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Fire Queen - Advanced Photoshop Manipulation

teacher avatar Andrei Oprinca, Graphic designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Fire queen Intro


    • 2.

      Fire Queen Part 1 Creating the Scene


    • 3.

      Fire Queen Part 2 Create the shadows


    • 4.

      Fire Queen Part 3 Mask and paint hair


    • 5.

      Fire Queen Part 4 How to create orbs of light


    • 6.

      Fire Queen Part 5 Create the light effects


    • 7.

      Fire Queen Part 6 Post processing


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About This Class

In this 6 parts tutorial I will show you how to create a simple manipulation covering many aspects you will face on any manipulation project such as: combining stock photos, masking and painting hair, creating complex lighting, creating your own orbs of light and post processing to get the final result.

The tutorial is made with Photoshop CC. You can use any version of Photoshop but the final result may not have the same color tones.


  • Photoshop CS6 or CC (previous versions work as well with minor changes)

What will I learn in this course?

I will focus more on creating the light effects on the model’s body and on the post process of the final artwork. I will also show you how to work with hair to keep the maximum possible of the original hair. There is a also a mini tutorial about how to create orbs of light.

Who is it aimed at?

This course is for advanced or advanced intermediate users who are familiar with Photoshop tools and techniques.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Andrei Oprinca

Graphic designer


I'm Andrei. I'm a graphic designer with 10 years of Photoshop experience specialized in photo manipulation.

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Level: Advanced

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1. Fire queen Intro: Hey, guys and girls, welcome back to a new tutorial. I'm Andre. And today I'm gonna show you how to make this simple manipulation in photo shop on. The totals have been longer than that. It seems at first look, because there are some details that I want to show you. And anyways, I simplify things. But these jobs have been longer than I expected. Anyway, there's not really, really difficult Tutorial would say. It's an intermediate, maybe slightly advanced tutorial. And what I really want to focus on is how to make the post production, because joining all the stock photos together is not read that difficult. And we have to make really just a few adjustments through all the photos. And whatever you want to focus on is how to make some some of the light effects that you will see on the body of the model and how to create those rays of life sticking out from the from the ground and, at the end, how to make the post production using textures, some adjustments and camera I'm using for a Shop CC 2018 to make this. But as usual, you can use that for top CIA six or any photo shop CC version 2015 or whatever. You don't want we previous version for the shop previous than CS six, but you might have to make some adjustments. Or you might have to change things because, for example, I'm gonna use the color look at which is not available in four in previous version previous than a CS six. So that being said inside the stock full, you'll find everything that you need to this. You also have the PSD file so you can check it the slight variations on the original image . Then you'll see on this tutorial, for example, you'll see that the mall has a crown, but anyways, that's reminder changes, so I hope you will enjoy this tutorial and let's get started. 2. Fire Queen Part 1 Creating the Scene: So as usually we're gonna start with the basics, which is creating the background. And after that, we're gonna add the model and rest of the elements and create the effects and post production. So So let's start by opening our stock fuller. And I'm going to start with this image. I got it from on splash dot com and before I copy it, I want toe select the entire campus here and edit copy merged. And the cameras that I used for this is 4000 pixels by 206 100 or something like that, I'm gonna gonna create. And now I'm gonna get this image, Teoh this campus over here and what is the original size of it. But I'm gonna put it well, actually, to one side over here, maybe just make it slyly smaller, just a little bit. Well, actually, no, no. Let's get living on the original size and just put it right there. Now let's close this and I'm gonna name this ground because later we're gonna come back to this later, and it's better to have it named next. We're going up. Open the sky image, this one and also from unspool s not Come put it right underneath. You can control Click this icon and it will create the layers beneath. I'm gonna name this sky and with control V, I'm gonna pace this image here. I cannot see it because I have the ground on top of it. So on the ground there, I'm gonna get a little mosque and I'm gonna create I'm going to use the radio. Radiant. Here's Alina Ingredient makes you have black to white and just create the ingredient like that plan. Reverse it from here to here or actually from down here to about there instead of getting a soft grade. And let's create a very small transit while transition like that and I'm gonna move with with Vicky. I'm gonna move the sky with the vic, use like the move toe and move this right over there for now, maybe what? We will change the position of it, but for now, I'm gonna live it there because now we need those mountains over there. So I'm gonna open the stock folder again and open this image of this road with the mountains, control a control C and controlled W. And based there with control T. I'm gonna make it just a little bigger. Kids. It was not covering my with off my canvas, and I'm gonna place it there for now. And now I'm gonna quit the later mosque and first named its mountains. And on this later monster I created, I'm going to use the great the Greedy until again. Um, I will start the grading from here and and it about their. And now I will reposition the sky because if you leave the clouds, touching the mountains is not going to look realistic. But as soon as you raise it just just a little, you can see that transition is a little better. And now I'm gonna work a bit on both layers, on the mountains and on the ground on their later mosques. First, I'm gonna start with the ground and with the brush tool with a capacity of 50 and flow 50 as well with a soft brush. I'm gonna just brush parts of this. Actually, it's too big 50 and 20. Okay, we'll have the base of our manipulation now on the mountains, and I say we have to make some adjustments and I use the curves adjustment layer, and I'm gonna clip them to the mountains. Now I made pretty well. I worked on the channels and everything. So instead of spending time because it is already too long, I'm gonna give you the preset that I saved. So click here to load Prusek curves, Chris Precept and inside a stock folder you'll find this file called Mountains Curves, that a CV is open that and it will apply the curves 40 year and you can see the before and after I just integrating integrated that a little more with the sky and the background. Next, we're gonna add our model. Let's open the stock fuller again, Control. Here you'll find two files this one, which is the original from straight from my from my camera from a Nikon. If you wanna added this file, change the the color balance and everything. The white balance and everything is gonna be a little better because you have more room to work with the colors and highlights, especially here in the highlights on the dress. And then you also have this one, which is edited by myself. It's not perfect. Actually, the white balance is not matching this on. I made some adjustments later with occurs what? I'm going to start with this one. Then you also find the layer mosque, which I saved in a separate file because I don't want span time going with the mental. So open this file eyes, actually, my girlfriend. And next unlock it all double quick and Crittle. Later. Mosque. Next. Open that a mask. File control a control. See to copy that. Go back to my file here and now I'm gonna activate this letter mosque on full screen, and you can do that. Pressing all and clicking on the little mosque. And now I can paste this image that I call, but I can't place it on top and based at over here. Now, this is a layer mask on four screener. You can see now it updated the thumbnail. I'm gonna exit with all click and voila. You have the image extracted from the background. I used this stick when we took the photograph. I used the steak. So I have a reference for the sword. Right? Posted that one place there. So we're not gonna apply the litter, moss, because we need this later for the hair. I'm gonna use it later on, but I'm gonna leave the little mosque here. I'm gonna like the image. Press the wiki, just like the move toe, and I'm gonna click here on the campus and just drag this to my other tab here and just let go, and I'm gonna put it on top of everything, and we have to make it smaller. But before we do that, I wanna preserve the little mosque as it is. I'm gonna right click and choose Convert smart object. And you can tell the little my mosque goes away. And that school, that's exactly what we need. It's not apply its there. If I double click here, it's gonna open this file again. So I'm gonna close that. I'm gonna close this. And I'm also gonna close this one because I have this more object here. I can safely make it smaller, and I'm gonna place her right over here. The size is really up to you. I'm gonna put it to about 40 40 45% of the original size in this case, 42 or something like that is okay. I'm gonna name this later model. Okay, if I zoom in, you can see how it looks like. The letter mosque is not perfect. You can take your time and make it better if you want, but this is what we got. So next let's add the sword over there and compass on that compass there. So I'm gonna open the stock Fuller again. And here you'll find three images sort assembled, which is the one that I will use. And I created this Based on this image, you can use this one and if you want, But I combined the handle of this one. Wash it the blade of this one with the handle off this one because I like it. But I wanted something a bit more realistic. This looks to I think there's a studio photograph or something like that. And if you want this one, just use this one. I'm gonna open this one, and I'm gonna cut it, and I'm gonna based, that's what Right over here on top of the model, that's name this soared. And I'm gonna make it as a smart object because I have to make it smaller, and I'm not sure about the final size of it. Any baby. If I wanna make it bigger again, I don't want to lose quality that seem or less. That's too small to make it just a little bigger. And it's important to once you place it here, just zoom in and it's important to fit it right over here on the hand. Just trump capacity a little and make sure it's there because you don't have to move it. Once you place it there, we're gonna create some layer mosques. And if you create a layer mask and then later on, you realize that it's not a line here, you're gonna have to move it and then you'll have to remake the letter mosque. So let's avoid us, uh, working more than necessary. And it's like move it slightly lower. They're just make sure that this line touches the the edge touches the sword. Okay, we're done with the sword now have to create some layer mosques for it. If you disable it for a second, you will see that this stick was going on top of her leg. So we're not gonna have to do anything here, but we have to put it behind her hand, which is very easy and warehouse way also have to create a layer mask. You're so let's get the letter Must feel a sword and we're gonna use the selection off the model air. If you control click, you will make the selection of it. And now we can use that selection to make the mosque for the sword. So what I will do is just get the brush toe capacity inflow 100%. And I'm gonna pain with black here right over there. And I'm gonna use this hard brush, and he will have to paint a little more so we can see what were the finger ends. And now, with control age, you can hide the selection so it doesn't bother you. And now, with white, I'm gonna paint back and just touching the finger over there carefully not to remove too much of the finger. And here I'm gonna this elect with control D and just paint a little more over here and I can see the letter Mosque is not good here, so I'm gonna double click on the modeler to open it and work on this little mosque. Always remember that we have this layer mosque, the original letter mosque is here on this inside of the smart object. So any time you want toe modify something here, you just have to double click on the model. And this will open this model on this separate document. And you can safely work on this later mosque, and then you have to save it. Remember to say, with control s to save you, otherwise it will not update the smart object. So now you can see that this part is gone. Okay, let's go in the top part and hurdler mosque here. And in this case, I'm gonna drop capacity of its OK, well, the capacity of the sword. I created the litmus for the bottle, but I'm gonna leave it there because we're gonna need it anyways, A little later. And I'm gonna just being with black on the sword to get rid of the of the handle right over here. And now I'm gonna put the capacity back on, um, paint with white with this layer with a brush and just recover to sort over there right there on the same over here. Carefully painting with this brush. Um, perfect. And we're done. And look, it look at it now. Looks like she's actually holding that sword with her hand. We have one last thing to add. Which is that compass over there? I used pixel squid. I have a subscription there so I can download stock three. The objects s Oh, wait for it to load to concede in all of the objects that I have and I used this one is just click there. It will download the three d object that I can spin it around here, and this will update the object with the same angle as I have it. Here. You have it on the stock, Fuller. So I'm gonna get it from there. The version with the right angle, I save it so you can use it. Because I know not all of you have a subscription to pixels quit. But it's really worth getting images from there. So the subscription and not read that expensive. I think it's $19 a month or something like that. So I'm gonna put it right over there and make it smaller. Let's see how small about that much anyways, when you add it from from that plugging over there, you a smart object that can change the size of it safely without losing quality. Gonna place it right over there. And let's name this compress and a very critical later mosque. And I'm gonna use the selection of the model again, and I'm gonna control Click the model. This will load the selection. I'm going to select the little Mosque of the Compass. And now I'm gonna paint with the brush with black. Just being here. We don't need this. Well, actually, I deleted too much. When a paint back this part over here, we're just only here on the fingers. And over there I'm gonna de select switch colors toe white and reconstruct this part of here. Be with a Beaky. I can choose the brush and paint with white back and recover the part that I need here as well. This one pixel, I can see it. This one pixel line over there and here as well. Okay. Looks like now she's holding that compass on her hand and we're done with the object. These are all the stock images that I added. You can see here on the original, you'll find a group or ah, a couple of layers with a crown and the shadow. You can use that if you want. I'm not gonna add them now in the tutorial, but you'll find this on the document if you want. Well, if you take a look at it, Okay, so we're done with this. We're done with the creation off the scene. Next, we're going to create the shadows, then, Okay, the light effects. And I'm gonna show you how to make those rays coming out from the earth. And then we're gonna quit the post production and show you have to create the final effect . 3. Fire Queen Part 2 Create the shadows: let's create the first shadow, which is the shadow off the model. So I select the model and control the nuclear icons were created underneath the selected layer. And I'm gonna name this ground shadow and here we're gonna use a brush. A soft brush. By the way, if you know these, no more clicks. I already have my graphics tablet by pan for the graphic. Tell it, my girlfriend just gave me one as a gift for my birthday five days ago was my birthday, and she gave me one. She knew I needed one. And just purchase one for me. So you're gonna get a soft brush when I use a bigger size, more or less something like that, I'm gonna use a flow in the past. Flow and capacity, capacity, father and flow as well. With the numeric keys on your keyboard, you can change the numbers here. Just pressing five. You can do it quicker, and I'm gonna activate the transfer here on my pen when he use Pam pressure. If you don't have pain pressure, if you don't, if you're doing it with the mouth, just dropped the capacity to 40 on the floor to 20 And just do it that way when it's a smaller brush and I'm gonna make the first shadows here. Of course, I'm gonna paint with black, Um, just being there for some reason I am. I'm using the razor. Use the brush and just five and five. And again, I'm gonna have to activate. Transfer the shadow right here where she touches the ground on the boots with the boots. You have to make a stronger shadow. And since I have the pen brush it, we can increase the brush size and just control the amount of shadow that I create with strength that I used when a press on the tablet and just create a soft shadow like this, if you want to give it a shape, the shape of her body and you're good at painting shadows and creating shapes, you can do it. But for me, this is enough. I think it's better than this. And what else now have to create the shadows on the body and on this object over here. Let's start with the shadow of the body. So I'm gonna create the new layer on top of the model, and I'm gonna clip it all. Put the mass between the two lives and clip. Let's name these body shadows. And when I use this layer first to create a shadow here on the bottom, I'm gonna drop the opacity even more to 30 and 20. And I also have the pen precious like him. Precisely build up the effect that's the key of creating good effects and shadows in photo shop. Gradually build up the effect. Don't, um, use high capacities and it's a lot more difficult to control. Just carefully build the effect I also have to keep in mind about while the lighting off the scene. We have a light source over here and some light from here and the overall light of the sky , and I think this part should be a little darker. That's why I said, if you have the raw file, if you want, you kept used curves on camera raw and you have more room to add it. Highlights especially, and in my case, I'm gonna paint from this part of here carefully with the brush. Just doctored some parts. The face is to eliminate it also the hair a bit and have to get that in mind. Also, keep in mind that this photo was taken during daylight and this is like sunset, so everything should be a little darker. Anyways, we're gonna add some curves to the model Teoh. Change the change, the color of the overall image. If you already did that in camera, you will not have to do it here. Or at least not the way I'm doing it. That's really up to you. So I just darken part of her. You can see the before and after, just like dodging and burning of it. And now let's go to the com pass and create a new layer on top. Clip it and let's name this compass shadow and this is the Slayer. I used it to create the shadows off her fingers and her hand over the compact. So just the brush. I'm gonna increase the flow to 50 and capacity to 40 capacity 54 40 and just create some shares over there and here, that finger as well. And this one here, the bottom Bart should be completely dark because there's no light under hair while her hand over there and just darkened that part pretty much like that. Okay, maybe it's a little a little too dark, but anyways, I'm gonna leave it like that. I think it's better than this. That's a compass. And I'm doing it really quick. So keep that in mind as well. Sward, I'm gonna create a new leader for the sort of later soared shadows. And the shadow that I'm gonna create here is especially down here. Remember the stories on top of the off the the model. But even though I'm painting here, nothing is visible because I have that letter mosque which hides this part. So it's only visible over the surface of the of the sword itself there. And I'm gonna add some shed right over there as well. Okay, that shadow over there And also on this side, this right side you can use layer styles as well to add and here on the bottom as well of the darker. And then we'll get to go check it out before and after. You can make it look like this or is actually while they're sticking, sticking to the ground and you can use the litter moss to delete that part. But anyways, and create a little shadow right over there. If you want. Using the ground shadow that I created here, you can use a little shadow right over there if you want to make it a little more realistic . Okay, We're down with the shadows, so the next part would be will be dealing with help in a show. You had to go from this to this. You can see the hair. It looks pretty natural here, so I'm gonna show you how to deal with that. 4. Fire Queen Part 3 Mask and paint hair: we're going to create a shadow using a couple of layers. Remember, we have the model as a smart object, and I hope you didn't apply the later bonds because I said we were gonna need for the for the hair. Now, what I'm gonna do is duplicate this smart object. But remember that if you just duplicate this with control J, you're gonna actually have the same smart object. And if you delete the letter Moscow on one of them, it's gonna update on both. So we have to make a special copy, right click and choose new smart object via copy. That way, these are independent smart objects and you can see that the copy it's actually replaced the original someone named this model and this one which was the original gonna name it hair. Now I'm going to double click on the field earlier. And of course, I had this layer mask here. I'm gonna delete this and I'm gonna delete it. I'm not gonna apply it. And now I'm going to save this. I will save it. And when I go back to my document against its updating that smart object, But the original one is there. If you just compressed control man J and delete the layer mask on Juan, it most likely delete the letterbox Come both and it's gonna update both. Now, with this here earlier, we're gonna the saturated something a president Trochmann you open to open the hue saturation and move this to black and white. You can see that the Bagram since this is behind it turns to black and white. We don't need the color. Now I'm gonna change the blend mode to multiply, and you can see how it looks like We only need this bits off hair around here. We're gonna pain some of it. That's why you I say we're gonna use two layers were gonna paint some of that hair back, but we're gonna use the original to keep as much as possible off the original one. Now you can see it's pretty dark, so I'm gonna use levels control l. And since this is more object and see that that hue saturation and this level of will be converted into smart filters later, we're gonna after we're done with this with restaurants this on, That's it. Now what I'm gonna do with this levels is just increase the highlights a little bit and the midterms as well. This will make part of my image brighter. And part of the highlights will go. Wait. Now what I'm gonna do next is invert the layer mask of the hair because it's too. You can paint here and just leave visible this part. But since this part is smaller than the rest of the image, we're just gonna paint it back in when we need it. Now it's inverted. So what, we're gonna do this now with this inverted layer? Mask it. Just bein back the hair on Lee on the areas where we need it. So, uh, so, like, the brush tool makes you have your passenger float 100% hardness. Let's live it to zero and paint with white. This paint here where the hair is. Let's make sure I don't have Pam pressure on transfer and just being back here. Don't worry about this areas of here. We're gonna paint them out in just a second, but make sure you recover the hair like so Okay, you can see this is how it looks like. Okay, what we're going to do now is go to the model there. If you don't have the little mosque here, just create one. Now just have a layer mask like there's a white and zoom in a little and get the brush tool Now drop capacity 50 and flow 50 as well, and in this case, were paid with black. So when a person extra while the d and then the x key. And I'm gonna start removing here from here, you could see how now I can blend this carefully. 50 and 50 it's still too much. I'm gonna drop to 40 and 20 because I want to gradually remove this and blend both layers carefully. And I'm also gonna choose a transfer or activate that because I want to carefully blend this in. Makes you go have hard edges and that you don't have any white from the original image. Spain like that. If you don't have a graphics tablet and you cannot apply, we cannot use the pen pressure. Simply drop capacity even more 20 and 20 or something like that, and just paint patiently and carefully to remove the background and just leave the but you made that would have here on multiply to stick out. Okay, That's good. I rented too much. Here I am, a doomed 300%. So when I zoom out, the quality will improve. I'm gonna fast forward here a bit. Okay? Now we're done with the model layer mask. You can see how it looks like now because I use a soft brush here on the on her on this part of her arm off her shoulder. I have this soft transition, which is not what I want. I'm gonna increase the hardness of the brush and increase the brush flow in a past city to 100%. And just being back with this hard brush with white to recover the edge off her dressed, therefore are okay. And here on the bottom, Aziz. Well, great. Now we have to deal with this darkness around here. Select the hair layer. This one which is on multiply and use the brush tool capacity on floor 50%. And again, I'm gonna activate the transfer on the brush and pay with black with the big soft brush. Yes, pain like that. And start removing that part over there. You also remove your remove. Remove part of the hair. You will delete it. But no problem. We're gonna paint. We still have to paint some of the hair. And don't be scary. Is not really that difficult just to filling some gaps. And that's it. Um, let's get rid of that. And this bar over here. So we're building the hair step by step using using this these layers. Okay, now that black blackness is gone. And now when I get the new layer underneath control, click this newly Rikon. I'm gonna name it here. Paint or painted hero, Whatever you want. Now with the brush when you use a hard brush, 100% size wanted to pixels, opacity and flow 100% of by the way, you can put it 100% pressing, zero on the keyboard and the color. We're gonna sample the color every time we want paint on area. And this is what you have to do. Let me zoom in a little first on the brush. If you have a graphics tablet, activate transfer and put it on Pam pressure. If you If you're using the mouse, there's a trick you can use Fade. And what do you do with fade me pain here with black so you can see body falls to 25. I just print here. This is what happens again. See, at 25 pixels, it stops. If I increases to 100% you can see that now line is longer and at the end it ends with this fading effect. If I put it to 200 while you guess what happens so you can paint the hair with this even if you don't have a graphics tablet. So that's a trick you can use in this case. I'm gonna use Pam pressure because it's easier for me and I'm going to start assembling from here. I just simple on just paint like this. That's too Okay, that dark color. I just tried to do the same as you see here. Just try to mimic that and just fill in some gaps. And especially the most important part is here. This is the most sensitive part, and it's the hardest to reproduce. Maybe some practice. I'm not really good at painting care. I can say that right now. I'm not really good at that, so it's probably not gonna, uh, look good, but, uh, I hope it's gonna work. Look a little better than and it does without this later. I'm actually pretty terrible a painting here. That's why I'm doing this technique. And I'm not painting the hair entirely myself. I have seen some really good artists painting here. Really awesome. But I'm that's not my I am not skilled for that. But I can still feeling some gaps here and make it look a little better than, uh, done without having anything. So this paint here, some here like that, and that's it. Okay, so let me show without the painting hair and with and now we're gonna show you how it looks with how would look without anything. So I think it's better with this than without. That's how it painted the hair. I think it's not really that difficult, but with some practice, you will end up creating something usable. I would say 5. Fire Queen Part 4 How to create orbs of light: What I want to show you now is how to create glows off light for your fantasy manipulation . So it's so like a mini tutorial inside of this tutorial inside the stock, Fuller, you will find this file and it's called orb or color. I don't know. No, Remember the name of it, It's called or abduct PSD. So I'm gonna open that so you can see it. And I want to show you how I created this and how you can create your own. I'm gonna group everything here, and I'm gonna hot it for a second. So basically, you start with this black layer. I used black because when I used this kind of lights usually use them on screen. And when you use the screen bland mode, everything that is black will go away. And this will just remain this beautiful glow of light. So what you do is create a new layer style by start by creating and you later and use soft brushes. You will see that my camera size is has the same with as the height because I'm gonna use the polar coordinates, and if use the different sizes, it's gonna come instead of creating a round shape you're gonna create an oval shape or something like that is not really that important. But just for you to know, I'm gonna get the brush toe opacity and flow of the brush 100%. I'm gonna start with the color like maybe this one this blue gonna make it be big brush and soft And I'm just gonna click there once with that call That's deactivate the transfer and create a global like that Next I'm gonna use a tone close to that and maybe a little brighter and a little smaller And just click wants there And I have this to color shape what you can do It was the easiest way you can The easy things you can do is just go to filter and use a distort And use the polar coordinates If you click that she's rectangular two polar click OK and you create this And if you're probably apply the filter again control F or control command f you can create this and now you can duplicate this If you want, just rotate it like that And now put it here. Move it a little to the center and it can even change the color would control you so like, one of the layers And just change, Hugh, if you want to have a sort of, like a duel shape of dual color two colors like that, um, like the union and the young for several, I don't know. And I'm gonna cause a new layer. This one's you can start creating using the bland mode, screen and color dodge. But I'm gonna create a yet a new one in normal land mud and again I'm gonna click once. Let's stick with this two tones something bluish and something. I'm gonna click there and then a new color like this right over there and click there. These are on separately. Okay, now I'm gonna press controlled mentee. And another thing you can do the great abstract shapes is right. Click and choose warp and just stone warping this and adjusting the shape of that to the original shape that you have over there. Let's see what we get. Actually, I liked it more when it was there. Just drag this randomly, more or less on create shapes, abstraction like this. I'm gonna leave it right over there and press enter, okay? And you can see how it looks like. This one is a bit sharper. And what I can do now is try bland meals. I can try this cream blend mode. I can try the color dodge blend mode and see what it does or just believe it on normal. And now let's do the same every time you create a new shape, create a new layer and just use different colors. Let's change a bit too yellow and maybe this greenish down and again, I'm gonna warp this and you can apply this. You can apply this filters combined the shapes of them. So, for example, I can create something like this. Press enter to accept the change and then go to filter and apply the polar coordinates and get this would shave it. Let's apply twice, and you can see how that looks. Now I can put it here and this one I will change the screen, and this is how it looks. And let's create yet show yet another technique, and then we can move along. This time I've been a used this color and something read like this. Okay, now what? I'm gonna do this time is I'm gonna use to filter, and I'm gonna choose the store and choose a wave. And here, the only only to do just reduce the scale quite a lot to between five and 10% and just increased the wavelength and the amplitude and you'll see you can see here on this thumbnail is started to stretch. And if you increase the scale, he's gonna started to stretch it more and more and you start to create weird shapes. I'm gonna put it there and click, OK, and you can see how it changed the shape of it. Now, if you you just have to move this a little bit and reapply and I started really weird shapes. And now if you want to give this round shape, go back to the distort and about the poor coordinates again. And you have this and let's supply twice the polar coordinates that were done Now just scale it and stretch it and give it the shape you want. Or you can even apply that while the warp again. If you want to create weird shapes, you can do it. Just use the work to and created. I don't like the stone. Let's try screen and see how that looks. Let's try toe change the hue and see Get something better? Yeah, like this a lot better and just wrote it That and now I'm gonna duplicate it on road, Did it on the other side and change the color more towards blue and I'm gonna make it smaller because I don't wanna I don't want to cover that off color over there. And if you wanna fill in in the middle, you can get the Mueller and repeat the process and just use something else. I don't know. They tried to colors and just use the warp. It will create some weird shape that has some more Some more of the more color and something smoother to fill in the gap. Hearing on the center Something we were there I'm making here. I don't know what I'm doing. Just it's a funny process. It's creative. So just free your mind to just start applying filters and stuff like that. And while I'm gonna put that over there and just duplicate it, I don't know, maybe place it there. And this time I'm gonna blur it. Blur and just goes in blur like so And probably let's try different tones saturate that maybe there. And now I'm gonna get the newly on top, and I'm gonna put it on screen and just paint with dark tones to to light up the colors a little. Okay, so I'm gonna sample from there and just paint once there. And that was something made more towards green. I'm gonna paint there and on another later you can even pain with leaning while color dodge , Actually. But here have to use really dark tones. You can see how it lights up the whole thing even too much. Maybe I would the activate the screen. Bland mothers use something I really don't let select everything. And I just use a darker tone here on the color dodge that is really sensitive. When he played with it, you have to be careful. Okay? And that's how he created this glows of color. Now, this one I made you really quick. Just group everything and that's it. You can see this one have been more beautiful colors. You can you can even use lance flares and stuff like that and just start to distort them or light textures and just start him, warping them and move them around. So you have this on the stock folder. I'm going to copy it and edit copy, merged and just place it here. But that's how that's a process. That's how I created that glow of light. I'm gonna locate the model and actually the compass so lets you were That's right of here. And I'm gonna put this on stop or actually, etc. First, I'm gonna baste it and changeable I want to scream so I can see better. And I'm gonna make it smaller. And I'm gonna make you to about 20% of the original size. And I can see when you put it on screen you have, There's a light here. You can put it on top of her and just have, like, a sort of mystical or was light around her entire hand. But I wanted to have this under the compass and just have this sort of like and like the compass, and it's emitting like a magic compacts or something. I don't know. Let's aim just orb and quit the later mosque because we need to delete the color from here if you put it on top, you don't have to believe anything, but I'm gonna use the selection of the model toe control Click. And on this later, Mosque of the Orb, I'm gonna paint with the brush something smaller and just pains like that to remove the effect from over there. And he'll have to rebuild this part of hair. Oh, that Spain with white. Okay, so that's how I added that light. Later on, we're going to create some particles. I'm gonna show you how to this some fun to see fantasy particles flying and some glows of life. But for now, that's how I created that. Next, we're going to create the rays of light and some glows of light around here. So and that's we're going to do on the next part. 6. Fire Queen Part 5 Create the light effects: we're going to create the lights on a separate group. So I'm gonna get the new layer on top of everything and I'm gonna press control G command jeonnam AC to create the group, which I'm gonna name elimination or light. And inside while this layer which I created I'm gonna name it Glow because I'm gonna threesome goes off light, I'm gonna put it on screen and with the brush tool I'm gonna start here with this compass song, that president be key on the keyboard and I want to start with some color and we're trying to use the same tones. But with the darker color, I use a soft brush. I'm gonna zoom out just a bit so I can see it better one blow off, like there with with this blue tone, I'm gonna create another one here and then something more orangey on this part over here and something more red almost on this part right over there. Okay, so I have that glow over there. I also want to create some glows around here, but without any kind of color Suggests is great. Really dark and at one over there. Well, actually, this we're gonna create with with maybe with, um, within our bland but But here on the hair, I do want to create some glow light right over there, and a big one hopes out of there, because that kills the other ones right over there. Okay. Now, um, let's create those rays of light coming from the ground. And for that, we need to use the ground later because we don't use the same shapes that you see over here . There's one. So we're gonna search for the ground later, I'm going to select it, and I'm going to select and choose color range. And here what we need to do. You can see that by defaulted, selects those parts over there and just have to quick zoom. And if if necessary, and just click there and you can see that the errors of you click will become selected here on this thumbnail. I'm gonna quick right over there, and then I'm gonna I'm gonna shift this will at a plus on the eyedropper tool. And I'm just gonna add some areas to my selection over there and with the fuzziness, you can increase the tolerance of this. Something like that. I'm gonna click, OK? And now I will copy this onto a new layer. So what I'm gonna do, just go to edit and choose Copy. Make sure Have selected the later not the letter mosque. So added copy and then go here onto this light group and create a new layer actually gonna create under the glow there and I'm gonna name it. Raise and press control V or Command V. This will copy this onto a new layer on Lee. That part that we have selected now with this letter which I named Raise, I will apply a filter I'm gonna go to Filter, which is blur. And I'm gonna use motion blur. And I'm gonna use 90 degrees for the angle and the distance. We have to use a pretty big distance about 1000 pixels or something like that. Click OK and are rays are here now you cannot see them very well. So let's apply another filter. Let's go toe filter. And this time we're gonna use, sharpen and use on a sharp mask, and here you'll have to use amount 100 well, 500% of maximum and then increase the radius on deal start to see the race. The more you increase them, the more raise you will see. Uh, I'm gonna increase it to about there. You can see that they are still not too visible, especially on the left side. So what I'm gonna do is create a copy of them on, then just ah, merge them. And now they're more visible. Also, I'm gonna change the blame. Oh, to screen, and you can see that the colors is the color is not uniform, so lets you make the collar uniform. I'm gonna press control menu and choose colorized and just leave the orange tone and increase the saturation like so and now they look a lot better. Okay, Now, what we need to do is move them up a bit because they're not looking that nice. And now, in a press controlled Manti below the free transform, if you wanna have them straight up, you can just make them really big like that, and that's it. But what I want to do just change the shape of them. So a press controlled Manti and then choose perspective and just press and hold the all key or the option key and just move the top controllers like that. Okay, make sure that they are standing there so that they look like they're coming from the ground. And now with the control T, I'm gonna make them higher. I had to have this shape cause I like it on. Just move them up. Like so Now have to check the bottom part here. I only it doesn't look bad. The most important is this one, and the rest of them we're gonna blend them. Um, if they're like, in this case, if they're going to to low create a layer mask and with the brush tool pain with black to remove the race from there because we only want them. We only wanna have them coming up from this. Cracks from this love over here. So the elite where you don't have them where you don't need them right there and right over there is a lot. Great. Now I have the rays of light, and this one's have to be deleted as well. Okay. I think now it looks it looks okay. And they want from here as well. And here that's recovered that part. Great. Now we have the race, but I want to fade them out here. I don't like how they end here, so I will use the same layer mosque, and actually, I'm gonna apply it, because I have I should have done that before I created the before I brushed it and just create another one and create Ah, um with the Grady into going easily a great and just fade that it's reverse it and start maybe from here and go up and just leave it. Well, just hold it and then just let go. And that's how I created that. There's rays of light. Now, um, I'm gonna live it like it is. This is my final manipulation. And next on the next part, I'm gonna show you how degree the post process I'm gonna add some particles and create the final the final look of this. As you can see here, this looks a little better because I made the selection a bit more carefully and at some light effects and some particles on the stock fuller, you'll find everything. But I want to add all the particles on a new on the next part. But well, I forgot to show you how I created those flying particles. Let's do that now, before we finish America, the new layer here inside the light group and I would on any particles and I'm gonna put it on overlay is really easy. Now, I'm gonna get the brush tool. Gonna use a hard brush and I'm gonna be the size Really small. Wanted to pixels that see one pixel of interpreting with white. Here, make sure the transfer is off. Yeah, I'm gonna use the mouse for this. Will open the brush settings and will increase the scattering. And I'm also on the brush tip shape. I'm gonna increase the spacing a lot. And probably using two pixels would be better. And just paint a few points like this. Once you have those points they remember on overly, you can go inside the layer styles, so just double click. And here we just have to use outer glow. Check outer glow from here and used color dodge for the blend mode. Increased capacity to 100%. And we're gonna use a white color for this. But you can try out of tones if you want. And here change the contour to this one to Gaussian and just have to play with size and the range. If you increase the side, you'll see that is not visible. Also, if you increase the range, it's not going to put visible anything here. So just decrease the range a little and then decrease the size. And when you see you get something like that, increased the range back again. So just play with this and he'll get something that you like. So it's just a battle between the range and the size I was gonna put upon. Three and the size to 10. Too much. That's too little about their It's on the range. 24 on That's it. You can see how it looks like maybe on this part here, it's too, too bright. I'm gonna delete some of the points and painting back manually myself. Just a couple of points. And that's how I created this particles over here. Okay, now that we have the rays and the lights here, let's create the lighting over here around her body here inside the same light in group the same, like Groupon. Look with the new layer and I'm gonna name it reflected light. And I'm gonna change the blend mode to color Dodge here, we're gonna do, is on in several steps. We're going to start with soft brush. I'm gonna deactivate the rays for a second. And now it's like the brush tool, and I will use a soft brush and gonna change. Change the size, depending on the area, and we start with a capacity of 50 and flow 50. Also, I will check the pan pressure. So let's first reset my brush, get something normal, a normal brush and check transfer. Put it on, Pam pressure and decrease the spacing. A little capacity flow 1 50%. And we'll start with the dark orange tone really dark, dark and then that I would usually do because I would want to create a transition. So first, I'm gonna create the base color. So first I'm gonna locate the modeler to load the selection and actually gonna get the little mosque. And I can freely paint around here without having the selection active. And now everything that I pray will only be visible over the body. And I'm just gonna paint like this With this color, you can see lights up, but not enough to have a light actually on image. But that's OK. I don't I don't need more than this. This is just the base color. I'm gonna paint on top the agile, be a lot brighter, But this is just the transition. Okay, Uh, pain there as well. And you should also paint over these toward a bit and a little around here. You can see that since her dresses white here, it's more visible, even though I have this really dark town. Next, I'm gonna create, um, a breuder's area around here, but with a brighter tone like this. Maybe start painting. Just build up the effect gradually with your brush. Remember, I have the opacity pretty low. And don't forget about forget about this area on this area over here, and we look with my pen pressure, have it a little. It's a little easier. Kidded him. Press harder on the brush and get the effect you want for this area. I'm gonna use just the tip of the brush, okay? And can see how it like it. Lights up. See that? This is what we've done so far. And now when you use a really bright time like this one. This is just for the very edge here. I'm gonna make the brush a little smaller Upsets too big. Have to be careful with this. That's why I like to build up the effect gradually and just just the way you can hear. I'm not even touching with the brush just with the tip of because I have a soft brush and it's gonna work anyways. And you can see the litter. Moss, there is not perfect. It's not really that good. So mm. You have to be careful here and go along the edge really carefully. And in my case, I'm doing a little quicker. I don't want to make the editorial too long, but carefully painting you can create a really nice effect on very realistic as long as you're patient enough and just paint carefully. Also, the experience will play a huge part here because if this is the first time you create, this is not gonna come out as you as you expect. But don't worry. Just keep practicing and that's it. Here a transition should be a little better like that and hopes I forgot this area here. But this brighter color just pained over there. I have to erase parts from here, but we're gonna do that in just a second. And here as well. You're gonna follow the shapes of this highlights over there like so and just carefully paying these areas. These lines are not easy to create, so don't get frustrated if they don't come out a Z expected. Just do your best. And with practice, you'll you'll you will improve this. So don't worry pain here as well. I don't know if this light Israel realistic in terms off how strong it should be because this may be it does not greet that strong. But that's I just want to show you how to create this light the same on the sword. Here. You should create the highlight here, but this layer will not work because I have the letter mosque. So I have to deactivate the little mosque for a second to paint here. Or actually I'm going to something else. I will use the layer styles for the sword. Just look at the sword and go into the layer styles and use an inner shadow, maybe and make sure don't use global light change the angle and we use something, doctor. And of course, this distance is too much and a size as well. We want size one and distance like that. And now I don't want this effect to be all over the sword just on the bottom. So what you can do is convert this layer style into it's only right click on the effects icon and choose create layer and can be OK. And now, simply using the razor or later mosque on that and just remove the effect on areas where you don't need like that. Okay, now this colorism id Teoh almost green. So I'm gonna change it with the hue saturation. Okay, more towards that and more saturated and maybe a little brighter. Okay, so let's go back to her reflected light later. And what else have all the areas covered? Yeah, I would say yes. That's I'm gonna live it there anyways. Just is just I wanted to show you that technique and now I have through you raised the effect right here. I just needed on the ad. So I'm gonna set of the later mosque, get the brush tool. He grew the opacity inflict 100% and deactivate my transfer option. And just with since this I want to delete this like that. But instead of doing manually what I'm going to dio, uh, I'm still going to do it manually with a little easier. Just get the black color and press and hold the shift key. Quick there, person. Hold the shift key and then follow the edge with the edge of the brush. OK? Make sure you have ah, strong brush. Let's do it again. Ah, hard brush three and just can just paint there and carefully paint like that and the same around here. Uh, where you have straight edges is very easy Here, for example, I can, uh I can click here and then just follow along this edge and remove the effect, right? Don't need it. Great. Now have the light of fact there. I want to create some glows and make this lights a little more vivid. I'm gonna get a new layer and I'm gonna name it Vivid light. And I'm gonna change the blend mode. Not the vivid light. I'm gonna change it the color dodge and get the brush tool. You can try vivid light if you want. I don't know if it works. I didn't try it. And I'm just gonna is a really dark town off this orange. And when he's a soft brush and I was gonna paint once they're there, Andi around there also right over here. That's too bright. Maybe right over there and on the fire itself. That's 2nd 1 is too much and around here to make this stand out a little more. Okay, so that's it. Let's reactivate the rays later and we're done. We're ready for post process for for the poorest. For the post production, you can see how the lights work. I think it looks a lot better than without them. Even know them. I made them really quick. I think that's pretty realistic. I don't know. You can post a comment on on the tutorial if you want, or just 10 your version on so I can see it and we're done. Let's go with the post production and create the final effect 7. Fire Queen Part 6 Post processing: I usually make the final the final processing of the image on the same document. But because this is a big document, sometimes it can run slow. So what I do is I select everything. Go to add it. Copy. Merged. Close this. Usually I would save it as a PSD file. Obviously, I'm not going to save it on this is the final adit of the original one. Create a new document and face that image here and start editing from here. Now, the first thing I want to do is add some particles. So open the stock fuller and locate this image of this thing dust or whatever this thing is , copy it and paste it over your image and have to make it very big in this case, Uh, something like this, because we only on we only want this particles over here and change the language to screen . And this is how it looks like you. Can you come at some blur if you want too soft on the edges. But I'm gonna leave it like that Press control menu Open hue, saturation. I'm gonna colorize this because I want to have some more orange looking in fact here and that's you too much. It's move this away cause I want the center to be pretty clear. Just a few effects over there. Next, I'm gonna open another image, which is this one of the debris. I'm gonna paste it on the image. And also you can see it's very small, so I have to make it big. I just need the silhouettes of this flying stones or whatever. I'm gonna put them vertically and well, actually, that's probably where you that and you can see how they look like I don't care about the quality that much because I'm gonna darken them some press control menu. This will open the hue saturation and just drop the lightness until you get almost the silhouettes. He only want to see a little bit of texture over there. And now I want to delete some of them going to get the later mosque or you can you even use a any razor on and just get rid of some of them? Because the small ones I don't want that much. That's gonna add too much detail to the image, and I know want that. Just leave some of them flying around. Just remove the smaller ones like that randomly remove some of them. And next What we're going to do is apply a layer style to this. Let's name this debris and open the layer styles. And here I'm gonna zoom out because I want to see the image. And I will add an inner shadow. And why we need to do here is use a low angle. Actually, I minus 90 degrees one the life to come from from the bottom part. Actually, we're gonna use it as a light, not as a shadow. And we're gonna change this color to something like that. Color dodge capacity 100%. And now we have to increase the distance until we start to see the color. I guess you see right underneath and use a brighter tone. So we have a brighter fact like that. But it's to read. So let's move this. Ah, let's move there its own to about there, I would say. And I'm gonna increase the size a little too soft on the effect, not that much. Increase the size a little more, maybe. Okay. And I'm gonna click OK now And you can see that this effect is also being applied to the smaller stones, which is not what I want. So what I have to do now in order to control that? Because I cannot remove the effect on Lee to some of the stones if I worked with the stars . So what I have to do is convert this layer style into its own layer just like it did before someone a right click on the effects and choose create layer. This will move that color onto its own layer. And now you can see how that looks like. And now I can create the later mosque or even use the brush. I'm gonna get clear Mosque and just removed the effect from the smaller stones and just leave them on some of them on the here on the bottom. I'm not gonna believed effect on them, so I'm gonna remove it and we're done. Okay. Eso with this town's carried more. I want a very bad well, a better effect if you want to add a, for example like zooming effect on them. You could, I don't know, maybe merged them, and I'm going to convert to meet a smart object and probably Addy and Blur Gallery directional, blur and use. I don't know, radio Blur, for example. And just add a bit of zoom effect on them to create more motion on the image. And you can see how they look. Like like they're flying around. Okay, so I went from this to this, and we just 10 pixels a blur. It's not more than that. Okay? Actually, I'm gonna change the center of the blood to one there on the bottom blur. And she's radial blur. And I'm going to change the center a little lower, and we'll click. OK? And now it looks like they're flying away or towards her, which I think it's ah, even better. But I don't like the size. Let's do it again. Radial blur. I'm gonna change three amount to just 5/2 of it, and I'm gonna choose best quality Click. OK, Here. Let's wait and yeah, looks a lot better. You can see we're getting a bit of motion. Now we're down with this. You can add some fire particles. Actually, let's do that really quick. Let's open this image of the fire here, have some more stock images off some stones if you want to add them. I'm gonna copy this part of here and just based it right there. Am put change. A limo to multiply to screen. Sorry. Screen. You will see that it's not completely black. That's why you see this line here. So just with this layer selected Prescott drug meant l so open levels And get this eyedropper this eyedropper tool, which is black. So have black mid tones and highlights. Just get the black one and click on an empty area there where we have that white area and you can see it goes away. It's it's automatically adjusting the image to be black on. I'm gonna put you right there where that fire is and can duplicate it if you want and make it a little bigger for some other particles around here. I think it's too much. Too many particles has not at this and OK, now we have to add a few adjustments I use only called lookups hear. So I added the color look up here. Then I changed the this You have them on the stock folder just quick. Load three D lot if you don't have four shops here. Six you will not be able to find while you will not find this adjustment cause it's not available in previous versions. Off for shop, they introduced it in four shops Essex And here inside the stock. Fuller. You will find this files on the 1st 1 that I used is cinematic, um, zero to open that. And I'm gonna put the past in the blend mode to the capacity. Sorry to 75%. And I'm gonna mask the inside here. So I'm just like the little mosque. Get the Grady and tools like the radio one and just great ingredient from the center of Well, where the model is standing to the corner on the upper corner there. And that way we hide the effect on the center We just needed on sides too dark. And this a bit Next I'm gonna add another color. Look up again. Click load through the lot. And inside the folder you'll find the 2nd 1 which is cinematic 23. Open that and this one. I think I left it to 100%. And if you don't like it, just drop it slightly. I'm gonna see at 80% How it looks like. Yeah, like better. And now I'm gonna apply. I'm gonna use the camera. Raw filter. First, I'm gonna merge everything onto a new layer so I can apply that fielder on that layer alone someone, a press shift, All command e or shift all control e on a PC, and I'm gonna go to filter and choose camera. Raw filter. If you don't have four shops CC, you will not see camera filters. So what you have to do as I mentioned in previous two tours of mine, save the images a tiff file that a tiff then opened it back in full shop, and it should open it in camera. If you cannot do it, just watch my previous Detroit the prey. I think it's called. And there I planning in more detail. And here I saved a preset with all the settings, so just click load settings and inside a stock fully or find this fired queen final dot ex MP loaded and you'll load the all the sightings that I have. And just you have to just tweak stuff here if you want to add more light on the shadows, for example, whatever I think. I also added Grady end here to just enhance parts of the image. I'm gonna reset this and just increased exposure, a little order, clarity and more light in some parts or just on the highlights and make the warmer a little . Well, just it's re up to you what you do here with Grady and you can create some really nice stuff. You can see it with this. I can enhance the ground and and those rays of light And let's leave this how it was. And maybe that's like the hand. I can't so I can come back to the editing mode. Probably I would change here a little bit. The balance can see. That's not you're not gonna get the same result as I did because it really depends on what you did on the rest of the layers. But you can get if you get a similar result. Just, uh, tweak the settings here and get the tones that you want. I'm gonna click, OK? And now I'm gonna have the last color look up again, load three lot and just look for this one. Crime would dot cube open that and I left this. Let me check my notes. I think get 30%. But basically just reduce the capacity until you get the effect that you like and it's done . This is the final result. Let me show you what I did, what, the image before doing anything. So without the post processing before and after. Maybe the lighting on the model is not perfect. The white balance is not perfect. I even skipped the part where I corrected the colors on her because I didn't want to spend too much time and make the territory even longer than already is. But this is the final result. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you'll get great result out of this tutorial and that you learn something new. You can post your images on instagram and use the hashtag PSD box and or just send them through email to me so I can see them if you want. And well, that's it for today. If you have any questions, is supposed to comment or send me a message and I'll help you if you have any problems on any of the steps explained in this tutorial. Thanks for watching and see you next time