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Feng Shui | How to Balance the Space Around You

teacher avatar Lukas KW, Developer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Feng Shui Intro


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      Route to Take


    • 3.

      Entrance Doorways


    • 4.

      Natural Light


    • 5.

      Artificial Light


    • 6.

      Color Palette


    • 7.

      Earthly Goods


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    • 12.

      Wall Artwork


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    • 14.

      Command Position


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      Misc Items


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      Feng Shui Final


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About This Class

Feng Shui is the art of balancing the space around you. Such as your home or office. It is used to harmonize the energies in the atmosphere and bring peace and calm. 

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Lukas KW



Greetings fellow teachers and students!

Welcome to friends who are eager to learn. I love teaching skills that spark my passion. Minimalism, Feng Shui, Video and Photo creation. Plus more! Thank you for popping in and learning with me on this journey.

Have fun, be kind, love freely, travel the world. :)

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1. Feng Shui Intro: everyone. My name's gunner and I'm gonna teach you about Fung Shway. Functionally is the ancient Chinese practice, meaning wind and water. It is used to balance space, harmonized the individual in their environment and improve the CI or life force in the atmosphere. It helps with peace, illness and healing and also teaches us to be more conscious about balance in our lives. 2. Route to Take: the quickest route to take would be less is more empty, the space practice minimalism, Reduce the clutter, put things away that don't need to be out. Make sure that the pathways that you normally walk in your home are free from obstacles and also that your doors can open all the way and that there's nothing behind them. I even go as far is removing labels from products so that there's no branding in my home. 3. Entrance Doorways: the entrance to your home has a big influence. It is where you come and go. It is where other people come and go. It is the portal to the outside world when coming inside. We don't want to be dragging any kind of dirt or debris from the outside world into our home. So what we'll do is we'll have a pair of hostile birth near the door that when we or other guests enter the home, we can remove the shoes that carry dirt from outside and wear the slippers in the home. It is also good to keep in mind that our doors don't have any squeaking hinges, because those will only cause us distress whether we noticed them or not. 4. Natural Light: lighting. It's so very important. There's two different kinds of lighting. You can talk about natural light and light coming from fixtures in our home. First, with natural light, it is best to have a much of it is possible. Open the blinds. Open the windows, the curtains let it flow. Let those rays of sunshine into your home shine into the atmosphere and hit your body. Hit your couch, your bed warm the room. It'll make you feel so good. Have bright sunlight casted through the windows. In addition to that, having soft fabric curtains in which the sun can come through, be defused and create this nice glow in the room is very important to we don't wanna have hard blinds or blackout curtains totally covering the sunlight. 5. Artificial Light: in terms of artificial light that we bring into our own homes were generally going to want it to be soft and ambient, I found. But there's nothing worth than ceiling lights and fluorescent lights. Nice thought. Tungsten lights that air defused a soft, warm glow in various parts of the home. Even string lights or a simple Addison bulb will create this atmosphere that feels more gentle, More subtle. Fluorescent ceiling lights or fluorescent lights of any kind are going to feel like you're being attacked by buzzing bright white and blue color. And you will never feel relaxed if you're always using ceiling lights or fluorescent lights . So I highly suggest various subtle, warm, diffused tungsten lights in various parts of your room. 6. Color Palette: a color palette of earth tones in your home will be very useful in maintaining peace and stability. Greens, browns, grays, light blues, pastels and neutral colors. These help maintain balance the feeling of the outdoors in the home. And if we have too many rainbow, bright, shocking colors, they will begin to distract us and create extra activity that is mawr intense than the average calm, neutral colors. Imagine the scenario of dozens and dozens of colors in your home. The energy would be frantic and also imagine having all neutral colors except one item that was large, bright, vibrant red. That would be the thing you noticed most in the room is the bright red. It would call attention. It would drive attention toward it. So balancing with earth tones is the best way to maintain an equilibrium of the color palette in the home. 7. Earthly Goods: earthly goods are one of the greatest tools to bring calm and ease in your home office or whatever space you spend time in plants, water, soil, fanned natural light stones, crystals. Anything of this sort will really bring nature in the home, and it will make you feel good in in measurable ways. Plants are great because there's something to take care and something that needs you. Something grows. It represents prosperity in good luck. Water has a flow, a calming effect, a fish tanker waterfall, the sound of trickling water. It all is very serene, and it helps us feel at ease and peace in our homes. And don't forget to trim your plants, make sure they don't have any dying. The usar browning stems because the better they look, the better they feel and more positive energy we get from them. 8. Cleaning: cleaning the home. No matter how well we place our possession than the things around us, keeping the home clean is going to make us feel really calm and accomplished. We sweep the floors, we vacuum the rugs and carpets we wiped on the countertops. We dust, the other than the trim. We maintain the bathroom. All of these things will help us feel good about ourselves in the space around us. Things will be beautiful. They'll be shining. They will feel like a healthy home or office. And we will feel good about ourselves for maintaining them. And anybody else who enters will also feel very calm and in a refreshing space. 9. Shapes: shapes are another thing to consider. We don't think too much about the shapes, but there are many that are rectangular square with pointed edges, sharp things that kind of make you think you're going to be hit with them or poked with them, and we don't want too much of that. We want nice, smooth curves in circles and ovals that makes things feel more rounded and at ease. And just not that we're going to be impaled by them. And we're going to flow with them and move with them. Even the way we arrange things such as stones or little trinkets or gems, put them in a way that makes it feel like there's a flow of energy around them. The more sharp edges and squares and rectangles and shapes of that nature we have in our home, the more we're going to feel like there's a lot of hard edges in life. So keep in mind shapes, circles, smooth curves and flows rather than edges and squares, and it's okay to have a bit of everything, but we must balance. We can't only have hard edges in hard shapes in our home 10. TV : a television in the home as a large impact on us, whether it is on or off. Many electronic signals through the media have came into our homes from these devices. A simple way to reduce this is to place a fabric cloth over the television, preferably something that is non distracting with soft colors and a simple remedy just to halt, slowed down and disguise the energy of the television in the space. 11. Mirrors: mirrors are another thing to consider. You double the activity in the space. They're a portal in which you look through, and now everything is duplicated. Everything in spectrum or the vision of the mirror. This can cause too much activity if you have too many mirrors or have them in the wrong places. One of the worst places Samir is facing your bed, especially if you're a single person. This will just cause the mind to reinforce the idea that you're there alone. The best places for a mere are in the bathroom, which is so very common for the hallway, which is a bit out of the main rooms. But it's still used to say, Look at yourself or your outfit when you're on your way out. 12. Wall Artwork: artwork on the walls only put up what is important to you. Remove any works or photos of past relationships or failed projects. Those are gone. We no longer need their energy. Hang on our walls and don't put things up just to put things up. A blank wall is a blank canvas and helps us clear our mind. So, keeping in mind to only put up things that are truly important to us, things that have inspired us thing that we find beautiful these are the kinds of artworks toe hang on our walls. 13. Scents: the scent of the space cannot be overlooked. We all know what it's like to walk in somewhere in the smell straight or the inverse in it smells rancid. So what we want to do with function is maintained a pleasant earthly sent in the home. We can do this by opening the windows and letting in fresh air lighting things such as Palo Santo or sage using essential oils or even lighting candles that are all natural, such as bees wax. We want to stay away from toxins and chemicals used in many of these sprays on the market and stick to all natural birth made sense. 14. Command Position: one good rule of thumb is the command position stating that the foot of the bad or the front of a desk should be facing the entrance of the room. The doorway. This allows a more welcoming and inviting atmosphere for guests and lead you to feel a bit more optimistic about going out and being outside of the home and the possibilities outside . And when we are facing inward, it leads us to feel a bit more closed minded and lonely, trapped, isolated. So what we should do is face the foot of the bed and front desk toward the entrance of the room. Make sure that it is not in direct alignment of the doorway, but it is facing the doorway. 15. Bedroom: As for the bedroom, its Peacefulness is of utmost importance. This is where we rest. This is where we recover and rejuvenate. This is not a place of work. We don't want electron ICS buzzing in creating signals of distress in our bedrooms. We want space under the bed. We don't want clutter under there because we want a flow of energy. We want the feet of the bed facing the doorway. We may even move our bed away from an electric outlet that we're not tempted to use their devices throughout the night. 16. Clothes: for clothing. We wanted to be neatly folded and put away or hung in the closet. Our hangars will be all the same style in the same color as for arranging the clothes. We want to sort it by color and type, so that when we open the closet Greenup bombarded by an array of colors and styles in every spot of the closet, the left close with less colors, more neutral and less options we have will cause us Maury's when choosing a wardrobe at the beginning of the day. 17. Bathroom: the bathroom is where the most water leaves. The home. Water is a sign of prosperity, so we must keep the toilet seat shut and the door closed is often. It's possible. Plants are also great in the bathroom because the moisture in the air creates a suitable environment for them to thrive. A see through shower curtain also allows the space to remain more open, so there's not another wall added to the bathroom. In addition to that, having a book or two is a significant addition to the bathroom. It leads you to leave your electronic devices outside of it and pick up on some reading and knowledge while you're inside the back here. 18. Misc Items: If you still got a few miscellaneous items scattered around the home, they need to be placed in 1 to 2 places. Don't put them in various 567 random places around the home mine, such as some pens, a pad of paper, pocket knife, lighter things like that. Those remain inside the drawer in the kitchen, the other items in which I use for everyday carry such a sunglasses, keys, wallet. They remain on a shelf right near the entrance and exit of the home. 19. Feng Shui Final: Okay, everyone, that's all I've got for this teaching on fungus way. I hope you've learned a lot. I hope this helps you balance the space around you find more Peacefulness in your life and harmonized the energies in the atmosphere at hand till next time.