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How to Create A One Minute Business Promo Video With Your iPhone

teacher avatar McCleish Haynes, Video Creator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introductory Video


    • 2.

      Gear and Apps


    • 3.

      Planning to Shoot


    • 4.

      Video Creation Tips


    • 5.

      Your First Draft Video


    • 6.

      Let the Beat Drop


    • 7.

      Amazing Intro & Outro Titles


    • 8.

      Polishing Your Video


    • 9.

      Collaboration Flow


    • 10.

      Share with the World


    • 11.

      Wrap it Up & Class Project


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About This Class

This course was developed for owners of a start-up or an established business or anyone who wishes to create a promotional video for their business. I will take you on a fun, simple and exciting journey of producing your video promo for FREE using your iPhone. In this course, I will be creating a business promo for my family’s catering business which is based in Trinidad and Tobago (located in the Caribbean). Even if you are an expert in film production, there will be something you can learn!

Meet Your Teacher

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McCleish Haynes

Video Creator


Hello, I'm a video creator living in the beautiful Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago. 

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Level: Beginner

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1. Introductory Video: I guys. I am McLeish scenes from Trinidad and Tobago. I have been doing video fiend photography for several years, part time as a freelancer. This course was developed for owners of a startup, small, large business team or anyone who would like to create a promotional video for the business . On a zero project, I will take you on a fun, simple on exciting journey of producing your video. Probable only with your iPhone you'll be able to look over my shoulder as I will be creating a business promote for my family's catering business. And you will discover tips to speed up your video creation workflow, adding beautiful titles on ups that expand your iPhones. Video production capabilities. At the end of the course, you will have all the skills to create your amazing video promo video. So get the friend, a family member or colleague enjoying the course. Learning together is always better than a loon, so let's get started. See you in the course 2. Gear and Apps: joining the class before we dive into building out the business promo, I would like to give you an idea off the gear. I will be using Andi, perhaps to help you along with the class. Luis, you need delightful. It could be any iPhone from a five s on up the UPS will be using to create the business for more a couple clips. I'm movie free. My oh, Andi. Weather up? Yep. I said he went up. Okay, So all the ups, like he ingredients needed to create your favorite meal. As we will say in Trinidad and Tobago, after you have done nudity, APS we can start to problem pot. What this means is we now have all the year on upstate, so it's time to get ready. 3. Planning to Shoot: So we have been looted. The main apse know to come up with an idea on a righted, um, the former script. In building a script, I would usually read the vision of the business or sit with the business owner and find out what put up or service it would like to show to the world. The script is usually written using tree pots, which cover a problem. How would the problem can be overcome by the product or service and hopelessness can contact us or a call to action after seeing the benefit of the product or service? No. If time permits, a storyboard can be resigned, which will help to give a visual structure of the script. No, I have already completed my script. No, I lose the weather up to check the weather for the date in which I planned to shoot in China. Dodd. We have will need two seasons dry or rainy season. So if I'm shooting during the rainy season, it is to check the weather up on, then show no serious thunderstorms, a looming to ensure a safe shooting environment. Up next, video creation tips 4. Video Creation Tips: nice. So you are doing very well. You have already completed 50% of the wood for your business promo. No, Before we go off the shoot, I just wanted to give you an idea of the mystics I would have made during years and shooting short form videos. So you will not have to waste time while shooting. Amazing isn't screw. All right. The true mystics would be not present the record button. So why don't you think you're amazing Business room? Oh, just remember the press. Syria Cord button number two. She keeps video trying to stabilize yourself. When shooting your video. Slow down your breathing and keep your hands closely. Ribs. It will ensure you have a stable pasta while shooting. If possible, there may be a tree close by that you can rest your body on to make sure that you remain stable a number tree and show you have enough space on your food. I don't want to be recording your final piece and it chews up. Recording has stopped. I really do not want this to be happening to you. So nice. These are my top three tips, but I have two additional tips you can download for free in the class project. Attach files. Okay, let's go out and shoot our business problem and see you in the next step to add a bit of magic to your video up next your foot draft video. 5. Your First Draft Video: hope you enjoy the recording of your business for more? No, to add some wow factor t o promote. No, I would create a folder and give it a name. 40. Business promo video. After adding all the clips to the promo, I let Apple e. I would. It's magic by selecting from the several clips I recorded and see what Apple Memories will come up with. Hit the play button. Nobody video will come to life with music on in true texts. This video created can be used to quickly give your business colleagues. Or, in my case, my family member will be able to see a picture off off the final vision. It looks good. So let me see if this video for the next step, like the share icon on see a video up next, Let eat drop. 6. Let the Beat Drop: Okay, great. So let us look at making the beat drop. This is adding the right music to your business. From video, I will open up ups and select library looking for deceive video I got from Apple memories. Any previous step I am calling this a job vision of my business. I am passing before us three seconds of the video in which I will please later on with the amazing in true. So a quick tip. Instead of holding down on the pinkish record button, I slide up on it, unlocked the recording until I reach one minute number. We just creating a one minute isn't so I slide it up that a lot. I leave it to record for one minute. Just speed it up. But no good to select the music. I can't meet up right and select some trucks. And I will choose a truck that best much is business from off our home style. Reckless. Then select a blind. If you get it matches the breakfast flavor quite well. I will top on the share icon and then see if video. So now we have music for a while. For more Later on, I will show you how this will be added to form the completed up next time for amazing intrude on ultra video. 7. Amazing Intro & Outro Titles: time for some amazing in true on ultra titles I am using the same flip up from before topping this time on full stills School through to see, like one niceness. I like this 1 40 breakfast approval. It closely reflects what I'm seeing in my mind I press on the text to see if it is inevitable and please my in true title text. Then it applying I want the in true on ultra to be are wrong five seconds each So I hold on the pinkish record button and watch the into come to life Nice. So you have you're in true? No, to create another truth up to pull says we go and select the true And inside your call to action Tex Now the contact information I will include would be the business website Why would type it, you know up on the star icon and select enables and select the 1st 1 here untapped to edit it a play for a few seconds up on share Icon en topsy If you deal up next polishing your video 8. Polishing Your Video: let us polishing up this school and video, bringing all the moving parts into one seamless promo video. I open up my movie top new project. I will be seeing like being the intra video True Review and drop video. I beat it, then tap on Greed Movie. You'll notice that in playing video from my in True I know true, the clip size appears differently. Video I recorded for my business promote quickly Fix this. I can tap on the intro video on a magnifying glass will appear. It will no Allow me to zoom in on the cliff on me. It appeared the same signs as the popular video from my iPhone. I'm going to repeat this seem for the truth, making sure the main components of the video remain in the center of the screen. Going to the beginning? No, and will play the entire clip to ensure it is fine. Nice. It looks cool. Attempt to replace my original song truck with the new beat. I created the clip up earlier to do this top on the on button in temp video on selective video clip with the music vibes Review it. This is the guy nothing. They treat us and I see a we've looking icon tough. We have fun and it drops music under my video from time to get rid of you selecting in the or Cuomo I choose. Detach Now we would be old replacing with the new music Phibes Song Truck. Okay, do not maybe music be too jarring. On the beginning, I wanted to come and smooth like ice cream. I select on the music Santa Untapped the speaker icon, then feed drug induced slide handles smooth music in True and will release seem for the old true playing the entire video over to make sure everything is up to our standards. One more thing. A 90 feet to block the end it off and there's a gay icon. Taplin it and select feed out to block whom excellent up next collaboration flu. 9. Collaboration Flow: way have very close the definition line before we share with the world. It is very, very important to have some additional eyes other than myself. Give the video he review. Yeah, sometimes mystics with spelling or audio, maybe Lou or several little mystics that can be resolved during this most important stage in video promote process. I would normally ask some of my very close, untrustworthy friends or family members to give the video. Philip, since the class project is a silent isn't promote, I will no tick off the music volume. But if you wish to leave the music on, you can skip this step on share with friends for the input. To quickly silence the music. Stopped the music timeline clip on speaker. Take the volume level 20 or tap the speaker I can to get the sound done. No full collaboration. I use frame Io and to get it to a process for my oh, I top the share video on save video. Choosy highest resolution or, if cramped on speeds, cues 5 40 feet. Get a cup of tea by the time if you wish, or try out a few stretches while you can stretch well done. Open from Ohio. Give you a project in name and select. Create no to upload live video for review by family members. In my case, select the tree dots on top. Upload. Come rule Me acts for approval to access your photos, jump camera rule and select the last video. Well, oh, my family members to review top on the she icon, then review link Selective video I would like for them to review on next. I would like this link to expire within a few days, so I select the expires button on putting a Did on time. No time to share with family members for their feedback. Hit the share icon Monnet Review Links After Tom Neal Video icon. Once a tap on the video, I will see the tree dots. I click on it. Copy Link will appear on a copy. The link on No, we'll share with my family members a quick meal for their feedback. Or I may use what's up or far sent directions. If I find it, take too long to respond by in you up next. Share with the wood 10. Share with the World: No, I just received people from my family members and it is one change that it's quite good. Just one change will quickly make this change. No, it is always important to have collaboration in this video promo process will quickly receive on it is no time to share with the world. I will be sharing with the Instagram. If we don't have Instagramming store, you can download from the APP store No, to put your caption on tanks and share with Instagram. Woo up next final lesson Wrap it up on a class project. 11. Wrap it Up & Class Project: I really hope you enjoyed following along with me and creating the business promo. I do hope you got through with creating your is in spring and I will love to see it. You can upload your class project on vim you or YouTube and share dealing by doing this cell in business for more project. It will help the shop me off video storytelling skills without using any music as an aid. Well, this is the end of the class, so all I can say is continue to look at your favorite shows or movies without song on observed the text, use video angles or movement with the camera. By doing this, you will get better at your videos. Continue to be your prettiest critique of your work. Allow some things at your miss six because you will learn not to do it in future productions. So hope you enjoy this class. On day, we will pick up