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Hand Lettered Chalk Cards In Procreate

teacher avatar Ale Lozano, Illustrator + Lettering Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Thank You Card


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      Banners + Frames


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      Mother's Day Card


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      Birthday Card + Exporting


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About This Class

Hello! In this class you will learn how to make chalkboard cards, it can be that or any quote you feel like lettering. We are going to use the brushes and everything Procreate already has, we are going to make the artboard look like a real chalkboard, how to start the lettering and add efects to each of the letters to make them stand out and look great. I'm also offering a free PDF Guide Book so you can check out everything seen in class. This class is also great for those who are just getting started at hand lettering and want to get inspiration to keep creating and practicing, and it's also great if you want to start lettering on a real chalboard, because a lot of the techniques and effects also apply for that. 

I hope you join me, see you in class!

Meet Your Teacher

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Ale Lozano

Illustrator + Lettering Artist


Hi friends!

My name is Alejandra Lozano, aka Ale Lozart.

I'm 21, Graphic Design graduate based in Mexico. Calligraphy, Hand Lettering, Typography and everything that has to do with letters is totally my thing! I'm also really into illustration and using watercolors.

You can buy prints of my work on etsy too: https://www.etsy.com/shop/AleLozart

I have an instagram page, @alelozart you can follow me there if you want and see what I'm up to!

Thanks for reading guys, I hope to see you soon :)

Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/alelozart/

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Level: Intermediate

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1. Intro: Hi, everyone. Welcome to my new class, hon. Letter Chalker. It's in procreate. I'm gonna show you in this class a quick introduction to procreate. How to set your our board to make it look like a chalkboard. What brushes to use so we can create this effect, how to work with layers, the basics of lettering. How do out effects like drop shadow and inner shadows how to make frames and banners and how to export your file. So here, I'm gonna show you some videos of how I make the process off thes parts. I'm gonna show you how to set the our part. So it looks like a natural physical chalkboard. How we use these kind of brushes to make it look like chalk. How to add color, how to have the drop shadow effect, and they raise her to also here. You can see the process off the thank you card, the birthday card, and yeah, I'm gonna show you how to make values how to make frames because the these are so useful for these kind of carts. I'm going. Teoh also offer you a free pdf guides so you can see every step by step off these class and yeah, I hope that you can doing me in this class. I think it's very fun. Even if you don't have a night proud pro. Because you can get inspired. Teoh hand lettering Teoh inspire you to use an actual chalkboard and apply these techniques . I showed you here into the checkbook because it also works there. So I hope that you can join me and Elsie in class. 2. Thank You Card: Okay, so we're going to first make a thank you card. So we're gonna do You're just gonna click on this icon right here, and we're going to create a custom size. Okay, so the size of that one is, um, 3.5 inch just changed to H and five inch. So we're going to create that do and well in this cause we're not going to be using, like, any textures that we have to download or we have to purchase or anything like any brushes that you have to buy and stuff like that. But if you want to go pro, you can go and buy those if you want. But we can create something really cool with just what we have here on this out. So I'm gonna go to the layers and be sure on these first layers. So I'm going to rename this. I'm gonna click on it. You could rename this us texture one, and I'm going to go to the brushes and I'm going to go to painting and use this nikumaroro brush that we were like, I'm going to change the color to to black soju, just going to double click near the black, and it just completely what luck. So we're going to make this until this doesn't have to be, like, perfect something like that. Okay. And then I'm gonna another layer rename this us texture too. I'm gonna go now to the brushes and changed his two carbons and use this cover right here. So I'm going to change the color to write DoubleClick near the white. And there you have your right and start out in, like, circle like this. So if you think that was just too much, you're going to go to your layers, click on the end here and start playing with the opacity. So I'm going to another layer and at some more, and I think that's cool. So I'm just going to merge this being here. Yeah, something like this. No, I'm going to add the letter. OK, so we're going to make another layer and and yet will start lettering. I'm going to go to the brushes and use these one right here. Pencil. 16 and well, I'm going to have, like, some idea. I have very simple here is going to be the think word here. I'm going to at some some lies. And here's going to be the You were. I like this school, and I'm gonna selected and move it. Or if I think that's way too big, I'm gonna do this. And this is like the idea. So I'm going to I'm not a layer change your positive, this one so we can barely see it on this one. I'm going to start putting the word, I think. Okay, so I think that was way too big. So I'm gonna move it and out the case, and this lines would be like that and start, perhaps I can do something like this. I don't know. It's up to you. He went up for a shares or something like that. Gonna move it again like this. Gonna delete this one. But I don't anymore. I think this one's looks looks looks like a tree. So I'm gonna do everything I did. And just something like this looks weak. Better? Yeah. I'm gonna change the opacity. Click on the end right here. Change your president, make another layer for the final and gonna keep working. So I really want this to be kind of cool. So this one I'm gonna do just simple layering lettering. So it against the eight I have, like, my rough sketch behind, So that helps a lot. I'm just going I'm just making the lines already have sicker than they are and trying to make them look so much better. So if I don't like something, I can always go back with this with this little thing right here. If I do something like this, something crazy, I don't like it. I go back just in case you hadn't noticed. What do you think? You know, that's what it's for. Like, that's cool. So I'm gonna select this Children like that and then start working. That's all right here. If you want to make a layer for each word or each element, that's totally okay. Who? But I'm just gonna leave it like that because I don't need to make something like really difficult or anything. But if I want to do a lot of effects and I want to move things, if I'm not sure, I would make a layer for each one. But I think this is looking really cool. So I don't think I need to change much in a case I need to. For example, if I need to make this K, um, tinier or little or a little bigger. The the layer is is for everything. So if I selected, it selects everything. So in that case, you can just select on these a little icon that looks like an s and just take it like this . And there you have it. So I don't know if I like this thing right here. You think that's better? Or maybe this I don't think I like this. So you go to the razor and there you can change the the razor kind of brush do you use? I think this is way better. And then these things work here. We can raise thes rough sketch we have, and then just stay with it. Definite. So, for example, on this lettering right here, if you haven't taken my other classes, that's where I teach you more about the lettering, styles and stuff like that. And my techniques were late for littering. If you don't already know everything about those, go check them out and these classes going to help you like how to take your lettering to the next level like how to at these effects to your lettering. But if you don't know much about littering, you probably don't know if, for example, for adding for doing these kind of letters. I like to add weight to these by by thinking, For example, if your home is going down, your going toe, more pressure and more weight to that part off your letter, and when it's going up, you don't add anything. I just a little bit of pressure, and that's it. So I added pressure this thing in here, but I want to add more weight to to this letter, so I'm just going to see where my hand is going up. And when it's going up and when it's going down, I'm just going to add, like, a seeker line. Okay, something like this. Then it's going up until there was no pressure and then it's going down. Okay, then I'd be doing that with all my letters here until you create something like this. So in the flourish here, I'm going to a way to this part and perhaps, yeah, it's going difficult to know, but I think that's where I want my pressure. My, the way to be. I'm here and in this case here and here, I'm still not sure whether to use this. So now I'm gonna make another layer here for details for the lettering. OK, so we're going to meet, name these details, and I'm going to change the color to a great one like this. And I'm going to be adding, like, deft to the leg to these letters of the thank you work with the think work And for example , as you can see the tea. My idea is that if this part of the tea is up in, these one is underneath it. These would have like, Sorry, these would have, like a shadow. Okay, so that would mean these ones up. These went down. So this is the effect I want to give to the other letters off the world. And, yeah, I'm gonna keep on to India just a little bit because we don't want our letters to disappear . If the light is coming this way, the shadows would be on the side on the left side. Ok, this way. Because the lights coming this way. If the light work how in this other way, the shadows would be here, you know? So I always really liked to make to put my shadows on the other side as a bill. It was coming this way there, right side. So I'm gonna be doing that. If you want to make a straight line, you just have to make a line you can see, make a light and then hold it. And there you have your life straightly. So I'm gonna be doing that with my letters. - So yeah, there we have our word. And for the u. I would really like this defect to work as well. So I'm gonna go with great Calder and start to India the same thing we did, but make it look like this is this one's been needs. This one. You know something that this it kind of makes your words to pop out a little and stand out . You know, not just stay there without any effect. It's just not a school. I think so. Now that we have that Oh, yes. In the Florida as well? Probably. Yeah. Oh, I forgot to add weight to the to these because they also need a little. I also want to at some effect to this you word by going to your layers palette and go to texture too. Because that's where you have, like, this carbon right here and now we're just going to go click on the the eraser, and I'm going to change it as a pencil. And I'm going to be racing kind of like, I hope you can see this, but as I want to add, like, deft to the letter like I wanted to stand out, you know? So what I'm gonna do is just erased. The texture has behind. No, he's actually a technique. Uh, I got from from Instagram, I think. But it was from a really check ward. You know, I did this with Chuck and and then I erased it with Q tip. So we're basically doing that, but in a ditch digital way. So we're erasing like the back room. So your letters stand out way more than they already, So you can see if it starts to look way better here . Here. So basically, there we have it. It's coming out. Great. So what we're missing here? Is this lines right here? I think I'm going to make this a little bit not okay. Run, layer. I'm gonna go to the lettering layer, select him. Make this. Yeah, like that. I think I'm gonna make, like, a kind off three d version of this. Make this look this and actually, I'm gonna draw some lines as if the light was coming this way. The right on the right side and the shadows would be this here. Yeah, someone like this. Kind of. And then this one's just this like that. I think there way to be. And, yeah, it's coming together really cool. I really like it. I really do. So for the final touches, I think it'll be cool to, for example, go to the elements and go to this No one, I think it's called. And then I'm going to set the color To what? And make another layer for the snow? No, There it is. Just make sure you're on your brushes, and I'm going to this. Start putting them like that, and it looks really cool. I mean, I mean, I know it's is no, but it really makes your your composition look way cooler like, which is so pretty. I really liked it. For example, I don't think this is necessary because it already has a lot of elements. But you could add like frames, or you could out flowers and drawings or banners and stuff like that. So in the next video, I will teach you how to do that with a thank you card as well, but with these elements that I'm telling you about, so I'll see you in their other video to show you how to 3. Banners + Frames: we're in Boehner's. It could be something like you make this. Okay. And now you close it, and it will be something like this. Okay. And then you close this. Do the same. Make two lines close here, close here and just at this ribbon thing. And we have our better. So to make it look better, you just feel this. I'm not like she right here yet. Thank you. And just really lightly start adding these, like Shane like a shadow. Something, you know, to make it look like me, riel like that with texture. You know, So we don't want these harsh line, so I'm just going to kind of Lando's with my pencil. And there you have it. I'm also going to add Chiodo stew thes part right here. Make that and it's starting to look. Really? Yeah. It could be something like this racing re raised. I think this funner he could be, for example, just gonna hold this. And there you have a straight line to the same and kind of like does something like this. You raise this, do that again. I think maybe here here and gifts and complete this like as if the's site were connecting to the site. And this this guy was connected to this. But of course, we don't want this to show. And then just completing this way and feeling this Yes. And what else with other vendors, there's, like, the basic better. It's just the same as this one. But you went to a real perfectly. You draw a straight line you want, like, a double week could be like this. No. And then yeah, maybe like this. Look, something like this. I think these ones were really cool in, like, birthday, like birthday cards. So I think we're gonna use those. So, like, this could be really basic here. I like some dots or something. It could be something like this, for example, - like this and start like adding like, leaves and stuff. And I think that maybe if you make thicker lines and thinner lines and that some details and stuff like that, it makes are really cool frame. Anyway, you can find a lot of examples like this on Pinterest. There are a lot of things you can learn from there, but anyway, I'm going to attach this file into the project section so you can check it out if you have any questions and I'll see you in the other video where I will show you how to make a birthday card. 4. Mother's Day Card: Okay, so this one, we're going to make a happy Mother's Day card, So we're going to make this the same. Go to brushes, go to painting the Karol brush block. Just start doing this. Okay? Now another there for them. Carbon here. Right This big joing, perhaps. Like some flowers here, Some flowers here and Happy Mother's Day. So I think I want something. Like maybe your boner. Yeah, something like this. So we did at the end of the age like this? Yeah, something like that. So I'm going to change in past sitting and then, well, start we never start with Yes, So, no, I'm going to do the word mothers. I think it would be cool to for you to have, like, a seri to be served front. Something like this, Like this. And now with the word happy. Yeah. - Yeah . So, Dervis, we're gonna erase this one, and now we have it. But this so I don't know what should be cool. Maybe some flowers here? I think so. Gonna color to them. So first, I'm going to start, like with the outline, - something like that. But we're going to reduce the, uh Oh, positive gonna make another layer, and what I'm gonna do is start adding color. So first, I'm gonna be changing the levels. Something I think so. Just barely. I'm going to act like a darker, like a darker pink, But this one and the coroner's I'm going to paint them darker. Okay, so I'm gonna take dark grew, you know? And I'm gonna go, like, in the insights. No, take got even darker to this scene. You don't think until you think that's like enough, make it like some lines here that just might take sure I'm gonna go this one again, because I'm not sure I really like it. So changed, too. Take a darker, like, almost read. That's going to change then, just for the fighting. Yeah, so much better. I'm gonna try to take, like, finer pencil and just do like some lines like this, you know? Yeah. So much better. Totally. So I'm just gonna go over the white lines, but yes. And just so I think it will be really cool to like college to the banner. So I'm going to go to them to the lettering layer. I don't know the layer and put it right behind. So I think it would be cool to use, like, this collar right here. So for that, we're just gonna be using these option we have here and these what it does is like, take any quality we have here. So we're gonna take this color I'm gonna start, like, then take the darker. I think it was this man. Yes. Didn't take again The darkness use. I'm gonna take therm white and like, some someone's place for the shadows. So I think I'm gonna take again. This did darker. I think it's this one even darker because I want this. There's two kind of, like, stand up. So now these ones I seem like, kind of, um, like, greenish bluish. So I'm gonna do the same. Choose a darker color for the edges like this. So I'm gonna go do that with the rest of him, Select a color. No, I'm gonna take like that. And now I'm just gonna put the lines. But here, remember, I think those make the flower stand out so much more. I think I'm gonna take a just start and I'm gonna take the white and just go over some. I'm not gonna make them, like, much thicker. I think in this one, I made it about sicker than they needed to be. But I'm just gonna I think it's necessary just a little bit. So now I'm gonna do this thing. Okay? So I think it's starting to really great. What? Smithson. I think it's going to the texture, like these texture right here, this one. And take the racer, as you know. Yes. I'm gonna take that and start Cuban. Oh, are lettering the chance to stand up? So we're going to be erasing, making like shadows. I could do that. Same here like that. You you look like it. I think I'm gonna go and put some other leaves. Wreck your because I think it's like missing something. So I'm gonna go and draw them here with the right. Then select the darker called and just put it the court so much better? No. Just gonna make another that your go to the elements chooses no change the collar. This is like my favorite part of her. She's so funny. And there you go. I really like this one. Guys, I'm so excited. Of course you could change like? Like the color of this one. I mean, disease. How it will look. It still looks completely cool, but I think I'm gonna stay with this with this version because it's way more called and perfect for a mother date. Mother's Day invitation card. I'm sorry. I really like this one. In the next video, I'm gonna show you how I do a birthday card with cake and candles and stuff like that. So But this was my favorite so far, so yeah. Keyport unionizing the next video, I will show you how to do a birth thinker. 5. Birthday Card + Exporting: So now we're going to make the birthday card. I'm gonna put the card here. So you over No, the process like this? No. Take the Yeah, I think it would be cool to the words birthday to have it. Like on the banner. Just make sure you're in the there. You should be because you have to double check your in the layer you want because it messes up things. He gives you a headache. Seriously. So you should that he is working with Lakers. Okay, so here is going to be the world birthday and happy Could be tips. And here I don't know if they should be like cupcake or something like that. Name a lot of candles. It will be a cool idea. And then we can decreed it. You like it's dripping ID like this, but you should be Kitson right or No, it doesn't have to. I think I like it like this. And then birthday. This is a sketch. Okay, this is the final. So we're gonna change capacity and then start working this so by these, you know that when this show goes that you have more pressure and more weight to it just like this With practice, you won't have to think like I'm going down. I need to have more weight to this part. No, because you'll bring the world the letters. You know, in which part they have waiting and when they don't. So I think if you are new to this with practice, you will just get it right. And you don't have to think too much when you do it. So I think it's coming really great thinking this part, money raised like all of this. I'm gonna see this. There's like that. Yeah, just that I put Siri feel numb, but well, good enough. So I'm gonna go to the textures, You know, this one, this texture. And I'm gonna erase what needs to be raced in order to have the words stand out a little bit more. So now we're going to be on these other part off the cake. I think we're gonna be making it perhaps like something like so is this should be here. We'll be raised later. So approximately 10 hours later, super cool. So I think I'm gonna races. Yeah, and another changed. Why coming ? - So we're almost finished. I think I'm going to be adding this details to the lettering again like this. - So , yes, it started to look like this. No, I'm just going to on the snow in another layer. Oh, yes. Just gonna make sure it's like under I think I can not getting this. So this is how it looked, the birthday card. So I'm gonna show you some things that you should know about when you export it. You go into the tools here and then in these I got right here. It says, share. You can save us appropriate file as a PSD file, which means a photo shop. What's cool about this? It's study, keeps the layers, and then you can open it in your computer in Florida shop, and you can change stuff and photoshopped that you didn't you You couldn't change here or you didn't think about. So it's really great to do that because if you save it as a PSD in, you save all the layers. Maybe you can take it to after fix and on me, mate each layer. So that's really, really cool. I have done that before and it works really cool on after effects because it's it's a little bit complicated, but it's really cool because you can add motion to each layer, and it's really cool. So that's a thing that I like most about appropriate because you have this option so you can also save es a pdf, which means you can open it in any anywhere and needs compatible. So if you're going to print this, it's it's really cool. If you will save, it s a pdf and you just take it to the printing house or anywhere you're gonna print it and your use B and the PDF file. It works everywhere, and it's really great quality. You can know, saving us A J pic, which is also really cool. But I will always saving Expedia. But if you're just going to save aid on your iPad in just uploaded to Facebook, her instagram where? I don't know. But Jay Peak is the best option you have. And, um, P and G. Also, it's cool if you if you don't have, for example, ah, background. You wanted to be, like transparent. There you have your panji, PNG and teeth. It's I don't know. I think it's like a pdf file. I never use it, but it's really cool that pro grade has old deceptions to export it. So in this place, I'm going to save us a pdf in great quality, good quality and Maxim. I think I'm going to save it as the highest quality. You can save it on your on your cloud. Or I think in this case, I'm going to Yes, you can t your air job and save it on your computer. In this case, I'm just going to email it so that's a great option. You have your email and then you export it like birthday card. Then you send it and that's it for this class. Guys, I hope that you found is useful. And if you did and you like the class, please leave a review. And if you try anything with this technique, feel free to talk. Minister, come If you want, remember that you can explore these video, um, un procreate and uploaded there, or if you just want to upload it to the project section, just let me know what you think of this class and yeah, I'll see you in another class