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Glazing your ceramic pieces

teacher avatar Pau Stephens, Mexican Monster Maker

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Introduction to the class


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      Polishing your pieces


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      Underglazing our pieces


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      Glazing your pieces


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      Final Pieces


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About This Class

In this class, we are finally going to glaze our ceramic pieces with underglazes and clear glaze. I will give you some tips and tricks from cleaning our pieces to different glaze applications. But come and see for yourself :-).

Meet Your Teacher

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Pau Stephens

Mexican Monster Maker


Hi, my name is Pau and Im a Mexican monster maker.

I studied Industrial design at IED Madrid and after graduating in 2012 I started inquiring in the ceramic world, first producing my own projects and after manufacturing for other people.

I moved to Poland early in 2017 and started pursuing my artistic career making ceramic sculptures and experimenting more with shape and materials.

Currently I live in Bielefeld, Germany with my family. 

If you want to see more of my work please feel free to visit my web and my Instagram for more work in progress!

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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction to the class: Hello Today we're going to talk about the places or placing your pieces or some color to your pieces. Now you have your sculpture or your part for whatever you make with ceramics. And, of course, the final thing that you need to do with the final step. So it's Don't take nice pictures. Impose them on Instagram is that you need to put some ways so I will explain in the next videos water places and different ways that you can lace or like finish. It's a big world off the glazing world, but I will try to give you like the basics you need to know. But basically, in this video, we're going to focus in on their places, which are the ones that I used the most for my monsters in that with those you can make this type off finishes this other less, and then on top, you put the glaze, so stay tuned. If you want to know more about these and let's get started 2. Glazes: So first, what is the glaze? The glaze is Normally it comes in the form of powder and its glass, like colder less. What does it work? Yeah, and when you add it to their peace, it goes to the camp and tequila high temperature. It melts so it covers and it gives your prospectus shine. So some laters. Basically what they are like these powder glass with pigments color in these things. It tells its not that easy of course unit, like different formulas. And it's more complicated than glazing that you think. But they could. News is that there are people that sale all the radio formulated places you can use. Yeah, I will talk a little bit about that now, but first I divided places, intrigue, different types, off finishes, oneness, Mother. There's a goodness transparent. And the third is like with white base. And that is like the moors more a pack finish. So they're gonna see maybe the details off the piece. And with a transparent, you can see the details like you can see a little bit of clay, so it's like transparent with color. But you're gonna steal. See, something's going on with their white base. You don't see much like it's more pack more, even the color. And with mark, there's no shine. So those are like the three different types of finishing places that you can find. Also, there's another thing that it's like the presentations. I think that the world off placing their two presentations, one is in power. So it's like a powder that is mixed with water and the other one, it's like liquid that comes, like, ready to use the Why would powder I recommend toe apply in like the dipping technique and or with, And these techniques are better for mass production. When you have, like a lot of pots and alot of the same thing toe put color, it's better to just this techniques like I look here, makes tiles and uses the America, and with that, she gets like a really nice, even like surface. And like the good night's distribution off the colder and the place in the piece. So the gun works like you have the gun you put on top off your place. You are sure that everything is well mixed and you grabbed your piece. That's a man that it is a piece like in a distance off like this. Distance it, you wait a little bit and then against you have to wait. That is right. And it doesn't like a week. So you have to be patient and you have, like, well turned or this thing you can you comfortable start rolling, rolling and do it and be sure that you have like enough layers for apply that lace so you can check with your with your nail. Okay, you know or not, I think that two millimeters It's like what you should have, because sometimes I think that's cool. But when you put it in the killing and gets out and it was amazing place, so me, you have to try also like see how it works with your legs and when you're playing and make some samples always make samples. That's a recommendation that I make here, have some sample that I will show you later for more details. Yeah, that is like with the air gun. Then you be sure to really, really wash your gun and you're going to use another color first spring water, or so you get rid of the old cooler and you start using the new one. And I think that basically, that's what you need to know about that type of technique. The other two that is dipping. I think it is the most common one for parts on these things. He's done. You come for mixture. You have like a nice like like a cream like a sour create texture. You put your hand and you take it out. It covers your whole, and that is really good for politics. These things I didn't put it inside your contact to treat one to treat. Take it out and then you can pour inside like Nicholas while the trip and then, yeah, take it up and you have your your unique practice for this thing. Now I say it is like you see PC, but sometimes you don't have enough have less to put a lot of the bubbles and this thing. So be careful. Maria. Those are like the techniques argument for power in. I recommend this the Knicks also for mass production, then in the liquid presentation. That is, for example, these ones there are like a little friends and they come out ready for already formulated so they're ready to use in some countries. You're gonna find him that easily, so I don't know. And maybe you have to formulate your mixes yourself. I don't know how to do that, because it's like, I respect the people that do that, but and I think that you were you were into it. You can really find a brand that already have this, I guess. Chris Santos. What? They were like a lot of brands like Marco. They're colores boats do gone and yeah, all types. So you should find one and gold Wrong. They have, like, different types for this series of videos we're going to use under glace is in the clear, transparent blaze And I will show you how I do this Type off finishes with the owner laces . So this moved in the next chapter. Talk about a little bit more about the under glazes and some details about placing in general like the process 3. Underglazes: Okay, so where we talk about the different types from bases for then regular place, the normal process is to may your peace. Polish it, put it in the kill base, quit Take it out. Put the glaze in the quarterback because with the depend technique and all these things, it's better to have like your piece with already like a structure so you can grab it and manipulated. If the place is not who you can clean it with a wet sponge or whatever. So if it's already in the camp, if it's already been quick, you have, like this more, more valuable piece. You can grab it, you can put it, and also that place is normally react when much better. So for the glaciers, like a normal placing, you have to first base quit. You know, the core temperature that what they says. For example, if the glacier's out 1050 degrees, you should be squid like 100 degrees or 150 and then a major piece and then put it in 100 1000 15. That's like nothing for the majors and the prince for the places for this video. We're going to use under glazes. So the good thing about honor places is that as the name status under place, it goes on the blaze. The place has to be transparent, so you can see the colors and other places are like a critics like it's like a special paint for ceramics. And you can grab your your piece, use it, makes it you're gonna things like these, for example, that is like blue and red on top. So I think that these other leaders are really good. When you are like artist and you want to do like this, the details or you're an illustrator and you put like your illustration automated treaty, and you want to make it colder and use your your same palette. It is the best thing, because sometimes places like the normal basis they don't react well when you mix them and other places are like they're like, I love it. So the other place goes in the room material like you don't have to be squid it. So these once I made, like, put the example, it wasn't a disk before then I be secret. I take it out. I have the color fix already in the piece and then I put a transparent glaze, put it back in the queue and my final result. So now we're going to do that. The process is different, like for this use brush and you can also use brought for other like the normal blazes. You need to put a like three coats. But the thing with this process is that it's more slow, like you have to put it with a brush and it takes you ages. That's why I recommend these type places for small pieces or limited pieces or special productions, because if you want to blaze like ah 100 tiles with this, you can take a really long time. So these are more for, like, special products kind of and also they are more expensive than the poder once, so you have to take that. So for this samples I use under places there are like this one here under place. Citrus is this color. So now that I explain a little bit about replace it, let's go and Rachel monsters 4. Samples: So before we start placing about to show you some examples some samples that I made, I really recommend that you do these little things, these little samples before you do your big piece. So I made these to try this under laces. There it is that I'm using from Chris Antislavery mentioned that and I really like that there are super pig minting, not non toxic. And all these things this It's like the under Glaser different colors. And you can also make them with all the colors. I made these samples also with fixtures to see how they look because my monsters have a lot of fixture, so with did you can see how they react. So I really recommend that you first try your releases and make some samples before you do the real thing. Because glazing can be really disappointed. Like after the whole process, to have, like, this situation off. Okay, Like, I made 100 of these things and I ruined them because I didn't make the samples. I didn't know that the character and you know how to use the brush or these things, So, yeah, believe me, I have done that, actually, look at this. Well, this dust powder, But it wasn't in global, and I made the mistake of mixing the globe it and Gomez like an under glace. So but this wasn't wasn't powder. And I wanted to make like, um, a mix between, like, a Grady int of quarters. So they use red and then emitted with white. But it wasn't white, it was transparent. Please, Like I made a mistake because leaving Poland and I didn't read like what it waas because the color was white. I got confused and I makes a red and go away with white glace transparent glaze And it reacted like so. If I had make samples, this monster will still be alive because I would have realised my mistake. Do the samples, no matter what holding your field, do the samples. So now that I have show you this my sample collection, I think that it's a good time to start working on the place 5. Polishing your pieces: thing that I mean. The other day I added the tail to these one and yeah, I also added, like a dedication. I can feel that it's still worth because it's called. So this one, I added this pikes and Billy the belly button. So this one's I will blaze no under glaze. Now I have to just let the world under release, I think. But first I will polish them a little bit with my with this what I will remove the breath. This was like sending almost like something so it's wet and then with his every move like that texture that it has. If it's bigger, you can use like something toe scratch it with here. I think that in general I mean quite OK, so I will not take toe. And here I almost made that mistake off awfully, raising the dedication, that it is my own 30. But I think that for under places is there that it is like not super make it right. I don't know why I think that they're more like fresh. It is not the more fresh, because I also don't think that it should be like just made, but like now that it's like a little bit more he'd rotated before. I think that it's very much better than if it's super dry with the other relations, but I don't know if that's true or not, but I got the feeling that I have. 6. Underglazing our pieces: so well written it. What course should I choose? I will do this, girls for the present. So the book is going to be like this light pink and the horns isn't like this color. Pretty basic. But I think that basic is also so. I already have my green monsters under place. I will put this into the Kim and see you when they get out because it's a long takes a long time, and then I will it. So, yeah, let's put them in the kill. 7. Glazing your pieces: Okay, so I already fired these ones. These waas I just out of the kill. So when I just finished replacing them, put them in the killing for like could be in the range of 800 degrees or 1000 degrees. Then do that. They kill, cool down and take out the monster when the killing is ready. So after like, two days, you have like this. I'm gonna tell the the most. Doors already have color. You can touch them. They have like, structure. So they are recent in the calories like fit. So now what I'm going to do is to place them with it clear. Please. Yeah, they listen to keep that shine in the final touch for the monsters. So in this case, I will use two types of I use this one that is good, that is already made for playing with brush. And this one I will do for, like, the outside these needs, like two or three layers. So they think that they prone that I have with no, normally with the specter of places that sometimes you think that they have enough, but they don't have enough. So the more layers the better and for the inside because my hand doesn't fit these ideas. Um, the body of this monster I real use Paul Earless and I will put the liquid inside, shake it and to get out. So you will see that in a second. This one I didn't put in the killing because it felt so It's broken, and here it's missing. So this one will probably not finish it today. So, yeah, do they want to do this to? So before you start brushing your pieces like late in your pieces, you need to be sure that they don't have any dust until so for dad conduce a what's punch and with the wits bunch Um, yeah, removal the dust in your piece or you conduce a brush and with the brush removal the dirt that can have to pick. Because if you don't do this and you put the place on top off this dust in the killing your but have, like, these little dots and no one to be perfect the final piece. So I always recommend that you are sure that your pieces come politically before you start placing. I almost forgot to say that you could Also he was then Eric on like like removal there things from your piece. So maybe I will do it, actually. Okay, so now I'm going to prepare The liquid lace were just powder. I need to check that This is a match with the other blaze that I'm going to use that one with the brush. So here I see the range that it's 120,000 and 21,160. So it's OK, because I'm goingto do the firing at the 1050. So it's quick now just this one is already, like, ready to use. I would burn here and then I'll just water. So apply the water and I'm just mixing, mixing, mixing. You have to be perfectly mixed. I'm doing this by I but normally people have, like there measuring this. So this and other type of glaze that you could use for immersion or this country can also put in the power they're going on the air gun. And I think that these are not really good for there, not the sign for brushes. I don't know. I think that they maybe some are. But you know, the way that I see it there not. You can tell that you can see that strokes like to use brush with this type of place. I just like it for they're gone or for applying inside. So what I'm going to do now, be sure that everything is covered. Okay, so now I will start this there. Superior Glee's by Chris Santo's. I would put a little bit in this one because it's just too big. I will just this brush that it's clean makes me well, yeah. 8. Final Pieces : Okay, So finally, I got my pieces off killed and this is Luke. I was missing some layers. Oh, they all of me, but that it's my mistake. You cannot see very well, like when you put it, if you think that it's done. But I need to put three layers and sometimes it just like confusing. So what I'm going to do next, like next time, is to put one layer, let it dry, put another layer many dry, and then put another layer and drive to be sure that it's completely car with all them years puller because you can see it's missing in some spots. Most of them are like down the spikes. So, yeah, here in the leg is getting a little bit. But in general, like the rest of it, it's quite good. I'm quite happy with it. From the inside Digital it looks literally that is, it feels good. Feels good. So yeah, because one of the monsters and it is the other one. So what do you think is the way they look? And they transparent the clear glaze worked really well. I'm really happy. I'm not me. I'm not missing. Please. You know what? I'm only using all the waste, but for the next time, I will do it better. And I think that that's it, guys. So if you have any questions or yeah, whatever comments you want to tell me, don't hesitate and put it in the comments in this section of kinds or in the community section also, maybe there are other people that can commence different bases or from brands. So we got start a discussion about places that will be really interesting and help you learn something. And you put your projects like, I really want to see your projects in this project section, so yeah.