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First Steps in Portuguese for Beginners "Now Speak Portuguese "Brazilian accent"

teacher avatar Mohamed Elshenawy

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.



    • 2.

      Things you should know before starting your Portuguese learning


    • 3.

      Learn how do the letters work in Portuguese


    • 4.

      Section 2 lesson 1 the pronouns part 1


    • 5.

      Lesson 2 the pronouns part 2


    • 6.

      Lesson 3 verb ser VS estar


    • 7.

      Lesson 4 I'm fine and you


    • 8.

      Practice the section with me


    • 9.

      Section 3 lesson 1 the negative in portuguese


    • 10.

      Lesson 2 what's your name


    • 11.

      Lesson 3 nice to meet you


    • 12.

      Pratice the section with me


    • 13.

      Section 4 lesson 1 Yo! sup!


    • 14.

      Lesson 2 greetings part 1


    • 15.

      Lesson 3 greetings part 2


    • 16.

      The practicing lesson


    • 17.

      Section 5 lesson 1 do you speak Portuguese?


    • 18.

      Lesson 2 I speak a little Portuguese


    • 19.

      Lesson 3 I speak better English


    • 20.

      Let's have a conversation


    • 21.

      Section 6 lesson 1 where are you from


    • 22.

      Lesson 2 I'm from the US


    • 23.

      Countries that you might need in the conversation


    • 24.

      Countries and nationalities "Vocabulary lesson"


    • 25.

      Section 7 lesson 1 where are you?


    • 26.

      Lesson 2 places you might need in the conversation


    • 27.

      The practicing lesson


    • 28.

      Section 8 lesson 1 I have a house in San Paulo


    • 29.

      Lesson 2 I go to work by car


    • 30.

      Lesson 3 I have to leave now


    • 31.

      The practicing lesson


    • 32.

      Section 9 lesson 1 I'm in a restaurant


    • 33.

      Lesson 2 It's on Paulista avenue


    • 34.

      Lesson 3 I will go to work now


    • 35.

      Praticing lesson


    • 36.

      Lesson 1 numbers from 0 to 10


    • 37.

      Lesson 2 numbers from 11 to 19


    • 38.

      Lesson 3 what's your number


    • 39.

      Practicing lesson


    • 40.

      Lesson 1 numbers from 20 to 100


    • 41.

      Lesson 2 how much does this cost


    • 42.

      Lesson 3 this costs 30 reals


    • 43.

      Practicing lesson


    • 44.

      Lesson 1 we are Brazilians


    • 45.

      Lesson 2 where are you guys from


    • 46.

      Practicing lesson


    • 47.

      Lesson 1 what time is it now


    • 48.

      Lesson 2 It's 2 pm


    • 49.

      Lesson 3 just a minute please


    • 50.

      The practicing lesson


    • 51.

      Lesson 1 what time do you go to work


    • 52.

      Lesson 2 sometimes I go to work at midday


    • 53.

      Lesson 3 it's 20 to 5


    • 54.

      Lesson 1 They speak Portuguese really well


    • 55.

      Lesson 2 they don't eat well


    • 56.

      Lesson 3 What time do you guys open


    • 57.

      Lesson 4 I go to work 4 times per week


    • 58.

      The practicing lesson


    • 59.

      Lesson 1 how old are you


    • 60.

      Lesson 2 Let's go to the restaurant


    • 61.

      The practicing lesson


    • 62.

      Lesson 1 we always eat at Marco's


    • 63.

      Lesson 2 I want to eat something


    • 64.

      Lesson 3 Because, I'm hungry


    • 65.

      Lesson 3 Because, I'm hungry


    • 66.

      Practicing lesson


    • 67.

      Lesson 1 they have chicken and fish


    • 68.

      Lesson 2 I want to drink something


    • 69.

      Lesson 3 I'm really thirsty


    • 70.

      Practicing lesson


    • 71.

      Lesson 1 where do you live?


    • 72.

      Lesson 2 We live in San Paulo


    • 73.

      Lesson 3 what's your address?


    • 74.

      Practicing lesson


    • 75.

      Lesson 1 it's over there


    • 76.

      Lesson 2 Do you know where the restaurant is


    • 77.

      Practicing lesson


    • 78.

      Lesson 1 Where is the restaurant located


    • 79.

      Lesson 2 Is it close to your house


    • 80.

      Practicing lesson


    • 81.

      Lesson 1 they far from me


    • 82.

      Lesson 2 does he still live in Brazil


    • 83.

      Practicing lesson


    • 84.

      Lesson 1 actually, I can't now


    • 85.

      Lesson 2 I'm going alone then


    • 86.

      Lesson 3 we're getting to know the place


    • 87.

      Practicing lesson


    • 88.

      Lesson 1 Where do you work


    • 89.

      Lesson 2 What do you do


    • 90.

      Lesson 3 some professions you might need in a conversation


    • 91.

      Practicing lesson


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About This Class

If you want to learn Portuguese from scratch and looking for a course that could help you achieve your goals in learning this wonderful language, you are in the right place.

In this course, you'll learn not only how to have a conversation but how to make and form a phrase yourself. You also will learn Grammar, expressions, and vocabulary.

This is the first level of Now Speak Portuguese, in this course, you are going to learn Brazilian Portuguese from scratch to the advanced and professional levels 

We recommend you also take Portuguese for beginners to learn Portuguese from scratch with more than 14 hours of video lessons

To learn everything about Portuguese grammar from scratch to advanced take our course ": The Ultimate Portuguese Grammar  + Ebook"

We connected the topics of these sections to our course1000 Essential Portuguese Phrases "Brazilian accent" so it's better to take it, while you are studying this one.

There will be other levels teaching you everything about the Portuguese language 

. You don’t have to learn new words by heart. You will know automatically

Things you should know before taking this course.

The class is separated into sections

The lesson starts with a conversation, and at the end of the lesson, you will be able not only to understand the conversation but to practice it as well.

Every section ends with a practicing lesson, so you can practice the conversation 

There'll be a test after finishing each level so that you can move to the next level 

Just don't watch the course doing something else, so you can learn fast, and understand the lessons perfectly

Learning Portuguese is not that hard and you're going to realize that during the studying.

You don’t have to learn new words by heart. You will learn them automatically.

All you have to do is a lot of repetitions. Trust me, it is just a matter of repetition. This is the best way to learn Portuguese.

The English translation (for understanding)

The recorded conversations (for pronunciation)

The question and answer parts for active participation

(to save the information in your brain)

Meet Your Teacher

Hi everyone, my name's Mohamed, I'm Egyptian and Brazilian. I graduated from college in 2007 and I majored in education and science.

I'm a Chemist, Personal Trainer, and Physiologist, as well as working as a language teacher.

I have been living in Brazil for 10 years, teaching languages, translating, doing a voice-over, besides working as a personal trainer, physiologist, and chemist.

Now I'm the director of Escolaonline Academy, a platform for courses. I have a team of teachers, personal trainers, translators, and voice-over artists.

Trust in yourself because you can do it! Even the most experienced in any matter, was once a beginner! Know that education has no value if there is no one wants to learn, so you are the value, you are the... See full profile

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1. Intro: Hi everyone, This Muhammad and this is our class. Now as puke portraits ends a score. So we're going to learn Brazilian Portuguese, which is the most common Portuguese accent. Why should you learn Portuguese? Portuguese one was amassed. Spoken language is a warrant. If you speak English or English your first tongue, it'd be great to learn one of the most spoken language in the world, how this class works, we separated the class into sessions. The lesson starts with a conversation and adds the end of the section. You're in. Be able not only to understand the conversation, but to practice it as well during be at brackets in lesson at the end of each section, the core separated into levels, teaching Portuguese from scratch to his advanced and professional levels. And there's a first-level. Hope you enjoy the course. Let's get started. 2. Things you should know before starting your Portuguese learning : Things you should know before starting your Portuguese learning, Portuguese has 26 letters. Letters such as x, y, w were added in 1994. This letters are used in words which are added in the Portuguese language. Recently, Portuguese uses DevOps, pairs of letters which represent a single sound different from the sum of their competence. Their graphs are not included in the Portuguese letters. Portuguese mix use our five diuretics, which are the ECG area, acute accent, circumflex absent till the and the grave, absent. All the letters are pronounced, ends, Portuguese language, etc. Some letters that we are going to know during our study. The vowels are the same just like in English, but of course the pronunciation is different. There are five vowels in Portuguese, which are our a, e, I, o, ou, our a, e, or UX. 3. Learn how do the letters work in Portuguese: Little r, which is a in English, is pronounced as R. So it comes at the middle of the word. It's stressed. For example, when it comes after the f, it would be far, far, far. For example, the word fat, which means Fargo. Fargo them say facto, say far, far, far too. But when it comes at the end of the word, it would be softer. And this happens always with the verbs is imperative. For example, it coma, coma, coma. So don't say coma, it's strong. It's unstressed. We say coma, coma, a software here. And we're going to know all the pronunciations of the vowels during our study, we have some letters which have two sums, depends on its position in the world. For example, literal edge, which in Portuguese, AGGA. Agga. When it comes at the beginning of the word, it's not pronounced, such as word today, which means or G. Or G, or G. Orgy, orgy that are H here is not pronounced RG, and when it comes at the middle of the word, it's pronounced as, yeah. For example, the word work means Rabbi, Leo trabajo. Trabajo means work. Little r, which in Portuguese, a. A has two sounds. When it comes in the beginning of the word, we pronounce it as H. For example, the word hepato, which means rat. We say had to toe. Toe. Harpo, wouldn't say rapport with say, had to, solar are here or a input SSH keys as pronounced as H, but with CMS in the middle or at the end of the word, we pronounce it are, for example, verb to live, which means moron, more, more moron. So here, Miranda has to or has two are in the middle and adds the end, both pronounced as our Mora. Mora. Notice that some accents here in Brazil pronounce the r at the end as H or as a. For example, carry aka accent. They don't say morality, say moron, moron. And in some Paolo Paulista absent, they don't pronounce little r which is in Z N, So they say Mora, Mora. So don't get confused. If you hear Mura, mura, Mura, all these ways are correct only there are different accents. There are L or ALE in Portuguese has two sounds with CMS adds the beginning, we pronounce it l, such as lemon tool. Elemental. Elemental means sorry, lament, o la, mental lament. But when it comes at the end of the word, we pronounce it as w, For example, the word possible, it would be perceivable. Pause, coeval, pause, CFO, procedural. So don't say perceivable, say perceivable, perceivable, perceivable. There are L, which is in the end is pronounced as w. Some letters, which is sound differently, depends on its position in the word and the previous litter. Once it examples, is litter M, which in Portuguese, ME, Amy, the beginning of the word, we pronounce it as M. For example, the word miracle, which means military, Neil, add glory, military. So there are m Here comes at the beginning and it's pronounced as m. But when it comes after the vowels, it sounds differently. Comes at the end with an a, it sounds like w, For example, they speak, which means L is Follow, far, low, fat, low follow. We don't say ls followed them with, say, ls follow because a previous letter is letter a or r. So it sounds like w. This happens always when we conjugate the verb in the present. For the plural pronouns, you and day, we put a m at g, n, and little m is pronounced as w when it comes at the end of the word. And the previous literature is literature E or a. In Portuguese, we pronounce it as a light n, and letter E, we pronounce it as a. So the both letters like AIM, AIM, AIM. For example, the word well, which in Portuguese means Bane. Bane. Don't say bam, we say Bain. And when it comes, he adds the end. And the previous litters are the valves 00, 00, 00, or you would pronounce it as n. For example, the word good, which means bom. Bom, bom. You all should know that there is no word in Portuguese without vows, all the words in Portuguese have vowels and ano separate the word into syllables depends on its vowels. We're going to practice that during our lessons and we'll have a future class teaching you the pronunciation of the Brazilian Portuguese. 4. Section 2 lesson 1 the pronouns part 1: Listen to this conversation. Say staff. There was two bay grow, so it will soon our snow bank them being mostly, I mean, he could sing and also medical journal, it will say so. But as a leader, ciao, ciao, listen again. Let's say that there was still very good. So those are still being campaign was good. Seeing they also Medical Journal. It was so, so but as a leader, ciao. Ciao. After finishing this section, you'll be able not only to understand this conversation, but to practice it as well. Make sure to make the pracs and listen that it helped you see your improvement. How to say, hello, listen and repeat. Or law. Or law. Or law, or law. In this word do have two vowels, so let's separate the word N2 parts or law, or law, or law or law. There is acute accent over letter a as sent to Abu, acute accent, that means we're going to pull the sound is stretch the sound or law or lard and say Allah than say Allah, say Allah, Allah, see again hello. Or LA. Or LA. Or LA is a formal way, same as hello. We have another form that you can use it in from Away, which is high. Listen and repeat. Ii or III, or oily. Oily. Notice that we can use oil as high hay or what? When someone says something to you and you don't understand, you don't get what the person's saying. Silicon, say oil. So that person repeats what he was saying. Say hello or hi. Hey. Here's how to say the pronoun I less than n repeats L, l, L, l, L here with an e, which is a in Portuguese, comes at the beginning of the pronoun. So put an acid as a sub and say, you say L, l, L, It's more opened. L, l, L, here's out, say I am less and repeat. L saw, l saw, l saw, l saw, l saw. See again. I am, I am also l saw. When I say I'm Muhammad, it'd be l saw mohammed. L saw Mohammed. I don't case tried to say her name in Portuguese saying I am, which are now l saw poacher Nim helps say American, listen and repeat. Amity kernel, Americano, Americano, Americano, Americano. Here we have five vowels. Let's separate the world into five syllables. May, it, may re, North American Journal, American Journal. There are all. The vowel comes at the end, so it's NP-complete. You can see how many car nor you see Emory kernel and the kernel. So I made a kernel means male American referring tool, a man, Howard be referred to a woman. America. America, America, Americana. Yeah, we're a place that are all two litre a Americana. There's that in Portuguese we have masculine and feminine words, mass of the words which end wasn't there? All are masculine. And monsters are words. Which end Was there? A are feminine. Of course, there's some sectionals. We're going to know them in the future lessons. So I'm Eddy current or means m or Command. A mini corona means American woman. Say again, I'm American man says L, so many kernel, so many kernel. Woman says L. So I'm Eddie Corona. So many kernel here is, I would say that pronoun your lesson and repeat. Voice, Sara, voice, sehr. Sehr. Sehr. Voice said, we have two vowels. Let's spread the word into two syllables. Voice. Voice. Voice was said during the circumflex, accent over little a or E in English, that means it will go to clause. The sound voice say was saying, was said, and the sound is stretched. Voice say voice, say a voice, say, Say again your voice. How B, you are? Less narrow pit voice. Voice. Voice, say a, a, which part means here are, yeah. Air. Air. Voice is acute accent. I sent to a Bordeaux over little a or in English, the amino going to stretch the sound was say, was say, tried, say, Are you American? Listen and repeat. What shall marry. Kernel was say, a medical journal, was their medical journal. Notice that in Portuguese we don't need an auxiliary to make yes-no question. So here we say only you are American making the way on the question. You are American. Was samadhi kernel will say I'm ready. Kernel was ceremony. Colonel tried to ask her, Are you American? Was Sarah Americana was say America was ceremony corona. 5. Lesson 2 the pronouns part 2: Do you remember how to say hello, Ola. Ola. And how to respond? Ola, Ola. How say hi, hey, oily, and how to respond. Only. Say I am and put your name. Also, Muhammad. It was somehow harmed. Somehow. I'm American man says Elsa, American saw, American woman says L. So Americana. So Americana asked him, Are you American? Sarah medical journal was Sam Eddie kernel. Ask her. Are you American? Was ceremony Khurana was ceremony corona. Here's a say, but I see and listen and repeat. But as an arrow. But as he later on, but as a layer 0, but as a layer 0, but as a layer 0 repeat part of the part. But our Z layer 0, z 0, but cilia. But as a layer 0, but as an arrow means a man, but a zillion, how bees, a female 1, Yeah, replace either all to a TB. But as Lera, but as he lay, but as an era. So how to say, I am Brazilian, man says L, so Brasilia 0. So Brazil arrow, woman says L. So Brazil era. So Brazil era. Ask him, are you Brazilian? Will save it as a hero for say, but I asked her, Are you Brazilian bossa? But as Lira was Febreze Lira, he's Brazilian. Listen and repeat earlier but has a little earlier, but as an arrow earlier, but as an arrow, which part of the sprays means the pronoun he? Yeah. And Lee. And Lee, and Lee lead Ellie. Ellie. As I told you guys, that the vowels have more than one sound. Hear the vowel a, it's pronounced a, but when it comes at the end and there is no absence, our net solar pronounce it E, solar air with camps at the end of the word, we pronounce it, E, Sodom, say, LA, say, and Lee, and Lee. And this word we have a tool, pronunciations. And E, LE, Andy. Andy. He is, it'd be LDA, Ellie. Ellie a LEA. Lea. And the sprays LEN, he is. So air here means is mother's dad to conjugate verbs to be and December. Present to the pronouns. You, he, she, we use a, a. So we use saw for pronoun I. I will use a for pronounce you. He she said again, he is LEA. Lea, LEA to sound like and another speaker tried to connect between the two words. Leas, don't separate to say Ailey, Aidan, separate. Lea. Don't close your mouth. Lea. Lea. Lea Alia means is how would be his Brazilian earlier but as a layer own LEA but I tried say his American earlier, Mary kernel, Alia Americano user, say she's American, listen and repeat. Lm medical. La. La, I'm McKenna. Lm Medical Center. Which part here is the sprays means a pronoun? She. Yeah. It's Ala, Ala. Ala. Ala. As you see here, a comes at the end. So it's incomplete. Don't say LR. Okay, It's Ella. Ella incomplete. And LA, LA, LA. As I've told you guys, the vows have two sounds that are a has two sounds we can pronounced as ah, ah or. So. Ala means she said again, she, ala, Ala, she's airline, airline. A year we use a as well with the pronoun cheap LA to sound like a native speaker at dawn, separate both of the words. Ally, Ally, I don't close your mouth. La. She's American. Lms. Ally Americana tried say she's Brazilian. La and LA air but air layer, but as a leader, do you remember how to say hello, Ola. Ola, respond all Allah, Hey, respond IN and put your name. L saw Mohammed. Some homage. I am American. Man says L so many kernel, so many kernel. Woman says Elsa Americana. So Americana asked him, Are you Brazilian samplers, little wasp? But as a literal, asked her, I was Cerberus, Lira was share, but as Lira, he's but as in LEM but as a layered on LEA, but as a layer or she's Brazil in LA, LA, but as lambda. 6. Lesson 3 verb ser VS estar: Here's out saying how while you listen and repeat. Common ancestor. Common ancestor over siesta, it certainly means how you are. Here's out. Say, how listen and repeat. Como, como, Como, repeat part of the part. Col, col comma. We have two vowels, all. So it has two sounds. When it comes into the middle, it's complete or call, call, call. And when it comes at the end, it's incomplete. Como. See again how Como, Como. Notice that we have two verbs for verb to be. In Portuguese language. We have verb to be, which describe facts on a changing situations and general truth. For example, you say I'm American, she's married. He's a teacher, saw it works for things such as professions, nationalities, and the other one describes temporary actions and the changing situations. For example, when you say I'm at home, I'm tired, she's sick. These actions are going to change. So we use the other verb to be, Let's start with verb to be, which describes facts and Annette changing situations. The verb in the infinitive is sehr. Sehr. Sehr, sehr just stretched Europe. A oiler E here. Sehr. Sehr means verb to be in the infinitive and we will come together in the center present that b, l saw I am l saw was say was say you are LEA. Lea, he is airway. Airway. She's here without say verb to be, which describes temporary actions and the changing situations less than repeat. A star S, S, S, star, a star c Again verb to be, which describes temporary actions. It's time, is time. Let's try to conjugate it in the simple present. L. Esto, esto es toe. Toe esto, esto means ion. When you say, for example, I am at home. We're going to use these for Aristotle, UR, voices. The voice, is the voice, say S, S, S, S. As you see here, there's acute accidents on little a, which adds the n. That means we're going to stretch the sound. We're going to pull the sound is the ester versus, versus the elite. We're going to use a star as well as a early stage Ella. Ella es. So we use for the pronouns for say, Ailey, Ella, elle esto, esto Esta. Ailey. Is that era is the homophobia. How to say, How are you? We're going to use verb to be, which describes a temporary action. Cuomo. Cuomo versus how you are, converses. Converses. Now tried to ask, how is he going to say how he eats? Como Esta Como el is Como el is, how is she? She's Como Esta Como Ella Esta. 7. Lesson 4 I'm fine and you: Say again, how are you convert siesta? Comb-over says the converse says sta, response, I'm okay. Less than 100 pit. Stop obeying. Arrows to urbane. Air was Tobin esto Bane. Bane externally means I am, well, he's out, say, well, less than 10. Pete, bang, bang, bang, bang. As you see here, it ends with digraph E. M would pronounce it as n. N, remember that? A vein, bang. So let's say Bam, say bang, bang. Say again, I'm fine. I'm, well, L is top Bain a stopband? I see here we use verb estar, which means we have to be for temporary actions. Bang ls top Bain is to obey how to say, thanks, GOT less than and repeat. Grasses said this, Get us as a deal's. Get us as a Dios, Gerasa Dios, get us assembly. Use. It literally means thanks to gut it out. Say thanks, listen and repeat the process. Good access, good access, good ISS. You see here, there is fear. See Julia, that means we're going to pronounce it as C. C says, dosing good at CAS. Now it's grasses, grasses, grasses. How say that preposition tool. Thanks to grass. Grasses. Grasses. God means bills. Bills, their day. Wes, deals, deals, sends to God, got us and deals. Get us ideals, grasses, MBOs, see again, sands got grasses, ideas. Get us as I was saying, I'm fine, thanks God. It was told hey, good. I said still obeying. Get us as adduce. Now try to ask me. I will find i okay. You're going to say this way. You are. Well, we'll say stubbing. Voice say is bang, bang, bang is UK is a fine. He is well, stabbing early, stopping, early, stopping. Ellis. She's fine. Allies by Bain. Ala is obeying Alice domain. Respond. Yes, I'm fine. Listen and repeat. Seeing urbane, seeing it was Cobain. Seeing is toe bang, which parts here means yes, yeah. Sing, sing, sing, sing. As you see here, there are m is add g, n are the words and the previous letter as that or I, or II and Portuguese. So pronounce it as n, ally, n, sing, sing, sing, sing. Say again. Yes, Sing, Sing, trach, say yes. And American man says sin l. So medical, seeing, so many kernel, woman says sin l. So Americana seeing elsewhere, Americana choice say yes, he's Brazilian. Seeing Alia, but as a hero, seeing LEA, but as I say, yes, I'm fine. Sing Aristotle Bain, seen L is Cobain annual lesson. I repeat. Ever, ever, ever say a voice? Ever, ever said? Which part here means? And yet it's a, a, ever, ever say, Say again, and a, a, C, E, say a, a and you'll ever see ever said I would say and he Ellie. Ellie and she Ella. Ella and I l, l try say, I'm fine, thanks God. And new urbane Gerasa, there was ever said it was to a bang and get us to. There was ever said, respond that you're fine. Else to obey grass ideals. Obeying scene. It was still being seen, it was still Bain. How to end the conversation? He'll say goodbye, listen and repeat. Zhao Zhao. Zhao. Zhao Zhao. Don't say Zhao Zhao. Now say wow, chow, chow. Child means goodbye. Say again, Bye, ciao. Ciao. Respond and good-bye. Ciao, ciao. 8. Practice the section with me : Now let's get to the practice in part. You're going to have a conversation with me. I am going to start the conversation and you're going to respond, how these a conversation, I'm going to say hello, you're going to respond. I'm going to ask you, are you American? And you're going to respond, yes, I'm American. And the future lessons we're going to have all the nationalities. Okay? I'm going to ask you every american are going to respond. Yes, I'm American and New. I'm going to say I'm Brazilian. Then I'm going to ask how are you going to respond and you Bye, bye. Okay, let's get started. All respond. Was samadhi kernel respond. Yes, I'm an American and you respond that you're fine, thanks God, and you must obey grass abuse child. Now let's invert the conversation. You're going to start and I'm going to respond. Say, hello. Ask me if I am Muhammad. Scene else Omaha and respond your name. Say I am. I'm butchering him. Asking me if I'm American elsewhere. But as a little kid says a true American. Now asking me, How am I ever said, respond that you're fine. Now say goodbye. Ciao. Listen again. Was a stack. Those two bagels, I said it was, it was soon. I was still being pumping. Most medical, seeing so many kernel, it will say so. But as a leader, Ciao, ciao. 9. Section 3 lesson 1 the negative in portuguese: Hi, everyone's is Mohammedans is section 2 of now speak Portuguese. Listen to this conversation. Allah, Congo septa. Debate, good acids at the OS. It will say there's still bite them then also nomial, they'll know Monica, you'll see monomial Muhammad. Whereas ash, as any, you listen again, Allah, Congo ceta, domain. It will say Stop button then also NAMI. Now know Monica, you said mono memo harm which process has eight inquiry. Do you remember how to say hello, Ola or LA, or LA? And how to respond. All our, all our hearts Say hi, hey, oily, oily. And how to respond. Ye, ye say ion and put your name. El Sono homage. Else some homage. I am American. Man says L so many kernel. So many kernel. Woman says else, I'm Eddy current. So Americana ask him, are you Brazilian? Was there but as a little voice say, but I see the arrow are your penicillium asking a woman voice said, but as a lira voice. But as a lira. He's American LEI medic kernel Alia Medical Journal. She's American. Ally Amity corona, our laminae corona. How are you? Calm or siesta? Coma was siesta. I'm fine. Thanks God anymore? It was still being good. I said the OS ever said it was told that our CDOs ever see responded to find? I was told when I was still obeying. Yeah, I'm okay. Seeing it was taught banging scene. I was told by saying No, I'm not. Okay, listen and repeat. Now, l know is told bang. Now El Nino is still being. Which part means no? Yeah, it's Noun. Noun, Noun, as you see here, n, the word noun. Now, there's a Tilda accident. When we see this accent, we're going to use a nasal sound. You're going to feel the sound in your nose. Now. Now, now the sound is lost, so you can use your north to make it. Now. Now, now, notice that we can use now as no or not. So I would say I'm not okay. Eleanor is still being no stubby nose to be the word. Now in a phrase has a contraction sound, so we don't say now. Now just to speak like an adult, a speaker, just to sound like an edifice speaker, we're going to use a contraction. No, no, no. Now L knows domain, now, knows to Bain, now knows to be first now is threshed, okay? And second now is. So it'd be like that now. No, No, No. Now I want us to be now. It'll knows to obey. So to sound like an end speaker and speak fast. Say this way, no, Illinois to be charged. Say, now I am not American. Man says, no owner so many kernel. Now l know so many kernel. So use NOT which means now before the verb and after the pronoun. So don't say I'm not okay. We say I am okay. L now is Toby. Oh, now is Toby truck say I am not American. L know samadhi kernel. Now so many kernel, I don't know so many kernel. How B, he's not Brazilian. Listen and repeat. Ellie, nowhere but as a liberal elite, nowhere but as the narrow elite, nowhere but as a layer 0, any nowhere but as a little, how b is not Nowhere, Nowhere, Nowhere, Nowhere. Here we use a combination, nowhere. Now. We can net between the two words. So to sound like and at the speaker connect the two words. Nowhere, the word no, no. And so there's a vowel. Air is other vowel sought connected between the two words? It'd be Nowhere, Nowhere. Say again, isn't nowhere. Nowhere. He isn't Brazilian. Brazilian. Ellie nowhere Brazilian elite, nowhere, Brasilia, Brazil, arrow should say. She's not American Airline. No way. American Airline, Norway, Americana. Same thing. Now ends with a vowel as other ones. So we make the combination between the two vowels. Nowhere, Nowhere. Alan aware, Americana, our nowhere America. Alan WTC corona. 10. Lesson 2 what's your name: Say again, I am not Okay. Now ever knows to obey. Now and we'll know is to be annual. Ever said. Ever said respond and find Ebass2 bay areas to Bain or it can say less than ng-repeat. Cobain, top Bain, talk, bang, bang, bang. Notice that it still has a contraction which is tall, toe, toe, toe. Same as English, I am, it'd be ion, ion, the contraction ion here we say TO tall. So we can say L is took Bain or tall Bain using the contraction toe, toe, toe Bain. L2 urbane, L, Toby. You also do need to put the pronoun I because it's tall, it's conjugated only to the pronoun I, so it's understandable. You don't need to say, I am. You say a store or PTO? See again, I'm fine. L is two urbane. L is to obey using the contraction top bang, bang, tote, bag residues to obey grassy views. Now asking me, are you okay? Was tested bend voice says that bay or you can use less than and repeat. Tab-pane. Debate was set up in Rosetta vein. So here it also could be the contraction to the star. Same as an English. Who are your TA? So to sound like a native speaker, you can use ta. Ta. So how would be our UK OCS debate? Debate was set up Bay was settled. They respond, yes, I'm fine. Seeing it was to be seeing Cobain. Now, I'm not. Okay. No one knows to Bain. Now, L naught 0, bang L known to bang out, say, what is your name less than and repeat. Costs or NAMI. A tsunami. Tsunami aware or sale NAMI cause tsunami, tsunami. Malware or sale NAMI away or sell NAMI. It clearly means what is your name? He's I'd say name. Listen and repeat. Nami, NAMI, NAMI, NAMI. We've got to vows. Separate the word into two syllables. Not me, not me, NAMI, complete O in the middle and incomplete a, ads the end. Not me but say No. Okay. No, me know me, know me out. Say your listener, repeat. Cell, cell, cell, cell. Notice that cell means the masculine, your Etsy, again Moscow in your cell. Cell. So how B cell, NAMI, sale, NAMI, we use here the mask cannula, which is sale cell because name, which means NAMI. Nami is a masculine word. So we need to use the Moscow nur, your name, sale NAMI, sill. Nami. How beat? Listen and repeat. Oh, oh, oh, oh, yeah. Same as the 00, 00, 00, 00 name. Nan or as we say, value or NIM or sell NAMI, or sell NAMI or sale NAMI or tsunami. Notice that all means the masculine y here, use a mask and cause the word name is a masculine word. So we need to use the Muslim 0 or sale NAMI or sell NAMI was so NAMI to sound like a native speaker, we can connect is a Moscow indefinite article there, which means all or with ease, which means a, is a vowel, all is another one. So connect between them. It would be L. L, tsunami, tsunami, tsunami. Now which part means what? Listener? Repeat. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. As you see here, there are L, which is in Z and it sounds like w Cause it's in ZN of the word. Remember Cao, Cao, Cao. Notice that we can use well S, which or what Say again, What is your name? Quo tsunami. Tsunami. So don't say quo or so NAMI, don't separate. Try to connect between the words quasar, tsunami, carcinoma, respond, My name is listen and repeat. Monomial melanoma mill anomia. Which parts here means my listener repeat. Male, male, male, male. Notice that male means is a Muslim. My cars, NAMI, which means name, is a masculine word. So we use a masculine, my mind M. Milne NAMI, male, NAMI, mill. Know me. My name is Michelle NAMI. A male NAMI, a. I just see NAMI instead of OWL in English. And a is another one so you can connect between them before putting your name. Melanoma. Don't separate male norm it as you see, melanoma, melanoma MO homage, monomial homage. My name is Mill normally, don't spread. Tried to say your name. Mill know Mia and put your name. 11. Lesson 3 nice to meet you: Say again, What is a man called tsunami? Tsunami. Respond. My name is melanoma. Melanoma Muhammad. Muhammad. And you're ever said it was said tried surname, Milne NAMI, male norm in respond. Nice to meet you. Listen and repeat what I said and play a cell. But as the cell. But cell law. Whereas hearing cornea sell, it literally means pleasure in knowing you. Here is I would say pleasure, lesson, repeat what I said. But ours there. But as it process, we have two vowels, separate the word into two syllables. But our process, you might hear process or both are correct, are different accents, but it's correct. Okay, You can see there was little r or parallel Ze without our browser means pleasure. You can only use preserved as nice to me you, you don't need to put to know you only preserved if you forget to know you on a processor is correct. So when someone says TEA, your response, Same thing for us is how to say the preposition n, less than or repeat, AIM, AIM, AIM, ang. Remember here's a digraph E M or a m0, which means we're going to pronounce it as a PNG again. So n, the preposition n means aim. And so when we pronounce this word separated, only the word, we say ng, but when we put it in a phrase, it would be N. N. We don't say they're going to sell. For example, now we say President glia cell presenting in preserving, it sounds like like n in a set of Fritz preserving, put a 0 in Korea cell. Hey, don't say verb to know listener Pete. Konya, serve CoSA, coin, yes. Coin, yes. Korea, South Korea, sit. And you see here there's a letter Omega or H adds the middle. So it'd be like that. The sound coin, sit, sit, sit, you. It could be low. Korea, sell, sell, sell. We remove that are r and put the pronoun you, which is here, low Korea cell, cell. Cell. Notice that low, low means a masculine. You speak to a man, referring to a man. Howard B is a feminine. You listen and repeat. La, la, cell, cell, cell, cell. Notice that the person pronounce a change after the verb, Salvo's say it'd be low law, we're going to know all this stuff in the future. Lessons tried say, nice to me or as we say, pleasure to know and you referring to a man process hearing cornea cell but as their income ASL but as they're in Konya cell, if you don't remember to nomial only say how B or phentolamine, but as their employee a cell, cell, cell. So but as they're in Korea, sell, nice to me, I'm referring to a man, but as Zarin cornea sell, nice to me when referring to a woman. Say, Nice to meet you to listen and repeat. But acetyl-CoA, solo tambourine, but skeleton vein. But as an employee I sell campaign. Which part here means to its campaign? Bane down bang, bang, bang campaign. I just see here campaign and switches the digraph a, ME or e, m. We pronounce it as ENG, done Bain thumb being campaign to campaign, Say again, to remain. Campaign tries to say me too. Elton, very, Elton be, Elton main. Say again, nice to me tool. But as a cell membrane cell campaign, say to her, Nice to meet you too. But as they didn't sell at campaign. But as any campaign, respond, fence, listen and repeat. Obey, God will obey, God will all be God, do. God will. See you again. Thanks of the garden. Obregon. Obregon door. Man says Obregon. Obregon. It ends with letter or Obregon. Obregon. How long would say, thanks, yeah, replace that are all to learn. A to B. Or brick gaga, gaga, gaga, gaga. See again, thanks. Man says, obey God though, Obregon. Obregon, woman says, orbited gaga, gaga. Gaga. Respond. You're welcome. Lesson and repeat. Jena. Jena. Jena. Jena, Jena ADA. A thermally means from nothing. He's out, say from less than repeat. Day, day. The day when we put day in a phrase at the change to G. G, G. So to sound like kind of speaker, Don't say day when you put it in a phrase, say G, G, G. How did the word nothing? Nevada. Nevada. Nevada. Repeat part of the part. Nadh. Nadh. Nevada. Nevada. Say your work on from nothing. Jena, Jena, Jena, ADA, and don't say they say Gina, ADA, gene ADA. See again, You're welcome. Jena. Jena ADA. Thanks. Man says Aubrey Godel, Ricardo, woman says Obregon. Obregon, You're welcome. It's nothing. Grenada. Gene ADA, you might hear native speakers saying NACADA, NACADA without the preposition from which means day, You're welcome. Grenada, geode Nevada, Nevada. 12. Pratice the section with me: Now and it's to get to the part. And once said The conversation and you're going to respond, I converse syste, respond that you're fine and you obey grass or the US got tsunami. Respond to an N annual monomial Muhammad, but as it including SLO, but as they're in Korea cell, response, nice to me until he got boo, boo samadhi kernel. If you're American, say yes, I'm American. If an un-American say No, I'm not American. Annual 10 so many kernel, so Brasilia 0, 0, 0, so many kernel elsewhere. But as a little child, respond, now it's inverted. The conversation. Start to ease. High Hawaii, you obeying that I said the US it was said respond that you're fine. Now, asking me about my name. Monomial Mohammed. It was said, respond your name and say, Nice to meet you. But as it including a silicon vein, but our zed in Korea sell a campaign. Asking me if I'm Brazilian, seeing elsewhere. But as it was said, respond. Now say goodbye. Shao Lytton again. Allah, Congo ceta domain. It will see It's still buy them then. Also NAMI, Monica Seal, mono memo harm, which process has eight inquiry. 13. Section 4 lesson 1 Yo! sup!: Listen to this conversation. Won't Zn the domain to do EvoS? We're samadhi kernel. So let's say Uber has an arrow. Listen again, won the debate to do ever said. Bushehr America. So I also, but as an adult, German Bauhaus say hello or law, or law. And how to respond? Or LA, or LA. Hi, hey. Oh, how to respond? Oily. Oily. Say I am and butcher name L. So mohammed l. Saw Mohan. My name is butchering in melanoma. Melanoma. Melanoma Mohan tried say, I'm an American. Man says, Oh so many kernel, so many kernel. Woman says, Oh, so many corona, somebody can ask me, Are you American? Medical Journal, voice MET kernel. Ask her. Are you American? Was said America was 70 corona. Sure. I'd say he's But asean. Lea. Lea Brasilia at all. She's not Brazilian. Ala nowhere but as Lera our nowhere. But as Lera isn't nowhere. Nowhere. Now tried to ask her why are you converse syste commerce data? How is he Como en Esta palm oil into how she Cuomo has to respond. I am fine. Thank his guards and Europe. I was still being there. I said there's ever said TO bang grass, said there was ever said I'm not fine. I'm not okay. Our nose Toby. Now Toby, try to ask what is your name? Also know me. I also know me. Respond My name is and put your name. Melanoma. Melanoma. Melanoma in say my name is not my name. You're going to say my name isn't mill know me. Nowhere. Male norm me nowhere. Where responds. Nice to meal. It's pleasure knowing you. But I was there in Konya cell. But cell will say to her nice to me. But as it is. But Asit and glia cell response. But I didn't point, I silicon-based in cell domain. Say, thanks, man says Aubrey Godel, orbited Godel. Woman says, Aubrey gada, operate God that respond. Your welcome. It's nothing. Grenada, G naught, the geode Nevada. Nevada. Here is another way to ask how the person is less than and repeat to do bang, to do bang, to-do Bain, to do bang, to do bang. To do Bain. Equivalent means everything. Well, how would say everything less than repeat to DOL, to-do, to-do, to-do, to-do, that are all which adds the end is incomplete. So I say to do today and say to DAW, okay, say to-do. To-do, to-do means everything. So again, everything to-do, to-do, everything is okay, everything is fine. Everything well, to do bang, to do bang, to do bang. When someone says TEA to do Bain, asking, you can respond. Same thing. To-do Bain to the base, so everything is fine. Yes, everything is okay to domain. To domain. And you ever say to do Bay to debate, you might hear someone responding you only to-do to-do. It's correct as well. So it can respond to the bay or it can respond only to do, to do bang, To-do, ever sell to the bank, to do bang, ever sell. You might hear someone added EIA to do Ben AIE, to do bang, AIE to do bank at clearly means and there, and then your place, everything is fine. And in your place everything's okay. So I-I means there at your place. So when I say AIE and there at your place, everything's okay. Yeah, yea to do bang the IEEE to do Bay. And it's pretty common and used in Brazil. Yeah, you to do bang to-do variables, sir. Yay to do Bay to-do EvoS cell. 14. Lesson 2 greetings part 1: Here's out. Say, sorry, less than repeat. This Coupa. The scope, the scope, the scope. This Coupa. As you see here, we have three vowels, separate the word n, three syllables, this coup, this Coupa, Coupa. There are a AIC end, so it's incomplete. So don't say this Coupa. Coupa. There are l, which comes at the middle, it's pronounced W, the scoop, scoop up this Coupa. See again, sorry, this Coupa. This school, the school GPA, respond. Never mind. Less than repeat. For another four in ADA, following. For another, for another. It literally means it was, nothing is out, say was listener repeat. Foil, foil. Foil, foil. Nothing. Nevada, Nevada, final ADA, foil, foil. Another, say again, never mind. It was nothing. For another four in ADA, sorry. The scope. The scope. The scope is nothing. Never mind. For another following that for another. He's out, say, excuse me, less than and repeat. Commonly sensor communists sense. Communist sense, common sense at learning means with license. Hayes, I'll say license, listen and repeat. Lists. Sensor, listens, listens. We have three vows separate the word N3, sell about Lee sen. Sen, sense lists sensor, and we've got CCG area, that means we're going to pronounce it as see the sensor. This sensor can say less sense. Say, listens, Lean, Sensei, listens. The sense that means license. How say with less than and repeat. Calm, calm, calm, calm, calm. Little m here is pronounced as m com, so Clause, your mouth. Calm, calm. You might hear someone saying to you, call this sense of calmness sense connecting com, which means with Wesley sense, which means license to speak fast little m to n. I have told you guys before the worst separated. It's not the same pronunciation for it in a phrase, you also might hear someone saying, listen, only the sensor for, excuse me, list sense, lists sense. Say again, excuse me, excuse me. Listens, listens. Coalescence. Coalescence. Respond. Yes. Seeing seeing what is your name? Wow, tsunami. Tsunami. Respond your name? My name is melanoma. Melanoma Mohammed. Please listen and repeat. Por favor. Por favor. Or 54 or 504. Por favor. It literally means for favor. How say for less than and repeat. Or pore, pore, pore. Say for pore, pore, for you. Portico said, Pour was, say, port was said. Favor. Far. W4, w4. For w4, w4, we have two vowels. We separate the word into syllables, 54, 54, 54, por favor, por favor. Here in Brazil, there are many accents. You might hear someone saying Pour 50 or 50. Or someone's saying pore, far w4, por favor with stress are okay. Sometimes you might hear someone saying 54, 54 only for VOR to speak fast and to sound like a native speaker. Tried to say, please, What is your name? Proof-of-work. Ok. Tsunami. Hovercraft, tsunami. Excuse me, what is an M? Lists sense. Well, so NAMI, only since tsunami. Respond, My name is melanoma a mill no man. Say sorry because you didn't understand the scope of this Coupa. Coupa. Respond. My name is and put your name. Melanoma. Say everything is fine. Everything is okay. To do Bay. Yeah, you to do Ben, respond. Everything's okay. Thanks. To the base seen Mobley Godel to do Bain or brick gada 22. And you'll ever see, ever say respond. Yes, everything is fine. Seeing two domain seen today. 15. Lesson 3 greetings part 2: Here's out. Say, good morning, listen and repeat. Bonds via Bungee. Bungee bone G. It clearly means good day, he's out. Say good lesson and repeat. Bom, bom, bom, bom, bom. Say again, good. Bom, bom. We have the M at x0 and it sounds like em. So closer mouse, bom, bom charged, say is good. Lea Bom, Bom, Bom. He's out, say day, listen and repeat. G, G, G, G, G. Notice that in the beginning of the word G, we have a digraph, D, E, or D. I saw Oprah now set G, G, G. So it would be G, G naught. Is that, notice that g i, which means Day, is a masculine word. That's why we use the mask, an adjective, good, which means bom, bom Jia, bone G, one G to sound like another speaker. When you connect BOM with Gia, their images to letter n log n. Same as coalescence here to Bungee. Bungee, Bungee cellular M is a lie, n, Bungee, Bungee. If you say bomb G, it's 52. When someone says, Yeah, Good there you respond. Same thing. Bungee. Bungee. See again, Good morning. Bungee. Bungee. Respond, Good morning. Bungee. Bungee. Here is our say, good afternoon lesson and repeat. What? What? What Taiji, what Taiji, it clearly means good known. The word known in Portuguese is a feminine word. That's why we use the feminine adjective good, which means buh, buh, buh, buh, buh. See again, feminine good, boo, boo. The masculine good, bom, bom, Thevenin, good boo, boo. How to say no, less than and repeats. Targeting tire G. G. Does that, wins. A digraph. D or D comes at the end, we pronounce it as g. So don't say tardy, say tar G, G, G, G. You can pronounce it as type G. G, Paulista. Or you can pronounce it as a hygiene that have R as pronounced as h. So you can say charging or discharging. See again, good afternoon. What, what what, what Taiji respond. Good afternoon. But what, what RG you remember how to say good morning. Bone G. One G. Respond and good morning. Mongolia. Mongolia. Good afternoon. What what RJ respond? Good afternoon. But what RJ here's out. Say, good night. Listen and repeat. 10, Chain Rule or no Chain. One noise. 10, HE, the word knight is a feminine word in Portuguese. That's why we use z feminine adjective, good, which is boo, hiss out, say night, listen and repeat. No cheating, no chain noise, noise, noise, noise machine we have is a digraph day or T at z and we pronounce it as Ci when it comes adds the handle pronounced as xi. Xi NOI CI. Noise can say noise or noite. Say noise, noise, cheat, Say again. Night. No, itchy, no, achieve. Good night. 10, 10 HE respond, goodnight. I know HE 10 HE good afternoon. What G? G. Respond. Good afternoon. What Taiji what Taiji? The morning. Bungee. Bungee respond. Good morning. Morning Jia bone GI. 16. The practicing lesson : So now let's get to the perhaps in part, you're going to have a conversation with me. I'm going to start and you're going to respond. Bond Jia EIA to do banning response, everything is fine. Anu to dual cost tsunami. Spawn your name and you may monomial Mohammed, but as their inquiry has sell low, whereas here in Korea, cella is spawned. Nice to meet you too. Vasa recta, vasa Americana. Respond if you're American or not. And you know so, but has a narrow Chao. Now let's invert the conversation. You're going to start and I'm going to response, say Good afternoon. But algae. Asking me How am I to do basing Evo cell. Respond. Now ask about my name. Monomial Muhammad ever said? Cnn and nice to meet you. But as they're now asking me if I'm Brazilian, seeing else overdose delirium, able cell. Response. Now finish the conversation. Say Bye. Ciao. Listen again. Want to do ever since hussein American scene. So if I say elsewhere, but as an arrow. 17. Section 5 lesson 1 do you speak Portuguese?: Hey guys is Muhammad and distinction for now speak Portuguese. Listen to this conversation. Alu to do Bain, dawdle that assets at the OS, it will say two beta Maine was the photo Portuguese a water fall in bulk which you bought two gates. Keep bomb. Listen again. Here you've to do Bain, dawdle that assets at the OS, it will fail to obey them. Maine was the photo Portuguese or water seeing ELF file and bulk which bought two gates. Keep bomb, gym member house. Say, what's your name? Glosso NAMI qualia tsunami. Respond your name. Male NAMI Muhammad's mail know me, I am homage. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet President glia cell. Respond. Nice to me too. But I didn't bring a singleton vein. But I sell campaign. Say, thanks, man says Albany Gatto or big woman says, obey God. Optic gada. Respond, You're welcome. Gina. Nevada, sorry. This Coupa. Coupa. Nevermind. For another, for another, for another, excuse me. Only sensor. Commonly sense. Listen cell. Please. Pause for both. Good morning. Bom, bom, bom G. Respond. Good morning. Bom. Bom Jia with afternoon. What Taiji? Respond? Good afternoon. Good evening. Good night. 10 chain. One night she respond 10, HE or annoy HE. Hey, what's up? Yeah, you to do Bain PIE to domain. Respond, everything is fine. Your to-do to-do. Ever said respond, I am fine. Thanks God. Still obeying grass service TO Bain grassy hills. The Portuguese listen and repeat. Was the final point to guess. Versa, fall apart to guess. Was the fall apart to guess, I would say verb to speak, listen and repeat. Far, far, far, larger. Repeat part of the part. Far, far, far, far. See again, verb to speak, far, lie. Far is the infinitive in Portuguese is pretty important because we use it to conjugate the verb and the different tenses. We have four forms as infinitive. In Portuguese language, we have the infinitive which ends ui's, a, R or I, I, he said and form and squeeze ER, or a he, he, the third form which ends with R or EA, EA he, the force form in squeeze all R or all a. So again, we have four forms for the infinitive in Portuguese, which end with AR, ER, I, R, E, O R, or a. For example, very tunnel, which means queer said, it ends with a he or EIR to speak. And switches are a he or a firewall. Firewall. So it's pretty important to know the ends of h infinite. Of course, we use it to conjugate the verb ends a different tenses. In Portuguese, we have regular verbs and irregular verbs, same as in English, but in Portuguese, we can have regular and irregular verb tense. So we can have a verb that's regular in the present and irregular in the past. In general, we call the verb an irregular verb so far ends with IHI. How to say I speak, listen and repeat. L, follow. Follow. Far law, follow, follow, follow. Yeah. Remove Z end of the infinitive, I, E, or a jar and put o, follow, follow, follow means I speak, I speak. How would be you speak? Listen and repeat. Voice said favela. Voice say, phyla. Voice said follow for, follow. Remove literate a or r, which is at the end of the infinitive, fall. Fall, fall of was safe. Follow any Ellie the same elif. Elif our ELA the same error for our era. Father, again, I speak ALL follow l fall law will follow. You. Speak voice safe. Our voice say fall. I would say Favela. He speaks. Aly. Aly follow Ellie, father. She speaks era, phyla, era, follow our flower. How to say Portuguese. Listen and repeat. Port to guess, or to gaze, or to gaze, board, to gaze, or to gaze, port, to gaze, pore to gaze. As you see here in the middle, there's a circumflex accent on little a or E in English, or to gaze, port to gaze for today's. See again, Portuguese were to guess or to guess. I'd say I speak Portuguese. L fall apart to guess. And we'll follow Portuguese or follow-up or two gates are going to speak Portuguese. I don't know, fall apart to guess. Now nofollow port to gaze and nofollow Portuguese asked me, you speak Portuguese, were set far apart to guess. Was they fall apart to gaze? Was cephalopod to guess, respond. Yes, I speak Portuguese. Seen ELF file port to gays, seeing fall over to guess. 18. Lesson 2 I speak a little Portuguese: Respond. Now, I don't speak Portuguese, I speak English, lesson and repeats. And 10 follow-up or to gaze following glaze. No foreign port to gaze following Glace. Which parts here means English? Yeah, it's inlays. Inlays. England's. As you see here, there's a circumflex accent on litter II. Saw stretch the sound in glares, glares in less. C Again, English in glass. In glass, say, I speak English. Following glass, fall on glass. I speak English. I don't speak Portuguese. Following glass, I don't know 50 port to guess. Following glaze, it will follow pore to gaze. Asking me just speak English. Was the following list, was the following glass fiberglass. Respond. I speak a little, listen and repeat. Following poco. Poco. Following poco. Poco. He's out, say little, listen and repeat. Or poco. Poco. See here, they're all XEN means that it's incomplete. When you pronounce it. Poco would say pope Paul, say, Oh, how it says indefinite, ergo, uhm, uhm, uhm, uhm, uhm, say little oil, boom pole, call. One. Say I speak a little ELF file on Paul call l fall on poor call l fall on poco. I speak a little Portuguese, less ng-repeat L following pork, which port to guess? Phylum poor put you pour to guess on. Poor could report to guess at nearly means I speak a little off Portuguese, as you see here. They comes in the middle of the phrase. So pronounce it as G, G bar to guess, GPL to guess. Following poor could report to guess or following poco Jupiter to guess. You also can say, Oh, follow port to gaze on poco, follow port to gaze on parkour. Some purple. When it comes at the end, it doesn't need day. But when it comes in the middle, we saying poor core been Polk who did something and pour Coogee port to guess on poco Gene Glass. Say again, I speak a little Portuguese. Well, following Pope, which port to gaze forward to get some poco, you speak a little English. Was the following poor Project Glass was a follow-up on PACU genderless, was the following reason poco will see falling glaze on top with the foreign pocketing less a little English and poor coaching less gene bless, Jingle S, connect between dead and unless as a one word. So don't say day unless say Jean less, Gene Glass. See fallen pocket in glass. Was the father and pocketing less. Respond? Yes, I speak a little English. Seeing a fallen poco, genderless, seeing following pocket in glass. But I speak Portuguese well, listener repeats mass of foreign Portuguese bearing mass AU follow Portuguese vein. Which parts here means, but yeah, its mass, mass, my mass, mass, mass C again, but mass, mass. Notice that we have two pronunciations for this word. You might hear people saying mass, mass as in Paulista absent. Or people say my sh, sh, as in karaoke accent. My gosh, oh my gosh. Mass, mass. Both are correct. Say again, but mass, mass or mice. Mice say again, but I speak Portuguese well, myself fall apart to gaze been, myself fall Portuguese banking. I speak Portuguese very well. Listen and repeat. Hello. Final point to guess, mostly to bank will fall apart to guess. Which part here means very year. It's too early to say, I speak Portuguese very well. L fall apart to gaze, to bang. It will fall apart to gaze. I am very well. Thanks. I was to move to ban Obregon. Obregon do very well. Very good. Way to bone to bone. 19. Lesson 3 I speak better English: I speak Portuguese. Burwell. L fall apart to guess mostly to Bain, follow-up or to gaze movie to Bain. But I speak better English, listening, repeat mass, following yawning less mass, and follow manuring lens. How would say better listener, Pete, Millie, your menu or menu or manure. Many are the digraph LH or alien guy in the middle were announced as yay, yay. So when you say better, you say mainly or merely Orden, same in H4, say million, four million. I would say, I'm better. You're going to use a temporary verb to be Aristotle, your tommy, your ileostomy, you're asking me, I do better. What system your terminal. Respond? Yes, and better. Thanks. Gut. Seeing there was so many autographs serious. Seeing Tobin who are their acidosis. So again, I speak Portuguese very well, but I speak better English. Now for a port to guess, movie to Bain mass, following yawning less, far apart to gaze with domain mass, follow manuring less. Say again, verb to speak. Follow. Follow. I speak, follow. Follow. You speak you speak. Vaisala was a father. He speaks. Does he speak any phyla? Phyla? She speaks. Does she speak LFO? Lfo. Say, I speak Portuguese and fall apart to guess follow-up or to guess I speak English, l following glass far longer as I speak. Portuguese. Foreign package for two gaze, following pork, which port to guess. I speak English well, following Brisbane, following glazes bang, I speak English very well. L following glands mostly to being foreign glass movie to Bain. Respond. Very good. Autobahn meu to bomb. That's good. Lesson and repeat key, bom, bom, bom. I would say that less than a repeat, k, k, k literal 0 or u, which is in the middle, is silent. We don't pronounce it. So pronounced that our a, which comes at the end, k. K saw two connected to the film word. It could be key, key, key bom, bom, bom. Say again, that's good. Or as we say that good. Key bom, bom, very good. Movie to Bond, movie to bomb. I speak Portuguese well, but I speak better English. L follow Portuguese, bang muscle, follow me, urine, glass, fall over to guess vein mass of follow meaningless. 20. Let's have a conversation: Now let's get to the part. Let's have a conversation and we'll just start and you're going to respond. Yea, to do Bain to dog, it has to do is call tsunami, respond. And you'll now know Mohammed. But as it include a sale law. But I sitting in a cellular response, samadhi kernel, respond with the fall apart to guess movie to bang with the follow-up or to guess movie to Bain was the fall apart to guess. I said, You speak Portuguese very well. Thank me and say You speak better English. Key, bomb, child. Now let's invert the conversation and start saying, Good evening. One watching as coal mine. To debate in Gerasa DOC was said, respond. Ask about my name. No, no, Muhammad, it was said, say Nice to meet you. But as an employee has to say that you speak added Portuguese. Keep bom. Bom. Now asking me if a number is even seeing. Seeing so Brasilia 0. Respond. Now say goodbye. Ciao. Listen again. Yeah, you too domain total net assets at the OS, it will say two beta Maine was the final Portuguese Water seeing no foul and poke which bought two gates, keep bomb. 21. Section 6 lesson 1 where are you from: Hey guys is Muhammad as is section 5 of no speak Portuguese. Listen to this conversation. From Quito. It was bang it assets at the John L. So this is done in the US, was a follow-up often gaze may well be Grb2 must follow me during Lis. Listen again. Tranquil. It was after the deals. Joinder was also the news was they fall above the main public Garbo must follow me Learning Glass. Remember how I'd say verb to speak. Far, far less. Foliar. Try say I speak. Follow, follow, follow. You speak. Was a father, was a farmer. He speaks elif. Elif Allah. She speaks Ala. Ala, Ala, Ala. Say, I speak English. Following less foreign, less following graphs. I speak Portuguese. Follow Porto, guess, fall apart to guess. I speak Portuguese. Well. L fall apart to gaze, bang, fall apart to guess Bain. I speak English really well. L final glaze, movie to Bain. Following glass. Movie to Bain. I speak Portuguese. Foreign poke, which port to guess. Following Pope, which port to guess. I speak Portuguese. Foreign poco, cheaper to guess, fallen poke which port to guess. I speak Portuguese well, but I speak better English. L fall apart to guess Bain, mass phenomena or in glass. L follow-up or two gates banging mass following less Miller. Respond, That's good. Keep on. Key bone. Very good. Moiety to bone, to bone that you speak Portuguese. Give us a final pore to guess. Give us a follow up or to guess that she speak Portuguese as well. And a funnel pour to guess the main alfalfa pore to guess the main response. She speaks a little. Ever fallen poco. Lfo on poco. But he speaks better. Mass any follow me or mass in the family or that's good. Keep bone. Key bomb. We are from lesson and repeat. Joined us. John, she was John, she was John she was said. It clearly means from where you are is I'll say from where John, John Qian, Jiang, Jiang, Jiang Jiang. Try to make your pronunciation sound like being John G Jiang Xie. John G parts means where? Yeah, it's on June on Jian on G. On G, on G and G. As you see, when the digraph day or D comes at the end, we pronounce it as G on G. So don't say on day or on D, say on G, on G, just to sound like an orangey on G. And when you connect the preposition from which means Day 2. So it would be John. Don't say Dion gene say John G, G on Jean, John Jay. See again from where John Jay, John G, from where you are wearing from? John. John. John, you said tried to ask where is he from? John Jay. John Jay Leno. John Jay. Where she from? John generalize? A John G LA John GLA. See again where we found John. You said John, you would say, presents a way that you might hear in the colloquial Portuguese. It's listen and repeat. Was edge on gene was say John Jay was sage on G. Yeah, you can put the interrogative pronoun Zhuangzi. At the end of the phrase was said Zhang Qian was St. John G. Where's he from? Area John Eliot. Where is she from? Ally Johnson. Ally John Jay. 22. Lesson 2 I'm from the US: Respond, I am from us. Listen and repeat. It also does a status a nidus l saw, does it start as a nidus? L saw doses status and needless. A also does a status a nidus, how it say United States less than ng-repeat a status needless. Estados Unidos Estados Unidos. Repeat part of the part as Tardos, S Tardos, who need those who need those. Estados Unidos Estados Unidos zone I did skates. Listen and repeat. Always establish a nidus. Always Estados Unidos was established as a nidus. Notice that we have for definite articles and Portuguese, therefore the mask and single words. Therefore as a feminine singular word. Therefore as a masculine plural word for is a feminine plural words. How to say that for the masculine singular words, listen and repeat. Oh, oh, oh, oh, yeah, we only put litter all before the masculine singular word 00, 00, 00. For example, the word restaurant is historian, she has, and she has fell Orangi, tolerant. She, historian, she literally are at the beginning is pronounced as h has, has tower and she has started and sheep and the digraph t and z, and it's pronounced as CI, historian she Estonia and she establishes a mask and word. So we say the restaurant, it would be or has total machine. All histology or histology. Cause restaurant is a masculine singular word. So we put the masculine singular. How B for the feminine single word. Yeah. Here it's incomplete. We say because it's an article, it's not a litter. Okay. We use it for as a feminine singular word. For example, the word house, which means Kazaa. Kazaa. Kazaa is a feminine word. So when you say the house, it would be at Kazaa. Kazaa, at Kazaa. Kazaa is a singular feminine word. That's why we put the singular feminine at Kazaa, at Kazaa. So how Baeza masculine plural. Oh, us, us, us, us, us, us mean therefore, the masculine plural words. You only put there S at the end to make it plural. Osce, OSCE. For example, the word restaurants only put S-I-G-N. It'd be Haskell wrenches has told her and she's Estonian inches. So when you say the restaurants, It could be aws, histone branches or systole, and she's also a stone arches. So we use AWS because histo lunches as a masculine plural word, AWS, histone branches or systole branches. How b is a feminine plural? Yeah, put it could be S, S, S, S. So how would be houses put S at the end of Kazaa? It'd be cause us to cause us, cause scars as these houses. Us, as us as costless as causes. C Again, the masculine singular, 0, 0, the masculine feminine, or masculine plural. Or all the words s, s. So how would be 0, S or Z? United States. United States is a masculine plural word. So we use the masculine plural that it would be OZ status a nidus, or this star doesn't need us. As you see here, the combination between AWS and status. Status is start with a vowel. So don't say of us Estados Unidos. We pronounced letter S, s, z. It would be all the status and nidus or the status needles then say OSes taboos and it'll say always Estados Unidos se against the United States, or the status and nidus, or the star doesn't need us. How B from the United States, less than ng-repeat. Does this tie doesn't need us? Does Estados Unidos doses status, and needless. So how safe from yeah, it's de, de, de. It ends with a vowel, letter E or a in Portuguese. And when we add the article, the article starts with a vowel. So here we have a contraction. Here, there's two vowels coming together. We remove the first vowel, we removed the first one. So it'd be dose. Dose. So how be that contraction from the for the masculine singular word day plus 0, it'd be DO, DO, DO, DO. Yeah, two vowels coming together. Remove the first vowel, which is a, from the preposition from a to B, DO, DO, DO, DO. So dummies from that four is a masculine singular words. How would be from that? Four is a feminine singular word. That contraction is Dad, dad, dad, same thing, two vowels coming together remove the first value, which is a or E. In English, it would be data, that means from the four as a feminine singular words. How bead from the 4s, the masculine plural word day plus 0 us. It'd be DOS, dos, dose, same as from the United States. It would be those established in either the combination dos plus status, those Estados Unidos. Does Estados Unidos doses, taboos and needless. From the first a feminine plural word, D plus S, it would be dass, das, das, two vowels coming together, removed the first one. It would be DES, des, des. See again from there for the masculine singular word, DO, DO, DO from that for is a feminine singular word. The data from that for the masculine plural word dose, dose, dose from there. For the feminine plural word DES, des, des. Say from the United States. Those Estados Unidos doors is star doesn't need us. Status. And needless, I am from the United States. L saw that it started in needless. L saw to start as a nidus, saw this Estados Unidos. 23. Countries that you might need in the conversation : Asked me, are you from the US? Was said was established a nidus voice said those Estados Unidos ask is he forms us LEA to status and needless, LEA does establish a nidus, a shift from zoo s L I to study the nidus LIN who started needless respond? Yes, I'm American seeing else Americano seeing. So Americano. Yes, I'm American. Woman says scene Elsa Americana. Seen American annual. Ever said every say, wherever from. John Geebo, say John. She was said John do was say, we say John G. Respond, I'm from Brazil. Listen and repeat. L saw Debra's. U. L saw Dora's, you saw WSU, LSO DO Brazil. L. So WSU, it literally means I'm from Brazil. Notice that all the countries in Portuguese needs the definite article. So don't say I'm from Brazil. Say I'm from Brazil, he is or say Brazil. Listen and repeat. But a 0. Brazil, but are 0, but 0 brands. But as you there, l, which is in Z, n is pronounced as w, But as 0, 0, 0. Brazil as a masculine country. So I'd be Brazil. Brazil. Brazil. From Brazil. Do brands you DO Brazil. Brazil. Say again, I'm from Brazil. L. So the brands you saw, the brand CEO asked me, are you from Brazil? Was said over x2. X2. Respond. Yes, I'm Brazilian. Seeing seeing l sobre Celera. And you'll ever see, ever say y from John. John you would say, respond, respond. I am from England. Listen and repeat. L, l, L, Sudan. Sudan. Which parts here means England, England, England. England. Repeat part of the part. England. In England. As you see here, there is a double r in the middle of the word, and it's pronounced as H, SUDAAN say England, Tara, say England, England. England. England is a feminine country B and from England, or as we say, I am from Z, England, L. So then, so then I will see here the combination words and England. England starts with a vowel, which is I, N sues another one can net bow with English. It would be dangling at the, I don't say that England, okay, say Daniela. To sound like a native speaker, remove the first vowel of England, started b, then also dangling. Else saw Dan Glass, ask, are you from England? Was said and the voice said and respond, yes, I'm English. Man says, Sing, it was showing less. Seeing sunglass. Woman says, sing a song, glass ceiling, sunglasses. He's from England, but it speaks Portuguese. Burwell. Lea must fall apart to guess movie to Bain. Lea then must fall apart to guess movie to Bain. Lea must fall apart to gaze. To be, That's good. Keep bone, key bone. Respond annual. You speak Portuguese. Ever said we see fall apart to guess. We'll say fall apart to guess, follow-up to guess. Respond. I am from Canada, but I speak Portuguese lesson and repeats. Also do Canada muscle following Pope which port to guess. So do kinda muscle following Pope. Which port to guess? He's out. Say Canada, listen and repeat. Canada, Canada, Canada, Canada, Canada. As you see here, it ends with little a and there is acute accent over. So we don't say Canada. We say Canada, Canada. Stretch the sound of the vowel a, Canada, Canada. Notice that Canada, which means Canada. Canada as a Muslim country, even ends with a but it's the exception, saw Canada as a masculine country. So how safe from Canada, or as we say from the Canada. Canada. Canada do kinda say I am from Canada. And also do Canada L. So do Canada, pseudo Canada. Ask either from Canada, Jose to Canada. Voice say to Canada, respond, yes, I'm Canadian. Listen and repeat. I also cannot then C, L, So kinda density, so density, repeat part of the part can be in C, can then see Canada in C. Then C, C again Canadian. Can I didn't see Kennedy. Kennedy Institute works for masculine and feminine Canadian. Say again, I'm Canadian. I also kinda density. So Canada NC. Ask him, are you Canadian? Was say Canada density. Voice. Say Canada density. Ask her, are you Canadian? Voice sake. And a density was second a density respond? Yes, I'm Canadian but a speaker level Portuguese. Also Canada density. But I speak Portuguese. So Canada in C, but I speak Portuguese. Don't be concerned if your country or nationality wasn't mentioned in the video lesson, we're going to have a lesson teaching you all the countries and the nationalities soil can talk about your country or nationality. 24. Countries and nationalities "Vocabulary lesson": Or by 0s, necessarily Dodge. Api saw African is stone, Afghani stone. I feel, I feel I feel after Google. Valleys. Valleys, Gina Polish, Jian valleys gene Alice, Alice Jena, Jena, Jena, Jena, Jena. Australia, Australia. Australia on Australia on Australia and Australia on Bell Zika. Bear with Zika Berger. Berger. Bolivia, Bolivia. Bolivia. Bolivia, Bolivia, Bolivia and Brazil. Brazil, Brasilia to Brazil. Brazil later, Brazi, later. Comb boys, boys, convoys on convoys, on convoys, on convoys. Come out always, come out always. Camaro place tomorrow. And Ace. Combat only is Kmart only Islam. Camaro AC Camargo, AC Canada. Canada. Canada. They see cannot be C. She she she she learned. She Lana, Lana. She she she she she needs Cindy Islam, Colombia, Colombia, Colombia. Colombia. Colombia, Colombia, Costa Rica course to heat. The heat gain course, the hurricane Coster, he KKR course, the hurricane you. Corba, Coba, coupon, coupon, coupon, coupon. Jena, Jena, Jena, gaze, genomic, genomic or genomic loci is equal do equatorial on equality on it. Is U2 is used to, is ships. You is zips you a zip CIA is ipsa, El Salvador. El Salvador. So by doing so, validating, so valuing, so vibrating. England, England day her inlays. English. English. English is stored here, is storing its stony on Estonia. Estonia. Estonia know it's your peer, HER BIO. It should be, it should go beyond. Its your beyond. It showed beyond. It showed beyond our Finland. Finland. Finland days. Fill on these. Hello, Andi is Finland, deism, France. France. Francis. Francis. From season to season. I love Mile Island minor. I live I live alone. I live homo. And LUMO. Governor Governor Gagne's, Gagne's Ghani is, Gandy is again may see getName sea grass. Grass here. Grid, goo, goo grid, grid. I see, I see. I Xiang. Xiang. Her know HER on all Buddha's own looters. On the rain. Rain onload anion. Malaysia, Indonesia. Indonesia. Indonesia is you in Bernays, you in EDA. Ida, Iranian Iranian uranium. Uranium. Along the, along the e Hollandaise alone days. You haven't the Islam Islam, Judaism. It earlier. Italian, Italian, Italian, Italian, Italian. Job bone, Zach bone, Japanese, Japanese. Japanese, Japanese. Joy hedonia, Joe. Joe Joe hadn't Zoom. Kenya, Kenya. Kenya. Kenya. Kenya. Kenya now quarter a quarter a Korean. Korean. Korean. Korean. Lisbon. Lisbon, Lebanese. Lebanese. Liberalism, liberalism. Cdr, CDR. Cdu, city you cdr, cdr. Malice. Malice. Yeah. My Lai you Malalai, you. Malaria. Malaria mesh. Mesh. Michigan. Michigan. Michigan. Michigan. My Hawk, who's my hawk was my hokey in my hokey in my hokey. Now, my hope here now. All alone. All alone. The olden days, olden days. Well on deism or learn these. Nava, Nava Zillow and John. New Zealand days. New Zealand, these, New Zealand, new Zealand deism, Tunisia, Tunisia, Tunisia, Tunisia, Tunisia, Tunisia on ponies zoom, zoom. Zoom in to any Xena. Norway ago, motorway ago, Norway gaze, motorway gaze. Norway gives, norway gives them panda. Panda. Panda main, banner main panda mania and hypomania. Better, gray matter, gray matter gray, you better. You. Paraguay. Paraguay. Who fail to build one. Here, one Beta-1. Beta-1. Filipinos. Philip beingness, Filipino Philip below, philip Bina, Bina, Paulownia, Paulownia, Paulo Nice. Follow these. Following the Islam. Following me is to go, to, go to gaze for H2, gaze for her to give him home mania or hypomania? Hormone hormone, hormone, the hormone Anna Hosea. Hosea, host to host Sue, Who's hosts at IBM. So Gita add ABA, so g, So g, So g Theta is fine. It's fine. It's fine. Oh, it's going Oh, it's spraying. Allah is spraying. Sweat. Sweat. Sweat, sweat, sweat, sweat. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Taiwan. You are Taiwanese. Taiwanese. Taiwan. Taiwan is a lone island to island. The island, the island is pylon the USA. Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. Okra and your Ukrainian. Ukrainian. Ukrainian. Ukrainian, no. Status when you lose his status when you do American? American. I made it I made it. Little gray auto grey autograph. You order YOU little guy here. Auto-grader. Venezuela. Venezuela. Venezuela alone. Venezuelan Venezuela. Venezuela on VHDL. Vhdl, vhdl. The Cheonan meta, the galleys, giganteus, galleys, gullies that Liza, Galileo's. Bye, bye, hey. But in USDA. But in Utah, I said earlier, I've actually been really him as a Lima. Lima emit out was out of his own use. Adobe spoon, you use emitter, they see immediate. They see quite, quite, quite, quite, quite, quite. Shanna, Iraqi, Iraqi, yada, yada, yada, yada, yada, pseudo. Pseudo. Suddenly, suddenly, suddenly, as, suddenly as carry-on at 30 on the data. Daddy, daddy. He's HIO is HIO is high LacI is high LacI. 25. Section 7 lesson 1 where are you?: Listen to this conversation. Yeah, that isn't built on Javadoc is gonna cause you, Marcus. So now who would listen again? Yeah. That isn't your own job audit is to not because you, Marcus. Hi, everyone. This is Mohammed and this section six. Now speak Portuguese. You remember how to say where you're from? Georgia was say John. John Jay was said, was said John G. We say John G. Where is she from? John. John Jay, hey, where's he from? John Jay layer, John GA earlier, respond and from the US. El solo status and nidus saw the news. I'm American man says. So Americano, Americano woman says L. So Americana, so many current, say you're American but he speak Portuguese really well. Was 70. Kernel must file a Portuguese meu to bang was ceremony kernel must fall apart to guess movie to Bain, say to her, You American, but you speak Portuguese really well. With so many current must fall apart to guess movie to Bain was seminary corona must fire Portuguese smoothly to Bain, respond. Thanks. Ricardo ABI gada, where you're from? Georgia was was edge on G respond I'm from England. El Sudan going to tell her. So then I am English. Man says L, So in glass. So NLS woman says L, sunglass sewing. Respond, That's good. Keep bom, bom, very good. Meu to Bom. Bom. I am from Canada. Also do Canada. Soda, Canada. I'm Canadian. Man says L, So kinda density. So kinda the NC woman says same thing. Also kinda density. So kinda density, say I'm Canadian but I speak a level Portuguese. L. So kinda density, mass of foreign Pope, which port to guess. So kinda density must follow and pop which port to guess. Respond, That's good. Keep bom, bom. Where are you now? Listen and repeat. Anova says Toggle, ora. Anju would say star Gora were REO, Anja was siesta on G, was siesta on G was siesta at nearly means where you are. And here we use the temporary verb to be established on Java siesta on Joe says to ask again what ARIO Anju who says data on USA start. Ask where is he or as we say, where he is on Jay Lister, on Jaylynn sta, ask would achieve where she is on g ls data, on GIS data. Respond, I am at Marco's house. Listen and repeat. L is point a custom Marco toner Cuzco Marco. It clearly means I am Ende, the house of the Marko. It'll say house, listen and repeat. Kazaa. Kazaa. Kazaa is a feminine word. So how it say the house at Kazaa. Kazaa and the house, listen and repeat. Nacada, NACADA, NACADA, German Bauhaus, say n, yeah, AIM, AIM, AIM. Here we have a combination between the preposition and the definite feminine article, which is. And this combination happens always with a small prepositions. Here, n is a small proposition. It has only two letters, so we connect it to the article we have for definite articles. So we're going to have four forms of n, which depends on the word masculine and feminine, singular or plural. So how be NVDA for the masculine singular word aim plus 0, it'd be no, no, no. And literally all here, it's incomplete because it comes at the end. So don't say no, say no, no, no. So for example, when you say adds a restaurant or in the restaurant, it would be no Haskalah and she, no historian, sheep. Why you use no cause historian, she is a Muslim single word. So use muslin singular, NVA, and the restaurant. No histology, no historian sheet. So how bn, for the feminine singular word N, which means a1 plus L, which means that it could be combination. Now, so you say, and the house, house means Kazaa and it's a feminine singular word. And the house at it be Kazaa, Kazaa, NACADA, NACADA. How BMI, for the masculine plural world. Eng, which means n plus, which means us, it'd be no loss, no loss, no loss. For example, when you say add the restaurants, if it be noss historian anxious, knows his camera and she's history branches as a masculine plural word to put the masculine plural, which is loss. Most historians, his nose, his daughter, and she's no sister and she's how B for the plural feminine words, n, which means n plus, which is S, as it would be mass, mass, mass. So when you say add the houses or in the houses, it be Nas causes mass, causes, mass causes. So again, for the masculine singular word, no, no. And for the feminine singular word, now, now, for the masculine plural word, nose, nose in there for the feminine plural word Nas, Nas, Nas, how be Marco's house? Listen and repeat. Because I do Marco cars, do Marco Kazaa do Marco at learning means house of the Marko, the house that belongs to Marco. So here you say, how's of them. Then you put the name of the person. Muhammad's house, house of the Mohammed Kazaa do Mohammed Roberta's house. How is that? Roberta? It'd be Kazaa data or Berta causes the whole Berta because Roberta is a feminine person. So we use the feminine of the Alberta, Canada. Hulbert, Kazaa, do Marco. Again, Marcus house or as we say, House of the Marco Polo, Marco Kazaa do Marco and Marcus house or as we say n, The House of the Marko. Notecards ago Marco not causing, do Marco Polo, Marco see again and addMarkers house or as we say, I'm in the house of the Marko, Aristotle NACADA, do Marco tone, a cousin who Marco. And you'll ever see ever said. 26. Lesson 2 places you might need in the conversation : Respond, I'm at home. Listen and repeat. It was Twain Kazaa towing Kazaa, going Kazaa. So here we say home as cars. Cars. We can use the word Kazaa as home, so it doesn't need the definite article when you talk about your house, about shore home. So when you say I'm at home, don't say I'm adds a house. Say only I'm at home without z definite article. We store en casa el esto en casa el is going cause a twin cousin. But when you mentioned someone's house, so you say Marcus house. You say the Marco's house, not Kazaa. Do Marco NACADA. Marco say again, I'm at home. I was doing Kazaa to in Kazaa and add markers house. It was for not Kazaa do Marco. Tall neck Kazaa. Do Marco say, that's good. Keep bomb, key bone. Here's another way to say, where are you? Listen and repeat. Tangy, town, gene, town to town, Zhe. It's more used or common between friends and family. So it's used any formal way, which is a contraction of star and ongoing town g tau and d, tau and gene C again, where are you on your sister? Town to town? Tj, respond, I'm at the store. Listen and repeat. Aristotle, larger. Toner, osha. Osha is tunneled Plaza. Which parts here means is Tor Yeah. Laws. Laws, repeat part of the part. Law. Law. Larger, larger, larger as a feminine word. How say, thus store our Lazada. Lazada, how it be at the store in the store now large. Now Lazada. We can use larger as a store or shop. How B, I'm at Marcus store, you're going to say and add the store after Marco. L is store neuralgia though Marco. Tonal logic to Marco, here's the third way to ask, where are you listen and repeat. The vasa recta, vasa candy for KDIGO say, kind of, we'll say it's more common between friends and family. So it's informal way. Where can they, can, they, can, they can, there is a circumflex accent overlay or a pseudo pronounce it as E. Don't see Kat D, say KD. Kd. Today doesn't need verb to be. So don't say cat this star, for example. It doesn't need verb to be, it's understandable, can be. Then put the pronoun. Okay. There was said that it was said ask, where is he? Can ideally, ideally where she got the ELA, respond. Just stare at the hotel, listen and repeat. Ella Esta in the Nortel, Palestine in the Nortel. Alice tie into Nortel is, I'll say, still, listen and repeat. I kinda, I kinda kinda in the I, in the I in there. As you see here, there are a which is add z and it's incomplete. Don't say I, say I in the I in the I in the I in the has to use this. We can use it as a still or yet. Tried say either speak Portuguese yet. El Nino fall apart to guess I in the A14 put together in the, I'm still at work. L is two I in the Notre value. L is two I in the Notre value L is taught by Linda. L is tall neutral value I kinda. So you can put I in the I in a position at a phrase. You can put it at the beginning of the phrase, after the pronoun in the middle, or at the end of the phrase. So how would say Aye, Mr. Quirk? Aye in there I was still neutral value. L is 20 trabajo, kinda kinda Notre value. How say work. Trabajo, trouble. Trouble your trabajo. As you see here is a digraph, L, H. Don't pronounce it as H. Trouble. Joe, Trump, ban your trap value. They are all which add CAN, it's incomplete, trouble value, trabajo, the word works as a masculine word. So at work, it'd be at the work. Notre Dame, notre value. C again, MST at work. I endorse Sutra value. L is total trouble. Kinda l is two i in the Notre value. How I'd say the word hotel, listen and repeat. Or tail, or tail, or tail, or tail. We have two vowels, so separate the world into two syllables, or tail, or tail, or tail or tail. There are h, which is at the beginning, a silent SUDAAN pronounce it. Or, or your OH is more append or, or it's complete, or they're l, which adds the end. It's pronounced as w or tail or tail, Z hotel, or tail or tail. So it's a masculine word or tell how B adds a hotel and the hotel, Nortel, Nortel, Nortel. See against this tell at the hotel. And ostinato in the ELA. No tail. 27. The practicing lesson: Now let's get to the practice in part. Let's have a conversation and when to start and you're going to respond. Imagine a phone conversation between two friends, DIE to do Bain respond to Dubai, a grassroots kind of a cell. Respond that you're at home. And you know, with the fall apart together, Gora, response, thanks buddy, speak better English. Key bomb. Now in the conversation, say goodbye. Ciao. Listen again. Belizean, Melissa. And Doug, ADA is going up because Zoom article, it will say. So in that hallway. 28. Section 8 lesson 1 I have a house in San Paulo: Listen to this conversation. Why Mohammed domain or Monica today was to maintain being most of our May and water will be garbled module following poco kickball, Monica through Kiran, boda, boda, bomb Muhammad after mice. Listen again. Mohammed domain. Monica today was to maintain being Mozaffar. May avoid it, will be God who mentioned following poco, kibble, Monica think Eden boda, boda, boda, Muhammad after minds at the AICPA, swell cornerstone. Hey guys, these Muhammad and this section 7 of now speak Portuguese, German, Bauhaus say where? We have three ways on USSD, onto our sister down G. K Therefore said Okay, There was said tried to ask where is he on jail ESCA Anytown? Jia Li. Where is she? On JLS, the ELA stone GI guy. They respond, she's at Muhammad's house. It would say she's in the house of them hundreds ls done a casa de Muhammad lata and that Kazaa do Muhammad elastin Accardo Muhammad, Muhammad's house. Kazaa, do Mohammed. So I'd say he's ads through Burton's house. Every scanner Kazaa, Herbert, L. Ethanoic acid, the whole Berta. Respond, that's good. Keep on. Keep on. Annual EvoS. Evos say I'm at work. I was told ultra value TO notre value, add that work or n, work. Notre value, neutral value. Say I'm at the restaurant. L is tonal historian, she, tonal historian. She I'm at the store. L is toner larger, tonal. Asha, I'm at Hilton Hotel. L is 2-node tell hue tone, tone or hue tone. So guy is, remember, we have four firms for n, the arco plus the preposition n, Therefore the masculine singular word. No, no. For the feminine singular word. Now, for the masculine plural word, nose, nose, and the first the feminine plural word Nas. Nas, see again a much work. L is total value. But I gotta go Now, listen and repeat. Mass electric heater and Gora, Gora, mass ten, you key it in border gotta mass. Border gotta learning means. But I have that leaf. Now. He's out, say I have listener Pete, El Nino. El Nino. El Nino. How to save or to have listen and repeat. Tear, tear, tear, tear. You might hear some people saying 10 or tear, one or another. Note is that verb, which means to have is the most important verb in Portuguese language, same as verb to have. It has two uses. We can use it as a main verb and the phrase which means to have or to have two. And we can use it as an auxiliary with compound tenses, which has present perfect, past perfect. We use there to have as an auxiliary verb, to have is a verb. So the conjugation forms are different. Let's try to conjugate it in the present. I would say I have El Nino, el Nino. El Nino. El Nino. As you see here, they are. Hx adds the middle super nows it as 10, 10, 10, 10. There are n, here is a light end on say, ten neon. Okay, don't stress the sound of n here. It's a light end, Tango, tango. So tenure means I have how B you have, you have both said pain was said pain was setting, as you see here, it ends with M or M in Portuguese. So we pronounce it as a PNG was safe paying letter M here is a light n and Z. N was say pain, was said pain. The same thing, a daily thing, elite thing, Ella, Ella attain, L obtain again. I have Elton Mayo. Elton Mayo, you have VO say 10 was setting. He has a thing, a thing, she has ala, Ala thing. So let's try to use it as a main verb. And the friends say, I have a house and some Paolo, How it says that in Portuguese, listen and repeat. Ultimate Kazaa and Sao Paulo. Ultimate causes. So Paolo, How would say a house? Una casa umar Kazaa, AMA Kazaa. Notice that we have for indefinite articles in Portuguese depend on singular, plural, or masculine, feminine. So how did say r or n? Four is a masculine singular word. It would be uhm, uhm, uhm, uhm, that are m. Here is Maria's m. So you close your mouth. We can use whom as indefinite article or N for the mass consumer world. Or as number one. Do you remember how to say restaurant histology, histology, ester and she is a Muslim single word, saw how to be a restaurant. On historian she has taught and she almost Orangi how before as a feminine singular word. Yeah, it'd be umami. Umami. Umami put letter a at the end, which it would be incomplete. Don't see OMA, say Oma. Oma. We use it for is a feminine singular word. German, Bauhaus say house, casa, Kazaa. Kazaa is a feminine singular word. So I'd be a house. So I'll be a house or my Kazaa una casa Kamikaze. How B for as a Muslim plural word. Yeah. Jones owns. When we add the S at the end of OEM, there are m chains to let our N or light n. So it'd be booms. Boone's owns. Notice that in Portuguese we use the indefinite article for plural words or plural nouns, not as in English. In English jurist know our N for PR words, but in Portuguese, 0 indefinite articles for plural words. So how would say restaurants? Histone anxious, hostile branches, using the indefinite article for the mass can blow work that be all ones. Hesperonychus, organs historians use Born's as sum. So when you say some restaurants at it, B owns histologies or has histone anxious? How B hour and for the feminine plural word year put S as a feminine singular one, it would be all mass or mass or mass. You remember how say houses? Yeah, causes. Causes is a feminine plural word. So how it say some houses, who must cause us, who must causes almost causes. So we have four forms, cores, indefinite articles in Portuguese. Or N for is a masculine singular word. Uhm, uhm. Our n for the singular feminine word, umami. Umami, some for Z, masculine plural word Jones owns. Some four is a feminine plural word, hummus or mass. C again, I have a house in some Paulo, L2 macaws and Sao Paolo, LTE, OMA, Kazaa, and Sao Paulo, say coal, key, bone to bone. 29. Lesson 2 I go to work by car: You have a car. Listen and repeat. We sitting cargo. Was sitting cargo. Tuckahoe. We say how to say car, listener repeat. Cargo. Cargo. Cargo. There is a double r and z middle. That means we're going to pronounce it as the H 0, 0, 0, 0, which is at the end is incomplete cargo, cowherd and sick cow haul cargo. Who is a masculine word? So when you say ADKAR, it would be ANCA. Hope I have a car, L2 ANCA. Anca. Whoa. Whoa. He's I'll say have to less than ng-repeat. Turkey. Turkey. Their care at learning means to have that. Which part means that? Yeah, it's care, care. You remember that, that good. K. K. So here when you say I have two, say I have that, I have that LTA. Okay. L, K K L T UK, Trad say you have to talk with him. We say, thank you. Follow up. O'malley was say ten Kafala formerly was say thank you for LA commercially. With him. Really commonly, we say thank you for la khomeini, as you see here, when we connect with the following words, cations to key, we say take if our early, as in T-bone, I would say, I have to go listen and repeat. L2 key here. Pay you Kia. Kia. The joke here, how it's a verb to go listen and repeat. Year, year, year, year. It's only two letters, year, ir, verb to go, which means ear, one of the most important verbs in Portuguese language as an English, it has to use this as well. We can use it as verb to go, mean verb as where to go. We can use to also as an auxiliary to conjugate the verb in the compound future. We're going to know that in the future lessons, vertigo, which means year, it's an irregular verb. So how to conjugate it? And the present l, L, l, L w4, a vol, vol, vol L4. Voice was say vi, vi, vi, vi was survival. Ellie, Ellie phi, same thing. Any phi a phi, a Ala, Ala, Ala, Ala phi. Again, I go vote. You go. Was CFI vive was survived. He goes any via a Levi she goes Ella. Ella. So how would be I go to work by car? Listen and repeat. Chicago. Elbow palestra value JICA home. How would say by car listening? Repeat Chicago, JICA, Hu Jintao. Notice that we use the preposition de, de as by 4 transports, by car or by train, by subway. You always use day to day. So when you connect it to the film worded it BG Chicago, Chicago by car. Chicago, Chicago. He's out. Say to listen and repeat Ara, Ara, Ara. C again to Para, Para, how would be to the lesson and repeat, borrow, borrow, borrow be to work or as we say to the work, Barra or trouble value, par, value. Notice that to sound like a native speaker, you can use the contraction. Connect para to o, remove the vowel of bar, B. Bar. Saw. Baro means to force a masculine word, R0. R0. Say again to work or as we say to the work, parallel tra value, par, value. How would say to the first the feminine word? Yeah, it'd be para, but there are two vowels coming together. Remove the first one. It would be para, para, para when you sound it, but when you write it to the right part. For example, to Muhammad's house. Pericardial do Muhammad's para, Kazaa, do Mohammed. Mohammed without pronouncing Kazaa Domo hand. How would be to the masculine plural word para plus, or it could be part of us, but we need speak fast to sound like an every speaker removed the first vowel is say papyrus. Papyrus, papyrus, you write it Paros, but you say it. Arrow's paradox. How B to the restaurants borrows histologies. Paros histology spouse historians is how B to the feminine plural word para plus, as it would be S bar as I move the first vowel to sound like a native speaker, powerless, powerless. How would be to the houses? Cars, us, scars as you need to say far as gases don't separate. Okay, don't close your mouth. As Paris causes, but as causes. So to the first Muslim single word, arrow parallel to the as a feminine singular word, para, para to that. For the masculine plural word Titus, Titus 2, the first word, Paris. Paris. See again, I go to the work by car, Chicago. Chicago to the work to work polytropon value by car, Chicago, chicago. 30. Lesson 3 I have to leave now: Say again, I have to go. L2, Kia, Kia, I have to go now, listen and repeat. Ld. Kinda gotta pay Akira gotta say now a Gora, Gora, repeat part of the part. Gora, Gora, Gora, Gora. See again, now, I gotta, I gotta say he has a car now. Editing, Gora, editing on car. I bought a house. A verb to leave in Portuguese, virtually is composed of where to go, which means IR, ir plus embody. Embody in this case means away to go, away to live. But it has more uses. We can use it as Although or inspite of. We're going to know that in the future lessons. So how to say a way in this case, listen and repeat. Egn border and bought him border. We have three vowels. Separate the word in three syllables and bought em boiler there. M is pronounced as a light, n, m bar, m water, letter a, which is in the end, it's incomplete and water to go away or to leave means eating border, eating border. Say I have to live. It will tell you kill him. Bora. Bora, I have to leave now. Obtain your Kiran Bora Gora. Gora. Respond. Okay, listen and repeat. Bom. Bom. Bom. Bom actually means as good. Say it again. Tab bom, bom, bom, bom. Again. Top bone to bone, three-letter, less than repeat. Atomized. At MIT stodgy, atomize Taiji. Optimized star g at learning means until more late. How would say until listen and repeat. Rpa, our day. Pay. I pay. As you see here, there's acute accent over your E. That means we're going to pronounce it a stretch. The sound even comes as the end. Pronounce it, a, R, T. I pay his oats hay, more. Listener. Repeat. Mice. Mice. Yes, Mark, yes, mice, mice do remember Jose but mass, mass or mice. So it has a same pronunciation. Writing is different. Mice has I in the middle? Always try to pronounce more as mice and, but as mass to again, more mice. Mice, I would say late or tired, you tired. Yeah, we can use stodgy as known or late, remember? So later we say more late, It'd be my strategy. My strategy. Say again, tell letter, R, Tim, I started at them. I stodgy. Respond, letter, listener, repeat. Atomize. Our peer mice. Itemize. Yeah, you can only use optimize until more for later. Optimize. Optimize. You also can say, listen and repeat our pay, our pay, our pet. So you can use the three forms are Tim, I star g, itemize or only a tail. And when someone says TEA itemize at MIT starchy, you respond the same thing, attain or atomized at the MS-DRG. 31. The practicing lesson: Now let's get to the practice in part. Let's have a conversation. I'm going to start and you're going to respond. A Walesa. Also know me. And you. But as a seller span John, she was said respond. And elsewhere Brazil was to find opportunities to Ben sent me and say You speak better English. Key bomb, LTP and BOD dugata. Dugata. Dugata. Respond. Okay, see you later. Now let's invert, say good morning. Bond Jia asked me How am I obeying grass? It will sit. Respond. Ask about my name. No, no, me Muhammad, it was said, respond. Ask where am I from? L for the brows you ever said, respond. Now say that you have to leave. Respond. Listen again. Muhammad Ali, Monica today was to maintain being both of our population would be avoided. Following poco, kibble, Monica think Eden Gora, Gora, Obama homage, optimize. 32. Section 9 lesson 1 I'm in a restaurant: Listen to this conversation. Yeah, I bet it isn't. Jug audit is to not because you, Marcus. Now who were mostly fall apart to gain bandwidth, will be God who muscle following poco, kibble? Monica think Eden Bora Gora, Obama, homage after mice. Listen again. The lesson is to not Kazoo Marcus. If OC Tanner who were mostly fall above may avoid obey God or muscle following poco. Monica think Eden Bora Gora, Obama, homage after mice. Imagine that you're in a phone conversation. Speaking was a friend. Say hello. Yeah, ye hey, to do Bain. Respond. Everything is fine yo to do being able to do. It was said, respond, everything is fine to door to door. Everything is fine. Thank God. To do Brasidas, to do grass videos. Here's a form to ask in from a way, how are you less than repeat? Yeah, ye Walesa AIE Boulez. Boulez, it clearly means is we're seeing the beauty is I would say, beauty, listen and repeat. Walesa, bear less, bear less. Beliefs. Beliefs. This expression is common between friends and family. Walesa, yay Walesa, a Walesa. When someone says TIAA Boulez, I was to respond. Walesa. Walesa. Same as WhatsApp. Whatsapp. Again, Hawaii. Oh, yeah, He Walesa ye ye Walesa. Respond. Everything is fine. You know, Walesa ever said Blair's it was said, respond, everything is good. Listener, repeat. Tranquil. Tranquility law. Tranquil flow. Tranquil through literally means tranquil, calm and quiet, meaning that you're fine, everything is fine, everything is okay. Say it again. Tranquil flow, tranquil law, drunk, We'll all trunk, willow, tranquil. See again, no bad. It's good. Tranquil law, tranquil law. The IEEE to do Bain. Yeah, He to do Bay. How's it going? Listen and repeat. Como VIII comb-over. Como VIII, comb-over. Comb-over. It clearly means how it goes. It's informal way using between friends and family. Say again, how's it going? Comma y, comma phi? Not bad. Tranquil law, conquistador. And you'll ever see, ever said span, everything is fine. Thanks God. To do Bain grass videos to the bank. Grass set is what I do now. Or to assist that Gora down Java guy that was said, respond, I'm in a restaurant, listen and repeat. Every store in own histology. Histo in OEM, histone gene. And we stall in OEM has taught and she would say n in home. No, NO. Notice that we also have a combination between the prepositions and z indefinite articles. Here n has two letters. So here we have two options. You can say a n, separate it, or you can use a combination between two words, which is listen and repeat. Num. Num, num, num. Yeah, no sin as n ohm, which means n norm used for the similar masculine words. Norm. Norm historian, she known historian sheet. How be in for the singular feminine words? Yeah, it's Numa. Numa at a, at the end. Numa, Numa. How say an A-sharp or in a store. Larger, umar, larger, normal Lazada, How would say in Africa masculine plural words are actually, as you guys say, n some, how be knowns? Knowns, knowns, knowns out say n some restaurants. Nunes has thought branches. Nunes has taught branch, or you can say in, owns Hesperonychus and owns Hester. And just how B and some for feminine plural words. You can say, Oh, mass in mass, in mass, or no mass, no mass, no mass. Say in some stores. Must largest, known as large as, or you can say, in almost lodges and amass large us. Say again, I am Ende, a restaurant or store and OEM historian, she told on historian sheet, or you can say L is star num has thought and she'll turn on his daughter and she. 33. Lesson 2 It's on Paulista avenue: Try to ask where is the restaurant less than a repeat. On jail histology. On J0 histones. Anja histone, Angie, How would say worries. Anja. Oranges. Oranges. Here we use z unchanging verb to be, which is Sarah on G, where he is on G, because it's a fixed place on the air. On Anja. C again, where is the restaurant? On jail installed? And she was starting to sound like an adult speaker tried to connect with the article all on GAO. Gao has told us she don't separate, don't say on GA or histology, say this way. Anja, his daughter and she on GAO has to Orangi respond. It's in Paulista Avenue. Listen and repeat. Now, we did a Paulista nav in IDA Paulista Navi neither Paulista nav. We need a Paulista Avenue. Yeah. I haven't either. I have in either repeat part of the part. They need. The Nida avenue, IDA avenue IDA, a feminine center words that have say z a venue. We need avenue IDA, how say at Paulista Avenue or as we say n The Paulista Avenue. Nav in the polyester, nav in IDA Paulista nav. We need a Paulista say again at Paulista Avenue. Navi need a polyester. Navi, the Paulista, which is treat, listen and repeat. While more. Wow, wow. Wow. How say a street less than ng-repeat. Who, who, who, who they are, which is at the beginning as pronounced as edge. Who I didn't say rule. Say, who, who held, say which? Wow, wow, wow. Which street? Wow. Wow. Who respond on Miguel's treat? Now when Miguel, now who am Miguel? Now who? Miguel, notice that we always put the name of the place after the place. So don't say Miguel. Who say, who am Miguel can say power least having either, say, we need a Paulista saw the name of the place, always comes after the place, Miguel street, who? Miguel, say again on Miguel street or as we say in the street, Miguel. Miguel. Now who? Miguel. Miguel respond. Okay, I'll go to Miguel is treat lesson repeat. Double elbow para whammy Gail, Kaboom, alpha para whammy Gail, it clearly means I go to the street, Miguel, notice that we can use the present simple to describe the near future. So we do not say our goal. We say only I go because it's near future. I'm going right now. We can use the present simple. Say again, I'll go to Miguel streets. Egn 4 para whammy. Gayle. Gayle tried saying, I will go to work. L value or par value. 34. Lesson 3 I will go to work now: So again, I'll go to work now. L-dopa therapy Area Gora. Gora. Or you can say listen and repeat. El trabajo Gora, a UFO out rebellious Gora. Gora. It clearly means I go to the work. Now, he says a form for to listen and repeat. What is the difference between and para, and it's more formal. So when you write an email, when you read a book, you're going to see more than para. But when you're having a conversation in the life, you're going to hear more than, but sure thing you should know that two firms see again two. It's only one letter. So when we connect it to the articles, we have a combination form. How would say too that for the masculine singular word, listen and repeat. 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, as you see here, um, in-store plus OR means the definite article for masculine single word. So it would be 0, 0. Our means to the 4 is a masculine singular word. Out. For example, when you say to the work, work is a masculine singular word. So it would be how trabajo, ultra value, ultra value, how big to the four is the feminine singular word? Listen and repeat. So, which means two plus another. Which means the definite article for feminine singular word. It'd be yeah, there is a grave accent folder, which means we repeat literally. It has the same sound. We only put a grave accent on litter. And the grave accent is pretty important in Portuguese language and it confuses many Brazilians. Qazi, forget to put this accent. So it's pretty important to Buddhist AdSense and it's only exist on letter a. So e to the, for the feminine singular word. Yeah, it's, for example, to the store, it'd be a large, large, large. Happy to for the masculine plural word. Plus. Or it could be house, house, house, for example, to the restaurants. It could be hours historian, anxious, hours, hysteria and she's hours historian says to them for the feminine plural words, Yeah, Plus as it should be, as, as, for example, to the stores, be as large, as, large as, as largest. So we have four firms, which are two of the four is a masculine singular word, which is OWL. Owl 2, therefore, the feminine singular words, which is with a grave accent over 2. For the Muslim drew words, which is our house, house, house to the 4s, the feminine plural words, which is as, as, as Andrew is a grave accent over there, a, C again, I'll go to work now. Elbow out rebellious Gora, ultra barrier Gora, or you can say elbow parabolla Gora. Gora, or you can say listen and repeat. 10 trabajo gotten a walnut rebellion, Gaurav 10 trabajo Gora. It merely means I go at work. Now, notice that we can use no nanos NAS as to that as well. It's pretty common and used in Portuguese here in Brazil. So you might hear someone saying Notre value, elbow, neck, Kazaa, and do Marcus OVO, no history. It's pretty common analyst. 35. Praticing lesson: Now let's get to the practice in lesson. Let's have a conversation, imagined conversation between two friends. I'm going to start and we're going to respond. A Walesa. Towns are loaded onto a system. Respond that you're in a restaurant and Paulista Avenue and knew it was going Kazaa, ask me where is the house? Now? Let me go respond. Okay, I'll go to her house now. Double bond. Now and its inverse the conversation. Say, Hey, how you doing? Drunk, weirdo ever said, respond. Ask What am I? Astronomy bestowed on? She never know Paulista dawn on his daughter, and she never knew the Paulista. Ask which street? When Miguel Miguel say, okay, see you later than atomize. Listen again. Because it's do not consume Marcus. So now Hawaii was, if I may avoid, it, will be Goggle muscle following poco, kibble, Monica think Eden Berger, Obama homage. 36. Lesson 1 numbers from 0 to 10: Hey guys, This Muhammad and this section ten of now speak Portuguese. Listen to this conversation, also known as telephony. Novae Doidge. Today's three Zoe, two boys nor V3 is quite new normal where owns in OB own voice, cinco mayor boys said she, Alton Logan. And no matter who you are, sappy, seeing, listen again. Also known as telephony. Novae Doidge. Today's three Zoe, two boys novae trace. What you see on the knobby home boys, single mayor. Boy said she autonomic. No matter who are sappy. Seeing. You remember how to say where are you now? Anju assist dugata. Dugata. Respond. I am at Roberta's house. L is tone at Casa de whole Berta Tanaka, Alberta. Remember we use data for Alberta because Roberta is a feminine name. So you as a feminine off for Roberta. Dao Berta. Alberta. L is Joana Casa de whole Berta. Alberta. Respond I'm at home. I was doing Kazaa. Doing Kazaa. I'm at Marcus restaurant. Aristotle, his thought and she do Marco tonal his thought and she do Marco. Okay. I'll go to Marcus restaurant now. Double elbow part of the store and she do Marco and Gora, T-Bone Walker part of the store and she do Marquardt Gora or you can say airfoil, his daughter and she do markup water. I'll historian she do market Bora. You also can say 10 histone and she do market Gora volume V star and she do Marquardt Gora respond. That's good. Keep on. Key bone. Okay, I gotta go now. Tub bone here in Bora Gora. Gora respond. Okay, see you later than the bone atomize, toboggan, itemize, respond CEA at a at MS-DRG tried say I'm in a restaurant on Paulista Avenue. Ellis TO norm historian, she nav we need a polyester. It was TO noon historian. She navigated the Paulista or you can say L is stone own historian. She nav you need a Paulista tone own historian. She nav you need the Paulista. I'm at Hilton Hotel. L is store. No tail hue, tone, tone or tail Hilton. I am outright now, I'm in the street. L is tuna who donor who I'll go to Muhammad is store. All paralogs are the Mohammed w4 parallel. Or it can say Lodge at Omaha. Our long shadow, Mohammed. You also can say, I want a larger Domo hand. Now laws. Do Mohammed respond? Okay. Bong, bong. How to say the word number in Portuguese? Listen and repeat. Nomial, no middle. Repeat part of the part. No main room. No metal, non-metal, non-metal. See again, number nonzero, nomial. As you see here is there's acute accent on litter. You or who in Portuguese, that means we're going to stretch the letter numeral, no middle. I would say numbers. Numerous, numerous, yeah, add there S at the end as in English, nominal numerous. He's out, say 0, less than ng-repeat, 0, 0, 0, repeat part of the part. Zehr row. There are 00, 00, 00, say again, 0, 0, 0, He's out, say one less than, repeat. Uhm, uhm. Uhm, uhm, yeah, the same as indefinite article a or N, c again, number one, on, on, on how I'd say 000, say one on his own, say to listen and repeat. Noise. Noise. Noise. Repeat part of the part, though? Yes. Yes. Noise. Noise tried to count from 0 to 20 on his own, say three, listen and repeat. Today's today's today's, today's see here that sent under h0 a stretch a beds a letter today is press C again, three days. Today's try to count from 0 to three. 0. Dress. He's, I would say for less than ng-repeat. Cuatro. Cuatro, repeat part of the part. Cuatro, cuatro, cuatro, cuatro little, ALL which he adds the end, it's incomplete. So don't say cuatro. Cuatro, cuatro incomplete. I would say two dice, Dice 0004, cuatro, cuatro, one. Uhm, uhm. How would be five less than ng-repeat? Cinco. Cinco. There are two vowels. Separate the word into syllables. Sin, sin, cinco, cinco, cinco. See again five. Cinco, cinco to do voice, voice for cuatro. Cuatro tried to count from 0 to 50. Boyce tres quatro cinco is, I'd say six less than repeat. Says SASE. Sase says, says there S, which adds the end is pronounced as C, says, same as dress. Say, says, Say again. Six, says, says, how would be 3? Today's, today's five. Single, single, one on, On, try to count from 0 to 60. Credits. Quatro cinco says, he's out, say seven, less than and repeat. Saatchi and Saatchi. Repeat part of the part said she said she sat cheap. Little e, which in the middle it's opened. Okay. So don't say, say, say sad, sad, sad. She said she, that digraph pay or t is pronounced as CI because it's the ads, the n, ci. Sad she said she so don't say set, say sad. She said she tried to guess the number that I'm going to say in Portuguese. Sase, SASE. Six on one. Cuatro, cuatro, 4000, sagely sad. She seven, tried to count from 0 to 70. Boyce tres quatro cinco, say, sad, she, he is, I would say eight lesson and repeat. Oil. Oil to repeat part of the Part. 2 00 00 00 00 00, 00 00, 00, 00, 00 00 00, 00 00 to two dice Noyce for cuatro cuatro 08 00, 00, 00, 00 to his out. Say nine, listen and repeat. Navi, navi, repeat part of the part. Know V naught, V Navi, navi that are all at the middle. It's complete. No, no, don't say no and say no. V, naught novae, their egg, which adds the end, is pronounced as E because it's an incomplete nor VBA and say No. Okay, say Navi, navi, say again nine, Navi, navi. How B, three. Praise, today's 08 00, 00, 00, 00, 00 00. Penn. Listen and repeat. This. Begs DES, des, this little z, which he adds the end is pronounced as AES DES. Don't say there's, okay, say base, base. You also might hear some people saying Daesh or days are different accents. All of them are correct. You can say days, Daesh, days. Now tried to count from 0 to 10, 0 uno dos tres quatro cinco, say's such you or ETL novae days. 37. Lesson 2 numbers from 11 to 19: He's out, say 11, less than a pit. On Z. On Z, on Z, on z, on c, on Z, there are n is a light end on say on Z. Okay, don't stress on the letter on Z, on Z that are 0s, which adds the end or a in Portuguese is pronounced as E on Z. On z, say again 11 on Z, on z. How it say 12? Listen and repeat. Dorsey, Dorsey, da Sie das z, z dot z dot z, z. Again, 11 on Z, on Z, 12. Dorsey, Dorsey, don't say those Zai, say door z, dot z. How 13, less than and repeat. Crazy, crazy, rare, z, z, Prezi, prezi. Don't say trends there. Say Prezi, prezi try to count from 11 to 13 on Z dehaze. Today as he is, I would say 14 lessons. Repeat. Qatar. Qatar. Z repeat part of the part. Towards the car. Towards the Qatar. Qatar. See, yeah, there is O in the middle, but it's pronounced as a cut-off Z. There you hear a silent Qatar. Don't say co-actors, easy. Okay. Category Z, catalyse check and 14. Qatar. Qatar Z tried to count from 11 to 14. Onscreen. Dehaze. Crazy. Qatar. See, how be 15 less than and repeat. Kinsey. Kinsey, repeat part of the part. Qing Zhi Qing Zhi Kinsey. Kinsey. See again 15 Kinsey Kinsey, 11 on Z on Z for 10 Qatar. Qatar. Z 12. Dorsey Dorsey, 13. Prezi prezi tried to count from 11 to 15 on Z dosing, crazy. Qatar, see kings D. How would be 16? Less than repeat that. Sas. Does, SAS, does SAS say again 16 does is says these essays, as you see here, number 16 composed the RFP number 10, which means this, this and six which means says, says it should be, there is a SASE. So when we connect between the words, it'd be this has SASE. Sase does a says and here with doubler S to pronounce it as see, these assessed, we don't say this is xj is okay. These essays, these essays, this SS, notice that from number 16 to number 19, they're composed of their individuals plus number ten, which means base. So how BY 17 you're going to say 10 and 7. Does SHE these are sad. She does SHE there is a sad she did. She does SHE, and he would double that or S to pronounce it. See this as sad. She does a sad she and air, which means, and as open this section, this has said she just said she tried to count from 11 to 17 on z. Doesn't crazy catalyse. Kinsey these essays, this is sad sheet. How say 18 less than and repeat this auto, deploy to the soil ITO. Yeah, it's composed of number 10 and 8, but oil starts with a vowel. That's why we remove a, which means n. So don't say there's oil Ito, say disjoined to the soil, to the soil top, cause oil starts with a vowel. This soil told, the soil told, Say again, 18, soil, the soil TO 15. Kinsey, Kinsey, 14, characterise, characterise 19, less than and repeat this NOV does an RV. This NOV, the compound number is composed of number 10 days and air and novae, which means nine days, Zan Navi, navi, these are Navi, navi, say again 19. These are Navi. Navi tried to count from 0 to 190. Uno dos tres quatro cinco says set xi or into novae. This on Z, door Z, crazy, Qatar Z. Kinsey, this says this has said she disjoined TO does an RV. 38. Lesson 3 what's your number: How to ask someone in Portuguese, what is your number? Listen and repeat. Also numeral cow, so numeral, sale, numeral, cow cell numeral, also numeral. Wow. So numeral. So it's the same as what is your name just replacing name to number. What is your number? Also numeral, wow, so numero also numeral. See again, what is your number? Wow, so numeral, also numeral number is a masculine word. That's why we use the masculine your sale numeral. So numeral, cow still numeral. How cell numeral. How to be what is your phone number less than ng-repeat. Also, normally the telephony carcinoma, the telephony. He's out, say telephone, less ng-repeat telephony. Telephony, repeat part of the part. Daily for ny daily phony telephony. Telephone number, numerically phony numero, the telephony. How B, what is your phone number less than repeats. Also know multicellular. Numeral do solo are also numero dos cellular phone, less ng-repeat, civilized, civilized, repeat part of the part. Cell, large cell. Similar, similar. Similar is a masculine word. It be for number. Numero dos. Numero due slowly. Numero do slow, large number of the phone, no melodious and lard. See again, what is your phone number? Also numerous roller Krauss who do solar. How would be what is your wax up? Also, what zapping costs? What Zackie, what Z p WhatsApp. How it say WhatsApp. What z p, WhatsApp. Whatsapp. You can say only Zap, Zap, Zap, Zap. Or it can say p. Ask again, what is your number? Also numeral. Wow, so numeral, why does your telephone number also normally the telephony? Also numero, the telephony. What is your phone number? Also normally the solar power su numero dos little r. What is your WhatsApp? Also what Zackie cell WhatsApp, Picasso's API response. I don't have a phone. L, no tail, similar. Own Eleanor, cellular, everything. So our say my number is less than repeat. No pneumo air mail, numero air. Say again, my number is male, numero air, mail, numero n. Here we use masculine my, which is mil, cause number is a masculine word, male, nominal. My number, male, pneumo air. My number is true. I say my number is 11 to five to 67 or one mil pneumo air on z though is synchronous, is SASE such as their own. Or you can say listener repeats on Z, DOI synchronize mayor, search his room on Z. Those synchronize mayor such as Arun, we use mayor, Mayor, and instead of says, when we talk about phone numbers or prices, Mei, Mei, Mei, Mei mayor, mayor said again, monomial here on Z, boys scene, kudos mayor, such as their own on Z guys seen Qdot is Mayor, such is my telephone number is Mayo numeral the California no, numero, the telephony on Z noise synchronize. Mayor said she's my phone number is melanomas of the solar air, mu numero dos ruler a on Z, noise synchronize. Mayor said she zeros. Is this your WhatsApp number? Is also normally do exactly a su numero due at sappy respond. Yes, it's my whatsapp number. Seeing a more normal goods API, seeing a monomial do ads API, say my whatsapp number is 11, 2, 5, 2, 6, 7, 0, 1, no, normally go exactly air on Z noise synchronize. Mayor said she knew nobody got zapped the air on Z boys cinco boys mayor said she's a room. 39. Practicing lesson: Now let's get to the practice in part. Let's have a conversation. I'm going to start and you're going to respond. Yea Walesa omega service, also NAMI annual. You're not Muhammad president glia cell or a cell response. Georgia will respond. Annual L for the Brazil was, if I were to guess more into Bain sent me and say that you speak better English. Keep bomb cow. So no middle. Wow, so no middle. Responding to number 8 also numerator WhatsApp. Respond. Yes, it's my whatsapp number. Nussbaum, authentic Eden Bora. Bora. Respond. Okay, see you later than atomize child. Respond. Now let's invert the conversation you're going to start. And I'm going to respond say, Hey, What's up to debate today, grass. To do it will respond that you're fine. Ask about my name. Minnow Mohammed, who said C or an M, and nice to meet you. Whereas if I ask, where am I from? L So the Bronx Zoo, it was said. Respond. Now ask about my number. No, nobody owns Zee novae though is cinco isn't a a search his room. You'll sell. Respond your number. Now ask me if this number is a, number. C, In other words, API. Now say that you have to go now. Bomb, itemize, respond. Zhao. Listen again. Croissants, telephony. Novae Doidge, today's crazy to 0. V3 is quite new normal where owns in OB, own voice, single mayor. Boy said she autonomic, sappy. 40. Lesson 1 numbers from 20 to 100: Hey guys is Muhammad. And this section 11 of now speak Portuguese. Lesson to this conversation. Like package, what we say is H2O Kusto it into ice? Yes. As acoustic synchronize, double yada, yada, listen again, but what we see is to Kusto it entice yes, as acoustic synchronize, TBL or big yada, yada. German Bauhaus say number numero. Numero. I would say numbers, numerous, numerous. Tried to count from 0 to 190. On dos tres quatro, cinco says sad she oil TO novae days on Z dorsi Prezi Qatar Z Kinsey, this access this has sat sheet, the soil WTO this NRV tried to ask, what is your number? Also numero quo so numeral. What is your telephone number also non-negative for any movement of the telephony. Why does your phone number close to normal this role are also numerous rural are. What is your WhatsApp also adds API, quo cell Watson API response. My number is Mill nominal air, mill pneumo air. 11 to five to 67 or one. No, no, no, no air on z. Both synchronous mayor such as Zerocoin on z, but we synchronize mayor such his room. He's out, say 20 less than and repeat. Vinci. Vinci, repeat part of the part. Vinci, Vinci, Vinci, Vinci. See again 20. Vinci, Vinci. The diagraph t, which adds the end, is pronounced as key. Vinci, Vinci. How BY 21 less annual pit. When she Zoom Vinci on Vinci, Zoom Vinci OEM. Yeah, it's 20 and one. Vinci own on. All, starts with a vowel u, which is o in Portuguese. So when we connect letter E, which adds the end of the word Vinci too little, or are you, which is at the beginning of number one? It would be, ume, you saw connect between the two letters. So it'd be Vin, CH2M, don't say Vinci, ilm, say Vinci. Be 23. Yeah, 23. Vinci treads, Vinci a dress being shipwrecks. Vinci trace. How be 24? Vinci, quatro Vinci, quatro Vinci, quatro 29, Vinci novae Vinci, novae, Vinci novae tried to count from 20 to 29. Vinci, Vinci own Vinci, da Vinci, trace Vinci quatro, Vinci's cinco. Vinci says, when she's sad, she's Vinci Joi Ito, Vinci novae. How I'd say 30, listen and repeat. Three into, three into, repeat part of the part. 33 into three into C again, 33 into three into letter a, which adds the end. It's incomplete. Don't say Trim. Okay. Say three into three into. So how would say 31? Yeah, it could be 30 and 1, 3. And tell you that into three into three into you didn't say three into, say three into three into you. And how B 35. Going into sin, cool that into a scene. So to sound like a native speaker, which means as almost disappears, to print a single printer cinco, just to speak fast, but it does seem cool. Printer cinco, how be 39? In ten novae dream ton of e3 into a NOR V3 into a NOR V3 into novae. Tried to count from 32393 into three, into three. Boys could even get trace dreamed acquired through green de cinco. Turing test says green test set xi three into o into three into novae. How bead for the lesson and repeat. Quite enter quanta, quanta, repeat part of the part we ran into. Quanta. Quanta, quanta. See again 40 quanta, quanta. How before the one quite into you? Who are into, you got into your year quarter into enters a vowel, starts with another one. So connect between the two numbers. Quite anti-union, quite anti-union. How before the seven quite intersect, she got into a Saatchi and Saatchi and Saatchi 49. Why don't they are Navi navi quarantined RV, try to count from 40 to 49. Quite enter, quite intelligent, quite intact boys choir entered tres quatro, cinco, quite intense. Say squatting taste said she quite enjoy it or quadrant and novae, how be 50 less than repeat? Sink when sink when repeat part of the part sin cuenta, Sing, Sing quanta, quanta. So we're gonna say sync when say. And don't say same Quinta. There are 0s here or there, I in English, It's clause C, C, kinda sin quanta, say again, 56 quanta, quanta. Try to say 51, you're going to say 50 and one. Sink. Uhm, uhm, uhm 56, synchro into a says says sync. When I say sequent, this says, tried to count from 50 to 59. Sin quanta, sink into your own voice. Sink, tres quatro sequence a single sink went essays sink. Winter said she cinco into novae. How would be 60? Listen and repeat. Say center, city center. Say sin. Say Sin, City Center, City Center. City Center. How would be 61? Say center. You see same time. Say center. Yeah, see Center. Instance, a vowel starts with another one, can net between the two vowels, say center. You see how be 65 CE synthase, single, city center, single, tried to count from 60 to 69. Ce, center, say center, you say center dos tres quatro cinco system per se. So center said she just sent out oil to say center novae. How B, 70, listen and repeat. Said penta. Penta, say ten, say ten, sit and say 10. How B, 60, say send, say center. 70, set into, settle into 71. Said then pay own, say 10, 10, 10, 10 ohm, sit data. And it was a vowel, starts with another one, said 10 to you. How bees 77. Sit in this sad, she sit in best said she tried to count from 70 to 79, set into set then tell you, sit into dos tres quatro. Cinco. Says, said dentist said she said, Oh it to sit into novae. How BY every listener repeat it into OIT, into penta. Penta, penta. See again Eddie. Or a ten to, ten to 8189, or a 10 cannot be, or a 10, 10 opioid enter novae tried to count from 80 to 89. Or dose. Or it can take tres quatro cinco, or we tend to say, or it intersect she, or it then tau it all into novae. How be 90? Listen and repeat. No event or no event. Repeat part of the part. Nor Venta know Venta, know Venta, know Venta. See again 90. Know Venta, know Venta. How BY 91? Not Venta. Uhm know. Hey, you know, Venta you tried to count from 90 to 99. No Venta know they own nor Venta voice, no vented trace know vent Aquadro know Van de cinco, November. November set sheet. Vento ITO NO Venta novae. He's out, say a 100 or 100. Listen and repeat. Saying, saying, saying, saying, saying. It ends with a diagraph E, M, which pronounced as a in a letter, M is pronounced like a light end saying, saying, again, a 100 or 100, saying, saying. 41. Lesson 2 how much does this cost: Now try to count from ten to a 110 by ten. This Vinci get into quite enter, sink winter. Say Center, said penta. Penta, nor Venter. Saying how I'd say how much does it cost less than a repeat? 12 post-test quantum Stacy, 12 cuz there c one to c at learning means how much cost this, how would say how much cost? 12 cuz the quantum, quantum quantum poster costs. Cuz cuz the Kusto don't say cost. Okay? Say Kusto. Costs, cost means back or costs. So then say costal, say USTA, cuz cuz teller you here is pronounced as USTA, USTA, see again, cost, Cousteau. How much listener repeat. 1212121212, layer 0, which adds the end. It's incomplete. 1212 quanto, quanto. Say again, how much quanto, quanto how much cost? Quantum quanta pasta. How to say this lesson? Repeat a, C, a, C, C, C, ESI, ESI. Again, this sc, sc, notice that a, C, a C means the Muslim. This would refer a Muslim. Think how big the feminine one lesson and repeat. S, S, S, S. Yeah, replace the e to a essa. Essa, say again, mass, can this a, C, a C feminine. This as as how much does this cost want to put Stacey? 12 cuz the SE referring to a feminine thing, quantum cuz Tessa quantum, cuz Tessa respond, it's $20 listener Pete, ES6 Gustaf Vinci dollar S USTA Vinci dollars, ES6 USTA vg dollar, I would say dollars less than and repeat. Dollar is dollar, dollar. How say $1? Dollar, dollar, dollar, as you see, the word dollar, which means dollar, has acute accent over there. Oh, dollar, dollar. Dollar. Dollar is, dollar is, dollar is to make a plural word which ends with there are in Portuguese, we add E-S, wouldn't add only as, we add e s for ASC. So dollars, it'd be dollar is a, dollar is a dollar plus c Again dollar, dollar, $1.20 dollars, Vinci dollars, Vinci $1.50 dollars, synchro into dollars, cinco into 1.100, sign dollar, sign dollar sign 1.75, spent a single dollar sit into simple dollars. This cost AC, USTA, a C, USTA, ACK, USTA. There's a word means must consist less ng-repeat, SG, SG, SG, SG, SG. This course. Usta. Usta. What is the difference between a C and S G, we have two differences between a C and S. Gene, difference in place and deference and time, the difference in place when you point something that's far from you. For example, you see a form and you want to buy the phone. So we're going to say, see solar, it's far from you as 12 poster a slow, our quantum USTA is so large because it's far from you. But when you hold the phone in your hand, you're going to say SG, SG solar. Want to post that a solar because disappear from your, your hall Lynette, you're going to say SG, that is the first difference and place. The second difference is in time. We are talking about near future or present. You're going to use SG, SG. And when you talk about the past, something happened in the past, or when you mentioned something that is going to happen is the best and future in the far future, you can use AAC or ESA. For example, when you say this night, it's a near future. So how to say this night? Listen and repeat. As noisy as noisy estimate. So Esta is the opposite of SG, means a feminine thing. When we hold a feminine thing and our hands, or when we talk about feminine time, that's going to happen in the near future or in the present. We say, as I know, HE S Tamagotchi, esta home a thing and say, How much does this cost? I want to push the S cheap quantum Cusa as she tuning thing. Quantum post the ester, quantum post-test point something and say How much does this cost? Quantity to Stacy 1, 2 Cu Stacy familiar thin Guan Huan to posttests, respond, this costs $50. Dollar is a dollar, or you can say as the USTA dollars, as Acosta. 42. Lesson 3 this costs 30 reals: Respond, it's 30 reals. Listen and repeat. Is acoustic. Drink the ice. Is acoustic. Dream the house is acoustic. Drink the ice. I would say Brazilian reals. Here, eyes, the eyes. I would say one real. Yeah. It's here. Hey, yeah, hey, yeah, wow, wow, wow. There are L, which is at the end is pronounced as w here. How AI out there are which at the beginning as pronounced as edge here. To make a word which ends with their El Toro replaced her L two i and put S. So here, how it should be? Here? Is here. Yes. Here. Yes. He eyes, he eyes see again reveals her eyes, her eyes fairly reals. Guys did in dice this course. Listen and repeat. Is supposed. Is USTA, is, USTA is Acosta. We don't know the gender of the thing that you're asking for use. Iso. Iso saw, iso means the nacho, this, so it has more gender. You can use it for as a masculine or feminine thing. Whatever saw when you don't know the gender are the thing you can say, how much this costs, quanta pasta iso, one to Cuscuta Esau. Say again, it's 30 reals. Is acoustic reenergize is supposed to entice. 43. Practicing lesson: Now let's get to the practicing part. Let's have a conversation. Imagine the Trojans tore in some Paolo asking about a Muslim thing. Appointing and saying, excuse me, how much does this cost? Which single dollar? Usta V single dollar is, say, and this pointing to feminine thing as USTA Kinsey dollars as acoustic into dollar S at USTA Kinsey galleries, honda masculine thing in your hand and say, and this USTA or EOS, USTA or 10 to house a USTA or tend to house. Say, Okay, thanks. Janata. Listen again. But that energy, what we'll see is to Kusto it into ice. Yes. As acoustic eyes are pretty garden. 44. Lesson 1 we are Brazilians : Hey guys, This Muhammad and is Section 12 of now speak Portuguese. Listen to this conversation. Yeah, I was I just found is even though the main graph, you will see zone was Brazil layers. If I say it's not so much, so many kernels. Listen again. Yeah, sizes town. Even though the main glass house, your home, someone's Brazil layers, if I say it's not so much, so many kernels, you remember how to say, how much does this cost? Quantum CPU Stacy Guan to 0 Stacy, how much this is cost referring to a feminine thing. Quantum posttests. One to posttests. Respond, it's $20. Usta Vinci. He ice is, Who's Da Vinci guys is of course, da Vinci ice. Bench follow. Tried to say it's 25, Real's. Usta, Vinci synchronize. Usta reaches simple eyes. Tried say it's $50. Referring to a feminine thing as USTA sink wonder dollars as the Cuscuta, same quanta dollars. Do you remember the difference between AC, ESA, SG, Esta, we have two differences, difference in place and time. Place when we point something far from us. So we say a is your ESA depends on estrogen or masculine or feminine. And when we hold something in our hands, we say, Is she or esta. We also have a difference in time, depends on the time when we speak about something near the future or in the present, we use ASG. What do we speak of something in the past or in the far future, distant future, we use a CSR here, the plural pronouns. How would say the pronoun? We just listen and repeat. No loss, no loss, no loss, loss. As you see here, there's a cute accent under 0. That means we're going to stretch the vowel, tried to make the sound noss moss. You might hear some people saying noise or noise. Noise. Noise. Say again the pronoun we. Noss noise. How would say, were Brazilians? Listen and repeat. Most, almost Brazil arrows. Most somos, Brazil arrows, most somos. But as an arrows, most somos Brazil arrows. Remember how it say Brazilian? But as an arrow. But as an arrow. So to make it plural, just added an S at the end. It would be. But as it grows, but as arrows see again, Brazilians, but as an arrows. But as an arrows. But as the arrows means the male Brazilians, how bees, a female 1. But as us, but as a layer us, yeah, added or S add the female Brazilian which is But as Lera, but as us. But he's also say are four pronoun, we just listen and repeat. Somos. Somos, repeat part of the part. So most saw most somos. We've got two vowels here. Guys means we're going to split the word into two parts. Saw, moss saw most somos, somos say we are most foremost, most somos. Most somos means we are for an unchanging verb to be, which is surge. See again where Brazilians know someone's Brazil arrows. Most somos bows and arrows. Tried say we're Americans. Most somos Americanos. Somos Americanos. You might hear some people saying only saw most Americans or somos, but as layer those cars, somos, it's only used for pronoun we, as in English. So it can say no somos Americanos or somos Americanos. He's outside the pronoun, you guys, just less than ng-repeat. Boss says. Verse says, voice says, voice says, verse says, voice says, see again the pronoun you guys. Voice says. Voice says, yeah, just add little S at the end of the pronoun, which means it was said. It was, his boss says, how to ask, are you Americans? Listen and repeat with this. So Americanos was says so many kernels verses, so many kernels. Which part here means are for pronoun you guys. Yeah, it's some, some, some, some. As you see here, there is a Tilda accent and little a, which is a nasal sound. Sound. Some feel it in your notes. Some sound was says zone was says Zone. C Again, are you Americans? Versus so Americanos was says, so many kernels will see, so many kernels respond. Now, they're Brazilians listen and repeat known LE cell. But as a layer knows, now, L is cell but as arrows, how say the pronoun, they listen and repeat. Alice, ls, ls, ls, yeah, just add S to the pronoun Ailey. It would be ls. Ls. Ls means the masculine. You also can use it for mix of people, men and women. So how to say they are L is Alice, Alice zone. They're Brazilians. Any so, but as latus, L is cell, but notice, here's, I'd say they're Brazilians referring to women. Listen and repeat. Alice. So but as lead us, Allah's, so, but as layer AS Alice cell, but as let us say the feminine day, yeah, Allah's ours. Ours, yeah. At only as to the pronoun era, which means she, ala. Ala has BR, Alice. Alice sound. They're Brazilians refund to women. Ellas cell but as lead us, Ls sound, but as a layer us. 45. Lesson 2 where are you guys from: Say again, we're Brazilians know somos, Brazil, arrows, somos. But as Leo's job, resilience voices. So but as a hero's voice says cell, but as heroes, they're Brazilians. N is cell, but as LEOs L is so Brazil heroes of our cell, but as the layer us, our cell, but as the lead us. Now try to ask, how are you guys? Listen and repeat. Converse says is don't. Coleman who says histone comb-over says is stone. Comb-over says it's stone. He's out, say you guys are listening. Repeat. Voices is stone. Voices is stone. So how are four pronoun, you guys will says stone, a stone. A stone. As you see here, there's a tail that accent on the a, that means we've got a nasal sound is stone. Stone voice says is don't. We says histone is found means are for changing verb to be, which means a star. Star is stone is still so we use is still for the changing situations. Say again, you guys are voice says histone. Histone. How are you guys? Compost system of osis is still overseas histone, how would be howard de Como en is a stone. Como air is still calm O'Hara system Como Allah's is still. Respond with good. Listen and repeat. Moses. Moses, thermo, Spain. Moses Thomas Paine. Thomas Paine. How B, we are noises, Thomas, noses, Thomas Es muss es timess Eskimos is Thomas C. Again, we our noses, thermos, nor systems, as here is Thomas, starts with a vowel, so to sound like a native speaker, to connect noise with stemless, there are institutes to z. So we're gonna say no systems say noses, thermals. Moses Thomas tried say we're at home. Notice Tom was in Kazaa. Knows as Tom was in Kazaa. See again, we're good. Now this Thomas Paine. Thomas Paine, try to ask, are you guys okay? Voices TO bang was says is don't bang. Voices TO bang. Are they okay? And it is Tobin ends is Tobin Alice is still Bain. Alice is still bang. Respond yes, there. Okay. Seeing n is, is tau Bain seeing. And this is Cobain. Now tried to ask Where you guys from. John, you would say some Johns, you've assists Georgia which says cell. Where are they from? Georgia and is so John jail cell respond were from Brazil. Most Psalm was Google has you must saw most doulas. You don't forget to use somos for a change in situations or saw almost to Brazil. Most somos to Brazil. Try say they're Canadians. N is so canadensis edits so canadensis, it is cell canadensis. Try to ask, I don't know, guys, English, forces selling glasses, voices sound angularjs is, was this song glazes. Notice that to make a word which ends with their es plural, we don't add on in there S, we add e, s, but we have some exceptions. We're going to know and the future lessons. So here in less ends with R S. To make it plural, we say England's this in lenses. We add E-S, respond, yes, We're English. Seeing most Psalm was in glasses, seeing no. Somos inlet as is now we're not English, were Americans. Now, those most promising lenses, somos Americanos now knows no Sama singularities. Somos Americanos, as you see here, we don't need to repeat the pronoun. We noise, noise in HE phrase, Cause it's understandable. So only say, so most songs, because somos, it's only used for pronoun, we know psalms, osama, single lenses, somos Americanos know somos in glasses. So most Americans now tried to ask, where are you guys now? On G verses histone a Gora Anju forces is still here. We use this stone cause it's changing and temporary situation on GIF which says histone on you will see this is tau Bora. Where are they? On? Gl is stone on GATC, stone on G-Alpha system on dialysis. Don't respond. We're at home. Notice Tom was in casa nos as Tom was in casa es darum was in Kazaa. Is Tom was in Kazaa. You can only use is Thomas without the pronoun noise because it's only used for pronoun we, we noses towns nor the stamp. So this Thomas in Kazaa or is done within Kazaa out say they're at Marcus house. N is is down a Casado Marco LLC stone NACADA do Marco. L is a stone that Casado Marco, Are you guys on Paulista Avenue? Well, since it's down there, we need a Paulista. Voices don't have either Paulista respond. Yes. We're in a restaurant on Paulista Avenue, seeing notice Thomas in his daughter and she navigated the Paulista, seeing as Tom was bestowed on she Nabeel Paulista. Or it can say notice Thomas noon, historian should have in the polyester. Is Thomas known historian, she never been a Paulista respond. Now, we're not on Paulista Avenue, were in a store and Miguel is treat no star most nebulae Paulista is Tom was no, my laws. Now who am Miguel? Noise, noise terms, nav, we need a Paulista is term was enormously larger. Now when we go, or you can say there's no St. Thomas Navi the Paulista is Tom was no, my larger. Now when Miguel knows lowest terms, nebula Paulista is term was normal, larger. Now when Miguel 46. Practicing lesson: Now let's take it to the practicum part. Let's have a conversation. I'm going to start and you're going to respond. Yea Walesa stone respond, we're fine. And you guys but I'm query law joined, you will see some response. And you guys, not so much Brazil arrows. Arduous is estar Gora only was this a star? Bora. Bora. Respond when Marcus house, double 02, ketone moral, gotta respond. Okay, sue letter. Listen again. Yeah. It's the most amazing, even though the main grasses or GeoGebra see zone, someone's Brazilian receiver say not so much, so many panels. 47. Lesson 1 what time is it now: Hey guys, is Muhammad as is section 13 of now speak Portuguese. Listen to this conversation. You want to assume some days them. But this is where you go much quicker. Now, once it now cool p, no vom, use them later. Listen again. Don't assume some days. But he says we get 0 much cryptology is the more that you remember how to say, How are you guys? Call versus histone? Coma verses is still converse is tone. How are they? Como el system? Como el is, is tell Como analysis though Como el as a stone, respond, we're fine. Thank God. Knows as Thomas bang grass today was Thomas bang grass CDOs. Their goods, air, this is helping. And is this Tobin? Hours is Toby. Hours is Toby. And you guys ever says Ever says and respond, everything's fine. To domain. To domain. Where are you guys from? Joined with system? John G verses. Georgia was system. Where are they from? Georgia. Georgia is zone or Georgina sound, John, Java. So respond. Where Americans most somos Americanos, somos Americanos were from the US. No, somos was established and needless saw most those Estados Unidos se we're Brazilians. Most sources Brazil Heroes, song was, but as Leo's try say, they're Canadians. N is so canadensis, L is so canadensis ask, I don't know guys, English versus sewing glazes. Voice says so in glasses, respond no, whereby resilience. Now Muslims, Brazil arrows. Now most somas Brazil arrows. Why do you guys now? Arduous? This is third order only was this is Tambora respond willingness TOR on Paulista Avenue. Is Tom was in Amman, Laurasia nav in either Paulista, Moses term osteomalacia, Navi need a polyester. They're in Marco's house. Ed is histone a casa de Marco. Any discount? And that causes numerical. But what time is it? Less than n repeats? Mass, Chiara, some mass, daughter cell, mosque, yada, yada, yada. Sound at learning means what hours are. He's our CE, hours. Listen and repeat. Or us, or us, or us, or us. How B hour or, or, or, or, ora. Ora, as you see here, or I starts with letter h. That means we don't pronounce it. It's silent or don't say horror. Ora, ora, there are a which adds the end. It's incomplete semi vowel. Aura, Aura, aura hours, what S at the end, or us, or us. What ours. Orders, key order ski auras as you see here, guys, to connect what which means k, k two or US, or US, which starts with sound of all. So cations two key. And to connect it to the previous word, it, it became a key or a student say k auras don't separate the two words. Now, say this way. Qrs, QRS, QRS. Say again, what time Kiara us, what time is it? Qrs. Qrs. Qrs. See again, what time is it? Kiara zone. Kiara sound. Respond. Respond. It's seven o'clock. Listen and repeat. So such orders. So such orders, so said she orders. So sad, shorter us at learning means our seven hours. So you use it this way. R then put z, our sound sad sheep, or us sound sad, shorter, so sad short us. How beads, nine o'clock, you're going to say our nine hours. So novae orders cell nor of your us some of your other stride say it's three o'clock. So today's auras, Some today's order. So trays, waters, humerus, you were under the 24 hour clock system. So you might hear people saying it's 14 o'clock or 817 o'clock, it's 20 o'clock. But you also might hear people saying eight PM or ATM. So you should know both of them would be its APM less than and repeat. Self-insure us. So reinsurers, so V insurance, so insurance learning means they are 20 cell reinsurers. So V01, shorter solving, shorter us. See again, it's APM. So we ensured us or you can say less than n repeats. So AutoDock moiety. So oil to the NOI chain. So alter the noise machine learning means our other night. How did that in Portuguese? So top then Archie, OIL RIG. Bm. The noise the noise. The noise than my cheek. 90 HE it's eight PM. So it'd analogy. So auto 90 HE when we use that, because NOI Ci is a feminine word. So we use a feminine after downloading the emoji. So oil to the Neu gene. So oil WTO demo HE, say again, it's the APM. We have two ways. So reinsurance, reinsurance or you can say so AutoDock HE or to the annoyed shin or to the Neu gene, how? It's 03:00 PM. So Kinsey orders, Kinsey auras, Kinsey auras, cell Kinsey orders. So Kinsey auras or you can say less and repeat. So today's data surgeon. So today's data algae. So there is that Taiji, so there is that DRG ET early means R3 are the known how be at noon that RG, that datetime RG, remember noon means Taiji. Taiji at noon. That Taiji that RG at night. Dan Archie than HE say again at noon. That RG, RG we use here, the feminine of their cost target is a feminine word, Taiji at noon. See again at 3PM. Some Today's that Taiji sound. That is that tij is out there. Is that Taiji tried say it's 05:00 PM. So as I said, she orders. So this has said shorter us sodas, essential orders. Or it can say so simple that type gene. So cinco that Taiji, so simple that Tarjan, who would say it's ten yen less than and repeat. So there is the my year. So there is the one-year cell days, the more urine. So there is the year. And it literally means are 10 of them morning, he's out, say at morning or in the morning. Listen and repeat. Dum, dum, dum, dum. I would say morning. Minor, minor, minor, minor. As you see here, there's a tail, the accent is m means that we've got a nasal sound. Minute, minute. You're going to feel it here. And your nose, minor, minor, there are n here guys. It's a lie. So don't stress the sound. Minute. Minute almost disappears. My year. Say again morning minute, minute. My yarn is a feminine single word. So how it say at morning? Dominion, The minute the ammonia. 48. Lesson 2 It's 2 pm: See again in the morning, at morning. Doma young, dumb I say again is ten AM, or as we say, it's a 10 up the morning. So there's pneumonia. So days the Ma'ayan. So there's the Ma'ayan. These are, say, it's midday. Listen and repeat. Muga. Muga. Major G, M AUG. It clearly means estimate day or it's a half day. I would say half male. May or may or may or Mayo. Mayo, half-day, midday mu g, mu g. Notice that Mayo, Mayo as a Muslim form of have caused G, G as a masculine word and the adjective follows a noun. That's why we use a masculine half, mu g, mu, g, mu g. It's a similar word. That's why we use S, which is a, a MUGA. So don't say sound Mu Jia, say MUGA, MUGA. We use. So, which means our ALU is plural. Hours. See again it's summit day, M AUG. AUG. How B, it's midnight. Listen and repeat. Mar Malachi, MA annoy. H0 m. May annoy me or my cheap. Say again, it's a midnight mam, mam Archie. So here we use the feminine half, which means May cause night, which means no cheating, no cheese, a feminine word. And the adjective follows the noun, may annoy Ci, Mei, I'm, I don't say me your knowledge. Say may annoy cheap. It's midnight, mam, Don't use. So cosmology is a single words. May or not. She, mam, marching in May, no change again, it's midnight and may annoy him. May annoy HE. It's midday. M AUG. AUG. What time is it now? Kiana saw gotta QRS, so I'll go into it CAPM. So all it to the noise. So oil to the noise. Salvin shortages self-insure us. It's 05:00 PM. So single.php. So seeing Codicology. So is there such orders? So as I said, shot us 11 AM, so on to Germany. So only dharma, yeah. So only the Ma'ayan. It's midday. Muga, MUGA, MUGA. It's midnight. Man. He a may or my CI, ME MIT, it's one o'clock. Listen and repeat. Ao, ao, ao Mao or one. So y here we use, we don't say aura because ADA is a familiar word. So we need to make the number feminine to follow the noun, which is feminine as well. So don't say ora using the masculine one, use the fill-in 1, which is in a ads the end. You will see again, it's one o'clock, a woman. And here we use as, which is a Mao order because order is a singular word ilm out of them. Say, so, say. How to say it's two o'clock, listen and repeat. So DOAS orders, so do as orders. So DOAS order, so DOAS orders. Here we use a feminine number two, which means listen and repeat. Do us, do us, do was, do, was do us, do us. Joy members or masculine voice? Voice is a feminine tool. Do us, do Us tried say there are two Brazilians at work. Reframed tool, feminine Brazilians. Tamed was Brasilia has no trabajo. Tamed was brass layer as neutral value. Here we use due West US, cause breast let us is a feminine plural word, do as President Nuris. They do as well as learners neutral value, how it said there is or there are 10 pain, we can use 10 as a result. There are 10. They know us. Brasilia does Notre value, paid us braze, let us know trabajo si again, it's two o'clock cell do as Ora us do as far as we use Duo as dopamine to cause or US is a feminine plural word, do as waters, cell, DOAS, Wallace, cell, do as well as we use cell here because ours is a plural word, are our two hours cell, do as long as we have only two numbers that we make him feminine. One on, it'd be Oma and two boys, it'd be due us. So it's right. Say it's 02:00 PM. So DOAS got Taj in cell do as data algae or it can say cell ketosis, Horace sound. Qatar is your SOHCAHTOA. Auras respond. Okay, thanks. Bomb, obey God will carbamoyl Ricardo. 49. Lesson 3 just a minute please: It's right, say it's 02:00 PM. So do as data. So DOAS, data algae or you can say cell ketones, the auras, cell count towards your SOHCAHTOA CRS. Respond. Okay, Thanks. Aubrey, God will. Tom Ricardo. Just a minute, please listen and repeat. So me know, Tupperware. So minuss. So Minow top of our he's outside a minute. Listen and repeat. Minnow 20 minutes ago. Repeat part of the part. Me know to me not to Minotaur minos photo. C Again, minute Minnow Minnow tool. Just a minute, one minute or minnow TO on Minotaur amino to notice that minute, minute is a masculine word, therefore, we use the Muslim one which is own on Min-woo tool for MIMO to amino TO C again, one minute or amino TO just a minute place. Amino group of a war minute APA for just a second. Less than n repeats on condo, on Segal out, say second Segundo. Segundo, repeat part of the part. Say say. Cebuano, Segundo. See again, second Segundo. Segundo, just a second. Cebuano OMC rondo. Notice that Segundo C10 is a masculine word. That's why we use the masculine one which is owned on a second. Just a second place on C10 per hour on Cebuano port for one hour and hour. Here we use a feminine one, which is Oma. Oma, because aura is a feminine singular word. 50. The practicing lesson: Now and it's a good practice in Bart. Let's have a conversation. I'm going to start and you're going to respond. Yea Walesa. While tsunami respond, you know, normal harmonic president, glia cell president. When a cell respond, Georgia verses cell response. And you guys know SUS Brazil arrows. Yada, yada, yada, seller, gotta, you gotta saw God responds, What time is it? L2, killing water? Gotta, you, gotta respond. Okay, see you later. I tell mice. Now let's invert the conversation. Starts the conversation say, Hey, how are you guys? Done was bearing residues. It will says span, we're fine. Ask where we frown. Not so much the 10 0 it will says respond. Now, ask, what time is it? So oil auras, celluloid auras respond that you need to leave. Double itemize Taiji. Respond. Listen again. You want to sell some days pretty much energy than water. 51. Lesson 1 what time do you go to work: Hey guys, This Muhammad and the section 14 of now speak Portuguese. Listen to this conversation. I will set my out that a binomial, the UK is doulas or equal million. Asking, yeah, QIAT is, we'll say by a mode, a city mayor than lunch. No, set all the audits that have by the poison that uveitis. You listen again. I will set my out that a binomial, the UK is still remain as seen. Yet God is, we'll say by a mode or a city mayor them which gnaws almost the audits that have I learned poison that WSU Jo member, how it say what time is it? You want to stone yada, so you wanna sound respond. It's 11 AM. So on. So on the dharma, yeah, it's 04:00 PM. Cell disorders cell these essays orders or you can say so quad through that time is in cell quadrotor. Taiji tried to say it's a TPM. So oil to the noise, sell oil to the noise. He it's midday. Muga. Muga. It's midnight. Man. He MA annoyed S0, s1 pm. That Taiji ETC1 AN it's two PN cell DOAS. Got Taiji cell DOAS that Taiji, say. Just a minute. Amino tool. Amino tool. Just a second, please. On Simone de Beauvoir, OMC wound up. What time you go to work less than n repeats. At the orders received via positron value at the auras was saved by ultra value. It clearly means at what time you go to work, how say at what time. And he auras key orders at your us. Remember at means AQI auras at yours was saved by Partridge value at yours was a viper ultra value. Respond, I go to work at six yen. Listen and repeat. Notre value as says the ammonia votre value as say pneumonia actually means I go to work at the six of them morning, saw how it be at us as here we use for the wrong word because ours, which means oris, is feminine plural word. So we use the feminine plural, which is as, as, don't forget to put the grave accent over letter a as, as say at six PM. As says the Manyuan, as says the minute I says the ammonia, as says the ammonia, ammonia, cms. So here we use the rural ad, which is as, as, because ours is feminine plural words at the hours assays the ammonia, say again, I go to work at six Yen value as says Dhamma, you borrow trouble. As says the Ma'ayan, I go to work in the morning. Listen and repeat. Vote palaestra value Jima? Yeah, outside in the morning. Jim. Jim. Jim. What is the difference between GMO and Domo? We use GMOs without z definite article. When we don't define the hour, we don't have a specific hour, don't have a definite hour here, so we don't need the definite article. So we say in the morning, Morning Joe. Joe. But dharma, yeah, we use it when we use a specific number of hours, as says the Maya. So oil to the minute. So here we use the article. Say again, I go to work. Morning. Notre value Germania. Avoid ultra biology. Maja, I go to work at six yen. Corporate rabbi says dharma, a specific number of hours. As says dominion over the trabajo. I says ammonia, VOIP or opera value as says dominion. So now tread say I go to work at noon. Elbow ultra value GTG, L4, our trabajo GTG. Here we use GTG not data because we don't have a specific number of hours. So g times g at noon, see again at noon. Cytology, cytology, elbow part ultra biology, Taiji, valproate, trabajo, Gita algae. You can also say listen and repeat. Our target gene. Algae. Algae are Taiji, are Taiji at learning means at noon or adds the afternoon, tangy and forget to put the grave accent on the a. We use a feminine singular at that, which means cause theurgy is a feminine singular word at RG at noon. Or you can say G, G, G, G, C. Again, I go to work at the afternoon or add non penetrable elbow Partha value our Taiji. I go to work at 3PM. L-dopa neutral value as trace data algae to forget to put down, not because of God's specific number of hours that charging. But the trabajo esterase data, algae, vocal opera value as test data. Now to say, but I got to work at night. Mass overall protein biogenesis, HE L4 barotrauma value genealogy, genealogy. Here we say genealogy, genealogy as at night without a definite article. Je, noise, noise. So don't say Domo HE sage know HE, we have another way, less ng-repeat. Trabajo, our Noisy War, but ultra value, I know HE, so it learner means at night. No itchy are, no itchy are no. He will use a feminine ad, which means with a grave accent under a, because HE is a feminine singular words annoy, HE, annoy cheap at night. Say again at night, emoji, I know HE or you can say G, G, G, G, C again. But I got to work at night. Mass of about opera biology noise HE, mass are noisy. 52. Lesson 2 sometimes I go to work at midday: Ask again what time you go to work at you all as we say viper, terrible value at your, as we say vive barotrauma value, respond, I go to work at 70, AN ultra value as such, you dominion votre value as such. The Ma'ayan, I go to work in the morning, votre biology Maja, and you go adds the afternoon. Ever see Vijay Taiji? If we say via Taiji? Now, I go to work at night known as rugae noisy. Now. Annoy CI what time do you go? Accurate as we say vi, accurate as we'll see at midnight, less than n repeats. And may annoy HE, and may annoy HE, I may annoy itchy and may annoy cheat. And may annoy itchy. Say at midnight. I may annoy itchy and may annoy HE at learning means add that midnight. Here we use the feminine singular, which means because night is a feminine singular word. So don't say as me and say, I'm a annoy. He and me, I am a annoy. He see again, I go to work at midnight. But ultra value and may annoy chain. And may annoy HE, my God, it's too late. Listen and repeat. Nasa, a mu2 Taiji. Loss. A movie to a clearly means our, it's too late. We use a contraction hour instead of Our Lady. So how would be our lady? No Senora. Senor. Senora. So you might hear someone saying no Senora nor Senora, our lady or Nasir. Nasir, which means our most. Nasa. We have a digraph WAS in the middle, so we pronounce it as C, NASPAA. Naspaa. Naspaa. Naspaa means Our Lady, Senora. Senor. Senora. Senora. So you can say no Senora or you can say NASPAA. Naspaa is more common. Nasa. Nasa. Say again, my God, it's too late. Loss in energy. Most employee to target the employee to Taiji, say late. A moiety algae, most touching respond. Yes. But sometimes I go to work at midday, less than repeat. Seen masses versus value of Mu Jia seen mass has based on g is I would say, sometimes listen and repeat. As basis as Vs, as vases. As basis as vases. Lonely means add the times he's up, say times versus this versus, versus how would say one time. This vase, vase versus is a fermenter a word. Therefore, we use a feminine plural, add Z, which is apps as, as a times, sometimes as vases. Don't forget to put an array of accent and little a as basis. 54. Lesson 1 They speak Portuguese really well: Hey guys, there's Muhammad and his Section 15 of now astute Portuguese. Listen to this conversation. Got it. Ada medical, My follow-up book to gaze. Never do that. You told us ellipse follow bang. Seen Elysium a no. But as you are moving, police was put together to Bain tell listen again. Cad Ada medical follow-up of two gaze. Never that you told us. Elifs follow bang thing, elusive integrals, you are moving to the police, use fopen to Gizmo to Bain. Tell the present simple, we call it represents you to inject achievable or is indicative present. The present is an action which happens regularly as a habit or describing in fact, in Portuguese, we can also use it to describe the near future, and it's pretty common to do that. And the colloquial Portuguese, we have regular verbs and irregular verbs. How to conjugate the irregular verbs in the present simple in Portuguese. As I've told you before, guys, that's the end of the infinitive. It's pretty important. Most of the vermis which end with IIE or AR, regular verbs saw that it helps us conjugate the verb in the present, most of the various irregular and they're easy to memorize. Just memorize the conjugation firms that we're going to add, adds the end of the infinitive or the reverbs. And I, He, AIR. A he, ER, EA, he or I are all the variables which ends with OAE or are irregular verbs. How to conjugate the verbs in the present verbs which end Louise, I, HE or AR for pronoun I, remove a, ZN or AR and put 0 for pronounce was say, Eliyahu, you, he, she remove only little r and leave letter a for pronounce noise, which means we remove literally are and add Moss. Moss, as in somos, Moss, Moss, MOS. For pronounce who says it is Yahweh's. Remove only there are which adds the end of the infinitive and put their end. There are m here is pronounced as W. Again, for pronoun I removes the end and put 0 for pronounced was, say, areola. Remove, literally are only letter R. For pronoun noise, we remove layer are an ad. Most MOS for pronounce was says erysipelas, remove literary R and add their end. And there are n as pronounced as w. For example, verb to speak, which means far law, as far as I've told you guys before, a verb to speak, which means foliar as a regular verb. So we follow the conjugation forms. For pronoun I removes the end, I, put 0, it'd be follow, follow, follow. All which adds the end. It's incomplete. Semi vowels follow, follow. It's incomplete. Follow with say Ellie, Elijah and she removed only learn R If it be phyla versus Ala. Ala, Ala, Ala, Ala, Ala, Ala, Ala, Ala, Ala, noise removal there are which he adds the end and add Moss. Moss fire alarm most, most, most, most pharmas who says, Yeah, Hours removal there are which he adds the end and add m there. M is pronounced as w. Far alone. Alone, follow, follow, follow, follow, follow. Voice, say LA, LA, LA, LA, loss for law, most farmers versus it is Yahweh's follow for follow up and say Follow, say follow, follow trends. Say you guys speak Portuguese really well. Was this firewall ports to gaze movie to Bain. With this file output to gaze movie to Bain, try to say, you're going to speak with Marco. N is no follow Kumar com ls snowfall allow for Marko. They speak, they don't speak. L is no fall out on say far from, say follow tried say with resilience. But we speak English well, no. So most Brasilia rows, mass alarm or single as being most somos Brazil, arrows, mass, Palermo symbolism. 55. Lesson 2 they don't eat well: Rather verbs which end, wheeze ER, or for pronoun I removes the end and put 0 for pronounce was sadly our remove only little r and leave letter E for pronouncing me, which means noise removal or r and put moss. Or S for pronounce was says iliopsoas, remove, literally are and put em. In this case, there are m is pronounced as Lai en, cause the previous letter is literally II. Again, for pronounce II or moves the end ER. And put 0. For pronounce both, say Eddy our remove that or are only there are for pronoun we remove literally are and put em or S, Mos for pronounce was says Elysium Allah's removal or r and put em, which is pronounced as a light in, for example, verb to eat, which means call Mare. Core measures. Core measures command. Command. Let's try to conjugate the verb to eat, which means calmer. And the present simple l removes the end a he or ER and put o Como, Como el Cuomo. Cuomo was say LEA, Iowa, move on. There, are and leave the e. The e here is pronounced as E. It's incomplete. Call me was say Kami. Kami, any Comey AD call me. Call me Ella, call me Mars. Remove only letter R and add Moss. Moss. Moss. Moscow. Moscow memos or memos. Cities yeah, has removed only there are and put em which is pronounced as a light end. Combing. Combing, combing. So don't say comin, okay, it's not as stressed as a light n calming versus combing. L is combing. Combing L. Cuomo. Cuomo was said, Yeah, call me call me most GMOs. Gmos voices is Yahweh's combing. Combing. For example, I wouldn't eat at Mark was restaurant. I will now call more no historian. She do Marco l know como noise tower and she do Marco. They don't eat well. N is no corpsmen Bang. Ls know combing, Bang. We eat high level knots com amazon poco, gnaws, call memos on poco. 56. Lesson 3 What time do you guys open: Regular verbs which end with IR or EA. For pronoun I, which means L, remove Zn and put o, remove IR and put 0 for pronounce voice Sali, ala. Remove is he and I are and put letter E for pronounced e, which means noise. Remove only learn R and put moss MOS for pronounce versus as Yahweh's removes the end and add EM or a Miller M is pronounced as a light n again. And I removed the end and put all for pronounce a voice, say areola, removes the end and add E for pronoun we, which means noise, remove literally are only little r and add moss. Mos for pronounce was says yeah, has, removes the end and add letters AMU or EM. There m is pronounced as n. For example, verb to open, which means a British Abril abridged verb ABR year, which means to append as a regular verb in the present, which end with IR or EA, that tried to conjugate it. Pronoun I removes the end IR and add 0, 0, 0, 0. Here, they're all is incomplete abroad and say Row, Row, Row, Row was Salia, remove Zn, IR and add e, which is pronounced as E. Ab buddy was cerebri was cerebri area pretty Ellie, Abby. Abby can say. Okay, it's ABCDE, it's incomplete, pronounced as E, ABCDE. Voice say every area. Bree gnaws, remove only little r and add moss at brea most BRI amongst most most most. Four says it is. Yeah, Has remove ZN, i, r and add E, M. M here is pronounced as a light an app running upbringing was just bring Ellis, bring Aras, I bring L bro, bro voice say Eliyahu. Brea, breed most NMOS and PMOS versus Asia. Allah's bring, bring. For example, what time do you guys open at the orders? Who says upbringing at your us versus our bidding at the orders will see Saverin tried say, we open Mozart brea, most essays dominion. Mozart, primase, as says the minor triad say she doesn't open in the afternoon. El Nino average It's Ella know, Abhijit Banerjee Arun on average. 57. Lesson 4 I go to work 4 times per week: Single words that indicate the presence. Simple. How would say the word always less than repeat? Century? Sam, Perry, Sam, sam, pretty simply, there are m here guys, it's pronounced as a light end Sam, sam Perry, sampling. So sampling means always, there are 0s which adds the end is pronounced as E. Simply sampling, tried say I always go to work in the morning. It was simply avoid trabajo Jima urine. Simply of all ultra value. They always speak was Marco. End is simply follow cool. Marco L is simply follow com, Marco. Sometimes remember as versus, as versus tried say sometimes we eat a lot. As versus most common mosquito As versus Moscow Mayor most veto, never nunca, nunca, nunca, nunca. See again, never nunca, nunca tried say they never are open at night. Alice nunca brings, you know, itchy. And is nunca bring genome HE everyday less than ng-repeat. Told to G. Taguchi. Taguchi, Yeah. How would say every tornado, tornado toggle, Toto G. Toto G. Notice that we have masculine and feminine every Togo as a masculine, every G as a masculine singular word. We use the masculine singular every, which means tornado. Tornado. How would be the feminine word? Removed her 0 and put a, it would be toward the, toward the Ta-dah. So how BY every week, listen and repeat. Toward S sigma, sigma, sigma and tow the semana toward the Simona. How be weak cinema? Cinema and say, say semana, a semana every week. How BY every month less than, repeat. Total mass. Total mass, total mass. How BY month? Mares, mares, mares, as you see here, there's a circumflex accent over there. E mays, May is a sound is caused mass. Mass. Mass is a masculine single word. So how BY every month TO domains, total mass. Total mass. So I say they eat at Roberta's restaurant every month. And it's calming noise thought and she does Alberta toward romance. Ellis combing noise, power and sheet. Now Alberta co-domains. I go to work every day. War battle trabajo Taguchi via w4 biota value told the GIA how B1 time once the lesson and repeat all my vase, all my Aves or my vis a vis, see again once, well my face or my, this clearly means one time. Say again once all my various versus if I'm in Word, that's why we use a familiar one. Or this one time or my vis, how be two times less than repeats? Do as Versus do US versus do US versus the West versus, it'll use a communion tool, which means do us, do was cause versus is a feminine word. So it would be due as vases, do as basis. Tried say four times quatro versus quatro versus I'll say I go to work four times per week. Listen and repeat. Elbow palestra value quatro basis for semana, L4 par value quatro basis for semana per week. Pour semana. Pore, pore semana. For semana per month, poor man's for maize, corn or maize per day per g, g, g. We're going to have the uses of the preposition pour in the future lessons. So again, I go to work four times per week for Wipro basis for semana, vault, quadra basis for semana. We can also use single words which describes the near future. For example, tomorrow, which means are my urine ammonia. Ammonia, the P part of the part. On my urine ammonia. Yeah. It looks like morning. Just add there a at the beginning on my yarn, I'm going to say again tomorrow are my urine, ammonia shortly. The care poco that QA poco. That key a poco. That key a poco, the ikea, ikea Paul call a clearly means from here a little, the key, a poor called, the QA, poor called How would be from here? The key, the key, the key poco, poco. So I say, I go to Muhammad's house shortly. Barbara Castle, Muhammad the kapo, OVO para Casado Muhammad DACA poco. 58. The practicing lesson: Now let's take it to the fraction part. Let's have a conversation. Ask you guys, speak English. Seeing financing lease Bain, seeing for Laozi and glaze vein as cotangent guys leave Muslims and what are the care poco, mas Vamos and border the camp poco. Say, that's good. Let's go to Marcus restaurant. Bone to bone. Say Just a minute, please. How audio altimetry into cinco anos? It was the UTR interesting quantity was said, responder edge. Now say, let's go now. Vamos. Listen again. Was nosy. Now my Serrano VM ELA. 59. Lesson 1 how old are you: Hey guys, We as Mohamad and this section 16 of now speak Portuguese. Listen to this conversation will contain no say no muscle ANOVA and seen. Let's listen again. Was nosy. Now my cell I know VGA, Alice, Paul, cousin, Jim neighborhood. Say what time is it? Qrs QRS cell. Respond. It's to 1.5. So do as he may sell the US MAS, I'll do as he may try and say it's 1115. So owns the Kinsey sell on Z key and C triad, say it's 20 to one. So Vinci polyoma, cell, Vinci bar Omega. Now tried to ask, what time do you go to work at Pianos was saved by ultra value. A kiosk would say about raw-value, respond, able to work in the morning. But ultra balloon, Germany, Germany at 06:30 AM. I says in there the ammonia as says he may add ammonia. And sometimes I go in the afternoon. Yes. Yes. Vases, etiology at midday. Our Mu Jia our male Jia. Ask what about you? Ever said ever said respond. Sometimes I work at night, as varied as anthropology know HE as basis of W annoyed at midnight. I may annoy CI. They are noisy. Respond, gosh, it's too late. Nasa. Nasa a to Taiji respond. Yes. Seeing, seeing just a minute, please. Amino top of our amino to perform for just a second. On Segundo. On Segundo, I have to open now. Lte. Okay. I gotta tell you Cambria Gora, you have WhatsApp. Was it They what's API? Said, Dane? What's API? Respond? Yeah. My number is seen male normal air, mail, pneumo air. Okay. See you later than the bomb itemize, atomize, respond. Talk to you later. Final approval, semi staging, far law, convert semi stodgy, fall upon was semi strategy. So here we use a present simple to describe the near future. Now, how to ask, how old are you? Listen and repeat. Quantum sounds will say attain. Guangzhou Zionists were setting quantity zone was voice say 10. Quantum cyanosis was set at clearly means, how many years do you have? How to say how many? Less than repeat quantity, this quantity most cuan to us. Yeah, we have a plural form for the interrogative pronoun how much, which is quanto, it would be one dose Guan to just add that or S at the end to make it plural quantities. Quantities. Notice that we use quantities as how many? 4's a masculine plural noun. For example. For example, how many Americans at work? Quantities American was no trabajo quantised America most neutral value. So here we use the masculine plural. How many, which means quantum quanta has caused Americans, which means Americans, is a masculine plural word. How many Americans quantities Americans, quantities Americanos. So how does a feminine version of quantum less than repeat? Quanta. Quanta, quanta us one does, one person. Yeah, just replace or S to S or RAC. Quanta. Quanta means how many? Four is a feminine plural noun. Quanta. Quanta as county you Brazilians at Marcus restaurant, we went to ask how many female Brazilians at Marcus restaurants? Quantities Brasilia has no historian shadow Marco quanta is Brasilia has known as stone and she do Marco, say again, the mask and how many wondrous quantities determine how many quanta quanta Germany had. Say how much quanto, quanto, he's now say the word year, listen, repeat. And, OR, and, AND NOW. And nor are no. They're all, which adds the end. It's incomplete AND OR, and NOT AND OR means year. Now trad say every year toward guano. Guano tried say, I go to Brazil every year. Elbow Barbara, X2 total annual vault Barbara CEO told guano how B years? Yeah, just add as a C at the end. It could be an office. An office. How many years quantum Zan was quantity xanthomas. How many years do you have? Quanto xanthomas was said then, quantum Serrano's was said, the quantum Sanders was set day. 60. Lesson 2 Let's go to the restaurant : Tried to ask, how old is he going to say, how many years does he have? Quantity? Obtain? Any Tae Kwon two zones. How many years does she have? How all the Xi Guan Huan two zones entertain? Ask again how order you want those animals was said then go onto Zappos was said then respond, I'm 35, less ng-repeat. Dream testing Quan's El Nino green test Sync ones ultimately into sync once it literally means I have 35 years. So always use this forum. I have then put the number and years now, respond center h, k into simple ones. Elton Mayo turn into sync once. And she, Ella. Ella, how old is she? Our tank quantum zones respond. She's 20 years old. You're going to say she has 20 years. Ala Tang Vin shuns ala 10, Vinci, ionise L obtain Vinci. Janice. How about then? How all the are they? Listen and repeat. Ellis quantiles, Amazon is staying. Ellis quanto zone was l is telling his ode, say they have, listen and repeat. Alice then, Alice, pain, Alice stain. Remember verb to have is an irregular verb in the present, so it doesn't follow the conjugation forms. They have Alice paying Ellis stain here. So say we have listen and repeat. Mosque demos. Pmos, PMOS, see again, we have lost PMOS. Pmos. How BY you guys have voice says Stain. Voice says Stain was say stain, as you see here is a simple pronunciation as those se, but the difference is there's a circumflex accent over your pain, pain under M as pronounced as a light n. Pain was sustain. Voice says 10 Ls. Same thing. Alice, Alice, Alice, Alice, Alice thing. Noss, Nostradamus. Nostradamus most famous was says, Stain will sustain early stain. Stain, our stain. Alice tang tried saying, we have a house in some power law. Most temozolomide cars and South Paolo temozolomide cars. And so Paolo, you have to leave. Now. We say stain keyed in water. Gotta voice says 10, Kieran Bora, Bora. They have a car. Any steam car home. And staying on cargo L is stone car home. Do you remember how to say verb to go? Ir. Ir. Verb to go is en route a verb, so it doesn't follow the conjugation forms. I go, you go, we're surviving. He goes edify. She goes phi. We go listen and repeat. Most Vamos, Vamos, Vamos, Vamos, Vamos. See again, we go norse Vamos, Vamos, Vamos. Notice that Vamos has to use this. We can use it as we go and we can use it as, let's all, let's go try and say, let's go to Simone is house. Varmus Baraka's at a cinnamony Vamos PER cards at a C morning. Let's eat at Mark was restaurant. Vamos command on this tower and she do Mark, Vamos command noise tower and she do Marco, you could say, let's talk with him. Vamos, Paula comb, Ellie vamos for la khomeini. With him. Commonly, Vamos Tala Khomeini. See again, we go mas Vamos, Vamos. I'd say we go to work everyday. Nos vamos palestra, borrowed Toto Jia, most Vamos power trabajo, Toto Jia, most Vamos. Let's go to work shortly. Varmus borrow trouble with that care. Poco Vamos out Rabbi with the kapo quo shortly, the QIAT poco. How BY you guys go listen and repeat. Voice says von, voices, von voices, voices bone. C Again, you guys go. Voices Von versus Vaughn. Yeah, you see here is it a grave accent on little a? That means that we've got a nasal sound. Feel it in your nose. With says Vaughn who says loan was, says von Ellis. Same conjugation firm. L is Von Ellis, von Alice, Alice, Alice von