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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Introducción al curso


    • 2.

      Diseño de un sidebar menu


    • 3.

      Diseño de una lista de cards


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About This Class


Figma ha rediseñado completamente la funcionalidad de Autolayout por lo que este tutorial ya no se corresponde con el actual Autolayout. He hecho un nuevo tutorial (en inglés) explicando cómo trabajar con el nuevo Autolayout aquí: New Autolayout v2 


¿Quieres aprender todo sobre Autolayout en Figma? Autolayout te permite acelerar muchísimo tu flujo de trabajo en Figma ahorrando tiempo y haciendo más consistentes tus diseños. Aprende cómo hacer botones responsive, menús, cards tipo twitter, facebook o instagram fácilmente modificables con Autolayout. Una vez que empieces a utilizar Autolayout no podrás vivir sin esta funcionalidad! No es necesario conocer Figma para este curso, aunque sea recomendable. Si no sabes de Figma no pasa nada, aprenderás lo básico de la herramienta también con este tutorial.

Meet Your Teacher

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Bruno Sáez López

UX/UI Designer and Front-end developer


Hey, I'm Bruno!

UX/UI Designer with more than 20 years of experience currently working in a big data company making complex products simple.

Figma, Sketch and Adobe XD are my favourite tools.

I love going to the mountains and record music.

If you like my classes follow me to be updated when new content arrives!





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Design UI/UX Design
Level: Beginner

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1. Introducción al curso: way e a typical included in it wasn't decent. Tito Horses belly must complete the critical list. And they my a Is this what you get a bit like that? He made this quarter a the e he you know it's paid. Okay. 2. Diseño de un sidebar menu: human uses the tutorial Super rapido The come on from fee and I love to ride out and Sikma it literally a pass on the board of the bill. I mean contract honest and monasteries in your you hear the story. Aryan Ripley Carlo. You Ah love internally area. But I have the feet Mamba Barcelona I am no says Have any style hollow on this golden FEMA When I see Okay One of Mama's Havlat The ministers have Inamoto Baidoa stopping gun sellers WASI cause come on, come on There for miles not awarded a bear like a window in those in those parties Different Ah, replica OPR is the same market in most like us terminal and I see And there was the most am It's not God, no Cadena Masaki a one of the face Get a permit after elementos the government responsive Mars extended Oh, it's a little well, don't ask it Scales Well done is gone e tambien But if emblem on the stomach and the lemon doesn't become accomplices Come on. Stop a car Always keep almost Could be indefinite. Amanda Rifka am from from there. Come on, Caribbean, though my former elementos y and more. You know, it's terrible, you know, Maybe the laziest donkey Ascari and real boat owner Healthy Too low E l Final. Ella Takahashi. Some correct. And those for a replica system. And we are key. You make another La Scala rescue almost. Hopefully fat. It shows we are running Sarasin. Boco. It was called e years. A muscleman insisted that manual There were the values No personal Asi located must come here and it's the castle. Here is the key. Yeah, long gone. Cornell cantatas like estilo mysterio A a one barista Stress sequiturs Get out is a big sellers. You almost have to be God, I could ask you boys oblique our corn accountable. Shadow out or simplemente going commando Their organ control issues like sympathy E But it's the castle was not going to go in travel to us. Yeah, but it g our local area. Most area you don't mind no being there. Where? Kelly Stanfa Intikhab Alam Indoor. I thought that I was capable Elementos room back there Escape or camblos e ast elementos elephant potro again. You know they have allowed the layout. There are up on the telephone. Almost all dramas The most came out that I have noticed about a few either females. For that, you know, Donald bowling must have allowed to write out seasick stores from FEMA in the name William por que pasa Better see eye spot on the Pataki base case. You got about a thing about film they and carried out the light out or tambien or Dominica's happened. I say, Ah ah Taco The safety or my new school are in the office. And you, the It was gonna miss patio get that ive andre Internet always know. Then he lost. Control is they are out there even must get border effect on us are figments of interned in relation They come about Oregon affair a lab assistant nurse elementos and those channels genital of coca come with Indian Academica's hedonistic castle with the garment industry elementos system on these posters, their monetary frontal fado vertical is come here and I Molly Liston Cantrow Photos Possibility. I must tell somebody my most prized, but I can get a lower than Enrique from thin Otelul and that I miss my for my little body in another detail killer. And it's the castle's no getting movement embodying must get stale. You know, killer, you know alot my Why they figured they and they love the right out is kept with them or Dirani follows elementos simplemente era strand alos Molly or Damien Podemos Zaki Morvillo's elementos care about it that I missed my former states We fundo Nike and like here that we have a number. But I have Amal's. Is the box a little? Yes, there was no straw. Marlboro's Juanito Stevie goes now Yaki Cinderella They'll scuppers the almost istan in central Bamyan. CMO was stuck up You have a lot of Mullah Premera, Same opponent. They almost get a look a lot Joseph in the last couple, like a super important there in Fallujah and wonderful dollar. And don't There's one that I get from you The less those our guest often finance You gave a kick in the eyes am out on the outside of others or somebody in the complex are female of poise Have him bogo labaton Leo He is within the important s aware K a lower than a G important mullet. It was at any moment throws throw spoon Will that I just got on at being theater big sellers. You know, like a medical or simply most of our honesty. Lowe's color. But it modernistic Cassano's Remember still Arlotto many moons e sempre a or quantify or see is to believe that I can tell us a little about them and we're about to leave for the conspirators. The castle Gone if I from a Bluenose commando is more every year. So porkers. Wascana Montanelli ready as angry a love affair icon. Solo material icons. He's, you know, look on a face. Oh, our Lord communal units. The castle. Yeah, I was cocky. Audio. Theoneste Bagosora Most case There's a logger getting Moore's Law e a base camp out of Hagee Common number, and it's the guy from the movie star. Something start on a number of the Ferguson swoon in the area that is out of a bottle, but I can. A member of Colombia's Implement Day 1 May Man E. Muhammad as per Lord and remote UNIX based Get out. There's no telling how about I figured out the right out community or hospital based on the fact that I out you start, although a perfect timing money. Okay, get emotionally muscle for a few. I still was 19 problema Hamasaki. We had a number honesty frame. Kumalo. Is that what's really going on? Molly, come always Pellicano promedio. He will see intercity a stock collapse. She looks, she looks hockey. Ah, and last Capus Boys. Today a Muslim is more enemies. Marshall Delicate movie in the law There's AKI Mullet Law and basically, I mean that must really love from the Alina Revolve Centro, etcetera. And it's the fault. Okay, TNN El mismo alto. Totally cocoa more Dexter are going to, you know, put a boy they said, Okay with us getting Amazon Texoma. Thomas, begin your loan at the Centro or my mom Something ad There must be Thoroughfare Aquino's throws No Stroh's he times a minute e en este caso by Tampa thoroughfare and must complete focus area. I still getting a fundo Melinda's. But I saw Tanggula lucky for that rather use no suitable base for Casey LOL or local. The most can be outside away. 11 minutes Molly e aqui y alla feel galore. Get out of this My school s shirt. They almost have a heart, aren't they? If you're too big sellers perfect, you try with more honesty. Customer data you quantify Aida feather icons were Could be a mental store. Salamis, my familia. A key is much fulfilling contract lows. Hey with we are the bar. Ah, here you go. No, but I can about Cal nominate it almost upon it. I in the left a temple in portable telling the hologram of last process. But I will not go Ok, it's ok. I don't know the outgoing elementos if you are a star Daniel O K. C s Kriebel Nothing was done there. I don't know, but I don t know. And toys. Yoga recommend SKC guys without the layout. Connolly gonna gonna Dexter and latterly known as our law field and present in my school are yellow. Yeah, yeah, yeah. See so much couple Has they control our postal office party escaping him? No. And it's a big if he stays cellophane on the West. I doubt that It's ok and it's the castle I said going on my stick still Well yesterday finalised school He handled things Mecca Dalio or totally out against the castle was there ? No, I am I mean I think money keep it up Don't you get some excellent los elementos they'll frame and they were framed. Maestro, of course, as mysterious a figure Mona Castle. It's the autonomous Aquino strawberry mayor. Men white them, But ah, they are just throw someone. No estilo. The men will be almost like a Democrat of Montana. Ihsaa is toast a manual system. FIA's fitted up local hockey is sell a funeral. Fundo boys health and I know a self entirely from the a woman is the castle will fund those commodity, though, and they probably totally out get in the last few days. More about that. Even most gun Astros elementos a blank. You are talking Barlow. Poor mostro. Grease is a stick, Molly. And it's the castle. Oh, yeah, Hockey from a home. I keep almost like I'm getting mostro. See the way a samosa stock on an alley. Very album system. I ve senior boys like Eedle, right? He e can't be our Manuel, But for the most chaotic there, come on money. And but because the lesson McGee, you know we have the right Jackie. About 1/4 of uncle, the more you are Astro lemon talky boehlje include low interest. Our party. They stay out. Tryout Teniamos entry Ilic Oh, no. You'll textile El Fondo or made a little intro. We already aqui vemos cannot accommodate the central or they'll order all Della Accademia Massadio and yeah, Montana and City by my probably guard over our existence a woman who was carried off the record. Mr Castle, So little about us mostly all arable, But okay, like a note allies in normally the law they'll frame even have already. Problem is more unless have to study in Yankee. But you don't get a lot of you Easy. Just throw lucky escape Police come by the law The time in Iraq. Enough electors. Madurese The time in l. A. And illegal monopolies combat as a lost cause facility in others you almost upon a stroke. I am not too you and Obama e and they're lost, Kuroda said. If another's boys, he more than most are a started and really know Strohal Tryout Money E. But that was filling up with animals. E. They must think Martine a DNs. That's part this like a boy's or on ether los elementos afecta inclusive on the Filipinos barrios, they ha who start Levy stumpy and three years you can be our lows incluso the posse feel on etcetera So But I something that gets 11 Avalos Quadra Lemon does look while ago No escape e the Stalinist control sake paid opening was that? Let them. You know what I like about, you know, elementos a buyout? FEMA But at the last eight years e g c t money And don't know is that formal a contreras elementos time in polyamory Pharma. Celery. So you're feeling Gargiulo Don't try out And the espalier most select another stress Elementos will read out. Yeah, given most of em blow. Okay, A few main diplodocus delivery estara like most women don't throughout the royal. Yeah. No, really No e Lamis Most started go a hollow A and the C in the peace olio a 3. Diseño de una lista de cards: one has a Newell A A. Don't compare them to us. The last course Eskimos. We still a lot of that there. Instrument A. I don't wanna see Bottom line. Mona is almost You really got us the phone, though. Come on, boys. Were even though the salary host on the manual be independent, America stays this innuendo nowhere more really fit in for that use. You almost had been Daniela's elementos incomplete cardinals motor. One allowed to lie out in the film in there almost have been done. Little elementos alloy are the most Carmelo's one must call a gun now about that of the mama Santoso Griego on this Plus I blew in Sparta Sikma a meeting and Caritas. How about our safe it there? But come on. Getting always, Tello. Nike s away on this place, Mama tired even before the war. That rather use. And it's because of the poor came Just have a ski Cuando midday soon element to come or that rather used in the element of one more. Their values seal upon a mostly if bob artifical cinemas border value. So the seller must begin your interest in this careful starting back off and it's the castle was level. It was a hot and sayings 1,000,000. Ah, I'm told that I'm a little truffle. Tito. Yes, but both nice time. I myself feel cooler. Ah, call it food. May God knows what was well, I feel the last movies A about next or was not poor sites like that Glad you must give text or yes, a ms thought maybe in the local Is that this Those somewhere you done their normal upon it out of your field, chump. Oh, picking meant we have stuff. But I mean, I'm poco memorably gotta said textile, but I normally he getting all those colors Canalis he will get there's a bonus or other big cities. Um, I hope you got esto said Look, I mean, it's the cause was just Mama's already Ah, Amado Blue in there for their icons. Parting of your own being okay locally, Almost embrace out. Obama has enough Dyson Armory e live almost born in turkey and cholera degrees kilograms post on your local economy. If you say speak sellers almost being nothing like a and the standard always go together. I can see that a leak on the street a secure like a leaky line are the most affected by stop Anonymous hockey goes with this. Has he gonna out of bottles? Colorized area No longer An enormous radio said you are, But, um but I thought it was well done. That Big one of Obama's Moto Daylami Aristo are out trying out Muffy, come in there. So I think all the water that values yeah, we haven't got my said this stone with the name Sparky You weigh upon it in Blanco. You know, again, FEMA But our sister Come on Nobody but I tell Oppa. But perfect. You know your official office control control keys or command Niki's funeral Lamento it law Yamano possible in FEMA Mullet Lord, I haven't got any must throw well done way I see it on the market You must have a hard time on your stick On a timing in some way down there money have If you have a skater boys contratos I get I mean my one of if he stays have a Harley feces You don't like America Torreblanca money and so is a local boys have had our eyes Said if an artist lustrous elementos That's how Calama. You Skoula turnaround. I use cooler was, you know e bay. Most notable that about 1/3 of a out a loud yell that you're gonna move on there it's or my you school are. Yeah, No Second Avenue struggled on money. You know what does check out of Jackie? We already embedded in the frame G. They'll try out about colors nominees. You come Obama's where if a dry out, I mean that Gadhafi in a Masonic lodges path years those post for the Moores for the most here can be another store on a stroll. Stoner was host our affairs. He stomach pornography. If you say you know about the most Libyan Nokia took an oyster a most com br Altoona struggled on. But how it is okay if you know something about understanding what in that big sellers not inequality that you know me see? So we must have a Stalin sent by then. According data this Mohammad, we're getting more tigers or they were mostly store. Tsk. Khatami's most I and I will talk about boys were to start seleccionado e nos the Hari Africa alto. Those even Thomas hockey, my most valuable and most are quite in the quiting topic Cities. Melinda is Yeah, it's thought you know Zakaria More mural Altoona Stroh Honest roast in a way out. Hunters keep looking. He you going over there? Completamente responsive on a street corner. A monarchy? Yes. Could you the most memos K they take care of Ah Klibanoff gets here. There Right on lost constrains They are a lot of it. One of us is still they must walk 1/3. Hello there, mullet More? No, si yesterday. Um Anwar Rattle if you know it didn't take quite through our most of our fear the tiles started anti those getting started early. If he say you know bones are selenia suggestible But I started median though If it let's go and don't see elementos But I don't have to write out your most can attack another. Was that the arm? And they go out in the office till it's done on Obama Uncle calling them the most. How do I out money? Forget Paraiso within most Catholics Trabajar a low sodium. They're out to lie out. Then throw others help the riots Communist thinking on the matter. Escarole dried out. It s part of the castle Mbatha Elementos Maas Nieto's I am Welcome Blow L bean is to look at a motel now Did I mean I some fear and dont s a g g feet Muskegon of perimeter help dry out in doses to start on A lot of big sellers Brazilian boswinga our likability. I'm not half there s cell if you notice those those porky carry most mark our allies Dr Gary and Mary Young though he el sitio a controller Pedo mosque a L'Echo teniamos the silicone. Oh, yeah. Normally the moderates and not law feet mind Tepito. Okay, Latina component center. And it's the castle within his catheter. Second, I really lamento e Lobo is more where Caroline What? I'm gonna stick us on my bus. How Goligoski dancing and a system Malik is more panic. I don't know the moment that most probably near elementos they don't 1,000,000,000 defendant a they the You know what animal offi on them away En este caso Logano's in Theresa is a linear is a systolic Yelich ana years local government effort in making the most Amani must come here is the lamento for portability and they are always gets you going to start a robotic. Another element. Don't just get my stuff. Even most gone for Melo. Almost cumbia knows. Have a commando. Illegal. Molly, My monastic also No, nothing. Ah, wasn't that happened? Rossi, e refund on my salary felt bombers are I dropped the layout. Honest A photo, Molly. But I could get a little bit for Tom into a Leonardo. Easiest to is almost 100 when I will not be. Yes, but if you can't put the controller doors, laws loses. No, you can say I'm going one of those domestic associated animals out anymore as he is the law . But about literally near a river are often called central Mali. Incluso cambiado a lower than they there was the last time. Okay, look at Maha Rose in the even our total hours. Come on, woman. Dominoes and chess. Okay, little boys have tambien movie Indo a movie Andalas last campus out without a number Unless it's toe Ah being Magloire person blow is there Must have number Must watch and frames Hayes iss. How about that? Ah, no Marie Model wire. Still boys for Maya and no boys Number E s Thomas Adalah. A lot about that that was Why do you? My frame dress has no strolled on my photo and those body and was likely to bring up was how did yeah stop article geek and his mother actually going on next photo is so stupid. Yes, there's one up, So yeah, so Ah, then you know, one of the most We still gonna stop. Don't say Sentosa golf and throw it into law Doumbia and settle down with another. Okay, Is Kelly in Yemen last cosas don't you know? Sort of lucky i e Those problem in Sacramento, Primitivo years s k c is Karima Zaki context, though in most cases, it was this mother and that was one of foot. But I also know how does how days better than Islam Brasilia They limit that Atlanta s there. There's, like, a high tech stuff, you know, he was getting most of your net is toe control. Finito law that Sunday night light and responsive Montini Lotus path Yours the armor's care. A second porta Communist and Alabama's. How hard It simply wasn't brasilenas. What body? Almost 11. Honest outfield lie. Fix it. Site a Umesaki Eso no se ha Tijuana beta. When I use the local units. The castle order communicable Eyes off the height about it. But Mebazaa low Iniesta and stuck out in particular. Tsk. Jonah, Jiro is Tom. I guess the detour on several A photo calendars. Hackett. In a matter of fairness case, there's Montalto allowed out. Get in Yemen more likely to give away in arm aristos. Those those elementos poor quinta. Younger. But again we have another. Our secret for the most control are less path. Okay. And guilty. Too low. Malik is looking. Is the castle organizing Teresa? But younger son was in the temple. A lot of he s type of ***. Their topics Ellis was he must account Invest of elementos a current inter element toaster . And they all speak service money. E perfecto, Rocky. Totally. If you speak the location, Molly or in Grueso Istana supported Bellamy. T K c. In a moment of Aldo Moro is happening. Central speaks the CBO spec Iraqi Uncle Tito Stairmaster Photo in the e outta bombers. However, you must tell me No stop out there. But almost have it. A the the intro, the intro They miss more off the right out your community one of the other stuff, the escalation component there. And it's because almost a I my God, a car almost. Easton has a second born in their deeply Cangelosi, Toronto's poor assemble Astana Masaki E. U S pork a pork A after him component. The honorable oblique, utterly determined, said Boys, is Basanta Makor por que si lo fi. Most federal income beyond border rather use a key or the few must close. How about that? I made It is when a separate Tanggula is organised. Photo getting was getting. I'm different. They are primarily colorable. Tony said. That boys was here. A Molly. I am US Londoners Killers. Component is not seen. Agassi in from Fernando E News, with affiliate dermatology allowed at a law seems almost quaint. Topic will be the most can be our post combat low, and it must get component and mustard. Okay, pianist and stores Benito Ramos experienced MPs about them based marquee contest. They seem a little on the stump and a component. Yes, there was having a stroke. Alzheimer local who say longer vato better one and two Iraqi units are permitted. May they realize even sooner is Amanda. We come out most of the land E no. One of this. Still, it's going your way out. CEO is Kitty Walkie My somewhere. Get those laws until that last card. So on this bluff in Molly and the basis of law, you know about a low one of a heart sigma escape Always tell if you're not about your Salomon Does allow with understanding brothers component this if it did he make delays, photos and, um, you know, toe almost always Carnegie. It's right there at those files. How about that? You know minuto, rs corado, Westra Most Okaroh Cell E Matt Lawton is commonly Julian Callow. Archy, Cassie Maggiano's can't sell a fool. E get his career. Oh, no. Or call or e open alone never or say about law boys have. Okay, put her story is a story about include the elementos wasn't there poor keivarae sake? Wearable garment Este Oh, yes. Well, that, uh, mama's hostel g e all right away as that door we have thought about that Well done. But I get Obama's being Molly is one of the Marcos heat up. What is that? But he really I'm able local Get a still it on in this time. Okay, My I get other animals. All right? I said look. Yeah, he seems lost. Property ls we must kill anybody. Repeat this A key for him. Blow. Send us a post. A vertical? Yeah, g looking emotionally from that. A device case. Oh, and Ali office. A lot of it. And you, Castano's elementos lower your score by a callous policy. But I mean but I mean also. Or but I lowers incluso about a fella responsive Bisky Police combat located Romantic, you know, standing Careful star locals. They are okay. Was the figment of police come Iraqi? Yes. Model years aboard about aristo. He gets out complete. I'm in there. He gets up there and the store and yeah, he does K k was those popularly seniors and Akopian no stores. You know, throws would really from no substance. Nikas Jessica is closer to the stars, So comment roo e e Now you're starting. Can tolerate talisman, probably Moloch