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Google SEO: Google SEO Ranking Factors To Reach Google's First Page.

teacher avatar Uday Byri, Internet Marketer | Online Entrepreneur

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Keyword in Domain and Subdomain


    • 3.

      Keyword in the URL


    • 4.

      Kewword in Header Tags


    • 5.

      Keyword Density


    • 6.

      Image Optimization


    • 7.

      Page Speed


    • 8.

      Keyword in the Title


    • 9.

      Keyword in the Description


    • 10.

      TF IDF


    • 11.

      LSI Keywords


    • 12.

      Content Length


    • 13.

      Grammar, Spellings and Readability


    • 14.

      Original Content


    • 15.

      Content Recency and Content Updates


    • 16.

      Duplication or Canonicalization


    • 17.

      Descriptive URLs


    • 18.

      Breadcrumb Navigation


    • 19.

      Outbound Links


    • 20.



    • 21.

      Domain Authority


    • 22.

      Page Rank


    • 23.

      Popups and Distracting Ads


    • 24.

      Contact us, Privacy policy and TOS


    • 25.

      Impact Of Social Media


    • 26.

      Clean Website (User friendly site)


    • 27.

      Mobile Friendly Website


    • 28.

      Site architecture


    • 29.

      Server Location


    • 30.

      Server Up time


    • 31.

      SSL certificate


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About This Class

With over 85% of market share, Google is the global leader among search engines. So, if you want to work on Search Engine Optimization for your website, then you must focus on Google SEO. And if you want to do so, you need to learn the most important factors that Google uses to rank a website. This course is about those crucial ranking factors that you need to know if you want to achieve top rankings on Google. It's all about Google SEO.

Join the course today and start getting better SEO results for your website.

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Meet Your Teacher

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Uday Byri

Internet Marketer | Online Entrepreneur


Uday Byri is a successful Serial Entrepreneur and a Small Business Coach. He's also a co-founder of an IT company that offers ERP solutions to educational institutions, hospitals etc. As a business coach, over the past 5 years he helped number of individuals, start-up's and small businesses to make seamless progress and increase their revenue. His goal is to help people promote their work, expertise and thus seize profitable business opportunities.

In summary, he's all about empowering small businesses and start-ups to take their skills to the next level to create and promote a successful business. Ultimately, achieve financial freedom as soon as possible...

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1. Introduction: If you are thinking about issue, then you must mainly focus on Google. With over 85% off market share, Google is the number one search engine in the world. So like it or not, you have to optimize your website for Google. But the problem is when you search online for Google issue or Google ranking factors, you will find plenty off websites that tell you that you need to work on 200 plus factors to be on top of the search results. This sounds very confusing and very difficult. Hi, my name is validation car body and I've been into the game off Internet marketing and certainly an optimization since the year 2000 and seven. And I have dealt with hundreds off websites over the years and I can tell you that there are about 33 factors that Google things are critical. This course is about those 33 critical factors. You just need to understand these factors and start working on them. You cannot achieve tops it in the rankings overnight, but if you put in consistent efforts, then you can get your website on top and achieve the results that you have always designed for. So join the course to learn the 33 critical Google ranking factors 2. Keyword in Domain and Subdomain: hello and welcome back in the past. Having a key would in your domain name used to be a major issue. A factor. It does not give you the CEO boost that it used to, but it's still acts as a relevancy signal. A domain that starts with a target key would has an edge over the website that either did not have that keyword in their domain are have the key with in the middle are at the end off their domain name. So unless you have a brand name, it is always a good idea to have your target keyword in your domain name. A sub domain is a subsection off your website often used to organize our divide your website content into separate sections. Domain and sub domain are closely bounded, but technically they are different websites, so whatever applies to the top level domain applies to the sub domain as well. Using keywords in a sub domain is a good issue practice, and this can help you add additional on page optimization for your you are ill structure. Another factor is that if the content on your submarine gets popular and gets good rankings automatically, your main website will rank better 3. Keyword in the URL: Hello and welcome back. This is a very important issue. A factor. Key words are the foundation off your issue efforts. Every time you create a page or a block post, you must include your target keyword in the U. R L. This makes it easy for the users and the search engines to understand the types off content on your website. Google's Matt Cutts, the head off Google's Web SPAN team, once mentioned that keywords in the U. R L do indeed help the website search engine rankings. So if you want to get the best possible rankings for your website, particularly for highly competitive keyword phrases, including your target keywords in the Urals will certainly help. But remember, it is important not to overdo this so that certain Indians do not get the impression that you are trying to manipulate the search results by spamming your website. You or else 4. Kewword in Header Tags: Hello and welcome back. Header tags are an important on page issue factor because certain Indians recognize head attacks as Mawr important than the rest of the text on the page. This starts with the Etch One tag and works its way down in importance to the edge to s three and so on. The head attacks do extend to edge for H five and ed six. We are only going to focus on the 1st 3 since these other tax that carry the most s your value. So you must not just throw in whatever content you want to into these headers. It is important to utilize your head attacks with short tail and long tail keywords. This is how you communicate with the search engines and tell them what your website is about. As certain Indians crawl your website, they will pick up on the headers and identify the key words you are using as important. So always include your target keywords in your header tags. But remember not to overuse your head attacks. If you do so, search Indians will consider your content as spam 5. Keyword Density: Hello and welcome back. Key word density is the percentage off the number of times a key would appears on a page divided by the total number off words on that page. This is only for you to understand. You don't have to do this math every time you create your content. If you're on a WordPress website and it's your plug in will take care of this. If not just Google for keyword density checker, and you will find a lot of free tools available for this purpose. A few years ago, keyword density used to be the number one issue factor, and Web monsters realized that and started stuffing keywords into their content, literally spamming their content with their target keywords. Soon, search engines realized that and started penalizing all the website with their span checker algorithm, so you must not stuff your content with your target keywords. Search engines prefer you to include your target keywords naturally throughout your content . For a more user friendly appeal, there is no ideal or exact keyword density percentage for better ranking over my ears off search engine marketing effort. I can tell you that 1 to 3% off key word density along with semantic keywords and l s I keywords works the best key word. Density is certainly still one of the very important issue factors. Doing it properly will help. But do we get the wrong way? Will negatively affect your websites. Search engine rankings, please remember that. 6. Image Optimization: Hello and welcome back. Images are a critical part off any piece of content, and because of that reason, image optimization is considered as an important issue ranking factor. You need to use descriptive and infirm, a tive Ault text that helps Google understand the context off the images on a page which can help you up here in the feature snippets and at the top off Google Image search results For proper image optimization, you must have appropriate file names, titles, descriptions and captions. These things make it easier for Google's crawlers to read images on your website. This is exactly how you make your visual content accessible to all users, so add your focus keywords mainly in the alternative text. For better search ranking results, make sure that the all text off every image on your website is as descriptive as possible. 7. Page Speed: Hello and welcome back. Paid speed is the time it takes tow fully display the content on a specific page. Now search engines metrics are mainly based on user experience, and paid speed is a critical factor that determines a user's experience. Pages with a longer load time tend to have higher bounce rates and lower average time spent on a page. So you need to ensure that your webpages load faster. You can evaluate your paid speed with Google's paid speed inside stool or just Google for paid speed test, and you will find a lot of free tools that will help you test your paid speed. Let me tell you the key factors that can improve your paid speed. Try to reduce the size off your CSS, HTML and JavaScript files that are larger than 1 50 bites. Tools like G, zip, CSS Nano and Ugly five Js will help you achieve that purpose. More redirects increased the page load time because the http requests Response cycle has to complete for each redirect. So try to have fewer redirects on your page browser's cache information like style sheets, images and JavaScript files so that when a visitor comes back to your website. The brother does not have to reload the entire page. This improves your paid speed. If you are running a Wordpress website, just install a cashing plug in and that will take care off. Browser cashing. If not, check if you already have an expiration date set for your cash, then go to your expires header to set the amount of time for which you want that information to be cashed. Server response time depends on the number off visitors to your website. The resource is each page uses the software your server uses and you're hosting solution. Check for slow database. Create ease and check if the routing is slow or if there is no adequate memory. You need to fix these issues for better several response time. The optimal several response time is under 200 milliseconds. Try to achieve that. You must optimize images for better performance off your website. Make sure that your images are in the right format and they're not larger than they need to be. While maintaining picture quality, you need to compress the image size to reduce the loading time off your webpage. If you are on a WordPress site. Install an image optimization, plugging. If not you may try optimize illah. It is a free tool that lets you compress your images without losing quality. Do these things and your webpages will load faster than you can imagine. 8. Keyword in the Title: hello and welcome back. Besides, content on the page, title tag is the second most important piece of content on a webpage. Title tags are a major factor that helps search engines understand what your pages about so always right he would rich titles. If your content is about what is balanced diet, your Block post title should include what is balanced diet. Also try to place your primary keywords at the beginning off the title, because titles with the key with at the beginning tend to perform better than the titles with the key would add the end. One good rule of thumb is to keep your title tag below 60 characters because Google displays only 60 characters off your title. And if you use more than 60 characters than your title might get cut off by the search engine. Apart from the issue point of view, you must understand that when users see the keyword phrase that they have entered as a search query up here in your page title, then they are more likely to click on your website link 9. Keyword in the Description: hello and welcome back after including your primary keyword in the title tag. The next important thing is to write a keyword rich description. This is a very important relevancy signal. Having your focus keyword. Our keyword phrase in the page description improves the click through rate, which is a critical issue factor. Therefore, you should include your keywords at least once in the description toe. Achieve better ranking on the search engine results page. 10. TF IDF: Hello and welcome back. If you are into issue, you will frequently here this acronym T f i d e f T f i d e f means term frequency inward Document frequency. This is a statistical number that helps Google understand the number of times a word appears on your page. The more often a word appears on a page, the more likely it is for the search engine To think that the page is about that particular word. Google uses a sophisticated version off T F I D F to gather this data. Google then uses this data to analyze the relevancy off the user query with your website. So for better issue rankings, you must focus on your primary keywords and the keywords that are related to your primary keywords. 11. LSI Keywords: Hello and welcome back. Latent semantic index and keywords. Other keywords that are related to the primary key with, Let's say your target keyword is diet. In that case, Katoh died. Balance died. Low carb diet and so on can be considered as your ls. I keywords there Help search Indians understand your pages topic better and accordingly index and feature them in the search results. These key words, for example, can help Google understand whether your page is talking about apple. The tech company are apple the fruit? I hope you get the point. The presence or absence off Ellis I keywords also acts as a content quality and relevancy signals. So always use ls I key words and synonyms while creating your content and remember to keep them just between 0.5% and 2.5%. 12. Content Length: Hello and welcome back. Studies found that content land is correlated with the position off a website on the search engine results page because longer content tends to perform better since it provides MAWR information to the users and they stay on the website for a longer period of time. Plus, it also allows you to add more keywords. Content with more words can cover a lot of information and is likely to be preferred over short, unhelpful articles. Also longer content receives MAWR social shares, which drives more organic traffic and helps you achieve higher search engine rankings. Typical content land in pages and or posts off. The top 10 results in Google has a minimum off 2000 and 200 words. This is just for your information because this might not be the number for you. It totally depends on the topic off the page. So all you need to do is keep your content loaded with as much information as possible. 13. Grammar, Spellings and Readability: Yeah, such Indians focus on the quality off your content, so you need to be careful with your grammar and spellings as well. Also, you need to focus on the readability off your content. Do not use too many complex words are technical Jagan's try to keep it simple and understandable. This influences the experience off the users on your page. Graham Early is an amazing tool to check your English checked for grammar, spelling and punctuation errors are you can Google for grammar check and you will find a lot of free tools for this purpose. You may use the Hemingway editor a free online tools to check the readability off your content are. You may search for check readability online, and you will find a lot of free online tools to check the readability off your content. 14. Original Content: Yeah, Hello and welcome back. Google's panda and penguin updates have already emphasized that quality off content is the deciding factor for search engine rankings, so your website should have fantastic, interesting and useful content. Useful content ranks better because it provides a better user experience. Keep in mind that quality and usefulness are not the same things. You need to combine both quality and usefulness to create a plus content, so your content needs to be useful yet high quality content. Also, you need to focus on creating original content. Creating 100% unique content tells Google that your page is one of a kind. Remember that original content is a critical issue ranking factor, so always create original, useful and high quality content. 15. Content Recency and Content Updates: Hello and welcome back. Google uses a variety off algorithms to provide people with the most relevant and recent information. People are digesting more content than ever before, and users demand the latest news as it happens. So updating your existing content and removing outdated or insignificant sections in your content is more important than creating a poor new post. Remember that it is always about quality. Google notices how often you update your content, so you need to constantly update your content, especially time sensitive and newsworthy content. This will improve your sights, rankings and discover ability. 16. Duplication or Canonicalization: Hello and welcome back. Since Google released the Panda Update, all the webpages started receiving a quality score based on their content. This means that the content with high quality will fetch better search engine rankings. You must strictly avoid plagiarism. I mean coping. Others content create original content. Also duplicate or identical content on the same website will negatively affect search engine rankings. It means that there should not be two or more webpages on the same website that have the same content or even a slightly modified one, not just a website content. You must not duplicate even meta information like titles and descriptions. This will have a negative impact on your website rankings. The bottom line is that you must never copy or duplicate your content or the metadata. 17. Descriptive URLs: Hello and welcome back. You are ill is commonly known as Web address, and the Web address is often the first thing that search engines and the visitors will see you are girls. Are the building blocks off an effective site hierarchy. They can be tricky to correct if you do not plan them as you can end up with endless redirect loops. Neither Google nor your website visitors will appreciate that. Look at these your oral structures. No, I'm sure you understand what I mean by bad. You're in structure. Although there is no one size fits all approach, there are few rules that you can follow to get the most out off your your URLs in terms off S E O. The first thing is you are a length. The maximum limit is 2000 and 83 characters, but do not create excessively long Urals. They may hurt your pages. Search engine visibility. Try to keep them shot up to 60 characters, a maximum off fire words. Next, let's talk about the optimal Ural part. You can apply for your website for a block post. You can use this format to create an optimal You are ill path and for a page, you may use this format. This format helps you keep the page closer to your websites. Home page One last important rule is to include your primary keywords in your you are ill and keep it a little descriptive. The words that you use in the URL should explain the purpose off the web page. Above all these rules, it is important for you to keep your websites your simple, understandable and to the point keep these things in mind and you will be able to create issue of friendly Urals for your website. 18. Breadcrumb Navigation: Hello and welcome back. Breadcrumb navigation is a way off showing the top level pages. Besides the main page, it is a style off having a user friendly website architecture. Also, they held the visitors toe, easily navigate the Web site and let the users and the search engines know where they are on a website. No, Does that breadcrumbs help search engine bought toe? Better understand the website hierarchy and then categorize the information from the page into their search results. Hence, this is a very important issue factor. You must use breadcrumbs for your website, visit the Google Developers Page and read all the guidelines carefully to create breadcrumbs for your website in the most effective way. 19. Outbound Links: you Hello and welcome back. Google's focus on user experience does not stop with just what is on your website. It's analyzes your out born links to out born links are the links that are placed on your website, pointing towards another website. You're all bone links. Play a key role in your website Search engine rankings. The links you include should be relevant to the content on the Web page. If your webpages content is about cooking and your links are pointing towards a website that deals in cars, then it will negatively impact your rankings. So make sure that you're out. Bone legs are relevant to the topic off your content. Also, your old bone links should be off good quality, meaning the length should point towards authoritative and trustworthy website with high quality content. While placing outbound links is a major relevancy signal, you must not overdo it. Try not to include more than five out bone. Ling's within your content 20. Backlinks: you way talked about Outbound Ling's. The links plays on your website in the earlier section. This video is about the links pointing towards your website. Such links are called back lings. The links pointing to your website bear a key role in your website Search engine rankings. This indicates the authority off your website. So what kind off links will get more ASIO juice for your website. First, the back links you get should be relevant to your website. Second, you need to make sure that your back links are off good quality, meaning the links should be from high quality and trustworthy websites with quality content . If you have a friendly relationship with your competitors, try to get a back link from their websites to boost your websites. Issue back Ling's from dot edu and dot gov websites are considered as gold for ASIO. We are talking about educational and government websites. Somehow, if you are able to get a link from these kind of websites than your website is all set to show on the top off, the search results remember, not just quality quantity also matters. So try to get high quality back Ling's. That too, in huge numbers 21. Domain Authority: Hello and welcome back. New pages on authority to domains will rank better than new pages on lesser known domains. Domain authority is a search engine ranking score that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine results. Page. Domain authorities. Core ranges from 1 to 100. The websites with higher scores will have a greater ability to rang better. Domain authority cannot be built overnight, and it depends on multiple factors. The most important factor is the quality off back Ling's off your website detect domain authority simply Google for domain Authority checker, and you will find a lot of free tools to check your domain authority. Domain authority is not a metric used by Google to deter mine search engine rankings, but instant. It acts as a predictor on the likelihood off one domain outrank ing another domain. That is why you must use and reference this information 22. Page Rank: Hello and welcome back page Rank is an extremely important ranking factor. Do not confuse yourself. Page rank with domain authority. Domain authority relates to the data from the entire website, while page rank is for a specific page. Creating high quality original content and attracting high quality back lings to your page will improve your page. Rank the quality and quantity off the back. Ling's will mainly affect the page rank. If your page ranks high for certain keywords on your website, it's signals quality and so you can rank for new pages with similar keywords. Again, higher page rank cannot be achieved overnight. You need to put in consistent efforts to improve your page ranking. 23. Popups and Distracting Ads: I'm sure you understand that. Pop ups, mortal windows and overlays have a huge impact on user experience, so you need to avoid clutter content, unnecessary pop ups and the pop ups that cover the content. If you do not want Google to penalize your websites rankings, search engines are fundamentally against pop ups and distracting ads. But many websites need pop ups and model windows for different reasons, so there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. If you want to use those elements on your website, number one timing timing matters a lot. If the element shows up as soon as the page loads, then it will only give a negative impression. Instead. If it shows up after a couple of minutes or when the visitor is at 80% off the page or when he has finished scrolling through the entire content, then it is absolutely okay because the user won't mind that at all. Number two interaction. Make sure that the element can be easily closed and does not interfere with the content or readability. If you do not do so, Google may penalize your website and remove it's mobile friendly tags and benefits awarded to your website, which is quite concerning. For issue number three content. The content you place within these elements should be relevant to the content off the page or the website. If you have an element that is essentially asking for the users, age are asking for some sort of legal content. Are giving a warning about cookies or something that is a part off user experience, then you are just fine there. Advertising, on the other hand, could get you into a lot of trouble. User engagement is what certain Indians are ultimately trying to measure, so you must not hurt your websites. Click through rate. If people visit your website through Google and then immediately click the back button are leave your website as soon as these pop ups up here, then Google will take it as a sign and think that your website does not provide a great user experience. So keep monitoring the click to rid off your website. The bottom line is you can use pop ups, overlays and models as long as you do not hurt user experience 24. Contact us, Privacy policy and TOS: Hello and welcome back. If you are running a personal website, then you need not worry about these details. But if you're running a business website, a blawg and e commerce website or a community website, basically any website that is open for public than search engines, expect more details to be published on your website, like your contact information, privacy policy and the terms of service that are applicable. And if you are running an e commerce website, then you should have a separate page for your shipping and returns policies. Keep in mind that the contact details you provide on your website should match the details on the WHO is directory only. If you provide all of these details, Google will consider that your website is trustworthy. 25. Impact Of Social Media: Hello and welcome back. Your social media profiles will have a lot of impact on your websites is your rankings. In recent times, social media presence has become very important because social proof is something people are looking for before they start trusting a website. Think from a user's point of view, content with good number off likes and shares will attract more attention compared to the content with a few or zero lights and shares. Currently, there are hundreds off social media platforms online, but it is highly impossible to participate in all of them. So choose 45 from the top ones that suit your niche and get started. This practice will bring you better results than joining tens off social media sites with zero participation. Search engines will evaluate your account to know if the account is legitimate or not, and the number off likes and followers you have got. You know no one. Congrats, er thousands of followers overnight. You need to be consistent with your effort. If you want to gain a huge amount off following post useful content, answer questions related to your niche and in tracked with the audience, your social media presence and your activities improves the overall authority off your website. This will have a positive impact on the search engine rankings and visibility off your website. 26. Clean Website (User friendly site): Hello and welcome back. Your website design will have a powerful impact on your issue rankings because website design directly impact user experience and user engagement. Before you build your website, I suggest you to visit the top websites in your industry and you will notice that none off them use flashy effect for their websites. In fact, all of them have a simple looking website and they are pretty easy to navigate. Remember a website that is difficult to use or difficult to navigate Will hurt s your rankings because users spend less time on the website. That means less pace views and higher bones rate. Also, it is mentioned in Google's search Engine evaluators guide that a user friendly layout is an important factor for Google to rank a website. Search engines are mainly concerned about user experience, so do not think off fancy layout or flashy effects for your website. Just keep it simple and placed necessary links for the user to easily navigate through your website. 27. Mobile Friendly Website: Hello and welcome back. Mobile users are increasing exponentially, and the Web is now being accessed by more and more people on mobile devices than on computers and laptops. And because of that, Google has released a mobile ranking system that favours mobile friendly websites. It is based on the concept off the mobile first index. So it is all about mobile first and then the rest. It is now almost necessary to invest in a responsive design for your website. Responsive design means reformatting off images and copy on a website, making it easily accessible and viewable on different devices, regardless off screen size. This gives the user a better experience, whether he or she is using a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet to check. If your webpages mobile friendly or not, and how easily a visitor can use your page on a mobile device, just goto Google's mobile friendly test tool and enter your pages. You are l. The test typically takes less than a minute to run this test. Results include a screenshot off how the page looks on a mobile device, as well as a list off any mobile usability problems that it finds no down the issues and make necessary changes to rectify those issues. With the increasing mobile users, having a clean, mobile friendly website will remain a major issue factor for many more years to come. 28. Site architecture: Hello and welcome back. Your website structure is a critical part off your Seo strategy. The structure off your website shows Google which pages off your website, are more important. This means you can influence which articles will rank highest in the search engines with your website structure, so you must get it right. It is basically how you organize your websites content. As you keep writing mawr and more content for your website or add more product pages. Your website will get cluttered, so it is important that you organize it neatly to make sure you, your visitor and Google will be able to find what they're looking for. Navigation links, internal links Taxonomy is like categories, and tags and bird crumbs are the tools that you can use to structure your website. While you're doing this, you also need to ensure that you create a site map for your website. This helps search Indians to easily crawl your website and improve your site. Visibility 29. Server Location: Hello and welcome back your website and your Web pages. Load time is mainly based on the server you select. Let's say you buy hosting from a U. S. A. R, a Canada based company, and assume you are in India. Then the latency will be around 250 milliseconds. The longer the distance the data must travel, the longer it will take to reach its destination. More load time will only result in a bad user experience. And you know that certain Indians ranking system is mainly based on user experience. This means that a website hosting server location has a major impact on its issue and page ranking. So you need to ensure that the server location is same as the location off your target audience. If you want to run a website for Indian audience, it's better that you host your website on an Indian server. But what if you want to target a global audience? Well, there is a solution for that, too. For such websites, you must use a content delivery network commonly known as cdn. Content delivery networks are a system off servers this repeated throughout the world to deliver Web pages and other Web content based on the user's geographical location. This improves the speed and the quality off the content that is delivered to the user, ultimately improving your website rankings. 30. Server Up time: Hello and welcome back Very often. Website Owners thing that s CEO is all about keywords, content creation and link building. But they do not realize that server up time has a huge impact on their website rankings. Let me explain why First, whenever your website server is down, your website users will have a very bad experience. And second, if Google realizes that your website is down, it won't show your website in the search results. And if your websites down frequently, it will completely kill your websites rankings. So it is critical for you to choose a Web hosting service that you can trust. Though most of the hosting companies guarantee and uptime off 99% and above, it does not mean that it is true. That is why it is important to check out customer reviews and go through a couple of review sites to know if the hosting provider you want to choose is trustworthy or not. Never settle for anything less than 99% server up time. Choose your hosting plans according to your needs. As your website grows, you can always upgrade your Web server infrastructure 31. SSL certificate: Hello and welcome back. According to Google, security is off top level priority while ranking the websites SSL certificate means secure socket layer certificate. This provides your websites You're ill with the hypertext transfer protocol secure designation in short https designation. This tells users that you are running a secure and trustworthy website, humor purchase and SSL certificate online. Or choose a hosting company that offers free SSL certificate. If you host your website with them, there is a free alternative to let's encrypt dot org offers a free SSL certificate to enable STD PS connection for your website. If you do not know how to do this, just contact your hosting provider and they should be able to help you with this. Keep in mind that SSL certificate keeps your website safe and secure and fetch better rankings for your website.