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Fashion Illustration - Glam Faces in Watercolors

teacher avatar Melissa Conde, Artist, illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Face forward pencil sketch


    • 6.

      Eye wear pencil sketch


    • 7.

      Face 3/4 pencil sketch


    • 8.

      Painting 3/4 (Natalie)


    • 9.

      Painting Gisele


    • 10.

      Face forward painting


    • 11.

      Profile tips (Bella)


    • 12.

      Tilted up face sketch


    • 13.

      Tilted up face painting


    • 14.

      App edit


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      wrap up


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About This Class

ahh Those glamourous Fashion Illustration Faces, the ones used to illustrate designers Style Trends and make up  or perfume and  cosmetic brands.

I will show you  my process on making these Watercolor Illustrations . We will have some fun doing lots of Sketching Faces, Angles, gGasses , pPofiles and Painting tips on Watercolors .

I am also going to demonstrate how I photograph them and which app I use to post them on social media, hashtags and all that.

Basic drawing and painting skills are desirable but all levels are welcome.

I do have two classes available for beginners in drawing Female figures and Fashion illustrations.

Check it out.

I hope to see you soon.



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Meet Your Teacher

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Melissa Conde

Artist, illustrator


A warm welcome to you.

My corner of the art world where creativity, watercolors, fashion illustration, and botanical drawing

I believe in the power of art to inspire and uplift !

Whether you dream of illustrating , creating stunning botanical artwork, or simply wish to explore the world of Drawing Sketching Doodling in Ink and/or watercolors, here's your gateway to unlock your artistic potential.

Jump in any of my classes today, and let your artistic journey flourish.

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1. Intro : Hi. My name is Melissa Conjure, and I'm an artist and illustrator from Brazil. Today I'm gonna walk you through my process on illustrating those glamorous catching places using pencil, paper, ink and or water colors. We're going to sketch and paint angles, faces thrown profile, giving me that attitude, that passion illustration required. If you're looking to up your game in fashion, illustrating or just drawing female faces, this classes for you. I'm positive that you take from this class, dips in skills that was add to your illustrating trials. I really hope you will stay with me into the end, where I will demonstrate how I post on social media, the app I use and how I photograph demonstrations. But the secret to anything in life. I think it's practice, practice, practice, So let's get started 2. Lips: Okay, let's start with the lips. There's our fashion lips, so they will require some attitude. You see, they're not your normal court trade, leaps. Let's say this one here. I'm going to make the famous Kate Moss teeth. Lips. Yeah, see what I mean? This I'll make a little thin and smiley lip just for fun, because you really don't see a lot of fashion smiling. This one's kind of the like a really monster. Lips come out too good moving on 3/4 lips, small on one side, long on the other profile lips. It's like a little heart on its side. See profile with teeth really seen. Also, if you want to give it some character, you can try that just for fun. And last but not least, the kissy lips, the one that's blowing your kiss. Wow! And but it for lips. Let's move on to noses 3. Noses : when it comes to noses and fashion illustration the least lines the better when the faces stood it up like this are you going to do at those little marks there? And that's that for the nose in this angle when dealing with the front face, what I usually do is just, ah, little shadow under the nose, and I'll do it bigger here so you can see it better a curve and the couple of lines. If I really want to make a line coming down from the I brought, I'll do it on one side and then the shadow. And that's that. When making the profile knows, if I'm not very sure, I can use this little circle as like a training wheel and then I race it it later it was on the front, also making those little curves around the circle and go very going over it again. The tilted face. This is what you'll do, a couple of lines to mark the lips, and that's that. As far as I'm concerned about fashion illustration noses 4. Eyes : Okay, We're gonna do the eyes, those glamorous eyes. I'm just gonna go ahead and draw and make a little bit of exaggerated. So you can see, um, this is a pretty basic I for a glam face. Super eyelashes, The twinkle in the eye. Um, I'm gonna make one here looking up. Um, it's pretty straightforward. You know, I don't think I like this one very much. Yes. Scratch that. Let's see. You want to have ah, cough the then so stroke. Not at all. Like this one. I'm warming up here. It's very expressive, but not very glamorous. But it's it's what I said it would be looking up. So let's make another one here. Um, a little bit smaller. Same as the 1st 1 But this time it's going to be looking to the left. And the big eyelids are a must. When you're doing glam eyes, this is a profile. I andi here. The thing is that the eyelashes are big on the front and then smaller on the sides. But still, you have the eyelid and the makeup. Why not? And what else? Ah, um Kate Moss, kind of like I Why? It's a little bit like a that fish Look, Is that what you call it? That's what we call it in Brazil. Very sexy when they make smaller. Um, Kailash is on this fun. Just catch away. You Noah's Manny, as you need to feel comfortable. And remember, this is this catch exercise, so you can go ahead, make many lines. Try not to use the razor like I'm doing here. Just make another one and another one and the least lines. You get it done with the least lines, the better. When you're going to paint, you are going to press much lighter on the pencil. So here you just go ahead and knock yourself out and to asses many and as hard as you please. 5. Face forward pencil sketch: So let's get started. I strongly recommend you get a clipboard if you have. If you don't have one of those tables that have a Nangle get a clipboard, put a couple of books under it because it makes a huge difference when you're drawing, especially faces. Trust me. So I'm going to mark here the edges off the papers so I don't run out of paper when I'm drawing face. Ah, pencil. To be HB for being whatever you have cheap computer paper. I'm going to start outlining the head off the face, looking forward. Just draw with me. The years are always between the eyes and the nose. Try please to draw without on eraser. Just go over it and we can erase it later. The lines we don't want like so I'm going to lower her years now and I'm not going to raise it right away. Just gonna keep drawing Very simple hair shape. Very easy to make. As if it was behind the years. Those eyelids we talked about play around with her eyes, O r the way her eyes look, you can lower it later. One sideline knows very few lines around the year you don't want to call too much attention to that. So now what I'm gonna do is go over what I would like to change. Maybe give her a little smile, bigger eyelashes. Just play around with lower her eyes where she was looking. Just keep going until you're happy. And then I'm going to go over the lines that I want to keep with an infant. Like so This is, Ah, one of those brush pens. But any many ink pen will, too. So I'm going to go over the lines I like, And then afterwards I can erase the ones I don't want to keep. I think this pen is a little thick to make that knows line. So I'm just going to keep that one and pencil, and that's it. Simple, huh? I hope you enjoyed it. Let's go to the next one 6. Eye wear pencil sketch: so when drawing and it was trading faces with those big fashion glasses I wear. Um, one mistake I always used to do in the beginning was that I was so anxious to draw those glasses that I would do them first, and then they wouldn't look so great in the proportion of the face. Then I realized I had to actually draw the eyes first and the whole face before I got to those glasses. It doesn't have to be a super detailed I because the glasses will be covering it so you won't really see them. The clear what you want is get those features done. I'm gonna give a short hair and, uh, go ahead and give her huge round glasses like that. It's never big enough. Trust me when you're talking about fashion illustration there eyelashes and I wear that's what you want to see, Maybe some pouty lips again. I ask you to try and use or not use it all. Ah, erasers. Try to not use them, are used very little, so you don't have to keep stopping and erasing. That's that totally kills the vibe. Just go ahead. Scat scat sketch. And when you feel confident you raise on Lee the lines you do not want to keep and I rather you start over than keep erasing it. 7. Face 3/4 pencil sketch: Let's go ahead and do a 3/4 face sketch if you're a beginner or not. I recommend you do this unless you're very used to drawing daily faces. Um, this always gets me right where I want to go. On the that side, I small covered by the nose on the other side. We make a big guy. That's how I make the nose, the lips important here on that side. It's Ah, very small. And then on the other side, I long gated like that. You get the hang of it as once you start practicing, you see the eyebrow, comes the line with the nose. Make those eyelids. I'm going to again exaggerate here and use a heavy hand on the pencil just so you can see the lines clearer if you're going to paint on the same drawing, I would be to eat much lighter that since we're exercising, practicing is catching. It's a cheap paper. I'm going to go ahead and do those lines very clear. Hairline. Don't waste too much thought about it. Don't overthink it. I like the look, so I'm just going to reinforce some features and lies that I want to keep. It's a make of on shades. That's a cute nose. You raise that little circle there on the year I tried not to mess too much with it. Make a big, big fashion your ring. And that's that. On the next video, I will sketch much lighter and painted on the watercolor paper. See you there. 8. Painting 3/4 (Natalie): Now I'm going to sketch very lightly a 3/4 face. Um, and I'm going to paint also. So I'm going to show you how I sketch, um, lightly as possible, applying what we I learned in this kitsch. Plus, I'm going to just mark where everything goes. I'm going to do one of those one. I portrayed fashion portrait where the hair is covering the other I, and she has her hand on her cheek like that. And since it's going to be just one, I am going to make a very pretty one. When I am sure about where everything goes, I'll come over again with the pencil and reinforce the parts that I I really like. And if I think it's too much, I'll go over with their eraser a little bit afterwards. Again, the hands, the least lines, the better. We just want to insinuate that that's there, not too many details there. I think I'm happy with this, so I'm just gonna go ahead and start painting always watery. I'm gonna give her a brown hair on and always remembering to leave white space is so we can have the choice off covering in it later or not, White spaces always give the portrait of nice lighting on the face in the hair. So remember to leave that choice open the shadow on top of the eyelid. I'm going to try and avoid using black paint on this one instead of going to use a dark blue for the shadows. Um, okay for the eyes and you'll see that without the black. It's another kind of painting much lighter and softer. - A dark wine, red lipped shade, round eyebrows. Just keep it light. I could never, you know, not do this. So if you you want you could have stopped right there, and it would be fine. I have this feeling that I need to, um outlined a little bit some parts of it and make it the ah, there in here and there, you know, just tiny that. But it's, ah, totally up to you. This is a post Skupin, and I'm just couldn't do a little bit here and there. Yeah, this ah post. I got it from do your, um, promotion with Natalie Portman. It doesn't look like her, but the face angle in the hands. That's where I got the inspiration from by any means. This is not Ah, photo graph like portrait. This is a fashion portrait, so there is no need for perfection. We're not looking for that. Okay, I hope you enjoyed it. 9. Painting Gisele : All right, so on this one, we're going to do a brush sketch. We're going to sketch with really watery brown light brown, and we're just going to do the same. We're going to just draw with the brush very with a very tip of it. A tilted up faith. The years are a little lower in this case, just very softly Place the eyes, the nose, the lips where you want them to be. The hair is going to be very full. Lots of volume on the hair. This is Ah, oppose. I got from Jizo the picture, you know, the resilient model and by any means, I said it before I'll say it again. It's not going to be a photo like illustration. It's inspired by just the position where her faces and her hand, Um, with the finger on her lips, you're going to draw the hand just as you see it, even though it might look a little strange because it looks like the finger is cut off like that. But trust me, in the end, it's going to make sense. So I'm going to keep this in. Ah, normal. Not gonna speed it up. So you can paint it with me. I think that's pretty much it. We can start now longing with the little bit darker water is shade just the same thing. Placing the darker shades where you want them to be. The inside of the hair of there is going to be darker than the outside, so you can go ahead and do that between the fingers. I mixed a couple of yellows in a lot of water. Always. I leave lots of white between the breast drugs. We're going to make, uh, very watery. Think for her cheeks, little bit shade here and there. Make her eyes a honey Oakar shade and put those islets there. For now, I'm just placing everything where I wanted to be. Okay. Make sure the eyes look OK. I'm happy with that. For now, the eyebrows are going to be mostly covered by the hair. So just a little bit over there and I'm gonna do some shades of blue just to mix it up a little and make it Makes it look happy, I think. And I love love, love those orange lips. You know, the hair doesn't have to be always brown, black and yellow. You could mix it up. I think it gives it. Ah, fun. Brighter. Look to it. Here we're doing the I liner, which I love Live those white spaces for the eyes to make it shine Yeah, I'm not too happy with this I so because it bled over there, I'm gonna just do it over again. Yeah, the nose like we talked about in the sketching lesson. That's all I'm going to do about that nice long neck jawline. And it's shaping up quite nicely the inside of the hair. Like I said, it's always darker than the outside Doesn't have to be black, but it definitely has to be darker. Could be a blue or dark brown took to you. I start always lighter And if I like it and I have the chance in the choice to go back and make it darker if I please for the hand I mix a little bit of yellow Oakar and think with lots of water. I'm going to make this flesh tone for her hand, but I'm not gonna use it on her face Her face. I like the way it's loveliness like that. Yeah, that blue is a little bit too bride. So are come over it with a little bit more water and wash it down. Oakar mixing that yellow with Voelker And I only used the black when I'm absolutely sure that I'm done with that shape, so I can just a little bit go over it with a dark, watery black like so there's a lot going on with the hair and the hand on the lives. So I'm not going to exaggerate the eyelashes, going around a little bit. The i the iris, not outlining all of it. Just a little bit black on the sides, a little bit on the lips, reinforcing our face shape there, that a bit of brown on her eyes. Also, I really like her eyes, so I'm not going to mass with it. We're going to give her black nail polish again. I'm not going to outline the whole hand, just, uh, some parts of it for now. A little bit more makeup's I lying there there, so she's shaping up quite nicely. I think I want a little bit more brown, and that looks a little bit messed up, and I will show you how we can make that better. One option is when you take it the picture. You can cut the top card off, and but I will go over it again with the black ink pen. Andi, it will make it look better. Now it's finished. Um, Just final touches here and there. See? Yeah, I like it. I think it's done. I see. It's always hard to say when it's done. You have to decide. Usually I go over, but I think it looks nice. What about you? Can't wait to see yours. Oh, yeah. The little white space. I didn't leave. I can go back with the white pen. You won't be all right, but it's a little gray. It looks fine. Reinforcing those lashes a little bit. Yep. There we have it. Bala, Our own little Giselle. 10. Face forward painting: Okay. Here. We're going to do a frontal face straight up. I'm just gonna do it again. Very lightly. Sketch Could be a to B pencil. H b. Whatever you have there, just make sure it's light. The years are always between the nose and the eyes. Most times unless the faces tilted. Then it's a little bit different, but most for the most. Between the eyes and the nose. I'm gonna give it that little cat I The hair is going to be real simple and straight behind the years eyelids on. That's I think that's enough from gun. Just go ahead and start painting laying down the very light wash. Um, where I know the shades are gonna do a black hair. Very light me You don't wanna put too much paint on this one This first layer just marking where you know you like very light Ah, think 30 water pink Just to make a little blush and shadow Remember to leave the island white Even if you're going to Could term shade on it later First leave it white I don't want it all blacks of when you think black could be too heavy You can always use blue or brown, a little shade under the lips. For the 10 I know it might look a little messy. It first. This first layer is very watery, but it was shape up in the next one. If you don't have an anxiety problem, you should wait a little bit to make sure everything is dry. However, I I don't always have the patience for it, which is very contradictory when using water colors. And sometimes it will bleed like that. I don't mind. I actually like it. I think it gives it, you know, the little character and it says, Hey, I'm watercolors and not quash or acrylic and that's what's up you You can control it all the time unless you really wait for it to be dry and all. I just like to keep on painting that's up to you. And when that happens and he bleeds black into the face, that's not what I wanted. Sometimes I would leave it like when it wasn't on the I. But when it's on the face like that, I'll just, uh, use a paper towel to get it off Her jaw lines are very aggressive and square like, so I can use the black to soften it. And I'm gonna do just that. I see you can mold it like that There. Go over the eyes again. Now that I know, it's a little bit drier and just half of the bottom, just like in makeup. You know, I'm gonna leave it like that and give her, uh, dark grey eyes always leaving that white little space there for the eye to shine. Andi Lush lashes, berry lips I'm going to leave. I'm gonna do the teeth, lips, lips with that little teeth mark in there. Um not sure if I like it, I might cover it later. I made it to So you can see how it looks like. No. Without it, I'm going to do ah, green blouse or here on her shoulder, just to opposite to the very lips. I think it's a nice contrast again. This part you can use a ink pen, micro pen, both skupin if you want Ah, to give it a little detail here in there, it's totally option. Well, uh, pouty lips, glam face. And we're done soon in the next lesson. 11. Profile tips (Bella): profiles to me, profiles are still to this day quite challenging. So what I do when I haven't done it in a while or I don't feel so confident. I will use thes circles on the nose. Andi chin the year between the eye and the nose. I'm doing it on ink so you can see better. But you definitely should do it with a pencil and try not to use a new racer. That will be the build up confidence on your lines. You can use those circles on the lips and I'm gonna go over it Just a moment. So here, I'm going to draw very lightly and slowly on the watercolor papers. So afterwards we're going to paint it, leave some space between this line and the I softness. If you think you should, I use the little circle here to do the nose. See, Don't use the razor because then you can choose the lines you like better afterwards and erase the rest at the end. We're going to use Ah, for example, Bella Hadid's profile picture I found on Pinterest and she's got a pretty perfect profile. I am not going to be a 100% faithful to it. See, the mouth The lips is like a little heart on its side. You go in a little bit for the chin and then out again and make curve. Let's go back to the eyes I lit. Could be smaller or larger Took to you You can play with it, See what you like best. I just mentioned the other eyelash on the other side. Now that a few more confident about the lip where I wanted the chin gonna do the hairline over here the year the chin is too big. So I'm taking it a little bit And and that's that for the sketch. I'm gonna race the And here we have already laid down the shadows off the face and the color of the lips. You should be able to do that If you watched our previews painting lessons, Gonna make her eyes blue her I blue So I'm just gonna embellish Now you see how it's wet on top of the eyelid and the black? I'm gonna fix it like this and soften this forehead. Little been her nose. The tip of her nose is quite interesting. As a chick gone so I'm gonna be careful here, and that's that. I'm not gonna do anything else to that one. I think it's ready. So I'm going to just darken the hair using that water and then in contact. It could also be doesn't have to be ink. If you don't have it, you can use your black water colors, and that's pretty much done for me. You're gonna have to practice. If you're not used to making profiles, don't be first traded. If it doesn't come out right on the first try, it's practice that makes perfect. And there we have it. Our Bella Hadid statuesque like profile sketch away now. 12. Tilted up face sketch: on this one. We're going to make one of my favorites. The face looking up, sketch the pencils catch and some cheap computer paper. We're going to sketch this angle on the forehead and the chin. I always start like this, marking a little bit the eyes on those where it's going to be. And here knows, remember, that's just it. All the angles of a little bit of like like like a shark. Kind of. I feel not. I mean, going over it again. The ears are a little bit lower because your face is tilted. I'm gonna give her short hair with flowers on her hair and the neck goes, The lines go in like that. Those cat eyes looking up. This one is not really based on any picture. Just, um um, 100% made up. It's not not a famous person, just someone I made up cheekbones, maker. Smile have been. That's it that's ready to paint. Um, just going over it a little bit. The lines I like. The eyelids are a bit smaller. Since she's looking up, you can really see big eyelids on this angle. Gonna give her some more flowers and leaves on may be a little fashion novel hearing over here, and that's it. Let's paint it in the next video. 13. Tilted up face painting: So here we have that face looking up. I'm just going to go over the pre mates. Catch real quick. Um, this is one of my favorite the faces to draw. I really apologized. This video is a little wobbly. Just in the beginning, it gets better. Promise. I tried this table, tripod. And trust me, it's the last time anyways, just going over it real quick and I really don't want to mess this up, so I'm gonna go very slowly and lightly, just putting the shades first. Very watery, basically just like dirty water and marking where I want the shakes to be the eyes A really important. So I always anxious to make those because if I messed those up, um, the whole drawings ruined. So I want to make sure I get that down first thing. Leave that white little circle there to give that shine in the eyes. The twin co This time I want a dramatic look. So I'm going to make the face shades only on one side. As if the light was coming from the right side in the light, watery blue I think it looks for dramatic. The I. Brown's of watery brown, Everything very watered down. So if I like it, I can come over later and reinforced that. Lots of flowers in her hair. Um, if you're interested in taking a botanical water class, I have, ah, botanical water class watercolor class where you can learn to make thes really simple and expressive leaves collectors leaves anyways for the lips. I'm just gonna market now and leave the white space over there. The eyelids wanna leave those with very little color and just paint around it, making it with some death on. Look at that. It's already taking shape for the hair. I wanted a black short hair. Um, I'm just gonna go right away into that. And I wanted to be kind of curly. Not putting too much overthinking on that. If you have. Ah, liquid media on would like to do this. I think it's fun. Water on water. They don some water and then drip a little bit of this right? I think, Let it do its thing. Play around, You know, just have fun with it. Another shade of greens and more leaves. I don't mind when you please like that. I'm just gonna leave it and make those flowers really park. Now that the face is dry a little bit, I'm gonna go back to it now. Another shade of green. I wanted to be really tropical and summer like again doing that. I'm giving the face time to dry so I can go back now and reinforce this stuff that I like. Oh, I love this part. The eye liner. Just like when I do it my own makeup. Start thin and press the brush and then thin again. I don't want to do too much eye lashes on her. A little bit of mascara is good because I don't want it competing with the flowers, so I'm not gonna exaggerate that. I think the lips could be a little darker. Careful not to cover the white sparkle. I don't know. Sparkle. You get it, Reinforce in the shape of this, I'm gonna dark in that hair a little bit further. Yeah, a little drama. Now I'm just gonna go over the flowers again. A little bit of purple here and there. Just mentioning two types of colors pink and purple, you know, give it a little, um, diversity. And they were pretty much done. Voila. There it is. Our fashion glam face of the day. 14. App edit : whenever possible. Natural lighting is that gives the best results. With the phone camera parallel to the table, I take a couple of pictures. The app I use is called after life, and it's free. It's the one that works best for me. After trying a few I got used to. This one has many amusing options. I'll do a basically editing cut the picture, give it a little brightness, the contrast and the tiny saturation because I'll probably use instagram filter after that . Oh, and also like to use this frame here. Okay, that's good to Instagram. I usually like to use the clarity on filter quick on it twice, and it just on play with the editing options until I am satisfied with the result. Next here, Um, I'll write something short and try to be clever, like I don't know, this picture says to me Summer days, so I'll just write that, um, and at the Hashtags the Hashtags are used Are illustration. Artist, fashion administration, beauty, skill share, project fashion and water colors. I do recommend use, uh, great, your own hashtag. You know, the more places you can put your work out there, it's the best 15. wrap up: I really hope you enjoyed this grass. I hope you posed your project in the project session of the class. Check out my other classes. I'm looking forward to seeing there too. Feel free to use my hashtag on instagram so I can like and comment on your illustrations. Has tag minutes account, skill share. I thank you.