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How to cook creamy home-style Ramen from scratch

teacher avatar Saeko Sasaki, Japanese cooking teacher

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      What Ramen is


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      Types of Ramen


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About This Class

For ramen lovers! You will learn how to make creamy home-style ramen from scratch!

Ramen is a Japanese modern cuisine and has become one of the most popular Japanese dishes outside of Japan. However, it is not well-known about the way of ramen cooking.

In this video, you can learn basic ramen knowledge as well as the process of making home-style ramen from scratch such as how to make ramen noodles, broth, popular garnishes like Chashu grilled pork, seasoned egg.

After watching the video, you can cook your own ramen by yourself.

If you ready, let's get start it!!

Meet Your Teacher

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Saeko Sasaki

Japanese cooking teacher


Hello, I'm Saeko. I have been running my own cooking studio since 2018 in Hyogo, Japan as well as work as a professional food stylist and a recipe creator.

I was born and raised in Osaka. I used to work as a Japanese chef in Denmark and traveled over 20 countries. Living abroad, I got to experience cooking and teaching my foreign friends how to cook Japanese foods. It was very enjoyable. The experience made me decide to open my own cooking studio to teach Japanese cooking in English internationals after coming back to Japan. And, I hosted over 300 customers from 36 countries and got over 100 reviews of 5 stars in the first year.

I am really passionate about exploring or discovering food and learning the ways of cooking. I would like to share my cooking knowledge and skills... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: I'm cycle. I'm being teaching Japanese cooking to people from overseas as we're walking as a food stylists and a recipe creator. I still pride in creating my own ordinarily speak two pro by food companies and restaurant wisdom. I'm especially good. What making my warm Basel or professional cooking way do easy and simple home style versions differently? I love exploring and discovering any kinds of food and cooking in this video. I assure you how to make palm ceramic from scratch. You may be surprised to know that it is not common to make ramen from scratch at home in Japan, Rahman consist of some components, right noodles and suit and guns is on. There are a lot of work to make everything so we don't go to Ramen restaurant or it Eastern running at home because it takes a very long time, like a whole day to a few days to make ramen from scratch. With a professional recipe, however, I was requested by my guest to teach how to make Rahman, so I'm in the ordinary homocide rama recipe to cook easy at home. My recipe is simple from Professional West, but tasted delicious, and it's the most popular dish in my cooking studio I directed share my recipe with everyone from all over the walls for you Ready rescue stuff. 2. What Ramen is: in this lesson, I'm gonna explain about what Ramis family Japanese adaptation Chinese wheat knew those. The first woman restaurant opened in Tokyo in 1910 and Romney had spread all over Japan Since then. Agents constant as Japanese traditional dish but has become ground with the most popular Japanese this these days. What are the key ingredients of ramen? Is it broth in dinero? Remembers contest of assholes more space and seizing or fact a lot of variations, depending regions, and they distinguished best, don't tax forever and prospects remade, favoring off from Ambrose assault soy sauce and measles close makers to with some condiment with teeth called Khar, etc. It's used to season across. In addition, each Rama restaurant developed its Secret Forever totals this long. They've made flavors. You may wonder why I didn't mention Tonkotsu. I mean the broth base made from Polk Ball semen for long hours to extract a college ing. So many other broth bases made from other Unmerciful dried kilt Dr Barney Frank dry. This Harding try to see if liked mushroom and forever. It is essential to combine and different types of ingredients to make a prospects because each angry and enhances the other flavors. The combination off raw space on forever injuries. But why the ramen Tate is complicated and savory. Moreover, we shouldn't forget to use oil or fact as an additional seasoning. I'm thinking I'm going to go self rising and how things evolve. Flavor. If we knew company has a taste with oil or without oil, you can notice how important always to be honest remains not that healthy dish, but Susie es restaurant owners and make ramen Mauritius, which makes it hard for patter on to register dish. Addition, secondary. It is necessary to understand ramen noodles. Ramen noodles are basically made from four ingredients, like wheat flour, water, salt, and kansui. Kansui, a type of alkaline water that is a food additive, is a crucial ingredient because the only noodles made with it are distinguished as ramen noodles. It gives ramen noodles their signature springy and chewy texture and makes the noodles yellow. Some ramen noodles in Cruise X that makes noodles. Julia and both rose loosely, but it is not our ancestor ingredient. The thickness of ramen noodles between one the meta and 2.5 minutes, and it is Children, depending on the type of cross being Nobles are common, reused or like rebuttals. While Big knew those much were strong and big probable. Finally, a garnish is also important component. Their love variety of organised like life or Chechen boy Season pick. Spring on you beats proud. See the bombs and shoot. I wanted to call rockets, Seaweed seats and so evens all round them may look like a simple dish. Professional recipes are designed to my Nutri. 3. Types of Ramen: in this lesson, I will introduce some basic Rahman. Romney is ordinary from the South Freedom Japan brought spaces made from focal, and it takes for a very long time, like a to 15 hours to see Mother. The main taste in rich, strong and thick book forever, and it is seasoned salt or soy free. Brussels showing Romney was born in Tokyo and considered on the fast running show means Soy Sal's. Taking Brooks is the most common, but there are other options, like a folk beef. See the carnal with the broth is Korea, and the date is right. It is my favorite one. Rahman means fault. Free bar on it, Indian it all the little spaces made from taking or seafood pasting the lightest and modest . Comparing with other types of missile. Rahman is bone in Hokkaido, Japan, that characteristic off missile vomited. It's guns like Boyd Cone and a piece of brother. The husband and thick flavor Cory. Pipe down Romney and means picking bro. Space moment. It looked similar. Tonkotsu Ramen. The mess off making broth is also similar to how to make tonkotsu broth simmering. Taking bone for hours, it'll has local taking cars ing and quick taste. Okay, man means dipping noodles. It is served with noodles Party to from the suit. The group is thicker and richer. There are two ways to enjoy soup that fast eating noodles with dipping the soup. After finish it, we can have some hot water to the soup to drink. Oh, they are very basic type of ramen probably will be a bobbing and granting by professional ramen chefs we have over 50 kinds of Gromit and some contemporary diamonds are a combination of disease basic grommets. 4. Noodle: in this. Listen, I assure you how to make ramen noodles, as I mentioned in the former video council, is a center ingredient to make ramen noodles. However, it is possible to use baking soda instead of constantly to mimics affects off it. Ingredient for one serving 100 gram of birth, one gram of assault, one gram of baking soda and 15 feet up water factory at the salt and baking so that in 15 years of water and deserves in that's great floor in a large bowl who are the biggest Rego but regal in the bowl and still them by hand to make crunch most in the bull by hand and trans father down into a rod classic book. Next step on the Dow to spread it instead of kneading by hand, it is easier way to need it. Using my hands, take out the Dow to fold it into 1/4. Repeat the process 3 to 4 times until it to become Subaru's. The money is about the more noodles become spring gree put it in the Prospect Park and rides a girl for striking minister. One hour. Finally, make some noodles. Sprinkle some start on the cutting board to avoid sticking the doubt got the doll into huh ? And your out. It's equally with a roaring. You have a posthumous saying It helps you. Your out makes of the 1.52 to me meant nothing and square sick. - Go around the rest of the Dow in the same shape. Wrinkle enough. Touch both sides off the Dow and lier and force them in three finery. Leister doubt into 1.5 to 2 women waiters. After rising all the Dow Sprinkle some start not to stick them together and squeeze them gently by hand to mixing cars. You can start the Roman lagers in the fridge for a week as well. Ask in the freezer for 2 to 4 weeks. 5. Broth: being different. I'll show you how to make creamy ram missives, which is Tonkotsu ramen like ingredient for one serving 100 gram off poker. Going five gram for the dried kelp. Want to to spring on your boss Cario. Three Crowbar Garrick to Global Danger half a couple one tablespoon white measles Want these boobs? Faisal's two tables You'll see some oil in a professional way. I'm a bone is come on to make ramen bowls, but we can use meat, he said. In my recipe factory makes abroad, you start cooking laced a cup in two couples room temperature or cold water at least 30 minutes. You have time talking it overnight. It's better to bring out much through Southeast. Dr Helps become soft enough to allow you to press the tip of your finger nearing To meet. Cut once. Bring on you into 4 to 5 centimeter ways. Bryce Ginger wanted to mate always and crash the garlic kinds of pork loin. Just drink two more side redoing car. Shake it. Ray spoke loin Spring on you. Danger guy killed and water in the medium's high spot. Then he's the water. But long medium heat on to eat boys once calm down the heat and seamer force happy needs. Then turn off the heat and steak or always the best of us. And book leaves a pork loin to make cashew. Place a piece of kitchen paper on the safe and drained gently through. Our seems to remove excess if the water had to be evaporated too much while cooking police are some water to make the broth. 150 million secondary make seasoning oil top rest of guide and ginger and white bottle spring on You did our size, and this door was a spring on you to use as garnish. But the top Garrick danger and spring on you in a small pan and the other two tablespoons sesame oil, and so they at low heat until they become ground. Then stop heat and strain the oil to remove all the bases. If you like the taste of the fried investments, you can use them as a garnish. For Rahman, thuggery make us souls with some condiment mix $100 million so I milk one teaspoon of soy sauce and one tablespoon. Why to be so based and still them on your missile is deserved. So milk isn't a common ingredient for restaurant rahman, but you some milk to make the broth richer forever like stone cold as my secret ingredient . Finally on by all the components to make the right music was a broth and source in the medium and Pete's them to make it 12 pounds a heat off as the oil and mix well. 6. Garnish: in this vessel. I'm sure you how to make two types of popular Gunness is like chance shoe and softball season. Dick Prue via the boy Pork loin, which was used for making a broth, are awake so I sauce marrying and Sugar factory Make Soul still sees a both cashew and EC. Prepare a plastic back and add one tablespoon soy souls, 1/2 tablespoon nearing and one teaspoon of sugar in it, and the mix will to dissolve the sugar. Secondly, make a soft Bordick. Repair boiling water in the saucepan and so can echo gentry. Boise Egg for 6 to 7 minutes, until it becomes soft boiled, one room temperature. Nick Boyle for six minutes and for Cole, extraordinary fridge boy for seven minutes, then India to retake off the egg and so quick in the ice class to keep the York salt. Cool it for five minutes across the top of the exhale and gentle reputed egg as it is not come pretty hard. It put the pork loin and egg in the product back and close tightly to get out here. My needs them for over 30 minutes, at least in the fridge. I'm ligament marinating the eggs overnight, it becomes much richer and taster as you close to a Boston egg and a poke in the fridge for a few days. 7. Decoration: indifferent. Listen, I'll show you how to finish and decorate Rahman. The preparation lies the tells into two to thinking middle with and cut the softball soon. Half I mentioned it. Previous. Video more. You're immersed in marinated. Read it the more you become. Talk to the spring on your fine and Boston changing more than a few times to remember their strong flavor. Finally, the great you're home. Everyone's a promise. Is a medium pete not do boil? Because, Tom, you were based on it. If it boys boil water in a medium size bolt, place beans, grounds elements and blow them in the boat or southeast. Take out and shakes them to remove water. Boil ramen noodles in the same pot at medium heat for one minutes were staring know to stick together. When the ramen noodles are cooked, take often quickly to avoid over cooking and drained the water. What a super stock in another bowl. Place the cooked ramen noodles and still plays the gun he sees. Like Tash Ooh bean sprout Softwood season EC joke Spring on you, Fried friend, Vegetables and Rose. It's suis sheet. You have also favor two guys off course. You can put them together. No, you down. It's time to and you're your own, Rahman 8. Thank you: Thank you for watching my video. I hope you enjoy this cross. You have run how to make homesite rami from scratch. The project for this grass is to post the photo Brahman you create and share your experience making ramen. Jiro, if you write this cross, please give your review. It will help other people who are interested in the cross. Thanks again. See you knickers cross.