From Ink to Illustrator: Creating DIY Textures with Sponge | Filipp Ryabchikov | Skillshare

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From Ink to Illustrator: Creating DIY Textures with Sponge

teacher avatar Filipp Ryabchikov, Designer, Illustrator, Music Producer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Analog Tools


    • 3.

      Making Textures


    • 4.

      Adjusting Levels


    • 5.

      Applying to Vectors


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About This Class

In this class, Filipp Ryabchikov, graphic designer and illustrator will show you how to create your own ink textures using an artist sponge and how to make your vector illustrations look more vintage and retro by applying this sponge textures to your vector graphic in Adobe Illustrator.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Filipp Ryabchikov

Designer, Illustrator, Music Producer


Fill Ryabchikov is a self-taught graphic designer and illustrator from Russia, Saint-Petersburg. Since 2007 he was working on a wide variety of projects from print and editorial illustrations to cover arts and logotypes.

He is also producing an electronic music under Filian alias, check out his tunes at soundcloud

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1. Trailer: hi still represent administrator from saying this is this place to create your own textures using grooves bunch. I like to expunge textures to my better our work to re green that blew off rhetoric illustrations. Today you can find Spanish brushes and testers on the way, but it is much fun and to make your own so it first we will make in textures using analog twos. And then we will move into digital into photo shop to adjust our textures, and that will apply them to our veteran graphics in Adobe Illustrator. So welcome to my class, feel free to enroll and have fun. 2. Analog Tools: in this quest, I will use such do, says a sponge. Just a regular artists bunch. You can find plenty of them in any artist shop, a part of ink. I used just cheapest book in that I could find and brush who go needed to get in from the pot and put it on a sponge. 3. Making Textures: Okay, let's start. Just take the brass and put it into the import toe. Grab some ink and put the in corner sponge. Don't take too much ink. The less ink you take, the more grainy and detail textures he will get and then start stepping this bunch Wag this . I tried different amount off dip in different pressure. Maybe different angles. Feel free to experiment. - Okay , so we made a few ones. Now let's scan it. 4. Adjusting Levels: Now we know. Dexter, 70 lived in dry for a while and then scan it. Okay, here's our scan Textures opened in the photo shop, so I just threw the one I really like and crop it with corruptible with these now heat control or common L for levels. And let's judge the levels. Let's move the middle cider to the right to make the center off our Dexter more dark. And let's move the rights whether to the left, to make the ages more writer. Okay, now we go to image mode and set it toe beat map. You can choose a different options in drop down menu. You can experiment with this later. For now, just choose diffusion neither, and then save it is a dif file format. Saving it to beat map tiff file format will blow us to work without texture in vector. Edit himself there like Adobe Illustrator. Leave the sittings by the fault and hit. OK, all right, now we're down. Let's move on to the next lesson 5. Applying to Vectors: Okay, now we are inside the illustrator. So here is my basic illustration. As you see, it's great, basic and simple. I made it to using just basically straighter tools. I won't go in a lot of detail. How to create such illustration. There are a lot off amazing places here on skill share that dedicated to illustrator. For example, Julian Bell, Fourth Quest is my favorite. I highly recommended, so I just will show you how to make such simple illustration more interesting by agent dispatched Dexter's we made Okay, let's go to file and place our teeth file. Let's place it somewhere. And because we converted into beat man, we can operate with it like with Victor Object, for example, waken fainted with any color, and that's really cool. So let's move it from our artwork somewhere and copy by Hidden Contra CE or Common See. And let's say I want it some shading to this green body off our tree. So I select this subject and move here to the drawing mode and set it to draw inside and then based our texture. As you see, we based it inside our objective. Now let's care with a bit moving down like this. Let's said the opacity to somewhere near 20 and set it to multiply, and we get our vintage style shading. Let's repeat it with the other object. So let's add some shading our son. So again, said the drawing mode, drawing side basted that's moved here, scales a little bit and said's opacity to somewhere near 20 inserted. Multiply. Okay, so using the same technique, we can add some highlights else. So let's lift our cloud said, drawing mold to draw inside based on Dexter. And now let's paint it with a coward off our background defeats. And as you see now, we got some nice highlights. Let's repeat it with other cloud selected drawing side based on Textor Bandit with a background color like this. Okay, and so on. And here is our finished illustration. With all the shadings and highlights applied vincey hope you enjoyed the glass. Feel fruit experimentally, different sponges to get different results and don't get to share your quest project. See, it's time