Getting Started with Canva for Beginners : CANVA BASICS #1 | Josephine Tendo | Skillshare

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Getting Started with Canva for Beginners : CANVA BASICS #1

teacher avatar Josephine Tendo, Facebook Ads Strategist | Content Creator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Canva Basics #1 _ Introduction


    • 2.

      Canva Basics #1 _ What is Canva


    • 3.

      Canva Basics #1 _ Who is this class for


    • 4.

      Canva Basics#1 _ Getting Started


    • 5.

      Canva Basics #1 _ What you see when you log in to Canva


    • 6.

      Canva Basics #1 _ Tools and Layouts


    • 7.

      Canva Basics #1 _ Elements


    • 8.

      Canva Basics #1 _ Text


    • 9.

      Canva Basics #1 _ Backgrounds


    • 10.

      Canva Basics #1 _ Uploads


    • 11.

      Canva Basics #1 _ Final Tools


    • 12.

      Canva Basics #1 _ Final Project


    • 13.

      Canva Basics #1 _ Tips and Tricks


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About This Class

Today, being online often means having beautiful, well designed images, be it graphics, photographs, or both. However, not everyone has the budget to hire a graphic designer to create weekly content for them. That’s where Canva comes in.

Canva is a free online design tool that anyone can use to create beautiful graphics that can be used online, be it on social media, their websites, in the emails, etc.

This class is the first in a series of classes that will help students learn how to create beautiful designs for themselves using Canva.

How to use Canva will focus mainly on the following;

  • How to set up an account with Canva.
  • How to start a project.
  • What design tools Canva offers, where they are, and how to use them.

There are no requirements for this class other than a decent internet connection. It’s a purely beginner class geared mainly towards bloggers and small business owners. However, professional graphic designers who are looking for a simpler tool to use for smaller projects will also benefit from this class.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Josephine Tendo

Facebook Ads Strategist | Content Creator


Hi. My name is Josephine. My friends call me Jojo, and I'd like to think we're friends, so you can call me Jojo too.

I'm an overall creative human that is always learning new ways to DIY something in my life.

I make content marketing videos for a living, so I'm always on the hunt for what's working in the content marketing world.

And that's what inspires my courses.

I want to help as many people as possible learn to create personalized content for themselves, whether it's for a small business, or for a personal brand, or even if it's just for fun.

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Level: Beginner

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1. Canva Basics #1 _ Introduction: whether you're a blogger or a small business owner or simply a professional that needs to prove to a potential employer that you know your stuff. Being online is true on being online often means having really great visuals. Now what we mean by visuals. I mean things like photos, videos and graphics. Now, since almost everybody has access to a smartphone, having really good photos and videos is not that difficult. We just need a bit of creativity and some time to practice, and you're good to go. What happens when you come to graphics? Well, that's what convert comes in. 2. Canva Basics #1 _ What is Canva: it is very easy to use tool, and it was designed to be used by anybody who needs a graphic design work. And it's especially useful if you need to create some regular, consistent graphics that you composed online, maybe to promote your business, to promote a new product, maybe just a treat to interact with your audience. Whatever it is that you need your graphics full time, I can help you achieve it. 3. Canva Basics #1 _ Who is this class for : now, before you say to yourself, Oh, no. And completely design challenge. I just cannot create anything to do with graphics. Don't worry. This causes created with a complete beginner in mine. And I mean complete bigger man, I'm going to walk you through from how to set up a private account. And then I'm going to show you how to start a project. And then I'm going to walk you through the layout off the tools and can va on what they all do in a very high level basis. On at the end of this, we're going to create a very, very simple graphical sentences. Hi, my name is, and that being said, Hi, my name is Joseph E. And then when it be your instructor for this class, which is convert basics 4. Canva Basics#1 _ Getting Started: All right, now, let's get started with Session one in this session, I'm gonna walk you through creating your country convert so on whatever brother it is that you're using and some brothers made it actually support convert. But for sure, Mozilla and Chrome will support Convert. Just go into your Web browser and search for Candra dot com, and it should open this up. Now, before I get into the actual setting up an account, check out this cool thing that convert does. Whenever you move your mouse around, I just find this so called and it's so when you open this up, you're going to find if you already have an account, you'll just go read up here and use this to Morgan if you don't have an account than you'll need to use this little space over here Now, this these questions are really on addition to convert. I think it's just for their research to see who exactly is using account. So select what is appropriate for you. I'm just gonna go with personal, which is family offense. And then now, once you click on that, you come up with this option, you can use whatever account you prefer to set up, Um, on account of con va. I prefer to use email because I just think that's easier. But you can use your Facebook, or you can use Google. So I'm just gonna go ahead and use sign up with, you know? All right. So once you're here, just fill in your details. Full instructions. Really easy. It's just like setting setting up in a country. Facebook on. Once you're done, you will be sent right into the camp by interface. All right, so go ahead and do that, and I will see you soon. 5. Canva Basics #1 _ What you see when you log in to Canva: So once you're done setting up in a country convert, you're going to find this little questionnaire situation going on this again is just for convert to know who, exactly a serving so they can customize what it is that you are that you want to do with them. So for purposes of this, lest you see what I'm gonna go with, let's say we are e business owner or manager. So let's just go with that. Just click on that. And then, since we're going to create a simple little graphic at the end of this, let's say we're going to create an instagram post, all right? So just select that. And once you're done with that, Canada is going to open up now again, Convert keeps improving over time, so we'll give it a little Gheit. Just go through it. Is that that play out already? That's done. Now, before we get, we start getting into creating this. This now typically is what you'd see at the beginning off your convert experience. But ordinarily, once you already have an account of Campbell, when you log in, it usually will first take you to the convo home page. This is where everything usually starts Now up at the top. Up here they have a bunch off template center, really the most populous cities. But this is not all that convert has in store. Once you're done creating something, all your creations will be stored in this space over here like this. Every single creation that you ever make in your conduct hunt be able to access in future from anywhere from any computer, as you're able to know game. So if you click down here and more, you see that they have everything categorized into, like social media posed documents, blogging any books, like Just look at that, they have just a plethora off templates that you can use. Now, For purposes of this, we are going to go with the Instagram post like we selected Andi. Once you do that, what kind of actually does is it? It will open up your new design in, then you tap. All right, so now let's go into our instagram post where we're going to create our simple graphic 6. Canva Basics #1 _ Tools and Layouts: Okay, we are inside Chi va now in this section, I'm going to show you the tools that camp A has available to you how to easily find them on how you can use them as you go along. Now let me walk you through the layers off convert so that you know exactly where all the tools are now. By default, Convert opens up a project with the layouts tab open in the last half, you can find at hand off professionally designed template that you can really just use on replace elements. Change, for instance, it really just gives you a nice place to start now a good a good bunch of them are free of charge. As you can see, some of them are written free. But now the ones that unwritten free those of the premium ones that you can use on. It's really cheap it that it won't cost you more than a dollar teas. Most. Most of these templates, which is such an amazing thing about convert on. If you don't exactly want to do the whole just replace elements, then you can really use it as a source of inspiration. So to really select when you can just click on it, or you can go ahead and drag it on and it'll automatically change. You can't. You're canvas from white to colors, so let's go back to this and that was selected previously. So with something like this, you can just go ahead and let's say you want to see my name or something. My name is Yeah, you could. That's how you can go ahead and customize it if you don't like what you're doing up here on the top left is undo button, so just click and do and do until it's back to may want it. So I want to do it. So we go right back to the blank canvas so that I can show you more off camera has to offer . 7. Canva Basics #1 _ Elements: Now when you go to the file left again after the layers, you have your elements tab. Now what elements are is just individual pieces that you can use to create your graphics as you see fit. So cover offers you free photos, free grids, friend shapes, lines, illustrations, icons, charts. Ah, whole bunch of things, really. So it's up to you to just experiment and see what it is that you're looking for. So let's say, for example, you want to creates a square background. If you just click on shapes, then you'll see again off free pre designed shapes. They just literally click and drag change colored whatever it is that you're looking for. So let's go look at the square, for example. So once you click on it, it will come in as black because contrast, so what? You have your square in here, you can just change it up in shape. Let's say want to rectangle when that's maybe narrow and goes down to center off off the page. Once you have the rectangle in the size you want, you could just move it around until you see those grid lines. See those purple lines that shows you that your element is centered on. Let's say you want your color to be pink. You ready? Have a default palette over here. You can just let one of those if you want or if you're looking for more, um, specific color. You click up here on this plus sign on. Did you can now move through this color wheel at this kind of selective color that you want ? So how cool is that? A. Like this one, So let's go with that. So yeah, and another thing you can do to player on this to make it more interesting if you want, is if you go to the top right over here, where you see copy, arrange and this little icon here, that's transparency. Once you click on that, you can make your square a bit lighter. Let's say you just want something washed out all the way to this really, really light pink. So this is really awesome to put over images if you want, so that you create like a different color tone or just like an overly for those cool Pinterest graphics or if you don't want that even just even over 100%. Then, if you find that you don't exactly like what you're doing after the transparency, like you can just go ahead and delete that object on. That's that. And that's exactly how all the rest of these work. So once you click on free photos, you'll find out on photos that you can use. Let's say you want to ST on image that says, Hey, we're going Vicky. So click on that image. It's completely free of charge. Then just size it up like this on from there, we can go ahead and add text to image. Oh, and if you just click and drag, you can reposition whenever it is that you're doing so that it's where you want it to be. So, for example, when I put it like this is a bit too much sky and then doesn't really tell the story, just move it up until it's where I wanted to be. Now enough, in an upcoming video, I'll show you how to kind of manipulate your images, so let's go ahead and delete this on, and we shall go into the text 8. Canva Basics #1 _ Text: again. When you get into text you, there's always a ton of templates which can use that have got the whole balance off. This is what I want to emphasize is a subheading. They've got so many different options, and again they're all free. So that's always a good place to start as well. So, for example, let's go with this one that says steak night. So if you just click on that, it will show up right there. So in here, what you gonna do is your click on the part where you want to add, um, your own text and just type in something like my name is so in. So Andi, that's what you do for each of the individual parts. You can change out what this is changing what this is on, just like an image. If you drag this out, it's going to change the size of it. But keep it proportionate at the same time, which is something that's really, really cool. And again you can just center it. Once you see those lanes, let's now go through the how you can customize your text. Let's say you don't necessarily like this particular fund appears where they have their funds and the old free of charge as usual. But if you do want to have a different front, let's say you've had 1/2 a professional graphic designer give you a front style. If they don't have it here, then you have to upgrade to the paid version of Convert. And that's where if you see, don't have the bottom, it says, Uploads your own funds. If you click on this, is going to take you to the option for paid convert. But for the most part, you can really create a variety off things with free phones. So let's say, for example, I want to change. My name is, too. This frontier that says there was Noia. I think that's how that said, See automatically that changes that. Now let's say you wanted to be a big, bigger so after after your fund is when you go now to your phone size. So just play on that and see what it is that what it is that you like. If now you want to change the color of what it is that you're doing, can just go ahead and highlight again. This is like the color wheel in the shapes. And the cool thing about Conda is remember, we selected this awesome hot pink for the image it actually within your within your project . It will keep a record of all the colors of used within your project so we can go ahead and select this hot pink again. And well, we have Ah, hot pink. Meaning is situation going on. So if you want this text of yours to be bold, you could go ahead and bold. It's if you wanted to be italicized. You can't depending on the front. Some funds aren't designed to be italicize for example, this person is not. But some funds will allow you to italicize. And then we have this after after changing your style we have how is your paradise will be formed. This is just like a Microsoft word or any other type into you have so you can left the line it you can write a line. It's center landed. Whatever it is that you want this year makes you have everything all in all caps. Now this fun trade becomes with everything all in all caps. So let's find something that doesn't come with no cops. Search can see. So I have this double a selected, which means everything here is all caps. But if I am selected Walla, everything is in lower case. And he had now have options for bullets if you want to. And now yeah, we're going to spacing in a later video. Okay, so that's how you can use a text. If you don't feel like using a template, then you can just go ahead and delete the whole the whole group on. And you can use things from scratch. You can have at a heading at the subheading at a bit of text if you want. I don't usually Patrick shit to this, cause it doesn't matter. You're going to go ahead and change these elements again. So let's just say my name is Andi will go ahead and do the exact same changes with me before my name is exchange of 1 to 1 20 and then back to a nice hot pink. And then we align this like that so you don't necessarily have to use the term plates. The templates do make it. I'm not easier for you to work 9. Canva Basics #1 _ Backgrounds: And now, after the text, do you have your option for background? So if you don't have a nice, cool, funky background or you just want to call up again, camper has got you sorted. So you really just you just go through and school and see the one that you like again, some of them are paid them with them, a free with the backgrounds, I find most of them are actually paid, so that's why you may want to consider. But for the most part, you probably won't be using these brands a lot of the time. So let's go ahead and select one of these backgrounds and see what happens. So I think I'll go with this one. Now that's a crazy, hot, hot purple situation that doesn't quite go with my hot pink. So what we can do is just click on it, and it will give us these options and can go ahead and let's say select are raising hot pink now. Obviously, that's not very practical, because suddenly our text cannot be seen so I could change the color of the text. Or you could just clear with capacity, which I'm going to do on, and suddenly I have a pretty little bathroom on. Let's see, you want these circles to be bigger, just like the shape that I showed you. The square. You can just go ahead and resize this. Let's say you wanted to be that huge. You can go ahead and do that. So let's let's do that. Or let's say, for example, you want the capacity you want this to still remain this vibrant pink. You can just go back and click on the text itself. On. Come appear and change the color. Let's say to wait and yeah, look, we have two different looks already on. Yeah, that's how you work of your bathrooms and that's about it. So let's move on to the uploads. 10. Canva Basics #1 _ Uploads: some moving back to the file of Tyneside off screen, you see a new option, says uploads. Now you can actually upload your own images into Can va. Andi. Yeah, that's that's a really cool option. Appear. You see, it says creature on Borders again. This is something that's really available to the paid version, but you read you. It doesn't make your life a little bit easier, but for the most part, you can actually live without it. So you could have a click on upload your image or just Jackman from your desktop. I am a bit election cuts, so I'll just drag and drop. So I go into my finder. Here's my image. So if you just click on Dragon to image like that, then you'll see it. Uploading. Sees little cool water thing, which sometimes if if you're upload is big enough, it will make a Douglas submarine something say so. That's cool. All right, so once the images it it's it's going to behave pretty much like the images in your layout . If you just click on your image like this, it's going to show up right there, and you can again just drag it and play with it and police abbreviated that you want. Now, As you can see, the image is completely covered up our text, which we don't want because we want to see our text. So what? This is when you go to the top right corner and where you see the word arrange. Just click on that so you can just click on back and it will move that over a back and suddenly your text is back to the front. Now it's not gonna moving back beyond the background, however, you could ever delete your background or if you drag out your image all the way to cover the canvas. Suddenly your image is now your background. How cool is that? And it's really that simple. 11. Canva Basics #1 _ Final Tools: Okay, So a few more things that you can note with Con va If you go to the top right where it says my name is this is very actually labour your projects. Now by default, it will always be what the very first thing that you type in and since the first thing detectives said, my name is that's what it's going to take. But if you just click on that, it will give you a new option. So we're gonna call this comes up basics patched up one. And now you have renamed your project. So after you rename that, we're going to skip Chef for now because this is really good if you want to collaborate on a project. But since we're doing this for par for our own personal purposes, let's leave it alone for now. So once you're done with the design, let's say we click on this again. Let's pretend that this is off. I know design. If you want to save your design to a computer, you just say download. And so here it gives you options for file tax. So it's It will always give you the most recommended one here. It selects PNG. But if you click on this drop down, you know, give you the option for J Peg PNG. Pdf for Web or a pdf for prints. Now, since we're not planning on printing this or sending okay now, since we're gonna be leaving this as a digital image, we just leave it either as a P and G or a J pic. I tend to just go with P and G because it's usually much higher quality, but it does give you a slightly bigger file size. But that's OK. It's nothing too crazy. Now, over here, you can see the option for transparent background again. This is something that's only available in the paid version of cover on, and we can get to that in future. Once your show that you have selected for much went on, dure name did the way you want. Then you just click on download and so usually to give you this cute little court as it's getting ready to download your image. So just wait for that on. It will give you the option to save it or preview and do whatever it is that you want. Now this isn't this is enough. I know what's so I'm just gonna go ahead and cancel on fun facts. Looks at Carver is now available on your phone, which is amazing, you know that. So there's a couple more tools that I like to show you before we get into designing our final project beside the image that you creating, You see these little icons over here. So the number one just did notes with the page number that on, because you actually can create multiple pages within convert within the same project. And that's really cool. If let's say you want to create a series off the same little graphics, but each with different colors or let's say you created a post and he did really well and you want to replicate it so you can just come and duplicated using this little click button . So if you click on that, it will create an exact copy of this, and so you can read. Repeat what it was that you did that was, um, working really well for you. And then if let's say you find you create a page and you realize that you don't actually like it, you can just go ahead and delete that page, then another option is at the bottom. Here it says, Add new page that's going to give you another black canvas Now. This is really useful because then you can pay two different designs on. You can have them side by side, and you can compare and see which one you like. Andi done him the bottom right. You can change the size off your your converse within Con va on you can see them that's a more side by side, for example. So when when you have more than one page within a project on, do you want to save just one of them? When you go to download, you can actually select which page you want to save. So let's say we want to see just page one. You'll select page one and then download. Or, if you want to save all your pages, you just click on all pages and it will download as a zip file, which you can then open up and save your individual images and use them as you please. So that's that for the layout. Let's go ahead and start working on our project 12. Canva Basics #1 _ Final Project: OK, now it's time to create a class project. If you want, you can go ahead and use the templates. Just scroll through the convert templates and see what you want for. This project was simply going to create something that says Hi. My name is so and so and so you can use the template if you want. I'm gonna use the template when they use something very simply using shapes and just plain old text on. But if you want to use this approach, it's really just to help you flex your muscles a bit. But if you really just want to dip your toes and then go ahead and clear with the templates , So let me go and pick up a shape. I think I want to have a triangle. Yes, that's what we do. Let's go with this odd looking shape triangle. Just struck that into the corner, actually struck up. Besides, like this, and then I can just place it somewhere. Yeah, it's kind of quirky looking, I think so. I changed the color to that hot pink that we were talking about earlier on. Just reduce the a passivity to something like that. Okay, that's done. So then I'll go into my text and see Add heading and see high extermination. Wait, I want something that looks kind of playful. So I think I'll go with this. I'm not take small caps or something. Then make it nice and big. If this, then just drag that up to something there. Then I'll say treat subheading. See, my name is that's change the front a bitch to something more serious, maybe, um, let's see. Let's go. It I really make it a nice, nicely size phone. But not as because high just so that it doesn't stand up too much, and I will center that and then bring this down a bit on the language right there. Then what I can do here is I can copy this. Actually, I forgot to mention that earlier, but I can just copy that. I have something that looks pretty similar and simply just change out the text. So my name is Josephine, so I want might want to make this up. It's smaller. That is not as big as the name putt. Okay, so that's kind of a long pretty OK, but I don't like how the triangle is going through, so I just might want to make that a little bit bigger. Maybe like this, Andi could also rotated so that it sits somewhere a bit nice. Elect that. So now it's framing up my name nicely and kind of giving it a bit of emphasis that way. Who kind of like that? Let's change the opacity some more that it's not so dark. All right, But now I think that the top is a bit too empty. So what I can do is copy that as well. Um, completely turn it around like this and maybe scratch it up to the top like that. Maybe I could see Look at the nice overlapping sheets right there. Now let's turn it around like this. Act like this up a bit like this. Ready? So just like that, Wow, when you look at that now, the point of this isn't to create something that super amazing. That's like award winning. It's just for you to create something and sure that you know what I got started with Con va and the hardest part of it is done. So go ahead and create your only detected says hi my name is because I would definitely like to meet you as you create this project on, Just just have fun with it. Play with tempo lately with the shapes plea with layouts. Whatever it is that you feel like doing, just play with it. Create something simple just so that, you know, you got started with camper. 13. Canva Basics #1 _ Tips and Tricks: a few tips and tricks, the more you do convert, just pay attention to any other types of graphics that you see. Look at them and see whom. What is it about this one? But like or what is it about this that I don't like on the point of that will be to Canada's train your eye to see what it what it is, that what's and what doesn't work. And, yeah, you'll be able to get better at it and just keep trying again and again and again. And trust me over time, you'll be surprised at what you can create. So enjoy your project has created on. I can't wait to see it in the class project below.