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How To Build A Website To Sell Your Art

teacher avatar Ryan Smith

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      How to build a website to sell art


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About This Class

This course is a quick Shopify tutorial for artists to sell your artwork online.

Find Artists link:

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Ryan Smith

Level: Beginner

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1. How to build a website to sell art: Hi, everyone. My name is Ryan. I'm here refined artists. And today we're gonna show you the best and easiest way to build a website to sell your artwork. I'm gonna go ahead and build a fake website for my friend Meryl here, and we're gonna make her beautiful website and we'll show you guys step by step along the way How I do it. So by the end of this tutorial, you have a website that looks a little something like this with your collections and all your art for sale and a little about me page Super simple. And I show you how to do this very easy and website just using shop fun, and we'll get into it right now. So here we are, chopped file. You gotta do this. Type in your email address and click start free trial. Make a new password in your store, name and click. Create your store. They'll ask you a couple questions here. They're not too important. Don't worry about them that much than some personal information here. Now your interior Shopify website. Easy is that. See if you go ahead and click and this little icon here toe so you could view what your website looks like right now and you'll see that it looks like this. So now we gotta put some stuff in it. So you could go over here to sales channels. Click online store. You'll see themes right under here You got debut will go ahead and keep using debut here, cause that's the easiest one. And it's pretty awesome. I like it just for art and selling art. What we're doing here, you can go ahead, click Customized. So this is kind of your sandbox right here where you can really make the website Look how you want to, You can move around sections and swap, swap it around and swap around the order here, and it gives you a little live preview there on the right side. And if you click this button, it will show you how it looks on mobile. So on phones, which is super important nowadays because a lot of online e commerce people are buying so many things on their phones. So that has to look on points. We're gonna head back over to the desktop version and build from there. We're gonna go ahead and click into the slide show here. And what you can do is you can add different images through these little buttons on here and change whatever settings. So, look, make it look how exact exactly how you want it. But for simplicity sake, we're gonna go ahead and remove that. Then this image with text overlay section, we're gonna go ahead and move that to the top. Use that to be the first thing that people see when they go to our website here, it's gonna look real nice and big Header. So I'm gonna go ahead and add an image here for my friend Mera. There we go. It looks good. Usually use a higher quality picture. That's just what I grabbed from her Facebook page. Super easy to go ahead and click Save over here. Good toss a little art guy. We're, uh, Susan. See how that looks there. Then I'm gonna go ahead and put her little tagline. And here unique and personal art pieces full of expression and feelings gotta love it. So it looks good. Go ahead and make this section a little smaller. There we go. So it fits in a little better. So let's swap over to Mobile. See how that looks. Looks pretty good to me. Formats. Just nice. We're not gonna had a button here because we're gonna have the different collections down below here, so don't worry about that. Go ahead and click. Save Go back. Sees featured collection right here. You can use that if you have only Ah, few pieces of art that you want to display and sell. But Mayor has got a couple pieces that we want to sell. So we're gonna go ahead and remove that section and add a collection list. Here, go back. Go ahead and save it. Go ahead and edit this little section here. Put something nice and that we'll go ahead and just toss one of these in there because that goes along with her inspiration. Go ahead, pace that in there. And that looks good to me. See? How do you have a collection list here? Now we want to go back and actually make some collections and upload some artwork within those collections. So now that it seems we can head back over here Now you head over to products a click add product. I had a picture. All you gotta do is pull it up and drop it in. Over here, there's a picture at your title, then your description, click save, and then when you could do you can collect a view right here to view how it looks within your website. So right now it says, sold out. But if you can see it looks like a pretty legit product page where that people can buy art from. So let's add some inventory here, Since it says sold out, just scroll down here and add one to the quantity. If you're just selling an original, if you're selling prints or something can add more to the quantity, however many you have, and we're gonna go ahead and at a price, and so that shows your price. If you wanted to show compare at Price to kind of show it as a marked down price, he could say, uh marked down from 1000 and then you'll see how it looks on here. See how it sort of says 1000? No, just kidding. It's for 900 on sale. You can have that on there if you want. Some people might like it when they're trying to buy, but But it could also give kind of a cheap feeling to your website were So we're gonna go ahead and take that off. So now we're gonna go ahead and put in the rest of the products and pieces of artwork that she has for sale. I wanted to take a second to tell you guys about find artists. Find artist is a new art marketplace. I guarantees your art exposure to art buyers. We do this by displaying art on the front page in a different order for each visitor, this means that every single artist on the platform gets their chance in front of prospect of art buyers. So you should head over, find artist dot net to check it out are now that we have all our up workload and let's organize them into collections now gonna head over here to collections and click, create collection, tip of the title. You can put in a little description, but that's not that important. And then we're gonna go ahead and click manual here because that's a little easier and click save head back out here. So now that we have a collection made, we can head back over to products. And then we're gonna go ahead and select each one that goes into that collection. Click actions and click. Add to collection. It'll be Ah, here and click Save. So now if we go over to collections and click on it, you'll see that these two pieces of art are now in that collection, and we can head back over to here to the online store and quit customized Head down here to collection list and select their collection. Gonna go ahead and click on whichever collection you want said. And there it is. Now you can go ahead and click on that collection and see how it looks on the online store . I'm gonna go ahead and add the other two collections and I'll check back with you later. All right, now that we've got all that uploaded our website starting to come along pretty good, it's starting to look like a very legit website. And as you can see here, all the collections and all of the art is displayed as well as the prices and the names. So if you want to add a little more information on the thumbnail here for your shoppers such as the size of a medium of your pieces. You can add that right into the name. So, like this one, instead of just saying mutinous, you could say munis 16 by 20 maybe whatever the sizes and then acrylic on campus. Or however you want to describe the medium of your piece of artwork because there's no limits, What she could make your heart out of and you can sell it all online is wonderful, but that we're gonna go ahead and add in about us Page. So I'm going to close out that head over here to pages at page. I'm gonna go ahead and type of the name of the page about me. Then we're gonna go ahead and put a picture. You're already had this uploaded. But if you wanted to upload another picture, we all had to do is click upload file, select. The one could choose it and then pick it. How big you want it to be? We're gonna go ahead with large because it's in about me picture because it's an about me page and you want a picture to be nice and big on there. Click Answer Image and There you go. But so we're gonna center this image now, so that's not aligned left like if you go over to the like, if you cook saving and go over to view the page, you'll see that it's aligned left, and then all the text that you have under that will be a line in the middle. So we're gonna want toe, take that picture and move it over to the middle. So all you want to do is double click on there. This comes up and you click alignment in the middle, quick at image. And there you go Click, save and click view page. Now it's in the middle. Now, we're gonna go ahead and paste in the rest of the stuff in the bottom. This you can have it in the middle or you can have it aligned. Left to change that. All you gotta do is quick here in the alignment. You can left the line or leave it in center line. You go ahead and leave it it center aligned here, but I am gonna make thes bigger. So we're gonna highlight the headlines and make that heading to on all of those and these will just stay as a paragraph formatting. So that looks fine. Let's click, save and see how our page looks. I think that's a pretty good about me, Page. So now to get that to appear here in the menu, we're gonna have to go back and edit the menu of the navigation. So head over the navigation here, and then we're gonna click main menu. We're gonna click, add menu at him about meat and then link it to the pages here, the one page that we made and quick see. And we're gonna go ahead and edit the name of catalogue and just say all oh, part and includes safe. So now when we go to our online store, you see this amazing home page that's connected to the collections. Here you have an about me page and where you can find all your art right here for sale. All right, so now we need just a few final touches to the site here. As you can see, just just says, find out this example, I'll show you how to put in a logo. We're gonna clean it this little foot or down here, so I'm gonna head back over to our Shopify site or Shopify themes. Go ahead and customize the theme. And here you got the header. You're gonna go ahead and select image for the logo Gonna blow it another one. We'll just go ahead and tossing find artist logo here and then you can also change how big you want it just by editing the with we'll go with that size. It looks pretty good and we'll click, Save him and then we'll head down here to the footer. We could go ahead and take out one of these quickly and take out this. You leave the newsletter. If you want to collect emails that a good way to keep track of all the people that are fans of you or you congee just take it out altogether. If you're not building an email list because that's just kind of something extra toe, take people's attention away from what you're doing on here. If you are collecting emails, then you can leave it that works. But here, the quick links we're gonna put in some housekeeping links in there so that you can get some good s CEO and get found on Google because these links right here very important. So we're gonna go ahead and so you have to do that by heading over to Shopify again. So for these things, you can head over to settings and click on the legal button here, so you're gonna have your refund policy privacy policy in terms of service. You can also toss in your shipping policy here also, but your privacy policy in terms of service, that's super important. If you want to do anything on the Internet nowadays, if you don't have a privacy policy or terms of service, you will not be able to get found on Google. But luckily, Shopify makes it super easy. Like right here you can click create from template from for all of these and what it does is it makes a easy film, the blank type of thing, that you can feel it yourself and it takes, and it takes all the guesswork out of it. So you don't even have to work with a lawyer to get these Basically, these legal documents here that Shopify and makes it super easy for you to make. So after you edit those, you could go ahead and click. Save that. We're gonna head back over to customize our site and head back to the footer in the quick links Gonna click edit menu. It will take you back over here to Shopify. You can change these to privacy policy and link that to your policy privacy policy. Right there. Change another menu. Adam turns of service. Alright, Once we get all of those in there, go ahead, click Save and we can view our online store. You see that? It has here those policy tabs here, under your quickly is which is super important. And we're lucky that Shopify makes it so easy. And then the visuals of your site is pretty much done. Now all you have to do is add a domain and link up your bank account. You could be selling art today, but if you see this little thing down here, you can see that your online stores password protected with a some some kind of password. But that means that your site isn't really open to the public. You can see the preview here so you can build it, but it's not open to the public until you actually pay the $30 a month to Shopify so that you could sell through their site. So if you want to change that, go ahead, click manage preferences, and then, as it says here, to disable your password page, you need to pick a plan, and then they'll have you put in your bank account information so you can actually be paying Shopify tees or service, and then you'll go ahead and click. Enable password there to remove that password protection so anybody can see your website when they go to your website. The last thing I got here is to show you a little bit about domains. You want to head over to domains dot google dot com, and then you can search for whatever type of demand you want right here. It's really important when you think you have a domain that you want to use in. A tomato is just the name of your website, basically, that when you type in like ST google dot com, google dot com is the domain for Google. So it's really important when you think you have a demand that you want to use that you go to domains dot google dot com to see if it's available. You don't want to type it into the bar. Appear because it may or may not come up that someone else website. But if it doesn't come up and it is available, then there's some people out there with box on the Internet metal Snapchat domain from you so that they will take it and buy it so that you have to pay them so that you can use it. Some mean people that don't bring any value to society. But but so yes, just come here to Google domains and I'm gonna go ahead and Tuhs went up like mirror art dot com. I'll see that that's not available, but Mirror art dot net is available for $12 a year. Or I could swap it over to arts by mira dot com. That should be available Well, it's not even available yet, but you get the picture. That's how you go about finding one, and then when you have one that you want, you go ahead and click the ed. Add to cart here. Then you go to your cart and you click. Check out you go ahead and put in all your information they're saying continue and all that . I'm not gonna I'm not gonna buy this domain right now, but then after you own the domain, then you'll go back, Click on it and then you go down a little bit, click build a website and then create a website, and then you'll see another boxes, says a online store. Because that's what you're doing. You're building a store that you're selling stuff. Annuals, Quick Shopify, and then you'll just link the name of your store to your domain. It'll take care of itself. If you have a little bit of trouble that just do a quick Google search and they can. You could take care of that real easy. So it's it. We have a pretty legit website. Now. You got your art on an about me page. Um, anybody can go here and by your art now, it took us less than a day, and you could do this pretty easy. Anybody could do this themselves if they follow this easy tutorial. So that's all for this one. Everyone remembered a head over to find artist on net to check out the art marketplace that guarantees artists exposure to buyers. The link is into description and leave a comment. If you have any questions. Audio's