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How to Create a Realistic Glass Bottle Mockup in Adobe Photoshop

teacher avatar Sean Bates, Graphic Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Creating a Bottle Silhouette


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      Implementing Shadows and Highlights


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      Liquid Colouring


    • 5.

      Creating the Bottle Cap and Cork


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      Finishing Touches


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About This Class

In this class you will be learning how to make a realistic glass bottle mock up from scratch using Adobe Photoshop. We will be learning how to use a range of effects including how to best implement shadows and highlights onto your design to give it a feel of realism.

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Sean Bates

Graphic Designer


Hi, I'm Sean

I am a Graphic Designer currently living York. I have previously worked on a range of projects both academically and professionally, all projects of which are available for viewing within my portfolio. I have a particular passion for branding, interactive design and typography.

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1. Introduction: all right, my name's Shawn, and today we're going to be learning how to make a realistic glass bottle marker a little bit like the one you're seeing on screen right now. We're going through making info shop today, using the tools that are available in that program. This class should be for anyone if you're a complete beginner, or even if you're more advanced level, this old market will be great for use as part of your product packaging for things such as bottled water or alcoholic beverages. We're going to be learning the basics of this technique, and then you guys can take that skill away on bond, apply it to your own products and put your own artwork or labels on their yourselves. It's sort of skill can be invaluable in the future, whether that's for in presenting your ideas to a client, a teacher or even if you just want to mock up the idea yourself before you take that project to the next stage. So if this seems like the sort of thing that you think you'll be interested in learning, then let's go ahead and get started 2. Creating a Bottle Silhouette: first thing we're gonna want to do is Lenovo Shop. Once you're in that, we can go to file new to create a new campus for us to work. Now you want to be working quite a large campus. So I like to do is select international paper. Go to a three, cause that's quite nice. Easy size to work with. Don't set your resolution to about 300 keep your color mode RGB on sale by grounds Wife, go ahead and click. OK, the next step. We want to change the background color. We want to come down here to our swatches down here on the bottom, left at the toolbox and we want to select a mid tone grey. We're going to be working with a lot shadows and highlights in this to toil. So we want to make sure we got something that's going to shut all of our work. Click OK, come over here to the paint bucket on the toolbar. So, like that, we're just gonna fill in the background once you've done that way, want to head over to Google and we want to find a bottle shape that we might be interested in creating ourselves. So I found this one here. I'm just gonna go ahead and copy that. Bring that over into for shop. I'm just going to pace that right here in the middle. Now we want to resize this. You can go over to add it free transform, or you can click commands. T. That's just the same thing. So just resize that until it's a decent size in the middle of your compass. Once we've done that, we want to create a new layer and come over and select the pencil in selected Helen Silver or simply press P on the keyboard. The next thing we want to do is we'll start tracing. He just zoom in here on the wall design. You can make sure that you get all the curves correct. What you could do is when you click the mental plots a point on you can use that to you trace out. You'll design. If you hold shift, it creates a perfectly straight line. But if you would just click on hold on the pencil, it also creates a cup that's usually coming around the bottom corners. A ball crying in the cup bomb just making sure that you get a nice cup of edge around the outline to be working with now you only rarely want to come to the middle of the ball. I'll explain that in a moment. Just trace halfway. Come all the way back up to the top. Continue tracing, making sure together each pair exactly right as this will form the basis of our design. At this moment, don't worry too much about the detail of the ball will be out in our own later. Just clicking and dragging to make sure we got that nice cover off the ball. So I just seemed out and you can see that we've traced half of the ball design here so far . The next thing we want to do it's on you there. We want to right click on online, using the pencil and go to fill path in the content section. We want to use black and just here. Okay, well, last done is it's just filled in the outline that we've just created. Go ahead and click backspace to get rid of your lines that you've created on. What you want to do next is you want to you cheap. Locate this layer one quick quite to do this is to take your laughing with outline on. Just drag it down onto the new layer icon. But the bomb was the last panel. Bring that over to this side and you can see now that we've got to Jupiter goods of the same shape, you want to head up now to edit, transform and flip horizontal. What that does it just allows us to get a completely symmetrical ball shape that we could be working with to get all designed exactly right. Be careful not to overlay your two layers too much. Otherwise, you could end up with some nasty edges like this down at the bottom. Here, just make sure to get it exactly right. And then you can make sure you've got some good curves and some good shapes of your bottom . So once you've done that, you want to select these two layers over on the last panel, right? Click and go to merge layers, you know, have one layer with just the whole ball of we can Now go ahead and delete the layer. That how joking going my job. And now you have a silhouette of your design in the middle of your great background 3. Implementing Shadows and Highlights: the next step, make sure you have your ball. They're selected and you can see here over the layers panel. There's an option called Phil. We want to set out to Sarah. Now. Don't worry, your bowler has despaired, but we're going to next go into the effects panel, double click on your bottom line and head down to you in a shadow. They can see it started to come back on your campus. The next step is you want to set the blend motor. Normal capacity to 100 distance to Sierra choked zero. We're only going to be working with size. No, just bring the size up and you'll see that you start to get and in a shot within your bottle design. What this does is it creates a nice soft edge so that you don't have a harsh edge like you wouldn't on a normal bottle. Once we've done that, go ahead and click Baker. The next step is to create and nothing. You laugh. We're going to select shaped tool down here. We want to use the Ellipse tool down at the base of your council. We want to create a shadow to get the feel of depth to take your ellipse stool, Draw one out. Try to match it as closely as possible to you the shape of the bottle. Make sure you have the fill set to block. There you go. I've not creating the lips of the base of the fossil What he wants to next. If you want to come out to the last panel again, a jeep like a that layer. We want to resize this layer again like we did with the Google image. So simply click commands, tea or control T. I'm able to resize that until we've got off circle within our original. Once you've done that, you want to select this in earlier. Now, in my case, I need to rest. Arise both of these layers you might find this is a similar situation. You might have said it's pixels of which point you would need to do this, but just go ahead and moisturizers lives if you need to. Then come up to select on the toolbar at the Top Menu bar, go to load selection and then you want it to be working in this document, which in this case is starting titles for May. And then you want to work the layer a Let's copy and then you want the transparency. Go ahead and click. Ok, what last done is it selected the circle and created selection. So next we can come back down toe original lips hit, delete. Turn off the new layer which create the inner limbs. What we're left with is a whole except of rain. What we must do next is we want to select this ring land, come up to filter on the menu bar, go to blur calcium blood. But what we're going to do with this effect here because we're just going Teoh create a shadow type effect. So just increase the radius. Watching the previous you do, say, and it will change in your campus. He just wants to get you. You're happy with it, Something similar to what I have on screen right now. Not to blood, but not to heart either, cause you don't want a harsh edge. Once you're happy with that, go ahead and click. Ok, just resize that circle so that we have a little bit of an edge around the inner shadow on the circular shadow. What? That's done is, it's just created a little bit of depth. 12. Also, what we want to do next is we want to create some highlights. I want to select the pencil like we did before on a new layer. I just go around the curvature of the bottle, drawing out shape. It doesn't matter much right now. What shape the says. As long as the out of line fits with the edge of the bottle, we're going to be blowing this again much like we did with the shadow down the bottom of the bottle. So like we did before, we want to fill this path. But this time, instead of black, we're going to use white. Once you've done that, come back up to blur calcium Blair again, and you just want to do that until it's laid out the harsh white lines like it has done here. Now miners overlaps over the edge. What you can do here is select the bottle where coming to select load selection, click. OK, go back to our highlight layer. Make sure you've got the marquee tool. Selectors, right, click, invert and click delete, so now we have a bottle with a highlight on an inner shadow 4. Liquid Colouring: now that you set the inner shadow and created a highlight for your bustle, We want to stop making the liquid inside of it. Last thing we want to do is to duplicate our bottle there. This creates another layer right on top. You see, the shadows just got a lot darker. What you want to do next is you want to come intellectual rectangle Marquee tool. Select the bottleneck and go down as far as you want the liquid level to go. What, you're happy with it? Make sure you've got the new last selected click Delete. What that's done is it's just created a shadow here where the top level of the liquid would be. What you want to do next is you want to come over to the last panel, duplicate your lips that you used to create the shadow of the bottom of the bottle and just bring it up to the bottleneck resize that just to give the liquid a little bit of depth. Just adjust it until you got it, just like I do on the screen right here. So now you've got ball and it looks like it's got some liquid inside of it. It hasn't got top on yet. But we will get to that. Andi. So the next step, you just want Teoh create a liquid color. So you want to you select the new duplicate ball there, double click on it and open up the last style effects panel. You want to come down to Grady and overlay. We're going to be using this Grady and overlay to create the effects that there is a colored liquid inside of it. What said the angle to Sierra and then just click on this Calabar just and you can see here , we've got a basic black toe. White radio. Take this white spot right here and just drag it until it says 50% location down. Once you've done that, come over selected blacks. Watch come right over to the other side and just click on that will create a coffee. You've now got a black to white back to block again, right? And you can see here on a preview what that looks like now, based on what's off product you want to create, is going Teoh dictate what sort of liquid color that you want. I'm going to making a whiskey style product. So I want to select a lot. Brown's doctors. I'm just going to select the T darker swatches fast the blacks. I'm just going to select some doc grounds once you've done that. Are you happy with that? Just click. OK, come outside. Click OK again. I just just returned back to your compass. And as you can see, the products is starting to come together. You might find that some of the shadows might be a little bit harsh and that some adjustments need to be made if you feel less than just go ahead and make them use your best judgment. So, as you can see, this grading has given us a nice rounded affect for the bottle, and it gives us the illusion of depth. 5. Creating the Bottle Cap and Cork: So what we must do next is we want to create the top of the fossil. We're going to correct coke on the cap to go on top of the ball. Now. First things first, you want to you head over Teoh Google again? Or another free resource where you might find some oranges and find a nice cork texture that's going to work well to the court inside the bottle. She found blood. We can bring it back over on. We can use that once we've created alcohol. Uh huh. So head over to the shape tool again. This time I'm going to use the rounded rectangle tool. Make sure you've got new last selected. We want to make sure this layer is below the liquid layer. This is so has the effects that the cork is inside the bottle. Go ahead and draw. Yeah, I've got the radius hair. So about 100. I think that would work well for this Now, Once you've drawn that, you can go ahead on a line in the middle of your bottle and paced in your cork texture. Once you've done that, a line that over the top of the new shape you just created. Go ahead your layers panel and you want to make sure it is above the shape that you created Follicle on the layers panel. Go ahead and right, click on the court plan and create clipping mask. As you can see, it's created clipping mask, which puts the texture inside of the shape you might wish to resize this you gotta find a textural next. You want to head back to your shape and create Grady in overlay. Set the angle to zero again, and this time you're creating a simple black toe white to black again, just like you sound screen. Once you've done that, click OK and you won't see your blending mode to multiply. And as you can see here, that's just giving it a nice dark edge. To give the illusion that the cork is rounded, just lower the capacity down just toe. Give it the illusion that it surrounded. But no, it has really dark edges are set. Mind here to about 60%. I'm happy with that. What, you don't go ahead and click OK. Next. We want to create a cap to go on top of the ball to come back above your liquid layer. Go to the shape tool again on this time. So, like rectangle just now, just go ahead and just draw a cap on top like so I'm going to set the college black Got to adjust ical just so they it shows slightly further down the bottom. Unlike we have done before. You want to just create another Grady and overlay for the cap. This time I'm going to do black to white black again by going to change the white toe of gray so we got a rounded effect. But it's more subtle, like say, now, as you may be sold at the beginning, there was some texture on the ball cap. What we next want to do is come back over to the rectangle toe and we're just going to draw some lines, like, so make sure that that black and you want to continuously do Okay, this last quick Let's do this is hold the all clear. That creates okay. How's you clicking, dragon? I just keep doing that until you have a nice for heat passing. What you duplicate a few you can come down, select them all from the layers panel a duplicate them all at once, and it just makes it slightly easier You want to create quite here. Just that is gonna cover the camp and you want to make sure there are an equal distance apart. What you've done that come back to the last panel selects pool with shapes he just created . Do you want to emerge these shapes that just makes them all in one lap on quieting one of theirs, just left behind. Say, just doing so. Once you've done that, you can see every of the maybe talking just resize them. We want this effect appear visible but not too visible that it detracts away from the shape itself. Now you want to duplicate the Kapler, you want to resize it. So there's a small gap between the edge of the cap on the new shape. Just you. He was. Take your lines. I make sure their own the land above the cap we've just located. Do you want to create clipping mask? Disabled the visual effects and make sure that the color set to a lighter grey so you can see them on the boss leg. Now what I would do here is I come back to our radiance. What? She grabbed the culture. You want to come over to your grade in the camp? You just want to reduce the I passed a little lines of this ball. Using these lines just gives the bowl of texture. It makes it looks like, more realistic. Now that we created the cork in the cap, we're going to be moving on to creating the background. 6. Background: we now want to be adding a background one. Guys were using this one. I want my balls. Have the appearance that is in a bomb. Sugar has paced line about the Boston of your last, and you just want a place that over most of the top half of the campus, as you can see, the opacity allows the background to show through the bottle way also want to create something for the ball to set off. So come back to your shape tool. I'm just create a shape about the bomb to give the appearance of a table, going to the effects panel for that shape. And we just want to select soon colors that we think would work well for table. So for me, I got selected backgrounds. You were nice wooden table feel. - Okay . Now, at this stage, the great in is a pairing a little bit too opaque. So you want to come back in and we want to lower the capacity of that right down just to give the appearance that the liquids. It's somewhat Claire. Now, once you've done that, you want to come back down to the table left rectangle that we just drew grand, you laugh. And this time you're using the Ellipse tool to create a shadow for the base of the bottle to give the appearance that sitting on the table. Once you've drawn that, you want to go to filter blur. Gaussian Blur restaurants to shake, it asks. You just want to blow that just a little bit too much. She wants still quite a deep black butler, the bottle just a just that you be sure to keep adjusting the in the shadows. If you feel that the background protrudes on the design too much just to make sure that your designs still visible, that is why. Now, to make this have a more of a realistic look, everyone's come down to the background laugh way. Want to duplicate that fast? We also want to duplicate the layer that we've used to create the liquid to save alot of the effects of that bring the background land that you just you okay pops, and you want to create clipping mask on that layer that you just made, and now you can see has created clipping mask. Inside of that shape just means the image around so that it covers the whole of the bustle . It doesn't matter at this stage that it doesn't light up. We want to then head up to fill. Sir distorts. We're gonna tease fair, I said, just to try and give it the effect that the bottle is distorting the image. Once you've done that, you can go back again to distort unused 12. The more you use, that's the multistory damage gas. But I would recommend just a slight amount on this one. The image now has the appearance. They it's slightly distorted what you've done that Go ahead and let the A pastis that lab right down. You want into a pair inside the ball, but not take too much tension away from the design itself. It just gives it that I did. Extra feel of realism, actually can see the designs now ready starts to take shape, making sure to keep tracking that you're happy with how it's appearing. Adjusting the inner shadow. Just say it doesn't get lost in the background 7. Finishing Touches: We're getting pretty close to finishing this design, but we just want to card a few last finishing touches. A few extra highlights things like that just to make this have the added extra feel of realism. So go ahead and create a new layer. You can put that right. That's up. We're going to zoom in here and we're going to use the pencil once against just go around the edge. It's ball. We want to give it appearance. That is a light shining on it. So this shape won't be blood like the others have been. Go ahead and fill that path. Which white? Once you've done that, you could just lowered the capacity of that right down shape. Doesn't have to be perfect. We just wanted to have the appearance of a reflection. Once you've done that, you can create a new layer again. Come back over to the rounded rectangle tal. I will just create one just down the side. Make sure the color sets white and again No, the opacity right down just has this subtle effect. With this one, you can go had duplicate track out of seeing the side just resize that until you're happy with this boat was now really starting to take shape. We're going to knock the I group. Let's put all of our work inside, create the group and using shift Select all of the last attract them inside, leaving only the background on the table there left. Once you've done that, go ahead. A duplicate. That group like you have don't delays and you want to. You go ahead up to you at it, transform and then flip vertical what we're doing. Hairs were just creating a reflection of the bottle. We want to drag it below the original bottle and what you've done. That right click on the group you've copies been Click Marge Group. We want to use the free transform tool against the hit Control T or Command City. Okay, And whilst holding down command or control, drag out these points here just to skew the design. Give it slightly more realistic reflection. So head over to the last panel and hit the ad landmass total at the bottom of the last panel and using the Grady and Tool, which could be found with paint bucket tool using a black to white Grady, in which is going to draw a Grady and straight down we want the appearance that the bottle is darker at the top as it's closer to design. Unlike her at the Boston. What you've done that just go ahead and load the capacity a little bit. So it's not intruding too much. Not for me. The cop doesn't quite look realistic enough. So what I'm going to Dio is ingrained to come in guys cheap. OK, bring it above the capital, crave the lines on. We're just going to lay the Apostle about a little bit. We're going to add a drop shadow. What that does is it just gives a little bit depth to show that the cork is actually behind it. No, in front of it, I got the angle set here 120. What that means is it just creates a little bit distance away from the cap before it puts the shadow down. This is really a process of refining, making sure that you're truly happy with the design you made, and you go back and keep adjusting it until you're happy with it. I just made that center color on the cap a little bit darker. To make it a little bit more realistic, you're now ready to add your own label design. If you have that ready, go ahead and just drag that on. I'm gets drawing out here just going to use the text tool going to use the name Osprey, which I've used for a project for. I'm just going to use the funds I use daily. What you've done that track that all. I'm just going to resize it. Let's change the culture whites. I'm just gonna add some shapes just to give it a bit more from the very effect. Now I've done this a talk, but in a moment I'm going to drag it down behind the highlight layers as we want the highlights to appear over the top of the label design. Make sure the label is nursery Central Dracul. Label down instant original group where you had your design. Mine's got to the box. I just drag that back to the top. I'm just going to put that below the highlight. There's what that does. It just means, but now it doesn't feel like it's no attached to the bottle, but you could also do you it's giving a slightly rounded effect. So I'm going to match my last. And then I got to the free transform tool. I'm gonna come up to this water just up. We're going to click that. I would say it's a custom. What that allows me to do is give the label a slightly curved effect. So then matches the curves that I'm trying to give the illusion off on the bottle. And there we go, you know, have a realistic ball mark up that you can use to mark of your own designs on to perfect presentations or final pieces that you want. Teoh mark your design upon to. 8. Outro: So that's it, guys, I want to go ahead and say thank you for watching the video. If you enjoyed it, then please leave a comment. Let me know. I hope the handsome, great new skills the next step would be to just go away trying create your own bottle markup to put Europe designs onto on what you've done that. Share it with the class shouting Instagram. Make sure to tag me so I can see it on. Yeah, see you next time.