if you want to give in to ah printing company like a printing shop, make sure you have it a bleeding space and for uploading your document to a printing website to create, Like to print out your business cards, make sure you are building space so that it's safe for Andi. Want to give it? They know that you created properly. Andi. You allow a great business card. So in the next chapter, I'm going to show you something complicated, visiting on creating complicated business business cards. It's gonna be a little bit complex, but I'll show you the easiest way it's possible. Andi, I'll see the next one on. Thanks for watching guys. 4. BusinessCard 02: Hello. Ah, welcome to the next chapter. Off Out to create business Garden This is the second part off creating business card in this editorial were aimed at creating a complex business card on bond. The main team off this business card is like I'm having a company. So we're gonna put a company name as well. Onda, let's get started. I'm going to start with my template because it would be easier. So I have my four shops Easy open year eso Let's get started. So let's do the back and first. Then we can go from there s oh, my company name. It's named as 30 user. So what I'm going to do? I want a top 30 on music, So create a document I'm prettier on called a friend inside. So they should be really big until I'm going to pick a farm which just kind of stands out on do something stylish and slick on the little this Look, some racist, some Teoh. So once you pull this to the end, so it's gonna put exactly in the center, even if you go out there and it's gonna do the same thing, eso it doesn't matter because you just snap in the safe area. So there you go. Still, I'm not happy with the front, so I'm just keep cycling it cycling it through. So I'm just using my arrow keys. The bottom Iraqi I can't like, Let's see how it looks. Liquid bold. Um, actually, this car looks pretty good. Palatable? No. So the more you do our business cards, the more you get used to the designing Onda sense because that's ah, it works in the designing industry, the more you do it, the more you get used with colors on. What I'm doing is I just did something. I duplicated my text and I just put it I'm just using Erkki to move it. So this kind of create something that illusion I can't like this. So I'm gonna go with this, um, so to apple logo in stop creating a longer what I'm going to do, I'm going to create a shape. Um, so going to create new layer that I will not shift. I don't do that, Onda. Let's sell it looks like So that's gonna be my logo. Let's just put it here. That's the simplest way I'm going to use. I just duplicated control. J on did that. I'm going to come in this. So this is how it looks like. Maybe i'll change the car on that change to maybe read maybe Dr Red that I'm going to change my colors to black. So it has some kind of contrast between them, the red and the blue. So I don't It's really big. So I'm going to reduce my font size. I'm gonna say 48 and I'm gonna put exactly in the middle. So if you don't know how to take the middle, you just pull it here and pull it. Um, pull it right there. So that works to the, um, user on control J to duplicate. So, yeah, that works on you can also to control day to have some kind of like a thickness to your text. So now I'm going to bring my logo year. So this is the simplest logo because I'm going to really past. I'm just showing some of the techniques you can create logos on day two. Now, I have something here, so it looks really playing at the back on, but I'm going to have some kind of takes at the bottom. So we're looking Mission statement. Amazing wish Worlds. So I'm gonna change the front on this. Say, attribution Kor, it was a 12 number 12 maybe 14 maybe. And I eating control t you could pull it like that, are you could use something called also in a second. I'm gonna pull this in year, and I'm going to use this thing's this is like to put on the intendant. It's put in the center if you put in the right person, the right. So now I'm going to take this text on. I want the sticks to go all the way here. So to do that, you go to paragraph and characters. You could do this so it usually stretches your, um, text. But I want, um, spacing. It's on grid 200. So that works for me. So just put it right there. So now it kind of looks cool on it Looks for you now I cannot like it. So now on, this looks really flat on the back side, so I'm going to put some on color like a like shapes eso what I'm going to do, I'm just using polygonal lasso tool. So I have a new layer I'm going to fill with black. Or maybe like a great I had my selection. That looks pretty good. So now I'm going to take this red, because since we used to or you could take this one and use control T and flip it. So what? This does this. It's kind of like creating, um, like this effect, but I'm going to change, so I just want to feel exactly the ship. So in order to do that, you lot that transparency by clicking on this and shoes this color on all Dilip go by. There's a country age, you know, you could see it. So this is not exactly so. I'm gonna play with it to ab the exact slice mint slice. So I would say three point fly into two. I'm going to see our looks like, um, So I'm gonna move this a little bit. I'm going to move everything. I'm gonna hold on control shift, pulling down on moving everything in the middle, the boom right there. And even you could change the background. So I want to create the background so I don't want exactly what I kind of want, like some kind of like not white ish, but some kind of car into it s Oh, this is so it looks like So now let's change to the original size. So now it didn't filling everything. So I'm going Teoh all deal it to fill everything So year. Does this not filter what I'm going to do? I'm going to go and use polygonal lasso tool again. I'm making sure I'm doing it. That's it on select everything and brush toe fault to select the color and all daily right there. So now we feel the space. Now what I'm going to do, The friend says. So let's do the backside now. This is okay. This different centers to the backs of control J on now I have colors within their when I that let's work from here so year I'm going to have the same patterns. I want to get your doctor logo. Actually, you know what? I'm gonna put the control edge to bring back everything. So I'm about the local year at the bottom, but the safe area. So I'm going to bring that through the, um, user on everything right at the water. So now what I'm going to do, I'm going to get control. T. So I'm one already is everything. So I'm making sure I'm putting in the safe area. So I'm also going to reduce my logo as well. So they know. So now I have everything. So I'm gonna put everything in a group, call it company name, so it's always better to name your stuff, so it's easier. So now we're going to add some more details. What are the things we want? So now I'm going to create a text saying, What's my name? Finish ISS. I'm gonna put at the top. So all this I'm putting on the safe area at the end. Um, I'm gonna say actually, kind of like this want was the nation. Yes. I'm only not Ault on bringing it down. I'm gonna say three d Oreste on. I'm going to say not bold regular, but I'm gonna release to size off it. Maybe 18 and boom, I'll just put in the middle like that. So that's my person. Now what I'm going to do. Control h tried everything to see how everything looks like. Everything looks fine. So I'm gonna Philip or I could use the line tool. So I'm way to separate my position on duh my name through lying Told someone a little air applicant. Right? But now this this is really tick somewhere. So one picks ability. So one pixel explained on So click and drag from here somewhere telling this right there. When did it It where it ends would pull it all the way up. So I'm gonna fill it by locking. The transparency is like in black on. Let it be like that Control age. Now you could see it supported my name on my things. Now I'm way that some other details. Let's admit phone number +1647782 Fight for 23 It's gonna be 24 it's gonna be bold. I'm going to have my email address. Gmail Com on my address. Let's say, uh, Jamison having you now. But, you see, it's kind of intersecting with my I think so. What I'm going to do, I'm going to go here. So I'm gonna chop it off. Or what he could do is he could use something like this. Go a year control. Now put the levels, then he could reduce. You know your sobriety. Let's see how it looks like. This is just it. And miss, that doesn't look good. So, control, See on I'm going to bring this Live it down on district, ain't it? I'm put down. Let's go Over there goes all the way Correa doing right there. If you want to move further, go to lasso Tool or we and release it like that Move right there s So now we add everything there but what I'm going to do The one only problem I'm seeing is this should be at the top like that. I put my number right here. I want to say some people do this. And where take plus one, I want to say that. So that's full on mobile number is 1416 fight to three, 8765 So now we could put this separately. So there's speculation happening in my last thing. So I'm going to go to my polygonal toe. I'm just gonna fix it. Go right there. It's done. So now you could go to creep wind to the original size often business card Boom. Right there So there you go, guys. It's not complex, but it's complex than the previous one. But I want to keep it simple because this is focusing exactly on the big earner. So I want to keep it really simple. I want to give as much disinformation you guys want so he gets can create their own business card. So I'm just the front sight on this the backside. You could see the difference. We cannot using the same color tone and everything on um so this is my Gheit's. So I'm gonna go back Teoh with the brooding space two point. So I will add this to business card in the downloading downloading folder so you guys can tolerate and look it up on day. I wouldn't give the temple to you guys because for one reason, because I want you guys to try. So that's one reason I don't want to give the template, because I want you to get used to it and to practice it so it'd be easier for you to learn it on. But that's it for this business card to on Thanks for choosing the scores on GOP guest. I had learned something If you have any questions? You can write me a three D um user at gmail dot com that is three D, um, user you could see exactly through the amuse Ojima dot com are. Also you can contact me true sculpture as well. I will help you guys for sure. Andi, thanks for watching ice and, you know I'll see in the next video tutorial. 5. Recap: Hello, everyone. This is the final video tutorial off. Create business card on this to recap everything I'm going to show from the start what we did exactly in this course on. And I used for the shop as myself tour to create a business card in the first chapter. A shorty off to create templates templates out to create a bleeding space and out to create the exact measurements for your business card. So forbidding space you would add adding 0.25 to 3.5 on two to create a building space and you subtract 0.25 to create a safe area safe es where you put all images and text where it doesn't bleed through. So we created that and I showed you guys Onda Next chapter. We learned out to create a simple business car using the front and back side, and I want to show the out organizer layers and out to put it in groups, and I also showed you all to come up with your car schemes. Using Adobe are Oba Carr well, and I'll show out to extract the color schemes from the site on the next one is little bit complex, and we learned up to create a simple logo, a simple text on simple shapes to create a complex business card. This isn't quite complex because since it's focused on absolute beginner, I kept it the complex low really low. But I hope you guys London quite a trick from one or two from this tutorial on. But I really appreciate you guys took the scores and watched it on, and I'll be no releasing a lot off future tutorials to look for it. And I really appreciate you guys watching this. And you know, if you have any questions, please write me a to diem user at gmail dot com on you guys. Have a great day.