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Fashion sketching with Procreate (from a non-artist point of view)

teacher avatar Mel Thorley (Ditsy Tulip), A Dressmaker who likes to paint.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Fashion sketching with ProCreate -Introduction


    • 2.

      Fashion sketching with ProCreate -example sketches


    • 3.

      Fashion sketching with Procreate - sketching


    • 4.

      Fashion sketching with Procreate - Applying wash part 1


    • 5.

      Fashion sketching with Procreate - Applying wash part 2


    • 6.

      Fashion sketching with Procreate - adding stripes


    • 7.

      Fashion sketching with Procreate - face and body


    • 8.

      Skillshare Procreate Save and Export


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About This Class

I'm not an artist, nor an illustrator, I'm a Dressmaker but I love to sketch out my sewing plans, it helps me so much with deciding what to make from my fabrics, what styles suit me and to also plan a cohesive wardrobe.

In this class I show you how to use Procreate on the Ipad to create wonderful fashion sketches, its sure to become a key part of your sewing creativity. This class is not about creating a work of art (so you do not need to be an artist), its about using basic sketch and painting techniques to compliment your sewing skills.

In the video I mention the My Body Model app which is a fashion croquet made to your own body measurements which is perfect for planning your me made outfits, this is not essential but if you did want to check it out you can find it here

The Ipad that I use is the basic 2018 model (not the Ipad Pro) you can find this here

Be sure to leave a review and share your projects, I'd love to see them.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mel Thorley (Ditsy Tulip)

A Dressmaker who likes to paint.


Hi I'm Mel from Handmade By Ditsy Tulip.

I recently joined Skillshare to help me to re-ignite an old skill of painting/illustration which I am absolutely loving so far (thanks lovely Teachers), but then I thought "I'd love to help others to learn how to sew"!

So, watch this space, I'm filming lessons as we speak and look forward to sharing them with you very soon.

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Level: Beginner

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1. Fashion sketching with ProCreate -Introduction: police dash lights my way too Magic Rainbow List Just like a child live in Wonderland All my dreams are coming true Heavy shackles used to hold me down Welcome to my new skill Share class I'm mouth from some made by Julie Present Don't know already I'm on I'm I'm primarily But the class that I'm I'm bringing to you today is how to use procreate on the nine parts too Do some fashion sketching to plan out your makes and what you want to say. So this is the dress. Actually, it's a dress that I'm wearing So this is the sketch that I did to plan out this dress. I'm going in a little closer in the second and show you on Guy used procreate on my iPod and then I printed it off on watercolor paper. Just said it looks a little bit more realistic. Put me different and and show you Okay, this is an example off one of the sketches that I have done. So what I'm going to be sharing with you in this class is how to you procreate to create this sketch on? You can of course, apply this to any sketches that you want to plan out to really help you to get your designs exactly as you want them to be. So the tools that you'll need for this class, you will need an iPod, which is compatible with on some kind of drawing tool. So I've got the apple pencil now. What I will say is my iPod isn't the really expensive iPad pro minus the I Part 2018. I think that's what they call it. The Act 23. They will put a link in the notes, which is the much less expensive model, but it is compatible with the apple pencil and all. The SALIS sees that work in the same way. But what's really important is before you spend any money on get in the procreate app, you need to make sure that you're and I pod that you've got if combat compatible with software on with pencil, because I think this 2018 version was the 1st 1 that isn't a pro model, which does work with pencils. But that is ultimately all that you will need an iPad, some kind off drawing stats say, unless I've got the apple pencil on DSI pro creates on which cardamom, how much it cost. I will check and put some tax, and I think it might have been having 9 99 or 1999 in new K pounds sterling. But I will check imports and text in the video. Something else that I use, but this isn't essential is the my body model, which is a fashion croquet, so that kind of outline of the body on but this actually is made to your own body measurements. So it's a really great tool for planning out what garments are gonna look. Gordon. What styles on different garments look good on your own body shape on this? Really? What's a turning point for me when I put just my version off that croquet? Because it really helped me to plan what necklines work well on May. What style of dress is what style lines eso it really opened my eyes up to a different world where it's not just serving, but more about the design element to now. We'll put a caveat in that I am by no stretch of the imagination, a talented artist or illustrator. My key skill is that I'm a so. But don't let that put you off. I think anybody can apply these techniques to I'm kind of drawing a basic drawing and basic painting in order to plan out. Designed. It's not about creating a brilliant piece of are just gonna hang up on somebody's wall. It is about sketching your fashion plans, you know, such as the imagination. Do you need to be an artist to do this? Because I'm I'm not an artist himself. I do a painting on my kind of cop, enough pictures and stuff. I've done some great classes here on skill share for that, but I am not an artist or on illustrator what I will also say as I I'm not a huge tacky either. I do like to use technology, Teoh Hell, make things better, but I am not a techie minded kind of person, so I know there's loads more that you can do with the procreate up than what I'm going to show you in this class on. But this is more about creating fashion sketches using the Apple tool. It's not about a set creating illustrations, which you're going to get put onto cards and stuff that you're gonna saddle or anything like that. So I am purposely keeping it at a basic level because it's not about you being an expert at procreating about using that as a basic tool. So I'm just gonna show you a couple off all the sketches that I've done using appropriate just to give you a couple variances. 2. Fashion sketching with ProCreate -example sketches: Okay, So this is one where I can planned out a skirt with some nationally the fabric that got on and pointing out the outfit. Really? So what kind of top is gonna work well with that skirt? This one is appended for dress laid over the top off a T shirt. And I made the best one. Open to a garment civil unsaved pictures. And you can see what finishers are black. I kind of did pocket details as well. Here's another variation that someone Another version off the pen. A four dress up together, half finished. I've not made the top yet that goes with it but have made the Pinna four. So I will insert a picture to show you what the finished garment looks like. Now I don't just do digital drawings. I do sometimes like to do painted standard watercolor paints. What I find so from what I found really useful with the digital sketchy is that I can do it anywhere. So, for example, I've just come back from holiday in Greece, of course. Can't take knife seven machine with me on the airplane. But what I did do it. Take my iPod and then they used that time away to sketch out a plan. What I wanted to make when I got home, I'll take it to work with me. So when I'm on my lunch break, I can do a few sketch ease on. It's also great as well, because you can swap and change. It's a lot easier to wrap things out on make changes, change the colors that you're working with except when it's in a digital fall. I do still like the tactile nous off a physical print, which is why I do choose to still print them out onto watercolor paper. So it so it looks like a proper painting on. Then I keep it. Keep it in my fashion sketch folder. So I got it there to talk to, really like to be able to touch my sketches. So that's a bit of an introduction about what this class is about. S O. I'm gonna be walking you through how to import the croquet if you do want to use the my body model Apple a link to that in the video notes, but there's loads of free kind of standard fashion crow case out there that you can get what you can just import or you don't need to use one a tool. You can just draw the body on to the paper if you know how to do that. There are some great classes here on skill share to teach you that if you don't know it's already so out. Then walk you through how to work with layers in order to make the most off your drawings and making it easy to change certain elements off the drawing. I should go. I'm assuring you have to do the sketch, how to do the painting, how to add the details on then how to save on and print the picture on what's also really good with procreative it doors record whilst you're drawing, so you can then share a time lapse video off. What, you don't just insert a time lapse video now for the sketch that I'm gonna walk you through on this cloth. Now, what will say is what did find a little bit tricky? Is film in a screen, So using my camera to record what I'm doing on the iPad, you do get the pixel showing up on the iPod. That's just the nature of recording something digital. So what I've tried to do, where can is include either some scream recorded or slow down that time lapse video that procreate. I'm door so you can kind of see on a screen recording as well. So if you find that the pixels on the screen of the iPod I'm making your eyes go a little bit fuzzy that you can just look away from that Look at the screen recording element instead S O. I hope that you enjoy my class. Do leave comments and share your projects and things and let me know how you get on because that does help to make my class more visible to all the people here on skill share on. I will see you at the end with my final goodbyes. 3. Fashion sketching with Procreate - sketching: Okay, So in this class, I'm going to show you how I do a digital Drori on the iPod using probe create Andi. This is one that I've done on the iPad as have suddenly on introduction. I'm no artist, so you know, it isn't about it being a great piece of art, But it's about how I can plan what I'm so mean using the illustration software. My iPod is the iPad 2018. So it's not the really expensive uh, pro. I think it's called version. It is just the 2018 but you can use the apple pencil with those. I've got my part and I got the apple pencil. This is, as a say, an example off one that I've created. And I'm going to create a new version of this to show you how have done it. That's purely been dawn with pro creates of kind of use paint tools, sketching tours to sketch paint tools to paint. And then I used the jail pan to do the writing, and then I printed it off so that it looks mawr riel of printed off on watercolor paper so that I can put that in my portfolio, and that's what it out absolutely fine. So I'm just going to log into procreate on that, I will show you the beginning steps. Okay, so when you face go into procreate, you'll I'm going to the Galleria. I'll just zoom in so you can see So yeah, it takes you into the gallery. So there's a few things there which preloaded on procreate on. And then here you can see some of the sketches that I've already made, so I'll just show you the one that just got printed out. And that's how it is in the digital full. But what I'm going to do is create a new piece of art. So I'm gonna click on the little cross there on What you want to do is you wanna choose the size or become vis Now, the first time that I use this, I just kept clicking on screen size. But then what I found is that quality wasn't coming out, but he got. And that's because it doesn't give you the right level off pixels. Andi, I want to print these out in a four to go in my fashion illustration folder. So I'm going to select a full. So that takes me to a blank canvas. Why, then, want to do is first of all, import my croquet that I'm going to use. So I used the my body model croquet, which is set to my own body measurement rather than a standard croquet that you might get to import that into this canvas. What I'm gonna do is hit this little I call it at the top, which is like a little Spanish. I'm gonna click on insert file and then you can navigate through where you've got things saved and I don't get I've run into a dropbox file on my body model song in it like I'm not so that has now imported it. But it's small stage. So what I now want to do is make that bigger so that it feels screen. So at the bottom here, you've got two options. You've got free form and you've got magnetic. I've got magnetic selected because what I wanted to happen is, but when a strep meet this image bigger, it stays in proportion. So I then just drug it. Oops, she wanted that. So he's gonna drag it at that corner can move about with your fingers. Well, in fact, you can enlarge it with your finger. We go a little bit more and that's it. So that is that image now imported in what I want to do to make sure that I can delete this When I get to that stage, what I want to do is create some layers because I don't want to see this body model once I've got my image drawn. So this where you got kind of one square behind the other, that's the layers I come. So I'm just gonna click on that. It's already called it later one. But I'm just gonna tap on it and rename. And I'm just going to call that body model and then just tap that set. That's the first layer. What now want to do is create another layer so that I can start my sketching. So I'm just gonna quit the latest. I'm gonna click that little plus there. I'm going to call this one sketch. Then what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna select pencil, so I'm gonna go back, actually, was already and it so you've got all you different brushes and things here. You've got skeptic linking calligraphy, painting, artistic. You really do need to have a play around and have a look. A different ones. What? I'm going to select its sketching and then, hey, HB pencil. And then he you have got different settings as well. With me being quite new to this, I just kind of kept the settings as they are at the moment. And I found it's fine. You want to make sure you've got whatever color you want to be skeptical N S O. That is where you select your callers and then at the bottom here, you can click on disk, and then I want to kind of user gray type on charcoal type called pencil. So I just got that selected, and then you want to make sure this here is your brush size and you want to make sure that you've got that on small because it's for skeptic. So what I will do next is just do some sketchy, very, very basic outlines sketching on get that saved. So I'm gonna start with the hair what you can do as well as you consume in, if you know you sketching on a particular place. So you just tap on it and then sh wretch. So starting with the hair born outside Because that's how I always wear my hair for me. Yes, sketch. And you can see there the pencils gone off ever so slightly, someone's gonna change to raise it, disrupt that out. When they go back onto pencil, I'm gonna draw my neck. Andi shoulders on. Then what I'm gonna do is if you see on this dress, it's quite a high neckline. So I am just going to sketch that neckline on what I actually did in order to see that the kind of shape of the sketch is abused the image off the pattern itself. So get that second and show you this neckline. And then it was going to use the edge of the body model to draw around to get the arms. This one is quite a type 15 top. So, really, I'm just kind of out learning where the arms are, and then I'm going around. Why the boss Linus, down the waste here Ive been around the same on the other side to draw around the hands can just kind of move it all and I'm going to draw the outline of the skirt. Said a skirt is kind of Nieland. So I'm just gonna start with some ruffles at the bottom, and then it does kind of poor foul toe like a around the hips. And then you can kind of quiet ride just for raise that Andrea draw them. But it is just the basic outline that I'm doing at this stage. I'm going to the legs, just put the leave and then pinch it back in. What I'm gonna do is turn off the body model later so I can see how my sketches looking. So click on the layers. Andi, where you got the body model just wouldn't take that little tech there. And then there you can see I've got my sketch so I can see I've drawn the hands I'm in. Where the skirt. If someone's gonna raise those out, I'm just gonna do a little bit more detail on the ruffles on, then bit off the Katherine. I'm then looking at that. I think I actually want skirt to come out a little bit. Follow. So it's just breaking that proved on the other side and then again. It could just erase those lines that isn't quite right to the bottom. Okay, so that just gives me a basic shape. I'm just gonna put their body model back on again just to mark the Boston line and then to back off. Yes. So that's kind of giving me my basic shape, which I will kind of do Oppa's I go Just one thing to show you If you do something on rather than using the rays, you can undo. So say, for example, if I've done a scrape, then if you press on harder with the pencil, you're gonna get a dark alive to say after the scream a lot what you do with two fingers. Just top with two fingers and that will do your last brushstroke. So say, for example, I don squiggle that have left a dog in a pan and done another squiggle When it's hot, it's just going to undo one brush stroke at a time. That's it. So that is the first section Dawn. What I'm gonna do now is just get the picture off the dress to start having a look at kind of how the shading falls and things and show you some of the tips on painting the dress 4. Fashion sketching with Procreate - Applying wash part 1: Okay, So just to look at some of the finer details of the dress what donors have printed off the start of the parents? You've got two versions of the stress Have got a pleated version on day gathered version. Andi, these help to see when you come to do your painting where you shadow sets and things. But what you've also got, which is super useful, is the line drawings. So when you're doing that sketching stage that have just gone, it really helps to use the line drawings to see what the neck is like what the sleeves like Andi how it sets. So I'm gonna put that to the side on and use that as a reference point. What I'm also going to do is get my color palettes, settle eso. What's a really clever thing that you can dio in procreate is create your color palettes from or the pictures. So let me just get one to the right bet the fabric that I'm gonna use. I've actually got a photograph off, so I'm just gonna import. That s so what I'm gonna dio is create a new layer. I'm just going to call it, um separate cooler, and then what I'm gonna do is import a photo you again. So it's covered up the sketch. That doesn't matter what. I'm gonna delete this layer off afterwards. So what you want to do to create your palate is just getting into that. You want to click on your call appellate thing there, click on pallets and then you could create a new palette. I'm going to call it fabric. Call us what you then want to do if you zoom in. If you press and hold quite firmly with your finger, you'll see you get that circle on. What you want to do is you want to move that circle until you're up there shade of the call that you want. You can see there. That's the first shade that's the main shade of the mustard. And then what I'm gonna do is just click in That's palette box, and it's put that there on going to grab some of the Call it where it shaded as well. So I've got a dark call it pressure figured around. I moved about until you in the right place, so that's where the shaded but IHS So it's moved that cholera blast. Blake that on the palate, and it's put that I am going to see if there's any That's a lie to shade. So I'm gonna go right at the top here. What about their? And then I'm going to get some of the Navy as well. So I'm gonna click. There's a Navy stri so again, that's put out there and click. And that's it. So now I've got my main color palettes, which will save in that power it for making this dress. So then what I'm going to do to get rid off that picture? I'm just gonna go on. Why, yes, swipe that fabric kolet layer and delete for them That has taken me back to the sketch. So what I'm going to start by doing is adding a call it wash off the mustard and the background off the dress, so I'm gonna need to change my brush. So I'm going to click on the brush. I'm going to go onto water. I'm going to go into a wash and then, um, and change the brush size I wanted bigger than what I had when I was sketching. But there were two big as it goes out of the lines. I'm gonna stretch my picture, and I'm just going to do a light. In fact, I want to create a new layer. I'm gonna call this GREss wash. So I want to clip my kolet palette on a want the lightest mustard color, which is that one there to do the wash. Now you compress on really lightly like that. And that will just do kind of a light wash. Do that. If you press on hard, that's gonna make it darker and more opaque. Something going to start off very light. But there's a bit of a sketch that I'm gonna raise that the in the need to go back to my sketch. Why it? So that I could just raise that about one day Linger buck to address wash. I'm starting with it. Light still on a razor. Remember to cut back on your pen. The brush size up a bit. Get down. I sleep on the bed dark. There isn't gonna do that and then go down to the edge of the skirt 5. Fashion sketching with Procreate - Applying wash part 2: Okay, So just moving back on to the wash so you can see here have done the dress in a light wash . If you look at the one that Abd on earlier what I now want to dio is at some off the shading I'm so you can see it got kind of shadow around the arm. I'm in the Boston area and then in the different areas off the skirt as well. So that's what I'm gonna do now, which has had a little bit more detail on the dress. So I'm just going to go back to the right brush. Have been doing some other sketches in between. What I'm actually going to do now isn't gonna go into pain. Teen wrath. Um, water. I'm gonna go and dump brush. I just need to go back to the cola to go for the slightly darker one now and then you just zoom in. Okay? So I'm going to start by just doing a bit of shadow around the all Maria from then on the other arm a swell and then down on to the rest. Then I'm just gonna Duthie boast and along the waste. And then on the skirt. So I'm gonna do it dark down this side, the brush a little bit bigger and play around with different brushes as well. And find out you know which ones are your favorites. Do it, Doctor. Away on the waistline. There, there creases. See how much? Okay, you can see the detail starting to show through now. Give a little bit smaller to get the detail in at the waist. That's going to be a lot dark. That because of all the gathers and then what I'm doing just to make it darker is just pressing on with the pan a little bit hard on then, um, through the ruffles me is. Nieto was messy. July kits. It's entirely what? Your stylist See how that slow came? Yeah, it's looking back. Gonna do a little bit dark around the neck? No. Again. And then what I'm gonna do now is make that look a little bit neater just by using the smudge tool. So this button here to check that you can see yet this bottom here, which is like a hand. This is a smudge tool. I'm going to click on that on then. That is just make that a bit smaller if you wanted it to look less kind of streaky. You depress over with smudge tool, but bigger apologies If it goes a little bit wobbly. I'm not on the sturdiest off tables. I'm on a makeshift table here, so it does. It wobble a little bit, one impressing on you can see. It's just kind of made those lines of it smooth. I'm just gonna change back to brush. It is to click on the brush to get back just to do this waistline and a bit more detail. Then get that shadow going down a bit more. There, there we go, quite happy with that. So that is the main wash off the dress. Don't so you can see it's looking quite similar to that one. No, and what we're going to move on to next is the stripes off the dress 6. Fashion sketching with Procreate - adding stripes: Okay, So what I'm gonna do now is add the's stripes so you can see on here of done the stripes horizontally on the bodies, slightly diagonally on the arms and then vertically on the skirt. But I did have a play around with different ways off adding the stripes. So to ensure that could do that. What the first thing I want to do is create a new layer purely fourth e stripes. And the reason I'm going to add a new layer is. But that means if you do want to change things about on, drop things out and start things again, it's not going to touch anything else that I've done on the underneath off the dress here. It would just purely change the scribes, so I'm going to go onto the little squares there for a new layer. Click the PLO's I'll rename it scribes, Then I need to get the right color. So I've got the Navy quite see for the Navy cooler on the palate here, and then I need to change to the right brush. So, um, my dues, I'm gonna use a round brush for this just because it gives you a little bit more detail. You want the brush size to be quite small for this, and then I'm gonna zoom in so that I can get the right place. So I'm gonna start with stripes going across the bodies with the faint seen them just to show you what I mean by the layers. Let's say, for example, I wanted to change my mind and put the stripes going down. What can do is raise those stripes, but what it's not doing and you will be nowt any of the mustard color underneath. It's literally just a raising those stripes that the benefit of doing the layers. Okay, so what I'm going to do now is add a bit of thes shading into thes eso. What all going to do is kind of press on a little bit harder on this side and keep it kind of like to give in that way lips and then you can can use this much tool just to even those up a little bit. We're back to paint. And then what I'm going to do now is the arms again A person a bit too hard there following the line on a diagonal I'm in the same on the other side. We'll begin on then I could do the same with the shading. So just giving a little bit person on a bit hard, it nearer to the arm, that side. And then I'll just so much them to go on a little smudge tool. You can see her just zoom in. I've kind of gone out to the lion's on a couple of places there, so I'll just go into a razor. Just tidy that up Andi again because I'm just working on the stripes. Isn't going toe raise out my pencil drawing around the edge of the are anywhere on that side, that one looking pretty good. Okay, So what I want to do now is thestreet types on the skirt and then exactly the same. So press on a little bit harder to get some shadow. So, neighbor to the waist. I'm gonna press on harder on then or just going off a little bit wonky bass and gonna rub that out and then smudge it. Let's have a look. How this is looking. Yep. Pretty pleased with that. I think one thing that I do want to do is go back onto the mustard bit of the dress and make this shading a little bit darker. Don't think it's quite dark in off. So to do that, I need to go back and click on the dress wash layer. I think I'm gonna try and stay on the round. Brush that amon. But of course I need to change it back to the mustard on, then on the zoom in the bet to see if I could get a bit more this detail and it really is just a matter of playing about until you've got it exactly as you want. Same that when the wrist and then on the skirt, that's looking better. But I don't think I'm gonna smudge it. Fact I do a little bit more, I think a well, smudge it a little bit, actually said. Just changed. A smart apologies from Wobble in the coming right, have a little oh yes, much happy with how that's looking 7. Fashion sketching with Procreate - face and body: the case of the next, but I'm going to do is the face, hair and body s Oh, I'm going to create a new layer, rename it face Andi body. And then it was gonna really repeat the same protesters I did with the dress, but to kind of color in the face and body, someone to start by zooming in so that I could see the face. Of course, I don't want to. Most it face, I'm gonna change that, have actually, on my pallets off settle poot skin tone one. So I'm going to go on that pink. I want to change my brush back to wash that's a mortar and then wash. I'm gonna start by adding that hideous on. Then I'm gonna add some shadow as well. So we'll get around, add your face and on the air under the chin and then all smudged that on the mosque. Come on, that skin tone Do the hands and legs change it back to paint a little bit of the hands showing that and then the legs just make my brush bigger because the legs are bigger. Area guy, not some shadow. So on the legs in a bit of shadow off skirt, then down the area. That's much. Does it? Sounds have a look. Okay. Yeah, that's looking. Okay. What I'm gonna do now is the hair. So zoom into the face area again, change the court to ever call how you want. So I'm going to go for that cooler under the same so wash, wash over, We're in the bottom, give us much. The final thing I want to do is just add some shoes. So let's zoom up to our feet. Are I'm gonna choose the same color as the stripes on the dress. Andi, I just do it really, really simple shooters as a set. I'm not an artist. Shotem. Don't say that. I'm going to line the bet. So it's just a raise that, uh, it's a bit more smudging on that face. Shadow looks a little bit too prominent sunsets, And that is all the shadowing done. All the painting done. What? So what I'm going to do now is the outline that you could kind of depends on what look you want. If you don't want the outline to be sharing, not very much, then you can just kind of keep it in the pencil on. But what I'm gonna do is I'm actually going to do an outline with outlined a pen, toe, the outline to be quite prominent on this. So again, I'm gonna do a new layer, and I will rename it Don't line. I'm gonna choose the right brush. So I want in King Andi. Fine tip. And then you want to make sure you've got the right caller selected, So I'm gonna go into my day on Just get a don't. Great. You want to make sure your pan is small size on that? I'm just gonna do the outline. So I'm gonna sue Mann, start with the head, and all I'm doing is I'm kind of going over the pencil marks that were there because what I can always do afterwards is delete that way. He iss phone no. And then just follow that process down. I make brush just a little bit bigger. Okay, to the final thing that I'm going to do is just label it. So I'm going to go to gel pen on, then. I'm just going to write on cable drafts on a wanted to make the writing a little bit fun. See, don't let that sway ley line. Maybe add a little bit of detail in the mustard color Purple hearts, but from the Navy. What is it that is older? So you can see that is my when you scratch. So then I'm all I'm gonna do is make sure save that. So you hit back on gallery, you can now see that it's there at the moment. It's entitled, so you can click on it and then rename it Put skill share Gable sketch. I don't I'm and that's it. That's where it is. So what I then did with this one, I printed it off on watercolor paper on. Then I can have that, then to my sketch folder, and it just makes it look mawr realistic. And I do lacto have something tactile. I'm so even though you know you got the benefits of sketching with and digital, it's still nice, I think, to print it often brought in your file just to show you a couple more on the aft door recently. So this is one where I've sketched out a funnel neck top on a maxi skirt and I have done kind of a darker outline on this one. Andi. He is another wand table. Talk with a pink cord. York penna for we with pockets and you can see there. And if I didn't some detail on the pockets. Another version. Different colors for the T shirt, was it? So I will just move on to the exit video. 8. Skillshare Procreate Save and Export: So just before the finish, I'm gonna just show you how to say even export both the picture. Andi, The time lapse video. So just on the screen recording here you can see the I clicked on the spanner and then share. You can choose whichever format you want. Teoh export the picture in, but I've gone for J Peg and then just choose where you want to save it. I'm saving mine in Dropbox on. Then choose which folder you want to save it in. And it's a simple is that Lex bought the photo for the video. You can click the video icon at the top on. Then you couldn't replay thieve video, so I'll just play mine now and then. If you happy with the video, you can also export it. So on the video, I can't just do the same export video. You can choose it to be a full length one, or it can shorten it to 30 seconds and then fold the same process. Just choose where you want to save it. I'm going to go for Dropbox and then choose which folded. You want to save it and and that's it. Okay, that's it then. So hopefully that showed you how to create a fashion drawing using the procreate app with your iPad Hope that you enjoyed the videos. I can't wait to see what you sketch on. What you design. What I would say. It's just go forward to the West That can happen is you make a mistaking He usually you're ready to roll it back out. So you know there's this. There's nothing Teoh lose here. There's nothing Teoh waste. I'm just jump right in and give it a go. Thanks so much for watching my class And I will see you in another class very soon. Just like a child Wonderland All my dreams are coming true Heavy shackles used to hold me down Now my feet don't even reaching the ground just like