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How to Bake the Perfect Red Velvet & Cherry Cupcake

teacher avatar Mary Gainza, Lover of colors & food

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      1. Class Introduction


    • 2.

      2. Gluten free flour types


    • 3.

      3. Cupcake ingredients


    • 4.

      4. Mixing the cupcake batter


    • 5.

      5. Baking the cupcakes


    • 6.

      6. Preparing the frosting


    • 7.

      7. Filling the cupcakes with frosting & fruit pieces


    • 8.

      8. Frosting & decorating your cupcake


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About This Class

Gluten free always sounds a bit scary, but it is so easy nowadays!

Follow along with home cook and designer Mary Gainza as she bakes an easy and delicious gluten free red velvet cupcake filled with cherry pieces, decorated with cream cheese buttercream frosting.

She will also be talking about a few gluten free flours for baking & will show you how to use the cherry's juice for decorating your cupcakes. 

Sharing with you the ingredients that you can find at grocery stores and following her easy recipe, by the end of this class you'll be ready to bake your own red velvet cupcake and decorate it in any way you'd like, you can share your creation in the class project and get any doubts answered as well.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mary Gainza

Lover of colors & food


Hi, I'm Mary, I'm a designer and homecook originally from Venezuela but currently living in Oakland, California.

I work mostly as a web designer and photographer, but through out the years have found a deep joy in baking and cooking. Ever since I moved out of Venezuela I started baking even more to replicate many of the typical food from my country.

After my move to California I found new friends that had more dietary restrictions which motivated me to learn more about gluten free baking.

During my free time I publish some of my recipes in my spanish blog and also images of things I regularly bake or craft on my personal instagram

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1. 1. Class Introduction: Hi, My name is Mary and I buy you to join me. My first kill shirt class I'll be making with you. I blew for your red velvet cupcake with cream cheese, bar cream and Cherries. I am our home cook, originally from Venezuela, and I've been baking for the past 10 years. I moved to California a few years ago, and that's when I found out free baking, even though I'm actually not allergic to gluten, some of my friends are, and that motivated me to start experimenting with blue free recipes for the project. Off this class, we will be making together a gluten free rebel cupcake that you can decorate any way you want. Take a picture of it and I learned to the project gallery I look forward to seeing your cupcakes. Let's get baking 2. 2. Gluten free flour types: Hi. Welcome back. We're gonna talk right now. Briefly about little free flowers. You can final line some mixes of gluten free flours. I will contain different variations off flowers that will make one solid blowback from mix . I I'm a little bit more like you see, then that So I actually used the mix that it sold by Barbara Mills. I like this next because if you're just doing recipes based on measurements like await, for example, using a little scale, it's usually gonna call perfect Another flower. I really like using its King Arthur's gluten free makes souls were really good. One of the floors. I don't you for baking and I don't recommend using unless you're actually going for coconut flavor. Ease Cochran flower because the flavor of it actually overtakes the whole flavor of the other ingredients. Even if you're adding Bonilla are chocolate or anything toe. It's just taking away by this trunk of flavor. Oatmeal flour is really good, but again, if you're using any of those flowers that are made of a specific ingredient like oh, well, then you need to do mix that contains several of those 3. 3. Cupcake ingredients: Now we're gonna go through our ingredients for this recipe. We're gonna be using six ounces off gluten free flour. It can be any mix you want any brand you want. We're gonna also be using ah, quarter teaspoon of sanctum gum, which I have already mixed. As you can see in the flower. 1/4 cup of cocoa powder, one teaspoon of baking powder, half a teaspoon of baking soda. They're both makes in this little one cup of sugar, 2/3 of a cup of sour cream. This is gonna help keep the cupcake moist. We're gonna be using six tablespoons of oil. It could be vegetable oil. I am gonna be using coconut oil in my recipe and you're gonna need also to eggs. They have to be large, too large eggs. You're also going to need cupcake liners. It can be for Munich, up kicks like this tray. Or it could be just stander sized cupcake liners. Also, we're gonna need a cupcake try can be for meanies or it could be the standard size. Um, you don't need a stand mixer, but it's really hopeful. And again for your recipe. You actually don't need fruits but you can have them if you want. In this case, I'll be using Cherries and you also need red food coloring. It could be gel. It can be natural food coloring, like be choose. 4. 4. Mixing the cupcake batter: Before we start mixing our ingredients, we should turn over non and set it to 350 degrees. Also, we should make sure that one of our open racks, it's in the middle or as close to the middle. In my case, my open has five levels. I tend to put it in the second level from below. Now we're gonna be mixing our batter. So the first thing we're gonna be doing is mixing are drying greens I'm reading here. The flower that I already mixed with the san thing Go. This is a baking powder and baking soda. This is a cocoa powder, and the only thing we're gonna be leaving out of this mix is the sugar. It just makes it all and set it aside on our mixer bowl. We're gonna add the oil, and we're going to out to that. Sure may see that it's welcome. Gonna be adding to our three. Yeah, I 1.5 feet over new was your wet ingredients are well combined. Let's at our dry ingredients story or makes her at a slow speed. So combined slowly along the ingredients don't forget to crave the size of the ball. Whenever you have a chance. Once all of your ingredients are well combined, we will be adding the food colors. As you can see, this is currently the color having the butter after out of the food calorie. Your color might be different. Don't worry. You see the deep red comes through after you bake the cupcake. 5. 5. Baking the cupcakes: Now we're gonna start filling our cupcake tracings Are batteries ready? The first day we're gonna do is fill some of the cupcake trays. You can decide whether you're gonna be using the meaning cupcakes or the standard cupcake. It's up to you and what you already have in your kitchen. I'm gonna be doing both so I can show you how much water you should be adding, In both cases, I like you see, um, bigger cupcake liners for the mini cupcakes because now it's easier to overfill them, and then they will still, if you did that. So after you have the cupcake liners you trace go ahead and your cupcake batter, just make sure you're not going more than halfway unless you have a big cupcake liner for the bigger cupcakes. Um, again, don't feel the more than half way. So as you can see, this is how currently my cup regulators are looking in the case of the mini cupcakes, they're kind of filled almost to the top because I have a very large liner that comes outside. You should have been more like this one. This one is 1 3/4 off the size off the rail car picture. In the case of the bigger cupcakes, I'm sticking to half have the size of each space because this Waigel girl just enough to have a little though, and then we'll just court him up. Give you don't cupcake liners. You can always just grease your cupcake tries with water or a little bit of baking oil. They come in cans you could find about the girls restoring the bacon now that your trays haven't filled, put them in the middle rack and pushed them all the way to the back of your open. Also set a timer for 15 minutes. Even so, the recipe says 18 minutes for baking. It's better to settle time or for less, just to make sure your cupcakes don't burn. If you're not used to your Koven fire settings. 6. 6. Preparing the frosting: Now we're gonna start mixing our frosting. The first thing will be doing is sift the powder sugar. We will be using one cup of sugar. We will be using six tablespoons of unsalted butter, preferably at room temperature were also be using eight ounces of cream. Cheese. Makes this to together until they're well combined. Slowly start adding your powder sugar and make sure that you stop. Every non dentists craved the sights and bottom of the bulls, so we're sure it's all getting well. Blended Was your mixed all the sugar with the butter and cream cheese? Add your milk and the Bonilla again. Remember to scrape the sites of the ball and the bottom. 7. 7. Filling the cupcakes with frosting & fruit pieces: I will insert my metal tester into the center of the cupcakes once they come out clean. I know that my cupcakes are ready. I said them out on a tray so they can cool down. Once they're cool, I will cut them in the center and core them out. After you have taken the inside of the cupcake, add a little bit of cream cheese frosting at some of the pieces of the fruit in my cases Cherries, and remember to closer with more cream cheese. Grab again. The top. Did you took out when you were two. Core the cupcake and put on the top. Do the same with all of the cupcakes that you wanna fill with your frosting or Firth's. 8. 8. Frosting & decorating your cupcake: Now that you build your cupcakes, we will start frosting them for the big cupcakes all. We'll just use a circular tip and press until they build up as much as I want to. You can do the same for the mini cupcakes. I will be using a star tip and will be doing a rose in the top star in the center and go around. Do the same with the rest of your cupcakes and feel free to decorate them in any way you prepare. After you have frosted them, you can decorate them with cherry juice or the fruit of your choice. If he provides juice Sprinkles some of the insights of the cupcake pieces off the fruit or even sugar. Ah, there's different color sugar, so just get creative or just you can leave them without any kind of that creation topped the frosting itself is just good. I hope you enjoy this class, and I look forward to seeing your cupcakes in the project of lawyer pictures, and if you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the common sections by