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Fashion Illustration: Paint beautiful perfume bottles

teacher avatar Stella Dimitrova, Fashion illustrator & Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Perfume shapes and anatomy


    • 2.



    • 3.

      RECTANGULAR Miss Dior Cherie


    • 4.

      CIRCLE Chanel Chance


    • 5.

      TRIANGLE Guerlain Idylle


    • 6.

      CLASS PROJECT Marc Jacobs Daisy eau so fresh


    • 7.

      Bonus Perfume history and inspiration tips


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About This Class

In this easy, step-by-step Skillshare class, we will learn how to paint beautiful perfume bottles with a variety of shapes and details. You will be able to confidently create perfume fashion illustrations featuring your favorite bottles, to use as wall art, add to postcards or use in digital projects. And most of all, you will have fun in the process!

In your class project, you will create a fashion illustration of a perfume bottle of your choice.

Anyone who loves fashion illustration, and likes to have fun painting, can join the class. No prior knowledge is required! We will use only a  few simple supplies, so just use what you already have at hands and enjoy creating your own perfume illustration.

Welcome to the class!


Perfume: The Creation and Allure of Classic Fragrances, Book by Susan Irvine
The Perfume Bible, Book by Josephine Fairley and Lorna McKay
Pinterest perfume board:

Meet Your Teacher

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Stella Dimitrova

Fashion illustrator & Artist

Level: Beginner

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1. Perfume shapes and anatomy : When we look at perfume bottles, there is no end to imagination off what shapes and forms They come in Andi as crazy, an irregular they could be. I think it's best to start with the basics and take a look at the most common basic shapes and their variations. So I think best to start with the rectangular and square shape. These are perfumes that are can be found pretty much anywhere on. We can see some examples of those shapes. Another very basic shape on quite popular is the cylinder or any elongated perfume border with round base on. We can see that this shape is quite common on their many perfumes that have this shape, of course. Then it can be added all sorts of details on top of them and make them more elaborate. But the shape in itself is still the base of the cylinder. One of the most popular shapes for perfume bottles is the ellipse or the circle or the oval . So this is pretty much, um, the shape off a circle, which has bean modified in many different directions. On its you can see from our examples, really there is no entered imagination. When it comes to the Ellipse shape, it can be made into many different modifications. Another interesting shape to look at. But still one of our basic shapes is the triangle or a trapezoid, since this is a little bit less common compared to the circle or the square shape Triangle is quite interesting, and it's interpretations include some of the examples shown on the screen, but also many different variations. Now that we have taken a look at the different shapes that a perfume bottle can be, let's take a look at the different parts that comprise apart from Boto. Let's first start with the body so the body can be in all of the shapes that we already mentioned on many more. Then we have the neck of the bottle. Next we have the pump with that little tube, which is called the dispenser on. Then we have the cap, which also is often Anel. Ament of the design on It could be in all different shapes, and it could have lots of embellishments on it. And last, but definitely not least it's the bulb atomizer, which adds a little touch of glamour. Andi girl in it to the boat. Also, some off the perfume designs incorporate Bulb Ultra miser quite sort after. I certainly find that very appealing on. It's very interesting also to incorporate in the painting. 2. SUPPLIES: and here we are at the fun part. Let's take a look forest at what we will need to create our beautiful perfume illustrations . First thing I would like to say is that you don't have to purchase anything additional in order to draw those part administration. Please use whatever you have at home. Anything goes really just simple supplies, Would you? First thing we would need, of course, is the watercolor paper. I am using a 300 ground coast press one because I really like the texture gives on the effect when the perfume has been painted. Of course, if you would prefer, you could use a smooth paper. I have here also some water color options for my party. Um on it really doesn't matter which one you would go for. As long as the color represents the color of the bottle you would like to paint. I have here the Windsor and Newton Cotman, Siri's on have a mango upset on the prima marketing sets. This is the decadent prices, says off course. We would need also our water. I have a quite large are here because I think that it keeps the water cleaner for longer on . Also, I don't have to stand up and refuel as often. Next thing we will need is an eraser in case we make some little mistakes along the way. Here we have also a pen. What a pro fine liner or any final line of your choice in case you would like to add to talk details to your paintings. Another important thing to have is detail. Rushes with a sharp tip because car fumes have lots of details, especially those embellishments can get really intrigued. So it's important to have a good, fine brush that you can rely on to capture those. Then we would need a bit fluffy, a brushes for feeling in the color of the perfume inside a photo and larger rushes for the backgrounds. We like to add one. I guess you make any mistakes. Q. Tip on paper towel and this is it. Let's begin 3. RECTANGULAR Miss Dior Cherie: So here we are, starting with the painting of our first bottle. When you're choosing a botto, you would either create one of the perfumes that you have at home or use a picture as a reference our used on image as a reference on, I will also make sure to include it so that you could also refer to it. If you would like to paint alone, I have chosen a missed your blooming bouquet bottle, as I think it's quite girly on, also quite simple in its shape. So we will refer to our basic shapes that we listed in the theory part when painting apart from Botto, it's very important to have a very good sketch. First on that will take most of our time really creating a really accurate and crisp sketch . For this. I would like to have some rulers to help me. Do you have a more symmetrical border? So I will make her central line like so and one on this end. Now that we have our guides, let's just start by really mapping out where are the main points of the parking bottle? So this is our center line on. We will mark the with of the photo where the neck of the bottle is and also the height off the cap. And these lines will help us. Really, to creator symmetrically correct on also proportional bottle on also here we're adding that the bottom no, you are guides on. We just connect the dots. Don't worry about being too precise. We will adjust those lines once we have the basic contours established. So now we have made the basic shape of the part human. We can see it. This is a moment where we can adjust looking at the reference picture and see where maybe the proportions are right on. From this point on, once we're happy with our shape, we can start adding the details. - No , no, quite happy with the shape I have. And I will start by erasing all the guidelines and everything that I think it's not necessary. So here is our little bottle. We're going to add the text and then start with the coloring. No, no. Now we're at the coloring part on I like to start by first feeling in the bottle and only then going with the edges on adding the contour. - No No. - And now we have our basic wash down on that. I can start by adding a little more lines to define the image. Uh, - way . Oh, okay. - And here we are with Adit Shadows on fill in the bottle and having a little bit more detail. So now we are the last stage of the painting where we can just take a look and see if we would need to define something any further. I can see here. Maybe I won't. You have some more lines, Andi. Pretty much really good to go. This is the time to have definition using a fine liner. Um, and here it is. Our myth. Your bottle is ready. 4. CIRCLE Chanel Chance: So here we are with our second perfume bottle. I have chosen for this one to deplore the circular shape for that illustration. We're going to be using their Chanel chance photo. I have already made the guides on the paper the same way as in the first bottle on. We're going to start by mapping out our shape. So here would be our neck off the bottle and he would be capped here. Would be the bottom. No, just connect way . And now that we have our outlines, we just delete the lines we don't need on. Then we evaluate. Maybe do we need to put some other changes in order to make it more symmetrical. - Now I'm happy with my basic shape. I will just delete all the guidelines. Our perfect bottle starts to take shape. Now we're going to add all the details drew in their lines where the party in liquid would be in the photo on. Then I removed with my razor the majority of the pigment off the pencil, because I would like to color it in a way so that the outlines of the pencil would not show . Once the party has been colored. I added the center line here because I would like to have a bit more control when I'm drawing in the title and the text on the bottle. Okay, I think we're ready for the fun part. Let's begin by coloring her bottle. I am starting by using a large, fluffy brush because I want to add a wash around the bottle on inside. So first I just really saturated with water and I go over the whole motto like so this way the paint will bleed out where the water is on. It will create very nice effect. I like painting loosely, just mixing colors onto the paper. It creates a nice Grady int, and you kind of let the water Ecologist do its thing and create its own interesting effects . Now we need to let our painting dry completely before we continue adding more additional lines because we don't want them to lead into the already wet paper so you can let it sit for a couple minutes until it dries, or you could use carefully your hair dryer on. Then we will be back. Once this page is completely dry at here, we are now back with our dry painting onto which we're going to start layering. I didn't leave earlier this margin on the inside which I you raised carefully. It will serve me as a guide when I am adding now, the green color of the perfume liquids. This is a very loose painting, so don't be afraid to just mixed colors onto the page on move them around to create the effect that you're looking for. Now, while this is drying, I'm going to go around and defined the edges of the bottle. Yeah, - and we continue we defining the rest of the bottle. - Now we're going to define the text on the bottle. Now, we could stop here or we could decide to add additional elements to the illustration. You could have anything from florals to butterflies, ribbons, whatever. You decide that suit this composition, I won't quickly add some loose morals way . Way. Now I will add a little bit of color to the text on the bottom because this is how the original photo looks like finishing touch. I'm just going to add a couple of splatters on top out here. We have it. Our Chanel chance. Pato is ready 5. TRIANGLE Guerlain Idylle: here We are already on our third perfect Botto For this one, I have chosen a triangular shape on the perfume we're going to be painting is Edil by Alan . So I have already started by playing my rulers, which are going to help me with the composition of this sketch, we will begin our sketch by mapping out our highest point, which is the cap. Oh, here and then the end of the cap, which is over here and here would be the base of our party. Since this is a triangle, we will also shape out the widest point off the photo which is here now we just connect adults. Now, if you know the shape of this photo, you would know that it looks nothing like our sketch at the moment, we're going to use these guards to carve out our bottom shape. This is how the shape of the perfume looks like. No, we're going to educate our guides now. Our shape is quite clear and we can start by adjusting it on making the country stronger. Now let's start adding some additional elements. - Our bottles catch is complete on. I would like to add some different elements to this illustration. I would like to add the logo on this side so we'll have my ruler here. You helped me create a straight line. Now let's begin with the coloring. - Uh oh. We are at the point where we can just go ahead and ask our little tiny details on the text using a fine liner. - Our bottle is complete. I would like to just add a couple of loose florals around the bottle. Just you add a bit more fullness to the composition way . Uh, way, uh, on Douala. Here is our girl and Votto. 6. CLASS PROJECT Marc Jacobs Daisy eau so fresh: welcome to the final part of our skill share class and congratulations for making it this far for our final project. I wanted to make something, but it's very current right now as it's spring. Andi, I want to draw really happy spring a bottle. So I chose for this Marc Jacobs Daisy, also fresh on for the class project. I want you to draw something that really inspires you in something that makes you happy, whether it's your favorite perfume bottle or apart from that you're currently using or something that you would like to own. Just have fun with it and enjoy it. And I would love to see your project down in the project library. Let's begin. I will just fast forward it for you to watch paint along with me. So let's have fun. Uh oh , - no way, Uh, - way , Uh, - and with this hour daisy bottle, it's complete. Thanks for everyone. Once again for watching this fashion illustration course on perfume bottle painting. I hope you liked it, and you will use the skills you learned in your own illustration. 7. Bonus Perfume history and inspiration tips: the oldest known perfume bottles come from the Mediterranean on ancient Egypt on could be dated back 5000 years ago in ancient Egyptian tombs were found many beautifully painted boxes, which were divided into compartments, and each had a different ointment part in them. Those were considered to be the portable dressing tables off ancient ties. The ancient Greeks took the arts off clay pottery to its height on day start perfumes in beautifully painted vases, the most common shapes of which were animals. Nimes branches on grapes on fruits, most of all popular with fish shape in Europe in seven centuries, the perfume boto design has reached new heights. Send even survive the Dark Ages. Thanks to the church and the Arabs, Harvey um, was not only a spiritually imperative but also a magical amulet that could guard you from the evil. While the Persians, already hard rosewater atomizer in the Middle East, the Western world mainly used for mates the 20th century, with the era off the most produced bottles, but is also the one era which most inspired An exquisite Flacco's were made in her own century. Perfume has been brought to the market, but not at the expense of exquisite Votto. Perfume bottles are a smart marketing on they also a symbol off the fragrance that they hold within. Luckily, there are many sources off inspiration. When you decide to paint your perfume bottles, you can either use perfume that you have a home. Or you could maybe take a look at magazines, adverts or perfume books. I have here to perfect books that, um, I am taking a look at on Day are really, really useful. Not only full of information on the lots of details about how parfums, a maid and history of perfume, but also their full off beautiful pictures advertorial on lots of beautiful perfume illustrations, I would really recommend you to take a look if you have access in, for example, your library, or you could also find those on sale online. They are really, really inspirational and informative and very beautiful to look at on the two perfume books that I have. One of them is called Perfume. The creation on allure of classic fragrances on the other one is the perfume Bible. Yeah, another way to find lots of images of perfumes online, of course, is Pinterest. I have created a perfume bottles board to which I pain beautiful border that I might paint later on, and I will put a link to from this board down in the description. Another one also is for Grant Icka. This is a website which is like a database off lots of perfumes. It describes the notes of each part human. There are lots off reviews from people who have used them before, but there is also plenty of pictures that you could use is an inspiration on lots of forums where you could also ask questions and get inspired. Also, you could search by notes on find perfumes that you might also want to try. So definitely make sure to use whatever is the most accessible on interesting for you. And I'm sure you will find many beautiful bottles that you could base your paintings on. And, of course, never forget to experiment and combine different elements and make a painting of your own and make it unique