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German Made Simple: A Complete Course for Serious Learners

teacher avatar Ingo Depner, Professional German Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.



    • 2.

      The Secret to Fluency


    • 3.

      How to Introduce Yourself


    • 4.

      Alphabet and Correct Pronunciation


    • 5.

      Personal Pronouns


    • 6.

      Formal and Informal Speech


    • 7.

      Verb Endings


    • 8.

      Verb sprechen


    • 9.

      Word Order


    • 10.

      Countries and Languages


    • 11.

      Numbers 1-20


    • 12.

      Dictation Exercise


    • 13.

      Job, Family, Hobbies


    • 14.

      Verb: sein


    • 15.

      Verbs: lesen, sehen


    • 16.

      Possessive Pronouns I


    • 17.

      Numbers 20-100


    • 18.

      Stating Likes and Dislikes


    • 19.

      Negation: nicht


    • 20.

      Dictation Exercise


    • 21.

      A Walk in the City


    • 22.

      Definite and Indefinite Articles


    • 23.

      Possessive Pronouns II


    • 24.

      Negation: kein


    • 25.

      Akkusativ Case


    • 26.

      Verb: haben


    • 27.

      Opening Times


    • 28.

      Dictation Exercise


    • 29.

      How to Order Food and Drink


    • 30.

      A Typical Menu


    • 31.

      Adjective Endings Akkusativ


    • 32.

      Verb: möchte


    • 33.

      Verbs: nehmen, essen


    • 34.

      Modal Verb: können


    • 35.

      Plural Nouns


    • 36.

      Verbs "haben" and "sein" in the Past Tense (Präteritum)


    • 37.

      Dictation Exercise


    • 38.

      A Typical Day


    • 39.

      Telling the Time


    • 40.

      Personal Pronouns Akkusativ


    • 41.

      Past Perfect


    • 42.

      Past Perfect: Irregular Verbs


    • 43.

      Separable Verbs


    • 44.

      A Typical Day - Past Tense Version


    • 45.

      Negation of Past Tense Verbs


    • 46.

      Dictation Exercise


    • 47.

      The Weather


    • 48.

      Buying a Ticket


    • 49.

      Modal Verb: wollen


    • 50.

      Direction Prepositions


    • 51.

      Conjunctions: dass / weil


    • 52.

      Dativ Case


    • 53.

      Movement vs Location


    • 54.

      Months of the Year


    • 55.

      Dictation Exercise


    • 56.

      Calling the Doctor


    • 57.

      Body Parts


    • 58.

      Going out with Friends


    • 59.

      Personal Pronouns Dativ


    • 60.

      Verbs with Dativ and Akkusativ


    • 61.

      Reading the Date


    • 62.

      More Prepositions with Dativ


    • 63.



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About This Class

Learn the grammar, vocabulary and communication skills you need in order to become a fluent German speaker.

This German course is perfect if you want to:

  • master everyday situations in a German speaking country

  • communicate accurately what you want to say

  • be spontaneous in conversations and discussions

  • develop your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills

  • pronounce German words like native speakers

  • use German grammar with ease and fluency

Cover the basics and then progress fast

Whether you are a complete beginner, too busy for a language class, or needing to brush up before a vacation or business trip, this is the perfect German course for you. It covers all four basic skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing, and you can enjoy the freedom and flexibility to learn at your own pace. 

Grammar and vocabulary are taught through texts and dialogues based on everyday situations ranging from talking about interests and hobbies, daily routines to ordering food in a restaurant and making a doctor's appointment. 

Start forming sentences after the very first lesson 

The language is approached in a functional and communicative way so that you can easily use what you have learned to communicate in German effectively. 

I have kept the grammatical explanations as simple and user-friendly as possible to allow you to progress at a steady pace but at the same time build up a sound understanding of how the language works and so build up your confidence.

This is what you can expect:

  • Professional, fun and easy-to-understand lessons

  • Engaging exercises that let you test your comprehension

  • Guided speaking lessons to build your conversational skills

  • Exceptional support and prompt answers to your questions

  • Downloadable PDF files of the texts with translated vocabulary lists

  • And last but not least… to learn German fast!

Are you ready? Then take this course and start speaking German right away!   

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ingo Depner

Professional German Teacher


Learn from the expert!

I'm a professional German teacher and the founder of German Online Gym, a dynamic e-Learning portal exclusively dedicated to German language and culture training.

I have extensive world-wide experience working with people at all levels of the organizational hierarchy, including group training and individual coaching of senior executives, board members and government employees.

The secret to mastering German

Imagine being fluent in German and communicating effortlessly with German speakers. It’s not only possible, but I can help you do it quickly and efficiently.

The ‘secret’ is in the system, and that's why my courses are based on effective and proven learning strategies that will gradually develop your German ... See full profile

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1. Welcome!: hello and welcome to the course German made simple. As we start, you probably have a lot of common questions, So let's start by answering those. My name is in good Aetna, and I'm a professional trainer and German teacher with more than 15 years experience. I'm also the founder of German Online Jim, a dynamic learning portal exclusively dedicated to German language and culture training. I created the scores in order to help you learn German so that you can achieve your personal and professional goals. The language in this course is centered around realistic everyday situations, and the emphasis is on using German but also aim to give you an idea of how the language works so that you can create sentences off your own. This course will also save your time because it covers all four of the basic skills listening and speaking, reading and writing in one place. And I'd also like you to enjoy the experience because language learning is fun and exciting when you feel that you make progress. By the end of the course, you will be able to greet and introduce yourself and others communicate successfully in everyday situations. Talk about your daily routine, make appointments and arrange meetings and right, revised and proof read short texts. I prepared the course for beginners, and it teaches German grammar and natural everyday speech in logical order to enable you to develop and build on your language skills. To take full advantage of the grammatical progression off this course, I recommend that you learn each chapter one after another. Each step you take will lead you to the next. Every section starves with the dialogue or a text where you learn new vocabulary. Then we have grammar explanations and exercises, and in the end, there will be speaking and writing practice so that you can actively use what you've learned in the section. Try to learn every concept before you undertake the next one and before you go on to the next section. What is different about this course? Unlike a traditional classroom where people interact with people from across the room, you will be interacting with people from all over the world. I strongly encourage you to post your comments and questions on the course discussion board . I will be reading all of those questions and give you prompt answers. Now. It's not over at the end of the program. The course is about helping you get started on a journey. I'd like to help you be more effective, more efficient and have more fun learning German. So if that sounds like a journey you'd like to be on, I invite you to take the first step and wish you best of luck. 2. The Secret to Fluency: hi and welcome back in today's lesson. I'd like to talk about fluency. Many students asked me, How can I become fluent in German now? What does it actually mean to be fluent? I think we have to define what fluency is in order to be able to answer this question. So in my opinion, being fluent means that you're able to express yourself on a variety of subjects. You understand a lot of what is said to you in the conversation. You can say what you want and you understand what people are saying. You can have a comfortable conversation. It doesn't mean that you're perfect. It doesn't mean that you don't make mistakes. It doesn't mean that you're in a native level, and that's very important to know, because unnecessary high standards can be very discouraging. Okay, now that we've defined what fluency is, let's see how we can achieve it. I think it's very important to set yourself small, achievable goals define what's important for you, what you would like to achieve in the language. Would you like to be able to master everyday situations or read good in the original? Don't say the goal, such as I want to speak German fluently someday but define what's relevant for you and set many small goals. For example, I want to watch one lesson off this course every day, or I want to learn 20 new words by the end of the week. And when you reach this goal, set the next one. The sense of achievement is very important in language learning, because it keeps your motivation high. Now, none of these goals will be particular, impressive or difficult to achieve, but they all add up over time to speaking German fluently, and that's the secret. 3. How to Introduce Yourself: So we jump right into the first section. We're going to start with some typical German greetings. Then we talk about a couple of introductions and will finish with a dialogue. Let's go. Hello? Hello? Hello, Putin. Margon! Good morning, Gorton. Margon Guttentag. Good day, Guttentag. Good. And I haven't Good evening. Good in our Vint. So hello. You can say pretty much all day long. Gutin Margon is used until noon. Couldn't talk in the afternoon and got a knob. And in the evening informal speech. When you ask somebody how he is, you ask if you get this inning. How are you? V Gators in in Dunkin. Good. 29. Thanks. I'm good. And you? Thank you. Good demon. And an informal speech. You would ask if you get a steer. How are you? You get the steal. Thank you. Good. India things I'm good. And you and we're gonna have another lesson about informal and formal speech in this first section. Now let's have a look at an introduction. Gordon, Tack. Good day. Good. And talk mind. NAMI ist Peter Klein. My name is Peter. Climb my nominee East Peter, climb each of Orna in mention I live in Munich. Born there in Munchkin, each been lira. I am a teacher. He been later and you can see that we don't say likening. I am a teacher, but rather I am teacher. He bean. Leah Mind and motives Plows K East Deutsche. My native language is German or it's my mother. Language mining motor east deutsche. It's breaking out English on front, sues ish. I speak also English and French, each breaking out English on fronteras ish. And now let's have a look at a second introduction. Hello? Hello. Hello? Eat. Hi, sir. Matina Schmidt. I am called Matina Schmidt. So in Germany can say either my name is my nominee ist Or in this case, each high. Say Matina Schmidt. I'm called Matina Schmidt. E Comment House first alive. I come from Austria. The comment. Our first ally Vona yet in Berlin. I live now in Berlin. Each Warner. Yet in Berlin. My name Montag's Plastic East Oyj won't. It's clannish Spanish. My native language is German and I'm learning Spanish. Nine. And Motors brought him his storage Spanish. So now that we've seen how you can introduce yourself, we'll have a look. And how to ask questions now. We just said your name is I come from I live in and I will say how to ask other people. Where do they live? Where do they come from, Etcetera? So this is a dialogue between Peter and Martina. Guten talk mind. NAMI East. Peter Climb grooviest Ian Army. Good day. My name is Peter Klein. What is your name? Wouldn't tack. My mommy is Peter. Climb V ist economic. Hello. Each high. Say Matina Schmidt. Voy a common Z. Hello. My name is Matina Schmidt. Where I am Cold. Matina Schmidt. Where do you come from? Vaux here. Common Z He comment house mention one c. I come from Munich and you e comment house Mention on C each comment off. First allies Arbour Vona yet in Berlin. Very fish. Plastic. Kinsey. I come from Austria, but I live now in Berlin. Which languages do you speak? It's common else. First a life Arba Vona. Yet in building Vegas Plaisance blessings e each breath English owned France use ish. I speak English and French, each breaking English on front to Zishe Vaz Mackenzie battle flick. What you do for a living thus mustn't z Pero flick. It's been Layla on C. I am a teacher And you each been Lera on C each pinched Odenton. I'm a student. He been student ing Vaz stood here in Z. What do you study? Vast studio Lindsay, each to the other. Made it seen. I study medicine. Each studio made it seen. All right, that's it for the first lesson up. Next, we'll take a closer look at the German alphabet and some special German sounds. 4. Alphabet and Correct Pronunciation: in this lesson. I'm gonna talk about the German alphabet, which has 26 letters and also explain some specific German sounds that start, uh, the German Ah, a is always pronounced like, ah, that the British are like, Ah, it's never pronounced a like in English. Uh, be see day E if g, uh, e yacht and the German J yacht is always pronounced like the English. Why yacht? It's never pronounced j job, but yacht Uh huh. L i m and okay. Pay. I mean, yeah, this t foul V X Oops. Salon tits. Those are the 26 letters. And in addition, we have four specific special German letters there a who and what looks like a B. It's actually the German s set or Charvis s. It's pronounced like s. Okay, Uh, the is now let's have a closer look at some letters, and difference for the V is pronounced like an F fall. And we have it in the words fun. Far, uh, fear feel fun. So those are only some examples off words where we have the V, but it's pronounced like an f the W. They is pronounced like avian English, right? So in the words Voronin v fun Full. We have the W, as it is pronounced, Has a v von in the van. Now the Germans e is pronounced like a set set. Some examples are survive Seen some souk side. So you see that even when a word starts with a Z or set, it is pronounced like ts in English. This sounds also the son also exists like, for example, in the word streets in the end of the word or rats again in the end of the word, just imagine the sound. Now, when you say streets and take this sound to the beginning off the word and then you get survive seen some souk inside, right? You do not pronounce it is I or Zine Zoom? No, it's always took tight. Now the S T combination is pronounced like if there was a little agent between, it's like actually East Stop God The last time stood cut last Stein and the SP combination is pronounced like also, if there wasn't a 18 between publication peel in the combination you is pronounced like oy and some examples for that are Deutsche German Is deutsche four years old by it'll right? So it don't say Euro oil it'll and Lloyd to I repeat, Deutsche a little pie boy, it'll like to the combination e I is pronounced like I can you write that together? It's I as in the words mine dying Hi say for design And here we have a nice combination off his line. V the German W and e I vine hasn't weaned vine on the commission I e is pronounced like e is long e wien spielen z lead You can hear Wien as opposed to vine Venus the German for Vienna Wien the Austrian capital Wien Oh pronounced like ow How alone Loud house Kalfin But down the au our sound It's exactly like an English Theo w brown brown not house coffin on last but not least famous See, age just pronounced actually depends can be pronounces like a h in Scottish law, Nasty sound or H like a huge long illness. That's the case and Muhsin dust los Or least so we'll ask. When do I know how to pronounce it worth after the vowels? Uh, and who is pronounced Muhsin does law And after the vowels e and E I and e, respectively. It's least splashing. That's it about the German alphabet and some sounds. In the next video. We'll talk about the German pronounce I you, he, she it etcetera. 5. Personal Pronouns: hand will come back in this lesson. We're gonna talk about the personal pronouncing German, and you will learn how to say I you he she it we you guys and they So let's start ish means I okay, do means you do here Z and s are the third person singular. And they mean he, uh is he am Z means she z and this is it. Yes. And then the plural pronounce our via we via e uh, you guys or yeol? Yeah. And Z they z z with a capital s is the formal way of addressing one or more persons. And we'll take a closer look on the differences between the formal and the informal speech in the upcoming lesson. So see you there. 6. Formal and Informal Speech: it's important to know that in German there are two ways of saying you we have the formal way Z with a capital s and the informal way do in this lesson will find out more about the difference. And we learn when to use which for so first we have Z z is the formal polite you. It creates a sense of respect and distance and you use it with people. You are not particular close to be one or more persons, even at work and in general with people that you don't know yet. For example, in shops, restaurants, for government agencies. So here are some useful expressions using the formal speech V ist Ian Ami What is your name ? The ist he anomie The Eid Cincy How old are you? The right scent z vast Mackenzie Bay Ruefly What do you do for a living? Thus Martin Z. Ruefly von Nz Where do you live? Von Nz for here. Common Z Where do you come from? For here? Common Z Vegas Blast Expressions E. Which languages do you speak? Very fish, Black expressions E And now let's have a look at the familiar informal you and that's do you used to do with people you're close to and with Children? Examples for the proper use Our with friends, family and using do inappropriately actually can sound too familiar and friendly. You can actually offend people very easily if you use do when he should have used Z. So when in doubt, use Z And here are some examples and useful expressions in informal speech. V is dynamic. What is your name? Who ve ist dine NAMI? The Eid visto. How old are you? V at best to thus must be awfully. What do you do for a living thus must do below flee? Va wants to. Where do you live for once toe? Oh, here comes to Where do you come from? Oh, here comes to toe various black and spritzed toe. Which languages do you speak? Values Brock and placed toe. So that's it. Now you're all set and prepared to avoid tricky situations And up next we'll learn how to congregate the German verbs 7. Verb Endings: in this lesson, you will learn how to congregate German verbs. The verb is a word that expresses an action or a state of being. In the first lesson, we already met some verbs one of them was born in to live in German. This form is cold infinitive. That's how you can find the word in a dictionary. Now this infinitive can be divided into two parts the verb stem born and the ending. And in order to say I live you live, etcetera. You knock off the e n ending and add the ending that goes with the subject. So, for example, I live is each Vornado, So the I ending is okay? Yes. Vornado, you live is do Vaughn's to the do ending is S t do Vaughn's the ending for he she it is t here. Z s vaunt The ending for we is e n via Voronin. The ending for you guys? Yeah, his tea. Yeah. Rougned and standing for they or the formal u z is he end z born in? Let's have a look at the verb are biting. You see that the verb stem ends on a T. That makes this verb special and we'll see in a moment how this changes the congregation. So let's start with the regular congregation. I work. I'll buy two. Do our brightest here. You see that The do form We just learned that the do for miss s t But in this case, there is this e in there. And that happens because off the tee, in the end of the verb stem, it would be quite difficult to pronounce our bites. And that's why we have this buffer e in there to make the pronunciation easier, do you? Ah, by test and the same happens for the he she it form here Z s ah, by tit here you also have the buffer e Via how? By Tim, He uh ah by tit z Arbeitman You see that this buffer e happens in the door? He has he s and in the year form do our by test is the s r by Tet and year are bite it. This also happens for verbs that end on d verb stems that end on d like finned in tow find Let's have a look at some example phrases with conjugated verbs Kami house belling I come from Berlin each comment house Belling do von inst Indian West Are you live in the USA? Duvan inst Indian west are here Ah, by Tet by Zemin's he works for Z mons. Here you see this buffer e and red via expression English. We speak English via spiking Inglis year finned it seen oil. You guys find 10 euro Like I mentioned before, Find Finn Din is a verb with a D in the end of the verb stem. And that's why it also gets the buffer E year fend It seen oil Z Voronin in mention they live in Munich. This can actually also mean you live in Munich. Informal speech when he talked. One person informal speech Z with a capital last means you live in Munich. All right, that waas the regular German verb conjugation in present tense. In the next lesson, we'll take a closer look at the verb ish relation to speak, which is an irregular verb 8. Verb sprechen: Let's talk about the irregular verbs ablation to speak. You might ask what isn't irregular verb? Well, it's a verb that behaves differently than most verbs in the language. Some irregular verbs change their stem. Others change the verb endings. And there are also verbs that change both the stem and the ending. Brecken belongs to the group that changes to stem in the U and the he she it forms. That's check it out. I speak, Do placed you speak and you see that the E becomes an eye. It's not Dorsch breast, but do priest here Z s spring He she it speaks. And here the same thing happens. Like with dual the E becomes an I here Z s spread the year expression. We speak via expression here expressed You guys speak here expressed Z expression, they or formal? You speak All right now let's have a look at some examples with the verb expression. He pleasure, George. I speak German. Do praised English. You speak English, toe spritzed. Inglis here split from He speaks French here screeched flint sues ish via sprechen Spanish . We speak Spanish via expression. Spanish here sprechen Turkish. You guys speak Turkish yeah. Expressed Turkish Z expression. They speak Russian Z expression losses. So now you're ready to start speaking split skin. And in the next lesson, I'll show you how to put the words in the correct order to make sentences. See you there. 9. Word Order: Now that we've learned quite a lot of new words, how do we put them in the correct order? That's the topic of this lesson in a German sentence. The verb. It's usually in the second position. Call me else. Bunyan. I come from Spain. Born in in Berlin. I live in Berlin. He plays Deutsche. I speak German. This rule also applies to the so called W questions. These are questions that start with w Such a servo here were from V how and vote where That's of a look at some examples Oh, here comes to where do you come from? Oh, here comes to V. Hiestand Z. How are you cold or what's your name? V high, Cincy Volunteer. Where does he live? Vaunt air. As you can see in all three sentences, the verb is in the second position. The third category are questions that require a yes or a no answer. These are pretty easy to construct in German. The verb isn't the first position. Blake in Ze Deutsch Do you speak German? But actually we say speak You German sprechen sie deutsch voiced to in Berlin. Do you live in Berlin? Live you in Berlin advanced toe in Berlin Cont here. Austin West Arm. Does it come from the USA? Comes he from the use a Come here, Austin, With, uh, and these examples, you can see that the normal word order is inverted and the subject follows the verb. Okay, so far about the German word order up. Next we learn some additional vocabulary. 10. Countries and Languages: in this lesson, you learn how to say where you live and where you come from. In the second part you'll also learn the names of some languages so you can say which languages you speak. Let's get started. Each comment house I come from is common house or each vona in I live in each Born A in Deutschland, Germany Deutschland. So an example could be each comment. House Deutschland. I come from Germany. It's comment. Are starts land four. It's born in Deutschland. I live in Germany. It's Rauner in Deutschland and I don't have a look at some additional countries. First allies Austria First I Frank Lies friends Frank lies bet again. Belgium Bell again I'm gone hungry. Boom gone! Bruce Land Russia Roseland Canada Canada, Canada, Brazilian Brazil. Brazilian Spanier in Spain Spanien Gross pill Italian Great Britain Girls play Italian dare to chi turkey They're two kind. You see, the turkey is an article. Normally it's d took I, but in this case it's dear to kind because off the start of case, which we'll talk about later on. So you say it's common else Dare Takai or each of owner in there took I on. The same goes for the United States. It's common house Dayne s, uh, or Savona Indian with, uh, I come from the United States or I live in the United States. It's comment. I'll stem us. Uh, vona in then was And now let's learn how to say I speak a specific language. Each place there I speak good place, and then you add the language that you speak. No, it's each pleasure, Deutsche. I speak German. Deutsche English, English, English, flan to Zishe. Friends. Fun to Zishe Spanish, Spanish, Spanish, Russian. Part two keys ish Portguese put Tookie's ish Turkish, Turkish, Turkish, Italian ish Italian, Italian iss, Parness, polish Polynice. Yeah, Punish unease. Yeah, Punish. He needs it. Chinese. She needs this. And Danish Danish Dennis. All right, Now you know how to say where you come from, where you live and which languages you speak. In the next video, we'll take a closer look at the numbers from 1 to 20 11. Numbers 1-20: So here are the numbers from 1 to 20 Heinz. It's by that I fear Foon six z even, uh nine seen is its move. Flight scene feared scene full of 10 zipped in soon nine seen. Those were the numbers from 1 to 20 and in the next section you're gonna learn the numbers from 21 to 100. 12. Dictation Exercise: Hello and welcome to the dictation exercise. This activity allows you to work on both your listening and writing skills simultaneously. So instead of doing only listening practice and trying to understand what's being said, you're developing your listening skills as well as your writing skills. Now, how does this exercise work? First, just listen. I will speak at normal speed, and you will get an overview off what you're going to write. Then I'll read the text again more slowly so that you have enough time to write down what you're hearing. After that, I'll read the text again at normal speed so that you can make corrections. And in the last step, you will see the text on your screen, which allows you to compare and check what you have written. All right, let's start, and this is normal speed. Goten! Margon! My nominee is Tom. Each comment. Starch Land. If you've owner in Berlin, vote here. Common Z each comment Austin with our explosion English on tight, it's clannish varnish. Rassmann's Ibero Flee. It's been lehtera on sea. It's been student Bastardi NZ, each to the limited seen invention, and now I'll read it. Slow speed, please write down what I am saying. Guten Margon. Mine No, man East Tom, He call man House Deutschland. Born there in Bellen for here. Common a C he call man house Dean Who s Ah, yeah, English warned Deutsche learn there Spanish of us Muhsin Z Bear Ruefly Been lira I don't see bean stood end of us studios in z is studio there Made it seen in mention That's it. Let's hear the text again at normal speed Putin Margon mind nama is Tom each comment house starch land ive ona in Berlin Vaux here common Z comment Oust in us Place it English Want tight e Lana Spanish Vaz Mackenzie Ive been Leah one c It's been student Bastardi NZ each to deal emitted seen invention Okay, so here's the transcription. You can now pause the video and compare the tax toe What you have written Thanks and see you in the next lesson 13. Job, Family, Hobbies: In this lesson, you will learn important vocabulary about family, hobbies and interests. Let's jump right into the text. Thus East Mine zone Andreas, That's my son under the US thus. East Mine zone. Andreas Yeah, East smooth. Yeah, he is 12 years old here East Smooth yard. It airspeed Ganic food. He likes playing football or soccer. Airspeed Gana food spot mining Talked us up in there East six yard, right? My daughter Sabina is six years old. Minor talkto Sabina East Sex Yard Right Z Hurt Gannon Musique She likes listening to music Z hurt Ghani Musique minus Clough on Irish Wester Lease in Gannon My wife and her sister like reading books Mining flower Want Irish Rester lease in Ghani Boucha Mind Bruder east for higher at it My brother is married Mind Bruna east for highlighted Zanny flower Study it baby l His wife studies business Administration Zain If Lau Studio bvl z Vaananen mention on haven't Spike Inda. They live in Munich and have two Children. Z Bonin invention. Want Harbin's vie Kingda Ze zien off film zing in once peeling Gonna get harder They watched movies often sing and like playing the guitar Z z an oft film man zing in on stealing. Gonna get harder. My uncle is snitched highlighted My uncle is not married. My uncle is finished for highlighted. Yeah, it's lady. He is single here. It's lady. Yeah, but it's by B m v. In fact Reap He works for BMW in the sales department. Yeah, I'll bet it by B M v m Foot Deep Zain Hobbies isn't in Internet so often. Computer spiel ish Dylan and Cohen his hobbies are surfing the Internet, playing computer games and cooking. Zaini hobbies Isn't Internets often Computer spill Spn, I want a coffin. Okay, Now you know how to talk about your family, hobbies and interests and up next you will learn how to congregate the verb Zain Toby. 14. Verb: sein: in this lesson you will learn how to congregate the irregular verbs. Ein Toby I mentioned before that some irregular verbs change their stem. Others change the endings and the most irregular ones changed everything Sign is one of those Let's go each been I am each been do best you are to best here Z s east He she It is via, isn't we are via Isn't Year Zeit You guys are e uh, Zeit Z, isn't they? Or formal? You are Z Zind Now here are some example sentences using the verb design. It's been Mikhail. I am missile Ich bin missile do based in Berlin you are in Berlin Do based in Berlin Z ist LeAlan. She is a teacher. Z East. Leah Rosen via Zind to house A. We are at home via Zind to house a year. Zaid for highlighted. You guys are married Ear Zaid for highlighted z zind leading. They are single Z sent lady. All right, now you know how to congregate. One of the most important verbs and German up next we'll take a look at the verbs lease in to read and zn to see 15. Verbs: lesen, sehen: Let's have a look at the irregular verbs. Listen to read and Zeon to see They are irregular because they're you and he forms. Don't follow the usual congregation rules. Let's start with lesion to read. Liza, I read Liza. Do least you read. Do please. And here you see that the e from the verb stem becomes I e do Pleased is the s least he she It reads here Z s leased two year Kleasen we read via Kleasen here. At least your guys read year least Z kleasen they or formal? You read Z leasing. And here is the verb zine to see e z here. I see Zeer do z east and here you can see as well that the A becomes e a So long e do z east Here is the s Zied and here as well be in the verb stand becomes I e is He s Zied via Z an we see via Zan Year Zied, you guys see? Yeah, Zied z zn they or formal? You see z z an? That's it. Now you know how to congregate the verbs? Zn Antley's in and up. Next we learn about the possessive pronounce my your his etcetera 16. Possessive Pronouns I: in this lesson, I'll show you how to use the singular forms off the possessive pronouns. Those are the words for my your his and her. Let's have a look at the basic forms. My mind. You're dying his designed, huh? He, uh before we continue, it's important to know that old German mounds are either masculine, feminine or neuter. Here are some examples they're now man. The name they're now man is the masculine noun, the flower the woman deflower is a feminine now and thus Hobie the hobby. That's hobby, his neuter. And we'll have another lesson about the articles there D and thus in the next section. Now this is important because the words for my your his and her have masculine, feminine and neuter forms and also form for plural. Let's see how these forms look like we'll start with my The masculine form is mine. Mine, Gnomic. My name Mine NAMI. The feminine form is mine. There My main flow. My wife minor flow. Mutar is mine. Mine Hobby. My hobby Mine, Hopi and the plural form is mining Miami Kingda, my Children, my may Kingda this meddler confusing. But actually there are only two forms. You see that the masculine and the neuter is mine, and the feminine and plural is mining. We move on to your The masculine form is dying. Dine, NAMI, your name Dine NAMI. The feminine form dying there. Dina Flower, your wife Dining flower Mutar is dying. Dime Hobby. Your hobby. Dine, hobby and the plural form for your is dining Diamond Kingda, Your Children, Dinah Kingda. And here again you see that the masculine and neuter forms are the same. Dying on the feminine and plural forms are the same dining. Here are reforms for his masculine form design design. NAMI his name Design NAMI Feminine form Designing Zain inflow His wife Zainy Flow Neuter is Zion Design Hobby His hobby design Hobie and the plural form designer his Children Zainy, Kingda, Zaini, Kingda. And last but not least, her masculine form. Yeah, yeah. NAMI. Her name? Yeah, NAMI. Some in form. He is there. Ely for all her wife. The other foul neuter is Yuh. Yeah, hobby. Her hubby? Yeah, hobby and plural is easily Yeah, they're Kingda her Children era Kingda. Let's summarize what we just talked about. The basic forms for my your his and her are mine. Dine Zain and EEA in the masculine and neuter form and for the feminine and plural forms, you simply add any and that's it up. Next, I'll show you the numbers from 20 to 100. 17. Numbers 20-100: So here are the numbers from 20 to 100. There are two things that I'd like to point out. The 1st 1 is that the ending I G is usually pronounced each and the 2nd 1 is that in German when you count, it don't count like in English. 2122 23 24 etcetera. But you say one and 20 two and 23 24 20 etcetera. And that continues like that in the thirties, forties, fifties and so on. Okay, let's start. I don't fancy by wants Fancy dry on fancy fear on slanty food front. Manti Execs on 70 Has he been on Santee? Aston's Fancy nine on some anti pricey. Now here are the thirties find underlying. See it's violin, glassy and so long And now the forties Fitzy. It will be island feared. See, it's fine fee, etc. Brian Fitzy. It's a draw. 50 is 50 60 zesty 70 zippity 80 90 90 and 100 Is Einhorn nut? Just a quick note on numbers higher than 100. They're actually very easy to construct and follow the same pattern that we've just seen so like in English 200 is Survive Who? Not 200. And then it continues. 201 Spy on that Heinz and so on. That I honed out is 300 July Hundert. As for the thousands, 1000 is I'm towers end. And then again you have the same pattern. You just add the numbers like in English Toe 1216 and German is I'm 1000 Survive Honda Zest in 1200 16. I'm 1000 spy 100 zest in All right now you know how to count in German? That's awesome. Up next, we'll take a look at how to state likes and dislikes. 18. Stating Likes and Dislikes: in this lesson, you will learn how to say that you like doing something and how to say that you don't like doing something. It's different from English, but you'll see that it's fairly simple. Let's start with the likes in order to say that you like doing something. You ed began there after the verb. Here are some examples The food I play football or soccer is Spieler full spot. Now let's see how it looks like when I say I like playing football. Each peeler gana full spot. I like playing football. So you see the Ganor right after the verb. It's Spieler gana. Full spot dozing, Scanning you like singing? Do is ings Gannon? Yes, sir. Afghan him Intendant. He likes surfing the Internet. Yes. After gonna I am intimate via Spielen Ghani Computer Spieler We like playing computer games via Spielen Ghani Computer Spieler Year least Gana You guys like reading books? Year least Ghani Boucha Z Voronin Gannon Mention they like living in Munich. Zeev, born in Ghana in Dimension and now the dislikes. In order to say that you don't like doing something, you add nichd Ghani after the verb. Here are some example phrases Spieler Neat Gannon. I don't like playing football Each pillar Neat Gana for spy do zings Niche Gana. You don't like singing to think snitched? Gather he served mixed Ghanim Internet. He doesn't like surfing the Internet. Yes, surfed nicht Ghani Intendant via spiel and Nick Ganic Computer Spieler We don't like playing computer games via spielen itched. Ganic Computers feeling you're least niche Gan Ebuka. You guys don't like reading books. You're least Nick Cannon, BUCA Z Born and Mr Gannon in money Skin They don't like living in Munich. Z Voronin mic'd gana in munition. Okay, That's how stating, likes and dislikes works up. Next we'll take a look at the negation word nicked the German equivalent for not 19. Negation: nicht: hind. Welcome back. In this lesson we learn how to use the negation word, Nique. Which means not it can be used in different situations. But in this lesson will focus on verbs. So in order to negate a verb, you place the negation word next, right after the verb. Let's take a look at some examples. Wants to toe in Berlin. Do you live in Berlin? Live you in Berlin in a literal translation. Voiced toe in very lean. Yeah. Each vona in belly. Yes. I live in Berlin. Nine each. Warner missed in Berlin? No, I don't live in Berlin or in the literal translation. No, I lived not in Berlin. Nine each Vona nichd in Berlin is to Peter Team yard. I'd is Peter 10 years old East. Peter seen yard, right? Yeah, here is to Teen Yard, right? Yes, he is 10 years old. Nine. It is mixed. 10 yards out. No, he is not 10 years old. Nine. Yeah, it's nicked team. Yeah, they are. It hurt again in musique. Do you like listening to music hurt year? Ghani more Zeke? Yeah, via her own Gannon was ik Yes, we like listening to music. Yeah, via her own Gannon Music nine via Herman Nichd Gannon Music No, we don't like listening to music Nine. Via who finished Gannon Music Zin See Dinah Kingda. Are they your Children? Zin See Dining Kingda? Yeah. Seasoned minor Kingda. Yes, they are my Children. Yeah. Season minor Kingda nine Seasoned. Finished minor Kingda. No, they are not my Children. Nine isn't finished. Minor Kinnah so far about how to negate verbs. There will be additional lessons about this negation work later on. 20. Dictation Exercise: Hello and welcome to another dictation exercise. How does this exercise work? First? Just listen. I will speak at normal speed and you will get an overview of what you're going to write. Then I read the text again more slowly, so that you have enough time to write down what you're hearing. After that, I read the text at normal speed so that you can make corrections. And in the last step, you will see the text on your screen which allows you to compare and check what you've written. In this exercise, I will start using German punctuation. So punked is full. Stop or period and comma is a comma. All right, let's start. This is normal speed. Mine's own Peter is 10 yard. I'd Zain ish rest a subpoena least gana Boucha mine. Oncor ist for highlighted. Here are bite it by B M v Yes. After Ghanim Internet. Other attributes Next began a computer spieler here Land fund sues ish man Bruder is lady. It won't industry fights and now I'll read it. Slow speed. Please write down what I'm saying. Mine zone Pita east Seen? Yeah, there ID punked design there. Szilveszter is that being there least gone there? Musha punked. Mine. Uncle East for highlighted. Pumped. Here. Buy a ticket by B M V. Yeah. Third. Can there him? Internet coma? Uh huh. Yeah, Speed least gone there. Computer Spieler pumped. Yeah, land front to Zishe Won't mine. But old uh, is ladies punked? Yeah. Warned in dear Provides Pullman's. That's it. Let's hear the text again. At normal speed Mine's own Peter is 10 yards out. Zionist Vestas, Sabina least Gana Boucha My no longer east for highlighted. Yeah, a bite it by B M v. Yes, sir. Afghan in Internet are by SPD's Nick Gana computer Spieler here land on sues ish My Broda is lady have want Indust fights. Okay, And here's the transcription. You can now pause the video and compare the text to what you have written. Thanks and see you in the next lesson 21. A Walk in the City: in this lesson, Peter and Matina are going on a walk in the city. Let's jump right into the text Heitor Mahan via an inch. But see a gun Today we go for a walk and you see that in Germany say today we make a walk Height day Maha via woman spot See Agung thus ist I'm coffee Here is this toe I'm a bank on dot is deep post that is a cafe Here you see a bang and there is the post office thus istan coffee Here's these two on a bunk When dot is to the post they skipped off museum another store all want Hainan Bahnhof There is also a museum, a restaurant and the train station escaped Is there is so a skipped Oh I'm museum I am not I still wrong Want island Bahnhof won't voice the upper take care And where is the pharmacy ? Don't voice their partake Z ist glass on the echo It's right around the corner And in Germany we say she is right around the corner because a partake is a feminine noun So we have to say she and not it like in English Z list glide on the Ecker. Keep this here in the May and university It is there a university around here? Get us here in the near I'm a university. It and the literal translation is, Is there in the vicinity? A university nine escaped kind of when he visited. No, there is no university. Nine skipped kind when you hesitate. Is this museum heartache yet? Is the museum open today? It's That's museum high tech F net How it is today. They see that open is in the end of the sentence. We can have a lesson about this in one of the upcoming sections. Nine times on TAC. Is this museum Josh Lawson? No. On Sunday, the museum is closed. Nine. I'm Zantac. Estas museum cash Lawson, this is Tom Montag. Some stark definite. It is open from Monday to Saturday Assist fund. Montag base some stock definite. So when we feel cost a dime threat, I see. And how much is the entrance fee or in a literal translation? And how much costs the entrance fee? Eso when we feel it costed dying threat The anklets costed fear oil 50. The entrance is four euro 50. They're under it costed fear oil from T Trust here Donkey in Vermont. I understand. Then we go tomorrow. First here. Don't give him Martin up came out. It's a deal up came out all right. Now you know some additional useful vocabulary. And in the upcoming lessons, I'll explain the grammar points in detail. 22. Definite and Indefinite Articles: Let's take a look at the definite and the indefinite article. In a previous lesson, I mentioned that old German ounce are either masculine, feminine or neuter. The meaning of this is that there is not only one definite article like in English, but there are three They, uh de And thus there is masculine de is famine in and thus his neuter. Here are some examples They're Munn, the man there month is masculine. Deflower the woman deflower all is a feminine noun. And that skinned the child that skinned is neuter The indefinite article in English A also has several forms. Fine, masculine. I know feminine and I'm is neuter to the same examples. I'm Munn. The man is masculine. I'm a month I am a flower, a woman feminine I knew flow and neuter. I'm kinte a child. I'm ckent. Okay, Now the den drift mounds plays an important role in German grammar, and I strongly recommend to learn the gender When you learn the word. One technique you can use is color coding. So if you use flash cards, for example, you can write the masculine ounce in blue, the feminine want in red and neuter can be green. That'll make it easier for your brain to remember the differences. All right, so far about the German articles up next, we'll continue with the second part off the possessive pronouns. 23. Possessive Pronouns II: hello and welcome to the second part of the process of pronounce. And this lesson will talk about the plural forms. But before we do so let's take a look at the singular forms. Just as a quick review. My in the masculine neuter form mine. And in the feminine and plural form mine A. You were dine for dying there, His design or Zeina and her. Yeah, or Ely. All right. And here are the plural forms. Our masculine neuter, enza feminine and plural. Oh, you're Oh, yeah. Feminine and plural is oil. You see that? You do, and any but the e in the middle of the word drops does not. Oh, yeah, l a But there Yeah or yeah. There on the formal forum for the former U is Yeah, Euller with a capital I. Now let's have a look at some examples. We'll start with our The masculine form is one za one's anomie. Our name one za na me. The feminine form is wonderful ones are there lumpy. Our lamp one's a lumpy neuter is enza one's a hobby. Our hobby Hunza hobby and the plural form is ones other ones that kingda our Children ones are there. Kingda, We move on to your a mask. You inform Ayanami your name, boy. Uh, now me The feminine form. Oil there boiled Lumpy. Your lamp Oil ray. Lumpy neuter is again oil. Uh oh, yeah! Hobby. You're hubby? Oh, yeah. Hopi on the plural form. Oil loyalty. Kingda, your Children. Oily Kingda. Here are the forms for their masculine form. E A. Yeah, NAMI Their name? Yeah. NAMI feminine healer, either. A lumpy their lamp era lumpy neuter is Yeah. Yeah. Hubby There, hubby here, Hubby and plural healer. Either Kingda their Children either Kingda. And finally, the forms for the four more. You, you! That's the masculine form. Yeah! No, man. Your name? Yeah. Nominee Seven in eerie lumping your lamp e of a lumpy neuter. Is he? Uh, yeah. Hobby. Your hubby and the plural form Ely. Yeah. Kingda your Children. Here's Kingda. Okay, here we have a summary of all forms. And as you can see, it's like with the singular. The basic form for masculine and neuter is the same. And for his feminine and plural form, you're simply add any all right so far about the possessive pronouns up Next we learn how to negate now owns with the negation word kind 24. Negation: kein: and this lesson will talk about the negation of word kind. I often hear the question. What's the difference between kind and nicked? Well, kind negates now owns and nichd negates all the rest. So how does it work? In order to negate a noun you place The negation were kind or kinda before the noun kind is for masculine and neutral rounds. Kinda for feminine and plural. Announce. Let's take a look at some examples. We'll start with the masculine now. Pissed us and horned. Is that a dog? Yeah. Justice and Hunt. Yes, that is a dog. Yeah, that's the stand haunt. Nine Uswest kind haunt. No, that is not a dog. Whereas it can see its No, that is not a dog. Nine does is kind haunt. Here is a feminine example. Give this year and it cost. Is there a post office around here? Give us here on it. Cost? Yeah, it's skipped. Hear Any post? Yes. There is a post office around here. Yeah, it skipped here on a post nine. Skipped here kind of post? No, there is no post office around here. Or a literal translation. No, there is here not post nine escaped here. Kynect post hoste to a Now it'll do you have a car or have you a car? Hast toe And how toe? Yeah, he cabin and auto. Yes, I have a car. Yeah, he can't And auto nine. You have a kind out or No, I don't have a car. Or in a literal translation. No, I have not. Car nine each Harvey kind auto and is a plural noun. I chose Boucha Books. Least Air Booth, huh? Does he read books or reads he books Least Air Boucha? Yeah, Yeah, at least Boucha. Yes, He reads books. Yeah, Yeah. At least Boucha nine. At least. Kind of BUCA. No, he doesn't read books or No, he reads not books. Nine. At least kind Nick Boucha. Okay. And now you know how to negate. Now owns up. Next you'll get to know the acquisitive case 25. Akkusativ Case: in today's lesson. I'll show you how the acquisitive case works. But before we start, I'd like to explain some basic grammatical terms that will help you understand better when this case is applied. The word order in a typical German sentence is subject verb object. The subject performs the action. The verb is the action, and the object is affected by the action. Let's take a look at this example Damon parked. That's out. Oh, the man parks the car. In this example, DeMann performs the action. Parked is the action and thus out or is affected by the action. And this object will be affected by the acquisitive case. But what does the acquisitive case actually do? The acquisitive case changes the masculine, definite and indefinite articles. In a previous lesson, we learned that there are three articles Dear masculine de feminine and dust neuter. Now let's see how this changes in acquisitive. You see that there became Dane Dammann Now is Dean Monk the feminine and the neuter articles do not change. How does this look? In some examples is a thin man. I see the man he's here in Mom. If they had the foul, I see the woman is a heady flower because they had a skinned. I see the child he say hit a skint and you can see that feminine and the neuter articles are not affected Only the masculine article changes from DEA to Dane. And now let's have a look at the indefinite article in the nominative case, that's the default case. Eine masculine. I am a feminine and I'm neuter. And here is the acquisitive case. I'm unde is the masculine form. I'm a feminine and Ayn Utor so again feminine and neuter do not change. Only the masculine indefinite article is affected. Einen Mann is Zeer Island Munn I see a man Hz hair line and man, is it? I am a flow. I see a woman is a flower. He's here. I'm Kinte. I see a child. He's a I can't. And here are some verbs that used acquisitive Z and to see lease in to read hurl in tow. Here, Martin to make or to do publican park fending. Find Harvin, toe have and also the expression escaped. There is so after all these verbs, you will use the acquisitive case Now, in case you have a sentence with Nate. Then the negation work. Nate is sent to the end of the sentence. It is a head Inman nichd. I don't see the man were in the literal translation. I see the man, not it is a hit in man finished because they differ on it. I don't see the woman is they had d flown it easy had the skin it. I don't see the child, he say hit the skin finished. And in addition, the negation were kind that is used to negate mounds, and the possessive pronouns also received the masculine, acquisitive ending. N E N v. Harbin Kind and haunt. We don't have a dog or in a literal translation. We have no dog via having kind and haunt. Italy is a kind of criminal Roman. I don't read a crime novel. Italy is a kind and criminal little man. These two mine and zone. Do you see my son is Easter Milon zone. Defend that appearance listening. She doesn't find her key defended. Iran's less learning. All right so far about the echoes that if case up next, we'll take a closer look at one of the most important verbs and German Harbin 26. Verb: haben: Hi and welcome back in this lesson, we're gonna talk about the verb Harbin tohave. It's one of the most common and most important verbs in the German language. It's an irregular verb. So let's take a closer look. Each habit I have this have it du hast you have. You can see that the b disappears and you don't say do haps but do hoste is the s hot He she it has here the same thing that happened above happens again The b disappears and you don't say here hopped But here hot via Harbin we have via Harbin year happed You guys have year Haft z happened. They were formal. You have z ha been. Now here are some example sentences with Harbin and you'll see that this work requires the acquisitive case that we learned in the previous lesson. Let's go each Harvey I'm a lumpy. I have a lamp each Harvey, I'm a lumpy du hast Hainan zone. You have a son du hast line in his own here hot. I'm out all he has a car here hot. I'm out toe via Harbin. I anniv Onal. We have an apartment via Harvin. I'm a bone year hopped on and haunt. You guys have a dog year? Hopped island hunt Z, Harbin Einhaus. They have a house Z Harbin. I'm house. All right, now you know how to congregate and use the verb POV in one of the most important verbs in German. Up next, you learn how to talk about opening times and review the days off the week. 27. Opening Times: in this lesson, you learn how to read opening times, the days off the week and several important propositions. Let's start with the days of the week. Montag, Monday, Montag and the proposition for two days of the week is, um, so if you'd like to say on Monday, you say I'm Montag Dean Stock Tuesday Dean Stock. Mitchell Wednesday, Mittal Donna Stock Thursday Donna Stock Flight Talk Friday Flight Talk, Zam Stock Saturday Zom Stock Zahn Talk Sunday Zone Talk Now Zam Stock and Zantac are the weekend and the weekend, and German is thus Vossen Andy on the proposition for the weekend is also, um so on the weekend in German Um von nd Let's have a look at some example, sentences each laser on Vulcan and and Boom. I read a book on the weekend or in the word order in German. I read on the weekend a book, Liza on Vulcan and and Boom, Visine, Montag in and Film. We watched a movie on Monday, and here again the word order is different in German. We see we don't say watch with a C. We see on Monday a movie, Visine, um Montag on infirm SP it on flight AC guitar. He plays the guitar on Friday. Yes, Beard. I'm fly attack guitars about this to a Mitvol the work on Wednesday, but it's too amid. Well, all right, let's continue with the times nine or nine oclock. Nine. The proposition for times is whom so at nine o'clock is on nine or seen were 10 o'clock seeing or fits in well 2 p.m. And Germany. We use the military time. 14 fits in work. Filton Worth rising 3:30 p.m. full often were that I see. And you can see that we arrived The womb oclock after the time but we actually say it in between. 1st 10 will try. See? All right, here are some more examples. I'm Montag, whom knowing on Monday at nine o'clock I'm Montag. Well, nine or Homefront Wilfried on Sunday at 3:45 p.m. Comes on tac home first in or confront viotti. Okay, now let's have a look at the scenario from two Montag fly Attack nine zipped in Well, from two is fun. Biss. So we say fun. Montag Be sly, Doc, from Monday to Friday Fun, more attack. Basically, I talk for nine, visiting one from 9 a.m. 25 PM for nine. Business tips and war Okay, so far about the opening times. In the next lesson, you'll get some speaking practice. 28. Dictation Exercise: Hello and welcome to another dictation exercise as always. First just listen. I will speak at normal speed and you will get an overview of what you're going to write. Then I read the text again more slowly, so that you have enough time to write down what you're hearing. After that, he'll read the text at normal speed so that you can make corrections. And in the last step, you will see the text on your screen which allows you to compare and check what you have written. The German punctuation that I will use in this text is punked. Full stop period and frog rotation Question Mark, let's start. And this is normal speed each Maher hoity island. But Zia gang here is the past on dot Is this museum This is tight against Lawson. Thea Partyka ist arctic definite. A skipped and in the air on coffee Z store man in Bogota a hot line and haunt. Thus it stones all the time too. Z hot kinda Kingda. And now I will read at slow speed. Please write down what I'm saying. Ma. Hi there I and then but see a gun punked here. East de cost owned dot ist thus museum punked s east. Hi there. Gish Lawson. Punked de oppo. Take care is Hi there. Get off in it. Punked? Yes. Gaped in there. May hair eine Cuffy Punked. Diseased Do mine. And but older flagged station. Yeah, Hot einen hunt Punked. Thus East one's other Tanti Punked. See? Hot kind and Kingda punked. That's it. Let's hear the text again. At normal speed Here is the past. Onstott is This museum s is tight against Lawson. The up Ortega is tied to get definite. I skipped in the in the air and coffee z Stoneman in Baroda. It had I known haunt Das ist onto the time to z hard Kinda Kingda. All right. And here is the transcription. You can now pause this video and compared attacks toe what you've written. Thanks and see you in the next lesson. 29. How to Order Food and Drink: one of the most common situations when you travel or go out is ordering food and drinks. In this lesson, you'll learn some useful phrases and words that native speakers use in these situations. Let's jump right into the conversation. The cabbie Khulna on dust. I'm hungry and thirsty and you can see that in German we say I have hunger and thirst. It happened, Houna. One toast kept us here in the near on Italian interest cholesterol. Is there an Italian restaurant around here? And the literal translation is, Is there here in the vicinity an Italian restaurant? Get us here in their near I'm Italy Unisys Restaurant? Yeah, I skipped on outskirts. I tinnitus restaurant. Next ride from here? Yes. There is an excellent restaurant not far from here. Yeah, I skipped an hour. Skittishness. Distressed Olo missed right from here. Putin talk identity for its pipe. Arizonan. Good afternoon. A table for two people. Putin talk einen Tish fits bypass alone in Yeah. Bitter on Canvey Offish. Baeza Carter. Harbin. Yes, please. And can we also have the menu? And you see that when you ask for something with can I have in German? You place the have in the end of the sentence when Kernen via despise the car to Harbin? Not really Voce missions. It Lincoln, of course. What would you like to drink? Not really. Last motions it thinking he hit again and Manila Vaasa won't. And coffee. I would like to have a mineral water and a coffee. He had to Ghani. I'm in l A I wasa went on and coffee. It's much the incline. A spear. I would like to have a small beer. So these are two ways of asking for something in a polite way. You can use each much there or each hat again. It's muster on climate Spear. Counter foot right away. Come to thought thus name store. What do you take? Russ? Name, stool. Each name. It'd bigot Tasha Lasagna. Keyser Kamuzu onto I take the vegetarian lasagna with cheese and vegetables. And you its name. It'd be guitar. Russia Lasagna made Kiiza on Kamuzu on toe. Mm. Leca Each name a dish. Spaghetti. Mm. Yummy. I take the spaghetti. Mm. Lega each name a dish. Spaghetti. Better soon. He ever get link Mashburn's Abbottston? Here you are. Your drinks. Would you like to order better soon you'll get link missions. Evanston? Yeah. Each name it. David Atala. She lasagna? Yes. I take the vegetarian lasagna. Yeah. You can name a diva guitar. Russia Lasagna for me. The spaghetti. Better for me. The spaghetti, please. For me, the spaghetti better V bothers Essen. How was the food? Vadas s een bank. A zygote. Very much better time. Thank you. Very good. We would like to pay. Please. Donkey coat. You must, in bitter time. The smashed Zaman for months. Fancy oil feeling dunk together. That's 25 year old. Thank you very much. On the literal translation is that makes together 25 euros the smashed to examine for months. Manti oil fee and dark. Okay, great. Now you know how to order up next. We'll take a closer look at a typical German Manu. 30. A Typical Menu: hi and welcome back. In this lesson, you learn important vocabulary that will help you understand the German menu. Let's start with the drinks. Get thank you drinks get Thank you Mineral vaso Mineral water Minella Vassal Toss a coffee cup of coffee. Tacit coffee. Well, Im Jin's left orange juice well engines left. Invites India wheat beer. Weizman BIA for spies, in appetizers, for spies and to Martin's Opare Tomato soup to Martin's appear control fizzle. Potato soup can't offers up. A. It's a lot famished salad mixed. It's a lot diminished. Brought mitt water bread with butter brought mitt butter and here are some main dishes you might find in a German menu. Helped bison Main dishes helped Bison V. Nash Nitsa, Viennese schnitzel. Veena Smithson, Brenda Braaten Mitt Periods. Roast beef with mushrooms. Renda Bratton Mitt periods in lacks mitt. Cut off in salmon with potatoes lacks mid cut. Often that is not all vague atoll ish risotto. Vegetarian. There is a total vig, Atoll ish and for the deserts, not despising. We have Chocolat and Colton Chocolate cake Chocolat and call him Casey Cole. Haan Cheesecake que is a cool hon hopes Salat fruit salad hopes salat Ice dry Corgan Ice cream three scoops Ice by Corgan. Okay, Now you know how a typical German Manu looks like up next, you'll get to know the acquisitive adjective endings. 31. Adjective Endings Akkusativ: today I'd like to talk about German adjectives. Adjectives are describing words. Some examples are large blue or friendly in German adjectives have to agree in gender number and case with the noun they describe. And in this lesson, I'll show you how the adjectives look like when they come before a noun in the acquisitive as a refresher. Here are some acquisitive sentences Ekezie. Here Einen Mann I see a man each zeer I'm in a month I z i n f Lau I see a woman. It is here I am there, flower, it is here I am ckent I see a child easier. I'm Kim. So here we have three sentences. The 1st 1 masculine 2nd 1 feminine and 3rd 1 neuter You see that? The only thing that happens in acquisitive is that the masculine indefinite article Ein receives an ending and becomes in an easy woman man. And now let's add the adjective young young to these sentences z enon human man. I see a young man and you can see that the adjective young receives the same ending like the indefinite article line I'm then young in man easy A woman young in man z huh? In a young a flower, I see a young woman. It's easy, huh? I know a young a flower. The feminine adjective ending is e young A He's here. I'm young, a skinned. I see a young child and we see that the neuter ending for the adjective is S E s each z hair. I'm Eunice Ckent. Now let's see what happens to sentences with a definite article first. Here are some examples Is he heading Mom? I see the man you see here, Dean Man is a heady flower. I see the woman. It is a head deflower. He says he had a skin. I see the child each They had us Kent. Now let's add the objective young toe these sentences It's C, Haddin, Young and Munn I see the young man and you see that young receives the ending in e n each. See it in young in man. It's see head the younger flower. I see the young woman. The feminine ending is e You see it? Do you mean a flower? He said us Young Akhund. I see the young child. The adjective ending for announed that has the definite article is e you see? Uh, that's Yumi Ckent. All right, so far about the adjective endings in the acquisitive Up next, we'll learn how to express a wish in a polite way. 32. Verb: möchte: in this lesson, you'll get to know the verb motion, which means would like it's used to express a wish in a polite way. And that's why I decided to include it in the section about how to order food and drinks. Let's have a look at the congregation this musty. I would like this. Must it do much test? You would like Do magic Test is the s. Next he she it would like. You see, there is no t. It's not a Zs. Much Tet. But here's es musty via Marston. We would like via Marston Year. Mashed it. You guys would like. Yeah, make it Z marston. They or formal? You would like z Marston. And here are some example sentences each. Master. I'm Carletta Spear. I would like a cold beer. It's Mr Oncologist. Beer Masters to Atlas Essen. Would you like to eat something matched Just toe Atlas Essen? Yeah. Must day yet Kristen, He would like to order now. Imagine yet Beston via motion on a pizza. We would like a pizza via motion. I'm a pizza. Most idea it was drinking. Would you like to drink something? Most of the year It was thinking Z Motion Island Commission Salat They would like a mixed salad. Z marston. I'm in commissions a lot and you can see that there are two ways off using this verb. You can use it either with something like in the first example moster and kind to spear. I would like the cold beer. You can also use it with a second verb, like in the second example measures to Atlas s. And would you like to eat something? In this case, it's Would you like to do something? So the two cases are Would you like something? And what you like to do something. And in case you use it as would you like to do something, then the second verb is always placed in the end of the sentence. Yeah, Master. Yet, Stan, he would like to order now. Pistol in tow. Order is in the end of the sentence and the verb master is in the second position. All right, now you know how to express the wish in a polite way. Up next, we'll take a closer look at the verbs Nayman to take and Essen to eat 33. Verbs: nehmen, essen: Let's take a closer look at the verbs Neiman to take and Essen to eat. We start with Neiman. His name it I take is name it Do names you take and you see it's an irregular verb. So the do form is not do names but do names? Yes, he s named he she it takes on you see that also the third person singular is irregular instead of named you say is the s named via name and we take via Nayman year named you guys take yeah, named Ze name and they or formal you take Z Nayman. Okay, And here is the verb essence to eat He s a I eat each message Do ist you eat and you can see that the in the beginning off the word became an eye. It's not toe asked, but toe ist he has He s pissed. He she it eats. And here exactly the same thing happened. E became an eye and it is He s he s is via Essen. We eat via Essen. Yeah. Ist you guys eat your est ze s in they or formal you eat Z Essen. So for about Neiman and Essen, up next, I'll show you the motile verb Kernan 34. Modal Verb: können: a model verb is a verb that is used to indicate likelihood, ability, permission or obligation. For example, I can sing. Can is the model verb in the sentence. And that's exactly the verb we're gonna talk about in this lesson. Kernan, let's start with the congregation off this irregular verb he come, I can he come do canst you can blue canst here. Z s come. He she it can is he s come. A very common expression is also man. Come one can. That is the impersonal you Munn come via cannon We can via cannon here. Cunt. You guys can year current Z Kernan, they or formal you can Z Kernan. Here are some example Sentences. That's a restaurant here. Coming. It was Essen, the restaurant here. I can eat something thus that I start home. Here comes It was Essen. That's hotel. Here comes to Cuban Austin The hotel here You can stay overnight. Bus hotel here comes to even often. They're parked plots here Commons and outdoor parking. The parking lot here One can park his car. They're parked plots here Commons and auto park in dont hesitate here could envious to dealing the university here we can study the hesitate here, can envious to deal. Does coffee here? Couldn't your cafe thinking the cafe here. You guys can drink coffee? Does coffee here? Currently a cuff it. Lincoln. The post here. Currency belief marking Kalfin, The post office here they can buy stamps de post here. Currency belief. Martin Coffin. Now I'd like to point out two things. First model verbs usually come with a second verb in the sentence, and this second verb will be in the end off the sentence. As you can see, in the first example, you have the verb come and the second verb Essen in its infinitive form at the end. The second thing is that in all these examples, you can see that the verb in German always has to be in the second position. So when you don't start a sentence with the subject, the verb and the subject are inverted. For example, here Kernan Z belief marking Kalfin. So here you start to sentence with here. You don't say they can buy Stam's. That would be Z Kernan, brief, Mark and Kalfin. But you start with here, which is not the subject. So you have to invert the verb and the subject. And that becomes here. Kernan, Z brief, Mark and Kalfin in a literal translation here. Can they stamps by All right, now you know how to express ability in German. Up next, I'll show you how to create the plural forms off the mound. 35. Plural Nouns: German ounce. Don't simply add s to form their plural, and that's why I recommend to learn the plural off a noun when you first meet it along with a gender. The articles, by the way, have the same plural forms for all three genders. It's always the in this lesson. I'd like to give you some tips that make it easier for you to deal with the plural. The 1st 1 is that many masculine ound at any or an E and a normal out. They're groaned, de governed there. The reason. The reasons. You see that the who became an you and there was added any in the end, their ground. De Kaunda There's own these early the sun. The sun's here as well. The vowel became a normal out or in plural is boohoo, and there is any. In the end. There's on these earner, their horned de haan under the dog, the dog's and there is only an E. In the end, the vowel didn't change. They're talk D taga. The day the days here as well, only an E was added to form the plural. Now, many feminine hounds Ed n or the N did Tom it de Domine Lady, The Ladies D Cups There d cuts in the cat the cats deci Thome de Zeitung in the newspaper, the newspapers, the book de Bogan, The Castle, the castles Right now, some new turndowns And they add E r and a normal out the school de Boucha. The book, the books You see that the vowel who became a U and E. R was added in the end, that's glass Dick Liza the glass, the glasses that stuff the data, the roof, the roofs and thus land delenda the country the country's most important mountains. Simply add an s like in English. Just auto the outer walls, the car, the cars. That's Toxie, the taxi's a taxi, taxis. That's hotel T hotels, the hotel, the hotels Deschenaux Dickey knows cinema and cinemas. Okay, so those were some tapes. But keep in mind that these are only broad guidelines and there are many exceptions. I think that the best practice is to learn the plural forms of now owns when you first meet them all. Right up next, we'll take a look at the past tense off Harbin tohave and signed Toby 36. Verbs "haben" and "sein" in the Past Tense (Präteritum): in this lesson, I'll show you the past tense forms off two of the most important verbs and German Harbin tohave. Ensign Toby, let's start with Harbin. This hot too. I had each hot do hottest you had do Hottest is the s hotter. He she it had is he s hot too. Via Hutton. We had via Hutton. Yeah, hot it. You guys had here Hot it z hatton they or formal? You had Z Hutton. And here are some example sentences with Harbin in the past tense. It's got a kind inside. I didn't have time. Or as we say in German, I had no time. Each hotter kind of site hottest to another Servi alone. Did you have a reservation or in a literal translation? Had you a reservation? How to store on a reserve e along? Yeah, Hot To whom he was hungry. And in Germany, we say he had hunger here. How to who now via Hutton. I'm meeting. We had a meeting via Hatton. I'm meeting How did you Sean and Horned have you already had a dog? And Germany don't have a progressive verb Tens. So we say had you already a dog had it here shown island haunt Z Hutton and pizza on adverse to drinking. They had a pizza and something to drink. Z. Hutton and Peter on it was so drinking. And now let's have a look at the verb Zain to be in the past tense Each of our I waas each of our do vast you were do vast is the s Ah, he she it waas is yes, via violin. We were via Vallon. Yeah, that you guys were here. Vaht z vallon, they or formal? You were Z violent. And here again, some example sentences each of our to Hauser. I was at home each of our. So how is that vaster shown in New York? Have you already been to New York and again in German? We don't have a progressive for 10. So we say. Were you already in New York? Vast to Sean in New York z va home. Wish she was hungry. And this is the other way of expressing that you're hungry. The 1st 1 we just saw with to have I have hunger literally. And the second way is this one z va home. English. She was hungry. V Apollon invention. We were in Munich v 1000 invention Vata guest on in the hour by it were you at work yesterday and yesterday is in the middle of the sentence that your guest on in the air. But Zavala Nimal Estelle all on the echo They were at the restaurant around the corner z Vardhan in Bristol from the Ecker Paul Ryan's This was a big step forward Well done. In the next section you will learn even more about the past tense in German. 37. Dictation Exercise: Hello and welcome to another dictation exercise. As always. First, just listen. I will speak at normal speed and you will get an overview of what you're going to write. Then I'll read the text again more slowly so that you have enough time to write down what you're hearing. After that, I read the text at normal speed so that you can make corrections. And in the last step, you will see the text on your screen which allows you to compare and check what you've written. The punctuation that I will be using in this text will be punked. Full stop or period and flog it sizing question Mark. All right, let's go. This is normal speed. Each hobby Houna musters toe and Venus in its lesson nine s a big atoll Ish it yet again. And it pizza London Kleiner's beer when trust names too. You name it in LAX on Dinan Coffee That s involves. They're good. Kernan via bit. It's Alan The Smartphone one's fancy oil Feeling dunk. Okay. And now I will be reading slowly. Please write down what I'm saying. If how There Houna punked my test. Do I'm Vina Schnitzer Essen flag attacking nine coma each. Yes, sir. Figured childish. Punked. Head to toe again. An I am there. Pizza owned eine Linus. Be a punked owned of us names. Door Phil. Organization is name man Dean Lux wound I and then coffee. Punked. Thus Essen is, uh, Zia goons pumped Kernan via beat there. Starlin flog rotation. Thus masked from one's fancy. A little punked feeling dunk, right. And now again, normal speed E hobby Houna Masters door on Venus schnitzel. Lesson nine s a big atoll ish. He had again any pizza on the incline? US beer on trust names. Do its name it in locks on an cafe that s involves They're good Kernan via bit. It's island. The smart phones. Fancy oil feeling down. All right. And here is the transcription. You can now pause this video and compared to tax to what you have written. Thanks and see you in the next lesson. 38. A Typical Day: hi and welcome back In this lesson you will learn important vocabulary and grammar that will help you describe your typical date. Let's jump right into the text. Assists even what I see Peter State off. Don, do steer one for the district. It is 7 30 Peter gets up, then he showers and has breakfast. State off comes from the verb off stain that is a separable verb. And there will be a lesson that covers separable verbs in detail later in this section, flu strict comes from the verb flu stricken and means to breakfast. We have a verb for that Foolish took in assist even weatherizing Peter stayed off understeer one flu sticked Here is an close So Mitt Mommy Lada one drink wine and coffee. He eats across some with jam and drinks A coffee here is in close. So Mitt Mommy, Lada won't drink island coffee when asked were feared Emmett him out or in spittle? Peter are bite it in China Bank. At eight o'clock he goes by car to the office. Peter works in a bank. You see that by car? In German, we say Mitch them out. All which literally means with the car who asked were feared amidst them. Our tour in spittle, Peter are bite it in in a bank. Who asked what the icij think? Peter meter of it on a roof on and Condon on thrived on in brief, Want least feeling e mails. At 8 30 Peter starts his work. He calls the client, writes a letter and reads of many emails to start his work. And when we say to start with the work midst, there are bite after authorized faint Peter, Mr. Abbott on on and on Survived on and brief won't least feeling emails. Funds worth worth Lycee Bestrides and work, Ma am It exposed went East Timor Leste along on the Eckard from 12 30 to 1 p.m. He goes for lunch and eats at the restaurant around the corner to go for lunch. And German literally means to make the noon break. And Matt Mitt, Tax policy funds for the Licey Mr Lights and Work, Ma am. Attacks poser. Want East Timor restaurant from the EC? Yes, this term. For a while, Peter had an investigative ish place. Young Mitt Zain and Colligan Zida. What advice? Stoned in it is 3 p.m. Peter has an important meeting with his colleagues. It lasts two hours. This place Young is a feminine noun in German, and that's why I have to say she lasts two hours and not like an English. It lasts two hours, assist 15 work, Peter Hart and, if each to give its price, Hume, Mitt Zain and Colligan Z. Dawat spiced London on a fine but here and in turn mean mitt formula. The Stones, that feeling yarn on a cocooned in in Peter spunk. Afterward, he makes an appointment with Mrs Mullah. She has been a client for many years in Peter's Bank, now in German. We don't have a progressive verb tens, and that's why the literal translation is she is already since many years a client in Peter's Bank. The Mask I am but here on inter Mean mitt formula, the restaurant site feeling yarn on a condom in Peter's Bank, whom zips and little ice age hot Peter, Hi, armed the kids and then super marked. One coughed ein at 5:30 p.m. Peter stops working. He goes to the supermarket and shops. The expression fire are been. Tabin is typical German and the meaning is to stop work, to finish the working day from zips. And what alliances have Peter by armed get and in super marked on coughed Fine Dinar Fit in the house there on court, realized from our medecine. Then he drives home and cooks rise for dinner. The nice fit in the house they want customized some arm distant up transit. Was it FN as eating off? Liston won't I didn't fit him done. Gator inspect from eight PM, he watches television. He watches the news and a film. Then he goes to bed Up fancy were his eat fn. Here's eating arf, Liston Want Island film Done. Get Inspect Brian. So that's how you describe a typical day, and in the next lesson, you will learn how to tell the time in German. 39. Telling the Time: in Germany, punctuality is regarded as the politeness of kings and the duty off their subjects. One of the best ways to fit in with the locals is to be on time, and that's what this lesson is especially important. You will learn how to tell the time that's get started in German. There are two ways of asking what time it is. The 1st 1 is and trotted home fish bait is this, which means literally. Excuse me, How late is it? And Charlie Home? Which bit is this? The second way is, and surely Gong V Feel were is this which literally means Excuse me, How many hours is it? And Tropical v feel were is test this ist nine or it is nine oclock bestest nine work. This is seen, not mine. It is 10 past nine. It's his team, not nine. It's just a theater. Enough line. It's 1/4 past nine assist theater, not mine. Is this type teen. Literally. This means it is half 10 but we mean it's half past nine. Mrs Type teen assist Fetal. 14. It's 1/4 to 10. ASUs Futile. 14. ASUs team 14. It is 10 10 this is thine 14. Another possibility is just saying the hour and the minutes SS nine were zest in. It is 9 16 and pay attention. We say the o'clock or between the hour and the minute we ride it after it. But we say it in between. Assist knowing were drifting. It's this punk nine or assist 90.9 world. It is nine oclock sharp, ASUs 2.9 and we use the 24 hour clock, meaning that the day starts at midnight and it ends at 23. 59. This is also called military time in the United States. Okay, now you know how to tell the time in German. Up next, we'll take a look at the personal pronounce in the acquisitive case. 40. Personal Pronouns Akkusativ: you already know the personal pronounce in German is due. Here's the s Fear Year and Z and this lesson I'd like to show you how these personal pronounce look like In the acquisitive case. You use them in sentences like he asks me or I can see him. And me and him are personal. Pronouncing these examples Let's get started. Me is May you de him. I mean huh Z and it this Let's see some examples disease to me. Yeah. Ziadie, Do you see me? Yes, I see you disease to me? Yeah, it Ziadie Vandals to make island in later on. When do you call Michael? I call him later. Van Roofs to me. Cailan, you're in Has to deflower. Yeah, it girl is you. Do you hear the woman? Yes, I hear her. Her study Frau? Yeah. Each girl Is he Canada's hotel? If Kennesaw stem Internet. I know the hotel. I know it from the Internet. Canada's hotel can sl stem internet And here are the plural forms us his bones, you boys, them Z and the formal You Z And here are some examples Van Pizzuti owns V A bizarre Illinois makes developed When do you guys visit us? We'll visit you next week. Van Resort. He owns VEB is open ice next. Ever much to study? Banana and Essen. Nine Danker. It's much dizzy. Nish Essen. Would you like to eat the bananas? No, thanks. I wouldn't like to eat them. Nice to study Banana in Essen nine dunker. Which much doesn't niche to Essen and Charlie going. Can we see it with school Argon? Excuse me. Can I ask you something? And Oregon can see it was flagon, and those were the personal pronounce in the acquisitive Up. Next, we're gonna learn how to form the past tense in German. 41. Past Perfect: Hi, everybody. Today's lesson will be an exciting one because it will help you understand how to form the pastimes and German more precisely, the verb tense that is called past perfect. We use it in the spoken language when we talk about events that took place in the past, and how do we form the past tense? The past Perfect is formed by using the verb Harbin with the past participle. And that is exactly how the perfect tens has also formed in English. I have played, You see the verb have and played is the past participle. The past participle in English is usually built by adding E. D. At the end of the verb played and shirt listened and in German, the same sentence would be each. Harvey gets beard, hobby from the verb Harbin and cash beard, the past participle in German. It's important to mention that in German you can use the past perfect, even when you speak about events that happened a long time ago. Whereas in English, the past Perfect is typically used with events that are fairly closely connected with the present. And before we take a closer look at how the past Participle is formed in German. Let's review the congregation off the verb. Ha Been We have it. I have He have it. Du hast you have to host. Here's the s hot. He she it has as he s hot via Harbin. We have via Harbin year helped You guys have? Yeah. Perhaps z Harbin. They or formal you have. All right now how do we form the past participle? The's check boxes represent the verb stem and the infinitive form has an e m in the end And in order to form the past participle you remove this e m ending and you add gay in the beginning and a t in the end stealing to play You remove the e n In the end, you add a gay in the beginning and a t in the end and you get gifts. Butte played your spirit Kalfin toe by you. Remove the n and you add Get in the beginning t in the end and you get get coughed bought, get coughed. Let's have a look at some examples each Harburg italic. It's beard. I played the guitar and you see that the past participle in German is always placed in the end Off the sentence. Harvick. Italic ish, be it du hast on out or get coughed. You bought a car to hustle and out. Okay. Coughed here. Hot deutsche Gilleland He learned German a hot dog Scotland via Harbin and Bellion Give aunt. We lived in Berlin via Harbin in Berlin. Give aunt Yapped McGettigan court. You guys cooked spaghetti? You helped her get icky. Coughed Z happened asleep. Get hurt. They heard the song Z Harbin does lead hurt. Now if the verse stem ends in T then you add a buffer e a button toe work becomes get a bite. It worked and unbutton toe answer becomes gay And what it answered He have a feel. Get invited. I worked a lot. It hardly feel Get a bite. It has to get converted. Did you answer? Has to okay on draught it In certain cases, no Gaius ended. And that happens when a verb begins with bay like bazooka in tow. Visit the past participle would be biz world. Yeah, like in etc. Learn to tell the past. Participle is air tiered and verbs that begin with fair like in fares. Orson to try the past participle, ISF Resort, and there are several others. But these are the most important ones. Another cases when the verb ends in Ealing, like stood here in to study the past. Participle is studio yet, or co peer in to copy the past participle is opiate, and now you know how to form the past. It's in German. Congratulations up. Next, we'll discuss some irregular forms off the past tense. 42. Past Perfect: Irregular Verbs: in the last lesson. You learned how to form the past tense in German, but you know that every rule has its exception. And that's why today I'd like to talk about irregular verbs. In the past tense, they formed their past participle with a gay G at the beginning and an n e n at the end instead of a tea like the regular verbs stool. So the regular verb spielen took play becomes Gish Beard. In the past participle and the irregular verb law often run, becomes Gail. Often irregular verbs often change the vowel in their stems to Lincoln. To drink becomes, get drunken, drank, zinging to sing becomes gay zone, saying, And this happens in English as well that the past participle changes the foul in the stem. So drink this drunk sing sung. Those were the past participles of thes English words, so this happens as well in English Now, some verbs formed the past tense with design instead of ha been, and these verbs often indicate movement. For example, gear I go. It's been giggling, and I went, It's Lau fair. I run. It's been Gil. Often I ran, and the official role is that these verbs indicate movement. But to make it easier to remember, I often say that if you can perform the action while sitting on a chair, use have been toe form the past tense. And if you cannot perform the action while sitting on a chair, use design. I think that's easier to remember before we'll take a look at some example sentences. Let's review the congregation off the verb design. Toby, it's been I am. It's been best you are the best. He has the s East. He she it is. He has the s ist via sent. We are via isn't here, is, Iet your guys are here. Is I it z? Isn't they or formal? You are Z isn't And here are the examples it's been the houses give Harden I drove home. It's been a Hausa to host on quota Spork Elise in you read a good book to hast on gota spooky Lizin. You're hot financial est and filmed Visine. He watched a bad movie. You're hot on insulation film Gesine via ha been made card and gets broken. We talked with Colin here You can see the change in the verb stem expression became fish perrachon via Harbin. Mid Carlin Gish Block in You're hopped back Etiquette guessing you guys ate. Spaghetti guessing is higher. Irregular. You add this extra G in their Gessen. Eight. Yeah, hopped spaghetti, Gessen Z's in mass storage land Common. They came to Germany Z's in Deutschland Common, and that's how you, for in the past tense with irregular verbs up next, we'll learn what separable verbs are. 43. Separable Verbs: in German. There are a number of verbs that are cold separable verbs. They exist in English as well and are used in sentences such as I come back or I go away. But what are separable verbs? And the answer is separable. Verbs are verbs whose first part, the prefix, separates from their main part, the verb stem, and ascend to the end of the sentence for a better understanding. Let's have a look at some examples I'm nettlesome to call so you want to say I call you You don't say it on a low fat but it's a roof a dick on you. Take the prefix on and put it at the end off the sentence. Eurofer dick on I'll Steen took it up from nine were off. He gets up at nine o'clock and you see Get up is also a separable verb in English. But in German, we say he gets at nine o'clock up. Estate unknowing were off fanzine toe watch television via Zan feel fan. We watched a lot of TV via Zan feel fair. I'm fine to start there for him. Think Yes, on the film starts now They're FIM think yet on I am Coffin to shop Duke House, Ingush F time You shop at the shop Duke oust Ingush eft I'm I ain't laughin to fall asleep That's baby slaved I'm the baby falls asleep That's baby slaved I'm You can see that in all these examples, the verb stem follows the normal present tense conjugation rules. The key thing is to take the separable prefix and put it at the end of the sentence. Now in the past tense, you don't separate the verb, but the gay particle is added between the prefix and the verb. Let's take a look at the same examples. But now, in past tense, he harbored this wonderful thing. I called you. It's hard, but the under off steam here is Tom. Nine were after stand in. He got up at nine o'clock. Here is Tom. Nine were after stand in fanzine via Harbin. Feel Phangnga zine. We watched a lot of television via Harbin Field, Yungas in on funding their film heartiest underfunding. The film has now started. They're Finn hot, yet I'm defying. I am coffin to hast YMCA shift. I'm get coughed. You shopped at the shop to host Ingush eft angry, coughed Dinesh laughing thus baby ist anguish laughing. The baby fell asleep. This baby is I'm Getzlaf Now, some of the prefixes that indicates separable verbs are up. Um oh, house by I'm and Mitt. And when you see a word that starts with these prefixes, you're sure that those verbs have to be separated in the present tense? Let's summarize what we just talked about in the present ends. You take the prefix and place it at the end of the sentence and in the past tense, you don't separate the verb. But at the get particle between the prefix and the verb stem. Okay, those were the separable verbs. And up next we'll take a look at the past tense version off the text. A typical day. 44. A Typical Day - Past Tense Version: Here's the past tense version off the first text in the section. The typical day I rewrote it for you so you can see how the past tense forms of the verbs look like. Let's start. This was even more dicey. Peter is to Afghanistan. Don't take it. Toast on gift list It was 7:30 a.m. Peter got up. Then he took a shower and ate his breakfast. It's was even more pricey. Peter is the Afghanistan Don hot air produced on Careful district. The hot and close omit Mamelodi get guessing? Want an income? Figure it wrong. He ate across all with jam and drank a coffee. Your heart and cross soul mate Mamelodi get guessing Won't einen caffee get honking? Asked World is to omit them. Our tour and spittle gift Harlan, your heart denying a bank are bite it. At eight o'clock he went to the office with his car. He worked at a bank who asked Work is to omit them our tour and spill or get Harlan your heart in on a bank. Get a bite It who asked what I see had paid a meter. Abbott anger funding. They had an unconfident anger, often in briefcase. Freedom won't feeling. Email. Skill. Easy at 8 30 he started with work. He called a client, wrote a letter and read many emails when asked what ELISA had Peter Meter about anger. Fine. I mean briefcase. Shareem won't feel email. Skill is, um, fonts. Wordsworth, Jelisic based Rights and War Had em attacks Powers again. Massed on the restaurant on the a k a guest from 12 30 to 1 p.m. He had his lunch break and ate at the restaurant around the corner. Front row of with lies, Age, Mr. Lights and Work had Am attacks powers Again Mashed won't embarrass Toro on the a k K Gessen s far 15 Well, Peter Hotter on average to give ish pressure on Mitt Sign and Cool Egan the heart slash stoned and get out what it was. Three PM Peter had an important meeting with his colleagues. It lasted two hours. That's why full often work. Peter had an efficient to give ish place. Young mitt sign and cool Egan the hot spiced owned and get our the hotter An intermediate formula. Fine, but Z Vashem that feeling Jandi corned in in Peter's Bank Then he made an appointment with Mrs Mullah. She had been inclined for many years with Peter's Bank. The Hot, an internment formula. Find Bart Devotion, that Fee union and Kundan in Peter's Bank. From Zipped and Apply, See Had to Peter Fire. Armed Eastern in supermarket. Keegan. Want hot? I'm you coughed At 5 30 Peter stopped working. He went to the supermarket and shopped. I'm sittin on glasses. Had to pay the firearm. Eastern in supermarket. Gunman went hot, angry, coughed. Donna is due in the house of Griffon. When catalyzed, some armed destiny called. Then he drove home and cooked rice for dinner. The night is doing the house again. Fun when catalyzed some armed s and you called up transit were young is in. I don't see a magazine. Done is inspect Keegan from eight PM, he watched television. He wants the news and the movie. Then he went to bed. Up. Transit were hot. F. Yungas in. You have seen athletes online and fame. Cuisine done is to inspect your garden. All right now, you can describe your typical day both in present and past tense. In the next lesson, you'll learn how to negate verbs. In the past tense 45. Negation of Past Tense Verbs: in this lesson you will learn how to negate the verb in the past tense. And this is how it works In order to negate a verb in the past tense you place the litigation work, Nique, before the past participle, Let's have a look at some examples. Hasta Odin haunt cuisine. Did you see the dog? Hoste Student haunt Busy in now There are two possibilities to answer this question. Yes. You did see the dog or No, You did not see the dog. And in German these answers are Yeah. Each harbored in haunt cuisine. Yes, I saw the dog. Yeah, each harbored and haunt cuisine. Nine The carpet and haunt neat cuisine. No, I did not see the dog. And you can see that the negation work nicked this right before the past Participle cuisine nine each harbored in haunt finished cuisine Had the Eddie Lamb Piggy coughed Did he buy the lamp? Hot air. The lamb piggy coughed? Yeah, yeah. Hottie Lamb piggy coughed? Yes, He bought the lamp. Yeah, Yeah, The lamb piggy coughed nine. You're happy. Lumpy Nichd coughed. No, he did not. By the lamp nine Happy, lumpy, Finished. Get coughed. Harbin Z that's what a keyboard. Did they book the hotel? Haven's he does hotel a keyboard? Yeah. See, Harbin does whatever you bought. Yes, they booked the hotel. Yeah, See how been? That's what A keyboard? Nine c. Harbin does. What a neat keyboard. No, they did not book the hotel nine c. Harbin. That's what l need to get bored. Happy and asleep. Get hurt. Did you hear the song happed? Here? The sleet get hurt. Yeah, you have in the sleet. Get hurt. Yes. We heard the song. Yeah, via Harbin. Asleep. Get hurt. Nine via Harvinder sleeps next to get hurt. No, we did not hear the song. Nine. You have been This leads missed hurt. So that's how the negation of verbs works in the past. Tense up next, you will get some speaking practice 46. Dictation Exercise: Hello and welcome to another dictation exercise. As always. First, just listen. I will speak at normal speed and you will get an overview of what you're going to write. Then I read the text again more slowly so that you have enough time to write down what you're hearing. After that, I read the text at normal speed so that you can make corrections. And in the last step you will see the text on your screen which allows you to compare and check what you've written. The German punctuation that I'll be using in this lesson is pumped. Full stop or period. That's start. This is normal speed. Matina is guest on on. Asked were after stand in. Done. Had second toast on gay flew straight yet it's Matina in. There are bite Z hot baby else to deal our bite ID by Seaman's How it hotsy nebbish Place Young Mitt, Quebec. The is Zemin Peter in my restaurant on the ec on spirals Fancy well fields in the Hauser Gaytan spent and now I'll read it. Slow speed. Please write down what I'm saying. Matina East guess Done. Whom asked work al focused Andan point done. Hut z get washed owned. Get flu. Strict punked. Yes. East Martina in dia our bites punked Z hot bvl study. It won't bite it by Zemin's punked height. A hot Z I know. Bishop Early Hume Mitt Flower Beck Punked. Done. Us East Z mitt pita him that I stole it all. Whom the a Que punked boom. It's my aunt's fancy. Were feds Z no house there. Owned gate in spent punked. That's it. Let's hear the text again at normal speed Martina is guest on Were after standing done, had produced on Careful restrict yet it's Matina in there are bite See Hot baby edged with yet want a bite It buys demons How it had see an impish operation. Mid flow pick is theme it, Peter interest alone on the ec on spy on sponsors were fair Tina Hauser on Gaitan spent Okay. And here is the transcription. You can now pause the video and compared attacks toe what you have written. Thanks and see you in the next lesson 47. The Weather: before going on a trip. It's important to check the weather forecast. The weather is also a perfect topic for a small talk because it is ever changing, giving a new topic to discuss every day. This lesson will equip you with the necessary words and phrases. Let's start with the Four Seasons de fear Yara, citing. They're thrilling IMF ruling. Is this a farm this spring? In spring? It is warm. They're thrilling. IMF ruling is this bomb? There's Oma. I'm Xoma. Is this heist the summer in summer? It is hot. There's Oma. I'm Xoma. Is this heist their house in perhaps is the schoo the fall in fall. It is cool. Their house in haps is this coup. Derventa, Inventor. Is this card the winter in winter? It is cold. They're vente Inventor. Is this cut? Viesturs? Rhetta, how is the weather? V is does better. That's a better It's court. The weather is good, just better. It's court. Dustin ETA is true. The weather is beautiful. That's a better is true. That's better. Is cherished. The weather is bad. That's better. Is late These only the sun These only these honor shined. The sun shined These owner shined Guess done. Hot is only machine in Yesterday the sun shined. Guess done. Hotties on a machine in They are Reagan. The Rain. They are Reagan. It's pregnant. It rains. Yes, Indignant. It's hosting guns and talk killing Ignat. It ranged the whole day. It's hot in Gunson Talk. Kill Ignat. They haven't the wind. The event. Yes, it's too windy. It is windy, bestest windy. Let's devote via Vin de last week. It was very windy. Let's devote var CIA windy They enable the fog Dan Able. This isn ably it is foggy. This isn ably Hi, Tim. Argon Various neighborly. This morning it was foggy. Hi, Tim. Argon is nimbly Destiny. The snow. They're Snee. It's night, it snows. It's night. It's hot in Damascus night it snowed at night. This hut in the left cash night V feel glad sent heart there. What's the temperature today and literally How many degrees are there today? V feel God's and tighter The temple. A tour. The temperature de temporal tour. This isn't a fantasy plot. It is 20 degrees s isn't 20. Glad guest on Van Essen. One full stained glass. Yesterday it was only 15 degrees guest on Valentine s. Noah. 15. Glad that's it. Now you're ready to chitchat about the weather up. Next, you will learn how to buy a ticket at the train station. 48. Buying a Ticket: Today you will learn how to buy a ticket at the train station. Let's start right away. Wouldn't talk en fr cut in a spell in bitter Good afternoon. A ticket to Berlin, please Putin talk NFR cart in a spelling. Bitter I am fast. What I hate not so look single or return. I am fast. Order him on. So look, I'm fast bitter. His father made him our total look. Thus costed Defar. Carter Single, please. I'm going back by car. How much is the ticket? And the literal translation for how much is the ticket is what costs the ticket. I am fost fitted. Each father admit them our total look. Thus costed Defar Carter yesterday. Or that's Vita Classy first or second class yesterday. Or that's right. A classy It's a vital classes. Second class Tonight, a classic. The smartphone vandalizing oil includes even it's a two schlock that will be 35 euros inclusive off the I. C. E. Surcharge I see is the abbreviation for intercity express, and that's a high speed train here in Germany that will be 35 euros. The literal translation is that makes 35 euros. That's must from vandalizing oil includes even. It's a It's a schlock. Better soon, most people miss Teigen. Here you are. Do I have to change trains better soon? Mostly homes. Diagon. Nine. That soup is direct. No, the train is direct. Nine. That Suk is direct. Clinton feared there. Next to talk. And when does the next train go? Won't run. Feared their necks to took the next two. Took fear in 15 min. Noten Motions. The islands. It's Platts reserve villain. The next train goes in 15 minutes. Would you like to reserve a seat? Their next? It took fear in 15 min. Noten, most in Z Islands. It's Platts reserve Ian. Nine. Dunk it from vacation glass sphere that took no thanks. From which track does the train depart? Nine. Donkey from very implies. Feared there. Took from glass Friend from track five. Fun glides, Fun feeding dunk. How feed a zine. Thank you very much. Goodbye. Feeling dunk off leaders in All right. That was a lot of useful vocabulary Up next, we'll take a look at the model verb volunteer to want 49. Modal Verb: wollen: in this lesson. I'll show you the model verb fallen toe want. Let's have a look at the congregation is Ville I want And this is a so called Ford's friend . The same word exists in English but it has a different meaning. This does not mean I will but I want is will to vist You want toe village just is the s ville He she it once he has the s the Via Volen we want via Volen. Yeah Violet, Your guys want year Vote z Volen They were formal. You want Z volen? Just a side note. If you ask for something, it's more polite to use it mostly, I would like rather than if you will, I want. And here are some examples You will see that as a modal verb Volen requires a second verb and this second verb goes at the end of the sentence Ive ill quite a Armand in skin again. I want to go to the movies tonight. In this example, you can see the rule time before location in terms of word order. So first you say tonight high toe happened which literally means today evening and then the movies or the cinema in ski? No, it's Wilhoit. Arvind? In skin again. Visto una pizza Vistan, Do you want to order a pizza? Visto una pizza? Bish tan Every disease. Yeah, well, Obama, he wants to go on vacation this year. You ve it is Yeah Volen Morgan not mention con. We want to go to Munich tomorrow. Dear Volland Margon not mention Fallon Volume it comin. Do you want to come along? And mitt Common is a separable verb to come along. So if you say I come along that would be each kami mitt volte amid common Zevulun A nice out a coffin. They want to buy a new car. Z Volen annoys outer coffin. All right, now you know the verb fallen. And in the next lesson, we'll discuss some direction propositions. 50. Direction Prepositions: German has several words for the direction. Proposition to liken. I'm going to Berlin. Let's have a look at the different options for countries without articles, cities and continents you use enough. The Father Morgan last mention. I'm going to Munich tomorrow. Each Father Morgan, not mention oven Fleet Yamaha. When do you guys fly to Austria? Van Fleet. Deanna who? Still I Volume, massage and fun. We want to go to Asia, Volland, Massagee and fun countries with articles use in and acquisitive case. It's not very common for countries to have an article, but all plural country names do have one like the United States or the Philippines and the Netherlands And also Switzerland and Turkey each Father Margon In these fights, I'm going to Switzerland tomorrow. Each Father Margon in Thies writes Van fleet here in the US Uh, when do you guys fly to the United States? Van flicked here in the West Uh, Volen in Dietrich I Father, we want to go to Turkey. Volen indeed took I father. And when you go to visit people, you say to each Farley Morgan to Martina. I'm going toe Matina Tomorrow each Father Morgan to Martina Van fleet. Your toe amount. Opa. When do you guys fly to Grandma and Grandpa Van Fleet? Here to Walmart on Open Violent to Frau Cheung Fun. We want to go to Mrs Tang View of all into flour, tongue, Karlan. And those are the direction propositions in German Up next, we'll check out the congregations. Dust that and vile because 51. Conjunctions: dass / weil: the conjunction is a word that connects or joints together words, phrases, clauses or sentences. In this lesson, you will get to know two of the most important conjunctions. Thus that and vine, because thus is used in sentences like I think that I assume that I hope that and so on and vile is used to give the reason for something. Before we have a look at some examples, I'd like to point out that these conjunctions send the verb to the end of the sentence. Let's start here. At least I'm bull. He reads a book, air least on Bull Global. Thus, on both least, I believe that he reads a book and you see that the verb isn't the end of the sentence of the literal translation is I believe that he a book reads Laub. Thus, air and book least Miami leaked Indian Westar. Miami lies in the United States. Miami leaked Indian with our advise. That's Miami Indian West are leaked. I know that Miami lies in the United States, advised thus Miami Indian with our leaked Z studio in Munchkin. She studies in Munich Z study it in Munchkin. It's thank it. ASEAN managed to do yet I think that she studies in Munich. It's thank a that's C. Inman hinged idiot. And here are some examples with vile will connect two sentences with because comment no matter visor speed in the house. Big about to feel I usually come home late. I work a lot. It's common. No matter. Visor spate in the house Violet feel are vital. I usually come home late because I work a lot and the literal translation. I come usually late home because I a lot work Each comment. No man adviser Speed Now house a vile feel are biting V again and then super marked via Volen Broad. Kalfin. We go to the supermarket. We want to buy bread V again and then super marked via Volen brought Kalfin V a gin Indian super marked vile Veer broad Cal from Volen We go to the supermarket because we want to buy bread V again. Indian super marked vile via broad Kalfin violin Zeeland Torch the fear off Not Sergeant. She learns German. She goes often to Germany. Zeeland Torch Z fair oft not star judgment. Zeeland Dodge vials e off. Not origin and fear. She learns German because she goes often to Germany. Zeeland storage vials e off, not storage land feared Now when you use thus or vine with the perfect ends then the auxiliary verbs happen or design goes at the end of the sentence. They're hot in 1,000,000,000 give Aunt, he lived in Berlin. A hot in 1,000,000,000 Give won't It's how they thus in Berlin given hut I think that he lived in Berlin. Glove in 1,000,000,000. Give on that the east not going get organ She moved to cologne. Sie ist not comb. Get organ. I think that's enough. Kern gets organ ist I think that she moved to cologne is thank a dusty nocturne gets organist He can sing each having my umbrella forlorn I cannot see anything. And the literal translation in this sentence is I can nothing see. I lost my glasses. It come mix then it has been my name. Really Follow on. Can it? Zane? Violet, my nipple! If alone Harvey I cannot see anything because I lost my glasses. It can examine Violet Minor, but really Follow on, Harvey, you have been vet development given. Yeah, its niche now looking look often he did not win the competition. He did not run fast enough. It happened. Vet, Give up. Nichd Give on. There is no each Nelkin look often. Earhart's invective up Finished. Give on on viale air. Niche. Nell Gwynn. Oak Hill often ist He did not win the competition because he did not run fast enough. And the literal translation in the subordinate clauses because he not fast enough ran violin eat schnell! Conoco kill often ist Okay, that's how you connect sentences with us and vile up. Next, we will learn about the dot Ive case. 52. Dativ Case: you already know the acquisitive case and in this lesson you will get to know the dotted case. We used the dotted after certain verbs and propositions the dot if object is also called the indirect object. It is the thing or person receiving the action. Let's start with some propositions that you started Mitt With and Zeit since our to off them It's been met them took give Harlan. I went by train and in German for means of transportation we don't use by like in by train by car etcetera but with the with the train with the car with the plane and so on It's been mitt them took Give Harlan they're took is a masculine noun But in the dart If case it becomes dame took so the direct article DEA becomes deem I am Ashton Mr Bon Han He would like to go by subway I am estimates there Ruben Faan, the U Bahn. The subway is a feminine now, but in the start of case it becomes their Cuban mitt. There, Ruben the feminine direct article D becomes dia vfr on mitt Them outwards allergic. We go back by car vfr in mitt them out Or so Vic thus out or a neuter now becomes dame out . Oh, the neuter article. Thus in the tart if case becomes deem let's summarize what we've talked about so far. The masculine article DEA becomes Dame The feminine article D becomes dia The neuter article dust becomes deem on the plural article D becomes Dean Here are some examples with the Proposition Zeit since our fight is site einem more not by b M v. I've worked for BMW for a month and in German we say I work since a month for BMW each Alberta Zeit Einem more not by b m v I am more not the indefinite article Ein masculine becomes mine m more nut Zeit I'm m more not each been zeit gonna vote here I've been here for a week again in German The literal translation I am since a week here each been zayt in of over here Voice is a feminine. Now the indefinite article I'm becomes I Anabel Zeit China each Boehner Zeit einem er in Berlin. I've lived in Berlin for a year or again a literal translation. I live since a year in Berlin each bona zeit anemia in Berlin. Yeah, is a neuter noun, Anya. And in the dot of case, I'm becomes Einem Zeit einem. Yeah, And let's summarize the indefinite articles The masculine indefinite article I'm becomes Einem the feminine indefinite article in a becomes China and the neuter article I'm becomes my name And now let's have a look at some verbs that require the doctor of case qihoo oven to belong on Barton toe answer and help him to help De Camilla get hurt Denman the camera belongs to the man d camera Get hurt Dem man You see that Dammann? The masculine article dear becomes dim you hurt deem man belongs to the man each have it therefore our unfortunate I answered the woman the Hobbit There flower get converted Flower is Semin in down the flow And when the dot If cases applied de becomes dia We have it Dear Flower get unwanted Each vill team Kinte health and I want to help the child It's you will deem Kinte health in dark skinned in that case becomes deem ckent. So this is how you form the dot of case. In the next lesson, we will see the doubt of inaction 53. Movement vs Location: in German. It often makes a difference if movement from one point to another is indicated, or if the focus is on location. In this lesson, we'll see how the distinction is made after the proposition in. In order to do that, I'll be using two texts. The 1st 1 is about movement, and the 2nd 1 focuses on location. Let's start Fill a Dodger game you devote in Ski No Venice on an interest. Santa Film gift. Many Germans go every week to the movies when there is an interesting movie. Philip Deutscher Game You devote in Ski No Venice Inn and Interest Santa Film Gift. I need again our Ines Fitness studio, One tribe in spot. Some go also to the gym and do sport illegal Gain our sins. Fitness studio wanted Driving Spot. Peter, Aunt Martina, Gin, Ghana in the Opa Peter and Martina like going to the okra Peter onto Martina Game gonna in the Opa Munch McGinn Z and then park some in Japan in. Sometimes they go to the park to relax Manche McGinn's E and in Park to mention Ponant, you can see that we have three different scenarios within here. Ines in de and Indian. The reason is the gender off the noun. Deer park masculine. It's gear Indian Park. I go to the park. It's gear. Indian Park de Opa, The Oprah a feminine noun. It's gear in the Opa I go to the okra, this gear in the Opa dusky know the cinema, our movies and neuter. Now his gear in ski. No, I go to the movies Ines mergers in and thus his gear ins. Kino. The conclusion is that when movement is involved, you use in and acquisitive. Now let's read the second text. If you are, let's devote its primal in museum Want I'm are in their Opa. I was last week, twice in the museum and once in the Oprah. Let's devote its primal in museum. Want Myanmar in their Copa? Yes, to finish MIT einem fluent in park. Now I am with a friend in the park yet been each mid an IMF lined in Park vsp in here. Gannon who spy we like playing soccer here. Vsp in here. Gamay flew Spy What happened Currently owns in Kino in the house to our CIF Endon. Tonight you can find us at the movies on Main Street hi to Arvind currently owns in Kino. In the Helps Last Defendant Here we have two different forms within him, India and again him, their park a masculine noun. In this case it is. It's been him. Park, I am in the park emerges in and dame. It's been him. Park the Opa feminine noun. It's been in there. Opa. I am in the Oprah. It's been in there. Oprah, Dusky No, the movies or the cinema. A new turn on. It's been him. Kino. I am at the movies. Him merges again in and dame. And here. The conclusion is that if the location is described, you use in and Dottie of Case. Okay, that's how you express movement and location. Next, you will learn the months off the year 54. Months of the Year: in order to make appointments. It's important to know the names of the months. So here they are, young Juan January Young Wow! And the proposition for months is him. So if you'd like to say in January, you say him young wa let's continue fable while February people are mats March mats A player April April my may my You need June, You will need Uli July Julie How Coast, August, Auguste, September, September, September, October, October, October, November, November, November, December, December, December. And here are some examples They're venta begins in December. The winter starts in December. They're venta begins in December. Mulee is the same of arm in July. It is very warm Muli ecstasy of arm The following in mats not New York. I'm going to New York in March The Father Imette's now New York And here you can see an important rule in German time before location time in Meds in March. Vacation is New York, you say the folly, immense. Now New York So those are the names of the months and up Next you will get some speaking practice 55. Dictation Exercise: Hello and welcome to another dictation exercise. As always. First, just listen. I will speak at normal speed and we'll get an overview off what you're going to write. Then I'll read the text again more slowly so that you have enough time to write down what you're hearing. After that, I read the text at normal speed so that you can make corrections. And in the last step you will see the text on your screen, which allows you to compare and check what you have written. The German punctuation I'll be using in this dictation is punked. Full stop or period and comma comma. All right, this is normal speed. These owners shined. It's very amid an employment in. Then park in here is Mitt him took us mention. Get common hi to our bond again via and ski. No Violet denying James Bond. FIM need cuisine. Harbor is Denker Dust FM's. They're good ist donna. Volume gets Matina fun on pizza s and and now I'll read it. Slow speed, please write down what I'm saying. De zona shined punked. Ville mitt I in them find in Dane Park Gin punked here. East Mitt Dame took house mansion. Get common Punked. Hi. Abend Gin via Ines Key. No coma, vile Dean. No, I in James Bond. FIM Next gives in Harvey Punked E then care coma. Thus, dear film Zia Good ist punked than us Volen via To Martina Fallen owned pizza s and won't. That's it. Let's hear the text again. At normal speed, these honor shined. It's very mit einem client. Indian park in there is met him. Took us mention g common hi to our band again via in skin. Oh, Violet. Annoying James Bond. FIM need to busy in Harbin. It's Denker. Does that fill their good ist? The nurse volunteered to Martina Carmen on Pitzer s. Okay. And here's the transcription. You can now pause the video and compare the text What you have written Thanks and see you in the next lesson. 56. Calling the Doctor: in this lesson, you will learn how to make a doctor's appointment, and I'll focus on some key words and phrases that are useful. Let's jump right into the dialogue plaques. Is Dr Mila good? Margon? Dr. Murray's office. Good morning, plexus. Dr. Mila Gorton. Margon Putin. Margon is much there. I don't tell me. My doctor. Mila for Ambon. Good morning. I would like to make an appointment with Dr Mila quoting Margon. It's mustard and tell me in my doctor. Mila, find Bond. Galler Austria demon. Sure. What seems to be the problem for literally it means what is missing. Girling of Austria. Dean in. They have a fever host in on cops. Mattson. I have a fever cuff and a headache. I have a fever. Houston on coughs. Madsen his first here. The current height in a bomb attack organizations were common. I understand. You can come this afternoon at 4 p.m. Each first here Z khan and height in Nam attack homes eight were common. Feeling down is only had first met Neiman. Thank you very much. Should I take something with me feeling dunk? So he it was smitten. Demon violence Asian. I'm out here. Have you already been here? Vans? Ishan and my here nine. No meat? No, not yet. Nine Not finished. I'm bringing zippity Refers the youngs. Khartoum. It VSD Anoma on ticket board. Start home, then please bring your insurance card with you. What is your name and birth date? Don't bring into bitter your physician's cart. Emit VSD anomie when they get bored. Start. Um Matina Schmidt. It's been on Brian's one system Sexton 1900 phone front after get born Mattia Schmidt. I was born on June 23 1985 Matina Schmidt He's been on Dion's fans systems Extent 1900 from front After you're born Fiend Dunk. It's What in Mathematica. Thank you very much. CEO This afternoon fiend Dunk This heart attack! It's done, cow its veto. I thank you to see you later. He's done cow. It's better. And that's how you make a doctor's appointment. I hope you will need it, though. Up next you'll learn the German names off the body parts 57. Body Parts: in the previous lesson, you learned how to make a doctor's appointment, and today I'd like to show you the German names of the body parts. But first, let's see how you say that something hurts. The doctor might ask, thus taught in envy. What hurts and V A tune is a separable. Verbs followed by Latif thus taught in envy and you answer mine cough to three. My head hurts And here you can replace cough with any other word that you're gonna learn in a moment. Nine cough to V And here are the body parts. They're cough the head. They're cough their arm. The arm on the plural is D Army. The elder Kim the back, the other come the spine, the leg on the plural. Be buying there the hunt, the hand on the plural de hander, their highest the throat, their heights, their bowels Stomach Damn panel. Therefore, the foot on the plural thief who said they're mourned the mouth Damn Want the nose d nozze Thus alga the eye on the plural d organ DEET song in the tongue DEETs owner, Their finger, the finger, their finger that's on the tooth on the plural D saying there thus war, the ear and the plural D or in dusk, me, the knee. Thus Kony. So those were the most common body parts up. Next, we'll learn how to make appointments with friends. 58. Going out with Friends: you already know how to make a doctor's appointment. And in this lesson, I'll show you how to arrange a meeting with friends. Let's go. Hi, Matina v Gates. Hi, Muccino. How are you? Hi, Matina v Gates. Good stank India. Good things. And you, goat dung que want dia housecoat? Donkey? It's villain Vulcan and in skin again. 29 fame frontage. Geiger's in measures to meet Common also. Good. Thanks. I want to go to the movies on the weekend and watch til Schweiger s new film Would you like to come along? And this is a long sentence. So here is a literal translation also. Good. Thanks. I want on the weekend to the movies Goal and the new film Off til Schweiger. Watch or see Would you like to come along? And you see that we don't say till Schrag us new movie But the new movie Off til Schweiger . How court. Thank you. It will involve in and and skin again. Wants denying FIM from til Schweiger is in Nice to storm it comin. Yeah, Gammy, I want to run. Yes, sure. And when Yeah Ghani one done. I'm Some stocks are bend on Saturday night. I'm some stuck almond. I'm sums like Arvind GH truck it boards Tax party for Mikhail Couldn't VF realized arms on talkin on Saturday night? I'm going toe Michael's birthday party. Maybe we can go on Sunday and here again, you see, we say, Get bored. Sex party for Mikhail. Birthday party off Mikhail. Not Michael's party, but the party off Michael. I'm Some stocks are bend gear. He took it, but snacks party for Mikhail. Couldn't deputized arms on talkin I'm Zantac comic. Lighter, neat. It's most mine and broader from fluke. Half in a porn comes to a Montag. Unfortunately, I can't make it on Sunday. I have to pick up my brother at the airport. Can you make it on Monday? And can you make it in German? You say, Can you simply can you like on Sunday? I cannot. Or can you make it on Monday? Can you? On Monday, I'm Zantac. Can it light and meet its most man in border from Flughafen? A porn comes to on Montag. Yeah, Montag. It's Court one. Think the film on? Yes, Monday's fine. When does the film start? Yeah, Montag. It's court even think the film on from nine Van Typhon Via Owns at nine o'clock. When do we meet? Nine. Were Vanc life and Via owns Zach Envy. A woman went aboard left interview owns in Kino Water by Mia. Let's say at eight and where do we meet? At the movies or at my place? Zargham Guillemot went aboard life and villains in Kino. What? Abi? Mia, my dear, that's just an equality D when done gained Viet Zamansky? No, at your place. That's a good idea. And then we go together to the movies Idea that Sistani co two e d. When done, Gain Viet Zamansky. No. Okay, super done this, Montag. Ok, great, then. See you on Monday. Okay, super done. This, Montag, This Montag must court. See you on Monday. Take care this Montag must scored. All right. That's how you arrange a meeting with friends. Up next, we'll take a closer look at the model. Verb missin must have to 59. Personal Pronouns Dativ: in the last section going on a trip, we learned about the dot ive and how this case changes the definite and indefinite articles . In this lesson, I'd like to show how the personal pronounce look like in the dot If case for comparison. I also added the acquisitive personal pronounced, But I'll focus on the column on the very right only Let's start. Mia Me, Mia dia you dia I m him. Him? Yeah. Huh? Yeah. Team it, Team. Now that we've learned the personal pronounce, how do we use them? Here are some examples You have their stiffed Me a DEA Does the pan belong to me or to you get hurt? Their stiffed mere order, dear. It's Laub hurt him. I believe it belongs to him. It's Lough. They're get hurt Him can still hear better health. And can you please help her? Comes to hear better health and the skin that see it, Nicky, She I want each hurry. Him too. The child tells the story and I listen to him. The skin that say it in English each day. Don't hurry into. You can see in all these examples that the dot if case has something to do with giving and receiving. And this concept actually also exists in English, where the Proposition two is used to mark the dot of case like in our first example, Does the pan belong to me or to you? The word to has essentially no meaning, except to mark the specific that if function and in German this is done with a dedicated dot. If pronoun instead of the two him to her etcetera Construction, you might ask, Why do we say, Can you please help her in the third example? And not can you please help to her? And that's because in German health is not something you perform on somebody, but rather something you offer them and they receive it. And that's again a dotty function. Now let's continue with the plural Pronounce horns, us horns. Boy, you guys boy in in them demon. Even with a capital I in is used for the formal you even and some example sentences can't you on self in Naturally, your health annoy scanner. Can you guys help us? Of course, we'll be happy to help you guys Country on safe in not really help from Afghan. His father met in and not mention. I'm going to Munich with them. His father met in and not mention get hurt us out in in Does the car belong to you? They hurt us out or in, and that's how the personal pronounced looked like in the dot of case up. Next, we'll take a look at some examples where DOT ive and acquisitive are both used in the same sentence. 60. Verbs with Dativ and Akkusativ: In this lesson, we learn about verbs that are followed by both the dot if and the acquisitive case. We learned that a typical German sentence looks like this subject verb object. The subject performs the action. The verb is the action on the object is affected by the action. However, you can also make sentences with two objects. Start if objects and an acquisitive object, and in that case, the dot if object is usually a person. Whereas the acquisitive object is usually a thing. Let's have a look. At an example, their father coughed. Dim Kim. I'm up food. The father buys the child an apple. De Fatah. The father performs the action. Coughed buys is the action. Dim Kint, The child? That's the receiver. I'm an up through an apple, and that's the thing their father carved them. Kim on an up for And here are some more examples. It's given team Man Finch. Listen, I gave the man the key. The man is the receiver off the action, so he's in that if deem man and the key is the thing, which is in the acquisitive case is giver theme month. Finch. Listen sgb M. Dench Leslie I give him The key is give their team senselessly comes to me bitter and a cool upbringing. Can you bring me a coke, please? And here I am the receiver mia to me and the coke I'm Nicola is the acquisitive object. Comes to me a bitter any call upbringing Matina striped Tim Condon I'm in brief. Matina writes the client the letter. The client is the receiver. That's why he is in the dot if case dim condom and the letter is the object. The thing in acquisitive I'm in brief. Matina swiped them Condom. I'm in brief shanking my name Fatah and Boom! I give a book to my father. So my father is the receiver and the book is the thing. It's Schenker. Mine. Um, Fatah, I'm bull. So now you can also make more complex sentences. With that ive and acquisitive up next, you will learn how to read the date 61. Reading the Date: in this lesson, you will learn how to read the date in order to read the date correctly. It's important to know how to form the orginal numbers and to make it easier for you, I will Riedel the orginal numbers from 1 to 31 in the end off this lesson, let's have a look at September 25 2014. The first thing I have to mention is that in German, the order is day, month, year and not like in the United States month, day year. So today is September 25 2014 means Hoyt a east. They're fun, fun span 60 95,000 feet seen and literally, we say Today is the 25th 9th 2014 height. A east deaf in 1 20 stay 95,000 feet. Seen another date february 19th 2015. And here we will be using the proposition on. We will meet him on February 19th 2015 via trifle in, um 1910 Survive iton by 1015. And when you use the proposition, um on, you have to add and then to the day and the month 1910 despite 10 via Trefethen in I'm No in sentence fighting 5000 French teen. You have order. I'm Funston Elston. 1900 for infant C. K. Bolan. He was born on the fifth often November the 11th month 1985. You're Voda. I'm full often. Elston 19 home that for infant asked get born. And here are the orginal numbers in German. We don't right S t or th after the number, but it dot So when you see a number with a dot after it, it means that you have to read first or fifth or 22nd and so on. In order to form the orginal numbers, you simply add t A t e two numbers from 1 to 19 and Ste. Ste to numbers from 20 and higher. Let's start. There are only three exceptions and we will see them as we go along, dear. Yesterday that is the first exception. Because you don't say there. I'm stay but there yesterday Dear society, dear, this is the second exception. You don't say death delight But yet dear fear today they're fun Dear zec, stay. They're zipped. Er that's the third exception. You don't say there's e Bente, but They're Zito dear. Asked Thea. Nine to there seem to They're Elster Dear Sir. First day, their rights into their fear center. They are full of team toe. There's a center, Their Zip Tinto there are starting to Dia nine center. And here are the numbers from 20 and higher where you add Stare. S t Dear Panties. Dear Island Slant Easter. Their spy on Swansea's They're dry on spans Easter, Their fear on Sant Easter. They're fun forms. Fancy stay. They're Zax on Santee Stay. They're Z Banon's fancy stay. They're Aston's fans. Easter dear nine on spans Easter. They're Bryce Easter there. I'm underlies 60. All right. Those are the orginal numbers, and now you know how to read the date. Next, we'll check out some additional propositions that use Dottie 62. More Prepositions with Dativ: you already learned to propositions that are followed by the dot If Mitt With and Zeit since and in this lesson we will check out some additional propositions that trigger the dotted case. And these propositions are house from by X with people fun from and so to Let's start with house if common Elst in West I come from the United States and you see that the plural Article D in the dart. If case becomes Dean, it's common Alstyne with ah, come to your house Desh Rights. Do you guys come from Switzerland? Switzerland has a feminine article in German dish fights. When it's after house, the feminine article D becomes Deya. Come to your house Dash rights nine via common house Dare to a kind No, we come from Turkey. Turkey also has a feminine article D took I and after house, it becomes dear to akai nine via common all stare Takai. Here is an example with by Eva Hiding by I'm at. I was today at the doctors Eva Heitor Beim at and you can see that by and Dame merges two time. Now let's have a look at fun. It's gear from Alexanderplatz, so phony. I'm going from Alexander Square to the university. It's gear from Alexanderplatz. Sewer money, The comet from Ban off to a post. How do I get from the train station to the post office? And literal translation is How do I come from the train station to the post office? We comment from Van Hoof to a past, and in these two examples you can see that fun and deem merges to form. Here are examples with school gear to a post on going to the post office this gear sewer past and truly gone V Common is to a past. Excuse me, How do I get to the post office? And again, the literal translation is How do I come to the post office and try to comb the common extra past and two plus their merges? Two. Sewer Get some bombproof. I'm going to the train station, his gear, some bomb hoof and truly comb the comet's tampon. Hoff. Excuse me, How do I get to the train station and shortly Comb V comic Tom Van Hoff? And here you can see that Sue and Dame merges to some. All right, Those were some propositions that are followed by the start. If case up next, you will get some speaking practice 63. Congratulations!: congratulations on completing German made simple. I hope you've enjoyed working your way through the course in this lecture. I'll give you useful information to help you build on the German you've already learned. First of all, have a go it listening to German speaking radio or TV stations and reading German newspapers or magazines. But whatever you do its best to concentrate on small extracts at first, see how much you can work out, go over the material several times and then look up any words that you are not familiar with. Doing this on a regular basis will definitely boost your skills in the resource section. Off this lecture, I added some sources off Rheal German for you. And last but not least, I highly recommend that you try speaking German with native speakers, whether in your home country or here in Germany or another German speaking country. So that's it. Thanks again for taking the scores, and I wish you all the best