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Fashion Skills 101: Learn How to Dress for Success, Find Wardrobe Inspiration & Boost Personal Style

teacher avatar Arman Chowdhury, Confidence thru Communication

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Why Fashion is Important


    • 3.

      Knowing When to Be Fashionable


    • 4.

      Know your Body Type


    • 5.

      Think Evergreen


    • 6.

      Quality over Quantity


    • 7.

      Focus on the Micro


    • 8.

      Where to Get Ideas


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      Final Project


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About This Class

A lot of people don’t take fashion seriously.

For them, it’s an afterthought.


But here’s a thing you should know:

  • Fashion is not only about artistic expression.
  • Fashion has a ton of practical value.


By dressing sharper, you will:

-Feel more confident.

-Enhance likability.

-Build persuasion skills.

And more.


In this beginner's class on fashion, you will learn:

  • Why fashion is important
  • How to create compartments.
  • Thinking evergreen when choosing a wardrobe.
  • The power of experimenting.
  • Where to draw inspiration from.

And much more!


In the end, you will be given a final project that will allow you to practice your dressing-up skills.

Since this is a beginner’s class, you don’t need any prior knowledge of the field to understand the material in the class.

If you’re ready to level up your wardrobe, then I look forward to seeing you inside.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Arman Chowdhury

Confidence thru Communication



Hello, I'm Arman Chowdhury. I am an engineer, public speaker, and writer who currently owns the company, ArmaniTalks. The ArmaniTalks company aims to help engineers and entrepreneurs improve their communication skills so they can express themselves with clarity and confidence. 


A few of the core communication skills covered include public speaking, storytelling, social skills, emotional intelligence, and creativity.


Throughout my career, I have served in the hard skills fields of aerospace engineering, electrical engineering & systems design. Some of my experience with soft skills include serving as the External Vice President of my Toastmasters club, former communications chair of the Tampa BNI chapter, and publishing... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Do you have a high pressure situation coming up? If so, one of the easiest ways for you to improve your confidence is by focusing on your fashion. There's a lot of things you can't control, such as the feelings, the worrying thoughts, the anxiety and such. But you can always control your wardrobe. In this beginner's class, you will learn why is fashioned important. The basics on how to get started on your fraction of focusing on the micro details. And in the end, you'll be given a final project that will allow you to upgrade your wardrobe. And by upgrading your wardrobe, you will upgrade your confidence along the way. If you're ready and excited to improve your fashion style, I look forward to seeing you inside. 2. Why Fashion is Important: For plenty of years, I thought fashion was a complete waste of time. I mean, why bother with it? When I was in this one public speaking club, I thought one of the most important things was the speech. I didn't really focus on fashion. Now here was what was happening. I would get out of work. Soon as I get out of work, I was already wearing dress pants and a dress shirt because that was the attire for work. And I would go into these public speaking meetings. At this point, I was completely unaware of the role that the fashion was playing on my perception. But there was one day where something very strange happened. There was this one gentleman who is going to be giving his first ever speech in this club. And we were expecting him to be nervous, just like a lot of newbies speakers are. But here's what happened. He was amazing in terms of its delivery. His speech, beautiful, the conflict, amazing news talking about how him and his daughter got separated for plenty of years. And the resolution, heartwarming. He talked about how his daughter and ham reunited after many years. You would think that this guy played great role in terms of its perception to the audience, right? No. Because what happened was that this guy had just gotten done playing basketball and showed up to give the speech. We looked at them and we're just like, this talk is so good, but I just can't get over the fact that he smells so bad. His shirt is wrinkly, is pants. Let's just so big on him. It just seems weird. That's when I was realizing that human beings, they process a ton of information with our eyes. So if this gentleman was over here, at least somewhat dressing up, his speech would've gone from a B plus into an a plus. Another remix to this was that a lot of speakers who had speech anxiety once they dressed up as they felt better. And the audience would often just gloss over any fumbles that the speaker made. Slowly. I was realizing that fashion plays a huge role on our psyche. And if we can just understand some of the basics, we have an edge in terms of our communication skills. So what do you think is important in relationship to your life? Think about this and the rest of this class will be much more appealing. 3. Knowing When to Be Fashionable: The first thing is to know when to be fashionable. See some people overdo it. When they understand some basic fashion skills. They reorganize their entire life to just keep dressing up. And if you're already someone that doesn't see it, that much benefit of fashion. But you're forcing yourself to see some of the practical benefits of it. And now you're open to rearranging your life to a somewhat degree, to incorporate fashioned into your life. You want to make sure that you're making the journey easy on yourself. You don't want to be one of those guys that's wearing a three-piece suit when you're going to get the groceries. You don't want to be one of those people that's wearing this nice dress when you're going out for a jog. Some people actually do that. They just turned their entire identity into fashion. So by knowing, when should I be fashionable? And just thinking about that, we're starting to understand that fashion is very similar to, let's say, an accessory. We don't always have to wear a watch or a bracelet when we're going out. But in certain high-profile events, it's like now would be the smart time to where that watch and bracelet. Similarly in relationship to my life, when are some good times to be fashionable? Let me take a wedding speech, maybe before a YouTube video or something like that. And by unequally that compartment in relationship to my reality. Now, the likelihood of me incorporating fashion into my life skyrockets in the process. So think about it. What are some moments that you think it's important for you to be fashionable in relationship to your life. 4. Know your Body Type: Let me share the first rule. It doesn't matter if you have the nicest shirt out there. It's expensive, it's sought after by many people. If it doesn't fit. That is the golden rule in terms of fashion. And this is a lesson that we're often going to learn. The hard way is because our bodies are not stagnant. Sometimes we're bulking, other times we're cutting. Sometimes a shirt that fits really well, fits well. But other times it looks a little too small on us, or it looks a little too big on us. But factoring n, does this shirt fit me at this stage of my life? Simply asking that question of, does it fit? We make much more strategic fashion decisions. So start to weigh that n. Does the clothes fit? It fits, then you're going to look way better than if you have a very nice short and it doesn't fit. 5. Think Evergreen: Have you ever seen one of those fashion shows? And people are walking down the walkway. You see them wearing a lot of these extravagant stuff, like our big hat. Now just a regular hat. What is big? It's like floating over their head. Some weird a dress or pants, shoes that is missing a soul, all of that stuff. Looking and you're like wolf people were that you need to understand. A lot of these companies are trying to make money. And how do you think they're going to make money? By selling you, close that you buy once and where forever. Or by trying to always be introducing you to these new trends. It's the latter group. They're all trying to create these new trends and be like, This is what's hot right down. Now, you could play this game if you are like, look, I trust these companies to give me the trends, go for it. But my path is a little bit different. I believe you should buy clothes that you could see yourself wearing at least 30 years from now. From here on out. Just think about that. Like, is this something that you vibe would personally for me, I wasn't always like this for a while. How was that guy? I was always chasing the new trends. I was like, okay, this company is telling me this, the cool thing to wear. This particular musician is wearing the clothes. I need to do a two. But roughly around age 25, I was like, I'm tired of playing this game. My closet is full. I have analysis, paralysis, wardrobe, addition. I need to change. And that's when one day I want to get this custom suit made. And just the process of making this custom suit was very unique. Like I was getting tailored and all of this stuff. These guys were asking me all these questions. And they were like, hey, you know, we could put your name inside the jacket. Would you like that? And I thought this assumed that I could see myself wearing 30 years from now, 40 years from now, 50 years from now. I know I'm not getting any taller. If I keep this rough body shape, I'll be able to work this one. I thought like that. I was like, Wait a minute, why am I only thinking like that with suits? I should be thinking like that with all of my wardrobe. Now let's turn and stuff. There's a higher wear and tear like shoes and such. But other close if you think like that and even if it doesn't last like 30 to 50 years, but you can just think like that. It saves up so much mental bandwidth and you're not reliant upon these companies. So try it out for yourself. Think evergreen, think ten years, 20 years, 30 years, even 50 years into the future. 6. Quality over Quantity: Now that we're thinking into the future, we're hopefully factoring in quality over quantity. See what quality is very important because with clothes, whenever you're going cheap, you're actually not going that cheap. If you're just factoring in the math, you're like, wait, this shirt, anytime I put it in the laundry and the dryer, it looks all right, buddy. I probably can't wear after four washers. You know what happens then? You need to buy another shirt like that. Repeat this for your entire closet and you'll see that you're stacking up a lot of money, a lot of mental bandwidth. It's what I call the opportunity cost wardrobe style. So whenever you're thinking like into the future, it not only helps you decide what sort of close to buy, but nowadays you're willing to spend the money because you're like, okay, this shirt, when I put it in the washer and the dryer is not looking Rhapsody. It looks the same. Once it comes out. This is good. How about I do this more? And rather than filling up my entire closet, I just have a couple of pieces that I can alternate around. So with this strategy, then quality over quantity, you may be like quality. I don t know if I have the budget for that. You do. If you're seeing that you're already spending that budget, but with poor quantity. Once you are willing to put the money down, you're not constantly repeating the process over and over. You spend it once and then you forget about it. And now you can keep wearing it for future occasions. 7. Focus on the Micro: One time there was this really big debate on Twitter about our shoes overrated. And different people. We're having this heated debate where some people were like, Oh yeah, I invest in my shirt, my pants, my belt, the jacket. But forget the shoes. No one's looking at the shoes. While another group of people were like, Oh yeah, that people are looking at the shoes. For sure. I was thinking about this and I was like, oh, like, why is this even a question in the first place? Because think about it like this. Imagine if you go to the barber and they cut at the top of your hair, the side of your hair, but they don't clean you up on the edges. How are you going to feel? You're going to feel like, wait a minute, I didn't get my money's worth. I paid my barber for the haircut. He should have done the entire job. Likewise with fashion, we don't want to be one of those people that are like, Okay, well the shoes aren't important. We just want to focus holistically. Holistically speaking, we want to focus on the micro as well. I think about the belt, think about the shoes. Think about earning your clothes. Mind you, we're focusing on the high pressure events. First. By thinking like that, we're starting to understand what really is important. You have speech coming up. Are you going to neglect the shoes, then know where the shoes and then shine them up. By focusing on the micro, we're beginning to slowly respect fashion more. And the more that we respected, the more that we're likely to apply it in relationship to our life. 8. Where to Get Ideas: I have a confession to make, roughly around 2,018 h, obsessed with Bow Ties, I would go to these different stores and buy unique Bow Ties. Heck, I found out that you could get a regular type and turn it into a bow tie. You just got to YouTube some videos in regards to that. And initially, I never thought I would be in this stage of my life for a long period. I used to insult Bow Ties. I'm like, I would never wear something like that. But one day I saw this social media posts of someone wearing it. And he's basically wearing this bow tie with this particular suit. And I had a very similar model of that suit. That's what it planted the idea. Why don't you at least experiment with the bowtie? And once I did, I started to get a lot of compliments in regards to it. And nowadays, I'm not really obsessed with it, but it's in my arsenal. So what I learned from that moment was that we should experiment, but we need to be mindful of our experiments. We don't want to be too outlandish with it, especially if you're thinking out into the future. But every now and then, inspiration is going to hit you and it's going to hit you hard. One of the places that you can get the inspiration are from pages like Pinterest. There's a lot of boards on that. You could check out Google images. You could check out a different fashion pages on Instagram Internet much more. So, just look out for inspiration every now and then. It may help you out tremendously in changing your wardrobe and seeing what you like and what you don't like. 9. Final Project: For the final project, I want you to mentally imagine that you have a very high pressure situation coming up. And you may not even have to imagine it. Maybe you really do have a high pressure situation coming up, such as a wedding where you are going to be giving a speech. Maybe it's a conference where you are going to be giving a lecture. Maybe you're going to say what you do for a living at your kid's school, whatever it is, I want you to imagine how you are going to dress. Once you have imagined it, I want you to actually dress like that. Go all the way in. I'll focus on the shirt. The parents iron your clothes, make sure it fits or shine your shoes and such. How do you feel? You feel good? Once you are done dressing up and you're focusing on the macro, along with a micro, I want you to create a report of how you ended up dressing. What was your style like? Did you keep it simple? Did you just wear a dress shirt? Dress pants, shoes? Call it a day? Or did you wear a dress in regards to your event? Depending on whatever you prefer to wear. A talk about this, get in depth with it. And don't just focus on the style, focus on the emotional state. How did you feel? And the more clarified that you get, the more that you're gonna be like. Fashion isn't that bad? After all, I used to judge it in a very negative way because it required work. Sometimes putting it at work is a good thing. And in this situation, I learned that it was a good thing. Once you have dressed up, you analyze your emotional state, your physical state, or create a report talking about the experience and posted on the final project section down below. I look forward to reading it. If you enjoyed this beginner's class on fashion and want to learn more about the Armani talks brand. Be sure to check out our money, which has plenty of my blogs or videos, podcasts, books on topics such as public speaking, social skills, creative writing, much more, Armani, go on, check it out.