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German Language for Beginners / Part 2 - Unit 2 - Reisen (Traveling)

teacher avatar Sandra German, Professional German teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      What you'll learn in Unit 2


    • 2.

      2.01 - In Berlin (In Berlin)


    • 3.

      2.02 - Modalverben (Modal verbs)


    • 4.

      2.03 - Touristeninformation (Tourist information)


    • 5.

      2.04 - Können Sie mir bitte helfen? (Can you please help me?)


    • 6.

      2.05 - Fahrkarte kaufen (Buying a ticket)


    • 7.

      2.06 - Indefinitpronomen man (Indefinite pronoun man)


    • 8.

      2.07 - Regeln und Verbote (Rules and prohibitions)


    • 9.

      2.08 - Imperativ (Imperative)


    • 10.

      2.09 - Hotel buchen (Booking a hotel)


    • 11.

      2.10 - Zuerst, danach, zum Schluss (First, then, finally)


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About This Class

Welcome to the second part of the German course for beginners - Unit 2! :D

Congratulations on deciding to continue learning the German language :)


If you are a complete beginner, I encourage you to check out the first 8 Units. If you already know some things and want to continue learning and expand your knowledge - then come along with us. Before learning anything new, we will repeat everything we learned before, so you can be sure to have a good foundations you can build your knowledge on.


In this course, you will also get a lot of practice materials, so don't forget to download them under 'Projects & Resources' and complete the exercises after the lessons.

In Unit 2 of the second part, we will talk about traveling and exploring a new city! :)

What you will learn:

  • How to buy a ticket for public transport or some of the sights
  • How to ask for help and directions in a new city
  • How to book a hotel or hostel
  • To use the indefinite pronoun 'man'
  • To understand and express rules and bans with the Imperative
  • Repeat the modal verbs
  • And how to tell someone about your amazing trip!

At the end of the course you will be able to book tickets, visit sights and navigate the public transport. Besides that, you will get a great knowledge about formulating rules and banns in German, and use the indefinite pronoun when you are not talking about anyone in specific.

Ready? Let's go! :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sandra German

Professional German teacher


Hallo, I am Sandra, teacher of German as a foreign language, trying to make it not so foreign anymore for a wide range of students. In the last nine years, I have taught elementary and high school students as well as adults, from beginner courses to advanced and business courses. Recently, I started focusing more on teaching online - and I love it!

My greatest hope is to make learning as fun and pleasurable as playing your favorite game, and as easy as chatting with your best friend. I know it can be done and I am still exploring all the possible ways to achieve this :)



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1. What you'll learn in Unit 2: I hope that you love traveling and exploring new places because that will be the subject off this unit. Here are just some of the things you will learn In Unit two. You learned the names of some of the most important places in a city. How to get tips about a new location at the Tourist Information centre and how rules and bends are formulated in German. You learn how to navigate the public transport and how to buy a ticket for a bus or a train . How to book a hotel or house tell and how to tell someone about your experiences. Using some handy phrases, you'll expand your knowledge about giving directions, and we'll also learn the indefinite pronoun Amman and the Imperative. 2. 2.01 - In Berlin (In Berlin): in this lesson. We're traveling to Berlin. Hello. Owned Willkommen in Berlin. Berlin is the help that Deutsche lands on had defy commas. Ex mill union in Wana does is the study Centrum Berlin emitter. Thus is there helped sluts? They're Alexanderplatz. Here is this course Surkov, house, gallery calve off feeler and leg. Schefter, I'm Kino. Owned out there helped van hoof years start Fertile had signed Centrum when the minds here have been off line and helped flats on the marked their flu scrape placed Does Berlin on escaped guns feeler Putin here Befriended sisters Crandon Burger Tour I never contras in Swedish Kite in Bel In the Balata, Liston began a bazooka. He isn't there. Guy stuck on the Bundestag. London even is thank Rosa Park. Thus is the museum sensor on NZ Limit Fence Museum onto Timberline Dome It's getting a tool Ish Afghans Felix Coffee's on crow Heloisa woman like her storages be Accrington can willkommen in Berlin. Well, Berlin is such a big an interesting city that this short text is not enough to get to know it. But it's a start. Let's check out some of the vocabulary we mentioned. The stat means city. The hopes that means Capital City the same way we have d Each Cassa, meaning street and the help destroy AZA, meaning Main Street Dear Klutz Square and their hoped Plats Main Square, their van hoof train station. Their help to ban Hough Main train station and NGOs who had somewhere desk off House Department store does gearshift store That's Kino Cinema does start foetal this strict or neighborhood they're in lunar inhabitants or resident does start Centam City Centre dare flus river flees in to run or to flow. De Booker Bridge. Szish Defendant to be located or situated and a nice long German word D Z and Swedish kite means site or attraction de toe. Kristen Tourists biz Okun to is it Deer Park Park de Ensign Island Does museum, museum their doom cathedral desk, a fee coffee shop and thus how house Brewery? OK, and now let's try to locate all the places on the map one more time. Here is the host Kleiser. Here is their hoped Floods here Is there Hope Van Hoof here is this cough house. Here is the scale shift. Here is the ski No, here is the stratosphere. It'll here is the struts. Income it here. Esteem. Polka here befriended Szish, Dizzy and Swedish. Crichton here is their park here is entered the museum. She your befriended? Six. They're doing here. Is this coffee? Here is this grow house? Do you and T Teoh? 3. 2.02 - Modalverben (Modal verbs): to navigate your way around the city, but also in life in general as well. You will after need to know what is not allowed or what you can or can't do in a specific place to say that we will use the mortal rips. Do you still remember these silly verbs? There are six of them. Kernan Missile Dutiful Zevulun Volen owned Mostyn. In today's lesson, we will repeat three of them. Colonel Missile won't Dolphin. Let's take a quick look at the conjugation off thes three verse and you'll remember immediately why they're so weird and special. Isha Khan do const As easy as can via Colonel You can't Zichron h most do most as es most via missin You missed z Merson issued off dude off, just as he is stuff we a different your drift z different. So the first thing that's quite obvious is that these words lose their own load the two cute little dots and singular and find him again in the plural. The second thing is that in the first and third person singular, there is no ending. See, So instead, off our regular present tense endings e s t t ntn we have nothing. S t nothing. NT end B sides. They're silly congregation. We also mentioned that the model of herbs will often be accompanied by another verb in the sentence, and this other worms will always be in the infinitive form. At the end of those sentence, let's check out a few examples. Comes to me better helpful. Volcan is defending via Kernan in East Common. It's most to a post again via missin salan z meson wrists up Biggane here, enough managed park in DA V. C at was frog year deft here kind of parties. Martin, I hope that you still remember the model groups and that they can help you to decide what to do or what not to do in a new city T. 4. 2.03 - Touristeninformation (Tourist information): This is Kevin and he wants to check out some nice Z and Swedish titan in Berlin. Let's help him a little bit at the tourist in format soon. Hello Vaz Condition presented in Berlin Xeon V along a blames Ian Bell in right AGA off Udin Far is Orton's Aida's Condom Boga Tour Dane Alexanderplatz Own Deeb Alina Ma was in Dear Fans It Thomas How zero in percent. Zelen off, minus funding Feeling magazine Bazaar ish muster after As Christ Tax Cowboy That was woken . Carnage. That's Martin. Yeah, Abbas is Holland. EI includes cart of career coffin dish. Langa is there, long owned by Spanish. A marble z Khan in Star told INS Kino gin in Berlin Get the sock Zia feeler for she Dinner coffees Cli pond bus on clubs Zika and house villain us in and, um besting Gutfeld on the mazzotta is in Berlin s in Benzie Deutscher, Krisha Po be in motion Carnage in and I *** restaurants m feeling feeling dunk Vocal honesty Cart off your disguise Tax cowboy The coffin D card in currency Daughter Underclass A coffin dunk! Aerofina Zine Fuge Pause! Okay, so Kevin got some tips and tricks what to do in Berlin. Did you understand it? Let's take out some verts and phrases from the text in present. Interesting. Really longer. How long Blue labour to stay off year and fun? Definitely. In any case, something you must do dare klutz this square, Remember? And it can also mean place de Mora. Whoa! Does museum museum basil often two. Is it dust? Graboid building de includes Carter entrance Taken beef longer Do que. But it also means snake lung, lank I'm Arba and in the evening, that's theater theater, Deschenaux cinema desk, coffee, coffee shop, Deke, neighbor, pub or bar. Dare Club club. Oh spielen To choose or to pick gift Fallon to like and I'm besting have fallen to like the best I m feeling to recommend de Cassa ticket office. And if you say to someone feel ish for us, it means have a lot of fun now that you learned a lot of new birds. Let's listen to the text one more time. Hello, Vaz Condition presented in Berlin. Xeon V along a blames Ian Bell in right Ah, go off. Udin far is Orton's Aida's Condom Boga tour Dane Alexanderplatz own Deeb Alina Ma was in. Dear fans it Thomas How zero in percent Zelen off, minus funding feeling magazine Bazaar ish muster After As Christ, Tax Cowboy That was woken. Carnage. That's Martin. Yeah, Abbas is Holland. EI includes cart of career coffin dish. Langa is there, long owned by Spanish. A marble z Khan in Star told INS Kino gin in Berlin Get the sock Zia feeler for she Dinner coffees. Cli pond bass on clubs Zika and house Villain was in an investing Gutfeld on the Mazzotta is in Berlin s in Benzie Deutscher, Krisha Po be in motion. Carnage in and I *** restaurants m Feeling feeling dunk Vocal honesty Cart off your disguise Tax Cowboy The call from D Card in currency Daughter Underclass A coffin dunk Aerofina Zine Fuge Pause And now let's take a quick look at all the places Kevin will visit in Berlin. Vaz Bazooka Kevin in the belly. A bizarre despot Condom Borga tour a resort. Dana Alexanderplatz and noticed the accused It'd here. Here Bezos two d bolena. Mauer Air resorted in fans it toe air Bazooka D museums in airbags or two. That's a great tax Good Boyda, do you do with don't 5. 2.04 - Können Sie mir bitte helfen? (Can you please help me?): Pamela had sex in Berlin. Fellow Mr Moloch got lost in Berlin. Let's help him to get some help. If you want to ask for help and stay polite, you will have to start with actually going or ensure Iligan Z, which is even better and more plight insured against e ouest Or and surely Gong vou befriended Zishe Szish befriending means to be located or situated. These two questions will help you to find a specific location. You can also expand it like this and surely going currency me a better health in Excuse me , Could you please help me? So what could Hamel a say? After that? H most to a post game. I have to go to the post office or via violence. Who helped Platt skin? We want to go to the main square or vehicle and Viet some dome Common. How can we get to the cathedral? I noticed that you will use a lot of mortal verbs here. The ones we mentioned in the last lesson. He could also say v comma issued So Oban or we can ish on and boost fin them Or Rube offended 60. Bruce had Estella And if he's lucky the other person will know how to help him. They can use the directions. Ling's left bastes right Goodbye, the House straight and some others like maybe up bigon to make a turn or the ample traffic light d ECA coroner or de COIT Song Crossing or intersection So day might say gainsay here got a house owned begins E on their coId song rests up, go straight and take a right turn at the crossing. Remember that A. B. Egan is a separable work, meaning it's prefix UB will get separated and thrown at the end of the sentence. Or they could maybe say this Z meson undertaker Links of Biggane GNC Governor House Best, um, helped floods Biggins e daughter under ample breasts up 100 cited cross links. Go straight ahead until the main square, take a right turn and then the second streets to the left. Okay, let's listen and see if Kevin will be able to find his way en trillions. E currency Me a bitter helpful. Yeah, Ghana Who befriended systems Museum? Fear not tour Quander Ah, dust Life's defendant gainsay here guardhouse undone. Peabody Polka begins E here under Coid song links up off their questions. I tizzy and the course is good. Boyd. This is this museum Fear Network wonder feeling. Dunk Z have me a field? A whole kind problem. Well, I hope that Kevin finds it because it's an amazing museum. And I also hope that this lesson will help you. If you ever need to ask for help, I don't owe. 6. 2.05 - Fahrkarte kaufen (Buying a ticket): their bus. They're too de each class and one or the ISS fun and de Cuba. What do all of them have in common? All of them are differently. She affair cast metal, public transport and for all of them, you will need a far kata a ticket. Let's learn how to buy a valid ticket at the Far Katyn out to March ticket machine. This is something you will find at a lot of bus and subway stations. Let's see how to find your way around this machine. Let's take a look at the few words you might need to operate us. Dear Farka. To know too much is the ticket machine or piss thing. De far. Carter is the ticket or D targets. Carter is the daily tickets, and the Balkan Carter is the weekly ticket demons. It is a coin. Their shine is no to bill or paper. Hman debunk motor means the same, but is a more fancy and formal. Then Shine De Carta credits, card villain or house villain is to pick or choose bits Island to pay Dear vaccine adult does skinned kid and some other things You might need our day off our plan, timetable or schedule? Dust pixel girl change. Stem prone to stamp their price. The price and their gives some price. Total price. Okay, so let's see how to buy this ticket and finally go somewhere. Thus is there far cart You know too much. So it s the most to outs, ville and Velshi Afar car to do coffin Muster's Who Henry's together Donna must do And scheiding far cart of your Roxanna would off your kindle then enough a source to demons in woulda chyna I'm given do cast Ultimate diner credit card It's Alan Brussels Dina Far Carter on this vexed single Neiman on to dynamically these cartoonish struggle for their Kaiser Most are locked in a far Carta entry and yes comes to loose skin go too far and t Teoh 7. 2.06 - Indefinitpronomen man (Indefinite pronoun man): someone, anyone alot of you or none of you. If we want to talk about an unidentified person in German, we will use the indefinite phone Woman month. It sounds much worse than it is, and it's actually quite easy and simple to use. Let's see the indefinite pronoun in German that we're going to talk about. Today is a month and watch out there. It's not Munn like men. It's written without the capital letter and with only one end. So don't mix them up. Money would be translated as one or you. But let me explain it with some examples, man, Can he would. Essen, You can eat good food here. Here. I'm not talking about you. You But I'm basically talking about anyone and everyone. Man, can Alisyn gearshift Calvin One can buy everything at the store. Fear doesn't punished parking. It's not allowed to park here in German. We will always need to have a subject in the sentence and this sentences at arrested everyone. Nobody is allowed to park here, so we will put the little bird month here as the subject Notice that money will take the form off the third person singular and the verb will be conjugated like that. Here. Come. And so when you could coffin, you can buy souvenirs here. Nothing. Krieg, Hartman distract reader off about. The city was rebuilt after the war. So let's try and put our little text about buying tickets that we read in the last lesson. And instead of do use month, this is their Farquhar to know to my so yes, Muslim hours feeling Venture far. Cartman, Call from Mr Wilkin. Villain Game done. Mussman and scheiding FARC out of fear of Oxana Odor Kingda Dinner Zerman Demons in China in Given one can also made a credit card is stolen. Menzel Defar Carter owned us Pixel girl Neiman on the credit. Cartoonish Ferguson for there. Isa Mossman off the far Carta Interaction. Yes. Common law skin. Go to five. I don't owe with 8. 2.07 - Regeln und Verbote (Rules and prohibitions): Vegan owned Fair Board means rules and Ben's. Let's learn how to understand them to not be ruled or even verse break. Some laws four Rules and band swivel often use a mull verb and the indefinite condominium on, for example. Here, Duckman, next of Alkhan sheared off managed Park in Here, have punished photo coffee in Honda Missin Underline design Monday off from our Bond. Next loud sign here. Dove punished. Sh Women Monday off DT ago. Finished for Ton Man, muscle lungs and father. She almost finalized. Design. He, um Wissman off person. Wow, what a strict place. But let's examine the sentences a little bit. For example, here, Deaf Managed Falcon, we have the Indefinite Con Woman a month. We have the motive over Dolphin, and it's in the third person singular because it's conjugated. According to the indefinite pronoun Munn, we also have the verb falcon in the infinite form, because that's what Mullah verbs asked for in the sentence. Do you do founded something 9. 2.08 - Imperativ (Imperative): close the window. Eat your dinner. Come here. Be quiet. What's this? No, I didn't suddenly get aggressive. I just wanted to introduce you to the imperative. It's a form used for giving instructions or advice, but it will also be used for commands and orders. In this lesson, we will learn how to make it and use it. The imperative is used for expressing commands, requests, prohibits shins or sometimes advice. We will have an imperative form for this second person. Singular do for a plural e a end, the formal Z form. So how to build the imperative? Let's take, for example, of the verb if none to open. So for the imperative off do we will first turn the verb and to do form do, if less. And after that we will remove the present tense ending Esty, and that's it. If no, that's the imperative form for do or, for example, gay n g zinging zinc common come. This means that if a verb is irregular and changing its them, this will also be visible and the imperative, for example, leasing Lease Z and Z. However, this will not happen for the verbs that change a into our midterm loud, so it will be far them. Far informal and elevated language weevil often add an E too many works, but in colloquial speech, re generally leave it out. So, for example, you can use Vartan Vaht and vodka for the new form. The exception will, of course, be the words have been n Zain Hub and Zay. This wasn't so difficult, right? So let's jump to the next one. Yeah, for you, it's even simpler. The imperative is the same as the present tense form. So, for example, you gate, the imperative is get vital, write it zing in zinc. This couldn't be easier, right? And let's also check the formal Z form. For this, we will again take the verb in the present tense Z Barton and for the imperative, let's just switch their places. What super easy latency, zinging zing, NZ, G n, Gin Z and so on. So one more time we have the imperative for do for EEA and for Z for Do we just turned a verb in to the second person singular and removed the ending for e, uh, be turned of urban. This second person plural and just removed the pronoun and for Z, we turned the verb into the third person plural and just changed the place off the verb and the proposition. Land George. Musty off garbine boob Fear Hubs Bus, do you? 10. 2.09 - Hotel buchen (Booking a hotel): and this lesson, we'll learn how you can book yourself a nice hotel room at a hostel. Or maybe an Airbnb call. Fisher wants to stay at the hotel. Let's check out the short conversation with the receptionist. Good and tag is must A and some ABS middle born Fine said Sima would adopt food. Sema Eine said Sima Michigan's emit have pansy Onoda full pens. E one hob pens own estimate four stroke on the Albert Essen owned by the full pansy owned by common Z Octus meta Gessen. Full pens. Even better. Okay. Fillon's e better does formula here. House owned games. EMEA better in document pass order. Peasant Carlos Wise. Better soon we feel costed us. I know you've been octo mitt. Full pens even costed from phones. Ice fish, oil Z haven't dynastic book does Marston 900. The high six oil hums IGA pick. Yeah, this is not closing. The moto would Over here is your Schlissel. That's formula on. You gotta document fierce bus Danko. I hope you understood some of it. Let's listen to the dialogue one more time. But this time with translations. Good. And tag is Mr and some of us Mitvol broken, I answered. Summer order Doppler It's Emma. I answer Timur missions Imet her frenzy Onoda Full pens, June have pens Eunicem It flew stuck on Arvind Essen, owned by their full pen zone. But Commons, the octus meta Gessen full pens even better Oh came frenzy bitter Thus Formula House on gay Benzema better in document passed soda pairs on Alas, vice Better Soon Rayfield costed us. I know you burn octomom it Full pens June costed from phone zest Fish oil Z Haven't try Next take a book That's Marston 900 Crisis Oracle Hobbins Iga Pick Yeah, this is no 1000 Emoto Good. Here is Theo Schlissel. Thus formula on you go Documenta Fish bus dunker. Great! And now let's see how Xhaka owned eight God will manage to get a room at a hotel. Hello, Vorgan now befriended Sisters host Tell assist guns in the knee from helped Van hoof. You're befriending months out more in palm me to have fun there. Ruben de Lage is to actually perfect on the starts to position again on the courses. And it's Emma. We're having fish eating it. Simmer in unga ball fun Sybert sama! Best suits in bed. Summer bench. It's Amazon dumbbell Exton, the Bilic stones and deed sane Bet Zimmer about mustache kinds are Ah, let's Amazon. Zia's Alba is gift. An adores Shantel attorney in summer on T betters and seamless course. AKI done a Neiman V. It's my better in seen beds, Sima. But your question that's who. Haven't nine Duncan or just Simmer. You couldn't Pittard us here. I was feelin owned mere or you're a document again. Thank you. That's Tim. Offended Citian frightened Stop blabs to Libya in Einem Hotel Who? Still who? DeFelice then on a woman comes to us yet Zelda off George Bush I don't owe with. 11. 2.10 - Zuerst, danach, zum Schluss (First, then, finally): I hope that your trip was fun. But what if you want to tell someone about Aled the amazing things you saw and did on your trip? In this lesson, we will learn some very useful births that can help you to tell your story. Here are the magic little birds we will use to s first or at first or to begin with done means then or after the first thing we mentioned. Done enough after that or afterwards and socialise at the end. Or finally, let's check out a few travel stories and see how some people used to these expressions. Let's zoom a bargain were increasing land. So he s valve. Andrea in Einem Hotel won't lunch. Peter Income. The rectum scanned. So here we have to ask First door at first. Donna having beer, wine wound mobile prevented onto their Krista and longer guys some sluices and your law courts enough. 18 other garden Israel in zero for not wallow done up after that and socialise at the end. Isha Harbor. Let's this wall calendar met mine important. I'm inclined and house fluke and Dana toward gamma so as having beer wine for Agam Aft owned dinner. If that's Essen to acquited. Done having beer. I know for that. 12 remarked on sumptuous M flu Scottish woman. It's zero fish pass coma Mine of cow on H. Hutton in his ear slash the fro matanza graham cartel in Japan. Ian So yes, have me on zero cleanest Cimabue Common on Done. How does know kind where? Miss Vasana game Some shows happens. You know, inside a commander fellow on isn't an international Jose Gungan. Do you do?