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Fashion Illustration - How to Draw A Face

teacher avatar Penny Trevlopoulou, Fashion illustrator and designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Skillshare Intro


    • 2.

      What You’ll need


    • 3.

      Drawing The Eyes


    • 4.

      Drawing The Lips


    • 5.

      Drawing the nose


    • 6.

      Drawing the face


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      Quick Tip


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      Class Outro & Project


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About This Class

 Fashion Design is the simplest and most effective way to communicate our ideas about a piece of clothing, an accessory or a complete outfit. A designer uses it, to present his ideas to a team of people, that are going to help him, bring those ideas to life. A stylist can also use fashion design to present his ideas to a client.

Like any other form of art, it is all about personal development and evolution. Everyone starts with the same basic rules and as your personal style starts to develop, you can decide which rules you want to break and which ones you'd like to follow.

In this lesson we are going to learn the basic steps you need to follow when designing a face:

  • Drawing the eyes
  • Drawing the lips
  • Drawing a nose and the ears
  • Drawing a complete face

Being able to draw a face is important first of all when designing a fashion figure and of course when we need to communicate a make up idea we want to pair with an outfit. Make-up artists also use face illustrations to create new looks they come up with, so they can be able to present them to clients.

This class is for everyone, beginner or not, aspiring designers and artists who have never draw a face before, no matter if you are into fashion or not. I'm going to include the templates I'm using in this class, so I can help you get started, along with some key steps you 'll need to keep in mind

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Penny Trevlopoulou

Fashion illustrator and designer


Hello! My name is Penny and I'm a Fashion Illustrator and Designer. I work in different mediums, such as markers, colored pencils, watercolors but I also love experimenting with new techniques. My illustrations are both digital and traditional.

I get inspired by everything around me. I found out that the best way to come across with new ideas is to travel and read - at least for me.

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1. Skillshare Intro: how everyone learning Spanish women finance fashion designer and illustrator It's really creative, professional, and I was lucky to work with some really talented people, such as photographers and makeup artists and spies, and they re passionate about what I do before we get started. Let's talk a little bit about what fashion design is. Fashion design is simple. Is the most effective way to communicate an idea. Designers Jozic to present their ideas to wake people they're going toe, help them bring their vision into life style skin. Also use fashion designed to present my idea. They have my client like any other form about it is all about sessional evolution and development. Everyone starts with basically the same rules and us you grow on your personal style, Rose. You can decide which rules we're going to follow and which ones you're going to break. In this case, we're going to learn the basic steps you need to follow when drawing the face were on the side of the eyes and go to the hits the laws and then you're going to join a complete face . Being ableto design face is really important. Of course, when you're joining full fashion figure, but this is important when you have a makeup idea that you want to play with enough wait for cattle House makeup artists also use them for the same reason they have makeup idea, and they want to. So cases that's idea toe potential client. This lasts for everyone. Aspiring designers and artists who may be home never faced before, and it doesn't matter if you're into fashion or not. I'm going to include the tablet and using in this lesson so I can help you get started. I would advise you to Donald the template, and then once they listen one time, just get used to the steps that I'm following and then rewards it and follow along. So without any further ado, let's get started. 2. What You’ll need: So before we get started, let's see what we're going to use. This is one of the templates I have applauded for you. This one's for the face. I have one for the lips, one for the eyes and a plane, one just with thoughts. If you want to use instead of these ones. And I haven't razor syrup inner offensive into different pence color Pence's blue and red leather will be using for the whole class. 3. Drawing The Eyes: There are a few things in the eyes another me that we don't say when we look at them. But we have to keep in mind when drawing one. First of all, the ball of the eye is positioned within the eye socket. These are the muscles that move the able around so that we can look at different directions . We have the upper and lonely, and we can see that the graces of the eyelids happen exactly at the end of the eyeball right here and where the frontal bone starts. If you look at yourself in the mirror and that's your upper leads, make sure you hands are clean through, but you'll understand immediately what I mean. Now what we can see is, first of all, the white of the eye. Then we have the eyes and the puree when the eyes are looking straight ahead. Like we see here, be Id's is the big as a full circle, partly over loved by the up early. The pupil is where the light enters the eye and the size of the pupils with broken play a huge role on the emotions we want to convey the viewer. If we throw the pupils us tiny black holes. As we can see here, the eyes will look creepy and as we drove them larger will produce a dreamier, more romantic look. Let's go ahead and start drawing, and I This is a template that have uploaded for you, but I'm going to follow the steps like a morgue in the white piece of paper. We're going to start with the red color PNC, the Monem using its proper custom. Polk Ramos in Pay Geranium Lake. But of course, you can use any red pencil you have in your collection. This is the week we want that I have collect the dots with a straight line, and then we're going to mark the height and connect with the line again. Now we want to drive. I say that looks a lot like an American football. Go ahead and move your paper around as you drove the safe, so it's easier. We have four points inside the football. Say that we will use a sky Islands, the Joy Circle, which we be the eyes of the I. Let's begin the paper. It's OK. You need to do this. After all, practice makes perfect in the place. We're going to find the sense of postal points and connect to the upper center. From the lower center. We will draw a second line bottling to the first, normally amusing as a light. That's possible. But I'm going to make my lines bowl so everyone can see what I'm doing right here. We're going to draw the tear duct. Now let's come back to stay. Avenoso the bravest will save with a curved line. We have the upper and lower lead the eyes, and I will draw the people with a smaller share in the center of the iris. Keep in mind that were on the Irish. That's the lower lead and hide a little behind the apple lead. Now we're going to raise everything with it. But because we use the red pencil wasting how soft lines sewing that, we're going to use US guidelines with color Spencer. Now, this is a good bye. Father Castell Bullock, Ramos and Kill you blew readies. We will go over the upper and lower eyelids while correct in some lines, I usually leave a small gap over here, which will be later filled with eye glasses, then do the same thing with the IRS and puberty I like to have a small circle is high life Highlights can also indicate emotion and placing a bright highlight. In one, I can communicate joy or amusement. Now we will draw the Greece of the island just above off where the centre of the island sense and follow the curved line off the I. If this is where the I start, we're going to start the safe of the eyebrow a little sooner, as high as the grace of the I. The girl with the eyebrow will right after the center, and it is going to end further the eye over here. Let's connect those lives together. Evan to Great Falls off the brow will make a curved line. Nable. Lastly, we're going to drove. Alas, is think about a tick mark drawn one and see the movement of your hand makes. This is the movement you need to use when drawing glasses, but little bit more curved like this. You want to go down and then quickly. So when you throw the last for the Apple aid, you need to start. Just were lead and no directly on the top of the line. Other moving towards the center of the eye. The last gets smaller and they start changing direction to draw the glasses for the lower league. I'm going to make a line close to the 1st 1 Don't forget that you need to keep your pencil Asare pass possible while drawing the Lasses. Browse or hair in general because you need your lines to be small increase. This time I'm going to draw the Lasses inside the second line, going up and then flicking my best down. Keep in mind, but not really the lower Lasses. Us more live on the upper ones. Once again, we will likely raise everything we did. Let's take a pencil and draw the eye. Why? Using the blue line sewing as a guy? Start with the apple, eat and last line The tears Death. There is a small line over here that's separated here that with the white of the eye, little our last line. The highlight over here with a pubic in the iris, the grace of the apple lead topless is remember to start drawing your losses just below the last line for a more realistic look. The bottom last is inside the last line and finally the brows to draw the browse here started small straight lines and then start fleeting them to the outside. Perfect. We just completed the I Let's now move on the waves. 4. Drawing The Lips: Let's start with our right Benson. Other than Blake, you can say that I have one circle and to ellipses overlapping each other. Sending the size of the state are going to give us different kinds of lives. We're going to proceed asleep. Those saves weren't here, and I have in front of us is again a blank piece of paper. First we will draw a line which indicates the with ribs. Then mark the center of this line and right about the center will draw a certain and right on top of that circle. Draw a triangle upside down below the line, drove to ellipses which are going to overlap at the very same sport. We marked our centers area. The age of lives will be a little bit further line going down and out, so we will mark them with a small sport. No, let's take our bleu. Benson, You want to connect these forts to the triangle with a girl line? There is a line over here created by the absence. We will connect the line with sports and then do the same thing with the bottom line like we did with the eyes were slightly raised everything so that we must be able to say the guidelines and then draw all the lives with a pencil. If you feel like you need to make in correction with a fancy, please feel free to do so. But if you feel confident with the result, proceed to a pencil. Personally, I like to make the ages in the center of the moves a little bit darker just to keep him this. In addition, I don't like to connect over lands together. Inside, I'd leave just a tiny bit of space to given its mark style off course. You can do whatever feels better from your own drawing inside. That's it we're finished with. That is, that's not move on to the nose. 5. Drawing the nose: just before we move on to the complete face. Let's take a quick look at the nose with our FNC. Once again, we're going to mark the height of her nose, counting 10 rows in our template. For this example, this is the center of the norms, and we're going to draw a circle of the bottom, and we'll also draw two more seconds left and right off our 1st 1 just a tiny bit smaller. I think this guy over here is where the north resigned just below the Nostra's. We are going to draw a curved line which connect to the serviceable. These are the wings of the nose going straight up from the middle circle. We will define the width off the bridge of the nose. A soft curd land year is a nasal bone connecting to the robbery. Once again, lightly raise your saves and to find the same off the nose with a pencil. By following the guidelines, I like to keep the nose as minimal as possible and defined the same later with saddles and highlights. It is a softer and more day get filled. Do it do e. I also like to make officer here on the north. It's normal to the final state. Enjoy the face 6. Drawing the face: it is finally the time to put everything we learned in action. Enjoy, face. We're going to design a woman's face for now just to keep it simple. Once again, I have in front of me. The time later made for you to help you get started. But we're going to pretend that I have a black piece of paper and do all the states from the beginning. Let's mark the height. We want our face to how android vertical line. Then we're going to divide the line into three equal parts and a circle whose centre is the second line and touches the first and the 3rd 1 I'm going to move my paper a little bit around while drawing the circle. No, we will draw a smaller circle below the 1st 1 that that is the third and fourth line. You can maybe see that the diameter of the second circle equals to the radios off the 1st 1 Let's now divide our big circle into four equal births, and the smaller on we're going to split into three equal parts. What we now have in front of us is really important for the vertical face analogies. I'm going to use my blue pencil for a moment and put numbers on our lines. 12345 is where the certain starts each other 67 and eight. So the fourth line is the center of her face, which also happens to be the place off our eyes. The third line is, the higher the brows can get, and the second line is our headline. So this is where we will begin to draw the hair below the eyes. We have the end of the nose online number five, the leaves on the six and finally the same starts on number seven to complete the vertical measurements. We only how the years left, which start at the height of the eyes and right here on the nose. Let's now move on to the horizontal measurement starting by the eyes. The general room is that the distance between the eyes is equal to when I so we're going to make the eyes the width off. Three dots. This distance over here is usually half the week of an eye. If we draw a line from the center of the eyes down to the six lane, that's where the lives will end, and we can make a small circle to mark the team. Everything we need now is right in front of us. But please keep in mind that when we drew faces, slash administration were enjoying what is considered to be perfect. Our faces and bodies are not only different from one another, but they can be different from the right side to the left side and that it's OK and kind amazing. It will take a level of scary toe Get Joe both sides similar, and that's why I have the adult template for you to make it a little bit easier. I do have a tip for you at the end of this lesson, but we're help you find your find the incorrect. You're only six. After lots and lots of practice, you will be able to joy face without this kind lines, but something then they are here to help you. Let's move on to drawing the kitchen of the face, take the red coloured pencil and draw the eyes with the steps of Soviet. Earlier, in this example, I made the height off the eyes approximately 1.5 dots, one of the nose and the lips with the same techniques. If you feel like you need any help with following the process, please go back and watch the previous videos before I move on. Let's talk a little bit about the eyebrows. As I told you before, the brow start sooner than the eyes care of the thought of the center and and a little bit further. But as we look at the face, we can use a few more points to be more precise. So now the browse, we start right where the tip of the nose ends. Let me just throw the iris for a second if we draw a line from the tip of the nose to the center of the arteries. And uh, that's where the curve off the brow happens, and the second line from the bottom of the tip of the nose to the corner of the eye and up is where the brow Wieland, using a pencil or a brass, is a guide. You can find those very same spots on your own face, which can be very helpful when you're blacking your own brows. As you practice those times, you'll get what it is called muscle memory, and you will be able to maybe skill a few steps and make your drawings or sketches even quicker with the blue collar. We're going to give a more natural things to the face and make corrections where we feel like we need toe. - Let's throw the teen line joy line from the top circle to just below the height of lives while moving a line and then connect. This points to the bottom circle. Once again, we're going to softly raise our guidelines and go over with the pain, self defense or drink like we did in our previous lessons. No, let's really simple hair do this where we're going to bother head. So we will make a curved line from this point of the ear because he has heard talk behind your ears, make small w like sight lines. The hair have volume, so we will continue the party a little bit higher from ahead. We don't need to do every hair separately. Just the same. I want to go over here in detail another lesson because I don't want basically overwhelming . So with a few small lines, we will indicate that what we see here is hair to draw the years, make a say Blackie distorted three and just a few small lines to sell the girls that are happening inside. 7. Quick Tip: So now, before we end the plus, I want to say with you a quick tape have to correct my own ministrations. What I'm going to do is snap a picture of my frustration with my father phone and then upload the photo photo, everything up. And this one this not seen, I'm going to flip the picture to the other side. And what this does is help you take a look at your registration with a fresh in your eye because your brain is so used to the picture you've been drawing, and it is really difficult to spot them steaks. Once you live it, though, it is like looking at a completely different picture. And you will be able to spot on correct everything you need to off course. You can use this to make us many times, so she won't until you faith that you are happy with the results 8. Class Outro & Project: I think it's almost for watching my glass. And now it's time from the project. Which, of course, will be that you get job your first base demonstration. I'm so excited to see what you will do once again. Thank you for watching. Didn't like sign by.