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Faster, much faster: Set up Davinci Resolve 16 to RUN LIKE A BEAST

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Set up Davinci Resolve to run like a beast


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About This Class

When you edit, colour grade or make visual effects, you want a smooth playback and fast renders, even when you add complex color grades and heavy fusion effects.

It’s not about buying expensive hardware, it’s about robust techniques, smart settings and proven tips and tricks from a professional workflow.

In this course you will learn how to set up Davinci Resolve 16 to run like a beast even on a modest computer.

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Film VFX

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1. Introduction: When you edit color great or make visual effects, you want a smoother playback and fast renders. Even when you add complex color grades and heavy fusion effects. It's not about buying expensive hardware. It's about robust techniques, small settings and proven tips and tricks from a professional work. From in this course, you will learn how to set up the victories of 16 to run like a beast, even on a modest computer. 2. Set up Davinci Resolve to run like a beast: because a lot of things in the ventures off 16 are using the GPU. You want to make sure that your GPU is set correctly in the settings you are go into noticed. Some people start complaining and blaming the visuals old for low performance, but they have not set their system right. Okay, they just opened the think It's not working without setting anything. That is not how it's done. OK, so first we come here to the misuse off on preferences by default. It's on the media stories you go to memory and GPU, and this is your most important set in to make sure you don't miss up with the graphics card usage, right? Let's talk about graphic graphic Scots Now I never got into the details, but it's about how to set it right in. DaVinci. How Maney graphic ask, Do you have let me show you my device manager? I've got to I've got to. I've got deep, lousy intel. HD Graphics 4000 which basically just means it's something to make sure you're able to see yourself right? Okay on the screen. Good. It's just a standard thing that ships with the year and then you've got the NVIDIA G force or you're a MD with DaVinci. Resolve the free version. You can use one, but you're limited to one graphic card. So you need to choose the strong graphic card. Okay, The powerful one. And you need to make sure that the processing mode is adequate for the type of car that you have. Is it an NVIDIA that it must be Cooder? This is one of the reasons some people could have errors. When you get that dialogue box that says GPU memory full basically means that you did not set the video encoder. You've said it with open cl. Yes, I know individuals off 15. It used to be set by itself, but you didn't need to do it. But I think you need to be will be aware of your gp if if if most of the processing is done in deep, you know, even the scopes and talking about scopes you've got here is well used GPS script. Even the scopes are using GPU, so please set it right. So you have your NVIDIA go with good at all. But if you have just one what if you just have one card like this. Just this one. Then you go it open. Cl okay. And if you have a m d, then you go with open C l. And then there's another one, which is metal. Just check your card. What is the best processing mode by default? It's not really the best. One individual is off its how it was created. Okay, so in video is working on Kuta and developing crude. And so this is why it works best with Gouda. Make sure, please. I mean, when you start, you never wanna leave anything at Auto. So go choose your stuff Cuda and Media than in Japie selection about. Go to manual, select your stuff, then come back to auto and make sure. Yeah, I do. I read it right. Video card? Yeah, that's my car. Brilliant. That's the one. Fantastic. Then you keep this one on, obviously because you want to have greater detail when you're working in the scopes. When you work with roll footage, you have the possibility to reduce the resolution off the decoding. Let me show you here. I have red footage in here. Have a raw footage here. I have coarser also rule. Okay, let me show you here, in the settings coming a rule. Andi, here you have your decode quality. This is the setting you want to change from full resolution to a lower resolution. If you want to have less data to worry about for the cut stage for the edit stage, maybe you set it back at fusion stage and color stage because you want to have all the data and this. Actually, you should troll to be able to call a great it with that much data. Okay, with at that high resolution, you can still work optical color and work on the color and then come back and change it to full rest. Because you need to change it to full rest before delivering. Get the decode quality is happening for real. It's not just faking it for the preview. It's happening for real. So when you come to the deliver page, if you come here and go for, um okay, red my red here and I go to 1/16 or 1/4 resolution. Good. Something like that. He could choose lower betrayed or whatever, but I think I was keeping it then. You are able to go with save then what you can do to make sure that you do not forget on then export with that lower resolution using on processing that low resolution in the deliver tab there is under advanced settings in these advanced settings. There is here Force di Bayer two highest quality. If you collect this one and you want to have it clicks in your template project so that you don't forget it, it's always there activated for you. When you click this, you make sure that no matter what changes you have made here in the cold quality, it is further under always going to the highest quality in the decode. Okay, you could also do force size into Hollis quality. Okay, that's to make sure that actually you do not end up using. I mean, you do set it at the very early stages of the project, and by the time you deliver, it's already sometimes we might forget that something you want to set it at the very beginning. Once you said you did them together this one and delivered to go together. Another point here about the cameras. You notice they've got Ari black magic garden. But there is very come Panasonic very calm, for which there is no option. So it depends on the camera and it depends on the time. So by now there is not them for very camp. Probably the future they will be there. Used not to be in for cut from cannon role. They didn't used to have these options that used to be only four rest. But now there is more. So check for your camera, actually, even before shooting. If you want to reduce this resolution wild work and check my camera. What possibilities there are. Okay. Optimized media is another way for can faster individuals off 16 1st things first. We need to know that optimized media are used throughout the whole workflow from media, including this viewer up till the deliver if you want. Now no one delivers optimized media for the final project. But you do you want to you to deliver using optimize meter You consider it is possible to use it in the cart in the edit, in the fugitive in color, in fear, like you can use it all the way. Sometimes you hear some people say that optimized media in DaVinci resolve are only useful . The edit stage and once you reach fusion and color DaVinci resolve does not use the optimized media. This is completely wrong. Optimize media is you throughout the whole workflow. However, what is correct is that when you employ in effect to a clip effusion effective clip diffusion cash takes over from the optimized media. So it is used instead off the optimize media. But it is based on optimized media. Okay, so you want to use it all the time, but then for selected coat except are difficult to decode. Why do we use optimize media for simple reason? If you're going to shoot four K I have here, I've selected a few things. Have selected footage from our Alexa from Red Rover, Red role from Orsa. And I've got some except fires from Sony s F seven. I've got some stock footage and God knows Doc footage is 8 to 6 war mostly. So that is a criminal compression, which is really bad. But as individuals or for any software in the world, any software that is entirely for editing video is going to have to work more when you give that software in H 264 This is why optimize museums there. But it's also for all okay, also for all. And I have deliberately gotten AM stock footage for K because this is the recipe for disaster. The recipe for disaster is a four K footage, which each a 6/4 East combination is exactly. It's like you're insulting your Emily. How how their you give a four k issue six for But sometimes you have to. Okay, you never want to shoot that. Never shoot for Kate up if you notice these are all projects from thes our own projects. Ari, Alexa, Read. Or so we don't have aged 64 stuff. It's either rope or worst case scenario would go with em. Xf okay to demonstrate how bad H 264 is, I had to use stock footage. And yes, there is a valid thing that when you need to use stock footage, it's already shot. It is already there, and if it's not really bespoke, think as in you asked some people to shoot it for you. Then it's already there. It's it's already in a particular format that is uploaded, and you just need to buy it. This is why you have less control. And this is why you also need to optimize it. Now we are going to go through the steps for how to do that. But first things first is to know what Codex with four months and Codex need to be optimized. Let me start by saying a lot of them, except those that are similar to the target optimize media. I'll show you what I mean. Okay, When we reach that stage off change in deciding what former needs to be converted to, then you think Well, I don't need to convert. It makes authority in that format. That's the only exception. So I would recommend you get in the habit off optimizing most your media. Okay, because optimizing media does take time once generating them takes time. But after that, everything those really Smith good step number one in the how to do it is go to the 70 Rezaul preferences on the system settings In the system settings, you'll find media storage. Now, this is the important bit about the hardware you need to have your first listed scratch disk a reasonably fast one, and I'm not going to put too much pressure on what kind of hardware you need to have If you have an envy, M e s is the brilliant. You don't have to have it, but if you have it, that's brilliant. That's the one you want to choose. If you haven't SS the that's good. So if you don't have in via me SST then you your second choice is SST If you don't have a necessity, your second choice is an internal hard disk. If you don't have an internal hard, okay, you're gonna have a note on the hottest, but maybe you don't have enough storage. And don't hard this because it does take. If you have a feature film they need to create optimized. Take some storage. OK, so that's storage. If you don't have it internally, you can use the third preference is internal hard disk. If you don't have it, you can use a next sternal hard disk, but it needs to be not USB powered, so the one you want to avoid is USB powered. And if you are going to go with the external, you want to go with a 7200 rotations per minute. And please pay attention that if you're going to buy one and if you can't find the rpm, changes are the manufacturer is just hiding. It's because it's rubbish. Okay, those who know its 7200 they put it on the front. Is that you? I have a 7 to 7200. Look at this here. That's what I mean. I've got a frequent. That is 7200 rpm. And I call it like that because I have another freak on, which is 4400. Okay, Um, sorry. 5400. So the 4 10,400 rpm USB powered is the is the hard disk you never want to use. Okay. You never want to use external 5400 USB powered you want. You never want to do that. Okay? Everything else is a matter off gets faster and faster. Uphill. Envy me. So this is stage number one. Make sure this is okay. Right. Um so step number two in the how to do it is we go to the master settings off the project here. Project settings, master settings and we go down normally shows like this time for my beautiful and you go down here and you have these two very important ones. Let's start with number four, which is working folders. Remember that scratched this that we had in them in the just talked about? That's what you need to choose. Okay, so you just bro's and click on a folder in that disk. Make sure it is the case for Bird of them. OK, because optimize media is using this as well. Cool. We need it for the cash as well, but we'll talk about the cash later. All right, so that's step number two in how to do it. Step number three is OK. Now we're set. We all go into, um, come here to your media on them, play back and make sure it is owned by different. If you forget it, it's even better because it's owned by default. But just make sure it is activated. Use optimized media if available. Okay, so that's step number three. Step Number four is now. It's time to make that optimized media. So how do we do it? Simple. You don't want to start clicking, and then Okay. What do I have? Codec Apple progress for 22 It does not need to be converting to optimize media because I'll show you why. Because that is Go. Come here. Here. This is because right? So we are going to change everything towards the yellow ones. And this, it's is they are standard dynamic range Anything if you're shooting in str and And this is mostly the case. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you are shooting. It's the are OK if you know what I'm talking about them. Probably your shooting hdr as well. So if you're shooting HDR high dynamic range, then you want to go with you. Want to convert anything? Two pro raise for for for for If you're on a Mac, If you are not on a Mac, you want to convert to D N h R V N X h r 444 Okay, so this is for HD are. But because most cases in most cases you're gonna be using SDR. This is rarely the case. So the red one is really the case you are most often they're not going to go with the yellow one so progress for two to lt. That's what needs to be. That's the target destination. Why am I showing this showing you this? Let's come back. Because when you find a prosperous for 22 that's the original file. What's the point of converting it? It's already is already in for porous 42. Lt. That's the destination. Um, co dick. That's the visuals all loves to work with, so there's no point changing it, right? Good. OK, that's why I'm sure any of this. And I also need to show you this when we come to the your choice. So now when we look at this red rope, Mr Change Roll, the Angie needs to change except definitely change stock footage. Absolutely. This is a criminal compression. It's physics for definitely needs to change for K. We said it's the recipe for disaster. Definitely needs to change. So what do we have here? I deliberately put something here that does not need compressions that we know how to work with the rules. And I think Okay, what you need to do is just right click and then go to generates optimized media. So cool. I'm gonna do this for clip by clip If I have a feature film is gonna be hundreds of them. So is there a faster way to do it? Obviously. No. No one does it. Born by one. No one does it even by folder. You do it by smart bins. You come here okay? And you go to add smart. Been okay and you create your optimized or optimized optimum or call it whatever you want to optimize. Okay. What is this math in? Okay, smart is dynamic. Meaning if it is already of demise, it's not gonna show up here. How do? How do I tell the smart pain this? I'm gonna go to media poor properties, keep it like that and go to optimized media optimized media. If optimized media is non meaning, there is no optimized media. Then click on this. And if you have a code IQ, um, video Codec, which in my case does not contain so I want to optimize everything except except the apple Porous was a pro prez. Then you you notice I haven't even created the smart been And there they are, all of them. I click create smart. Been on there there now before before. Right clicking. I can now just select control a or command and select all of them. And right, Click and click on Generate Optimize meter. Don't do it. Don't do it. Wait. The destination. We did not set a destination, right? So than in the destination in the project here. We've talked about them before it and talk about number five. Number three off two months, media and rented cash. This is the most important bit I have showed you this one, right? Why do you think we're going? So this is clearly the lowest quality. And this is clearly the highest quality in this list. Same story here. This progress proxy is the lowest quality on this in compress 12 before. 44 is the highest quality. Obviously in business. Do you? Did you did you get the point here in terms off? We're going for the lowest. Not really. The lowest of just one above the lowest. Why? Because with the lowest. Just like when you buy and stuff, you don't go for the cheapest. The cheapest always has a catch. The lowest one here is really bad. If you work with proxy, you're going to be working, editing. Sometimes you want to see some, some decent, some level off decent detail. We're not saying it is What can, fast doesn't mean gonna work with rubbish. OK, so proxy is kind of rubbish. Sometimes you needed That's why it exists. The low bandwidth L B. Stands for low bandwidth concede here. We don't want to go with this one because it has a criminal compression ratio, has got a to 20 to 1 22 to 1. It's like it's killing 21 leavin lives only one life. So I go with standard qualities. SD Okay, You can go with each key if you want high quality, but most in most situations. You gonna what? We want to go with one before the worst. Okay, so this is the X h r for Windows and progress to 42. Lt for Mac. We sent them here because this is a Windows machine. When you click, you're not gonna find progress if you have a market gonna find for us. So this is by default. It's H Q X. Bring it down to rescue. Okay, standard quality for both of them. Well, I'm talking now about optimized media and you notice that I've changed for under cash format as well? We're gonna talk about the render cash, but we don't want to forget it. We're gonna do it. Enable background Kachin off that. That's for the Kachin will talk about that. Okay, But you can do it less than five seconds. Which means that if you are inactive, if if you're not working with the with the Da Vinci for more than five seconds, it starts creating the cash. But that's the cash. It's not optimized media. This is the most important part. Okay, What is this story of choose automatically? Well, simple. You can decide to change the resolution. If you're shooting eight k, then you can yourself decide what it should become. You can turn it into 1/4 181 16. You know what I really suggest? I suggest you leave it to choose to automatically, because black magic design in some of in some cases, is doing an excellent job like this one. What does choose automatically? Really mean? It means that when you are bringing eight k footage, a DaVinci resolve looks at your timeline. Your timeline is is what any tp like 1920 bite any TP Hold on a moment. What's the point of working with eight K? It's going to bring it to two K. It's going to bring it to the closest 1 to 10. 80 p to 1920 by opportunity. If you work in a 44 K and you bring in eight K is gonna bring it to four K. Okay, so if it's a four K is gonna bring get Tu Tu K eight k, bring it to two K. That's why I recommend you always keep this choose automatically because it is going to depend on your timeline. Good. Right. So this is something you need to do before you click on render optimize media right? Save. Then you come back here on you generates optimize media. When do you need to do this? When you're going to sleep, right, Because Okay, um, normally, it's every time you go to sleep because every day you get dailies and Russia's, it's Either you do all of this at the end, and then you're going to do it and leave the give DaVinci resolve the time and computer the time to generate optimize media miccoli condition show you if you can connect, it's going to show generating, often as media is gonna take a long time. Okay, I'm gonna cancel it. Cancel it and go back to this menu. Please get in the habit off doing it every day. Because if you're shooting, I know and it can be quite challenging on set. You need to do the media Logan on. Then you want to generate optimize media and then you're busy with the next shot following morning. It may not happen, but should you have time or enough resources? Your D I t digital imagery technician, if you have one, is gonna take care of that. So you ask him not only to do the look in part cloning parts, but also to do the generates generate, optimize media. Okay, He's gonna take so this stuff. You do everything. If you don't have everything, fine. You do it again. But please be careful that it takes time. So it's if it's a feature film, that it's all of it to be young. Converted to a much friendlier Kodak to work with for any any early, not just a bit to resolve any annually Then please note that this this is going to take time. Okay, so, um, this is about how to make it. Now, if you are going to change the common aro settings we have roll. Look at this. Are Alexa. Oh, sorry. Red. This is role Orsa. This is the end zero. That's it is dishonorable. Okay, if only for whatever reason, I changed a decode quality. Then for those raw files, I need to regenerate the optimized media. This is why, if you have roll your first state, do the step off the camera rope, changing the decode quality if you wish to do so, then you were conducting mass media. That's the right sequence of events. All right, then, once you have optimized media generated, you can actually render Well, you never want to render your final project with optimize meteorite because you're going to broadcast or go into theatrical releases. The cinema screen in and you don't do it would optimize me. I do it with the really good quality stuff. That's why you shot it. That's what you rented that great camera or your border. Great comer. That's why you You want a great quality, but sometimes and most actually, times before the final render. You've done an assembly. You want to review it, you've done a first cut. I mean, no one wants to see a first cut with the full quality. But you can if you have plenty of time. Fine. But you can use optimize media for first got okay for the early stages of edit just to get an idea from the director off or if it's yours, you just sit down and then watch the whole thing, but actually rendered it with optimized me. You can do it. You can do it. Just come here to use optimized media. So when you click on this, then it's going to office is gonna run their much faster because it's taken from the friendlier format and is going to run it faster. That's why you use. It's just for your own review or the review with the colleges. Telemaco We use and optimize me. That's another fine quality, but we just want to have your view on the cut. Okay. Is this the court that you have in mind? Does this tell the story, right, or did you have any comments or something? So before uploading it to your review review platform you want, you may want to do it. He say no. Every render has to the good quality find Disable it. But the option is there for you if you want. OK, on the final bid for optimize media is once you have finished, you rendered your final project. You You're done. You have delivered you have delivered. Then you come here to play back. Delete optimize media to make the centuries old 16 run even faster. You want to work with the runner cash? What is the render Cash? Rather, car simply means that the victory is always going to render in the background those clips that have heavy fusion effects that have color grades and creates the injuries. I was going to create a video file on your desk in the background that has those effects baked in those corn row braids on FX will be baked in the video so that you'll be actually playing that rendered video in your playback. How to do that? Number one. We are going to follow the same steps as we have done for to optimize media, so that would be preferences you make sure for media storage that you have a reasonably fast drive scratch disk listed as number one here. Good. That's number one. Number two. We go to our muster settings and their optimize media 100. The cash Now we talk about during their cash. It's exactly the same story optimized media resolution. That's for Dr Money that we talk about the format for the render cash. We have done it when we talked about optimize media, and it's a good practice, actually, to get it sorted that once you don't do one by one, I'm now just talking about each topic separately is that's why I come back to it. But it is already set. We've already done it during mass media. This is the choice for Windows. Denis Dean X, H R s Q. On for me. Just put this one back to the default and for apple Paris. Sorry for a Mac. You go with upper parts. Do you remember this? OK, it's just a reminder that for Windows, we go for the one before last. We're going for this friendly format for all entities and with this low but not the lowest quality. It's just one before the lowest on same story applies for the Mac. Okay, we've seen this during the autumn eyes media. Okay, it's come back here on. We are going to talk about the enable background Kachin After what is this? So the interest is going to look at your activity. If it notices that you're not working for five seconds, it will start creating those files. Otherwise it lets you work. You could bring it down and I'll bring it down for one second just toe. I could demonstrate, actually that that render cash is having in the background. Then you have a few choices here and they end with in use. Remote in use, remote in use remote will come back to that to this. Like I'm gonna save and come back to it because I need to explain what the user movies play back. The next time is going to be to come to the runner cash and then you activate it. It is by default. Let me just go back. It is by default. Non. This is how you always find it in the national, which means that it is not running until you tell the visuals off. Please create the render cash. You have choices between smart and user. Smart simply means that dance results going to take care of itself. It will look at clips one by one and then decide which one requires cash in and which one does not require cash in. And I really strongly recommend you go with smart all ways. Almost always. Let's just say always, because when you're working on a feature film or any other projects you're gonna have blend your footage hundreds of files. You want to focus on your creative decisions, not on those cash decisions, because you want the visuals off to know what's gonna slow down the playback and take care of that instead. A few thinking, Oh, for final for this file, which happens to people read 100 and 15 file you you've applied some fusion effects. Do you think I should cash? Maybe, Maybe not, Says not for you to take off. Let's Devon trees off. Think of that should you want to have that much control. And if you have all the time of the world and you're working on your personal project that no one is waiting for, then we could go for user, in which case no cash in is going to happen at all. Until on debit resolve is going to wait until you television is over. Please cash this clip this particular clip and how you do that by right clicking Let's go with the user first to show you how it works So iconic on user and let me go to fusion. Just apply an effect here. Something quick blur and then exaggerated a bit, in that sense. Cool. I come back to the edit page and you notice that there is a line Red line. Red line means that there is something that needs to be cash on. It is cashing in the background. Well, I did not ask The venture is all to do this. So why is it doing it? Um remember, in the playback Rather cash. I said user And I said the ventures over. Supposed to wait for me to decide. Why is it that the Vinci is not doing it without my decision? I should have full control. Remember when we came here and I told you, pay attention to this one. Okay, Got user emerges a month and you notice that this is Actually this is how Devon shoes off ships by default. It is activated. I didn't activate it. And that's really smart from black Magic to say that Well, we think users are not gonna be Not all of them are gonna be knowledgeable about what's going on on. They might forget to activate the fusion. Could the cash They made me forget it to do the surrender, the cash for fusion effects. And you know what? We're gonna do it for them anyway. Well, that that's exactly the point off. Not using user and going straight to the young. The smart money raising, Yeah. Smart must never waste your time, your precious creative decision, time with cash and let the ventures off take care of itself. Because it really is. It does a very good job. So that is smart. Always go with the cash from the cash and smart. Okay, But you do you want to do the user one when you right click. Okay, you can then Kilic on render cash for particular clips. You could go with rendered cash for fusion for fusion effects and render cash for color output. Now you notice that fusion color are. These are the two tabs, and if you have any effects in here, you're going to render different cash. This is why I strongly recommend you do not waste your time with this because in the background in programming, back Magic has done a wonderful job in terms off complex Kachin structure. There is a different file for fusion, and there's a different file for color. They're two different cash wiles, and they have a sequenced. First there's the Fusion. Then there's the color. You don't know want to be bothered with all of these things. It's some greatness happening of the background. Let it happen in the background. This is why, if you choose the redder the stuff and you go with color first and then fusion second is Well, there's two files. Years put The sequence is important as well. Okay, You could still do it. You could still do it, but don't waste your time, okay? Let them and should do it. All right, Now that we have activated this, what you could do is obviously he's going to make your playback faster. Everywhere. Okay, If you're doing the play back here it's gonna be faster if you're doing it in college, maybe faster. You could take it up till just like optimized media up till the delivery. Okay, deliver. You could deliver using the cash, and we were thinking older moments. The cash is using What's day is using this format, which is the same four mothers optimize media. This is low quality, yes, but you don't always render the high quality before for the final. Obviously, when you render, you have an assembly. We've talked about this. We have, well that somebody's earlier edit. This is not about fusion, but if you have a color grader in that, you want to get reviewed or if you have applied a few effects and you've done some composites and you want to discuss it with other people or review it for yourself. And you just want to have a full idea what's going on before the final high quality render . You don't want to waste your time by having the full quality thing if you just to have a flavor or discuss the appropriateness of some effects. You come here to advance settings, just like okay, just cancel this one, just like for the advanced settings. Sorry. Just like for the optimized media, use off the mass media you can use render cash images. Obviously it is these activated. It's inactive by default, but if you want, you can use it for a quick review. I'm every thinking Wait, wait. Um, those run their cash files. That can be old, but I may have done some work that is not gonna get reflected. Well, that's not our cash works. Every time you make a change to a particular clip, infusion or in color, then you will always have your latest cash farms. What you have is lowest quality, not the lowest one before the lowest. But that's what you have. So should you need an intermediary step just reviewing things, you could do it. It's going to be faster. So that's that's important to know that you can still do it. And then once we have finished everything, then we are going to deliver our project. Onda be good neighbors and clean the mess. Just like for the optimize media, You come to play back, you have a deal it off to Mars media, same story, the little on the cash You have choices. You are most often going to go with all if you want to archive the project and you don't want to delete the cash yet, which is very smart decision, because your clients or you may come back. Word. You may want to change some delay to go for a different look in the color grading or clients making want to go for a different look at the color grading. For whatever reason, If they have too many people to decide have of the output, then you want to keep your under cash because you want to use it so you're going to go with and used. If you want to archive it, go with unused. If you think you know we're done, this is done. Finished, were not toe working on something else. There's no more. No more changes. Simple. We go with all okay, you just delete everything and then archive it without any Run the cash because the archive size gonna be smaller to have a faster playback individuals off 16. What you can also do is come here to play back and go for proxy mode. What is boxy mode is quite simple. When you are working with the viewer this, then you have the option to drop down the resolution off the timeline. So if the timeline is four K, then you can drop it toe half the resolution or quarter the resolution. If the timeline is 10. 80 p 1920 by 10. 80 p and you still want to bring it down to have a faster playback Because you are in the first on earlier stages off the cut and the edit. You are actually strongly advice to do it because when you are creating your assembly, you do not need the full resolution. When you are working on your first got you do not need the first resolution. I'm sorry, the full resolution when you are working on your fusion effects Onda working on core grading You could sometimes go for the food resolution. So this is why you can activate half resolution. If it is okay, it will drop and then you will notice that for the playback you hardly notice it. Actually, because this is red role for K red row for case because this this monitor here is taking such a small part off your screen real estate. You hardly notice the difference for the early stages off the edit because you don't pay attention to the details. The minute micro details off the image. You pay attention to the cuts to how to tell the story. Best buy continent. So this is how you can activate it. This is only for the playback. If you keep it at quarter is, let's go. Let's go into this. If you go quarter resolution and you go to render deliver, it has absolutely no impact whatsoever on the render. This is just your viewer. Nothing else. OK, so you can rest a short. It does not get reflected in your deliver. You will wants to know that the Venturi's off 16 is resolution independent, which means you can work in any resolution and render in any resolution. What do I mean by that? So what was the impact on working faster? Simple. You can come here if you have project settings. The first thing is telling on former and you've noticed. Up till now, this most of settings category has like 12345 We'll have worked with four out of those five to accelerate with three up till now. And now we're gonna work with 1/4 1 which is the first time, former. So time timeline resolution You may be working with fucking if the deliveries, okay?