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Guided Self-Discovery I 15 Creative Prompts for Clarity, Growth, Inner Peace, Life Vision & Wellness

teacher avatar Self Clarity Academy By Sanja Stojanovic, MA Psychology Professor, Writer, Creator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Prompt 1 Approval seeking discovery


    • 3.

      Prompt 2 Stress triggers discovery


    • 4.

      Prompt 3 Your mechanisms discovery


    • 5.

      Prompt 4 Biggest life impact discovery


    • 6.

      Prompt 5 Motivation discovery


    • 7.

      Prompt 6 Life energy discovery


    • 8.

      Prompt 7 Main thought discovery


    • 9.

      Prompt 8 Life vision discovery


    • 10.

      Prompt 9 Life leading words discovery


    • 11.

      Prompt 10 Good feeling discovery


    • 12.

      Prompt 11 Is there something missing discovery


    • 13.

      Prompt 12 Resisting / Attaching Discovery


    • 14.

      Prompt 13 Conversation with your past self


    • 15.

      Prompt 14 Conversation with your future self


    • 16.

      Prompt 15 That one question


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      Closing thought + More useful classes


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About This Class

If you think it's time for you to have an honest and deep conversation with yourself in order to understand yourself, to find life and mind clarity, to resolve some issues, to activate your full potential, to create an opportunity for your personal growth, personal development, productivity, wellness, creativity, to find inner peace, personal strength, inspiration, and motivation - this class might help you.

Welcome to guided journaling/writing for self-discovery and self-clarity. The class is based on 15 prompts created by a psychologist who is in love with journaling and writing therapy. 

These prompts are designed to help you dive deep into your mind & soul, so you can find your true self, explore your ups and downs, get self-clarity and increase self-growth and life quality. 

The class will cover several topics that are very important for our self-understanding and complete well-being:

-Wrong mindsets and patterns we have 

-Our strengths and weaknesses

-What/who have the biggest impact on our life

-Find motivational forces

-Explore thoughts

-Create a life vision

-Find leading words in your life

-Find the way to feel accomplished

-Find what you are missing in your life and why?

-Are you resisting or attaching 

-Have a deep and honest conversation with yourself (younger and future)

-Find the most important question for you

+ more...

I hope you will enjoy and create some positive change <3

Let's go to grow :)

Your instructor,


Meet Your Teacher

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Self Clarity Academy By Sanja Stojanovic

MA Psychology Professor, Writer, Creator


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Hi my creative friends,

My name is Sanja, I am MA Psychology professor, BA Psychologist, writer and founder of Self Clarity Academy. I dedicate all my time to gathering knowledge, combining valuable ideas and creating meaningful and useful online courses. Each of my courses is carefully designed and covered with scientific facts followed by interactive workbooks and presentations.

Through my work, I am trying to answer one question: How can we cope with our life obstacles, live our bes... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello everyone and welcome to class. Today, I will share with you 15 meaningful therapeutic questions, journaling or writing questions that will help you to dive deep into yourself. To find self clarity, to better understand yourself, to dive deep inside, into your inner world, and to discover what is. Through this class, we will dive deep into some of these topics. Seeking approval triggers, discovery mechanisms discolored. Because live in discovery, motivations covered life, energy discovered, main font, discovery, life conditions, common life, leading wards, discovery, good feelings covered. Is there something missing, discovered? Resisting, attaching discovery. Conversation with your past self, conversation to a future self. That one plus one. I am going to walk you through this 15 questions. I always say how I'm trilled with that possibility that human beings have, that we have To talk to ourselves to dive deep into our world and to find out what is there inside. And that's the only way we can make from our life, would be really am truly want. That's the only way we can understand ourselves. We can find what is needed to be fixed and all that in order to create one wonderful, creative, productive, happy, simple, and quality. Earlier when someone asked me What is success, I was saying in thinking that success is measured by some numbers. Like how much money we can make, how much friends we have, how much? How much? Just how much? And when I started working as psychologists and when I start that with that research on our own peas and happiness and what we truly need an old seek for. I realized that the definition of success is something, at least for me. So today, for me, the definition of success is the person who is possible to find positive moments in life and to find peace. Peace inside. That is only possible if we understand ourselves. And that's why I am trying to find those questions that can help me in my clients to realize what is going on in my mind, cover my inner world, and to find those answers that will help me to just recover and heal if it's needed. And so I can get the most from this slide because there are so many negative things out there. We know. But I'm sure we can all focus into that. What is good and what we can do every day to leave one quality life. So this questions in this course, in this class is designed to help you to answer all those questions and to get the answers that you probably know you need and you want. And maybe there are some questions that you don't know your need, but you will be happy when you hear them and when you answer those questions, some of them will not be so easy to answer own. So if you are ready to explore your own inner world, and if you are excited, just like I am, like sign. 2. Prompt 1 Approval seeking discovery: Who's approval do one demo and why. Seeking for a pool is one of the basic characteristics that we all have. As human beings. We really need to feel that appreciation that we have from other people. But sometimes it's really important to realize and to discover who is that person that you want to appreciate you to answer on the question, why? Why that person and why do you need that approval from that person is behind that. Something that is connected with you'll reach your self-confidence and your picture off yourself. This question is really important. If we want to became independent, emotionally and mentally independent. So let's think about this, is that the person from the family is that maybe the parent is that some, some of our friends is that the partner? Is that some idol that we have, or someone from war or someone from school, from college. And think about, why do you need approval from that person? What does that mean to you? And what would happen? A few have the approval from that person. And if you don't, it's really important to understand that be an adult and independent. And self-confidence means that you measure your value according to your own thoughts, according to your own attitudes, according to your own wishes and guidelines in life. And we always feel much better when we value ourselves according to our own opinion. That really reflective and really rational opinion, rather than when we depend on someone else's opinions. So it's important to find a balance in that seeking approval and what will happen if that approval is not there? So let's answer this question. 3. Prompt 2 Stress triggers discovery: What always make you feel stressed, or no one likes to deal with the negative emotions. When we feel some negative emotions, we always try to avoid them, to forget about dam, to preserve them under the carpet or somewhere. It's wrong because emotions are the messengers. They're always trying to tell us that there is something we're not doing right. And to push us to fix that and to do something that is right, to do in order to live our lives in a better way. What I implemented in my life when we speak about this, is that right now I decided that I am going to find out and to pair township on those things and triggers that make me feel that way. And to consciously saw that and move to some, another direction, trying to search and you find something that is good and positive and batter, help me to improve my life and myself. But also, I'm not forgetting to pay attention on what what is negative or what is not good currently and what affects me to feel the way I don't want to feel. So here, sit down and think about those things, situations, people or your personal characteristics or some, some actions you do. That always makes you feel a little bit not so happy and stress or even sad. So you can name all those negative feelings and you can and then ride the situation is simply the trigger. So what is that? That is simply ruining your, your life path that you imagine is going to be peaceful and simple and happy. And this is one of the most important topics to explore when we speak about self-discovery and introspection. We have to realize what is not okay. And to fix that in order to bloom, how can he, can say, I like to mention that example. It's like you have a mass in the ask and you want to came and to put one wonderful flower there on the desk. But it's not looking very good. So first you have to fix, to remove what is messy that doesn't belong on that task. You have to clean that space. And then you can put the flower, which in this case means you can work on self-growth and personal development. So think about this and write down your answer. Don't be afraid and be honest with yourself here. It doesn't mean to be something that is really the you know, it could be. I'm just stressed when the house is not clean or when the space where I work is crowded with the things or i i feel stressed or anxious or not good when I skipped breakfast or when I want to eat the healthy food. For example, when I'm not taking care of myself in the morning or when I don't meditate the worst, something like that. So it doesn't have to be anything that is really, really deep. It could be the list of the simple things that simply make her they ALL worse than New, then you really want. And then you can try to work on those things when you find it or have their list. 4. Prompt 3 Your mechanisms discovery: What are your good and bad man is to cope with stress. So this question is connect that with the previous question. And it's important to realize what we actually do when we feel those emotions and when we feel stressed. So what are those little actions and behaviors that we have? Because that actually define our D are weak month and our whole life. Those actions that we take and decide to do and that are probably guided by those things on that list that you wrote in the previous video and in the previous question, the answer on this question will help you to live truly, intentionally, to become very conscious and intentional about yourself and your everyday life. Because sometimes we're just running through the day like some machines and we're not paying attention and questioning ourselves why we do something. And it's the question about habits also. So this question and this prompt sounds simple, but it includes so many different themes that are crucial for good life, like conscious living, simply living, building the habits, and conscious introspection. So I tried to think about what are your mechanisms and mechanisms are simply some learned Little actions and behaviors you, you constantly do and always do when you feel stressed or when you feel some, some negative emotion. Some of this negative mechanisms could be negative self-talk. When you don't encourage yourself who very well and is a leash. And when you don't want to speak with France, to go out, when you isolate yourself with the, for example, some people who are stressed nathan to quit. And some of the examples for that positive coping with that stress or some negative emotions could be introspection. So when that happened that you have the habit to sit down and to talk to yourself or to somebody and to discover what is going on. And then the other positive and good mechanism is when you are motivated by their stress. Stress is a motive ether, but sometimes we don't see it like that. When you are motivated by the negative emotions to change something in your life. So list bad mechanisms and the good mechanisms. And you will be able to try to lower the dose that list with the negative mechanisms and work more on that positive mechanisms. So you can motivate yourself, sou Keynes, fire or south. So you can cope better with everything that brings to you and to stay consistent with your work, with your creativity, to stay productive and to function like you always function, no matter what happens. 5. Prompt 4 Biggest life impact discovery: Who has the biggest impact on your life? Somewhere I heard the sentence that are alive is measured by people that were in our lives and that are in our lives. Every human being that is in your alive. A fact, an impact on US somehow, just like everything that we watch, see, hear, or read, impact, all those informations, impact and change. Somehow. I was thinking that for me is important to realize whore and those people were, who are those people who had or have right now but had who had the biggest impact on my life and how they impacted on me, negative and positive impact in this also is connected with some of the previous questions. When we were speaking about triggers, some triggers that we have when we answering this question, we can realise how we become this person that we are today with all those characteristics and who guided us here, whether we were aware of that or not. And here, we don't have to speak on the about the parents or family members. Any person in your life that you think that had the biggest impact on you is important for this question. So write down those names and think a little bit about that. How those people affected on you and, or your life path and your behavior on your attitudes, on your mind sets. Tried to look on all those things. From some, we can say, positive angle. And if you had to people who impacted negatively on you, think about what lessons have you learned from that and how that made you become probably more resilient and strong. And then write about people who truly inspired you, who who always motivates you and that you are thrilled with there, maybe life stories or energy or resilience or anything that can always bring you some smile on her face. And it's important to write down this because sometimes we forget and we constantly need with lesion, we are that kind of creatures had we, we always need motivation and sometimes we forget what motivates us. So try to write down the names. Write down how they affected and impacted on your alive. Write down why, why they impacted on your alive. And what is a wonderful here. When you became aware of this, that every person effect on us. There's one good fat and that's that you can pick people who will impact on you and your life in a future. By choosing core those people you will spend time with. There is our possibility to, because we are going to spend our time like what are we going to do with our free time? Some hobbies and work, and some tasks. But this is about who are those people we will lack into our lives? Or who are those people that we are going to get into their lives. And to get that beautiful allergy that we probably see. And that could be someone who's close to you, some neighbor, someone from your class, from school, from color. Also, it could be the older person, the younger person. It doesn't matter. Here is the question about positivity and the energy that you need from my example, when I was speaking about this classism, that all idea about the meaningful content. And when I was speaking with people who don't understand that and they simply don't have that, that kind of mind. I got some rule not motivating feedback from them. They were like, I don't understand why you're doing that to or I don't think that will be successful or something like that. But when I spoke with some people who are similar to me and who have some great ideas and who never paid attention on those kinds of comments and achieve their full potential. Day give me very good energy to continue with my main idea, how I want to spend my life and what I want to do in my life, and how I want to share my mind with you here. And to bring you some anergy. Like they gave me that energy. I hope you understood what I was playing this, say VDS, less answering this question. And let's see, who are those people that we love and we are going to love, and that will prevent us. So really, really positive impact. 6. Prompt 5 Motivation discovery: One mindset that always motivates me. Sometimes we are motivated and inspired and encouraged by people, but sometimes we are all alone and we have to count on ourselves. And that is the moment when we need some sentence or a mindset that can motivate us and push us to grow and to move forward and to achieve what we want. Because sometimes we lose the energy and we lose the motivation and inspiration. And that's why I made that little notebook for me, myself, girls psychology and simple in reminder notebook. And in my reminder notebook, I wrote this beautiful sentence from Oprah. Everything we've ever done and all we're meant to be, comes together in harmony with who we are. And this is the mindset. Data always helps me not the war is so much. And to relax in life and to enjoy in life and to trust life and to trust in my life path. And to stand up and do what I have to do to create the good life for me, for my kids, for my family. So here I want to encourage you to find your mindset. One sentence. It could be the quote or the idea or some things, some Santa's that someone told you, or some sentence that you will write down the Q we'll think about. And I want you to write down that sentence, and to pick that sentence to be your guide and your, your mindset when you forget about it. So you can remind yourself and continue with that good, positive and growth mindset. And the mindset that guide me through life is that miracles don't fall from the sky. And if I want to achieve something, I must stand up and do that. I must work and must Farkas, and I must be fully dedicated into it if I want to achieve something. Another mindset that I also like is simplify life simplified things, simplify everything. You can, don't complicate things. So I tried to simplify the space, to have less things. I tried to simplify eating, to create recipes that our width. And not so many items, so clean eating. And to simplify my my wishes and my needs, you can ride to the whole page if you're one. So this is not about one sentence, It's Voc mindset. Then you can describe that mindset on the entire page, or it can be on the one sentence and some, some simple words and just anything that you wouldn't like to be your, your, your completion life mindset. 7. Prompt 6 Life energy discovery: What activities drain your energy, animals? What activities give you? The answer on this question will help you to exclude from your alive theme and activities that drains your energy and to include interior life, all the things that give you the energy. And now we speak about your own activities. So what drains my anergy is where the houses road load with the things, for example, kids, toys and so many things. And where I don't do regularly somethings. So then I have to do so many in the same time and drains my energy when I don't fall asleep on time. It trains my energy when I use my tablet to wisely, but I loved to read the books. There has so I tried to read the books from the regular books. Drains my anergy when I am all the in the house when I'm not outside. Right now when I finish this class, I will go outside and just enjoy the sun on the balcony. But drains my energy is when I see that I'm losing my time on something that is not meaningful, that is not important, and that is not valuable for me or for my kids. And when I noticed that I quickly came into death, intentional living mindset to get back on track. And what gives me energy is of course, being outside, being with my kids, playing with them, positive people. And when I sit down and start creating something that I have on my mind because it drains my energy when I have a lot of ideas, for example, for YouTube videos or for this classes. But I am thinking too much. How am I going to do that and I'm not doing it actually gives me energy is when I actually sit down right now here on my corner, a homemade mask, this corner. And when I type or write down all the way the US and 19 Starting creating the lessons, the messages that I want to sand. So when I do what my soul, there are things that sometimes we have to do and the train our energy, but we have to do damn. And what we can do about this. When we cannot change that activities, then we can change our attitude. Worried that our, our, our thoughts and our perspective about that. And for example, to say that we are more stronger and that we can accept those things and that we can, we have the energy and we have this trained to keep going and just find some positive awards that you will save yourself in order to help you to go through that activities that, for example, you have to do. There are some people who have jobs. They don't like so much, but they need to go on works. So what can they see themselves to encourage themselves to make through with the day and keep going with some good emotions through that. And it's easy with the activities that are positive and that give us the energy. We just need to include them into everyday life and to make them our habits. 8. Prompt 7 Main thought discovery: What is the most oppressive thoughts on your mind right now? And what does it mean? This was really interesting questions for me. Every time when I feel overwhelmed, or when I feel confused in life, or when I feel that there is something I'm missing. For example, I know that I have to answer on this question because sometimes there is something that we know we should do, we should deal with, we should pay attention to, but we're not doing that. And then there are feelings to remind us that we have to do that. And that's why this answer will help you finally sit down and think about that, what you should think and to maybe finally do something. And it could be the ADM. My example was when I was, when I got that idea for, for example, for my book that I wrote. And that idea Never let me to just sit down and do other things. It was like you must wrote me, you must wrote me a second time. It was when I was creating the self clarity academy, that concept that I had on my mind. And what I knew is that I want to collect all that knowledge from psychology and personal development and self-growth. I want to collect that. And I would want to sort that in some order and groups. And I want to have that for myself, for my kids when they grow up one day. And then I want to share that. And that was the main thought that was on my mind constantly. And I needed to sit down and to write everything down to let everything from my mind on a paper. And that's what I did. And right now I am, uh, uh, four years later, I have over 24 thousand students on my online courses. Everywhere. Over 24 thousand people heard me and watch my classes and my videos, and over 24 thousand people heard my messages. I am very satisfied and happy that I answered han this question four years ago. So I encourage you to sit down and to deal with that thought idea, concept. It could be connected with your work, your job, or the lifestyle you want to build. The person who you want to became. Just anything that is on your mind right now and that is the most present. What does it mean? Is that something that bothers you? Is it something that scares you? Is that something that makes you feel demotivate? That is that something that inspires you? Is that something that bring you happiness and joy? When do you think you will achieve? Is it something that you feel you need to do for yourself or for some friend or for family members. Explore your mind. This question gives you the opportunity to really explore your soul and mind together. 9. Prompt 8 Life vision discovery: Describe her in life vision in one sentence. What are you doing to make it come through? So here is one true, pure self clarity and introspection question. What is the life vision? When you are answering this question, you don't have to write any enormous and big. And I don't know how important goals and huge dreams or material things we cannot affect completely on our future. But I think it's really important to think about the future because and there is a part we have the role in our future and in that way our life will, will happen. Because our life is basically made of the actions that we make every day and decisions that we make every day. So we cannot plan the entire future, but we can plan and have that vision and idea of who we want to became. How do we imagine our life? Where are we going to be in the future? How are we going to act here? You can set some, some goals and you can use the Wheel of Life. Like for every area of your life, you can set one goal or write about one goal and one wish and where you would like to be when you speak about how social life, career walk, family, partnership, relationships. So any aspects of your life that are important to you and how do you see yourself and what do you wish for yourself? Because wishes are just wishes if we just think about them. But those wishes could became the truth and reality if we actually do those actions and steps so we can achieve our goals. So to make it simple, I decided to write just one sentence, but really one sentence because that's how I will explore what is really the most important for me. And you will explore what is really the most important for you in life. So write one sentence and I will really what I wrote, I want to spend quality time with people I love and to create meaningful, inspirational content and share my mind with other people. When you finish with writing the sentence, then write down, what are those things that you are actually doing in order to achieve this goal? And to achieve that, that idea. To me, that idea come through in her life. 10. Prompt 9 Life leading words discovery: Week three awards. One to me, you're leading words inline. If there are the words that will always guide you through life, what are those words? I wrote? Simplicity, creativity, and peace. This is like when you accept the team for the year or theme of the month. You can write this into that reminder notebook if you decide to create one. And This wards are here to get us back on track. And anytime you feel like you are not going through that path you want. You can remind yourself you can read this three wards and clarify how you want to spend your day, how you want to spend the week, how you want to go through life. So according to what I wrote, I want to be creative. I want to live a simple life and I want to feel peace in mind. So what are those three words? The Chu long to be your guides through a lie. 11. Prompt 10 Good feeling discovery: When do you feel accomplished and complete? My answering on this question, you are diving directly into your pure south, into your soul. And you know, when you say It's what my soul wants, it's something that really makes me happy. So this question and we will help you to discover, to remind yourself for what are those things that makes you happy and whether your actions that makes you feel happiness, is that, for example, when you are productive all day, or when you have the balance between productivity and sleep, or when you are connected with people, or when you are, when you have a time to be alone, when you are good at some life for all, for example, a few feel content how you parent or when you are satisfied with the relationship with people, your law. So everyone has a different definition of success and accomplished. And your task now is to find out and to explore what does it mean to you and when you feel accomplished. So remember and try to remember, what are those days and what were you doing those days when you felt really positive, really happy and satisfied and accomplish. 12. Prompt 11 Is there something missing discovery: Is there something missing in your life? Well, it's time for one serious question and deep question. But sometimes we have to deal with some things that are not so comfortable. And I encourage you to write about something that you miss in your life. Here are some things that people miss in life. Silence, crowd, person, discipline, space, past, courage. So write down, what do you think you miss in your life? Don't try to constantly forget about it. This is important to deal with and to, in order to continue life in some good way and positive way if you miss some person, right? Why, how you felt with that person? And what is that? One thing that you don't feel well because the person is not here. So I lost my father and of course my first answer is I miss my father. That's the first thing. But when a miss also is I thought that that I lost some ability when I lost him and that I lost someone who will truly take care of me. And what helped me later was when I encouraged myself and said the attitude and the mindset than I am the person who is going to take care of myself. I'm not relate to other people so much. So that helped me to become more resilient. And this is my example that I shared here. Now a width you, because I want to give you the example and the importance of answering this question and on that subquestion, why? Why I miss something? Sometimes we miss some things that we cannot bring back to our lives. And that's when we think about past the bug people that we lost or that we're not in a contract with anymore. And what you can do here is two, reflect on it and somehow say goodbye to deal with it, not to avoid it. And to say that you are happy because you had the ability to beat a part of that and to be in a contact with that person. And to say to yourself that now is the moment to enjoy in a present moment, because the present moment is going to be the past moments someday that you will maybe miss one day. So don't miss it right now. If you want, you can go really deep with this question and really explore those things that a factory or a strong emotions. But also you can write about some things that are not so the polite. When you miss something simple that you can change. Sometimes people need silence, Navy you or offer low with work, with people, with crowd, with sounds. So you can do something about David and find the silence. Maybe you miss the crowd, maybe you are too alone and maybe you don't realize that you need some contact with people in that shoe. The need to move from this place and to talk with people and simply go outside. Sometimes we need more disciplines So we miss the discipline in our lives. Maybe you can write about some habit that you know, you had before and now you don't have, for example, you miss exercising or you miss writing or your Miss Payne think or whenever is that that you have been doing and you felt really good. Be all pan mind that. Be honest with yourself. Cover. Because it's important if we miss something, it's not going to just disappear. It's going to affect our mood every day. So by finding what do we miss and if we can find that again, and that will really help us to live some better life and to be more, more positive, more happier, or just to be fine and just to be okay. So is there something missing in your life and why? And what can you do about 13. Prompt 12 Resisting / Attaching Discovery: What are you resisting or attaching? There is one interesting topic in psychology, and it's about attaching style that how researchers say is really important and crucial and impact on our entire life and on all our relationships. You can read more about it if you are interested in. But first, let's start with something that is more simple and it's disc question, am I attaching to something or am I resisting to something? Attaching too much attaching or too much resisting is really not good. Too much attachment leads to insecurity is anxiety, low self-esteem, low self-confidence. So if we depend so much on someone or something, now think about it and tried to realize, are you too much attached to some person? Do feel too much dependent on someone, on someone's opinion or on thing. On the other hand, resisting too much. Resisting leads to may be missing some really nice sing great opportunities. And also can lead to some nervousness and anxiety when we know that we have to deal with something but we are resisting. Or when there is something we have to do, but we are resisting. And when you are resisting, you cannot feel relaxed. So this question and answer on this question is here to help us to find out what we have to do to release. So we can add a field balance, a balanced balance, and we can feel relaxed and we can feel lighter in life. What are your resisting to some change that needs to be, needs to happen and you're resisting too. And something that you know, you have to and I resisting to maybe something that is really grade some big project or job, but you're resisting to responsibility may be, are you resisting to some big success? Are yours this thing too. Fact that you don't be successful in something go you're resisting through or failures. So anything that makes you struggle and feel tension and that you cannot deal with. You're like you're running away from it. Take your time and try to discover what are your attaching to or resisting too. 14. Prompt 13 Conversation with your past self: Write a letter to your younger self as three questions and give one advice. Okay, it's time to be creative you. How wonderful would it be if you can go back to the past and talk to your younger self. I guess you would say so many things, but I'm sure you would say don't worry so much everything Hopi. Okay. I'm in you will do this very well. Well, we are not able to do that, but through this question we are able to somehow, Let's go to our past and try to imagine that conversation. I wrote. How are you? I would really ask her How are you? Because I remember when I was younger, I never asked myself that. I never thought about it and our work and never worked on my feelings and emotions. And now I know how that is important to how do you imagine me in future? I would like to see how, because entero remember, but I would like to compare those, those ideas and what am I, what am I doing today on where am I today? And three, do know that he will be okay. I would really love to go and to tell her me that because we'll know b, then so much struggle because I know what she is calling true. What things are going to happen and what situations and what things she would she will need to go through. So I would like to go back to the past and to tell the younger me that she doesn't have to be afraid as she'll find this trained and that she will she will be B. Okay. And the advice would be everything will be just like it should be. Don't worry, accept everything and believe that it's happening for your own good. And why this is important. We cannot go back to the past, but it's important for us today and right now when we think about our future, because this moment right now is going to be the past moment, right? And I want you to check, do you have the same struggled to see issues, the same worries as you had, and how many times you overcome all that. So now with this question, so in this advices and this advice one, you can, you can relay somehow on this and trust that also in future you will be able to overcome everything that, that is coming. And that, that's why this ladder to pass self is important to realize how when we are in the present moment and when we are scared maybe of the future, we lose our time in so unnecessary things. And maybe it's better to trust that we don't have that future self that can come and see to us that everything will be fine. Because sometimes it's not. But what I know today is that we have as human means, we have so many capabilities and we are able to find trained and to do the right thing. So now you'll write three questions in one of the y's for your younger self. 15. Prompt 14 Conversation with your future self: Write a letter to your future self. Three questions and get, well, this would be more interesting cauterization if you can go in the future and ask your future self, okay, What is going on and what is going to happen? How should I act? Should I do? How should I behave, and all of those things? But now with this question, we have the opportunity to somehow talked to the future self and one day to read that letter and to be inspired maybe three questions that I asked my future self that I will ask our DID will live peaceful and intentional life and by we, I mean, my future's health and the family. So I would like to know, did I achieved what I am trying to achieve right now. Number two, are the kids happy and healthy? Of course, I would like to know did I succeeded to rise? Happy, satisfied, strong, independent and emotionally satisfied human beings. My boys, I would like to know how they are own. That's the most important for me. And number three, how many books we were at. I adore books and I really want to read all the books that I can and I want to write down all the lessons from the books right now. I currently not have so much time, but I hope that future me. We'll have that list and lessons from all the books that I imagine right now. And the advice, don't think about mistakes from the best to create meaningful memories. Now. So think about your future self. You already answered on some questions during this class that you had a task to imagine how your future self could be. So imagine you're sitting with your future self and ask those three questions and give one advice and those questions will somehow be your guides through live. You would somehow try to one-day get the positive answer on this question that you are going to right now today. 16. Prompt 15 That one question: What is that one question wished we had asked. You. Ask yourself that question and answer. This last question is designed to give it a freedom to simply talk to yourself. To answer on that question that you probably know you should answer bad idea and ask during this class. So what would you like to be asked? What would you like to share with some people? Or what is that one thing that you really want to dive deep into and really want to explore, It's not easy to find that one question. You could also includes several questions. It doesn't have to be on the one. Bad. If you feel that I missed something here and that I should include, you can write that question right now and that last page. And you can answer this question in this exercise, gives you the opportunity to practice that introspection and self-discovery by yourself. To learn how to ask meaningful questions by your own. And if you like this, you can also practice with some more questions. And you can share those into project section. 17. Closing thought + More useful classes: I just want to thank you because you were here and you were listening and going in this journey with me. I really hope you enjoyed this class and I really hope you discovered some things and solve some issues and problems that you had that were pushing your back from the life you want to leave. And I hope you found inspiration, guidelines, motivation and life, idea and mindset. And I hope this class will have a positive impact on your life and your life improvement and personal development. Thank you so much for being here. Please share your experience with this glass down below in a Coleman's, share your project with us and don't forget to check my other classes on Skillshare. If you want to continue that healing and self-growth and personal development journey.