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How to Create a Picture-Perfect Instagram Feed That People Will Love (and Follow!)

teacher avatar Virginia, Serial Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Audience vs. Content


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      Target Aesthetic


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      Branding Your Instagram


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      Content Creation


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      Planning Your Feed


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      Growing Your Account


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About This Class

Are you unhappy with how your Instagram feed looks? Are you trying to create an Instagram feed that’s will inspire your audience, build a consistent brand, and generate traffic and income for your business?

Then this course is for you!

You will learn step-by-step how to: 

  • Define an aesthetic fits your brand and audience
  • Create and curate individual pieces of content
  • Plan an instagram-worthy feed that people will love (and follow)
  • Which tools to use for planning and automation
  • Use your feed to grow your following

The class project in the end will guide you through the process and help you apply each step of the process to your own account, leaving you with a clear plan on what to post and how to make your feed look and feel inspiring and on-brand in less than 60min per week.

Resources needed: mobile phone; Instagram app

Meet Your Teacher

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Serial Entrepreneur

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: are you unhappy with how your instagram feed looks? You're trying to use Instagram to create a cohere brand inspiring your audience and generate income and traffic for your brand or business in this class is for you. Hi, My name is Virginia and I'm a serial entrepreneur. In the fashion industry, fashion is super visual. So over time I have mastered the art of creating beautiful on brand instagram accounts that my irons will love and follow. And I'm going to show you how you can do the same regardless of what meets your in the class Project will walk you through the whole process, step by step and teach you how to apply each of these steps to your own brand and business . And in the end, you'll be left with 15 image Marca off. You knew instagram feed. So let's get started 2. Audience vs. Content: So how are you going to choose the perfect content for your target audience Growth can be expressed as a simple formula off reached times conversion, which is how many new uses you can reach with your content. That conversion is how many off those reached users you can commence to hit Follow And here is a secret People will Onley hit, follow If your content meets their interests and because you only have a few seconds to convince them to hit follow your feet has to be absolutely stellar. So here are my promises to you. I'm going to show you exactly how to create that beautiful picture Perfect instagram feed that will commence your audience to hit Follow I will show you two strategies to use your new awesome feet to grow your instagram account exponentially. And last time, Elise, I'm going to give you feedback If you watch the entire course and upload your course project at the very end. Your instagram strategy should always answer whom you want to reach, how you will reach them and what they will see. Planning your instagram feed is like planning a perfect journey for your ideal travel companion. So the first step is to know really, really well who did. Ideal travel companion. That ideal target audience is, and there are a few questions you need to ask yourself first. Demographics. You need to understand what's their age, what's to job where they live, what they do, what are do social worlds. We all have different social worlds. Someone could be, Ah, mother, a sister, the best friend and a co worker at the same time, the better you understand what these people do and who they are to others, the more defined you can be in your targeting. You should also understand where they live and what they do every day as a job. The second type of questions you need to ask yourself are lifestyle questions. What do they do and how do they feel doing it? What do they do after work? Do they work out? Do they like to paint running into art? How about food? What are the things that make up their life and how do they feel while doing it? And last but the least you should ask yourself, Who is this person? Who is that travel companion? How do they behave what do they care about what makes them smile? This will help you really target your content perfectly to the person you want to attract. By answering these questions, you will find different topics that interest your ideal target audience. The different interest off your audience will become your content. Buckets content. Beckett's are simply the different components, the different topics that make up your brands journey. Now what do I mean by that? Let me give you an example. From my own brand are Kavita Corita produced women's activewear, and it was really chic and clean and minimalist. Here is how my target audience looked. They were millennial. Women who loved fitness, had a career exercise, and healthy eating was really important. But they didn't have to be perfect. Their stylish, strong and well educated women with a certain type of humor and they always knew the trendiest places, and they had an infallible eye for design. They were also working and living in big cities. So here's how my feet looked. And here is what I posted Akra Vita. Content markets represented the kind of life peace women were leading, so they included things like coffee, skylines, calendars, or workout shots, which you can see on the left as well. A street markings because remember, they live in big cities. They also included jokes about healthy eating and exercise. And the tone of voice I was using for my account was a young, feminine and somewhat irreverent voice, someone who isn't scared of asking for what she wanted. Just take a look at the name on the left. Nutritional labels should include. What if I ate the whole damn thing section that very much represents the voice my audience would use themselves? So now that I've showed you how I defined my audience and how I created my content buckets from that audience profile, all things are up to you, Donald a workbook and fill in the audience profile I created for you. From there, you should create at least 10 different content buckets with things that you think your audience would love to see before you to ask questions if you need any help and otherwise, I'll see you in the next lesson. 3. Target Aesthetic: choosing an overarching target aesthetic for your feed. Here's another example from three different fashion influencers. 11 Lace Mary in style and fashion cheeks. Tiley and note how tremendously different they are of leather and lace is super bright and colorful and rich. Marry in style is very muted. Light lots of past ALS, some camel in a lot of white and in fashion chic styling is the clear contrast. There are sharp lines on the floor with the crosswalks. Everything is gray and black and dark colors, and there's a lot of contrast, all from the same niche. There are all very successful, and they're all very different. So I want to introduce to you different aesthetics in this chapter and want to help you find the one that fits you best. Let's get started. First of all, there is the feminine and girly aesthetic. It targets young female audiences age 16 to 24 it uses a lot of pastel colors, especially pinks and nudes. There are a lot of soft textures, such as for glass or glitter. If you want to go for a slightly more mature audience, you could also swap the light, pinks and light nudes for a little bit more dark and strong, kind of pink and nude and go all the way, going to a dark brown or maybe even a Bordeaux. This kind of aesthetic is often used for beauty and skin care products. Remember your laundry and young feminine fashion, as well as brands and influences with a strong focus on women. The second aesthetic I want to introduce to you is the glamorous I'm posh aesthetic. It is used for a male and female focused audiences alike. It is rich in colors and has locked off contrast. It showcases an aspirational lifestyle, products and travel destinations and is often used for products in the bridge or premium segment, as well as personal brands associated with wealth and success. I find a lot of influencers, especially in the travel niche, also go for glamorous and posh kind of aesthetic. With a lot of colors and lots of contrasts, it catches the eye and helps, um, showcase aspirational travel destinations. The complete opposite of glamorous and posh would be minimalist and clean. It's very 21st century and super popular among millennials. It uses very few colors. It's mostly monochromatic. Maybe with a few highlight commas to complement, but nothing that is true bright. And it has a strong use of graphical elements, such as Texas lines or shapes. The prime example of a minimalist and clean aesthetic will probably be apple, but also a lot of other technology related products. Minimalism is also often used to showcase interior and decor, as well as personal brands or fashion brands. The fourth of study I Want to introduce to you it's dark and central aesthetic centrality is defined as the enjoyment, expression and pursuit of physical pleasure. It is typically a rich and dark colored kind of feet, and the content appeals to your sense is it's supposed to create emotion. Dark and central feeds air off news for fashion, especially full laundry for food, music, cars, everything that people are very passionate about and a lot for male focus brands. A swell. The next type of aesthetic would be bohemian, unromantic. It is playful and rich in details, colors and textures and common themes are things like nature, music or objects of everyday life. I find that a lot of interior and the core brands and influencers use a bohemian and romantic kind of aesthetic, but also photographers or travel blockers, personal brands or fashion and beauty related products. Brands or influencers use it. And last but not least, there's a healthy and natural aesthetic. It uses bright and happy colors. There's less editing in general, and common themes would include outdoor activities, fitness, nature, flowers, fruit, animals and so on. I find that it's often use for anything related to beauty, fitness and health, like the feed on the left from Positive World. I also see it a lot being used for food, cooking and nutrition, as well as personal branding and some fashion. Maybe more active wear, but not too much. I want to point out that you can choose one or combine up to three different aesthetics. The important thing is to make sure that they have connective elements, the tide of individual content together to create a piece of feed. You also don't have to choose from the ones I suggested. This was just to make your life easy and help you identify something quickly. But you can totally come up with something that is very personal to you. Your action item for this lesson is to select your target aesthetic or aesthetics and to look for examples for each of you content buckets that fits your aesthetic. Now what do I mean by that? Let's say you're choosing a glamorous and posh aesthetic, and one of you comes in buckets is cars and you're targeting a feminine audience. One of the best places to go look for content ideas would be Pinterest. Let's say you type in glamorous cars in the search bar, and this is what you will see then, maybe free of feminine I ins. The first and second image could be something. I find it a woman very right. It's probably not go amorous Inna. Maybe the white one in the middle could do, well. A swell. So these are examples, and these are all images that you should collect for each and every content. Bucket in the right target aesthetic. Put them together into a little mini mood board, and if you have any questions, feel free to X 4. Branding Your Instagram: Now let's talk about how to apply your existing branding to your instagram feed or if you don't already have a specific branding because maybe you're just starting out or you're an implant, sir, without a website yet how to create it on your instagram feed so that it all looks coherent and goes well together. They're sweet key elements off your graphic design and branding your color story, your typography and your lines, shapes and textures on the left. You can see an example from my own Instagram Passion founder about me, and you can tell that my color stories baby like light and clean and minimalist, with boldly some shades of nude and ping and rose and my typography is really simple, a swell. And there is a lot of lines, shapes and textures created by the illustrations or the example of garments. I urge you to consider all of these different elements for your instagram feed, and now let's go over these in more detail. First is the color story. Colors elicit emotions. That is why it's really important to consider which kinds of colors you want to include in your feet gray, for example, xcom ings like neutral yellows. Bright, warm, positive and energetic. That's, for example, why McDonald's is yellow red, a strong, powerful and dynamic color. Mrs. Pincus brothers. Soft and feminine and delicate and friendly, a lot of love You brands are actually black and white because black is sophisticated and luxurious, while greenness used for a lot of healthy and natural kinds of feeds and brands because it's fresh and balance. Blue, on the other hand, is intelligent and trustworthy. Others wind. Microsoft, for example, is blue, and the last color is purple, which is creative oil and spiritually. You can choose different colors, and you can flow for different color schemes on your instagram. Feed us well, but if you have a strong branding that is associated with a color, then it's important to consider that now. What kind of brand? My Debbie, let's say you're thinking off kid Cat to chocolate bar Kick out is clearly bright red, the branding, the packaging. Everything is red, so it's important that on their instagram feed, they incorporated this red in pretty much every single post. And if a post isn't completely bright red than the least a major, it doesn't clash with the other read posts. Another consideration would be if you post a lot of Mihm's or jokes or quotes, Um or especially, like written content on Instagram. Then you want to include your branding to make those quotes or jokes or means recognizable . Here's an example from the skin Witches and use letter and day quitted almost all of their brand. It means and quotes um, in their own color, which is the state and yellow color scheme. So especially if you're going to go for content that's written or that you're creating yourself, it's important to consider your brand's colors. Now what if you don't already have a strong color story like KitKat or the skim? You have to select and define your color story ahead of time. It can be something consistent, like I chose for fashion founder me, but you can also change and flow for different kind of color schemes. If you, for example, don't have a strong rand color yet, you should consciously include your colors in your content creation process, and you should curate content in this color as well. If you're going for something written like names and jokes and quotes again, then you can recreate these in your specific colors, take a look at what off leather and laced it on the left. Now I told you she's an influencer and there's not a strong color associated with her brand . But I absolutely love how she asked her audience and included them in the color story process. She simply asked him in the stories how they liked different kind of color stories on her feet. If they like the pink or too dark or too orange, fall colors better, and that will help her create and curate more content in the future. The second thing you must consider for your graphic design and branding is your funds. Funds matter big time. There are a few considerations you have to think about first. Is it easy to weed? On the left is an example from a Cali graph for and lettering Artist Inc and Lease. I love her feed and I love her work, but I hardly recognized that under picture. There's actually a word written. It spells out minimum, but if she hadn't put it in the caption, there would have been no way that I recognized this. You don't want to use a fund where people can't read what's written. That is no good. The second thing you need to consider is whether you fund has any associations. Take a look at the example on the left. It's the same sentence. You'll always be mine, but the fun makes a huge difference. At the top, it looks like a little love letter, maybe from your boyfriend, girlfriend or husband, wife. Something like that. And underneath it looks like it was written by a serial killer or stalker. The fund here makes all of the difference in the messaging, so keep that in mind when you choose your own fund for your instagram feed. The last considerations concerned the types of funds on the left, you can see Bazaar, which uses a Sarah fund, which is kind of like old school, traditional, elegant and very authoritative. And the next example would be from my own brand fashion pounder Me, which is very clean, the minimalist and modern. I talk about how to start a clothing business or fashion brand in the 21st century, with e commerce and digital marketing and so on and so forth, so I wanted it to be very modern, but because I do a love coaching and mentoring, I also throw in a hampered and fund here and there. It is more romantic, natural and particularly important to me. Personal. I want to make sure that people feel the personal connection I have to them. And that is why I'm telling here you're killing it in a personal fund. The last consideration for your graphic design or any kind of graphic elements that really change your visuals is lines, shapes and textures, lines and textures of president almost any image, so they're really, really important. Consider, you should always think about whether a texture is soft or hard, because it will change the way an image looks. A soft image, for example, could be something like florals, fruit for water, oceans, circles, landscapes, nature would carpet and below. There's an example from a feat that I really like. It's an influencer. Her name is Gianni Schicchi. And just take a look at what you posted its very friendly and feminine and natural, and the textures really represent what her feet looks and feels like the soft florals, the past ALS, the for underneath the coffee cup or the bed sheets around the flat lay in clear contrasts . Here is this other influence, or her name is Vanessa Cesario, and where Dhoni posted pings and florals and for and soft, she's going for a completely different look and feel her fetus hard and minimalist and clean and edgy and urban. It's quite dark and all that is represented with detectors, the brick wall behind her, the wire fans, the graphic line on the center image or the sharp contrast and diagonal lines from her jacket on the right image. So whatever niche or business you're in, whether you're an influencer photographer or brand, you need to keep lines, shapes and textures. You graphic design and your general aesthetic in mind because they will change the way your imagery looks and feels. Trio audience. Your action item for this lesson is to create a mini mood port that summarizes your brands visual identity. I want you to include everything from your colors, your funds, a swallows, any lines, shapes and textures that are representative off your brand. If you're going for clean, urban minimalist aesthetic, what are the things you're gonna show? Maybe it's a brick wall. Maybe it's a lot of white. Maybe it's a lot of lines. If you're going for something soft and feminine, what it will be textures that you could include. Is it for a zit? Florals, Whatever IT ISS, simply put it together and keep it handy because you will reference it later on. 5. Content Creation: Now that we've talked about how you general feed is going to look like what aesthetic you're choosing and how to include your branding, I want to now talk about how to create and curate individual pieces of content. I want to introduce the six different types of content to you, and I'll go into more detail what they are in a second. Your product shots, micro shots, Marco shots, flat lace, instructional and quotes of means. You can pick and choose which ones you like, which ones fit your brand and your aesthetic and the kind of work you doing instagram. But this way you have an array of different types of topic from which you can choose. My general recommendation will be to pick at least two or three different ones and switch things up so it doesn't get too boring On your feet. Let's start out with product drugs. Product shots are absolutely key for any kind of product business, But even if you're not a product business but a Brandon influencer than product trucks can be important. They clearly showed a product and features. There are no distractions in the background at all, and they're usually studio shots on the symbol background, either color or just plain white. And they're typically used for any kind of product business but also, for example, for sponsored content or brand promotions. Or if you're an influencer and you're working with a specific brand and you want to sell a specific product for them, then you might be asked to use a product shot on the left. There is an example from Honest Beauty, which is a beauty and makeup brand, which is shot on a colored background. And then there's also meaty, for example, which is shot on a white background but clothing and beauty on the only kind of nations where you could see product shop, anything from interior, the core books, CDs, music technology, any kind of product needs a product shop. The second type of condom will be micro shots. Micro shots used a very narrow focus. They close up on the details or craftsmanship of something, and they're typically shot in a more natural kind of environment or within more natural background, like on the street or on the desk, in an apartment or house. And it could be a scene from everyday life. The typical used for any kind of product. Business. Right on the left is an example from Answer Gogrial. They sell handbags, and there is a close up on the handbag or the focuses strongly on the hand back, and you see how pretty the stripes are and the leather straps. But also sponsored content or brand promotions could be done with these kinds of close ups or micro shots, as well as work from influencers if they want to shoulder specific style details. If they're an interior decorator, then they could show specific, like details of how they decorated surveying. And, of course, micro shops are also important for advertisements because they really showed a product really well. Micro shops are also important for any kind of like teaching or informational leash. So, for example, here's from my baking ideas of micro shopped a close up off these beautiful cupcakes, which have shapes of roses or tulips, and they basically show how to create these kinds off like floral shapes with the icing or frosting on top. And that's also really, really good example of America shot. They don't send necessarily sell a product here. They sell how to information kind of product. The opposite of micro shots will be macro shots, which use a wide focus, and they show the background or general surrounding. That's typically also important part of the image, which you can see on the left but she's wearing is pretty boring. It's just plain brown coat. I think it's a fur coat with some white ankle boots. But what makes a really interesting is the contrast between two different kinds of brick walls and the concrete, a swell so that makes a really graphic and interesting and actually makes me quite like this image. Marco shots are great because they convey mood or an experience, and they're often used by influencers as well as brands or products businesses, especially in the travel or experience based niche, or for a sponsor content or brand promotions. Here's another example from the travel knees, right individual traveler and the glass of wine wouldn't be is interesting if the Eiffel Tower wasn't in the background. Another really, really common type of topic will be flat lace. Here you can see hashtag flatly forever, just not an instagram account. This is actually just ah hashtag, and you can see Flatley's air usually taken from above, and they show a nice arrangement off one or multiple items, and they're very appealing. Visually speaking, they're often used for product display, influencer content or any kind of sponsor content. But really flat lace can be used in any niche. It doesn't matter whether you saw products or clothing. Whether you have an information business, you do hand lettering or art or you an influencer. There's office flat lace food flat lays coffee, flat lays. There's really no limit to your imagination. Flatley's can be used in almost any industry in in age, and people really, really loved, um, something about the beautiful arrangement really strength court and I find that they typically get really good engagement on INSTAGRAM. Another really, really great type of content that's very, very engaging, but a little bit time consuming to produce would be instructional instructional czar, often in video form with explanations, and they're very educative kind of content. They're not necessarily the most visually appealing. I mean they can be, but they don't necessarily have to be, and they're really often used for selling products or services, especially information product or responsive content or brand promotions. so examples of instruction ALS would be the tasty videos that teach you how to cook something and there one minute long, and they show you how to make a beautiful steak dinner. Or you can see an example from the kid capped Instagram account, which shows you a kid cut summer pie recipe. And if you hit play on this video, then it shows you the entire recipe and how toe actually bake this summer pie using kid Cup bars. Another really popular kind of niche for instructions will be anything related. Toe art hand lettering like here from hashtag can lettering. You see, there's a lot of videos that show you exactly how to do the hand lettering or something like makeup. And especially with makeup, you can see that both influences and brands use instructional because they're very engaging and people absolutely loved to follow them. And last but the least one of the most viral things on the Internet. Quotes and knees. If you do create quotes or means, then they should absolutely be branded. They should evoke a strong emotion, and your target audience should be able to associate with the quota Ramin. They have a really, really high level of morality, and they create a lot of engagement. So it's a really good idea to throw in a quote or mean here and there on the left is another example from our Kavita again, that's my activewear brand. And the mean says things that are hard to get out of work. Not so hard. Jury duty. A medium heart but a sports bar is really hard, especially after exercise. This piece of condoms, actually super popular on my account go well over 400 likes almost 500. At that time, I only had, like, I think, 15,000 followers. So it was really like not that big of an accounts of this was really good engagement, and it attracts your specific kind of. I ends with that kind of humor Andi, especially people who understand, in this case, the problem of getting out of a sports spot. This will be perfect to, for example, promote a product that's easy to get out off because maybe it has a zipper, it affirmed. It's great for boosting your engagement on Instagram, and it really helps of selling products or services, a swell really quotes and names are awesome for attracting the right kind of audience. Ah, here's an example, um, often account of with attract apparent audience. So that moment when you counted to three but your kid didn't stop and you start wondering if you actually qualified to be in charge around here. Over 5000 likes, right? A lot of parents artists, and they could really associate with this problem off counting to three. And the kid is still not complying. Um, so they loved this kind of name and I will probably check out that count. Oh, here from the female hustlers, follow your dreams, not your boyfriend's. The female hustles is an entrepreneurship account that's inspiring female entrepreneurs. And these kinds of quotes really resonate well, especially with the background, um, and over 6600 women associated with it. And like this kind of quote so quotes amines are great to throw in here and there because again they attract your audience and they have a really high level of morality and engagement. So you action item for this lesson is to decide which type of content you need. Maybe you just want to show one type of content like only macro shots or you switch up micro micro shots. Or maybe you have all six different types for me As a product business, I like to really switch things out until all six different types of content. And again, I want you to create a mini move board and collect at least 1 to 5 examples for each type of content in your target aesthetic. So let's say your product brand and you should have panic charts. But I also want you to go look for a few examples of micro macro shots and maybe a mean that fits your brand us well. But what do you pick and choose it really up to you again? The mini move board we will need in the next lessons. 6. Planning Your Feed: Now that we've talked about almost everything, we finally come to planning your picture. Perfect Instagram feed. Lay out. You know how you feed it's supposed to look like in general. What's your aesthetic? You know who your audience is. You know how to include your branding. You know the different types of content, and you've selected which ones you want to post. Now we have to arrange everything in a visually pleasing manner. So how are you going to plan your feet? There's basically sweet types off layouts. The first wound introduced to you. They're organic or organized feeds. And then I also want to introduce the third type to you, which is a big, big No, no. And I'll explain to you why, which is the big picture. So that's good started with the organic kind of feet. So it doesn't matter in which niece you are. Most feeds will be organic feeds. They flow without any kind of notable repetition. There is a variety of content, whether you're a product business or an influencer, whether you sell informational products or your travel account. Most accounts offer a great amount of variety. If there's a change in color stories. Usually the transition should be very slow, Um, and you should always make sure that you change up textures and the intensity of images that you create some calm and clean spaces by adding some images with, like white space. Like here, for example, that is how you create a visually pleasing feed. I will introduce you into a nap in a second that will help you see your feet before you actually posted. But these are the things you need to think about when you create organic feeds. There's also this thing called planned feed, where you clearly planned out the feet with a really notable repetition, and the content can be quite repetitive as well. So here's an example from the female hustlers where it's always a pink quote with the two quotation marks. And then it's a quote on top of an image. There is a clear contrast and rhythm between each piece of content, and it's very often used for Amimour quote focused accounts like this one, for example, but notice for a second that she messed up her pattern. Once between the third and fourth piece of content, there is one content missing. That's on an image or on a black background, and immediately her pattern is off. So personally, I'm not a huge fan of planned accounts or planned feeds. I find them quite boring to look at, and if you make a mistake, it's immediately visible to everyone. But this is really a matter of taste and cam work really well, the female hustlers or boss babe or other quote and mean based accounts that follow this kind of like repetitive pattern do really, really well. They all have over 100,000 some of them even over 500,000 followers, so it can be quite successful. And this is really just It boils down to your taste and what you really prefer. And now I want to come to the third type or feed not organic, not the plan feed, but the big picture. Big picture feed requires you to post several images in a very specific order to create a big picture. Does Onley visible when you look at the feed and don't click on the individual content slash when the company pops up on just like your newsfeed as a follower, then you wouldn't be able to see the big picture. One example. Off the big picture you can see on the left. It's from an account called this a day waken. See that they created this really big picture. But here are a few problems of the big picture feed. It can be really confusing for your audience when they only see the individual pieces of the big picture. And sometimes those pieces are not making any sense like it's not immediately clear what is shown on the individual piece of content, because it only makes sense when you see the big picture on the feet. But in their timeline, it's not going to make any sense to them. Also, these kind of images typically have a really, really low engagement, especially on the empty images. If you look on the left on the screen, recording from this is a day they have this big picture in their feed, and when you click on the empty parts like here, there's only a couple likes, like not even 100 likes versus they usually get over 400 likes on other pieces of content that clearly show something Also, if you post all of the images for your big picture at once. So I let's say six or nine pictures at the same time. That looks very spammy to your audience in their timeline. And let me show you this example from Tom for it. If you later don't keep posting at the same rhythm that it actually breaks you big picture . So this should actually mean TF. So Tom Ford Extreme right? It's an advertisement in the feed. But it broke because the T, the X and the E should actually be on the very left column. And only if Tom for Beauty would post one more image. It would be rearranged to the proper shape again. So the T X and he should actually be in the first column. F, T and M should be the second, and e r and E should be on the right. The third column. So you see as your post content in the future, it will always break your big picture at some point. And I think that really sort off eliminates any benefit of having a big picture on your feed. Something that really captures people's I. Tom for was a little bit smarter. They turned it into videos so even though the background off duty doesn't make any sense. But as the video keeps playing, you still have something to see Versace. If it's just a fode, and people will be like, What is this blurry kind of mess? Right? So I discourage you from using big pictures on your feet or any kind of like, repetitive content. It is not worth it, and the low engagement actually can pull down. Engagement for other pieces of content of would actually perform well otherwise, right, so the instagram algorithm can sort of punish you for that, so don't go with the big picture. Instead, focus on individual pieces of content to keep your engagement high. This is my favorite app for planning my instagram feed. It is called Plan, and here is an example of a feat that I used to run. It was called contortion Goals. Contortion is an old art form from circus off training, extreme flexibility. So it was really a lot of fun. I really like contortion. It's it's sort of a hobby of mine. So this is what my feet looked like. I wanted a contortion instagram account just to play around with Instagram for sometime, and I'm not active funded anymore and has, like 10 or 15,000 followers. I don't really remember. It's being sometime, but I think it's great for showing you how to use plan. So, you see, I kind of, like, planned my feet according to color story, right? Here's the blues and purples. Then we go over black and white towards this gold and rust color, and then it keeps going over black and white again in tow. Red, um, and so on and so forth. So all of these images here are actually content that I loaded into plan, but I haven't actually posted it yet on Lita content down here, which doesn't have that great corner at the very top, right? I'm like your for example, right? This one has a great corner. Um, and then every image following from there has a great corner. All of these are potential cos toe or images to post. And now I can simply drive and drop wherever I don't like something. So let's say I really like this red area here, but I'm don't like that thes thes. Two girls here with the blue um, moved a blue background. They don't really fit. I think something like this would probably be better, because there's some porridge in it. Um, and then maybe the blue. You see, if there's something else that I have that's read that I could include there. No, I really don't. This is just a really, really awesome way to plan your feed. You can arrange them by color. You immediately see how things look. Oh, I like how does to look together. Let's see if I have something else. That sort of yellow. Yeah. Here. And then you can drag and drop them together here. Doesn't something more green. Yep. This looks better. Mom. Oh, here's something green. I could try and putting this more up here. Right? And you can immediately see how you feed will develop. Maybe you could try this. I don't know. I don't like that. Um, and this is how you play around with a plan, and you can immediately see how you feed is going to look like. I also really love about plan. Um, that you complain your stories here, but you can plan your strategy. For example, your hashtags you themes you can create your content buckets in here. Eso, for example. Here plans topped themes behind the scenes product education, testimonial, inspiration. But you can also create custom buckets here by adding you own, right? So, for example, this could be in my case, would be, uh, splits, for example. And then I have this kind of bucket here from which I could draw. I can check the performance of individual posts so again, I havent posted in the last 30 30 days. But for example, here is Lifetime best performing images where can see OK, this image got 1200 lights and 20 comments and so on and so forth. I see my color palette that find us really, really helpful. It helps you plan your strategy as well again. In the last seven days, I haven't done anything on this account, so there's nothing that ever happened. So that count has 10,627 followers. Best performing hashtags, and what I also like is that you can actually go check out a sneak peek Competitor accounts like, let's say, um, contrition. Girls. I bet there's a yoga challenge account. We're here inflexible. Yogis is, I think, one and Then you can simply check what was the best performing post for them. And that could, for example, guide. Um what do you want? A post later. So, for example, here it's a really big account. This image got 71,000 likes. Wow, that did really well. And look, it's almost twice a smudge as everything else. So it must be really, really good piece of Compton, and you can see the daily times to post and their palate. How many followers They have almost a 1,000,000. Great. And it tells you exactly what kind of hashtag sets they use. The perform. Well, So this is This is basically how you use plan and how I like to plan out my feet and yeah, that is how you would do it. So again, keep in mind lines, textures. What creates focal points here, for example, I have lots of lions would probably like to create something a little bit more calming in between here, so maybe I would change this image over here and there. There you go. So this is how you can plan your feet. You have to pay attention to colors to funds, tow lines and textures. Make sure if you have your own branding to included and again focus on the specific kind of aesthetic, what are you going to show? And for me, it was a visually pleasing flexibility account because I found that most flexibility accounts were really quite Messi and crazy to look at. So yeah, that's how use plan and how you'd go about planning your feet. So you're actually Adam Portis Lesson is to consolidate all of the mini move boards you made the one for you Target aesthetic, your content buckets and your personal branding, um, or your brands branding. And I want you to use this as an instagram guide and reference so that you can create a 15 image mock up off your feet. I also encourage you to download the APP plan, but you can really use any kind of app or any kind of tool to plan your feet. I just find plan the easiest. And once you've created that 15 image mock up in three columns and pireaus, I want you to share it with us here on skill here so that we can take a look and give you feedback. You're free to also include you instagram account If you want me to look at that as well and I will see your comments below. 7. Growing Your Account: now, Technically, I have taught you everything I know about how to create a visually pleasing instagram feed . But I also want to throw in a little bonus, namely, how influencers use their pretty feeds to grow their following. So remember, from the very beginning that slide growth equals we each times conversion. So I've showed you how to create an instagram Pete that converts a lot of people from your target audience from simply onlookers into followers. And now, in this lesson, I want to show you two strategies. How you can increase your reach. First, you can grow your account through aesthetic bunnies, and second, you can grow your account for shoutout accounts. Now what exactly do I need? Anaesthetic Buddy is basically an account that has a similar continent, Asia and Target aesthetic as you do. Just take a look at the example in the lift from J Stopper designs. She's showing some Christmas inspiration from other accounts that really well fit what her onus static. It's like she's showing all these different accounts, and everything is sort of farmhouse white, lots of neutrals, some wood green, um, kind of aesthetic in interior decor and now take a look at her own profile. What do you see? It's a farmhouse style. There's lots of white, here's brick walls. Let's a wood and a lot of green. The decor is very, very similar. So the chance off her followers loving the recommendation she provided is really high. And that is really what makes this kind of strategy super powerful. You want to go look for aesthetic buddies because it really helps your account grow, and you can work together with them by introducing them in your stories. You can co create Clinton together or co host a hashtag. Here's another example from three influencers Colonel, lest Alona, Explorer and Tina from off leather in place. Here's a shop where they're sitting on a rooftop in Manhattan and they've actually created this piece off content specifically for Halloween. They have a very, very similar aesthetic, and it becomes super super clear that the followers of total estar probably going to love Tina from a father and vice and alone at a Explorer is content as well. And by creating content together, they have a very legitimate reason to call out the other Instagram accounts and influencers . And that way they can grow their accounts together. Journalist in the lona are benefiting from Tina's followers, and similarly, Tina and toward lust are going to benefit from Elena's followers. And because they were all about the same size, they all have the same aesthetic, and they're all in the same niche. This is a really, really effective way to grow. Another effective way to grow your following will be for shoutout accounts. Shout out accounts are counts that Onley curate other people's content, but there is still highly popular on instagram. Some examples for Shabbat accounts will be, for example, coffee and clothes, and they only curate beautiful images off fashion and coffee. Or, for example, apartment therapy, which only curates beautiful images off apartments and interior decor. So really, really go away. To increase your reach is by creating content and then linking different kinds off, shout out accounts, um, on the individual pieces of content. Here's an example from Brayden would and as you concede, or a lot of different tags. For example, apartment therapy, hunker home. The every girl were a beautiful mess, um, Dwell magazine and so on. A lot of these accounts are actually shout out accounts, and if they like the image, they will notice it because they were tacked on it and they will maybe reposted to their followers. And if you check accounts like, for example, to every girl, they have over 790,000 followers. So if you get a repost from an account like that, then your reach is definitely going to increase, and you'll probably gain a few 100 or 1000 followers from a repost from such a big account . So how could you possibly find child out accounts? First, you could check other influences in uni sh and See Home Day tag. You could also check their photos off section. So, for example, if I went to the count from off leather and lace here, where sh she was reposted on this cute image where she's sitting on a bed watching a movie with her boyfriend, um, with Twinkle Eyes Will Closets, which is 22,000 followers or here dreaming classy. With 98,000 followers and last but the least, you can check popular posts for certain hashtags and see which big accounts pop up there because the chances you'll hit a shot account here and there. So yeah, that's it from my side And how to grow your account by using you. Beautiful picture. Perfect instagram feed. If you have any questions, let me know. 8. Conclusion: breath. You have made it all the way to the end off discourse, and now you know exactly how to create that beautiful picture perfect instagram feed that people will love and follow. The next step for you is to Donald Workbook Materials and get started on your course product. I also urge you to upload it later so that I can check it out and give you feedback if you want. If you've enjoyed this course, then there's two things you could do. First. You could like recommend this course so that other people can take advantage of this well. And second, you should follow me as a teacher, so that will be notified if I have any more classes. There's a few other things that I haven't stopped and that I would love to share with you so following. It's definitely a good idea. If you're working in the fashion industry, then I invite you to also come over to my block faction founder dot me and check out the content that I'm sharing. It's especially target of designers, bloggers, freelancers and influencers starting their own businesses in the fashion industry. I also have a free Facebook group with over 1000 members, and there you can exchange information, get tips, tricks and beat back. So I'm looking forward to hearing from you either here or on my block or facebooker, and I'll see you soon.