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How To Become An Instagram Influencer : From Rookie To Expert

teacher avatar Sis G Courses, Courses for badass influencers

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Part 1: Introduction


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      Part 2: Setting yourself up for success


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      Part 3: Publishing your content the right way


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      Part 4: Marketing, Branding and Sponsorships


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About This Class

Anyone and everyone can call themselves an Instagram influencer, but to have impeccable influence on more people who are keen on consuming the content and product you offer, it requires a strategy.

Hello there, my name is Greta AKA Sis G and on my platform I teach you everything related to being a content creator. By the end of this course you will learn:

  • What an Instagram influencer is
  • How to setup your expert Instagram influencer account
  • My tips snd tricks for getting noticed on Instagram
  • How to work with brands and sponsors

In this course I will give you practical info and resources from my own experiences.

Meet Your Teacher

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Sis G Courses

Courses for badass influencers


I am a childcare worker and part-time content creator. I absolutely love teaching and passing down ANTYHING I know to other people. I feel empowered when someone thrives after meeting me. 

I create content on Skillshare, Instagram and YouTube.

Many people believe you need a large audience to make an income online - that is a myth. I have made income with a small audience and I lay out my strategies in my first course titled "How Influencers Can Get Brand Deals With A Small Audience". On this platform I plan to teach you how to create an online brand, how to build an online platform, how to maximize your income and how to navigate being a content creator. Thanks for following and subscribing to my courses. See you in class!


Instagram: @sisg.o... See full profile

Level: Intermediate

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1. Part 1: Introduction : Hi there. My name is greater a k A search G. And on this platform I teach everything with your gods to be a content creator. By the end of those course, you would have upgraded yourself from rookie instagram influencer to expert instagram influencer Anyone and everyone can call themselves an instagram influencer. But to have impeccable influence on more people who are keen on consuming content and product you offer, it requires a strategy. This is not your typical course video with a host housing everything you've already heard before. In this course, I'm gonna give you practical info and resource is from my own experiences. Buffel, get started with this course. Make sure you hit the follow button right below and also follow me on Instagram. It's at citi dot official. Now let's get started with this course. Before we get into how to become an instagram influencer, we first need to define what an instagram influence that is right. Some people instagram influences are content creators who build a following across a particular niche or topic. Because instagram is a visual platform, the most successful influences are those who publish quietly videos and photos, influences with 1000 to 100,000 followers are called micro influences. The latest research shows that brands are turning more and more to micro influences rather than making influences to advertise their products. The reason for this is that although micro influences have a smaller foot away, they have more influence on their following than the big dogs. So if you are a small content creator, never think that you won't get brand deals or sponsorships. In fact, you may just be what brands are looking for. 2. Part 2: Setting yourself up for success: many creators make the mistake off up nobody random content a day. What happens is then the interval. A bunch off followers are not engaging where they content. This is because if a follow followed you, for example, for your cooking videos, and then suddenly you upload a makeup tutorial that subscribe may not what your videos as makeup may not brilliant me what they're interested in. So unless you're of lager, it's important to define your niche and create a community with a common interest now under to teach you how I found my niece. What you're going to do is you are going to create a table in excel or even in word with three kinds. Okay, in the first column, you are going to write down what you are passionate about, and then in the second column, you are going to write down the skills you have. Perhaps you are good at teaching like I am. Perhaps you are a good a commentary. Perhaps you're good makeup so right on oil skills in the second quarter. And then in the third column, you are going to write down what people say that you are good at past people tell you you're good at makeup. Has people tell you you're a great debater? So write that down in the third column Now what if created this table, you will be able to identify the trend within this table. And once you identify the trend, then you should be able to identify the top off court in that you should be making on instagram. So if you see that there's a general trend that you're great at a beauty, you greater makeup that should be the top of content that you choose to make on Instagram. Don't start a beauty page just because it's really popular. If you fake it to make it somewhere down the line, your true person, our show and people will no longer be interested in your content. People will not like it, and also you will experience a burnout because you're making content that you're not passionate about. I was approached by a girl on Instagram the other day who wanted to be an influencer. Not I'm the type toys help people when they ask me for how so. I told her that I would help her, and when I got her profile, I noticed immediately that she had nothing in her bio. So I told her that she needs to show that she's an influencer in her buyer. A couple of minutes later, the girl updated her buyer and all it said Waas, I'm an influencer now. I didn't like this really didn't make me laugh out loud because I felt that the girl didn't really understand what it meant to your bio. Okay, Now, don't be that girl, okay? If you want to be taken seriously, you must own your body. I'm gonna teach you how to own your by a buyer is like a welcome note to a party. It tells people who you are, what you are, about what you can offer and how they can sign up. Right? And if you can answer these four questions by looking at your own buyer, then you have owned your while. But what about making it more unique to become a successful instagram influencer? Your buyers should be telling your story in short. Okay, If you're a food lover, you can ride foodie, or you can write travel plus food. Or you can write foodie on wheels to make it a little bit more creative. The options are unlimited, but due to limited space you must shorten your sentences and to use correct spelling and not pessimist language in your bio so that you can look more professional. You can use different faults. You can use italics. You can basically a job bio in any unique way that best represents you. But you cannot do it on Instagram. Okay, you will have to use another tool now business online to it's a platform that I use and it's called I g line break. Okay. And this too can help you to a did your bio. So all you have to do is just go to the link that put on the screen and then you write your bio on that platform, you edit it to your liking. You can't copy and then you pasted directly to your instagram bio. And that way your bio can stand out from the wrist. I also like to add one hashtag my bio when people search the hashtag, I am likely to be one of the top results for that hashtag. So this is something that you can do as well convert your page to a creator or business page. Okay, there are many benefits to this. You get insights to post having better engagement along with your followers. Demographics. The time off. Maximum engagements, etcetera. So all this information would help you in Brad collaboration and pitching. You can also run ads with they create or a business account, but cannot do so with a normal account to convert your page to a creator or a business account, I will refer you to Instagram help center, as by the time you're watching this course, the procedure may have changed. So simply Google. How can I change my instagram page to create a page or business page and you will see how to do it step by step. 3. Part 3: Publishing your content the right way: consistent and quiet content is the key to becoming an instagram influencer. However, don't just post for the sake off posting. Think about creating a general flow and few with your content. Have a look at the popular creators in your knees looking. What they pose and how they posted it will give you some inspiration for your own page. With that said, try to bring a few weeks but to your own content so that you don't appear to simply be copying somebody else. Consider getting professional photos for your page. There are rookie photographers are Instagram who collaborate with creators by taking pictures off them for free in return for a mention. Okay, to find these rookie photographers, simply search for hashtag photographer, and these will be the ones with following off less than 1000. Send them a D. M. D. M is a direct message with your request. However, if you must still take pictures of yourself, consider taking a photography course before you start the only photography courses available right here on skill Ship videos are red way off, allowing your followers to get to know you. I like to pose at least one video week to connect with my followers. Use HGTV to create videos longer than one minute. Hashtag make your post searchable and instagram pacers great value or cash tax. Many times I've been followed by people who found me via the explore page due to the hashtag that I've used in my posts. June a maximum off 30 hash tags that describe your post and choose the best hashtags. I like to use an online platform, which is called best hashtag. I've got the link also on the screen right now with us tool. You can enter the topic or the niche that you want hashtag sport, and it generates a list off most popular hashtags that you can just copy and paste on your instagram when out of your hashtag, Be mindful to add the hashtag as a comment instead off in the description itself. This will just have to keep your post a little bit more collector free. Once you reach 1000 oil followers out, recommend that you start decreasing the number of hashtag that you use. An expert influences someone who doesn't really need hashtag to see. So also what time you reach 1000 followers. You have really taken up spaced on instagram in your specific niche. Okay? And instagram as well as your old following will do a great job off automatically promoting you so you will not really need the hashtag. 4. Part 4: Marketing, Branding and Sponsorships: as the word influence implies. To become an instagram influencer, you must create a community off people who enjoy your content. In the beginning, this community will be small, but if you make consistent and you keep uploading content, you will find yourself with a loyal following again. Never perches, funnels a moment, assignments for that never purchased followers or involve yourself and follow for follow activities. These followers will not engage with your cart it, and you will find yourself of the high number of followers and very low engagement. This is not a good look, especially if you're looking to work with brass to grow your audience. Organic e You can make use off tools. Instagram has provided tools such as using hashtag, creating engaging content, tagging, reliving pages and promoting the content via instagram. Ads and expert influence must always have more followers than the people that they follow. And it come with 1000 followers that also follows 1000 followers, for example, does not look like the influence it has 80 following. It simply looks like an account that follows anybody who follows them. My rule of thumb is a 10% follower to following racial. So if you have 10,000 followers, they don't find more than 1000 people. If you have 1000 followers, they don't find more than 100 people. Now, this is not stated stone. You can read the way that you like, but just make sure that it doesn't appear like you're following everybody who follows you. That makes you very rookie. I'm not an expert, an expert Instagram influence has brands slowing to work with them. They get free products or services to advertise on the pages. If you want to move from rookie to expert Instagram influence, you must work with Brad's. In the beginning, it may be difficult to get bread deals, but here's what you can do. Purchase products yourself and tag the breads in each and every post. Sometimes these brands would reposed to you, which can lead to greater visibility for future collapse. From my experience brand start contacting you when you reach 1000 followers, but you don't have to wait for them to contact you. You can join certain platforms that connect influences with brands. The most popular platform for small creators are fame, Byrd and rectify. These levels are free to join or you have to do is sign up. Could nature social media accounts complete your profile and they start apply for the sponsorships advertised? The best influences have agencies management that representing these agencies are responsible for the influences, overall image and business deals. Having an agency represent you while you're still a rookie is the smartest thing that you can do as this will add weight to your profile. If you at your profile that you managed by a certain agency, it automatically sends a message that you're a professional. You may think that finding representation as a small content creator is expensive or perhaps even impossible. But I'm here to tell you that it's not. We are small agencies willing to take on influences with 1000 followers or less if they see potential in you. My agency, for example, took me on 500 followers. I hate over to my instagram profile to check out the agency that manages congratulations. You add under those course by now, you should know what an instagram influencer is. How to set up your expert instagram influencer account my tips and tricks for getting noticed on Instagram and how to work with brands and sponsors. Don't forget to complete the class project. See you in my next chorus. Bye bye.