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Get Confident with Self Portrait Photography

teacher avatar Jess Munro, Digital Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Class Project


    • 3.

      Finding Inspiration on Pinterest


    • 4.

      Camera Equipment


    • 5.

      Camera Settings - Part 1 - DSLR


    • 6.

      Camera Settings - Part 2 - Smartphone + GoPro


    • 7.

      Walk Through Process


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      Final Thoughts


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About This Class

Hey There!

So you don’t have a photographer to follow you around and take photos for you? No “Insta BF” to snap those creative shots?  Don’t worry, neither do I! 

In this class, I’ll walk you through the creative process for capturing self-portraits, beyond the standard selfie, without the need for assistance from someone else.

You’ll learn camera settings (whether using a DSLR, Smartphone or even a GoPro!), composition, lighting and tips for feeling more confident being in front of the camera, if that’s something you’re not used to!

This class is for anyone wanting to learn how to up their selfie game, gain extra skills for self portraiture and learn tips to feeling more confident in front of the camera.

See you inside the class!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jess Munro

Digital Artist


Hello, My Dear. I'm so happy you're here! :)  

I'm Jess, an illustrator, digital artist, writer and portrait, lifestyle and travel photographer currently based in Tropical North Queensland, Australia.

As you can see I am quite the creative type. 

I also help other creatives and artists with mindset re-calibrating so they can create their art and be proud of it. No matter what!

Despite having travelled solo to over 40 countries, you'll find I am quite the introvert, and love to have my nose buried in a good book. But in saying that, I am always up for a crazy epic adventure!

Thanks for being here and sharing this journey through Earth School with me. :) 


Sending you a Cosmic Ocean full of love. 

Jess ... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm just I'm a lifestyle photographer and a content creator. In this class, you're gonna be learning how to create and capture self portrait that a little bit of a story about yourself but also showcase you'll creating side. So I'll thank you through the process of tattoos. Set up and shoot the fighter, whether it's with a DEA, Ella, a smartphone or even a Garber who learn things like competition and framing the shot as well as using a self time emerged and a tribe, I'll give you some tips on how to feel a bit more comfortable and confident in front of the camera if that's not something that you used to so welcome to the class. I'm Jeff and I'm really happy, sir, Let's get started. 2. Class Project: So for this class project, we're going to be creating a self portrait photo show casing one aspect of your life and helps tell a story to your audience or even showcases. You're creating side. So, for example, for myself, a few aspects of my life I love reading books. I love drinking tea on and I love nature, sir, I think about how I want to convey that. Get an image. For example. I can be sitting in my phone, a chair reading a book. Or I could be cozying up on the catch, drinking a cup, stay or even at in my God and where I've got lots of tropical plants and I really like them . So I'll be out there just among Oh, are if I want to re create a mood or feeling, I'll do maybe a close up portrait off an expression like laughing, smiling or I could even be more serious so it could be anything grilling that represents something about you. So I encourage you to get creating, trying different things, and I'll take you through a exercise where become brainstorm some ideas, using a secret Pinterest board just together some inspiration for what we want to sort of create in our self portrait 3. Finding Inspiration on Pinterest: Okay, So what we wanna do is go through a bit of a brainstorming session where we'll find some inspiration on interest for our own self portrait. Still, open up interest here. I'll go to my boards. So I've already created a secret Pinterest board for myself, just to take some inspiration from for some of my own. So there is a wide variety here near some of these are adding nature and then some drinking tea, just different aspects. And you don't have to necessarily be in the whole frame like this one on the left. Here. It can even simply base something like that. So that's another way of looking at taking a self portrait, Um, but reading book and things like that. So I'll take you through the process of how to do it from the start. In that way, you'll have more of an idea and maybe spark some inspiration for yourself. I'm here my main page, and I'll just go down to the bottom here where it says create with plus and I'll create a board and I'll give it a name because I've already got one chord self portrait Inspo. I'll just call itself portrait Inspo, I suppose to and I want to tuggle this to keep it secret, and then I'll click create. So now I've got out Board created. Will go back to the home page, will hit the search bar Emel. Start searching so you can already see some of my more recent searches from creating my loss Pinterest board. These are sort of some ideas that I typed in to try and find what I was looking for. So I'll go just reading a book. Photography and some of the similar ones pop up from what I used before. This one is really cool, so I'll save that. True. My, um, self portrait in spoke to board and then I'll hit the back button and I'll continue scrolling to search. Um, I think this one is quite cute. So, like I said, you know, don't have to have your whole face in it if that's something that you're not quite used to . But I think of the day it's all about your creative side and what you want to portray in the image. This one. I really like that. I think that's quite cute, but yeah, like I say, we're just drawing inspiration from these voter. It's not like we want to recreate them. Exactly. I think that's quite cute. I'm always wearing my slippers, especially now that it's winter at the moment, so we'll save that one. We'll head back. But yeah, even if, like you don't feel as comfortable taking photos of your face, don't forget that you don't have to show you these voters to anyone. It's just simply a matter off getting creative with photography, creating images that maybe you want to keep for yourself as a little reminder of a certain time in your life or something a bit more personal. It's completely up to you. You don't have to share them with anyone, Um, but let's try another idea. Drinking tea like I really liked this one Olympian toothy, swum before yet. So it's what we have already saved it. Yes, I know, but I'm gonna save it again to my other board And yeah, like even just one, like thieves like you could be sitting on your bench or at your coffee table, and you can do like a top down photo with, um, some ideas that I'll show you in the upcoming lessons on and yeah, so I think even one like that's pretty cute. And then you attack this one before Seen this one before, but I feel that was quite cute. I don't have a poppy, but if I did, then I'd love to recreate an image like that. Um, because I love dogs. And OK, so let's have a look at nature portrait. I wanted to recreate something out in my garden. Um, so, yeah, upended a couple of these ones before, Um, just about sort of like, provoking emotion, whether it's like, serious or happy. Like, I think this is quite cute, even though it's not quite the same as what it would be in my garden. But the expression is how it would make me feel being out in nature with my plants. Yeah, tag this one. Before, I thought that was really cool with sort of showcasing, like half a face. And then you've got that depth of field there, like the leaf is really blurry. And then her face is in focus, and then the same as this one. I thought that was quite funny. It's just so different than your typical self portrait. So I saved that. As I thought. That was pretty funny. And it's something that I might look at recreating myself. I really wanted to do one like DS, where I put a whole bunch of French Panies in my hair because I have five for friendship, any trees in my garden. But unfortunately, because they know in flower at the moment, I don't have a lot of them. So that was probably something that I would have a bit of trouble trying to recreate, but still nonetheless, I really liked that idea, so I might peanut and I'll save it for later at a later date and reach and try and recreate it. And then just some other ideas that I had just getting more creative in terms off like not necessarily showcasing something of my life, but maybe a mood or feeling. So this is another idea. I had about half face portrait. It's where it's just forces your eye to pay attention to the details off the person in the image, which I think is really different. I think even this one is quite cute as well, just only a little bit different than your standard poor self portrait, but then even this one. I like the middle minimalism off this photo where it's in a black and white gray scale it in a showcases half of her photo, but you can see the emotion in her eyes and expression on her face, which I think is quite powerful when you can recreate photos like that. And then we saw the one that I found toward your inspiration from this photo as well. But yeah, so that that's what it gives you a bit more of an idea off some ideas that you can use for your own self portrait roots. It doesn't have to be the same as mine. It could be anything else that represents something about you or an image that or an idea that you have in your mind to create. So what I'll do now is I'll go back through my Pinterest board and then here. That means I've got all of my inspiration for what I want to sort of portray in my own self portrait. Awesome. So next up I'll show you how to go through the settings off all the different cameras that were going to be using well that you can use to create your self portrait. It's on, and we'll go into a little more detail. There 4. Camera Equipment : Okay, So in this video, we're gonna go through the different tops off camera equipment that we're gonna be needing to take a self portrait. So the 1st 1 is idea, Salah. So I currently use a Canon 7 50 date and what I really locked about these camera is that it's got a flip out screen, so that makes it perfect for taking self bees portrait because it allows me Teoh, compose myself and make sure that I'm in frame that way. I'm not sort of getting so. It's only it's not the most fanciest of cameras. It really good entry level on the struggle of beaches that you could possibly need full taking a self portrait. That's the body side of it. I have to do print tops 11 than I use. The 1st 1 is a 24 to 25 millimeter with an aperture of F pulled this one. I find this really good for my wine shots, so I get a lot more frank. Where's my other lens? Which is a 50 millimeters prime land with an aperture of one point? That one is just a fixed lens, so I used that move my close up portrait and what the lower aperture one point I allows is it gives me more Scheller debt field, which means I'll be more in focus and the background around me would be a little more blue travel that I have that I use with my day. Acela. He's a crime. I have invested a little bit more in this track. What? Because I have. No, I'm gonna need it for a long time. But by all means, you don't need a more extensive tropical when you're just starting in. It started out with a cheaper try poured by any tribe. What they see, As long as it is able to hold the camera that you have been, that's gonna be more than enough. The second option is a smartphone. The one that I currently use is a Samsung seven. So it's not one of the newest ones at all, but it still has really good camera capabilities. I use a smartphone tripel. I did not spend a lot of money on this one at all. And you don't have Teoh. I literally got a dollar miniature smartphone try foot and it does the job perfectly. And that's all I really needed full, and it has a little bendy legs so you can wrap it around like a tree or pole. I've even erupted around my clothing line, but I'm being doing like a flat, late felt portrait on it. If you don't have e, try poured for your smartphone that you can always get creative and maybe put up against chair. But to make it easier on yourself, I recommend it just investing in a chief smartphone. Try that option is a GoPro, so the one that I currently use, he's a for your seven black, and I'll go through all the settings for you. How to sittinup taken. Do it on either a time lapse mode for the photo mode. You can get it, Teoh, take a photo every few seconds. So that way you've got time between your shots to do different poses or composition and stuff like and then the tripod that I use with my God. It's a selfie stick, but in the bottom of it has a screw out trifle with. I've been on holidays me and my partner. We want to take photos together. Then we use that if we don't one of the big DSLR in track would. Another option is the GOPer have thes clans that you can attach the growing approach to. So in the next video, I'll go through how Teoh set the setting for each of these different cameras and just walk you through the process of 5. Camera Settings - Part 1 - DSLR: Okay, let's go through the settings for the DSLR camera, so I'm using a canon 7 50 D, and this is what the screen will look like when I first turned it on, so you'll notice I've got it in manual mode. My shutter speed here is at one over 100 which is a bit slow, but we can adjust that apple trees that if full m I. So it is at 800. Just because I am inside, it is a bit dot com and then, sir, I'll just touch this button and it'll change my screen. And this is what we'll see so you'll see down the bottom that's representing my shutter speed aperture. My light meat are in my I s o up you. It shows you what A teen manual moon. So if I just press my back button, that's my focus, but it so I can see that is a little bit overexposed, so just adjusted, and I usually like to shoot a little bit under exposed. So that way it doesn't blow my highlights out, and I can always bring it back in live room when I'm editing afterwards anyway. Cool. It's already set up my focus of where I want to be in the frame. Okay, I'll press thes key button, which is where my self timer mode is. So the moment I've got it set up for continuous self timer mode that will take a certain number of photos. After 10 seconds, I'll press the Q. And if I want to change how many photos it takes a press, the info button and then I just go along. So the max it'll take is 10 and the minimum it will take his to. So because my camera only takes a burst of photos on the self timer mode, I usually just leave it at two photos after the 10 seconds, because otherwise I'll have too many photos of pretty much the same thing. It doesn't give me an option to change the interval time in between the shots that it takes . That's what I'll usually have gone if you wanted to do using a remote, which I don't have a the moment you would use this sitting here, Um, or you could just do the two second self timer mode, which I never use, because two seconds is just not long enough to get from the camera over to where I want to be positioned in my shop, so I'll just leave it on the continuous for 10 seconds. OK, so I'll show you that I've got my camera set on manual focus instead of order focus story. I would just switch that switch there and then what's really good about this camera is the screen will flip out. Andi, I'll be able to see myself in the frame. So what I'll do is I'll press the shutter button and then it will take the 10 seconds. And then after the 10 seconds, it'll start flashing and it'll take two photos. So that's what I really like about this camera is because the screen flips out. You'll be able to see myself in the frame if you DSLR camera doesn't have a flip out screen . Another way to take your self portrait is using a live viewing up on your phone. Since I have a canon camera, I've installed the canon camera connect out. But if you don't have a cannon, there are generic APS. You can use that do the same thing with other camera brands. First thing I do is to in my camera on and I press the menu button. Then I head to the wireless communication settings, then the WiFi function. Then select Connect a smartphone. If you haven't used your phone with your dear Salah before, you can register a device to connect you. But I'll select my phone. Since I've used it before, the screen will come up, then I'll head to connections on my phone. Then I select my wife I, and select the name that's on my camera on my phone to connect. It may ask you to put in a password, which you'll find on your camera screen so my phone will say that Internet may not be available, but I just ignore this. Then I head back to the cannon, connect up, and then the connection will be established and that'll show up on my screen. And so now everything that was great out is now not, and I'm able to use the remote live now. I could be in the frame and see what my camera scenes and control my camera settings. From my phone. I can change the shutter speed, the aperture and the I S O. And I can even change the focal point from my camera on my phone. Instead of using manual focus, I'm using the order focus, which is much easier this way, says it. Bring up continuous shooting. I just press this square box and then I can select continuous. So that will stop my 12th time on. And that will take the select amount of photos that I have set on. My dear Salah, I still use thes, so it gives me the time to hide my phone from the frame on the countdown timer shows up on my phone screen. Just make sure that your self timer settings are correct in camera first, because you can't change them on your phone. So I select the continuous self time amount. And then once I press the but it it starts to count down and you can see it in the topia. And then it's just taking the two photos, so I'll get in the freight so you can see it in action. Okay, cool. Hi. Okay. So because I can see the live viewing all the album to adjust my hair and there is a little bit of a time to light, but It's pretty accurate, Okay? And then, sir, I'll make sure that my focus is on my face. And then I'll press the button, put my foot down and I get ready, and then I'll be able to view them on my phone so I don't have to keep getting up and down . And then they street in rule because it's being taken on my camera. And there you go. That's the settings full the camera app on the DSLR. 6. Camera Settings - Part 2 - Smartphone + GoPro: Okay, so let's go through the settings for the phone and how to set up self timer mode for taking our self portrait. It's This is what my screen will look like when I first turned on my camera. I have just put this kid little plant there so you'll know looking at nothing, and I'll take you up to this little gear looking symbol at the top right corner where my camera settings are. So you've got the settings for the re camera in the front camera, which the front one. He's like selfie mode. I usually just change the timer, so at the moment I've got it turned off by. I'll change it to 10 seconds, but you can have it either to pull five seconds as well, depending on how much time you need in between setting the camera up and taking the further and then that will take three shots after the said amount time. So I'll do the same for my front camera, and then what I'll do. A swell is show you so you can use voice control as well or activating the self timer mode . So I'll just total that on. And if I was to say the voice commands are the smile, cheese, capture or shoot then that will activate the self timer mode on the phone. And that's a really good way off taking the photo without having to run back and forth between where you're standing and where the phone is. Um, otherwise, you can use the volume keys as well on the side of the phone, the up and down to take the photos. But I generally don't worry about using those. Thank you. I'll flip the screen. Just so you've got someone to look at, I don't mind. May. I'm not wearing makeup today, Okay, I'll run through what it will look like when you take self timer mode. So just press the button, it'll count down, and that way you could get into position. Thank you. Hear whatever you need to do and say cheese. Take another one and silly photo, and then you have that was taken on the front camera. But you can do on the back cameras Well, which, like I said, has a better quality camera. Otherwise, you're gonna choose a selfie mode. I think Mr says good anyway, and at least that will you be able to see if you're in frame or whatever else? And there you go. So I've just made a hand gesture and it s so That's something that you have to be aware of as well is that it can be quite touchy. That's the settings for the smartphone. And next up we'll go through the settings for the GoPro. Now we're going to go through the settings for the grouper. There's two different options that you can use for the GOPer. One is a time lapse mode and the other is a photo mode. So when I turn on my go pro, the first thing that it comes up with is the screen you see at the top. Here there is a little video symbol, and that's to show it. Seen video married at the moment. So that's my default settings for my groper. But if I wanted to change it to one of the other options, all I do is just swap the screen left or right. So left is for the time lapse, and then to the other side is the photo mode. We'll start off with the photo moment, so there's three different options that you can do. You can do it in a single photo, murdered or burst so it will take a burst of voters and you can select how many to change the I would just press this button down here and then that'll give me my options photos. The 1st 1 burst is the second, and you can even do nighttime photography. But we're gonna go through that one. So photo is the first option, and with this one you can set a self time off to are the 10 seconds or three seconds that will take the photo after are the 10 seconds or three seconds I like to leave it at 10 seconds because that gives me enough time to get into position and set up myself. Pull the shot before it takes the photo. So just keep in mind that early takes one fighter. When it's in this photo mode, there's two different ways that you can have the field off view set off, which is listed here at the moment. I've got it in the linear mode, which removes that fisheye effect that is typical for GoPro's. Just keep in mind, though, that in linear mode. For some reason, you are only able to shoot in J Pit and it weren't shoot in role. So that just means that before I wanted to shoot linear mode, I'll have less capabilities in locked room later roller when I'm trying to edit the Florida , as opposed to If I was shooting in wine, that will give you that fisheye effect and more off the frame will be of everything around you, which I don't really like for self portrait. But at least that gives you the option to shoot in role. So you are able to capture more image information and then be able to edit the photo, be better later on. You can always fix the distortion in light room afterwards, but that's just one extra thing that I'd rather not have to worry about. I'll give you an example. Now, I'm just gonna change this back to linea on, Okay, so just double check. So in one photo, more 10 seconds is my time, so I'm just gonna press the stop button here, and then that will count down for me. Go and that's just taken one photo and you can do this in either portrait or landscape mode for the Go Pro was, Well, I'll show you quickly the burst mode. Then you can do this on self timer mode as well. 10 seconds like I like to. I think three seconds is not long enough. And then down the bottom here, I'll change my fittings. I've got it on linear. My burst rate is where I'll go to change how many photos it takes in a certain number of seconds. I've got it set at three footers in one second, or you can scroll down the selections and it can take full way up to 30 photos in six seconds, which I think is a bit excessive, especially if we're doing our self portrait. And I think it's generally meant to be a full action photography, which, I guess is what a GoPro is built full. So I don't use thesis setting when I'm taking self portrait. But if you're doing a action shot, or you know if you're jumping in the air or something like that where it involves movement , then that's probably a really good mode to happening. But identically don't So that's the photo mode, and I'll take you through the time ups settings as well. So time that sitting, you know, it's in time Lapse if you've got this little clock with an arrow around it And if you go to this little button down the left here, this will give you the options for your settings for your time. That so I'd escape it on time lapse voter going to take photos and then he are down the bottom. I will go through my settings on the side, here on the left. I've got my intervals. And that will tell me how many seconds the gofer will have in between H floater. So you can do anything from half a 2nd 1 second to 5 10 30 60 seconds. I like to leave it up five seconds because that just gives me enough time to change my position, my composition in between each fighter and then take the next murder. Same thing I've got it in linear as Whoa. So once that's all set, I will press the top butter and that will stop my time lapse. And that will keep taking for it. Or is every five seconds until you press the top button again to tell it to stop. You could also use voice commit with the GoPro as well. So just be so You can use voice commands a swell. So say if you've said it, the GoPro up a bit further away and you've already gotten yourself into position and you don't want to move. You can set it up to do voice commit. So I've just scrolled. I've just watched down, and then it's given me my preferences screen here. This one on the left here is a symbol of a face with an X on it, which means my voice commands is turned off. But I'll press that, and that means my voice command is turned on. And Jenna, if you want to go to your settings voice control, scroll down to commands and it will tell you the commands. The Go Pro Bowl. Listen to I can say GOPer, capture GoPro, Stop capture but and then so forth. So that's what it's just done then. But soon as I said, GoPro capture, it started taking photos. And then, as soon as I said GoPro, stop capture, it stopped taking photos. So those are the settings for the go pro and next up, all walking through the whole process off. How to go about taking the portrait 7. Walk Through Process: in this first walk through the aim was to create a flat lay photo similar to a drawing short or a top down photo. Using my smartphone front selfie camera and smartphone tripod, I wrapped the bendy legs around the clothes line, and I used the front camera to make it easier for checking. My composition at first tried doing a landscape short, placing myself in the rule of thirds because I wanted to have negative space on my right side to leave space for text in my image. It didn't quite work out how I wanted it to, so a change to portray. Instead. It was a cloudy day, so that was good for not having heart shudders in my image, and it acted as a lot to fuse off. I placed my hands naturally on my stomach or fiddling with my hair so they didn't look so all quid created length with my legs by having one slightly bent and the other straight, making sure to point my fate to make them look slightly more feminine and a bit longer. One thing I would do differently is used the voice command, so I didn't have to get up and down. So I did this same short with the GOPer using the time lapse mode. And these are the results. The GoPro was shot in linear mode, which it shooting J Peg, edited in light room as best as I could with the quality of the image. The smartphone short was edited in an app called Snap Seed on my phone. In the second walk through, I wanted to tell a little bit of a story about May. Being a photographer, I use the back camera on my smartphone and wrapped its bendy trap. Would legs around the column of my Dear Salah Tripod. I went for a more casual, playful look, using the fading sunlight toe highlight my head and making sure to face the direction of the sunlight as much as possible. So not to cast too many shadows on my face, but at the time, or a 10 seconds to take three voters adjusting each time to make sure I was getting the composition that I wanted, creating angles and curves, I kept one leg straight and bent the other, swapping them to see which way looked best. Always aim to keep the front leg elongated to create lengthen. The body is so your curves flow nicely. With my camera in one hand, I felt I had to do something with my other sir. I'd either run it through my hair or rested on my leg, so it didn't look funny just hanging awkwardly by my side. Quick tip. If you're never sure what to do with your hands, props are your best friend and their clays. A drink or a hot are good examples of things that you can use to keep your hands busy. E. Created this class thumb now by putting my phone in landscape, placing myself in the rule of thirds, leaving negatives face on my left where I wanted my text to go. Then I turned my face to look in that direction, giving the impression that I'm looking at the text and these are the results. The aim of peace walk through was to create kind of a Dhaka vintage e feeling image, which was for a challenge I was doing to using manual focus and the self timer. My idea. Salah. I wanted this to be more of a close optional cropping the frame at my waist. This is where my flip out screen came in handy, so I was able to see in my composition. Instead of guessing, I had to make sure my head was slightly tilted towards the sky where my light source was coming from. Otherwise, I would get dark shadows under my eyes, which didn't look good. Always try to be facing your light source to avoid unflattering shadows, especially in low light situations like this. Unless that's a look at you going forward, then just see, sir God, I had my arms crossed against my body one because I was cold and too, so I had something to do with my hands. A tip is to not press your arms so close to your body, just cross them lightly to avoid them looking squished because I already have quite muscly arms. I ended up making them look a little more mostly and manly, which was it's not the look. I was going full, but that's why you trial on era and you learn from it. I also tried at a couple of different creative shots, just playing around with negative spaces well, and he's the results. These images were edited in Adobe Light room and photo show. They're not my typical style off self portrait. It's being more serious, but it challenged me to get creative and transit link different. This last example showcases how to use the camera connect up on my phone. The aim of this shoot is to create a photo off myself, reading a book in my corner. Gee, first thing I do is frame the shot on my camera, paying attention to leading lines with the skirting boards on the wall underneath the window. This helps guide the viewer's eye to the chair in the corner. I use the natural light from the window and angle my body towards it, so my face is well, it. Then, using the live view app on my phone, I'm able to check my composition, my hair. Emma Angles. The book was a great place to hide my phone from view, placing it between the pages. It gives the impression I'm reading the book when I'm actually looking at my phone to create length in my body. I had my left leg hangover the armchair, and pointed my toes. I only rested it lightly so it didn't squish my leg muscles unflatteringly it might feel uncomfortable while doing it, but the end result is a better one. Also, pay attention to posture and pull the shoulders back and down away from the ease. It gives Amore confident field to the image and lengthen the neck. And they have it. Four different walk throughs with examples showing you the thought process behind a few of my self portrait photo shoots. Aunt. Hopefully, this spark some ideas and inspiration for your own creative self portrait. It's 8. Final Thoughts: so that C thanks so much for taking this class and congrats to making it to the end. I really hope that you found some useful information here and that you let something new when it comes to photography's. Please feel free to share. You also portrait with us over in the class for events. I love to see what you've created. Alternatively, if you're sharing, I run instagram. Feel free to tag May Jessica don't under it, and I'll be sure to check out as well. Also, be patient with the process. There's a lot of trial and error involved when it comes to learning something it could take . You climb shots to get the one that you have to leave for even 50 to 100 and I still have the same thing myself as always with anything, the more that you create, the better. If you have any questions at all, feel free to leave them in the cloth discussion alloy, and I'll be sure to check them out. Don't forget, everything is subjective when it comes to photography. You afraid to go create everything in anything that comes to your mind? Sorry again. Thanks so much for taking this class on. Get creating