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How to Bake Tasty Cakes, Cookies and Tea Time Treats

teacher avatar Kerrin Dewey, The Creative Home

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      What You Can Expect on this Course


    • 2.

      Welcome to Home Baking Made Simple


    • 3.

      Baking Equipment Basics


    • 4.

      Baking Ingredients and Measurements


    • 5.

      Scones: The Essential Tea Time Treat Made Simple


    • 6.

      Blueberry Muffins the Easy Way


    • 7.

      Mouth Watering Sugar Biscuits


    • 8.

      Icing for Your Sugar Biscuits


    • 9.

      The Best Chocolate Brownies


    • 10.

      Delicious Choc Chip Cookies


    • 11.

      Perfect Cinnamon Rolls


    • 12.

      Vanilla Topping for Cinnamon Rolls


    • 13.

      Grandma's Lemon Meringue Pie


    • 14.

      The Filling for Lemon Meringue


    • 15.

      Ultimate Chocolate Cake


    • 16.

      Yummy Icing for the Chocolate Cake


    • 17.

      Dreamy Chocolate Glazing for the Cake


    • 18.

      Easy White Bread Recipe


    • 19.

      Aniseed Bread Recipe


    • 20.



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About This Class

What can be better than baking these classic and healthy family treats? Enjoy them at home or with your tea time occasions. These treats also make lovely gifts for friends and loved ones.

But is it worth the trouble? Why not buy these instead?

The truth is that often these baked goods are not made with the best ingredients. Also purchased goods are expensive and most importantly, never taste as good as your home baked ones do.

Plus - you will feel great about making these yourself. Nothing beats the care and love of home baked treats!

But is it too difficult? Not at all. I will lead you through each flop-proof recipe step-by-step. And on a budget. 

You also get the full recipe to print out and use. These are my true-blue-family recipes that will not let you down. Promise :)

What you will learn on this course:

  • How to use your equipment;
  • Measurements and quantities of ingredients
  • Family Classic recipes that you can count on like
  • Tea time scones,
  • Sugar biscuits that your family cannot resist,
  • Fabulous brownie,
  • Choc chip biscuits
  • Cinnamon Rolls
  • Blueberry muffins
  • Lemon meringue pie
  • The ultimate chocolate cake

All according to my no-fail-recipes.

Delight friends and family with REAL tasty treats made from good old fashioned ingredients.

Let's begin baking!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kerrin Dewey

The Creative Home


My passion for creativity in the home goes back many years. As a mom and businesswoman I need to take time for creative outlets almost every day. Healthy food is important so baking and cooking healthy food is important. Then there is the joy of making something with your own hands with sewing projects and art. My goal is to show others how simple creative projects can be. Who has time for complication!

I am Kerrin Dewey. Writer, Mom, and creative. I hope you will join me and learn something creative today! 

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Level: Beginner

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1. What You Can Expect on this Course: Everybody loves the smell off home baked goods, but is it too difficult? Too expensive? What are the health risks involved in buying stool mass produced products? On this course? I'm going to show you how to produce your own bag goods at home, choosing your own healthy ingredients and learning the basics. Even if you've never baked before. You can feel your home every day with that gorgeous smell. I'm care injury, and I've been baking 35 years for family and friends. I'll bake every single day, and I'm getting to show you how you can do just the same. All you ready? Sign up for this course and let's get baking. 2. Welcome to Home Baking Made Simple: on Welcome to her making made simple. And I tell you a bit about the schools before we begin. This course is designed to remove you from beginner in the kitchen to a comfortable and confident home. Bacon. He's not here to make you into a professional. It is here to teach you how to read recipes and to help you make absolutely gorgeous, delicious baked treats. You family and friends do not need fancy equipment. Mercifully, thrace peace can be mixed by hand with a hand mixer will withstand mix it that are truly simple recipes. As a rule, I am a quantum ISI baker, but it is good to be quite organized. So make sure that before each lesson you damn with Pia, get your equipment and your ingredients ready before we start the actual lesson. Don't lose confidence. You will have. Perhaps even the professionals have props, and in between, you will also see a head appear within the frame of the camera. That is poppy. She is Andrea appointed and also hasn't absolute sweet tooth. This forest baking is concerned. I really hope that you enjoy these lessons and above all, have a lot of fun while you're doing it. 3. Baking Equipment Basics: Let's begin. We start with equipment. I feel about my kitchen equipment, like the French feel about their clothing by the base quality. Assam you can on your budget. Four. Stop. I'll begin with the kitchen aid stand mixer is an important part of your baking equipment at along with it. Get the attachments off a dirt, a paddle attachment, you cakes and biscuits and must you have as well is the whisk attachment Very good for whipping? Cream it watts. Even making our spring. That's a whole nother story. You can't a force you use your hand whisk. I like the bubble whisk because I find it much more effective than the normal straight list . If you don't have a stand mixer, use a hand mix. I began all my baking with a hand mixer, and it worked just fine for me. Of course, there's the old standard off a mixing bowl, and I wouldn't spoon and most of your recipes you should be able to use just that. Essentials are good measuring cups. Here we have a sit from a full cup, half cup, third of a captain quarter cup. This is a good sit because it can not only be used for measuring dry ingredients that can be put on the stove top to melt your batters, another essential is a good skill. I like the scale very much. It's an electronic scale and measures everything from grants to milliliters to pounced. Your answers. It's really a very good skill. A special A love. A spatula is a great mixing, a tool. It is also brilliant forgetting your full mixture from your mixing bowl to your baking trays. Have a measuring equipment. Includes your experience. I use a tablespoon and a teaspoon 15 milliliters, and five milliliters at thes are also going to have and a pastry brush like the silicon pastry brush. It is easy to keen when it comes to baking, and I put baking paper. Silicon sheets have become popular over the years. I've tried him, and to be quite honest, happy and successful do not like silicon sheets. Baking paper. The old standard works for me, and that's heavy Werling pin. I use other this model rolling pin or I have even just a metal tube, which I use and find very effective, as faras baking turns are concerned, a nice spring form baking kick at cake. Too easy Release Good. A fluted power Penn was a release Boston. And of course, the standard baking trails can be used for baking anything from scones to cookies to Swiss rolls. And, of course, you're 17. You can see my one used over the years, right? So this is my full list off essential equipment. You can download a PDF list office equipment after this listen. 4. Baking Ingredients and Measurements: to begin a few tips on ingredients. After the listen, you'll find a handy PdF with a scale of measurements. Invest metric and imperial. We start with dry ingredients when measuring your dry ingredients with a cup, things like flour simply did. You will cup into the dry ingredients using the back of Affleck Bladed knife. Scrape off the cup. Don't press tom on your ingredients. Simply scrape off the excess of the top in your head and us even cut. Simple is that living on sugar? I use granulated sugar in all my recipes that call for sugar. A tip is two years a vanilla pod in your sugar content to constantly have vanilla sugar on hand. This is icing. Sugar or confectioner's sugar comes in a powdered form. Any is used for your frostings. This is cost sugar. It's a fine version of granulated sugar. Some recipes will call for cost to sugar I northern and stick with my granulated sugar. So granulated sugar for my recipes moving on to yeast comes in these heady 10 grand with sashes. I'll use institutional fresh yeast, so when I speak about yeast and a recipe, it is instant. Yeast aren't you batter. We use full fat better if your budget does not extend to better. You can use margarine, but it must still be full fat. The same applies for look when you are using it in recipes. Full fat. No. 2% or often half. Remember what I said about milk. Budget goes cream as well. Nothing back free. Please do not confuse dessert cream with flipping. Create dessert cream wool mart now baking powder and bicarbonate of soda. Two different things. Bicarb is also known as baking soda, and it's not really used in recipes. This is baking powder. Please keep them into different containers and make sure you don't confuse that. When I asked for baking powder, I'm not talking about bicarb. Initial showed up Baking soda. Baking powder, oil playing sunflower oil is what I use in my recipes. You may, if your best extends church. Use olive oil in things like breads, but sunflower oil. Does Justus Well, please. If you have used it before for other cooking dirt, use it in your backing. It will tend to big goods, and it will taste slack. Key off next is eggs the size of the egg does not matter. Some recipes will call for large or extra large eggs as long as they are not small. Pitch in eggs. It really doesn't matter about the size of the egg. Careful free range eggs, if you can, as they give a creamy attest to your baking and finally onto flower. I use week wheat cake flour in my baking. Very seldom use bread flour, and I will tell you if that is what is required for the recipe. Otherwise, it is cake wheat flour. 5. Scones: The Essential Tea Time Treat Made Simple: right until useless. Today, we're going to lose the easiest thing in baking. Fresh record apps skin we gave Learn how to make slums sconce are quick easy t treat or a lovely quick breakfast. I'm gonna run through the equipment, any ingredients with you, and the recipe is down a little off this. All right, you equipment, you need a baking tray, a mixing bowl from your stand mixer or any other bull that you may have around a rolling pin. A flat bladed knife, a tea spoon. A measure 1/3 of a cup. Measure a full cup. Measure a second full cup measure and an extra bowl in case you want to break you egg into that first right. Two ingredients you need kick scholar, baking powder, some cinnamon, one egg, a little bit of milk and 1/3 of a cup of oil. Let's begin take 1/3 of a cup of oil and put it into one of your full cup measures. Now break your egg maybe into the bowl first or straight into the cup measure. Fill up the rest of the cup measure with your book. Put that to the side and bring your mixing bowl forward now, you had need to add two cups off cake flour. I'm using 1/2 cup measure, sir. I will be adding four caps off flower or 4/2 cups of flour. When you are adding flour, try to even out of the flower. You don't want a heaped measure over the top of your cap at a sprinkling of cinnamon. This is to taste. I just add a Sprinkle as I feel is necessary. Add three teaspoons off baking powder and give it a stir with your flat bladed knife just to mix together. Now take your liquid ingredients and add it to your dry ingredients. Stir as you go. Don't be too vigorous just enough to bring your dough together. Add little extra mook. If you do is to dry. You don't want a sticky door, just a firm dough reach, haven't you? 220 degrees Celsius or 425 degrees very much, right? Let's get up baking tray. Ready. Take your baking paper and line your baking tray. Take a handful of flour and Sprinkle it over your work surface. Not too much, just enough so that you don't does not stick. Bring your dough to your work surface. All right, let's bring it together. Don't need it. It is not bread, right? Roll it out till about 1.5 centimeters thick. Don't flip it over. You may turn it in different directions, but do not flip it over. Make sure your flower is underneath your door so that it doesn't stick to your surface. Remember that your door will rise to approximately double the size that you roll it to. Using a glass or a cookie cutter. You can now cut out your scones, not bring the scraps of your door together and roll them out again. Don't forget to flower your surface. Remember, you don't want you dough to stick. Cuts comes from the remaining dir. That's a quick five minutes of putting too strong. Go to get it. Now they're ready for baking. Make sure that you're having is up to temper. Chip, who know this with little watch goes off and you can put them in. We'll take about 10 minutes for them to bake, and they should turn a nice golden Bram on top. That's a cool popular sconce into the oven, and 10 minutes later that should be a nice golden brown on top. Remember, you don't cut sconce, you peel them apart. Add some mass butter, made them melt into a warm scones, a dollop of jam and a yummy dollop of cream. The quickest, easiest thing. You in a bit, get the recipe and get started. 6. Blueberry Muffins the Easy Way: today, we're gonna make better lis methods. These are delicious fun things to make and will be ready in a very short space of time. Let's run through ingredients and our equipment. All right, your equipment. We start with stand mixer with the whisk attachment not strictly necessary to use ahead with skin stayed works. Justus. Well, you need your muffin tray with cookie cups, a special mass for mixing and scraping up the ball. And aren't you ingredients. You need your flower baking powder with a pinch of salt, some oil, your eggs, some vanilla essence yogurt or batter, some sugar and some fruit off. The only choice before we begin. Download the pdf and make sure you have oil ingredients. Mission. After ready to the preset Europe in 280 degrees and let's begin. Put your eggs and sugar into the bowl of your stand mixer and add no with your eggs and sugar until they are nice and lighting 30 and put this at the highest speed to get them that mass light yellow color. Once there, they you can reduce the speed off the mixer, and we are going to start adding your oil to a mixture. When you add the oil, add it slowly. Used this same technique with making mayonnaise. Keep this the mixer going while you are adding, or don't rush it at its learning right next week. Add on your gut. Remember, full green. You know that. And it goes with the eggs and sugar tractor immutable. And now we're gonna do the race by hand. Drop in on a since, and we're gonna stir that in. Don't whip it. You don't want to remove all the air that you have just walked in there with risk. The same goes when you're edge of flour added from a hot. I don't have my dry ingredients if you add it from my heart. It also adds a bit of a true the mixture. Also add baking powder, and now we're gonna give it a good stir again. Do this gently. Don't remove all the A that you have worked in there with risk just stirred and means just gently folding it over in on itself until the mixture is thoroughly together. Scrape it away from the sides of the bowl and keep turning until you're mixed. Now you add your fruit notice. I'm using frozen blueberries. You can use tray Shal frozen fruit. Strawberries also make a nice addition. Teoh thes muffins also struggles in Mass me, and we are ready to put them into power. Meth. Anton's again. I use cookie cups because I'm not a great believer in the non stick boozer. Enough muffin tins too many times in the plastic Let me down. Cookie cups are handy for serving from the tops off your methods. You don't want them to rise to peaks. Wanted to have Masback chops ready to go in the other right. State your time of 15 minutes and wait for the goodness you can taste with a legal. You'll see these are not quite really is still a little bit of mixture that comes off on the needle. That tells me they must go longer. Now we have golden goodness ready to take out of the mother's head. If you want to make a topping, you can do this with some confectioner's sugar icing sugar that it's the powdered sugar that used for frostings and a little bit of lemon. The lemon juice offsets the sweetness off the asking sugar and really makes what you find Topping two thes fruity Madame's. Just squeeze in images into the asking sugar and keep going, mixing with each addition. Well, eventually, add up with a nice, horrible consistency. Knife, fist and top You nice cool methods with be icing. Hmm, yummy, fruity, good and delicious methods. 7. Mouth Watering Sugar Biscuits : in today's listen, we're going to do sugar cookies. We're gonna do the most basic recipe for sugar cookies. But on the pdf, I have given you some variations to the recipe and feel free to add your own imagination to these biscuits. They really are very, very versatile. Let's begin by going through our equipment and our ingredients. To begin with your handy stand, mix up with a paddle attachment. You can use a whisk attachment. I found the whisk attachment works just as well as a paddle attachment that you need a bacon trade with baking paper. You can lie to trays. I like to switch them out while baking. You need cookie catches. Your choice. Here's a one loss or any loss that will give you a decent size cookie onto my ingredients. We need better vanilla extract or essence. One a granulated watch, sugar and baking cakes and baking just about ready to begin. Remember, download a pdf and make sure you have all the ingredients set up before you start. Also, Priest Nature have been 280 degrees. These really fun little cookies and can be used for decorating for holidays at Van in time to stay. You know, you could really let your imagination run wild with these, right? First, you're gonna pop your batter into the bowl of your mixing and sets it you wanted to. So from the battle, quite a lot. Before you add your sugar in and now mix it world together. He wanted to turn a sort of fluffy. What color can see us speed up. Then next, any is your vanilla essence or extract. Break an egg into a bowl and then add to the mixture. You break it into the bowl to taste fresh freshness. First, right. Lift up your beater before adding in your flour and baking powder. Starting on slow speed, let it mix together and slowly speed up until you have a good dough. They doesn't that look marvelous does perfect like this, and we are not flowers. Surface off. Don't go Well, that's sound that you do want this no stick. And not only that, you will not the thickness of the We'll also determine how crispy your cookies will be. At the end of the day. I like to roll to about the same two meter. You can also, if you're not too fussed about. Shape growing dough into a log and simply slice off your off cookies. It's just not that much fun. It's more fun to roll it out and cut your shapes and decorate them for whatever politics season you happen to be in for just simply for fun. Let's begin you COSATU cookies and it's close together as possible. You don't want to reroll dough too many times in between your batches. So sick that side press it down. Now remember that these cookies justice tasty as they that with a little bit of plays, a chapel. Royal icing. They get even yummy and will disappear very quickly. I'm making my fairly large stars that place your biscuits on geo cookie tray. Make sure there's a decent space between each one. They will expand slightly while they are baking. You don't want them to bake into each other. Keep going until you have filled up you. Cokie Trey. The first batch is ready to go into the other. While that is baking, I will cut out the rest of my dirt. When you are finished with first set, you just push holding bits and pieces back together again. Re Roland Doe and keep cutting cookies until the dough is fash. Pop them into the oven for about 10 minutes. Lovely golden brown biscuits ready for icing. 8. Icing for Your Sugar Biscuits: dispatches out the tray and onto a cooling rack. The biscuits must not wait until they are absolutely cool Before you ask them mine off. Really? Quant brown our life, my biscuits to be quite crunchy. If you leave them a little bit less time when they just go brown tips like this, it will be a little less heavily list back today. These funds of a hit will be quite crisp when they who just remember that one feel Chris brought now as they come out the evidence. But as they cool crisp for your royal icing, you need a stand mixer with the whisk attachment. If you're gonna do this by hand, you're gonna need serious muscle power. You both must be absolutely clean. As Master Louis, make sure that you Rousset with hot water and to be absolutely sure, take lemon juice and just walk around. The inside of your bullet must be dry and clean. You need one egg white, a pinch or two off cream of tartar and icing sugar, right. You need the egg. Wants to separate. You ate you from the white. Don't throw you a york can be used to make pasta so don't let it go to waste. Only need is the big what straight insurable Drop You mix it and on speed what pew egg might until we all have reached stiff peaks. If you know that you ate what it is very, very stiff. No, I sure half a cup of time. Start off slower speed just hit mix and then bring it up to her speed. Good. Now you can see this is sort of it dropping consistency. It's not quite a packing consistency. It credible askew biscuits quite happily at the stage. I like to pop onto biscuits as well, so I had a little pinch off cream of tartar. You really do not need to, which is like, really just stay the last two months and I'm gonna just another say, quarter cup off, I think should here just just picking things up a little right. I think it's not very thick for popping and not run in, and I'm going to add a little coloring to improve my Pap designs. You can see for rid now him when you using really colors that leave it to sit for about an hour and we'll turn a glass. Dd rid on you only to keep ending too much gel Food coloring Please don't you supermarket through coverings. They give the making you and I think way too watery. You want to use a job or and even a powder coloring. Please remember that well, I see pardons really quick. It drives up really quickly, so you want to cover it. If you put it into a ball and coverage with in England, that's fine. Um, but it must be covered hours that's going to drive before you can get around toe icings cookies. Your first vanishes cool and ready for passing. Remember, your biscuits must be completely cool before you ask them how wise passing will simply melt . With my asking into bed, I really just need the nearest triple c n passing the buck. 9. The Best Chocolate Brownies: today, we're gonna do some comfort baking. What could be more comforting than chocolate? So we're going to make some sumptuous brownies. Your ingredients are simple. Who equipment is simple. You do not need a stand mixer for this, so done by hand. First thing you need to do is download your recipe from the PF and get your ingredients really set your 7 to 180 degrees C and your have a rec. Must be in the middle of the oven. It's goes through the ingredients and the clip. We have a hand inspection of mixing and scraping. We have flower this. Take flour. Four eggs. Sure, some some dark cooking chocolate, please. You do not need to go for 80 or 90% or whatever they ask for these days does not have to be expensive. Normal looking chocolate I've used chocolate chips will do vanilla essence. I use vanilla essence that I'm making time. Do not use vanilla extract because it costs the budget of a small country and, of course, better. The's brownies are not for the faint of heart. For your equipment, have an R straight punch and you're baking brownies. Trade or even a roasting today will be quartile rot planet with some bacon paper into a nice, sturdy pot. Put you sugar and in your chocolate and you're better. You have to put this over a low heat and keep stirring until the better has nasty mounted. Please make sure it isn't. Give it a good stood on. Then you're better will slowly mount. You don't want anything to school from the bottom of the pan. All right, now that you better has melted and your party is still a bit warm, you put it on top of accruing rift on a work surface to make sure that the mixture cools down before he tried any legs graduates. Now you're gonna end up with scrambled eggs. Do not want scrambled eggs in your mixture again. I am Mixture has cooled down a little bit. We're gonna add the eggs. We had them one at a time. Break them into a cup first. It's just to make sure that you're not adding any Russian eggs to your mixture does add the 1st 1 Mix it in is quickly. Properly. It's possible. Keep going at it eight one at a time and mix some turn your mixture. Beautiful, silky, chocolatey mess. Uh, and if you're wondering how you're gonna stole your brownies, don't even bother thinking about it. I say come out of the oven. They will disappear almost faster than mixed. And you careful when you're stirring it in, you have my way. Took a probable case lifted up from turn your mixture of it so that it makes his master together muscle power in teaspoons. And if you are adding, that's two mixture. Now, all right, Now you're ready to go in the pen, right? Scrape that lovely mixture into your pan. Make sure it's even me spread across the pen and that your banking paper comes right up the edges. This is going to rise slightly, and we're ready to go into the oven. State your time for 35 minutes and 35 minutes later. Young Yemen. Right now you've got these lovely little beauties out of the oven, beginning even on the creating red for a batch 15 20 minutes if you can manage it. And after that you could test them and threw them out on to direct core completely. Once it cool completely. If you really want to you can do and passing over the top of him. I have added that recipe to the pdf. I'm not going to do it in the video because I like them just as they are. And we're done ready to go. Look at these goal adjustable beauties. Would you like one? 10. Delicious Choc Chip Cookies: we're heading into the weekend, and it's time to make cookies for the kids. Today, we're gonna make chocolate chip cookies. Let's run through our equipment and our ingredients. You handy stand mixer with a paddle attachment. A baking tray with baking paper may need more than one trip, but I just switch them out on sometime. Speculum a spoon now, don't you? Ingredients cakes? Not with granulated sugar, that's it. Vanilla essence like brown sugar. Two eggs by carbon it off soda or baking soda. This is one time they're not using baking powder and chocolate chips off. Make smile with water chocolate bits as well, and that is doing brilliance. The first thing you need to do is download the Pdf. Make sure you have all your ingredients notes that I have put variations there. So if you want to use the variation, then make sure that you have the extra ingredients and preset your 7 to 180 greasy. We're ready to go into the mix of what you're and should. This granulated as brown sugar mixer on start it slow speed, right? You can speed up that mix, and now you want the butters and the sugars to get nice and creamy and juvenile essence or extract, whichever one you're going to use. And now we're gonna add our eggs. Always break them into a bow first, just to check for freshness. You don't want to ruin the whole mixture with one rotten egg. Add them one at a time and leave the beater mixing in between. You really want these to mix in nicely with the dough, but in the 2nd 1 and give it a good whip. You want that mixture to come together very nicely. It's gonna have a nice, creamy ticks ship using your special scrape down the ages of your bowl of it. Make sure the mixtures in center and now at in Tallinn, so again and on a pier slow speed at next. Add in a trumpet, bits and pieces. You don't want to be too vigorous here. I want to crush them completely. Doesn't need to using special Fruitful Oh sure and just states on taking a bigger you make thes. Obviously, the big cookie is gonna be. If you want store cookies, use a tea spoon. Some people also use the tablespoon measure. Just fun. It's quite cool in just to use little suits, you know, they're too close together because they slow cooking, just like in the mouths. Likely to give them start that it's not necessary. They will spread. May not look pretty now, but and already respect. Pop them into your presage. Evan, set your timer for about 10 minutes. Sometimes it may take a little longer keeping on your biscuits. And when they already you want to get your cookies a couple of seconds, just settle down and down on the pan before you left. The more with spatulas, including Rex Poppy is ready. Who's already she? Good stuff. Then just let them six balm a cooling rack once they cool. Wait, you go. 11. Perfect Cinnamon Rolls: today, we're gonna make the most fun bake you can bake, and that is cinnamon rolls. This mixture has very many variations you can put through chin. It's just playing cinnamon rolls. You can make it savoury. I'll give you the various options on the pdf. That's the first thing you need to do down the pdf off the recipe and get your ingredients to get it. Let's run through now. First of all, you need to stand mixer with its dough. Hook a last like baking tray with a sheet off baking paper ingredients. Waas. A Kulczyk cap of oil. Better so ticket water, cinnamon shower, granulated sugar and a teaspoon of salt, some yeast, more granulated sugar and some extra flour for testing. Right, let's begin Whose dad your tippet. Water to your fall followed pass yeast. Next, your small amount of sugar in your tea spirit. Salt three cups of flour oil. If you want, you can substitute better. Here. Also start your mix up on slow speed. Remember, if you go to false to begin with, you're gonna have followed everywhere. Now your extra flowers you're going to slowly add to you. Mix up until the dough pulls away from the edges. Nicely. Dust your hands well with flour and move the dough from the dough hook. Keep dust in your hands. You don't get sticky dough on your fingers. Follow your surface very well. And again, Dustin, your hands scooped the dough from the bowl and onto your work surface. We're here together in a nice pool and profit down. You don't have to be gentle with this does more? You work the better. Dusting the top of your dog, making sure your rolling pin doesn't stick. Roll it out. We're gonna roll. Imagine mass thickness yet about a Sainty me to think you'll see it stretches quite fall. Remember when you wrote in a piece cinnamon rolls, they're gonna roll up. They gonna roll up into quite a big thickness. Yeah. Remember, you don't have to be gentle once it does. Use your upper body weight to stretch it. Keep dusting your surface underneath. You don't want you to go to stick, especially when you get to the last stage off rolling up your cinnamon rules. So keep dusting the surface. Straight shooter now taking a better spread it now so generously. Raj, the Ages of your dirt. This is going to give you a little cinnamon rolls. Very nice rich flavors. Don't be that too shy with the better, but quite a lot of time and again used better if you can. Rather and Marjorie, that is much better When you're doing baking. Remember rock to the edges. Now your big ball sugar, you're going to Sprinkle again. Another generous helping of sugar. This is going to give your cinnamon rolls very nice sweetness, and it turns into a camel in the oven. Now you'll cinnamon again. Don't be shot. Make it a generous helping. It is going to really flavor of your cinema halls from the end closest to start rolling up cinnamon rolls. Tuck those inches rot underneath. Don't be shine with the stir. Roll your wages in front sides. Keep things nice and neat, and also you can pull your door just to make sure that you have a touch role in your door. You don't want this to noose as your cinnamon rolls will then open up in the oven. Nice and tight rules right to the end of the And there we have it. Beautiful dates ready for cutting, Taking about a some leaf for each role cut down into your door right to the best separation you ALS you don't want them to skinny. Remember that all. Go to Ross quite a lot, so don't make them too skinny, but don't make them too big onto the baking sheet. Don't put them too close to get in our bedroom rise, and they will bake into each other if you put them too close together, ready for the oven. In they go 15 minutes and beautiful golden cinnamon rolls onto a cooling rack. Ready for asking? Move on to the next video to see how to do your shopping. 12. Vanilla Topping for Cinnamon Rolls: time to make the place. We were lovely cinnamon rolls. This is known as glass sassing, and we use passing sugar. I had a decent amount. Your bull eventually to cover a few rules here, So goodly amount. Next, we're gonna add some water. Don't rush this. You only need to add a little bit of time because it doesn't take very much water to bring Be asking to the right consistency. If you can see, I only added a dash to half a ball of passing sugar, and already that asking is coming together very nicely. All it takes is a good stir. Add something. In essence, vanilla essence is the happiest smell on the earth is gorgeous, and there's a such a good combination between the cinnamon and vanilla you really cannot do with on it. You can get to clear the known. In essence, this is not because it's the genuine deal. Doesn't make any difference. Still, taste really good. Fracked over the top of your bends. Spread it out. Give it a generous helping, pouring it over the top, screaming Goodness, keep going until you come. It'll your cinnamon rolls right now we've done for yourself a nice good cup of coffee bite into one of these sumptuous little buns. Um, 13. Grandma's Lemon Meringue Pie: it said in the afternoon, and I have a hankering for a good mix between sweet and taught. So with any month, we're going to make lemon meringue part. Let's have a look at our ingredients and our equipment. Your stand. Mix it with a whisk attachment. You can use a stick blender or a hand whisk if you want at your handy spectra mixing ball. Second Mixing role. A loose form. Take Pam and not for your ingredients, but it lemon juice. You can use fresh or from the bottle as long as it is pure lemon juice. Some Kirk Match rolled oats is sugar, and the most important ingredient a can of condensed milk. All right, download a PDF and precept your Evan. Make sure that you're baking pan has been greased and is ready for the base, which we're not gonna make. I like to make a strong isil base for my pious, A stressful bases, a sort of European base, which is a mixture off flour and butter and sugar. You can add extra ingredients, which I'm going to do with the rolled earth's. Usually it's sprinkled over the top of your bag education, but for Now I have to use them as basis. Okay, let's put your story so mixed together. Pull your own into the ball. There you go. Lovely. Rolled us next onto your sugar. Goes into the ball for this gorgeous mix. Careful not to get your vanilla pods involved. This is my vanilla sugar, and I'm to the coconut. I like to give a nice, generous handful into the mixture. That's an extra pencil to to make me feel better. And next you're flowers, this cake reach flower and finally, you gorgeous yellow. Better remember, that's his proper better. Please. Marjorie does not work as well with this mixture. The better gives it a much lighter. Lovely attest. This is cool. Rubbing in, he literally wrote the better in between your fingers until the mixture comes together. We should have no big lumps of matter in there, and your mixture is going to look like for just went. See sand when you are done. But that and the sugar are going to combine vastly to make you a nice good pie crust. Now into your pie dish script, it'll and impress it out towards societies. Remember when during the student you push it up the side of your dish to make sure that your power feeling does not right. Now that you've spread it out, you can start pressing it down on the sides. Do this quite firmly. You want it to stick together nicely. You're going to put this high crust into the oven for a couple of minutes while you're making your filling purchase in the next video. 14. The Filling for Lemon Meringue: right now comes the hard part. Begin to separate our eggs. If you are scared about doing this, they all separate except bridges on the market. That and I'm not accusing the show it Chemie separates. Given extraditable, make sure the bowl of your stand mixer and you risk off clean you eight blocks. We're gonna go in here, and they must be very mean when you use them. Otherwise, your works will not work honestly, and you have your extra ball for you. Eight years. Let's get trim it. Let's get cracking. With these eggs, separate the yolk and the black from each other, right? Two yolks go in the extra ball and the to the bowl of a stand mixer. Keep going until you don't notice how work the junkie from one shell to the other and the watch is naturally drops into the bowl. It's not a problem if you have a watch in with your egg yolks. If you have a joke to eight lots, there is a definite you need to start again into a bowl with your aid, Yerkes and lemon juice, and you can convince smoke using a special or even a hand was. Just give it a good mix together. Break those Ajax and you will see that your mixture will start sickening as you mix. Lastly, mix to give it time. Make sure everything is Listen together, Kate. Put this and moving on to eight once. Now we get to make the meringue for the top. Uh, all right, let's get the West guys. You can put it on its high speed. You want your eggs to be mass and frothy. Keep going until your eggs form a mass stuff peak. If you looked up, Bt, you've seen this peak in the egg watch. That's time to add sugar and add this while you beat us, all going Take your time. Don't put it all in at once. A little cup at a time. Heat whisking on high speed. You make sure. Start getting a mask glassy. Look to it, and it will get a lot stuff as well. When you finished, lift up your beatus. You can see that mixture is extremely stuff. All right, here's our base out of the oven, you'll see. It's just started to pull away from the agents, not quite frowning in the middle, just last touch of gold. Take your lemon filling. Oh, you make sure interior the pie crust it goes and it's put up talking overs que spread. It brought up to be age of the best. You want to steal the lemon into the base. I wanted spearing a part of the age. You want the little peaks. Just touch your special to you, Marie, and lift away and before topping, a nice look. What you need to go back in the oven and into the oven. Old Justin Golden. Okay, you're beautiful women. Miranda's out of the oven. It's golden brown on top and now get you a great pitcher for crewing and cutting. When I said that separation the eggs was hardest part of the steel, I may have fetched little. This is the hardest part. While you can take it out of the pen, slightly cannot catch into. We needed to be cooled completely. She could take about two hours to give it some time and let it cool. Last feeling is just going to pull right out. To begin with, you taken us sharp bladed knife and just run it gently around the edge off pen before policing. You talked. You don't want anything to put from the You can actually feel it is catching stick. Yeah, and keep your hand and lift. Or if you've managed to wait two hours, it's going to be well with it. Cut into beautiful path and you'll see absolute gorgeousness. 15. Ultimate Chocolate Cake: uh, today makes make chocolate cake dollar UPDF presage Ravan. Get your pants ready and let's have a look at ingredients and our equipment. We're going to use a stand mixer. You can use a whistle padded attachment time. I love the whisk attachment, so that is what I am going to use. You expect you and then make a decision on whether you're gonna make one single layer cake or a smaller Dada cake. You can also make 12 cupcakes if you want, and let's have a look. Ingredients You need granulated sugar, cocoa powder, of course. Be making chocolate cake better baking powder, ace banana essence or extract cake flour and a cup off a water. It's the the first thing you want to do it better into fuel when a drop down and stop mixing your better so that it softens up truthfully. After that, you will and sugar and together you're gonna combine them until they are a mass. What fluffy color look that butter up nicely and add in your sugar. Continue mixing until you have a nice white fluffy mix. Now add in vanilla essence or extract. Whichever one you are using, turn down the speed. Crack each egg into able before adding to the mixture and mix well between each additional bakes. Speed up. Scrape down the sides of your bowls to make sure everything is mixed nicely. Next pop in your cocoa powder. Nice chocolatey cocoa powder. You're baking powder and your flower. Look at that. I wound you. I was a Macy beta on a nice slow speed. Get everything mixing together. Once it's starting to come together, pour in your water. It will just help to bring everything nicely together. Speed up and make sure you have a nice clean mix. Lovely. Have prepared two tins and you can see I have baking paper in the bottom of them. Please make sure that you grease you tins very well. Kept the mixture off your beater and get ready to put into your pans before you put your make sure into your bag Ringtones. Just take a spatula and run it around the bowl, just to make sure that everything is properly band right down to the bottom. Now because I'm making two layers, I'm gonna divide my mixture. Between the two occasions, you'll notice that I have lined the bottom with baking paper says, Because I'm using a new use for a base and I don't want a mixture to seek out the sides, not very likely because it is quite a stiff mixture met. You don't want to take trump whatever you decide to do, whether it is muffins or single the devil that cakes, just make a song dip in the center off the mixture. This is so that your cake doesn't peak too much. When baking. I wanted flat enough so that you can have a decent surface to us. Sinful, right? Come get a short and they and it's time to go into the oven. Put them in the oven for about 35 minutes. Make sure to test them before taking them out. 16. Yummy Icing for the Chocolate Cake: right. You should have left two cakes interns too cool for, but you don't want to take him out too quickly, or the fall apart now is term to lift them out of the Tim's and placing on the including wreck for the file, including state. Why don't we finish with that? Ready to frost the cakes? Now you have a multitude of choices as far as this is concerned. If you have made a double layer cake as I've done, you're going to want something to pull cake. You could make it. Sure, Berries and cream. You can make it better cream asking. You can make it a cream cheese frosting. They are lots and lots of options. You'll just have to investigate and decide what works for you over the top of it. Today I'm gonna put a chocolate blaze again. This ISS a multitude of choices as forest, these frostings are concerned, and that the easiest is probably about a cream that I want to do something a little delicious today, which is the place. Let's take our kicks out of cans Now. If you want to do the glaze, you could follow these instructions or simply skip to your own choice off frosting for you . Okay, let's have a look at the ingredients and the equipment needed to make this lovely phrase. Yousef. Hand Glenda a wooden spoon it should. It's a Mormon chip and a putt. Now for your ingredients. Some cold water, a little bit off extra or sugar, chocolate, cocoa powder, heavy cream and some guillotine. She's first it simply pouring cold water over your guillotine sheets and allowing them to soften while you make the first part that plays, which is a certain for your guillotine. She's are in the Cole Porter suffering. Used half a cast off to almost a full cup off granulated sugar when I put that on the stove to boil until it reaches jam stage or she's about 104 degrees Celsius. All right, just your majority up in your truck. - You lost cream. You want to check your temperature again. Cannot put your guillotine if it is too warm. So I'm gonna just check it and make sure it is under 60 five degrees current. Find them. Take a gelatin, which has now softened in the cold water. Squeeze away the excess hold. Durant make straight. Okay. The tricky pot through a sieve Because this is a place you wanted to be a smooth as possible. This is why we do. He says Posch off on this deal. Right? Navigator, Handling this just for a little bit way sich a final time now it can cool down to about city degrees before your court of your cake and you're going to want you Make sure that your cake has bean well chilled before you put the place on George. 17. Dreamy Chocolate Glazing for the Cake: UK should cool. Bonner, you've done a little bit of a crumb top, not have sickness. Siri does help the place that your place is now cooled to below city degrees. And you in a port over your cold cake seated mine on top of the upturned kick to inside a cookie trip. Right. - If you want to absolutely sheer lace around the edges of the cake as well as over the talk. You are going to have to trim your cake ages around and then paste them over was the batter cream that will give you a smooth plays. As you see over the top off the case, what is left in the pan? You then pull back into your jack and replace the kick. For now, you're gonna let your cake settle and sit before you put your decorations on top of the cake and move it to a cake plate cake board 18. Easy White Bread Recipe: Today's lesson is all about brig. I'm gonna run through the ingredients, and then we're gonna put a lovely look great together in a very short space time. First thing you want to do is have a loaf pan, and we are going to spread this with cooking spray. Since the one time I don't use baking paper, cooking spray is essential to make sure you love does not stick ingredients off flower oil , sugar, warm water, yeast salt. All right, let's run through the Make it Now you need 1.5 caps off warm water. I would say bathroom, but I like a hot bath, so I'm baby boss. Very Tippett Water at 1.5 capsule. 375 Moles that straight into next your east. Add a 10 grand packet of instant yeas. Three teaspoons of sugar that's one tables funeral three level teaspoons of sugar to level T springs are salt to the sea, salt, cool shit cut off oil and six Hoff cups of cake Foul. Not to use the hall cup as it seems to give me the rock texture for my job. That alone in that same time, start your mixer on a slow speed. Otherwise you're going to have followed everywhere you can increase the speed as your ingredients started coming together. If your daughter is looking sticky like mine is now, any little bit of extra follow a little bit of time. The man here it is easier to add to take away. Keep adding until your daughter starts pulling away from the side of balls. Very go how we're looking good. Keep beating for about 10 minutes until you haven't us. Good sonnet turd. Now flour your hands. She help you remove the door from the double slided both. The book begins now your hands to make sure the dough doesn't stick to your File it to your hands and scrape down the sides of your bowl. You're going to bring the dough together on look. All of this can be done without a joke. You can do it by ahead. Let's go to take a bit of extra muscle, but you can knead the dough by hand. Now scrape it all out of the bull and what it's going to your prepared pan. I know just how our circle wobble to bring my daughter to get there in us, Bunch. They go into the pan, we get athletic. Rise should rise. Just about your pen. Let's give it a moment to do that. Once your does in the pan, put it in a nice warm place. Teoh, rise for the next half hour. It should rise well about the pan. But I'll show you once mine has done. Okay, Now my does reason given it a good hot Now slotted into the oven for about 40 minutes and it should come out last golden and risen from the pen immediately donated. Cool in the pan. What you're gonna come out with so eat, break. And what, like a great 19. Aniseed Bread Recipe: did. It has been an incredible human dead if reporters feeding a little ready and on aged feeling so well, amazingly enough, this is really good day to take a break, So I'm going to make an NSC robbery. Tennessee robbery is very healthy, for, you know, one magnitude contains Henny, which is a last natural sugar, and number three contains an ISI, which will listen all feelings off knows here depression that you have on a day like this. So let's go through our ingredients and our equipment. You need your stand mixer with its does connects. You get to makes us by hand and you great pen. Pull your ingredients. You need better. So tepid water honey least and a seed cake. Flour so and right. Smaller. All right, we're ready to begin. Start by adding your tepid water to the bowl and they're after your yeast. One packet is sufficient for a nice loaf of bread. Next, add your honey. Lovely natural, sweet honey, no sugar. In this recipe, the honey is what adds sweetness cool, and we're going to give it a little mix with the yeast, and it will create a nice foam, starts activating the yeast before you start adding the rest of the ingredients, but next you're going to add in your melted better make sure that it has had time to cool before you added or hot. Better will kill the east, so warm, better next, your aniseed. This is what adds the beautiful flavor and smell to the spread. Absolutely gorgeous. Aniseed. Two teaspoons of sold sees level, teaspoons off Sold. This also helps to get the east activating two cups of cake flour, not bread, flour, cake, flour and finally, you're right. Flower raw flour has this lovely, earthy color to it, and it's super healthy. Starting on slow, get your mix of going, and as your ingredients come together, you can speed up when you're does. Really, it will still be quite sticky. Began to remove it from the mixer now, so flour your hands very, very well. While I have some down hand, I'm going to show you how you would need the dough if you were doing this by hand. It's all very well having a mixer, but not everybody has that convenience. So we'll go into show you how to do this by hand, making sure that you flour your hands well. Mix your dough into a bull now. Flower your surface very well as well. You don't want your dough sticking to the surface. Take the ball of dough onto the surface. Make sure your hands and the surface stay flowered throughout. Remember, this is Barredo. You don't need to be kind to bredoteau. Be rough with it, pull it apart and bring it back together with you. You're going to have to do this for quite a while. If you're kneading by hand with a mix, it takes about five minutes for your door to come together nicely by hand. It's more like a 10 minute meeting process. It's very fair it therapeutics are not really a bad task to do. Just keep flowering a surface and keep needing that. Put your whole weight behind it. Don't be gentle, the more you need the door, the latter your bread is going to be. Your door is really. When you bring it to a bull like this, put your thumb into the door. If it rises back up, your door is ready. Make sure that your pen is greased. I use cooking spray full. My bread pans. I find it works based to make sure that my brain doesn't stick right puppet into the pen, and it is ready to sit and rise for a bit. But leave Japan in the national place Teoh for your brain to rise while it's rising pre section 11 to 200 degrees C. On a day like today, who is not going to be a problem that could put it anyway? Nice reward. Just a strong listen. It's not a heavy breeze across the top of it, and we'll come back when it's ready to go in the room. Taking a sharp knife, cut three slits in the top off Udo. This will help the dough to expand as it is cooking in the oven, ready to put in for baking. Make sure your oven is already preheated to 200 degrees. 40 minutes later, you should be able to take out a beautiful golden live. Tip it onto a cooling rack immediately. Don't let it stay in the tin oracle. Sweet. Perfect. All right. But, uh, you will understand why this is such a cool just and happy break. Big snow itself is incredible. Waiting to this cool nicely facets and have it with lots of from butter and honey 20. Conclusion: Well, then have reached the end of the course. I heard that you've enjoyed it and then shot. Feeling much more confident in your baking? Please look out for more advanced courses. And if you're interested, go to my website. It Karen, do we got to come? Ask me any questions you want in regard to baking from here? This is just the beginning. You're on your way to becoming a premium bacon. Happy baking.