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Getting the BEST Event and Wedding Photos

teacher avatar Hanna Ashcraft, Travel Blogger | Content Creator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Course Intro and Overview


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      Hiring a Photographer


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      Pre-Event Communications


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      Event Day


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      Post-Event Expectations


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      Additional Advice


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      Couples Posing


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About This Class

Getting the BEST Event and Wedding Photos

Have you heard a version of the phrase “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man” by Heraclitus? Events are like the river in that you cannot have the exact same event happen again. For this reason, a photographer is a important part of your team to help preserve the beautiful moments that will happen at your upcoming event or wedding. Since you are likely spending a fair amount of money on your event, let’s discuss how to hire and communicate with a photographer to get the most, BEST photos of your event.

In the course, I bring in expert wedding and event photographer Natalie Thomson to teach us the best methods for hiring and communicating with a photographer. We will chat about:

  1. Where to find and hire a photographer that matches your style and has the appropriate package for your event or wedding.
  2. Then we will dive into all the communications that should happen before, during, and after your event, so you can trust your photographer to be at the right spot when something incredible happens.
  3. To wrap up this course, Natalie will share some words of wisdom and tips for couples to pose for their wedding and engagement photos.

By the end of this course, we hope you will feel confident in booking a photographer that is right for your event or wedding. We also encourage you to over-communicate with your photographer, while listening to their advice, so you both know what to expect to happen at the event.

Natalie and I are both very excited for you and cannot wait to hear about how many amazing photos you got of your event or wedding.


P.S. Music credit: Monkeys Spinning Monkeys, Kevin Macleod (, licensed under Creative Commons: By Attributions 3.0 Http://

Meet Your Teacher

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Hanna Ashcraft

Travel Blogger | Content Creator


HI! I'm Hanna and I believe in thoughtful, organized, and beautiful events that delight guests and give them a warm feeling for months after. Small touches and purposeful execution will almost always lead you to success. Given enough lead time, I think anyone can plan a spectacular small or large scale event.

More recently, I began working on a passion project - my travel blog. My experience planning events effortlessly transition into planning incredible trips. I will also be teaching travel tips and tricks that I have learned.


I have been event planning in the Santa Barbara area for the last five years. As a junior in college, I took an incredible event planning internship in Oahu, Hawaii. Upon graduating, I immediately jumped into an events ca... See full profile

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1. Course Intro and Overview: Hello. My name is Hannah and this course aims. Answer the question. How do I hire a photographer for my upcoming event? And how do I get the most best possible photos, Photos, air. So incredibly important to remember and cherish that special day that you've been planning and events happened so quickly that I don't think I could ever place a value on good photography. So although I haven't event planners perspective of hiring and working with photographer, I've decided to bring in an expert wedding and event photographer Natalie Thompson to help me explain how to hire, find and create a plan with your photographer to get the most best possible photos of your event. Originally from Scotland, Natalie Thompson has been shooting corporate nonprofit weddings for the last 15 years. She got her bachelor's degree in professional photography from the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara. Now she's working at Duckers, which is a lifestyle footwear pra that owns Ugg and Teva. You can say that Natalie has done it all from shooting small details to large gay lows and 300 person weddings. So welcome, Natalie. Hello. To start off this course, we're gonna hold up intervention. And not only is gonna share a couple examples of how Pinterest has led her clients on an unattainable path that will be asking Natalie questions in four major categories. Hiring and finding a photographer, pre event communications and planning event day and post oven expectations. After that, I'm gonna ask Natalie questions that I've kind of always wondered about photography or frequently asked questions from her client. Lastly, she's gonna share some tips for couples for engagement and wedding photos. By the end of this course, we hope you feel confident in finding and booking your photographer and also communicating with them everything about the event in advance. So when the event a happens, you can trust that they're gonna pull you away from the action at the right moment or be there to capture any special things that happen. So let's get started 2. Pintervention: as I mentioned in my other class called Meaningful event. If you haven't want you go and say that tow, Watch it later. I'm not a big fan of using Pinterest to plan events. Although I love Pinterest to work on home projects or travel information. I just don't love it for events. Instead, I believe in thinking through each element to specifically fit your event will make it more memorable. Natalie was the one who originally coined the term intervention. I loved it so much that I stole it from her. So, Natalie, where did that term originate? So back in 2012 about Pinterest was just about to really kick into high gear. I started getting a lot of clients sending pictures that they'd seen on Pinterest and sending me their boards. And I was also a big fan of the TV show intervention together because Dangerous was starting to get a little bit out control that combined the two and came up with the term intervention. So what was the issue when clients started sending you boards and images? Yes, the main issues that I found with Pinterest has just mean that it's a lot of unattainable shots for their wedding based upon venue lighting. Time constraints, budget Unfortunately, a lot of the things that we're seeing on there is the very best. The best You're pulling the very best shot from the sweating in New York. Very best shot winning in Texas. Very best shot winning over here. Yeah, those are the ones. Those are the pins that keep getting re saved. Yeah, because they're so beautiful. And they are. There's some great work out there. However, everyone was compiling it into aboard, you have taken the very best of everything presenting it to me and saying, Natalie, I want this. And unfortunately, sometimes we only have 15 minutes and the venues right? The best of the best. Sometimes we just have to make do with what we've got to deal with you. It's just unfortunately came to a point where sometimes I have to step it back and almost have an intervention with the client. Right? Say, listen, I think it's a great shot. I really like your concept in your idea and definitely not opposed to seeing the ideas right. Color schemes, things like that. That could be great. Mood board is great But when it's actually replicating shots, that's a little bit tougher to do, right? Do you have any juicy, gossipy examples? Examples is a good friend of mine shoes. Does hair and makeup on weddings? She was saying that she is having this issue to She's got you know, these people, they've got really thin. Not a lot of hair going on. And she would get these lavish up deals cascading curls. And it just wasn't realistic for that bread. Yeah, that one Specific. Yeah, from a photography perspective. You know, I had this one client. They were getting married at the beach. However, she sent me some things. It was like a scene shot in Manhattan. Capt. Racing behind the bride and groom, bride and groom are frozen full shot that unfortunately could not translate into their beach one right here. Yeah, Another things to watch out for On Pinterest is a lot that photos are stage shoots and another client actually sent me that a shot. However, that was immediately recognized it because you did shoot that I was actually necessary on. So I immediately started laughing when I saw this picture. So this was a gorgeous to at the Biltmore here in Montecito. And it was 10 hours. It was a professional model and models from L. A. Hair makeup, hair, makeup at the ready life. Let me quickly, you know, huh? And it was a 10 hour shoot. And then this bride send it to me. And yes, it was a gorgeous shot. However, you got it. Realize professional hair and makeup up ready. Amazing gowns from all Freidel sore Memoli hills. It was a 10 hour shoot, and then they have 15 minutes, you know, I mean, at weddings, planners should really build out time for their photographer to get as many good shoot shots as possible. But you know, the brides and grooms always have their entire families there. They want to spend time with that. See, don't have 10 hours to spend. Make perfecting. No. And that's what those pictures are there. Perfect. So I 100% agree 3. Hiring a Photographer: Now that we warned you about the dangers of using Pinterest, let's get into how to hire photographer. So first off, what is the best place to find a photographer in your area for your event? I say online reviews, Um, places like Yelp, the knot, wedding wire or great places. However, just going into it, you got to realize that people who are helping in reviewing our people, who either have great experience where they've had a really horrible experience, it's hard to find kind of people in between. Another great resource is any friends in the area have gotten married in the head of really good experience with their photographer. I would just be cautious of that photographer had the same style and vision that you were looking for. Yeah, you know, it's it's one thing toe. They had a great experience with this photographer. But then you as the future bride, you've got to think, Is that my stylist and something I'm gonna want on my wall from the next 20 years? So what if you're retouching photographer that you really wanted, but they're like, way beyond your price point or are available for your day? Would be okay to ask a photographer for recommendations. Yeah, definitely. And they would be a great resource being if they're in the local area for many years. I'm sure they have a great network of other local photographers. So how do you determine that a photographer is a good fit for your event? Yeah, I would definitely look online and looked over their portfolio and make sure that you're seeing a full scope. Their work. Make sure that their style is something that you would enjoy. Some stop for a shoot, Really dark. Some photographer shoot really light. Some photographers are very candid. They don't do any post pictures at all. And some photographers only do very structured post voters because if you're someone who's really just kind of fun and just wants no post pictures, you just want a party. You just want candid shots. Make sure that your photographer is in that line to write. Make sure it's not a super traditional photographer who's gonna everything lined up in a certain way. Everything is very structured in ST, so definitely lighting style and then personality is a huge factor. You know this person is going to be there for you and your most intimate moments of the biggest day of your life. And when you make sure that you can get along with them that there's not gonna be personality clash on your wedding day, that would pretty much be the worst thing is not getting along with the photographer that you've asked it for this very special day. You could probably see those how a photographer acts even in the first initial contact what they're like on the phone, if you contact them on the phone where you been, How quickly they respond is sometimes an indicator of how busy they are, how much time they can devote to you. When do you think you should reach out to a photographer? Um, you know, you could start looking for a photographer a soon as you get engaged, even if you are still over a year out. But I'd say most clients book me within 78 months to a year of their wedding. No photographer really takes on weddings that are beyond a year, just cause you never know what's gonna happen. There might be a life change, so much dog first, feel comfortable booking within a year. I wouldn't leave it to two. Yeah, up to the moment of your wedding. You know, sometimes it's a red flag for me. If I have a client who is booking me two months before there, Big wedding, right? Makes me question. Are they disorganized that they have a falling out with that previous photographer and then for nonprofit? I'd probably cut in half, maybe four months of right for a big, bigger nonprofit of corporate. I'm smaller life events. Maybe you have, you know, but still enough time, three months. It's probably good. Yeah, yeah, most things. So when you're looking online with and looking at different photographers a lot of times, you'll see different packages listed price points, which is a good indicator of how much a photographer will cost. Can you talk about packages? What they normally include? Yeah, definitely. Every photographer is different. Um, their packages will very sometimes photographers just charge a creative fee, and they retain all the digital images. And then you have to go in and purchase whether you want canvas items or if you want a photo album. Some photographers run it like that. Some photographers give you all the digital images, and then you're free to print them wherever you want. So you've just got to make sure that you know what you're getting and the if you're comfortable with that and just realizing that sometimes you might have to pay extra afterwards. Sometimes everything's included, right? Would you say that packages air pretty firm for photographers? Or is there some flexibility in terms of what can be included in the package? Yeah, I'd say, for the most part, practicing to be pretty firm. I've never really had anyone. I asked for something different. They've always been happy with the packages. And then sometimes they want ad on an album. OK, so you could always out on Yeah, coppers don't mind that. So I'm thinking about packages and what you want for your wedding day or any event. When should you include a second shooter? And what does the second shooter dio? Yes, Second shooters can actually hold a very big role in the day as well. In the morning, the main shooter is usually with the bride getting ready at that location. The second shooter is interested with capturing the groom at his location during the ceremony. They're getting other angles you can't get so they're really, definitely a supplemental photography, but they're very important as well. Another key item for the second shooter. It's right afterwards, the main photographer, right after the ceremony there, capturing the family photos that capturing, capturing the bridal party. Last but not least, the bride and groom pictures during that time. There's the cocktail hour going down. There's also the reception area is being set with all that expensive pretty DDS. But you hate Yahtzee. Did you put a lot of effort into Yeah, So that second shooter they're entrusted with capturing all the cocktail hour images, all the fund can mingling pictures and then heading over to the reception area, capturing all the details room overalls, if possible, and the second shooter, it's hired by the main photographer. They are representing their business. So just be confident that the main shooter is hiring a second shooter. That they are comfortable, right and confident would represent their style and their business well, so the client doesn't have to worry about the second shooter. No photographer will take care of everything on, and but the main photographer at it's all the yes correct the at the end of the day, the second shooter just hands over their memory cards to the main photographer. The main photographer takes them home, so you can be confident that the styles will match up with men again. The second shooter is being hired by the main shooter with the understanding that they would be adding to their business and adding to their style, right. You know the other events that I've planned, like larger nonprofit events. I almost always have a second shooter because I want to grab people at the door when they first come in. And then, while also getting the rest event. That happens. And you just can't do that with one photographer. You really have to do have more than one main. The second shooter is basically hired to be in places that the first photographer can be in right. So when the first photographer is capturing the CEO, mingling with guests, the second shooter is capturing the other guests, having fun with each other, introducing each other to each other. Just like that, Yeah, or the details. Because for wedding planners out there, the detail shots are the what represents their company in the future. And we really, really need good detail shots of that. And that's usually up to the second shooter. So we really depend on someone to capture those because we put so much time and energy making everything look so perfect. And you want to capture that before guests come in and start eating? Yeah, he s so once you kind of narrowed it down on your photographers on. You ready to sign a contract when you're reading to a contract? What should clients pay attention to? Definitely. Just make sure that you're getting you know what? You're gassy. Um, that's important. Are you getting digital negatives? Are you going online afterwards to the gallery and purchasing your items from there? Just make sure that you're all on the same page as far as what's expected afterwards. Turnaround times or great to to pay attention to. Does your talk for deliver within two weeks? Does your photographer deliver your images within four months? It's so there's definitely a variety of time turnaround season. Just make sure that you know that as well. Also, I would check any kind of cancellation policy, any type of force case scenario, natural disaster is fires. These things happen, especially in Santa Barbara area. Yeah, you know what happens if you're tougher? Wakes up on your wedding date with the worst food poisoning of their life. What's what's the idea for that, Right? What's the backup plan? Yeah, absolutely. It's really important that, you know, are you getting your money back? Are they gonna try and find someone else? You know, it's all important to be on the same page, and that's what a contract is. It's not necessarily a scary thing. It's just another standing that we're all on the same page, where all signing this together with the realization this is the situations that happen, right? And then the other thing that you probably find and correct me if I'm wrong is the time frame in which a photographer will be at your event, which is Oh yeah, really eight point. So, you know, even with corporate and nonprofit events as well, like what times do I need them there to capture those early arrive Er's Or do any of them there getting last people leaving the door? What do I really need? Absolutely some, you know, for the wedding example Sometimes one of photographers just offers six our packages. Some of them are there for the whole day. If you're hiring a photographer for six hours, just make sure that they're six hours. You're really, really? Because I did, because not long enough for the entire No, you cannot have a photographer for six hours to do the stuff beforehand, all the way to the end of the reception. So if the reception is your focus point, you really want this party pictures. You really want those reception pictures? Great. Just hired photographer to match up with the last six hours of that. But you might not get the You don't get that getting ready steps. It's just, you know, again, what's important to you. Everyone's different. So just find a photographer that would be in line with that or higher it for 10 hours. Yeah, yeah, yeah, 4. Pre-Event Communications: Now the photographer is booked and you've paid the deposit. It's really critical that you and your photographer are on the same page before the event happens. I say this because as the event planner or if you are the guests of honor Aton of people be asking questions during the event or want to spend time with you and you won't have that timeto work out these small details with your photographer. You want to trust your photographer to capture the most important moments of your entire event. So to get started with the pre event communications Natalie, what information does a cryptographer need from the client for the event? Yes, definitely. I would love to hear the guest count every day. Small event. Are we doing 300 people events? It does make a big difference. I would like to know locations. Are we indoors or outdoors just so I can know the logistics and how could handle lighting, weather conditions, things like that. And then also, I'd love to hear kind of like a rough time line of the day and how events are gonna happen within the day. Okay, so it's talking about timelines. Timelines are so critical I can't stress you. This just that's enough to make sure that everything happens throughout the day. In a future class, I'm gonna build up the timeline together. But in all honesty, when I'm building out a timeline, I'm really calling my fenders up and asking them when they're going to arrive and how long it takes to do practically anything. So what does that look like from the photographers perspective? That's great. I would absolutely love to hear what's going on during the day. It's really important. Just so I know that I can give you the best photo as possible. And in order to do that, I need to know how much time I have for certain things. And what kind of locations and logistics will be looking at who's contact information with the photographer need leading up to the event. Yeah, for something like a wedding, definitely the riding dream. I love their full names, phone numbers and the wedding core nature. If it's a full wedding coordinator or if it's just a location coordinator, any professional along those lines, I would love to have their contact information just so I can go over things with. Would you say that you're more willing, Teoh, walk through a client or a planner talking about how much time each element needs. Yeah, definitely. I would absolutely love to sit down and just work through and make sure that we have enough time scheduled. That doesn't bother me at all via two weeks before the wedding, and you're kind of having a stressor about the timeline. Great. Let's just hash it out. Let's sit down and let's just go over it just to make sure that we can deliver the best images possible to you, right? So I think I already know the answer to this question, But do you prefer if a client over communicates or under communicates with you? Yeah, definitely. Over communicating is not a problem. I would much rather have that, then not hear from the bridegroom at all. Sometimes like maybe 2 to 2 weeks to a week before the wedding. I just don't hear from clients. They just kind of go m I A. And it's really stressful, and I think they're kind of stressing out they don't have the information for me, but I need to have the information to pass along to my second shooter. And just to make sure that I met the places I need to be in order to get your pictures, I would hate for anything to be compromised because no one told me that you've changed hair salons and no one told me right that you know, something is actually taking place the different time they've moved it up. So please let me know if you don't know, that's OK. I would much rather help you just to make sure that we're all in the same page rather than not here for me. Please just reach out of his mind. Because even if you don't have X y Z that you would ask for Maybe you know Q and yeah, our whenever other letters and knows you together. Exactly. Now it's fine. Yes, in regard to specialty items and programming, Can you speak to why a photographer would need to know those smaller details that come up? Yeah, Sometimes people do things at weddings that they didn't alert the photographer to please let me know. Like one time I had a friend group. They were doing an entrance with light sabers and I had no idea until we get there And then I'll send people come out with light sabers start making marinated and the lights are off. So the lifesavers with glow, which is cool. Cool that I didn't realize if I so you know, me. And my second shooter, scrambling with our flash is trying to get the settings on, right? Had someone told me we're turning off all the lights and we're having a lightsaber entrance . Great. That sounds off. So please let me know. I would have been more prepared. Those photos could have been a lot better, right? Oh, maybe brought different equipment. Yeah, absolutely. Just would have been more prepared. All my settings would have been more in line and therefore better pictures. Sometimes. Please, let me know if you have any special cultural ceremonies or cultural religious items. Third and happening. I just want to make sure that I'm respectful of whatever is going down. I'm not too close to you. I'm not doing something that potentially inappropriate. Just please let me know. I'd love to hear anything right ahead of time thinking about corporate nonprofit. We don't have that many surprises. Yeah, there might be a surprise for the guests. But that's, you know, that's well accounted for. But at wedding, sometimes the bride likes to surprise the groom. Yeah, or vice versa. And you really gotta let your photographer know about that. A groom serenaded fried of the recent wedding. And we weren't where that that was gonna happen. We're expecting them to walk down the aisle. So I already had my second teacher stage of the point down the aisle, ready for them to walk, and then we didn't know what's happening. Then there was this awkward pause. The music starts happening, and I still don't know what's going on. Just start, keep taking pictures. Obviously that it would have been get to get that heads also would maybe being in different parts instead of waiting them for them to walk down the aisle, we would have stayed up front, more serenading because the ceremony is so critical. That's when you're actually getting married like you were. Probably set up for that in a certain way and not set out for us. It's very cute. Yeah, I would have loved a little warning, right 5. Event Day: Finally, we've made it to the big day. Hopefully, you and your photographer are completely on the same page and your were ready to go. So now what should be prepped for the photographers arrival up with photographers arrival. It's really great. When I get Teoh Bride Room or Grimm's room, everything is laid out. That dress is out of the dry cleaning job on hurts. It's on the designated hanger jewelry there, shoes there. Everything's ready to go because if not, if I have to track down the dress and I take it out of the plastic. It's very delicate. It's and then running around, trying to find shoes, trying to find jewelry. That's 20 minutes. It's 20 minutes less of your photographs, so it's great. Everything's ready in a bundle I go to or my second shooter goes to the groom's room. It's really great if the groom is freshly showered. He's in his slacks, in his undershirt. That way we can put just quickly go in and grab in, putting on the shirt, putting on the Thai putting on the jackets, boot near, and maybe some fun time with this. His guys also, if there's any type of paper goods you want photographed menus invites anything like that. Is this? Yes, Save the date program is another big one. Just have it laying out for me rings. Sometimes I do that the reception. But you know, it's sometimes good to just get out of the way in the beginning. So, yeah, in an ideal world, and even with corporate and nonprofit, just to bring that in again is to have a little bit like prepackaged like in a little little envelope or something. Is the Invitation program menu are all good in that way? It just like in a little envelope, ready to go when the photographer gets there. What is the most difficult thing for photographer on the day of the event? I say, Uh, definitely people wrangling has become the biggest issue. Um, you know, for family pictures, we have very limited amount time. Sometimes we'll try and do as much as we can. Before the ceremony were telling family, Please be here to 30. Sometimes you know, Granny skin ish, her shoes, uncles moving this car so that runoff a key player like a mom of the bride is missing because she's attending to something else. Therefore, all the photos afterwards are really thrown off. So please tell your family to meet maybe 10 minutes before they're expected for photos. Everyone's there if they have to. Just wait for a little bit there, waiting for me that we get this photos done then in their thing is the thing is, is that you know, this is only happening one time. Yeah, so they can be patient. If if it takes an hour, it's still only an hour. The most special day of your life or what not? And I recommended in the past. If you have a sibling or a cousin who knows all the key players and is really responsible, I've had them stick with photographer and help wrangle so that, you know, they could just point Teoh, you know this person, this person, your next, this person that's prison, You're on deck. Yeah, and then that way it kind of moves through the whole process a lot faster. But that person has to be really responsible and kind of know what the bride wants as well with another person to communicate with, but maybe worth in the long run. Yeah, definitely. Yeah. So I had it where photographers have asked for the second half of payment on the David event. What are your thoughts on receiving payment early if I mean there's so much going on the day. Yeah, that's it. You know, the wedding day, such a blurs that one says, and there's a really lot going on. Not everyone can remember on top of it to make sure that they got to check for every vendor there. If you want to give me the payment a week before, that's totally fine by me. You know, I believe in hold. I don't cash it if you prefer till the day after the wedding. But definitely it's it's way easier to deal with just slightly before the wedding, then trying to wrangle it right before you're about to leave on the wedding day, right? Absolutely, as he intel from the number questions, there's just so much less that happens on. I mean, obviously the entire event happens, but hopefully you've already pre communicated everything. So the day of event is really just kind of putting out fires and getting it done 6. Post-Event Expectations: Yeah, your event was a complete success. Hopefully, while you recover, your photographer is furiously adding all of your photos. What time frame should you expect your photos back? Yeah, for this party, definitely. Double check your contract. Sometimes do quicker turnaround times. Some take. Maybe for five months or so. It really depends. Honestly, personally, I would be a little bit concerned if my photographer was turning around the images within a few days that they not edit them enough. Some photographers have definitely just taking all the images and just dump them straight off their memory cards. Some take a lot more tailoring, so just make sure that you're all on board with knowing how long your turnaround time is gonna be. Some photographers provide a little bit of a sneak peek provide like, I don't know, 15 photos from your Is that usually in the contract or not usually in the contract? But some doctors definitely will do that, especially now in the days of Instagram. Also, from a photographer's perspective that if they're posting to social media, would be great if they actually posted good good photos, not someone's iPhone pictures or just a guest photos It's great if they can actually get the professional photos up there, right? Just kind of a good representation of everyone, right? And so you probably ask your photographer, Could you provide us? Yeah, peak Or do you normally provide a sneak peek? So, speaking about it, in what goes into the editing process My gosh, the price of olive You're coming through. So so many photos. So many hundreds more like 1000 0 my God. So, between myself made changer and second shooter Yeah, we are getting it. Definitely within the thousands were covering any hour day. However, I know many of those air duplicates when we're doing family photos. You've got a camp for people who are blinking. People were looking away. People are talking, trying to make the jokes. Those air just immediate. Just no ghosts. While it seems like there's so many that it could potentially be giving you, please understand we're giving you the very best of the best. A lot of the time, people say I really want to see all the photos from the event. No, you don't e. I am taking away that really awkward ones where someone is making a face someone is in the middle of eating anything that's not attractive. Trust me. I'm not withholding any special moments of you and your grandma dancing. If there's something amazing, trust me and get something not so amazing. Trust me, I'm not okay. Be just be aware that you probably end up giving hundreds of photos. Teoh. Yeah, so it goes from the thousands down to the hundreds. So first, what I'll do is I'll just get away with all the duplicates, all the religious unnecessary ones from there. We're talking cropping, lightning darkening, sharpening the color balancing. Then afterwards, you can add in the special effects and again that goes along with your photographer style. Are they doing more for natural? Look where it's kind of as it was on the day, or some people prefer to do heavy filtering again that goes back to your cell. So just make sure that when you're hiring a photographer that it's someone who matches your style in your vision of how you'd want your foot is to the Grandi 7. Additional Advice: So here's and final questions that I have for Natalie. I've been wondering for a long time or that her clients have kind of brought up multiple times. So first off, sometimes when you're looking into photographers, there could be a little bit of sticker shock. So, Natalie, what? What goes into the price? Okay, when you are hiring a photographer, you are hiring into a small business. These are people who have to pay self employment taxes or people who do not have paid time off that do not have health insurance through an employer. Thes air People have had years of training years of experience. The equipment alone is incredibly expensive. Software equipment, monthly subscriptions, camera gear. It's huge. It's it's very expensive. And then, on top of that, you're paying for so much of their time. You're paying for the consultation, that pre wedding stuff, day off course, and then the weeks or months afterwards of editing. It fits a lot, so it's not just were hanging out for a hours. We're taking some pictures, and then that's it. Magically, it all comes together. There is a lot that goes into it, and I think a lot of people just aren't aware of how much goes into the photography process . Can you speak Teoh Getting digital photos versus print? Um, if you do choose a photographer that does digital media, I would strongly strongly suggest that you print out some tangible items of this and proudly display upon your wall. A lot of the time, people just keep their photographs on the computers, and they don't print anything out compared to, you know, a few decades ago where everything was printed. So it's just important that, you know, you do have a tangible piece to show family. They come over. It's great to pull up that album. It's great to show pictures on the wall. Also, a digital media strongly suggested it be backed up. I've had a lot of clients who called me. My computer crashed or, you know, back in the day when we were giving out DVDs Nowadays are not make a DVD. Well, if you had a DVD, just be sure to use it on your old computer, back it up to a hard drive backed up to cloud, and then that's how you can access it from your new computer. So keeping up with technology, just making sure that your wedding photos are protected for years to come. If you're getting digital prints, how would you suggest that someone goes and prints them for getting actual attentional prince made? I would strongly suggest you go through someone professional. There's no point in investing in great amazing photographer who produces amazing results and then cheapening the work by having it printed really convenient, quick and easy store. I strongly suggest that you go along the lines of looking at a professional print shop, beat local, or there's so many great options on where you can get something really professionally made . And again it's It's an art piece. It's an investment. You don't want something quick and dirty. This is something that's gonna be probably displayed for decades to come. These are items that your grandchildren will be fighting over someday. Just make it worth your while. What are your final words of advice? You know, something that came up probably within the last year. So it's just making sure that everyone has a liability insurance. At a situation where a bride last year hired another vendor and the hotel that we were shooting at required insurance. I had insurance in place. This other vendor did not have insurance in place, so he did not want obtaining insurance. Nine days before the wedding, he had to back out, and they had to land in the vendor because this person did not want to obtain insurance. So that's just something to be aware of. It's something that's not really known really talked about, not really, and it's usually required by the video. He is usually the one who will require it. If you if the client knows their venue requires, that's what should they do that just communicates. All your vendors assumes, You know, that said that they can obtain insurance or they can get the liability certificate and then present it to the huge. So everyone, it's all set, ready to go. There's no surprises now, surprised or if anything happens on the day of the event, everyone's covered yet, and it could be taken care of an illegal manner and simply get messy. I think you know what the other thing was gonna mention is a lot of the time everyone's excited gets have iPhones at wedding ones on Instagram once on Facebook, and Snapchat. What I've had a Let the Time, unfortunately, is people step into aisles when the bride and groom are coming down to capture on their iPhone. And unfortunately, the professional images are kind of compromised a little bit. So there's a non option and just want to throw it out there having an unplugged ceremony, which is you tell all your guests to put away their devices and just really staying in the moment and enjoy the wedding and let your photographer Yeah, you pay so much money for get really good shot shot for someone in one of the roses. You know, up there. Absolutely. And it's also get when the client received their photographs taken. See people who are actually in the moment smiling and happy, as opposed to a lot of time. When I take reaction pictures nowadays, you know the couple having the first dance, a look and try and get a reaction, and there's kind of just everyone pointing a phone up like that. Then it was not the glow in the face, and I was just kind of looking at what they're doing knows, really enjoying the moment and what you can Another thing that client can do is tell at least their immediate family. You know, I'm hiring a photographer. I've invested a lot of money and I really want these photos come out. Let's let them take the photos like don't worry, just enjoy. You know, tell your immediate family at least so that they don't have to worry about getting photos at your event because sometimes that's a weird stress. That kind of ends up happening to the immediate family. They feel like they have to. But you tell them No, no, I've got this covered. We have a second shooter because I hired one. I really want one a ton of photos. Then Bill be less likely to kind of interrupt, I would say absolutely. 8. Couples Posing: Okay. I cannot let you go before first talking about posing because I think for most couples, it doesn't quite come naturally to pose for engagement and wedding photos. What are your tips for couples? You know, a lot of time. He goes back to people saying, I don't Canada's own candids. I love natural. And then they get out there and they kind of freezing. What do I dio? That's kind of the moment. You really I know it sounds weird. You gotta act. You gotta play that a little bit. Get a little cozier than you'd normally expect. Get a little closer. Just smile. Just have fun with it. I know it feels weird, but it's gonna look so much better on camera if you just smile. And that's how you get Kansas. Just smiling. Look at each other. It's great when the groom looks the bride adoringly, those of your candid moments that translates is being candid. It's great to get some post ones in there, too. Again, it just goes back to the style of the photographer. I would try and limit when you are posing. Limit the amount of time you're talking. Sometimes I have people who talk a lot. It's really hard to capture a good photograph because your mouth when you Yeah, yeah, taking pictures and you're capturing persons now talking you end up not the best. Yeah, and looking at having looked like hundreds of photos after an event, I really noticed that when people are listening, you know, it's great that they're listening, but if they're not smiling, it almost looks like they're frowning because they're just listening and it almost comes off a frown. But when people are laughing, people don't always laugh Really cute. It's, you know, a natural laugh is mawr involves the whole body and, like, shows more of the back idea of candidates. Great. But in reality, it's kind of a man. He really just got a if there is natural elements of it. But you, scholar has got to be, like, smiling and absolute. That's what I've seen the best. But, um, no, I totally agree. Just have fun with it. Just smile. Look at each other through a little giggle. Yeah, but try and not over think it too much. Yeah, So aside, Question is, do you think couple should try practicing? Not really. I wouldn't overthink it to too much. I mean, you definitely want to go in there prepared and also being prepared is coming up with great outfits for engagement pictures, things like that. You can Sure you're not too matchy matchy, but you're still got a similar vibe. Um, just have fun with it. Don't overthink it. Don't over pose it. Yeah. 9. Thank you!: thanks so much for watching this video. If you haven't seen them yet. Take a look at my previous videos house, where to begin with events and how to make your event more meaningful. I hope to make more videos about creating a timeline and a budget in the future. But if there's something in particular that you want to learn about events, let me know. In the comments below. I've had so much fun creating these courses. So if you wouldn't mind leaving your review, it'll help other new planners out there find me. Or if you have a question for Natalie, leave a comment and I'll re chopped her. Or maybe we'll be able to upload a video in the future that answers a bunch of questions anyways. Good luck and see you soon. Bye.