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Find Good Luck at Last: 1000 Freelance Secrets

teacher avatar Lori Fournier, Biz teacher & freelancer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Why Watch?


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      Manage Your Stress


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      Improve your Decision Making


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      Change your focus


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      The Big Point


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About This Class

Growing up with a gambling-addicted father, Lori became fascinated with the subject of luck. She recently came across a study that revealed how lucky people operate – and the fact that unlucky people can become luckier. 

Using the study as the foundation of her class, Lori weaves in business skills and her freelance experience to show how a few practical changes can improve a freelancer's luck. You'll learn:

  • how anxiety gets in the way 
  • how intuition can be sharpened
  • how a shift in perspective brings good fortune.

Whether you're experiencing a run of bad luck or if you want to be even luckier,  this class offers some practical tips for change.  

Learn more about the instructor. Visit her blog The Hooky Player or check out her portfolio.-

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lori Fournier

Biz teacher & freelancer


Lori credits her fear of commitment and mistrust of authority for her fruitful career as a freelance copywriter. Among her many adventures along the path of avoidance, she was a long-time writer on Canada's famous Insider's Report, brainchild of grocery trailblazer Dave Nichol. Her client roster includes leading agencies like Watt Retail and Jackman Reinvents as well as Scotiabank and online educator Desire2Learn. To date, she's billed for more than 1,000 freelance jobs – hence the name of her suite of specialty classes. 

Surviving the madcap world of freelancing has long been an obsession. Always happy to share her secrets for success (as well as the humiliating growth-inducing experiences), Lori's taught business and writing at Humber College. Now she's giv... See full profile

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1. Why Watch?: Hi, I'm Laurie. And this is my skill. Should class change your luck? First, a little back story When I was a kid, my father had the very unfortunate habit of taking his paycheck to the racetrack most weeks , and he had the even worse habit of losing most the time as results. I grew up looking around at other families and wondering why it seems that everyone else had good luck but us, of course. You know, I grew up and matured and began to see the world in different ways. But I remained preoccupied by the concept of luck recently stumbled across some research that completely captivated me. British psychologist Dr Richard Wiseman studied 400 people, some who believed that they were really unlucky, and someone believed they were very lucky on. What they found was that these people saw the world in very different ways on what he found , which I think is even more important is that unlucky people can become lucky and that's where I want to start. I want to take Wiseman's basic principles and apply them to the role of business and to freelancing and offering something that you can put in to practice to actually change your luck and see the world in a different way. So in this class, you learn why stress is a factor in bad luck. Regular how you could make better decisions To improve your luck, you learn how to find more opportunities. Annular. How to have a good look cycle. So who should want? If you're a freelancer who's stuck in a run of bad luck, find out how you could turn things around right here. If you're bored with work and you wish something new and exciting, would would come around watch. I think I have something for you. If you're the kind of person who thinks that good luck happens to everyone else, please watch because this is for you, just like it's for me. So keep watching. 2. Manage Your Stress: So here's the thing about luck that blows me away and the big reason I feel compelled to create this class. I like to avoid commitment. So, too, may freelancing. Seems like a great life full of adventure and never knowing what's around the corner. And I love that until there's a dry spell and I am without work for far too law. And when that happens, I start to feel anxious. Now here's what I learned from Dr Wiseman. I'll lucky people tend to feel more anxious than lucky people. Suddenly, luck made so much sense to me because my father, who was the unluckiest person I've ever met, was also extremely anxious. And then I thought about it and I realized what I feel unlucky. I'm usually at my most stressed, but here's where things get interesting, because stress is also part of what makes me great at freelancing. Good stress is essential to good freelancing because it keeps us at the top of our game. It's is our hunger to survive that that shows through it every single job, and it's why we get hired. But the trouble with living with stress on a daily basis to feed ourselves in our families is that it can lead to anxiety, and that's where it affects. Look. According to Dr Wiseman, anxiety inhibits the ability to notice new and interesting possibilities. In other words, you becomes a focused on your goal that you miss opportunities that might bring you good luck. For example, say your sitting on a park bench, you've got this stack of scratch hurts and you're scratching away, and you're so hopeful that you're going to see three strawberries and and get the win. That's gonna change everything but at her feet blowing this way in their breeze and that we in the breeze is a $50 bill, and it's trying to get your attention and screaming at you. Look at me, but you're so busy scratching away that you don't see it. You get up feeling dejected, you've lost and you didn't see the $50 bill. But that's it was like every single day. If you're anxious freelancer become so focused on the next gig, you could overlook other opportunities. You know you will miss the things that take a different kind of effort or that require a change in perspective. The warrior focus on the one thing, the more stress you'll be and that will make everything in your life are. If you're afraid, answer it and you're having bad luck and it's making you anxious. I have been there many times, and it's funny because early in my career I really believe that it was my anxiety that made me creative and I didn't want to become. But now I realize that it's possible to keep the good stress that keeps me on my toes and prevent it from getting out of control. I could do that by embracing short periods of calm it and not seen counter to it up to you . But if you can relax and check off that tunnel vision that keeps you focused on the new gig that might not go, you're missing the things that you could be doing other. Then that one gig, my not so what I mean by that is you might work in the evenings and spend your days building your contact lists so that you have more people in the business. You know, we could rely on for work. You might decide that you get Adam and skill to your repertoire and become more competitive . That way, you might realize that you just I need to work part time for a while to to pay the bills so that you can work harder during the day. Teoh find new work. A few years ago, I was going through a dry spell, but in San Freaking Yeah, I don't want to do things differently. And so I took a course on Mindfulness that that really changed everything for me. And I began to a corporate meditation and yoga into my life. And I noticed that the more periods of calm I have, the easier it was to freelance and the even bigger point that I want to make years. I didn't suffer as much while I was waiting for the next gig to come in. So if you're a freelancer living with anxiety, there are some things you should be doing on a regular basis to bring comment to your life . Uh, exercise walk, Ron job. Go to the gym, figure out what works for you, and work the anxiety yet breathe. You know, the simple thing we do in yoga is breathe in through the nose, out to the nose it's extremely calming. Try it when your feelings dressed. Here's something I always say. Talk to your fellow freelancers. You know they understand what you're going through. Benefit the other people in your life. You don't freelance, and it's a great way to unload. Take control. Now if your if your reaction to stress is to do nothing, you're making everything worse, and the thing that will make it better is by taking control. Contact people join organizations, take out an ad writer, belong, Do something. Doing something will give you a sense of direction and that will feel great or let go. If you have a preconceived notion of what success should be for you and you're not getting there, you might be making your life so much worse for yourself. Maybe you're not met. Freelance. Price it. Maybe you should go back to school and become a doctor. The idea of the successful you is just a story made up, and you could rewrite that story at any single time. So if you're a freelancer and you're living a life of uncertainty, as exciting as that can be, it's also stressful. So remember, find ways to relax and you will be surprised by how good it is for business. And when that good luck starts to come in, you'll be surprised by how that breeds Morgan. 3. Improve your Decision Making: lucky people take smarter risks. They gather information that they weigh the pros and cons. And when they fail, they mind that situation for the little gold nuggets of learning that helped them find success. But they rely on information. Something I learned from Dr Rot wasn't is that lucky. People are open to how they feel about risks. They have great intuition, and they can hear it above all the other noise in their head. And I think we freelancers have that same kind of intuition because we we deal with survival on a daily basis. We get really good off sensing opportunity, opportunity and avoiding failure. But when you have a bad mark, their stress levels increase. And as that happens, it gets even harder to tell the difference between intuition and fear. So when we're having bad luck, your fear screaming at you to run away, protect yourself. This is the best time to strengthen your intuition, so it screams even louder, and you could make decisions that are good for your success and not based in a few. Here are some of the best ways to improve your intuition so you can hear it when you really need it most. Here's how to tell that your intuition is working. So do this little exercise. Think of someone who you met before. You got to know, though, in that moment of meeting that person, you have warm feeling. I'm feeling that said that this person is okay and you got to know and you were right. Now think of someone you met who gave you an uneasy feeling and and you wanted to back away Or maybe shut down. That was your body saying to you all my experience and knowledge of the world says that this person should be avoided now. Looking back, you were right. Were you? Your feelings are more honest in your brain when when you think of what a risky we want to take, ask yourself what you feel about it and try to be honest about that feeling. But we're in the midst of a run of bad luck, and no work is coming in. It's harder to read your gut because the future seems so frightening and the fears to scream louder than the other fields. So keep this in mind when you're afraid it's not your intuition. It's your animal instincts trying to keep you safe for telling you to run away. The fear exists, so you'll avoid the pain of failure or maybe just the displeasure of getting out of your comfort zone. When you make a decision based on fear alone, you might be ruling out something that has true benefits for your future. Are you afraid to make that contact? Are you afraid to say yes to a contract? Maybe staying safe will keep you from opportunities. So how do you know when you're listening to your fear instead of your intuition? There's a little secret you could imagine not doing the thing that you're considering and when you imagine not doing the thing that you're considering, how do you feel if you feel disappointed, that means that suggest that there was something in it. Food, that there was a possibility there for you. But if you feel relief then making the decision not to do it was the right thing for you. When you have a big decision to make, sometimes it seems like the harder you try to solve that problem and come to a decision, the more fog you create and the harder it is to see what the right thing to do. ISS reality. I think the right thing to do is to stop thinking about it that allows to fall to clear. So suddenly you have, ah, fresh perspective and you can see what you need to dio. No, As an artist, you experiences all the time when you're in the shower or out walking the dog or working out, so you get an inspiration. You're not trying to have an inspiration. It just comes to you. And it's something it just feels right. It's exact same thing when you're trying to make a big decision. The best way to toe let the answer come to the surface is to stop trying to solve it. So what movie? Pick up the controls and playing for a couple of hours. Better yet, sleep on it. It gives your subconscious a chance to process the situation. We will slip on it. You're getting the distance. You need to see things more clearly. There's a better balance of common sense and emotion, and that really sharpens your your intuition. So when someone asks a big question, will you join my team? Will you take the contract. Will you take that job? I always say I have to sleep on it. Or if I can take a weekend to decide, even if my first my first impulse is take it and that's the thing. I hope that you take away from this lesson. Sleep well. Don't make a big decision or take a risk until you sleep. One for stars. It makes you look very mature, professional, and secondly, it really is a way to let the dust settle so that you could make the best decision possible . 4. Change your focus: According to Dr Wiseman, unlucky people tend to be creatures of routine, so they're the kinds of folks who take the dog to the same corner every morning. Maybe they have Monday night meatloaf, and that's always the way it's gonna be. I know there there are entrenched in these routines, so they don't have knew what exciting experiences that's part of it. And I get that because I love routines. They comfort me. But I also know that when a board or if I, I need to have some good luck for a change, I know it's time to change things up, because when you expose yourself to a greater variety of people in situations, you're more likely to be exposed to opportunities. It's very easy to fall into a rut. Know if you have the same pro project over and over again. If there's a cycle there, that's exactly what a run is. When you think about it, it's just a deep room in a path made by wheels rolling over the same spot over and over again. An article deeper into it, the less you see the world around you when you're not having a good law, examine her routine. Is it limiting you to seeing the same people and having the same conversations? Change it up so you can have fresh experiences, meet new people and talk about things that inspire you rather than worry. If you're a freelancer who wants better? Look, it might be time to change routines, and that might be simply adding to what you're already doing or may be doing things in different ways. That's what isn't necessarily to do these things to get new work. The point is to perhaps take your mind off the problem of finding work or me new people who might introduce, you know, ideas that give you work. There was really nothing is where the opportunity lies. It goes back to what we first discussed about being so focused on that one thing that you don't see everything else around you. So some of the ways you can change things up are perhaps by joining a professional group or of entrepreneurs or freelancers and seeing what's available that way, you might go to meetings instead of phoning it in. Talk to people you don't usually talk to your out for a walk. Say hello to someone was walking their dog. Teoh. You know, when you're at the mall, say hi to someone just looks interesting. Do volunteer work. Go out there and face the world and see it from a different perspective. Join a team or a choir meet New people have an experience that stimulates and inspires you . Learn a musical instrument, start learning something and getting those neurons firing in new ways that makes the world a different place for you. The point is always to just see the world differently. There's another thing about lucky people. They know that things could always be worse. It's a difference in attitude between my luck sucks. All my clients take forever to pay me, and I'm great. Look, I've never been stick once and second of positivity. That not only makes you feel better about the world around you, but it makes other people feel better about being in your presence. And that's the kind of magnetic personality that keeps opportunities coming your way. 5. The Big Point: One of the things that Dr Wiseman discovered is that people who see themselves as having good luck actually do have better luck. They're happier in their jobs and the relationships. So how do you start being one of those lucky people? It's really, really simple. You just have to believe in your own good luck, and you have to see it and appreciate it. And if you're here on still share, chances are you have a creative gift, which makes you lucky. Or perhaps you were freelance career or some other kind of business. You of clients and you're making money. You're lucky your loved. If you have money in the bank, if you have a best friend, all of those things, any of those things, so many other things could make you lucky. When you believe in your good luck, you feel calmer when you believe good luck will come to you. Your mind is open to the possibilities. You appreciate your good fortune. I'm not some magnet for more good fortune. So you're signing for this class is really simple. Just tell me what makes you lucky, whether it's your family, your creative gift or that time you bet it all on a long shot one and then walked away with her pockets were stuffed full of cash. I'd really like to know. So that's it for this class. Let me end black by thinking my dad, because if it wasn't for him and his bed lock, I don't think I really appreciate my good fortune as much as I do. And part of Mike would lock is that I'm able to make this connection here with you. So thank you so much for watching. I wish you the best of luck.