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How To Build a Lead Generating Sales Funnel for Coaches & Consultants

teacher avatar Colin Scotland, Marketing Coach

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Intro - Why You Will Fail


    • 2.

      Why Bother With A Sales Funnel?


    • 3.

      What Your Sales Funnel Looks Like


    • 4.

      Prison to Paradise


    • 5.

      Creating Your Lead Magnet


    • 6.

      Creating The Landing Pages


    • 7.

      Creating An Email Nurture Sequence


    • 8.

      Test and Launch Your Funnel


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About This Class

Coaches, Consultants and Professional Service Providers. Learn how to create a sales funnel that will help you to build your email list, position you as the expert and attract and convert more high-paying clients for your business.

In this class, you will learn the essential steps required to create your first sales funnel and start building your email list.

  • You will understand why having a sales funnel is vital for your business.
  • You will have a clear blueprint for your sales funnel.
  • You will get clarity on the 'transformation' you bring to your clients.
  • You will learn how to create a lead magnet.
  • You will learn how to create the landing pages for your funnel**.
  • You will learn how to create an email sequence to nurture your new subscribers**.

**You will need a landing page builder (Thrive Architect, Leadpages, etc.) and an ESP (Email Service Provider). I recommend Drip, but ActiveCampaign, Convert Kit, InfusionSoft, etc. are all good options. Optionally, a scheduling tool such as Calendly, Acuity or ScheduleOnce​ so prospects can book time with you.

This class is geared specifically towards coaches and consultants who want to start building their email list and positioning themselves as an authority and generating leads online.

No prior knowledge or experience is required. I will guide you through the whole process.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Colin Scotland

Marketing Coach


Hello, I'm Colin.

I lectured in Marketing Communications for the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) in the UK. 

I've built multiple online businesses, one of which went from zero to £4 million in annual revenue (before it failed spectacularly in 2013).

I’ve since built a thriving marketing coaching and training business where I teach mission-driven entrepreneurs to become the truest version of themselves online and in their marketing.

My mission and purpose (as Seth Godin wrote) is to “help others become who they seek to become”.

Read my story here.

See full profile

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1. Intro - Why You Will Fail: Hi there. I'm calling Scotland. I'm gonna show you how you can create your first list. Building lead, generating sales funnel in your business, Super quick. In this class, you're gonna learn the three core elements of a successful on high converting sales. For not only that, I'm gonna give you the right mindset, the right strategy that you need to make this a success. You're in a place where you want to generate leads and sales in your business. And you want a process that allows that to happen on autopilot. This class is going to show you exactly how to achieve that. Most people who try to implement a sales funnel in their business will fail. Why is that? Well, really, the answer is simple. It's because of a great misconception around what marketing is. Most people think marketing is taking your product or service and put it in front of another client and going, Hey is my product or service by it. And it's wrong. I'll explain why your ideal clients aren't ready to buy your product. Some of them will be. Most of them won't. And so by just going, Hey, here's my product. Hey, here's my product. Hey, here's my product. You're just trying to force a sale that isn't ready yet. You wouldn't put water into a cattle freezing cold water out of the tap into the cattle and pour it straight in to make coffee cold. So in the same sense, we would boil the cattle literally right in the same sense. Why are we shout into our customers to buy our products when the freezing cold? They're not warmed up to the idea of who we are, what we can offer, why it's important. We just another product waving company out in the world amongst Masses and masses off your competitors. That's know how Mark Tim works marketing works When you acknowledge this person this ideal avatar, this ideal client and you meet them where they are at. So rather than selling, I would challenge you to think about how you can serve. Serve, don't self. That's the first and perhaps most important take away from this entire class. If you sell, you will fail. If you serve, then you will succeed. Leading with value on. Helping your potential clients really is the key to a successful hi converting sales funnel , and that's exactly what I'm gonna walk you through in this cost 2. Why Bother With A Sales Funnel?: Why bother with a sales funnel in the first place? Well, if you think about it, it's a statistical fact that 99% of the people that visit your website aren't ready to make a purchase. So we have a problem in that we're allowing so many potential clients to just leak away from our business. We do all the work and the end. It expend so much energy to get traffic and then we just let them go away again. So that's a problem. And that problem is fixed by having a sales funnel because it allows you to close that gap on it really is. It's kind of the the missing link between people that have no idea of who you are and the people that know who you are. They like you. They trust you on. They want to do business with you. Sales funnel allows you to fill that gap on provide the missing link between those two extremes off the status of a potential client for you. No, only are 99% of your website visitors not ready to make a purchase, people need between 5 to 7 interactions with a brand before they're ready to purchase anyway. So it's very, very rare that you'll get a visitor. First time visitor on your website that goes, Hey, here's my credit card. Let's make a purchase. Doesn't happen. Doesn't happen. People need multiple touch points. They're called exposure points to your business before they even consider doing business with you. So this is where the sales funnel comes into its own because it allows you to meet the client whether to help them with a problem that they've got right now on guide them towards the next step in your sales process without any selling. You just help help help along the way on the end result. Result of that help is the client goes, Wow, this guy or this girl can really help me because they've just proven it. They've actually helped me in my journey. So yeah, I'll have a conversation with them about how we can take that further, how they could help me even more 3. What Your Sales Funnel Looks Like: So what does the sales funnel look like? We're gonna go through that in just a second, but before we do, I want to share two quick things with you. The first is that as a coach, a consultant or professional service provider, it's likely that you will need some form of contact with a prospect in order to convert them into becoming a pain client. On the funnel I'm about to share with you effectively helps and is geared towards that very outcome off Getting somebody onto a call on the second thing is that in its essence, what we're looking to do here is to take people who are ice cold on have never heard of you or your brand before Andi warm these people up to be come in flaming hot leads that know, like and trust on are ready to do business with you. That's the goal of our funnel. Okay, so in terms of how it looks, what we want to do is we want to lead with value. Remember, serve, don't sell on in leading with value. What we're looking to achieve here is to demonstrate our worth to demonstrate the fact that we can actually help you with your problem by doing that by helping with that problem that your ideal prospect is struggling with the thing that really keeps them awake at night under thing that they worry about, they feel scared about or anxious over. This is what we're gonna address inside of the first part of the funnel, which is the lead magnet on. We're going to go into all of these things in more detail in subsequent classes. But effectively, we create value riel value that makes a difference to your ideal prospects. We use that value to capture their details in exchange for an email address. Okay, on we do that on what's called an opt in page. We create a landing page specifically to catch a prospects email address in exchange for the value, the lead magnet, okay, and the reason this really quickly the reason we use a landing page and we don't just put this stuff onto a page on your normal website, it's that your normal website has all kinds of menus and fancy things going on that distract. So our landing page is helpful in that it has one for one purpose and one purpose only Everything is geared towards getting that person to put their email address in Andi. Get the lead magnet in return. Nothing else. No distractions. So that's why they work the way that they do. So that's why it's definitely worth creating the opt in page specifically for the lead magnet. Once we've got the details, the next part of the funnel is, too. Nurture those folk into booking a sales call on. We do that with email, so we've just caught their email address on We're now able to take time to build relationship, to build the know like and trust factors on to really warm up this potential client on all the while pointing them towards your big goal. Whether it's get on a sales call, whether it's to sell a product or any course or whatever that thing is for you as a coach and a consultant, usually it's to get them onto a sales call, right? And so that's That's the way that we guide them inside of the funnel. This is the process that I'm going to show you how to build out during this course 4. Prison to Paradise: you've now Go on, idea off what the sales funnel looks like. Andi, of course, we're gonna look at how we create the constituent elements of that. But perhaps most importantly of all is what we're going to do next. And that is for you to develop a really strong sense of clarity around exactly what you offer to your ideal clients. Because And this is important the accuracy to with which you understand your ideal clients pain and problem will determine how successful your funnel is in attracting and converting the right clients for your business. So we're going to do a little exercise and it's something I call prison to paradise. So I want you to think about your ideal clients. I want to think about the prison they're in right now before they've used your products or services. What does that prison look like? What does it feel like? What does it sound like? So are we feel Are we anxious? So we fed openly frustrated. Are we overwhelmed? Are we confused? What's our feeling around what it is that you do? So I worked with her sales consultant Guy very recently, who helps online entrepreneurs to conduct a sales call without any selling on to convert more people in a sales call into becoming a paying client On. If we think about the prison, the place that the his ideal clients is in before they've used his services, then it it. It feels very daunting, and it causes great anxiety and fear and nerves around having a sales call in the first place because these guys are experts, but they're not sales people. In fact, the word sales turns them off. They hate that word makes him cringe inside. And so, you know, they hear all of this stuff about, well, you need to sell without selling, or you need toe always be closing, or all of these things about a bombarding them left, right and center on. So so it za riel difficult position for these folk, the passionate about what they deliver but hate selling. So they look for another option, then to to so basically escaped this prison off. Wow, I hate sales calls on that, you know, don't convert very many people into a paying client because I just don't know what to do, how to not become or sound sleazy. All of these things, right? So see our building, a picture of of what this person's prison may look like on. So really, what you need to think about is what prison is like for your ideal client right now. What's their life like now, before they've utilized your coach in your consulting or your services? Okay, So describe it in detail. And then once we know what prison looks like, we can contrast it. I'm we can look at what paradise looks like. So here's the contrast. Okay, the prison to paradise. Contrast. What does life look, feel and sound like when I'm in the doldrums before I've discovered unutilized and been exposed to the wonderful things that transformational things that you can bring to my life on? Then, after I've had that transformation, what does that feel like? What does it look like? What does it sound like? What are the things I'm saying? What other things and feeling and doing after I have experienced it? So by spending some time understanding what life's like before on what life's like after you're able to provide contrast on paint a really clear, vivid picture to your ideal clients on then comes the really crucial bit. So you've just defined what prison looks like for an ideal client on what the paradise looks like. Next is to understand what the steps are. So imagine this is a cab chasm on. Then what are the steps that I need to take to get to bridge this gap from prison to paradise? So if you think about your process, your coaching your consultant, what are the steps that form the bridge between prison to paradise for you on its these very steps that become effectively the essence off your product or service the essence of what you deliver on it, how you deliver those results So this may be a unique coaching program that you have. It may be a system that you follow. It may be a process or a Siris of processes, but effectively is the vehicle the mechanism by which you take people from prison to paradise. That's what I want you to do. Next is to define just in a word, document or ah, note pad or whatever. Whatever takes your fancy. There's no rigid rules to this. Just fill out what prison looks, feels and sounds like what paradise looks, feels and sound like on what the steps are from getting from prison to paradise. 5. Creating Your Lead Magnet: Okay, You've just completed the prison to paradise exercise on. Hopefully now you've got a really clear insight from your ideal client's perspective as to exactly what transformation, what change you bring about in their lives or their businesses related to what you do and what you can offer on. So this is super important, because is now a case of asking yourself the question. How can I demonstrate this big transformation that I offer inside my coach in my consulting or my service business? How can I demonstrate this big transformation in a small way on its this demonstration off your worth off, how good you are on. But you can actually deliver these results that becomes your lead magnet. So it's not just some really nearly list of this. That and the other that makes no difference. That has no impact. It's something directly related to the prison to paradise exercise you've just done. This is why it's super important. It has to be something that demonstrates to your ideal prospect off that you can actually move them along that path from prison to paradise by doing it. So maybe it's ah, bit of analysis. Maybe it's a checklist. Maybe it's an outline of the steps. Something that actually shows on gives them a reason to believe that you can help them further. So we go. Wow, This this guy or this girl's actually helped me. I now feel confident that they can take me the rest of the way. So we're helping them with a problem. In part, we're not helping them with the entire thing. We may show the entire thing, but we don't drill down into the details. So this is this element off. Okay? Wow. I see now your value. I can see what you can do. I see how you can help me on. I now want to have a conversation with you to take that further to take the next step. That's the goal of a really powerful, really strong lead magnet. So just to elaborate on that, I want you to think about the value that you offer inside of the lead magnet on This is something I came up with called on balance in the see saw on. It basically means that the more value we deliver, the more likely people are to become a client. So we very much lead with value. And again, it's all about serving, not selling. This is the whole premise on the whole philosophy behind building sales. Funnels of that have people queueing up at your door wanting to work with you because they know you've proven yourself because they know you can help them. You've already helped them in the lead magnet that you've created. So a lead magnet can take a variety of forms. It can be a PdF checklist. It could be lots and lots of different things. It could be templates. What's most important isn't what it is, right. It's not the form it takes. It's the fact that it does this, and it unbalances. The seesaw on is linked to your prison to paradise, so it's linked to the big thing that you can help them with. On Here are just a few ideas that you could create a lead magnet around. Okay, could be a free course. It could be it could be a checklist or a pdf for a guide could be a series of videos. So the walk off the lead magnet it's almost irrelevant, right? It really is what super important, what you must ensure is that Is that step or a part of the steps in your prison to paradise ? That's what will make this lead magnet powerful. That's what will make this lead magnet irresistible. 6. Creating The Landing Pages: Okay, You've completed your prison to paradise exercise. You've got a lead magnet. But you've got an idea of what that lead magnet might be or will be. The next thing is to begin creating the pages inside of the funnel. And if we look at the assets that we require, we've got the lead magnet itself. Of course on then, we've got the actual pages that we send traffic to inside of the funnel on these London pages. There are so many different ways that we can create London pages. I'm gonna show you how you can create them super quick with a tool I use called lead pages . And there are a plethora of options when it comes to creating your London pages. If you've got a WORDPRESS website, you can use a plug in called Thrive Architect. You can use a plugging called elemental. These a role really low, low cost to entry products that you can utilize, I think thrive architectures about $67 for a single site license. And then there are dedicated landing page software providers out there off which lead pages is one on I use with my clients and in my businesses. I've used lead pages. I've used click funnels. I've used a lesser known software called Convertir E or with really great effect on. I'll be honest with you, right. There is no ideal solution for you, so I'm not going to sit, stand here and say, Hey, you need to get lead pages you need to get X. The reality is you get what is appropriate and relevant to your business right now. So if you're on WordPress and you've got really low budget and you're doing all this on a shoestring, just get the free elemental plug in or just, you know, stretch and get the $67 thrive architect plug in that will suffice. That will work beautifully for the purpose of implementing ah, high converting sales funnel in your business. If you have bigger ambitions, you've maybe you're doing a bit turnover already. You've got the budget to accommodate $29 a month or $49 a month or wherever the costs of the specific software is that you're looking at. Then it can be helpful to have a dedicated landing page builder simply because you can draw upon ah lot off the pre built templates on page layouts that they already have Now, granted, Dr Architect has an awesome array of layouts and templates a really solid option for you. So really, Ultimately, what we're looking to do is we're looking to create as fast as possible on as efficiently as possible the pages inside of the funnel. So the opt in pages for the lead magnets. Andi Initially, in this outline that we're talking about, we've got an opt in page for the lead magnet on. Then we've got, ah, book of consultation page. So to landing pages there to create this the essence of this funnel for coaches and consultants. Now, when you when you get familiar and happy with all of this off course, we can layer and level this funnel up for you on the way that we would do that is we would no, only I haven't opt in page. But we would bounce that opt in to a thank you page with a video on it of you there. Say you there saying, Hey, thanks so much for requesting the download. It's gonna be with you shortly. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. What that does is it gives the contact another point of exposure to you. And they see you. They look you in the eye, they're able to get a real feel for who you are and what you're all about. And that whole thing that we've been speaking about all along developing this relationship in this, knowing that you can help them because you doing it all the way through every phase off the funnel. So that's really how we take the funnel toe level to. But for now, we're focusing specifically on opt in, getting them on a strategy call, closing that gap with email nurture so that the things that we're focusing on here, but in terms of the landing pages, getting these getting these two built for this specific funnel, let me show you just how easy that is with the tools, which is lead pages. So in in lead pages, you've got a whole swathe of templates that you can utilize for your business from getting somebody to opt in on. You know, they've even got consultation type templates so we could look at this on. We could take this template on just basically fill in the blanks, log into this an image of you Change the colors on it really is so simple just for you to to amend an edit. All of these details on that becomes your strategy session Page your consultation page. So let me show you how easy that is. So if we could use this template inside the dragon Drop editor weaken literally click every element here on alter it. We can replace that with textile. With our logo, we can change the images. We can change the text. Maybe we're not taxed. Prep. Maybe we are, Um I don't know, financial consultation. Okay, So you see how easy is I just clicked in there, Change the text we can We can alter absolutely everything on the page. So it really is just a case of click in and and messing about and playing with the various elements to make this your own. Okay, so you may spend a bit of time playing around and fiddle in and moving stuff about and stuff like that, but effectively, you've got the essence of of ah, well designed a really nicely structured London page that you can just mess about with change. The details on publish it really is that simple? So if I just go back to the templates and we can look at specific, like lead magnet type templates that that lead pages have. So here we go. Look, this is a cheat sheet again. You can just use the Templar over. Type it with your details. This is just placeholder text in here on away we go whether you use lead pages, whether you use thrive architect doesn't matter or any of the others out there. It really doesn't matter which one you use. So this is an example of one of my opting pages for a checklist on It's a free implementation checklist to allow coaches and consultants to get more leads and sales on If we think back to the prison to paradise, this is effectively, it's effectively on outline of the steps that I use inside of my coaching program to get people to more leads and sales. So the prison is that they I don't understand how to establish themselves as an authority how to create a connection with potential audience, how to correct funnel that will convert people onto a sales call on then how to take that sales call and convert those people into paying clients on. So this is a checklist that outlines the framework. If you like my prison to paradise framework. And so this is the opt in page for that, and it's a simple page with a opportunity for them to put their name and email address in to get the checklist. When it comes to book in a call, this is an example off a strategy session page. So this is my strategy session page, which basically has a little video on there that gets them excited and interested to spend some time with me again. It's another point of exposure. I'll show you real quick. I'm really excited that you're thinking about booking a strategy session in destructive you sessions. Okay, so as well as the video, we've got a little simple, step by step process of what happens. They scheduled to get ready for the call. We have a chap, and they make it. It makes a difference in their business. So a really simple focus on outline in some of the ways I can help a repeat of the video on . Then we've got some social proof. This is a guy that I worked with. We grew his business phenomenally. In about four months. He is Business grew by 250% on. We were both dancing around on the coal when we when we uncovered those results, which was amazing. But this basically proves as well as me showing and what, what, what you can do. And you want that same element of social proof in your strategy session call. And then when it comes to book in the strategy session itself, I have software called Callin Lee. There are tons of scheduling software is out there callin Lee acuity. One acuity schedule ones, so many of them. Essentially, what they do is they allow people to book block to book time in your calendar without you having to two and throw backwards and forwards with. I can't do that day. I can do that time, but not that time. And all of that all of that headache effectively. This allows you them to book directly on your calendar. You tell the calendar which lots are available on. It will make them available for you automatically. Ah, another testimonial and then bouncing back to book a strategy session. OK, so that's the strategy session. Consultation call. Whatever it is for your business, that's an example off that page on you. Can you see now you can create that in lead pages you can create in any London page builder , but effectively, you need to create the opt in page on. You need to create the strategy paid to the call Baqa call page with you there. They're the very basic elements that you'll need inside of your funnel. 7. Creating An Email Nurture Sequence: Okay, so once you've got your land, your London pages created and you've got your lead magnet ready to rock and roll, the next and final phase is to create your email nurture sequence. I'm gonna show you exactly how to do that right now. Basically, once you've got the person's email address, you're able then to utilize email to build relationship, and that's the key goal. You'll hear it said that and the money is in the list. You must build your list you must build the list on. It's not actually the list that you looking to build because a list in and of itself is worthless. A list of a 1,000,000 people who don't know you don't like you don't trust you is worthless . A list of 100 people who love everything. What you do there really on fire for what you can offer on our ready and primed to become a client of yours is much more valuable than the list of a 1,000,000 disengaged, disinterested people. And the reason for that is not in the list itself. It's in the relationship that you have with that list. So our goal in the nurture sequence is to effectively create this relationship on this emotional connection with your prospects. So what does this sequence look like? This is an example of a welcome sequence that you can use in your business straight away. Using this framework to nurture potential prospects towards booking a session with you on this consists off six emails e mail. One is basically thanking them for their interest on delivering your lead magnet to them on then an email to we uncover and really address what some of the major objections could be, too. Then utilizing your paid services on this is really a case of Boston and myth. So if you think back to the intro video for this very class, then I spoke to you about something around people thinking marketing is one thing. But actually that isn't isn't true on that boosted a myth and that you may have ah, falsely held belief about what marketing is all about and that transformation in your mind that light bulb, the ah ha, is the thing that pushes you forward in terms of creating the emotional connection. Andi becoming more likely to convert into a client hope that makes sense. So what you're doing instead of instead of remember, instead of waving your product out, then you're allowing them to to come along the path for themselves. It's like a self discovery, right? So instead of you going here, Yeah, this is great. This is great. You bust this myth and they can't go. Ah, right, right. And so they see the world in an entirely different way because of what you've said in email . Number two on that is powerful because you're not the person dragging this this prospect along the funnel and saying, Hey, buy this Hebei this anymore. You're actually serving them by making a transformation happen just like you did with the lead magnet making that transformation happened for Riel with the content of this email. So wow. Yeah, I never thought of it like that on my how this person is is so well equipped to help me to take the next phase. That's the goal of the objections email. Next, we give some social proof. Okay, so we may paint a picture off what life would be like at the end of the process. So again, thinking about to the prison to paradise, we may tell a story of Jackie and Jackie was in such misery because of X Y and Zed. We're talking about prison now. Then Jackie discovered my service, and now Jackie is living this paradise dream of X y and Zed. We describe in paradise. Okay, so the stuff that you did in the prison to paradise, exercise or project, that's what we're using in this email. So So now Jackie's life looks like this, and it's amazing, and it's amazing on. Then. We have some words from Jackie that say, Hey, wow, I can't believe the difference This is made in my life. I wish I'd have done it sooner. And so we're delivering social proof into the mix to our prospects so that they know Onley . Are we demonstrating that they can help were proven that we can help by showing them proof by showing what life will be like after they've used our service. And then once we've done all that, we basically offer help. So email four is all about asking them if we can help them in any areas that they're still stuck on. So have we missed some of the big things that they might be thinking about those questions or his potential objections around becoming a book in a strategy session. What's holding them back? So we asked them, What's holding you back? Why haven't you booked a strategy session? How can I help you with your biggest challenge right now related to what I'm doing? And we asked them that question in the email and then email. Five is effectively where we have a strong call to action on our call to action. Here is going to be Hey, look, you've consumed the lead magnet. You've done this. You've got that. You've done this. This is all part of a bigger picture. This is all part of my big coaching program or my consulting services or whatever it is for you. Let's jump on a call. Let's talk about how I can really transform your business, how I can really deliver X for you and how this can make a difference on for those that have gone through the process. For those that have had there are hard moments, it will resonate, and they will kind of go, Yeah, you know what? I'm ready. I'm gonna get on a call with this guy what with this girl buying? Let's do it. So this is where you basically call them out and say, Hey, get a nickel, Let's have a chat That kind of strong call to action on Then the final email comes a little while after the call to action email on This is where we haven't They haven't booked to call at this this point, so we just try and re engage them. We just literally will say something really simple, you know? Are you still interested in X on X being the outcome, the transformation that you can deliver? Are you still interested in growing your business with digital marketing? Are you still interested in getting more leads in sales with marketing automation? What? Whatever the thing is, are you still interested? And it's a simple one liner that asks him that question on you'd be surprised how many people just kind of come back at you at that phase. And of course, all of these emails are delivered inside of what's called an email service provider. On. That is software that effectively delivers this sequence in a timed on a time schedule. So if I sign up today, I'll get email one immediately on. Then it will wait a day and then it's semi email to it will wait another day. Semi Mel three. You define the time delays, by the way. So if for you it makes sense to send one after the other maybe six hours apart or 12 hours apart. What Whatever that delay time is, you can make that happen inside of an email service provider software. So you basically set a delay delivering email. Have a delay, deliver the next email on you. Create an automated campaign inside of your email service provider that delivers thes e mails on this framework. Really is a solid starting point for creating a structured approach to nurturing your leads . 8. Test and Launch Your Funnel: once you've got your lead magnet created, you've created the London pages, and you've also created the email nurture sequence that follows up with prospects after they've opted him for your lead magnet. Then you ready to rock and roll. But before you do, it's really important that you test all aspects of the funnel before pressing the button on sending it live on sending traffic into it on. So a real simple way to do that is toe. Enter the funnel of yourself with your own email address or a test email address so that you can see the flow play out on. Do you can make sure that everything is working as it should. Once the testing is complete, you ready to launch you ready to start sending traffic into your opt in pages on for that flow to work its magic on for people to become, to know like and trust on to build relationship with you to the point where they're ready to press the button on Get on a call on talk about the potential that you can offer into their business. Exciting times. Enjoy