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Facebook Advertising - Facebook Ads - Crazy Hacks for Cheap Clicks - Facebook Marketing

teacher avatar Azmat, -Marketing Made Easy-

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Welcome - Facebook Ads Marketing 2023


    • 2.

      What You'll Learn - Facebook Advertising 2021


    • 3.

      Aligning Your Business Goals with Facebook Ads


    • 4.

      Personas, the Purchase Funnel and Target Audience


    • 5.

      Why Facebook Ads are changing?


    • 6.

      Free Expert Tools and Tips


    • 7.

      Setup Facebook Pixel & Events


    • 8.

      Custom & LookaLike Audiences


    • 9.

      Creating Facebook Ads that Convert


    • 10.

      Set Up Ads For Top, Middle & Bottom of The Funnel


    • 11.

      Getting The CHEAPEST Ads!


    • 12.

      Get Leads With Only 2 Taps!


    • 13.

      Secret Software To Success!


    • 14.

      Ad-Hack 1 - Inverted / UpSide Down Ads


    • 15.

      Ad-Hack 2 - The Food Fight Method


    • 16.

      Ad-Hack 3 - Re-Marketing Only?


    • 17.

      Ad-Hack 4 - Message For Success!


    • 18.

      Ad-Hack 5 - Partnership & Affiliation


    • 19.

      Ad-Hack 6 - Comment Guards & Automation


    • 20.

      *BRAND NEW* Facebook Shops


    • 21.

      Website LPO - Page Optimisation & Web Funnels


    • 22.

      Share and Feedback Opportunity


    • 23.

      Summary and Conclusion


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About This Class

Enjoy Facebook Ads? Or new to Facebook Advertising / Facebook Marketing and keen to utilize it in an affordable way to help you grow your business or improve your Facebook advertising knowledge - whether you are a Freelancer, Small/Medium or Start-up business, then this is the facebook ads course for you. Taught by seasoned Digital Marketing Consultant and Facebook Advertising expert, Azmat guides you on using the latest best-practice techniques on how to get the most qualified traffic from Facebook to turn into leads, sales or sign ups.

Simplified Facebook Advertising / Social Media Marketing 

  • The importance of customer Personas and Precise Targeting
  • How customers move through the purchase funnel
  • The secret to creating cheap Facebook Ads
  • Where Facebook Advertising is heading in the future and beyond
  • Finding your most profitable customers & retargeting
  • LPO - Utilising Facebook Traffic and converting on your web page

Further Course Details:

- The importance of customer Personas and Precise Targeting

Who is your perfect customer? I.E The most profitable and cost-effective prospect that would buy your product or service.

This is where Persona's come in, Azmat details how to create and find your ideal persona for your business, so targeting them inside Facebook is faster, easier and more cost-effective.

- How customers move through the purchase funnel

What is a 'Purchase Funnel', how does it work? This is what every customer moves through one when purchasing online, Azmat breaks this down and showcases how it's aligned with Facebook Ads.

- The secret to creating cheap Facebook Ads

Is it text ads, gallery ads, boosting a post or a video ad? There's a formula on creating great engagement in a cost-effective way to generate healthy leads or sales!

- Where Facebook Advertising is heading in the future and beyond

First-hand insight from our Facebook Rep, detailing why Facebook is shifting away from certain common metrics and what you need to know.

- Finding your most profitable customers & retargeting

This section details how to find the most profitable customers from inside Facebook and drilling it down even further to save time and money.

- LPO - Utilising Facebook Traffic and converting on your web page

Landing Page Optimisation, this section is crucial and showcases how to convert all that Facebook traffic on your website into qualified leads or sales. Don't Miss this one! Includes examples!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


-Marketing Made Easy-


A seasoned and respected digital marketing consultant based in the UK. Having over 15 years' of marketing experience in the Digital space and first-hand business know-how.

Azmat understands what it takes to grow businesses from small budgets all the way up to managing multi-million-pound marketing campaigns.

Starting his early career in the technical domain and hosting arena, he quickly fell in love with technical marketing and the sales side of promoting digital services.

Being a creative individual from the very beginning it wasn't long before Azmat was dabbling with Adobe Dreamweaver and designing beautiful and practical websites.

Shortly thereafter, Azmat started getting clients ranked in Google and later grew a passion ... See full profile

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1. Welcome - Facebook Ads Marketing 2023: Hey everyone, My name is asthma. And in this course, I'm going to show you how to exploit your business this year using the power of Facebook ads. So just before we started her mind on the passionate digital marketer, that over 15 years of experience on live, breathe and sleep digital marketing, I spent over a 100 million on paid ads over the years. Helped grow businesses from stomped up all the way up to multi-million pound enterprises will absolutely love Y2. And this is why I created this short course, which is packed with expert tips and three tools to help you grow your business. This yet. So without any further ado, let's have some fun. And as thaw then. 2. What You'll Learn - Facebook Advertising 2021: Hey, guys, Welcome aboard. I'm really excited to have you on this course today. It's packed full of some really good stuff that you're gonna learn straight away and start implementing today. So let's take a quick look and see what we're gonna be covering off. So in lesson one, we're gonna show you how to allow your business goals with Facebook. So every business is different. I'm gonna show you how to align it to your business and make sure you get the most out of Facebook. They're gonna talk a little bit about customer personas. Three importance off the purchase funnel on your target audience and then going to show you and explain a little bit about where Facebook is going on and some of the changes that they're gonna be making this year. So we've got some good intel from our Facebook rep. Eso I'm gonna be shown that with you to give you some of the secrets I've got installed for this year on them going to show you some expect tools and some tips. Um, thes. They're sort tools. Our views over the many, many years I've been marketing, they're absolutely fantastic, and I think that would be highly beneficial for you. We're then gonna create some ants once we've got the inspiration from the tools on the tips within and creates, Um, some facebook hands, they initially really will be about the top, the middle on the bottom of the funnel and show you how important that is on how to really get the most from that within Facebook. Then we're gonna retrieve your best customers on find They're sort of like this golden nuggets inside there and show you how to get those customers are very, very cheap cost to drive lead sales or conversions for you. For lesson eight, we can name be covering offs mixed slightly different. So this is basically landing page optimization. So Facebook is fantastic for driving lots and lots of quality relevant traffic to your website. However, there's no good driving away that good traffic to your website if you're not gonna be converting it into sales or leads for your business. So I'm going to show you how to maximize the best from your landing page, how to create funnels on just to give you an overview off that side of things on to sort of kind of cover off the final parts off the short course I'm gonna show, You know, we're gonna do some nice sharing and some feedback on, so we're gonna have some opportunity that I'm gonna personally give you some feedback on your ad so you can share in the comments below, um, person look updates for you and give you my expertise on nos on. Then we're just gonna conclude with a summary of what you've learned today. What you can implement straight away what you can start doing to really kick for your business with using Facebook in 2020. So let's jump straight into lesson wand. 3. Aligning Your Business Goals with Facebook Ads: Okay, guys, For the first part, I'm just gonna show you how to allow your business goals to get the maximum from Facebook hands. So every business is different, but they share. A common goal on goal is to make a profit. So just think of what you want from Facebook on how you want to utilize it to get the maximum return from your outspend. So Facebook actually gives you three main marketing objectives, and that's either awareness, consideration or conversion. So again, depending on what type completing you are be a startup or a wow established organization, you may want to consider, um, you know, brand awareness campaign. So a brand awareness campaign is great for startups and a new completes. I really want to tell a story, and they want to get their name and their brand out there to showcase people who they are, what they do on how their complete console the problem. So it's a great way Teoh reach people, you know, showcase. You know who you are. What you do consideration is kind of almost the middle part of the funnel. So I sometimes like to think his Facebook as the top of the middle on the bottom, off the funnel on. I'll talk more about this progress through the course, but essentially that. The top of the funnel is kind of where you get a lot off a lot of traffic, a lot of reach the middle of traffic has condom or consideration as suggested there on. That's kind of where people start to actually think about who you are, what you do on day think. Well, actually, this company could solve the problem that I've got. Of course, conversion is the bomb. In the final wear use Conway one who get conversions. You want to get sales, you want to get traffic through the door. We want to get purchases on a website. So, Azan example. We around a company such as, Let's say, Jim Shark. They would look to get store purchases a to bottom of the funnel, so they're interested primarily in driving e commerce sales through their website. I'm gonna be talking more about this particular brand later on Azaz. A few good examples. So moving on in terms off your return on spend. So a good return on your ad spend could be 3 to 5 times for 3 to 5 X. This essentially means getting a three times return on your investment. So if you're spending $100 let's say you, you know, when you advertising, you're looking to get 300 back from your customers. Companies adjust sauce companies, which is software as a service. They will typically aim for a much, much bigger, you know, return. So typically 5 to 10 X Because they've got no physical goods, they've got no stock to ship out. They've got no that fits called there for them to actually ship out. So there's no charges involved. They've got digital product, so there are typically aim for much, much bigger. So again, depending on you know you won't want you to. These are good benchmarks to kind of set for your company. So just to kind of break them the cost things and give you some examples. Let's say your room start up. You're looking to sell T shirts. Really think about your manufacturing costs. You printing costs, shipping fees on dso on on trying Teoh, break this down and try to think of it as How am I gonna do you flies my Facebook advertising spend to get the maximum return for my business. So as a general example here, let's just say you're a marketing, manufacturing and shipping costs or $10. You selling a T shirt for $40 so that's gonna give you a three x three times. Return on your investment, not returning outspent. Return on investment. You know, if your marketing budgets your Facebook spend is going to be $3.33. Why? Because if it's $10 as your own going cost your manufacturing, the shipping is gonna be $6. 66 is 10 divided by three. Andi, you know your Facebook spend you know that you can allocate your return on outspend Well aimed for M A product purchase off $3 big three cents, which is actually quite low. But that is that is very, very achievable. So again, this is just thought broken down here. It's not rocket science, you know, if you're you know, if you're spending $10 on you know, your marketing, your advertising and your room, your overall spent to get that sale on your you know you're getting $40 a zey product price , then you're gonna be making a three a three X um, army s. Oh, so that's why I recommend Teoh allocate inside Facebook for, you know, for your room Turnout spent on That's a good way to benchmark it. So you really know this is one good new spending on, and this is what I'm going to get back in return from it. 4. Personas, the Purchase Funnel and Target Audience : All right, guys. So this section I'm going to cover off personas the purchase for Nor and your target audience. So does your business have a target persona or do you know who to target in Facebook to ensure that you talked into right in the most profitable audience within Facebook? So what is a persona? So persona is a character or your ideal customer that you believe will get the most value from your product or service. So every business is out there to solve a problem for an end user, and to get the most value from your product, you need a customer that is gonna be the right one for you. So why is this important? This is important because that customer is essentially going to be the most cost effective for you to actually bring on board. So here's a quick example here. So imagine we've got a beauty. Talamona. Andi. She's looking for her ideal customer. So Facebook is a great way to connect the two users together on. This is kind of how it works. So we've got here is an example. We've got any who's a beauty? Talamona. Andi. She's looking for the ideal customer come into their business. Andi essentially spent money any here, So she's saying So who's my ideal customer? And we've got Sarah, who's who lives glamour. She's into hair and beauty on. She's gonna be looking for a new son off. So so the ideal persona for any would be perhaps a female in the local vicinity. So let's say she operates in London, so she'd set a radius, talked in customers inside Facebook, Let's say, off 20 miles from central London, um, to target females inside Facebook, perhaps 18 to 30 waiting to 35 on bond previously sort of had an interest in in hair beauty makeup, perhaps, and have shown an interest in them. So here's another example of a slightly different demographic in a different custom and persona. So we've got John Brooks. Here is another example. So you know you create your demographics and you get an idea of who your ideal and most profitable customer is. I e. The ones that are easiest to convert, so and you need to understand and get to know a lot about your customer. So if let's say you're a a software house or a Web design agency, and you're targeting Web designers to sell your own product, which could be, you know, Web design package Aurum software to create websites. So you might want to target somebody like John, for example, and you need to know a lot about John before you can target him inside Facebook. So he's in his typical demographics. So you've got his age. His status is current. Terry's income on DSO on. Also, we've got some pain points here. So what, all round What John's pain points so again it's understanding your customer. I know exactly who they are, what they do. You know what their pain points are on. That then makes it much, much easier for you to actually target that particular custom made inside Facebook. So you know some of John's pain points, for example, our time so and also he's not that familiar with marketing. So if you'll accompany that signing a Web design software, submit your US peace. Some of your unique selling points could be found. Website software and creating tools allows Web designers to save time. It has built in marketing that allows you to create a website or perform while and generate lots of sales. This is another important section, and these are the social media channels that this particular persona resonates with on a daily basis. So and so you've got Facebook to Killington on Get, which is a very popular Web designer and Web developer. Central Network on The reason why these ones have been highlighted is because this is the area that you drive to target inside Facebook. You know that your road consumer has got enough funds coming in to be able to spend and invest in your product. You know that he's got pain points around time, but he's not familiar with marketing on, you know, you spend a lot of time on, gets up. So if you're a company, you may want to consider talking John through Get Herb, which is a very affordable platform for you to target on. You know he spends more than half of his time on the social channels inside get tub. So that's kind of like an idea off how to target your personas on the best way to do it. So if you want to create your own persona, there's a fantastic website called hub spot dot com that allows you to actually create on your own purse owners. So I recommend, if you haven't already got a target audience or a current or persona that you're talking for, your business are highly recommend that you get across today in a moment. And that's hope. Spot dot com slash Make my persona and you can create your own persona now. But you also might be thinking, Well, how do I know who to target? I'm on a new on a starter. I'm not quite sure who My perfect customers at this stage. Then, if you've already got Facebook page, Facebook gives your insides as well to help you decide on who your audiences as well. So I'm just gonna head over to Facebook and show you. That's as well you say. If you come to top here. Andi, click on the hamburger menu on just below the measure and reporting section. You then go analytics so that you can click on this. This will load of firm a scream a little bit similar to this, and just if you come under here on the left hand column and the people, you've then got various and insights and data that are very, very useful on you can find out what technology uses a using, um, again the demographics. What we've covered off already some of the use of properties, Andi Much, much more So that so Really insightful to give you a good idea off who your audience is. So if you don't already know who you're talking, you can extract this from Facebook already. So to cover off this section, I'm just gonna go over how customers move through the purchase funnel so customers will come through at the top of the funnel. So this is essentially a theoretical example off what many customers do in practice, and it comes from the ADA business model. So essentially awareness, interest, desire and action. And it's typically what path customers will take in order to make a purchase. So what tends to happen is you'll get lots off potential customers coming through lots of prospects coming through the top of the funnel. Andi. As you go through the journey and through stages, you'll get drop off and then you'll get a slightly smaller amount that will actually turn into your best customers, or the ones actually turned into a customer and take action receive may. So, for example, in Stage one, the idea is to build awareness, which we've talked a little bit about in the previous lessons on. That's typically making your prospect aware that your business or product exists. Your then more new showcasing your features and benefits off your parts of service on D. Show them what they what it can offer them on how it can improve the situation that they're in. You then want to talk a little bit about how your product can, you know, really off them. It's great benefits, you know, be it save time, save money or just make their life a lot easier. And then you try to build it. Desire around your product on the final step is is to convert them, and that's to you know, for example, a website is a great way to do that or by telephone. There's another example, and, you know, so you typically have three stages. The final. You'll have the top, the middle on the bottom. Ondas just mentioned. You know you'll get many customers. All come through the top on as they filtered through. You'll lose some and then you'll get your hottest ones at the bottom and that they're the ones that you convert. So Facebook is a great way off helping your customers move through that fund or move through all four of those stages toe. Actually get them to build awareness, interest, desire and then take action on, for example, a website that can convert. We'll go into that in a little bit more detail in and later lessons, so that's it for Rob for Lesson two. 5. Why Facebook Ads are changing?: So the third part I'm quite excited to share some intel with you direct from my Facebook rep. So Facebook cancer gonna be changing this year? Um, on they're actually gonna be moving away from the traditional vanity metrics, which tend to be clicks shares likes on engagement. So lots of not two people been told in the past to ensure their Facebook accounts again brought some engagement on. Traditionally, this is how Facebook would kind of score you, based on their relevance scoring system, which is essentially their internal quality score system on gun show Facebook that this adis performing so if it had lots of likes and shares and comments on Facebook system would deem that this is a great ad is getting lots of engagement. But what's gonna be changing on this year is that Facebook's automation system is going to be kicking interaction a lot more on their AI and algorithms, Detective that consumers are changing, and often users and consumers are I'm generating clicks and likes on campaigns or ads tend to be the ones that don't often purchase that much. So really, what Facebook is actually saying inside this message? So you really need to start relying more on their automated systems to give it maximum chance or performing this move mean running campaigns are slightly longer trying different spit campaigns. Um, which will talk to you a little bit about as we progress through the course on gets really getting to grips with Facebook's automation platform. So giving it a chance there a or two to learn about the best audiences on really letting it do its thing, depending on whether your room objective is conversion sales or Rempel leads, for example. So I mean, have a little read of this off highlighted the areas that I believe can add a lot of value on Get something not not many people are too familiar with at this stage. But Facebook is gonna be going through a lot of changes this year and next year, including a broad new dashboard receive got in the cards, a new algorithm rating system. So there's lots of exciting things. So do you take a little look at this? Digest it on. If you've got a question or comment, please do leave it down below on. I'll do my best friends of those for you 6. Free Expert Tools and Tips : So in this section, I'm really excited to share some expert tools on some fantastic free tips that I got out of the many years are, remarked ing. I'm happy to share them with you. So for the first part, warm going to do is is the head over to the Google Chrome Web store on Look for an extension called E Boost and Spy. This will work on Google crime. So if you're using Google cream already, I highly suggest that you install it and use it as your own Web browser. Hit the install button on the right there. Andi. Once you've installed it, you can then on start to track on book and spy on your competitors to get you inspiration for some ants on that you want to run in the future. So let me show you an example. Okay, so let's say that Jim Shark are one of my main competitors, so what I can do is once the e boost that's by extension has been installed to go Rome. I can then long onto my competitors website on. All I do is I come up here and click on this blue icon here once I click this This would then redirect being into a library system on dykan view. All off Jim sharks. Kant adds that their country running. So this is a nice little tool for you to kind of have a little look at kind of what your competitors are up to, what they're doing, and you can get some inspiration from them. So, you know, the one that is fantastic is turbo add finder. So again, this is another Google crime extension on it looks a little bit like this on what you need to do is with this is you need to run this once. You're logged into Facebook, so let me just quickly show you. So once you actually inside Facebook, you come up here on did you click on this icon, which is here? You switch it on. Okay. What This war then do is this will then inside your feed, this will show you just only adds. So what you can do is you can actually scroll through some of these ants which are inside here. Andi, you can actually get some inspiration for your aunt's. So the ones that kind of stand out on the ones that make you go? That's a That's a very nice and that's very attracted. That's very inspiring. That can give you a fantastic idea to give you a boost for your arms. Okay, so the third tool is Facebook ads Library. So I'm just gonna show you a little bit about what this could do for you on show you how powerful this can be as well. I'm just gonna dive straight into Facebook. So if you search Facebook aunts library, the search engine, you should see a page something similar to this. And then if you just search anything of your choice, another brand. So I did ask, for example. So this is just a sporting brand. So if you're a competitors or a on advertising on Facebook, that's looking to get some ideas for your next out. This is another good way and a fast way Teoh gets, um, inspiration. So Facebook has library is totally free. You don't even need to sign into Facebook. And you can essentially search for pretty much anything in here of your choice. Being competitors, large rounds, small brands, startups. As long as they've got presence on Facebook, Facebook will show you what they're after doing on whether they're running. So this is another nice tool that can help you with that. So the next tool is to get Cem image inspiration boy rounds. So there's lots of great free tools around on the Internet that allow you to get lots of ideas for your next image on the next Facebook had. So these are some of the ones that I've highlighted here on these essentially free photo libraries that you can get professional high stock images from. So let's just take one example ear off in Splash. So if you say unspool ash and you'll get a website like this on, you can see so anything of your choice in here. Eso freaks on poor let's do food. So I said, food, you'll get lots of kind of good inspirational images come up on their high res high quality , and you don't move. Those to use completely free for your ads on Facebook also has and a photo library built into it as well. With, however, with these images, you can use them pretty much anywhere you like. Be a website inside your Facebook ads anywhere of you anywhere that you'd like Teoh. Um, there's another one Google images as well. So Google images just show you how to use Google images. So if you go into Google images on again, such as something like food, you don't need to come here, appear to the top click on images. I live inside the tools when you usage rights enabled for reuse. So there's a few different options here, so you need to be careful and unsure that Consider the right wand. I I generally recommend the one label for re use, which means that you can use them again. Re use with modification means that you can actually modify the image itself on still use it. So so again, lots of great choice here, and these are all completely free to use inside either your Facebook ads or your website as well. Okay, so the final tool to help you build your next Facebook ad is a nisi building tool called camber. So what I need to do is is to log on to convert dot com and create a free come with them so you can create a free account can vote. Once you've done that, you will see a screen such as this on the home screen on the left. Here, you then get search box so you can search anything of your choice here. So let's search Facebook at Hey, enter you, then go lots of different templates that are easily edible to create your next Facebook. So let's say, for example, you're a photographer and you quite what the look of this particular ad. You simply click on this. It uses template. You can then start using this template completely free on you can start anything it, but it's so easy to get it. This is like using a books off word document. So pocket change this to, for example, that's my photography. For example, um, you could end ital this just double click on it and it is your choice. You can also add more text on there should you wish. All you do is you just simply dragon drop. Um, you can then change colors off this you can edit delete, for example. Um, and it's just delete that Okay, says what's he could do in can. They cannot feel tears. We can crop, he can adjust. We do lots of lots of great things Once you're finished with it, you can download your image in different formats here and then just simply uploaded to Facebook on, away you go. So can ver is another good Friedel that allows you to quickly easily create professional looking Facebook ads if you haven't quite got skills such as using a tool such as a day before a shop focal point in a professional or expensive photo editing tools such of those . So this is a nice way to kind of get the ball rolling in that respect. 7. Setup Facebook Pixel & Events: I think guys, so in this lesson we're going to talk a little bit about the Facebook pixel. So what is Facebook pixel? So the Facebook pixels, essentially a small bit of code that you insert into your website being the footer or in the Code section, which I'll talk about shortly. And it essentially it allows you to crack your performance in Facebook ads. It allows you to chronic collect data on your customers in terms of what pages they visit, how long you're spending on the same pages, where which pages are interacting with. So essentially you can get a really good idea for and what you'll visitors or liking, what they're not liking. And it also allows you to get a lot more data about them, kind of insights, you know, age, demographics. And then it allows you to kind of improve your ads. And that's key here is to really improve your answer or you make them cheaper and make them more profitable. And then through the pixel, you can also create lookalike audiences. You can at the enhanced audiences through the pixel as well, which I'll show you in a moment. So you can do lots and lots of great stuff. And I highly recommend you get it out of non. So this was a feature requested by one of my recent students. I'm so excited to actually get it implemented into the course. So let's dive in and show you how to get it implemented on a few different webisodes, who would take it from there? Okay, so one way to do this, everyone Institute login to business dot facebook.com. So you'll see a URL in the top. A little bit similar to this. So I'm just turning in the top level homepage of the business manager here on Facebook. What you then need to do is to create your Redford's pixel is to come down to the event manager section here on the left. Click on there. If you haven't already previously created a pixel, you'll see just a green button here in the center which says cred pixel commerce it. If you've obviously created a few pixels before, then you'll see them here on the left. So I'm just gonna go ahead and create a new onto showcase. How easy it is to do that in this tutorial. So when, so connect on the left here and on the less I knew horror, everything, click connect data sources. You'll then get offered three options. So whether your RAM, integrating it for RAM, and an app, whether you're doing an offline information or whether you're doing it web for this particular purpose, we are going to keep it as a web option. We're going to install it to wear something such as WordPress or Shopify for example. And then you just take, get started. We're then going to choose the Facebook pixel option here on the right. Hit connect. You will now get presented with two boxes. So one will be a website, the alien serve your choice. And the other obviously is just what you'd like to name the pixel. So as I said, if you haven't got a, a website set up already, then also you need to get to your unit, Craig career website. But if you've got business, so let's just call it, for example. Jess garage, for example, car garage or something. And now what I'm gonna do is I'm going to actually skip this here for a moment and I'm going to continue and I'm going to show you how to do how to implement it manually. Say click Continue. You'll then see a new screen that looks a little bit like this. Now there's two options in the new dashboard. You can ordinary install it manually, which we're going to do in a moment, or you can use a partner integration. Now the partner integration is quite a nice, simple way to use a list of websites. So I will very quickly show you that first. You then get presented with this screen where you can choose. Facebook gives you multiple popular platforms. Are Kearney available such as Shopify, Woo Commerce, WordPress or Squarespace and so on and so forth. So if you prefer to do it through this and you know, you, you lot that tech savvy. And then this is a very good option. You will need to be logged into your RAM, your platform partners, being Shopify or WordPress, for example, you will need to be logged in to those websites prior to doing this. And this will give you three or four simple steps to follow to coma. Go ahead through there. So and if you haven't got something like this, so we prefer to do it manually, which is normally what majority people go for. I'm going to show you how to do that now. So you then click Install code manually. Okay, and then this inside here is actually our facebook pixel code. And this gets prepopulated from Facebook. And this is the your unique code for your website, which is totally different to anybody else's. And as that year is a small bed code that you're kind of copy and implement into your website, which I will show you a couple of examples next. So once you've gotten there, you take copy code. This will then get highlighted. So we want to insert, and Facebook recommends to actually insert it in the header section. Now the reason why they're saying it into insert in the header section which is near the top or the websites are typically, you'll get a header at the top on a website and a photo away where most people will insert some form of code. The reason why they say is to put it in the header is because it's the first thing that will fire on the page once it's loaded, say when a user lands on your website, the header is a top thing or the first thing that loads. And then the rest of the web page reload all your images and text and so on and so forth. So the reason why Facebook says to do it in the header section at the top is because they want to be one of the first things to be able to be tracked. Because there might be something on your website later on or middle of the page that might be too big or large image and it might not make the code fires. So this is quite important. So we'll, we'll go ahead and do that in a seconds ache and Xinye. Okay? So this is the optional talked about a moment ago. So you definitely want to turn this one on. And this will give us lots of great data and allow us to have advanced matching based on, you know, your customer's data. And you definitely want to be able to capture all this good information by customers. Says that Facebook does protect this, miss very vigilant on the customer's privacy. So you go no issues on that side of things. So highly, highly recommend this and this will improve your adds even more. So I didn't hit continue a cake. You'll then be presented with a screen, which looks a little bit like this. So the event setup tool is a new tool from Facebook that allows you to essentially new pixel all tracking onto a website without actually having to use any form of code. So again, it's very, very ideal for non techies or people that prefer not to. So play around with upsides code. So DNF, fantastic thing about the events setup tool lays. It allows you to actually crack and measure certain things on your website and about your customers. So I'm gonna show you some of these fantastic new features that Facebook's implemented and they're really powerful and you're rereading them. So what we need to do this just before we dive in and open this tool, we just need to copy over our RAM, our pixel, and paste it into the header of our website. So honest and quick, uh, go back a couple of steps, hit copy code again. And I'm just gonna close this down for a second and jumping to a website such as WordPress. So I'm just going to show you this now. Okay, so once you've signed in to your WordPress website, for example, guys say, as I said, you might be on WordPress, Woo Commerce, Shopify, or another platform. Again, again, the same rule applies where you need to paste it into the header of the website. Say for example, in this particular WordPress website, they're garbage. I'm running so thin K2. They've got a very nice, easy and dashboard inside that theme options because you're just here at the top that you can go in there. And these have all their Theme Options. You can come down to insert code. So they've actually got a built-in section for things like this. As you see, you can painting your tracking code such as Google Analytics or ADA code if you want for anything in just before that, which is what Facebook recommends, you just paste in your code here and have a little look at it there, which looks absolutely spot-on. Ok. And then just go ahead and hit save changes. And then that's done, starts been saved. Nas inside my head is coded on every single page on this website. So no matter what page this customer, you know, lungs on, on this website, that code there is going to fire because its in the header section or area of soil so equally. So for example, if you end something like Shopify, and so what you wanna do is you want to login to your Shopify dashboard. And on the left-hand side here, come down to online store. Come down to the bottom where it says preferences. Ok, scroll down. Remember we're already signed into Facebook at the moment. So Shopify has actually given us a nice, easy way to do that through setup Facebook. So notice this is going to thus redirected to Facebook is come back. And you can see here that we're already signed in. And I'm also assigned in OCI to this website. And you've just gotta give it permission to add the sales tunnel in there. So Facebook will be able to see this information, which is absolutely fine. Go ahead and hit add sales channel here. So that's just going to work. It's kind of worked its magic and go through and get that set up a case. So one type poison goes, you just need to call up, go through the, some of the steps here which are very, very self-explanatory and call it fin in the corner of the small steps here. And that will get you kinda set up through there, which is very, very easy and it'll be absolutely fine to con a logo head and just get that setup all completed. And so that same kind of tomb major and popular platforms. So let's dive back into u one, into Facebook and continue. And O'Shea, somebody Event Tracking now. So or do you just go back into the same page that you're on? Hit continue that. Hit install. The setup. Hit Continue again and again. Now what we're gonna do is I'm going to now show you the, the events at setup tall. So I'm going to show you that the power behind this now. So you just come in and copy the URL of the website. So I've just got a little demo website here that I did on for this video. So let me go ahead. I'm hit down on there. So sometimes guys, if this happens and this is actually quite good thing that's happened, that has happened collecting, explain this content is small error. Sometimes you need to actually enable the events in here. So you can see I've pasted the URL and now for DOD instructions and this button here, it's still faded out. It's not allowing me to connect. Click on there. So what you need to do in this event is to actually connect counsel that you then want to go to settings and you want to ensure that the event is actually turned on to events set up here we go. So Truck event automatically without codes, so you need to ensure that turned on. Ok. So turn now on. That might be off by default. So control has turned on. You then need to go back into overview. Just going through the globins again, really quickly. Paste in the URL or just type it out. You can see that the button here on the right-hand side, it's still faded out. So it's still not. So playing ball at the moment. So I'm going to show you something else you can do if you experiences things that same problem. And again, this is very good quantum example. I'm glad this is actually happening, is very, very common thing that can happen with Facebook. So I'm going to show you the other thing that you can do now to get that working. So what you do is you want to install something like the pixel, how PR psalm today I've got a here. So this is a completely free Google Chrome extension. So you really wanna do is just head over to the Google Chrome extension store. So, and then just search for Facebook pixel helper, Manasseh, completely a 100% free Chrome extension that it basically tests and shows whether you've got. Pixel sort of setup on, on a website. So go ahead and install that and said, I've got a Haha, I installed it. And you can see here that it's detected straightaway that this particular soil has actually got two pixels installed. And so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to go ahead and actually get to the immense through, through here. So let's just quickly sees or what do you take pixels here? One ends among foreign-born warnings into knowing through a bleed, is there do you know him? Three ones. I'm just going to double-check that really quickly in here. Just cancel out. Yeah, 293. There we go. So 2-9, three, so that's the one. So let's go back in that community N3, so set up events or click here. Okay, So once we're back into this screen, everyone, just go back onto the Overview section. Just go quickly by three this again. Okay. Paste in the URL. If it's different gray, then the other problem that it could be is a pop-up blocker or a something like an ad blocker. So for example, like for example, I use bit defender or it could be like a pop-up blockers. If you've got some kind of security on your, on your device, then that could also be a cobra. So I'm going to disable the the protection on this website for the moment, just like Facebook and see it. And then just flip flip back to it. Okay. And then you go back in there. Yet no one can see that it's been detected. Just take next, okay, it next, and get started. So here we go. So here's the event set up tall and here's the events are. What we're gonna do is I'm gonna create an event on here on this particular button. And I'll tell you why in just a moment. So we go, here we go. So Facebook's already detected that burn straightaway. So I'm gonna go ahead and click on this bind here and then select Inventor essentially, for example, on this particular website. This would be like a sign-up form. So we want, we want to capture user's name and email on here. So this is an event, so we're capture events coming there and just select which one is most relevant to this, there's a whole host of different variables in here as he could Add to Cart, Checkout, elite purchase in a payment implement and a lot more details in there. So I'm gonna go ahead and hit and then they're subscribe. Again, hit Confirm. So this is now creating an event for the users that have subscribed. You can see they sort of added the Tikkun there. So that's created the event for uses a source. And now what I can do is I can create an ad in Facebook. Once I'm datastores popular, I can actually target just those people that actually signed up to this kind of this list and actually target those on unpack should do that in two methods, egos or could actually do that through the Facebook event, boy Crane and add, and will show you shortly in the course. All I could actually upload the data through a custom audience, which I will show you in the next video. And I can actually upload the list of customers that have failed in their details through here, and then target them with a very, very specific ad in Facebook. And you want to show to the people that are in a very, very warm to this particular product. So let's call it the whole idea of Facebook is to get very, very personalized, very, very specific, and Connor and reduce your spend because obviously sort of targeting these people Tao already very, very interested in the product they've already signed up. It's easier to corner market to them. In a yes, you would use email marketing and other autos are probably use something like mobile monkey and maybe some SMS later. But I will show you all that in the course as part of the, some of the attacks. So it's really, really exciting stuff. But that kind of covers the Facebook pixel and the events aren't things. So I hope that was useful. And I'll see you guys in the next lesson. 8. Custom & LookaLike Audiences: Okay, welcome back to the lesson, everyone. So in this lesson we're going to talk a little bit about the Facebook custom audiences. And in the custom audiences section we can, our audience here who we'd like to talk a. We can create things such as lookalike audiences to essentially grow and make our account much, much bigger and a lot more profitable. So as I mentioned in the previous lesson in this section, you can actually create multiple or different types of audiences that you'd like to make sure you target through your, your ad. So I'm gonna give you a real life, real working example of this in this lesson. I'm just to make a lot more easier for you to kind of understand and digest how most people use it and how I use it in a real working example. So for example, here, take a look at this website here. So this is a website that offers and you know, when a website theme builder or a website builder itself using the power of WordPress. And there's, there's a crocodile as a small sign appear where, you know, uses. There might be interested in the free version, which is been quite recently added on. They can colonize, sign up to it through here. So essentially what this does is this is called a lead capture or, or AGM subscriber list, where people are on a warm to the product they're interested in. What this company these guys are, or offering a website builder. So what you do is let me just show you how this works and this is actually using a WordPress website. This is dysfunction is using male chimps are wearing chain that in this, obviously this lesson. But let me show you the backend of that and how, where that goes and what happens when the user just typed this in. So I'm gonna jump to just get on in this case to something called male chimp. If you haven't heard of, definitely check that out and I'm going to login to there now and show you show you that sorry to things as well. And what we're gonna do is we're going to actually create a and an audience straightway through this. So essentially through three, this fairly recently added form, there's I think there's about a 150 odd was there yes is a 154 contacts that this particular form has has grabbed somewhat monitors as, as potentially a 154 interested people in that particular product. So what we wanna do is we want to target those people inside Facebook with a personalized ad. So what I'm gonna do is from male Chambers, I'm going to actually go ahead and download this list. Say once you've got the list, just come to export segment here. Click on that. And then what we're gonna do is we're just going to export this a 154 contacts that we've got here. So just go ahead and export CSV. So it's just a comma separated value sheet. So let's just have a quick look at this. Okay? So we've got a here, so I've got one downturn earlier, which is just in here, and it's just a lock. A lock in Excel spreadsheets. Oh, look like there's none have firstName, lastName, email address, and a few of the columns in there, which we'll just call it the norm in that. So let's just flip back to when into Interface Book. So what you want to do is then guys is you want to come back into Facebook, just come to the top left here, make sure you're in the, in the homepage. But it's but click on the top-left logo, Facebook here in the top left. You then want to come down to audiences. Click there. Allow for that to load. Now this is our audiences sections. So again, if you haven't created any audiences as of yet, you'll have a green button which was a Create audience. So just go ahead and do that. And the next steps that follow are exactly the same. So I'm just going to show you what I would do in real life kinesic instances on the how-to create an audience to actually target those particular customers are interested in the product. And also customers that kind of look very, very similar to those according to Facebook's. I'm going to show you that right now. So come up here on the top left and hit Create audience. Now a Facebook in the new dashboard gives you three main options that custom audiences, which is what we're gonna be creating in a moment. And look-a-like audience, which will actually creating via the custom audience in a moment. And that's explained area look-alike. Essentially as it says on there, it's an audience that looks, looks all as very, very similar. Color, buying behavior or buying habits or search habits to the audience that you're already targeting. So Facebook, because some very clever things built into it that allows it to kind of look at the uploaded audience and then go, hey, you know, this person also looks very, very similar based on their kind of search criteria, based on what pages they look out, based on more pages they like, and Facebook, they look very similar to this customer. So we're going to match it to, to this list and allow them to target this customer as wild as essentially as a kind of grow and scaling a bigger audience to get more Connor revenue and more con, unlike ad because it's all reach in your campaigns. So the special ed audience, again, this is a brand new on, you can ignore this. This is common for RAM. You know, it's a special thing they've grateful I housing categories, credit card financed icon, a special category so is so you know, they didn't discriminate anybody. So that's the reason more Facebook created that. So I'm going to jump back in any custom audience and go ahead and create that. So we're then going to get, we're going to see this particular screen here. And essentially you can create a custom audience based on either the pixel that we inserted on our website. So in the previous lesson, so in the previous lesson, I showed you how to implement a pixel. So obviously, depending on how much traffic you're getting to your website already, and you can actually target those particular customers have already gone onto your website. And there's lots and lots of really cool things that you can do through this. You know, you can target people by number of pages they look at, how long they're spending on certain pages, how far they scroll down on certain pages. And a lot, lot more. And the idea behind that is just to kind of explain to you and give you a good feel in encipher that sort of things is to give you. You know, trying to maximize your revenue and try and get the hottest customers because you get hot customers, you get cold customers that you know, people, you know, visitors, I should say Hong Kong visitors. That sum will be very, very interested in your product. Others might not be. And that's kind of how you target them through Facebook and grow they the recount and scaling up. So that's through the website and we're not going to be doing that in this lesson. We're gonna be doing it through the customer list. So a customer list is uploading a CSV or text file. So that's column the one that we just downloaded a second go via mail chimp, and you can call and talk with at least one of these identifiers. So you've got email address and their phone number, ID, surname, firstname, Facebook page ID, and a lot, lot more. So obviously we'd go in, in our list. We've got email address, we've got firstName, we've got surname. And that's how we're going to target those people inside Facebook through this. So let's just go ahead and do that and hit next. Okay, so, so we mourn include customer value, NAC, Customer List. Hit next. Just say I except to say that you, except the requirements and the audiences borrowing this and you, you know, you can confirm that yes, that is your audience, that you've had their permission to gather their data. Okay, so what we're now going to do is upload a file and that's the four that we just downloaded. So go ahead and hit Upload file. Okay, k2 I, you download section inside here to subscribe CSV. So that's the one that we just exported a moment ago. So we're then gonna go and hit Next. So what Facebook is going to now do is it's gonna try and map the kind of the first name or ram or the, or the email. Email is normally a very, very good one to go for. Because your users tend to use the same email that they would do on Facebook as they would do in other websites. One, e-mail addresses, a very, very good one to go for, and that's all I do recommend. So, so that's what we're going to target the customers on from that particular list I just uploaded, hit next. Okay, so we've got customer ID here. So it's thinking, Facebook's thinking that these numbers here or find embed then not the phone number. So I'm going to hit go and then hit do not upload. Okay. Sidney, yes or now is complaining and saying that it needs more identifiers. So let's just go into, into here. And we can see here that this is our first name list of woman do is drop this down and go to firstname to tell Facebook to map that to the firstname. We're going to map this to the lastname. So this is foreign name or last name in their surname. There we go. So nonetheless, found sars Mach three now. Okay, so as firstName, lastName and email, it's mapped at t. Okay? And now you can see that it's gone green. Facebook has enough now to kind of identify, obviously the more you do, the better. But this is a medium to good strengthened ne'er. So let's just go ahead and upload and create that custom list. Okay, so Facebook is recognize the list is successfully uploaded and hashed all of that data. So you can see it's uploaded a 155 rows. Don't worry if this is out by one or two, that's absolutely fine. And so what we're gonna do now is guys, we're going to actually create a look-alike audience to con a scale that account and grow it and make it a lot, lot better. So let's create a look-alike audience based on a 155 that's just been uploaded. Okay? So what we're gonna do is we're going to inhere in the next section. We're going to actually cram select the regions or countries that we wanna talk a. So I'm going to go ahead and toggle. We call the big four here. So that's essentially the United States, United Kingdom, this Australia. And the fourth one is Canada. So that's what we call the big four. And these are the countries that are one tog is I'm telling Facebook head I only want to talk a people that look similar to my uploaded list in these countries only. Okay? Now we can see here the Facebook is telling us that we're already reaching 3.3 million people just via our lookalike audience. Now that's fantastic. That's a very good number. Okay? Now, the percentage here, so what this percentage essentially means is 1% means that these are the people absolutely closest. And much to the audience that's been uploaded OUT. These are very, very good much. Now if I scroll just to the right hand side. Now, if I select this, for example five, our number audience, We get a much, much bigger. But what that does mean is a means that the, the, the list inside here and up to 40% isn't quite as specific as the uploaded list. In other words, the people are fairly similar but nor very similar as they would be in 1%. Okay, so, I mean the sweet spot is around two to three. Does Congo, the sweet spot in Facebook generally all the way to keep a very close. In Congo for between 1, 3% as an audience. But again, this does depend on the size of the audience you want to go for. You know, ideally if you can lie 1 million plus if you can. But it depends on what your businesses, what you do. Where you're based. But don't be too worried if it's slightly less than a million or over 10 million, for example. But these are very, very, very good benchmarks to give you an idea. So what we're gonna do is we then going to, So we've done a based on a t percent on this audience. Ok. So what we're gonna do is I'm just going to copy this for a second. Case. My S main reaches 6.6 million. So I'm just gonna go ahead and create that audience. Okay guys, so now that our lookalike audience is ready so we can see that It's, it's just here and, and that's populating and that will grow. So that might take about 30 minutes or so to sort of grow and expand. And that can take a short while to populate. So once I grows guys that you can then start creating your ads and talk to those customers inside those lookalike audiences and start targeting them with specific ads. So that's all up and running. And I'll show you how to sell create adds a layer on in the course as we go along to target those particular customers. So unintelligible and lamb Huck boys, I'm going to show you is this is another growth hack. And I want to show you this side of it too. So this is slightly different to the conventional way of setting up I'm lookalike audiences. And it's a pretty cool little trick. So what do we need to do is if you still own the audience's green and you can come to this business tools or icon here, click on there, and then scroll down and remember this is in the business and manager. And so if you know in them during the traditional or the classic Facebook personal account, then you'll be slightly different, but the method is the same. So come down to Save or recommend being in business manager if you can come down into the analytic section, selected the pixel. So once this green nodes going to be presented with them, a lot of good data, they can Connie create filters through really, really high MI in and create an audience through there. So I'm just gonna show you some of them, these things that you can do. So what you can do is you can actually create a look alike audience. I'm, you know, based on your top performing or your best uses or visitors that come to your website. So this is a bit of a growth acronyms, but if a secret method of creating a look-alike audience and it's the second way of doing it. So I'm gonna quickly show you how to do that through this. What you wanna do is you want to come in and create a custom filter set. Click on un-filter the top there and create new filter. Then Facebook gives you quite a few options on what to select and to actually create your filter. So essentially, depending on your business, what you do and you know, generally the, the good options to select here of things such as. You know, users staying on a page for X amount of time or, you know, longer than, let's say 30 seconds or visiting certain pages, perhaps of your highest performing pages or your best-selling product. Because what you wanna do is you want to create a look-alike audience based on those people that are the most profitable to your business. So appreciate if you're storing of brand new, then this might not be applicable. And if that is the case, then don't worry to emerge. And what you can do is you can actually create lookalike audience and a new custom audience from your Facebook page. So you bounce on the Facebook page and that will sort of get traffic over time. And what you can do is you can create a look-alike audience from your Facebook page. If you haven't got a customer's ready, millstone of brand new from scratch. So clean bats, they say so if you create a new filter, so what you can do is you can do based on if they performed an event oily, if they if they were a customer that generate a lead, they viewed pages or they ended its session as tall employing. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna just go ahead and click on the page views because a very popular choice. Ok, and event count and is greater than, let's say, three pages. Okay? So, so what we are essentially telling Facebook here is, is to go through our analytics data, find all the people that actually viewed more than three pages. So already these, these people are a lot, lot warmer. There are gonna be a lot better to target inside Facebook because they've viewed more pages. They're more interested in what you're doing. So often if customers or visitors or you know, on interested in what you do, they'll often, very often not visit more than one page. They'll have invested more than, let's say three or four pages, then that tells you that they are going to be quite interested in what you're doing. So what you can do is once you've selected your filter inside here at the top, you can then come down here and select this dropdowns. We can see here that's nearly 3% of the people that come on all kind of interested in. Now, what you can do is you can create a custom audience. I'm just literally hit that button and create the audience based on specific filter and salsa top tip, hey guys, and this is a bit of a growth hack to take to get you, get your, you know, the very best customers from your list. Okay? So obviously once you've done that, you just go ahead and type in the name of the audience so you can type in their top, top to 2% of visitors. And important that you know, hottest or something, something like that. So you can easily identify this particular customer list. And once you calm them, you know what? Once you're inside Facebook and you can see all your audiences and create your ads. You again noise less than. You'll get to see all the ads that are running to the people and to which audiences or converting the best. So this is going to be really, really useful, everyone. And this can be really, really helpful. So, so do go ahead and do that. And this way you'll be able to solve, find the best customers to grow and expand and scale your red, your Facebook ads. So that concludes this part of the lesson. So hope they said there's two paths were useful. And I'll see you in the next lesson. 9. Creating Facebook Ads that Convert : Okay, so now that we know how to align your business goals with Facebook, you understand personas on how you're right. Target audience moves through the purchase funnel. We also know where Facebook is heading this year in 2020. And you've got the right tools to create your next perfect Facebook card. We're going to actually start to show you how to actually create that perfect hard on. I want to do it in a cost effective way. So you get your maximum return on your own spend inside Facebook. So let's dive into less and five and take a look. Okay, guys, know when you start off with lesson five of covering off two of the most important things inside your ad on the first is your copy. On the second is the actual creative itself. So you copy is essentially the text that goes inside around, So this is essentially a way your your bullet points. You copy your text, um, you headlines and so on. The second is a creative. So that's why the your images being in a static image or a carousel, which is multiple images in a small gallery or a video so What you really want to do is is you want to describe some of the features and benefits off your protocol service. So just going back here a few lessons we talked a little bit about how you should be solving a problem with your business. What you want to do is you really want to talk about the features and benefits that your business will solve. So in this example, and that I'm I've got off trays in here. We've got the company that's actually talking about all their features and benefits. So, for example, there talking about how you've got, you know, won't kick demo in store, you don't need any coding knowledge. It's got built in marketing tools on You don't need a user guide. So these are some of the features and benefits are. You know, you could build it super fast. It converts customers. You you save time. Eso. They're talking about lots of lots of features and benefits in there. On this particular, it doesn't showcase any discount in terms Off percentage off, However, it does say that it's free. So this is against another good example, I'm does it solve a problem so for exactly again, you know, Web developers who this company is talking. They want to save time because essentially that means they can get more income. They can cream websites and therefore generate more business. So they would really on like to have a tool that enables them to create websites or coburg . So it's very quickly and they get good and results. So again, this kind of this, this adverse all showcases up, and it shows that, you know, you can do very, very quickly. No, keys are a great way to stand out in a noisy market. So the majors are other. These here the ticks. So imagine if this was just all playing text, it might be a little bit boring. So it's a good way to break it up and showcase thes stick points here, which really, really helps. So Scott City is essentially a very good way off, creating some form off urgency or, you know, not necessary, scaring the customer. But give them that essence off. You don't want to miss out, so human beings generally are very emotive, so we react to emotions. Andi, we have emotions that make us to do things in terms off such a signing up. Clicking on something or having the fear of missing out viscosity is a great way on Vicks wigs. Very, really efficiently on the new things like, you know, hurry. Only 10 left, for example or sentence today. Don't miss How so You get this this advert Here's a good example of that. It says Hurry, sign of Mel for free. So no, only they're saying they've got the hurry in there. They also saying free and then also given a collection Say sign up. So you know that's a very good sentence due to use in your rods, which will help you Teoh ALOF Court election in there. You can also mention your target audience on Just be a little bit careful with this, because sometimes Facebook can get a little bit funny about it. So, you know, I've seen lots of good outfits mentioned like attention and then their target audience. There be a Web designers, photographers, florists and so on, But yeah, again, just be careful. You might need to split, test are or or running in your ad and fantastic and see if Facebook gives you any warnings . But generally when I've used in the past has been good on his word quite effectively as to keep an eye on that. So just going back to the creative now, what you should really do is you should go for a. In my expert opinion, I highly recommend to go for a video. At now. Video ads are highly highly effective. Users will spend five times on the amount of time looking at a video in comparison to an image out. So if you've got a video that you've got a higher probability off that customer sending more time looking at your at, then they would do on a standard image at Carousel. Ads are also quite effective, but no as effective. In the sense off the use of spending Thomas video I'm well you want to do is if you are going down the video route, you want to ensure that you using some toils and you're at because Facebook Facebook outs will show videos in muted mode so they won't show up with volume. So you want to insure that you've got subtitles on there that complement your ad on your video ad can be seen by people that don't have to necessarily listen to it, too. Um, get your product or understand You know what you're trying to do in terms off lenses, so you want to aim for a length off around 30 seconds. So Facebook gives you various different options, be it 10 seconds 15 20 so on. You want to end for roughly around 30 seconds on? I'll talk a little bit more about that as we go through the course. The reason being is that you could essentially retarget those customers of the bomb of the funnel. I'm ensure that you're picking the right ones and the best ones to get your maximum return on investment. Don't let video one thing. Don't let video scare you will put you off at all. So I've split tested this in the past on Dr Created video ants and for both myself and for customers on Bond. I've used very basic videos, such as just Sean, a GM, a smartphone on Dr also benchmark back and tested it with videos created by, for example, a multimedia agency on tested the performance on You'll be surprised to know that both videos, the one shot by a basic smartphone performed very, very similar, if not identical, to the video that was shot on using a professional agency costing thousands and thousands of dollars. Um, they did you know the message with the same. It's just the quality. The standard on the message of videos was very, very different in terms of its appearance, but in essence, on the bottom line was that they performed very, very similar. So there's no need to go out and hire an agency, you know, and spend 5 10 $15,000 on a video. There's no need to do that. Use your smartphone. Don't be shy users. Often these days, they're not too worried about how a video looks them mawr. I'm interested in what the content is. That's on offer on how it can benefit them. I'm so so that's my top tip. I mean, you can use this at here as a general benchmark. You know, you could swap this out for a carousel. Averages got a photo library in their gallery, the users conflict through, but essentially, this is a very, very good high performing former that will get you good results if you follow this type off at creative. So I hope that helps. I can't wait to see you in the next lesson. 10. Set Up Ads For Top, Middle & Bottom of The Funnel: Okay, So in this lesson, guys, we're gonna cover off how to find your most lucrative customers by using over the top middle or the bottom of the funnel inside Facebook. So in the previous lesson, we talked a little bit about setting up your remarking list, cause essentially, they are the customers are gonna be the easiest to convert for you and the most cost effective. So you really want to sort of talk those guys first? Eso What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna show you how to set that up. Okay, guys, that the first thing that you actually need to do is is to get your pixel installed on your website. So if you're using a popular platforms such as WordPress or Shopify, I recommend using a plug in, such as pixel caffeine by an espresso or pixel your site to these air WordPress plug ins on . They were really, really while to essentially track on target and retail. Get your audiences from your website to get one of these installed. If you didn't already, once you've done that, your website essentially is then ready to track customers. So then you want Teoh jumped inside Facebook and actually get the audience set up. So the way that we're gonna do this is things is actually inside your audience. I'm inside red set, so once you're in there, come to create new custom audience. So there's a few different ways to re target customers or by creating a new audience. Answer. If you. If you are already an established business and you've already got a list of customers, i e. You know, email addresses names on a college look, a pre generated quality list that you've got customers already. That's fantastic. So you then want to go to this customer list on essentially upload your list with the name email address phone number. If you've got that etcetera. Essentially, what you can then do is is to create on lookalike audiences off that customer list. Aziz well as retarget those if need be, we're going to look like ordinances a little bit shortly. In this particular example, I want to show you creating on a website re talk the list. So once you've done that, what you want to do is you condone essentially, you can target customers kind of 30 days all the way up to 180 days. I generally don't recommend to re target customers up to after assault after 30 or 60 days . Generally, because they go a little bit colder on day. May have sort of firm found what they're looking for elsewhere, or they may have gone to the competitors. Er, generally 30 days. Render is calling your hottest list, and you're the best ones to target. So why did you come into this section? You've got a few different ways of talking them. So Facebook Place you get getting really detailed inside here. What I would suggest is is to go for, for example, customers that have visited certain pages. So let's say you've got going back to the beauty salon. Andi example. From earlier let's say, on Annie's beauty salon, she's got a page which just got pricing on there. So what you could do is you could then you type something in here that says Price. What I'll do is that well, then insure the Facebook only targets those people. If they've visited on that page, which included price on there, you can then also say Well, you know, if you know, if they went on to check out page or a thank you page. So if, for example, that you've gotta thank you painted upon your website, which I highly recommend it you haven't. You can then say Well, I don't want to target those customers. So if they've come on to the website they looked at the price in page on. They have not gone onto a thank you page. Then I want to target those customers to see my Facebook at. The reason why this is important is because if that customers already converted and they've already gone to your thank you page, essentially, they're already lied. So you already got their data. You've already captured that and you don't want to waste any of your budget to retarget those guys into Facebook, so definitely exclude those. You can also do other it's or ways of talking. For example, buying, for example, of time spent, which is a fantastic one. So perhaps you want t target. The customers are spending the most time with you on your website. This'll is important. Why? Because customers that come on your website and really spend let's say you know, 2 to 3 seconds or five seconds and under or perhaps not quite aligned with what you do, so they might not be the right audience for you. Andi Facebook's very clever because it allows you to target a certain percent all off your audience. So generally I recommend at least 10 or 25% on the corner of your room. Your customers are kind of spending the longest on on your website, and again you consort salt that by day so you could drop that kind of, you know, 10 days or you can go away up to 108 days on there. So these three options are fantastic. You really want to spend time on this section here, which is the pages that your customers visit. So if you've got a new product, let's say you're a shop party Communist business. You know you can set up my products in here, for example. You can also do dynamic retargeting, which we weren't going to in this session, that we can't talk about that a little bit later. So there's lots of important things you can do here to target your right customers and ensure they are very, very cost effective. Once you've done there. See, just simply name your audience and then create that audience, and then that's essentially done. You then set up your re marketing list to target those customers only. Okay, so now that you've got the bottom of your funnel set up, we're ready to scale your account up. So scaling your account starts with the top on the middle off your funnel on a great way of doing this is to create some form off competition or quiz, perhaps to give away an incentive or a viral video. Or you can actually combine the three to make it even more powerful. So a couple of really good tools to do this. Viper, which is a free bar, a marketing tool that allows Craig competitions and quizzes. That's a very good morning. On also another good one, his kickoff lamps on which I highly recommend on. They essentially let you quickly and easily create Varro competitions and giveaways for your audiences, and they work really, really well on Facebook in particular. So once you've actually looked into those quizzes on competition giveaways, you can start with the top of your follow. So if you want to look inside Facebook you would see something on the lines of these three campaigns. So essentially you'd start by. I'm creating your remarked in campaign, which is one that we've just done. I'm also a few in a moment about the percentages in the office, so you start with the bottom and then you Then once you've done now, you then start with the top in the middle, said T o F. His top of the funnel NLF is middle of the funnel on that's bomb of the funnel. So So the top of the funnel is where you build all your awareness on Do showcase your customers and your audience is who you are. What you do as previously discussed. So again, a competition or giveaway is a good way of doing this so you could create a short video, you know, on your own on a smartphone, for example, on giveaway of related and relevant price for your audience. So, for example, if let's say you're a photography company or a photographer on, you wanted to scale up your business, you could potentially give away that, say, a photographer's bag or photographers kit Andi or let's say I am a photography microphone eso something that's kind of fairly affordable, but also enough for people to go a while. This is a really good offer employed to enter it to win. But the key there is to ensure that you are giving away something that's very relevant for your audience. Things such as vultures, for example, and Emma's about Trevor. Let's say £50.50 dollars is not recommended because you're essentially get different audiences or non relevant audiences that may enter through the give away. So although you'll be targeting photographers, for example, with inside Facebook, however, if you're gonna run something like a competition such as by pro kickoff lamps, when the when your audience stars to share with their network, they will naturally attract non photographers. So is very key that you get that right. But I have done this in the past, ondas. Long as you do, so let the right audience you could do really well from it and build a very large potential custom base from it. I'm so that's essentially that's the top of the funnel warming in terms off creating it, you would essentially select a brand awareness campaign. I'm so that would be the main one that you'd want to select from your room. Your campaigns objective. Once you've actually slept on the ground awareness campaign, you then will actually create a video at, um So depending on how you got this set up, you can slept this. You could actually upload, um, your own video or use various images and create those into a video carousel which Facebook now allows you to do. Um, so you've got a few different options off creating on uploading videos, etcetera, alone inside Facebook. So just flipping back to, um, the actual objective. So for the if you work to create a the middle of the funnel. So if you would actually talk to in the middle of the funnel, you then sort of set on objective for engagement on do that way on. Of course, we've already covered off the bottom of the funnel, So that's lesson six complete guys on DNA. Now, we're gonna dive into Lesson seven and cover up finding some of your best customers inside Facebook 11. Getting The CHEAPEST Ads!: Okay, so welcome to one of my favorite lessons in the whole of this course, everyone where I'm going to show you some good examples and ideas for you to start using straight away for re-marketing, which is one of the most profitable Facebook ads out there. So in the previous lesson, I showed you how to set this up step-by-step from the bottom of the funnel. But what I'm going to show you now is, is real working examples and ideas. So you can actually start creating them straightaway. So I just wanted to also recap what you've recently learned to in the course so far. So, so, so far you've learned about customer personas and how to target Roy audience, as well as setting up Facebook ads and where that's all going and how Facebook is changing in the near future. Then you show it to you to how to get some inspiration and ideas for creating your ads, as well as using the best tools for marketing your ideas. I then showed you how to solve, implement your sort of your pixel, which is the first step of a very good campaign. And after this, we covered how to upload a custom audience and create a look like from a which sits and compliments the pixel very well. And then show you some awesome add hacks that are gonna sky rocky your campaigns. So now that you've got all those online, dive back into the bottom of the funnel, show you how to create those re-marketing. Add ideas, and give you some really, really good, useful tips and tricks to getting your bottom of the funnel ad campaigns, doing really, really well. So let's dive straight in there now. Okay, so here's my first re-marketing at Type I recommend. So this is a carousel testimonial ad and that's all I really, really recommend. No parasite ants work rain really effectively in general, however, if you combine them with our the video or image ads, they then become super powerful in credit, great engagement, which Facebook absolutely loves. So one of the best ways of converting potential new customers is to showcase them how your product or service has helped other customers. So there's absolutely no better way of showcasing this with what we call social proof. So social proof is generally what others are saying. And a really helps to build trust with new potential customers or prospects. So they'll often look for what others are saying or how others use your product or service to ensure that their experience is going to be good for them. This also works pretty well with reviews. And that's one of things as well. So generally you don't want to run these ads straight off the bat. However, you do want to run them after your potential customers have already seen your top of the funnel clouds, which are covered in the previous lessons. So you want to show those ads to those people after. So you generally want to build some trust, any affinity with your customers. And then once you've done that, this is when you re-target them. So they've got a better understanding of your product and service and they know who you are, what you do. And often customers may toss, sometimes forget about your product or service, or they may not be actively looking for what you do. So re-marketing ADD is a really, really good way to keep ads and products and services in the mind of your customers. And I said, you know what, it's what we call a brand affinity. And if it's getting the customer to build that loyalty with you. So, so it's a great way of doing that and having a look at some of these examples are, again on the screen. So you can add in my other video testimonials or you can put in image carousel ads and thus more first, great way of doing gain good engagement for the first one. So that's the first one. Let's dive into the second one that I recommend to get some great results. Okay, so my second recommendation for your Facebook or remarketing ads is showcasing your features and benefits of your product or service through Carousel Ads again. So again, carousel ads are really, really great because they know they can showcase of various different products and features, services or features and benefits for your, for your, for your company. So you know what you wanna do is you want to utilize that method and allow customers to be able to scroll through your best-selling features. So you might want to stop and sort of look at inner reflect on, you know, your business and actually, and so there what we know, what problem is my business solving for my customers? What is the best thing that they liked about my business or product or service? So I've got an example here on the screen. So if you take a look at the Apple website, so for example, if we look at the new series six Apple Watch or give you a real case scenario and example, we're just extend on the features and benefits and we're also look a little bit and strategy as well because that's also a key part of your marketing efforts. So if you look on the screen eight, you've got the new Apple Watch series six. Now, you can see straight away here on the right-hand side, the apple is really focusing their strategy on the watch with the health side of things. So health is a really big push as part of their strategy to sow their watches. I mean, Apple is fantastic with their marketing. You know that there were 2 trillion now is their net worth. And they read, you already get their marketing ROI. And if there's ever a company out there that you want to look at and get ideas and inspiration from. An apple is definitely my go-to. One are highly, highly recommend his or study. And look at the economy. The way they've done. They're marketing their messaging. And the way they promote. Service is because they generally they get it right. And, you know, they do a really, really good job so that, you know, in terms of going back to the whole thing as they're called a main selling point, main feature and benefit, you know, everybody wants to be healthy is to 21st century people, you know, they want to live longer. They want to be more fit and healthy. So upward of use this to their advantage. And they've integrated various different features, you know, in, inside their products. So if you look here on the left as they've got a message or heavy on features. So in other words, lots of features, lawyer home price. So the saying, hey, you know, you get lots of features and you don't have to pay that much for it either. So they're trying to target a very wide audience and have done a fantastic job on this and what they're doing. So you can see here that talked thing that the fitness people and the people that were caught him into, you know, their health and well-being and fitness. And they're also talk thing other people as well. So if I just go back to the homepage on our show, you a little bit more about about their social features and benefits. So here we go. So this is one of the features is blurred O2. So blood oxygen, oxygen is what they've integrated into their new Watch as a selling point. And say, go low. So the future of health is on your wrist. So it's a fantastic headline, really, really good. And what they've done is what they're saying is, you know, measure your blood oxygen level with a revolutionary new sensor and up a case where they're saying it's a, it's a new way to measure your blood oxygen level. And why is that important? Why is that such a good feature to warfare? Because again, people want to know what's going on inside their body. You know, if there are things I own copyright, can they rectify them in or do they need to consult a doctor or can they just look on the wrist and get very good indication of what the oxygen levels are, what their blood levels are, etc, etc, etc. So again, this is a great way to showcase their sort of features and benefits of their product. So we can see all the scenes. There's a whole new blood oxygen things, a big part of their long-term strategy and also is a big part of it. And so they've done a whole, essentially a whole piece on this, on, on SISO. Say if r is promoting this for Apple for example, through Facebook ads, oil would be talked thing, this whole blood oxygen thing using pictures like this, you know, and you know, pictures like this, you know, mercury, high-quality studying images like this. And then talk to people, they'll come and Linda, in the fitness sector, you know, people are already like Apple and target though, you know that you know them as, as an audience and then showcase some these noise high-quality. The imagery that they've gone there. Again, sleep pairs that have gone another feature and benefit here you can, on your wrist, you can assess how well you're sleeping against sleep is very, very important to your health and wellbeing. So you know, Apple of using this are promoting it and they're showcasing it to say, you know, you can measure and monitor your sleep patterns. Sports again, look, here's weaving, locker, locker swimming. They'll tend to see how well you're doing or how calories a building. So this gives you a very, very good flavor of, you know, what these companies are utilizing, how they're using features and benefits inside their marketing to promote and sell their products. And this is, you know, Apple had been doing this for years and years and years. It's not changed for really in the last corner of 2030 plus years they'd been doing. You're utilizing this same, similar strategy and is a very, very effective. It works really, really well. So that's my second ad type, is to showcase the top three features and benefits of your product or service. You know what makes you stand out was accompany, you know, what makes you stand out as an individual and then showcase star inside your room, your Carousel Ads. Okay. I came on to my third Facebook remarketing ad hoc is the objection handling deterrent add. So what is this and how does it help your business? So lots of companies, you know, including yourself, you probably get some customers that aren't quite ready to buy. And you might get some objections for them that they don't want to buy. A lot of you guys might be saying, well, you know, Mr. times, people don't buy from us, you know, they're more he saved because are we going to use is price? Well, price is one factor. However, lots and lots of people over the years, while I've kind of learned to understand is people will often purchase something if they can see the perceived value of your product or service. So what I need to do is, is to just jot down right now. You know, you can either pause the video or do this along the way and just jot down your top three objections to purchase for your company or all business. And one of them could be price. But if it is, then perhaps, you know, those customers may not be quite the right ones for your product or service. Now this doesn't mean that you need to, to all of a sudden drop all your prices across the board. It might mean that you might wanna do a promotion and tried in an incentive which I told you you buy and then in the next recommendation in fact. But going back to the objection side of air or I would definitely recommend, you know, just jotting down your top three, whether it's, you know, the the process from start to finish takes too long, for example, or whether it's, you know, people say that inquired the stand, the features and benefits of the product perhaps. So just write them down. And then what you wanna do is you want to utilize them in your ads and Find ways of basically eliminating those. There's passed two objections. So not just released a brainstorming session, you know, have a have a cornea or on a whiteboard or just scribble damaged or on some paper and just get some great ideas flowing. And think of ways that you know, the, you know, for your business or perhaps you'll chlorines business. Think of ways to help overcome people that you know on quite ready to buy. And then you want to showcase this in your ads because don't forget these customers and visitors that have come onto your website already they've added DO look around. They didn't purchase, so they've gone away. But then you're saw drip feeding them, you're sending them. Adds to say, hey, you know, come back to us, you know what, we'll give you X percent off. Or it could be this, this, this product or feature, you know, this, this watch war. You know how revolutionize your health and fitness. For example, as, as I mentioned a moment ago. So these are the things you wanna get thinking about getting your mindset. Mentors get them written down and start implementing them into your ads to get some really, really good results. Okay? So the, the fourth one is the NASM, It is the pricing and promotion side of things. So as I mentioned a second ago, you know, pricing is a key, key factor in people's buying decision. You know, you get people from different quantum demographics, different audiences. Some might be read to by, some will be waiting for some kind of pricing incentive or a price drop. And my fourth tip for this is to use some kind of voucher, you know, like a twenty-five percent off or, you know, up to 50, 50% off, for example. And these work rotary wives or didn't them for both myself and clients in the past and they've worked so effectively, um, and for market research that I've done, the appeal voice said that that's been a great incentive, that small push to get them to actually purchase and buy in the end. So I highly, highly recommend that ensure obviously where you send those customers, they can see that same amount discount on there. So if you've got, you know, when a sale for, you know, 40% or 50% off, if they click on that ad, ensure that the page they London on the website, for example, is actually showing that 40 or 50% off as well, because people need to see that. And also they will make sure that your in-line with them. Asa, and whichever saw governing body, it is in your country. So you're, you're kind of falling their soul guidelines controller, you're not misspelling or miss advising people. It is fair. The other is fair that you're serving to them that they've seen. So it's really important as well from from a from a guideline prospectively compliance perspective as well. So definitely code that off. And that is one of the big ones I do definitely recommend, which is normally a key, key factor to get people to just get them to buy in the end. Okay, similarly, fifth and favorite, Facebook retargeting at Hack is cross-selling. Now, cross signing is a fantastic way of essentially grim your sales and actually getting more and more revenue for your company or client. So cross signing that allows you to essentially target customers, purchase something and then, and then some of them something that complements what they already bought. So take a look at this example on the screen here. This is a company called wafer, which is a very, very large multi e-commerce store that sells anything from a chest of drawers to, you know, furniture, chair, two bends and so on and so forth. So I mean, this this website generates millions and millions of hits every month. So how did they target? Customers are actually interested in purchasing what they were actually looking at later on or offering them something which is very, very similar, perhaps a cheaper price, or which is on offer while they do it through Facebook at dynamic retargeting. Now all their Facebook dynamic retargeting is a fairly advanced technique. So this will be covered in another course I will be doing later on in a Facebook advanced ads cause. So if you're interested in that, please do follow me and you'll get access to that one later on. However, it is a very, very good way to sort of cross L if you, if you're not, you know, a large multi national store, if you haven't gotten sort of Lord, a vast amount of e-commerce products. You can still cross-sale certain items that come upon offer them. All you simply do is, is to create an audience from your visitors, visited certain pages, as I showed you in the previous lessons. So if they visited a certain page and you know, you can have saw create an ad that shows if they visited a specific product page or a specific page on your website. So it's very, very easy to do. So you might, as an example, hey, you might have a, let's say a trusted draws their customers looked at, he might get one last, very, very similar though, turns upon offer. And you might say, well, let's do a 20% off on this one for this month. You'll then target credit a new custom audience from inside Facebook with a requisite. Must include visited this page and include your new page, and then they'll get served the ad only they've gone on to that new page which has got a 20% off. So to be honest, I'm going up pretty much close off. My top five. Retargeting at hacks are thinking, you know, if you can try and implement a combination of the two from the previous top of the funnel at hacks to these bottom of the funnel, add hugs or thing you're gonna do really, really well. As always, you know, you can always leave me a comment and I'll personally help you along your sort of e-commerce journey. And just one last sort of thing. You know, the, the audience is that do end up buying from your retargeting campaigns. Don't forget to create a look-alike audience from those because these guys or your most profitable customers. So you wanna tell Facebook to create a look-alike audience from those particular customers that purchase. And that way that's how you grow your account does have your scale up and that's how you'll get, excuse me. That's how you'll get all those vital important sales. So I hope you've enjoyed this lesson and I can't wait to see you in the next one. Thank you. 12. Get Leads With Only 2 Taps!: Okay, welcome back to the lesson, everyone. And in this lesson, I'm going to show you how to generate facebook leads from with inside Facebook itself. So what do I mean by this? And so Facebook also has eight fantastic tool built inside the system, which is called Facebook lead ads. What these do SDS. You can run these from within Facebook. You don't need any third party tools such as a website or anything like that you capture and do everything inside Facebook itself. Sounds great so far, right? The other good thing about this is that you can generate the leads from only a couple of tabs. So your users, when they see your lead form in their feed, they can quite literally syndrome and inquiry or a VM in a generate elite for you within a couple of taps only. So Margorie quick, regularly effective and I'm gonna show you how to set it up right now. I've personally used these in the past, both myself and clients, and we all had pretty good results from these. You know, you can get instant needs from them, so definitely recommend them. So let's get started. So what you wanna do is login to your Facebook business page. So all go to business dot facebook.com in the top left here. Okay, and you'll need to then go to your CS Greenland is mentoring on the home screen. And the more you need to do is just go to your Facebook page itself. So go to your page. Okay, once your page loads, what you then want to do is you then want to go to the top section here which has a Publishing Tools. Click that. On the left-hand side. You'll then see some new options. And what you wanna do this, you want to go to this one here which says form, forms, library and delete adds forms. So click there. Okay, and let's create a new one. So the right hand side a create new. Okay, we're not going to duplicate an odd when I'm done, I'm gonna do a new one. So new form, hit next. Again, let's just name our form, so we'll just call it test form. For the moment. Again, you've got two options that that Facebook gives you the volume or more volume or higher intent. The difference between the two options here is more volume. As it says, we'll give you lots and lots of volume. It makes it very, very quick and easy for users to literally within a couple of taps on their phone, sends you a lead. There's no color quality checking in there. But if you, again after lots of volume, then this is a good option. If you're after slightly more qualitative leads and you want slightly more, better, higher, as said, higher-quality, more checked leads, then you want to go for the higher intent ones and the higher-income ones will actually throw in another step, as it says, there for users to actually check their information. Because the problem is sometimes people inside Facebook, they're used like an old email address or they don't really check anymore or something like that. And this gives them another opportunity to double-check that. And actually, when they send you an inquiry to your business or your client's business. We'll give him it's higher, it's higher intend, it's more qualitative Lead Capture, and that's quite important. I mean, for this Alcala in demonstration purpose, I'm just going to very quickly set up a more volume on, okay, so we're just gonna build up form straight away here. And as I said, you can do this alongside with me, will take some notes and I'll show you. So on the right-hand side here you get noise preview that thanks but gives you unless of diving lessons or create that now. So when we click on intro, we can choose our background image of the ad that we wanna display, which will just be here at the top on the right-hand side. And Facebook gives you two options. You can either use an uploaded image which you can upload. This image will stay there forever, and it will allow you to just keep one static image there. And it will stay. So during the duration of the whole ad. This is an apparent option to use. However, generally I'd prefer to use this option, the first one on there, and it's to use an image directly from our Facebook ad, which we'll be setting up shortly. So this is, this option here, really works better because you're using an image directly from within our Facebook ads and you've got full control of the overlap to change a, as I said, if you prefer just to go for a basic quick option that you can just simply upload it in this column are recommended for my here on there. So I'm gonna go for this option because I'm gonna show you how to set up an ad to drive the traffic to that form later on which your users will be filling in. So I'm going to use this option. Okay? Other guys, just to give you a flavor, what we're gonna do is we're just gonna do, I'm gonna rename this and just do 25% off the k2 they came. So that's gonna be the name of the form. This will make it a lot easier to when to recognize the formula. Show you that shortly wide Boyd AS important. And we're gonna get this can be a twenty-five percent off theme, K2 promotions. I think k2 is just a yam, a WordPress website builder that I showed you earlier on. And we're gonna do a clock or Oracle promotion room for this one through Facebook, lead forms in there. A case I will create a headline and the headline is going to be and they get 25% of the K2. And then hurry ends seemed okay. So some, some something like this. And on man. And we get perfect. So open to see on the balloon noisily or preview on the right-hand side. I'm on there. And what you can then do is this is your description more coming underneath here. And so you can choose either a paragraph or a ListView. Generally. I mean, this depends. This is coined term of skin personal to yourself, however you prefer it to look. Feel yeah, depending on the brand that you're promoting. And i personally prefer to care for a list view because I found it makes it easier for people to quickly read and scan a bulleted list rather than reading long paragraphs. So I'm just gonna quickly fill this in now. Okay. So women, so just a quick few different ones in there so we can see we've got some ma'am bulleted list. I'll come up here. Why I'm gonna do is I'm going to add in an image here just to give you a full flavor for the whole column look of it. So I'm just gonna really quickly upload one through here. A case that's on there, or have used a square image. I know I'm not using the current 1200 by six to eight at the minute, which is why he's looking at, but it's just to give you a very, very rough idea of how the, how it can corner look and you know, the California foreign central result of it. Okay. So once you've done that, move on to the questions section which is here. Okay? And this is where you capture your potential lead or prospects information. So very, very important screen that two things that you want to cut capture at minimum is their email address and therefore Name. Again, the reason why is to tap form is because the beauty of it is because the customers already logged into Facebook. This information for most users will be prefilled already. So they don't actually need to physically top-down aim because obviously Facebook already has data from them. It will automatically type that in and they licks, you need to click on your ad. They see it's a tap and then go on to the screen. The lawyer though hit Next and then Finish it. And that's a literally within a couple of tabs. And, you know, you've captured a need for your, for your business or for your client. Which makes us really, really powerful, which is why I wanted to kind of put it into this, into this same class to show you how, how, how good it really is. You can add more things and they can not Bree qualify people. So go in there. I cannot unlock a multiple choice question or short answer. You can even add in conditional logics. Conditional logic is essentially if a user types in something in a, based on what their answer is, you can, you can then create another question based on their answers. Or you could say on that, um, you know, do you already do you already have a website or coupon that and if they if they select Yes, it will throw up another question. If they select No, it'll throw up another question. So this is really very straightforward and it's really, really powerful. And so this is removed out for a second. So I'm just going to add in eight short answer nasa took to question. Compete as adequate leukemia. Okay, so there we go. So, you know, once easy and this has, this is the question that they'll say. And this might be important to me as a business owner, for example. Because, you know, I might want to know whether they've got, you know, X, Y, and Z before they enquire. So you can actually put anything in there. And then they use all kind of entering their answer and then you'll capture that. And it's also a good way to qualify that lead to ensure that it is the right fit for you, and to ensure that your productive with your time and the description. So this is the, the second part to it. So you can put in a small description. So I'm just gonna, I'm just gonna pop something in here. Okay. So something along, along these lines here on the right-hand side. But as I said, you can take a tailor and personalize that and to, to your, to your perfect preference there. Okay. You can also add in more details in here. Say you might want to capture more than just a name and an email address. So other details that you can do is as a phone number, if it uses in and got their phone number. Nasa, you know, very, very popular choice. And now you've also gotta address details. We'll perhaps posting things out and what city that therein, which could be really, really useful their postcode. So lots of good information here. And you've got kind of other things. You know, such a day, a birth agenda. If you talk to him, perhaps in a male, male or female, or different other users based on their marital status. And so lots and lots of really good information here. Obviously, Facebook has a lot of data on individuals and they fill in when they first signed up to Facebook. So you can utilize that, which is what makes facebook leads. Lead ads are really, really powerful because a lot of that data is already pre-filled in. That just be careful and mindful not to kind of overdid it on this side, not asked for too much information. So it's just a top tip there from me because generally people don't want to give too much information, particularly for first or new company. It is a bit of a leap of faith, what we call a in the marketing world because he had these, these customers or potentials or prospects all taken a leap of faith. And they are calling, giving you information that it could be personal insensitive to them or a phone number. And so just be mindful of that and try to balance saying I don't ask for too much when it's not required, you know, perhaps you could start with just email and and a phone number. And it just Conoco a prerequisite question. Once you've got that information, you send them an email and they come back to you with a phone number, that's a good way to nurture a need. And this is just a top tip here. Thus a very effective way of nurturing that leed, building that trust. And then ask for their phone number or address if if you should, you need it depending on what you do and what you sell and and do it that way. So just slowly build the trust, building rapport and then kind of get that information and then sort of contact them thereafter. Ok, so again, the privacy, this is coma, awaken, add links into. You'll be on your colon progresses form or stuff like that. And if you've got like a terms and conditions on your website, etc., you can fill that in. And you can imagine a disclaimer should you wish to. And then if you go down to the completion section, this is where once a user's filled in there and they're busy and just thanks, you're all set. You can visit our website or exit form. Now, I'm an essentially vine, is on this side of things. Really, really straightforward, really, really powerful. Step 44, completed day in soil. Just fill in these last couple of boxes here. Okay. Publish. And they go going stance does all setup and that's all good to go. And so what you can, what you can actually do is you can actually preview this formula you've just created. Just butt kicking this on the left-hand side here. So definitely preview that because I'll give you a real workings nori of how it will look to your, to the end-user and your customer. So this is kind of how it's going to look. Obsidian vehicles abuses square one, as opposed to the 1200 format. This is the reason why it looks like this, but also equally, because most people are on mobile, this would actually look good on there. And say, you know, they'll see something like this to our targeted audience who are already going to be interested in website design and web designers, web builders, freelance web designer, Graphic Designers, that's going to be our target audience. As we told you that this particular product, you know, ignore the date on never the moment on this old they ignore that. So yes. So essentially this is what they'll see is that they'll see, you know, noise. 20% offering, I think 80 Hurrian cilia building or build endeavor. You're going to be targeting WordPress. And people that are, you know, use WordPress as while also in terms of tagged him, just giving you an idea and a flavor for it, like a real working example. There are real case scenarios. So, you know, in our audience or oil would target people that are interested in WordPress, people that are web designers. You know, perhaps a WordPress plugin areas would be another interest targeting in Facebook, our target, and we didn't own a pet for beginners. And yes, these are the kinda talk thing methods that you are doing soil depth for this particular I'm talking method. And you can kind of see in nervous as a color scroll, scroll down here and that, you know, we can't do it or sorry, a Clinton called continental sad. So text we put in there and G Korea website, site to perhaps improve this or couldn't possibly put this as a multiple choice and maybe told a yes, no. But it unless you say you will call a fitness center, do yes. And there, for example, this has already been pre-filled with with an email address. You're alone with my name is at Facebook or pre-filled out for you. You can put in your own phone number or RAM or change that as well. That's optional to data and nasa shade your area, has got fullName and condense the phone number and just pop in a phone number nine. Hit next again. So you just call it T's and C's and just call it. The longer you're happy with days, just hit Submit. And then and that's it. That's all it goes. You can get to that viewed website, take them to the website and you know, and not say all you can obviously change. I just couldn't live as a Close button from the previous setting. And that's pretty much a on that side of things. Guys, that will capture all you leads. Now, if you do want to take that one step further and actually implement what those leaves, get them pushed to lock em. A CRM, neo, content relationship management software. So a CRM or something on soil things. What we wanna do is go, come on the left-hand side here and go to Leeds setup. Okay, so find your CRM. And so what you can do is if you just type in a PLSA, I mean, there's absolutely hundreds to choose from in here, but let's just say you're using civilized Salesforce or let us say HubSpot. So let's just say we're using HubSpot, which is a very, very popular free CRM. Again. So you can actually connect that straight to your HubSpot CRM, oxidize lots and lots of others in their Lloyd point drawings. Salesforce and many, many others. Hubspot is a very good one. I've talked about in some way their classes. So you can connect that. Now, what that will do is I will actually push all the leads you get from within Facebook straight into your HubSpot CRM. And so how would that benefit you? That will benefit you boy, getting everything all in there, it would notify you of sleep because your gain email, you get a prompt and also save the customers detail in there as a lead. And also make sure that things they get forgotten. You don't forget to contact the customer. An ongoing net o properly in scheduling and remind you to call them and all the good stuff that comes with cholera HubSpot or any of the CRM in. So highly, highly recommend doing that. Said you can just follow these simple steps in intercultural and getting connected. You will need to be signed into your CRM prior to doing this. But if you do get started and said you had drop me, a messaging discussion or pests may help you with that on there. So that inertia voices pretty much it on this side of things. So what we're gonna do now is to finalize this lesson is we're going to actually create our ad now. So I'm going to show you how to create the ad inside Facebook itself. So if you follow along with me here. So in the top left corner, just click on the Facebook logo. You then want to come down to ads manager. Okay, and then create. So this isn't a brand new dashboard from Facebook. Okay, so we're gonna go and click on this one here, lead generation, okay? Just name it. What you wanna do is you want to name your campaign The same as what you call the other one. And so let's have a look here. So 20-40 percent of theme K2. Okay, so we're not gonna do the split testing method at the moment or the budget optimization. So I can keep it nice and top-level, nice and simple. So I'm just giving you a real world scenario here and of how we would create an ad in real circumstances to target that particular ad to a real audience in Facebook tells you that's the page that we've gone now already. Okay? And so the audiences is one of the lessons that we covered earlier on. So I'm just going to go for the, the top four in that. But a top tip, Hey guys, is, are we going to exclude an audience? And I'm going to show you which audience to exclude. So then forget if you want to do a custom audiences just look at, I believe it was just a lesson for setting up custom audiences that dogged and a whole lesson dedicated to that. But what I recommend is what you wanna do is you want to exclude an audience from here on I'll show you the audience that you want to exclude. So you're gonna go in there, hit Create, New, hit custom audience. What we're going to essentially do here is we're going to exclude the people that have actually gone in there and they van or they've not submitted the form or con of of of of Open Day and and and, and submitted ourselves to you don't want to re-target those people. Firstly, the ABR actually already filled in the form because I'll see there already a potential leads. They don't want to retire, get them, you're gonna save yourself some budget. So let's exclude those people. So so if you just follow the steps, so I did and then gone to, you know, people who opened and submitted the forms and we don't want to show these people are ageing, wanna exclude them. So let's call that excluded form. Customers. Somebody already completed. So you know who it is. Okay. So does the page, the form garden, we need to select our form which has a twenty-five percent one off in there. Okay. Well, that's in that so what we're, what we're telling people at the moment is this is all a cake. So Exclude all people, then opened and submitted the form in the last 90 days or YE three months, then submit this form here so we're gonna exclude them, McKay's or creating our audience. Ok, so that audience was setup, say Don't on there. Okay, so there we go. So we can see on there, these are these are the people that have been excluded. Okay. So that's all in nasa. These are the people that we want to exclude. Now going by the, so these are the people that we wanna tall gate. So this was covered in the previous lesson. These are the people that we want to exclude. And then essentially guys, that is pretty much a on that side of things. I'll see you just Conway saints audience. So we're just going to call that lead form. 25% of K2. Hit save on there. Okay, we're gonna set a budget of necessary. You don't roughly 2020 GBP a day on the off-season Sadat, as low, as high as you want. And you can set a timer on there already. We let it run continuously. More options yet we want to do it based on impressions, runs all the time. Okay. So he can't continue. Okay. And this is where you can choose either whether you want a Carousel ad or a single image ad. As, as I mentioned, dirtier. Carousel Ads generally work a lot, lot better. And that's probably the ones that would commonly recommend Saddam were orange or every single thing in here are the words in the less than would be for far too long. But this is fairly self-explanatory. You just go in there and call him just select Yes lecturer images and then just call it upload them. Facebook, social goal quote call. Built-in library in there as well that you can call it choose images from as well. So really, really handy. And he had just followed it through a set of code and most of this in the previous lessons already anyway. So, you know, just to save repetition or won't go through all over again. But if you follow it through, this is kind of how the form looks like, which is pretty cool. And yeah, that's kind of what it would look like. And yeah, so I hope, I hope that helps, hope that gives you a good idea and indication of the power of lead form ads and how oil would target those customers in a real-world scenario, real case example. And that pretty much concludes this part of the lesson. So thanks for watching. Look forward to seeing you in the next lesson. 13. Secret Software To Success!: Alright everyone, so as promised in the previous lessons on now construct shy you step-by-step how to set up and create your chat blast and automated web chat messages using this software called mobile monkey. So why don't you head over to mobile monkey.com and alongside with me, or if you prefer to take notes, write down notes as you might need to see this lesson a couple of times. And then you can create your, your own sort of chat bot. And as I'm going to explain to you in this particular lesson. So it's going to be really call, it's very straightforward to do. And as I mentioned in the previous, essence is a very, very good, effective way to automate your room. You'll, you'll chapatis and there was a good way to answer questions, is a great way to capture leads from your website and so on and so forth. So you can obviously need to have a Facebook account for this, which I'm sure you've got already. If you've got a website, there'll be even better because you can use this in two ways. You can either use it to have it as a send message in your Facebook page, or you can also have it as a send message. Call it the bottom right-hand corner. Look at, look almost like a live chat option where we're using mobile monkey. So once you're logged onto mobile monkey.com, why don't just click on this green band here, which says get mobile monkey for free. And just claim your free account. So because I'm logged into Facebook already detected that and I'm gonna continue as myself. So as I said, you know, please do log into Facebook and alongside with me. It's then going to ask you to connect to your Facebook page or your business page. So I'm just going to connect to this one here so I can show you a demo. Hit next. You then just gonna need to give permission to mobile monkey in order to when do its thing so does hold fine. It is a trusted source, so you just go ahead and hit done. So it's just going to comment on it, do its thing and get itself connected. So you can see now that it is successfully connected and we've given it permission to do that. Okay, once this loads, you will then get redirected into the mobile monkey dashboard. So I have used this previously, of course, which is the reason why I'm recommending echo and how powerfully is, say we are not had their own, Therefore, that long, rough, roughly about six months or so. And without pushing it too hard, we can see on that is already captured. A few contacts in here already. And this does a few things you can do on this. This is on this particular page only as I've gone on few of the pages. And it's very, very straightforward. This is, this is the home screen. And what you'll wanna do is when you login name, you'll want to come to this section here in the top left which says chatbots. Click on Dialogues. Ok. And this is where I'm going to actually create our first dialogue. So a dialogue is essentially like in the bottom right-hand corner here. This is where we create our dialogues. I, you have silica law pop-up on the screen. And in fact automobile show you through this example here. Here we go. So, so this is actually mobile monkey's own one in nasa. What you can do so much and this is on your website. This will call my pop-up on there TO User Panel lands on your website. And they might say, and I might say, hey, would you, would you like any support from us or would you like to download our free pro show? Always Lloyd's download our latest PDF. You can put literally anything and then I'm going to show you how to do that through setting this all up. I came and the user has to just live actually click on a button. So what you do is you can send them to lock our latest free PDF on how to create this design and British or for example, um, and the user can just click on yes. And when they click on Yes, it then creates another message automatically which will build into the system. And essentially what it does is, once I click on yes, they automatically opted in to your ram, your chat plus program. And so long as I signed into Facebook, which most people are, if they know that it will give them an option to put in now or their email address login to Facebook with the, with the click of a button. Very, very easy. You can then start to capture that details and they'll come through as a contact in here. And then later on you can send chat blasts, which is similar to an email blast to those contacts from all within, from mobile monkey dashboard. And you don't have to pay anything for, of, for formation of these things. A lot of majority is free and it's very, very easy and effective to do. So. So I'm just gonna run every summer bits in here in the dashboard just so you get a little bit more familiarized. And just to make a little bit easier for you to understand what it's all about. Cuz I appreciate at the first look of a could look a little bit confusing, but it's not that confusing. Boise is quiet and noise, dashboard and a system. So essentially if you're on the homepage in a calm in the top left corner and click on mobile monkey. This is the main home dash screen that you will also see. If you come into here on chat box on the left, you go a drop-down where you can actually create your automated chat bot selections, whether you want to create a starter. I'm credit dialogue, questions and answer related bought on automating automation rule. Bought. So again, these are all b or the on your website or on your Facebook page. And as I'm not gonna go through every single one of this lesson will be about three hours long. But I will cover the very, very basics of a and an or show you that the best and the most popular ones that you can use to get started of the ego, your inbox. So if somebody does send a question to you through, they click on this button, for example, in the bottom row and less on your website or again on your wrist and message on Facebook. Messages will come in as well. Campaigns, this is why you so create any Jolkona chat plastic campaigns. You can see here. So I'll show you that in a moment. You can also create XO drip campaigns as enlarged, send the messages to people. You can also create sponsored messages, actually through here, inserting a grave in Facebook. And I actually got to have noise-free $50 RAM coupon air as While. I'm just quite annoying. So you might want to consider doing a inet. You're welcome. But if God so any leads that you guys have, leads come through here, you know, they think contrary all nouns you can see there's a few here that have come through. I'm in this account, integrations which you can ignore and analytics, which is kind of stats and measurements. And so this is the top of the dashboard. So I'm going to come in here and I'm going to show you the first one such chat starter. So Facebook page while comma. So this, as you can see, we've got one which is active here at the moment. And what you can do is here, you know, you can create a new one. We can edit this one. And essentially what it says, it says that this is, you know, when people hit send message button on your Facebook page, you can create dialogue automatically in here and you can solve, essentially say, whatever you wanted to add to the customer. So I'm gonna, I'm gonna show you, show you that right now. Okay, so what we're gonna do is we're going to start off by creating a very, very simple Welcome dialog for our Facebook page. So it's gonna be a welcome dialog. So what we want to do is click on the drop-down, select Facebook page while comma. So as I mentioned, that's just a very simple one, but uses they click on a send message here on your Facebook business page. This is the automatic messages that they'll get. So we're gonna create that right now. So click ongoing dialogue. Okay? And then what you wanna do is when you come to this screen here, add a widget. And you got all these options here. So I'm going to pay for the text1, hit that. And then what we're gonna do is we're going to say, hey. And then what you want to do is open curly bracket, open, like this and twice. So what you then do is you get maple monkeys automatically generated tags in there, and they give you all these tag options that you automatically get failed in the whole slide, the first one on there. So hey, firstName comma. So that's just going to say hey, and then the person's first name because it uses already signed into Facebook member monkey knows what that person's name means already. So you say, hey, John, Sarah, whoever might be calmer. And I'm going to pause me, log in and thanks for dropping us. A line. Could OIG confirm. The best email address to reach you on. So all you can personally come back to you on this. Okay? So you can also convert if you really wanted to, you can add a button in there and you can Cotton like put in a phone number. So get phone so you can get phone number. So I'm just gonna show you this now. What's gonna create that k? So what you could do is just go back in there and say, you know, if you'd if you'd like to give us a call on this number below, please feel free. Okay. Once they'd get found embed, that will then reveal to find embed of just reuptake. Okay. So essentially dies a for the first very, very simple, easy welcome. Avoids, does actually lived as on then I'm going to show you that now what it looks like on the front end. But it's very, very quick, easy, simple one. And to capture the details, so don't forget once a user hits the they get info button, they automatically opt into your marketing. So it's really very easy and effective way of doing that. So let's, let's dive in. Nor Sridhar wrote down the front end. Okay, so here we are on the front-end. So imagine this is a Facebook page. So I did the customer do is click on this. And also they're just send a message. I'm just going to hit Test button. Okay? And now you can see at the bottom it says get started. So this is what I was talking about a second ago. As soon as you hit this and, you know, you can fe m, The the, the company will be able to see the detail. So you can see in that WPC your public info, which is absolutely fine. So he'd get started. Okay, and then boom, there we go. And that's exactly what we just talked say. Said they galaxies talking, say, hey, asthma in the face of brokenness alone, correct? Confirm the best email address to reach you on. So compacity, come back to you on this. If logic is a Coppola, click on this phone number. So I click on that and it should show me. They go they go see O1 says, So it's come up here. And it's actually asking me to use my application. We know that it's working and we let us absolutely fine. So just jump back in there. So that works as well. And, you know, I could go in there and I could call him, give them an e-mail address or the like that. And then that's captured and that gets stored inside in so mobile monkey in a, as a, as a, as a contact inside here. I can go. I so thus does just them creating a welcome Juan. So less list1 as a little bit more intricate. Unless you actually create a noise level, a bond there with colleagues or some automation. Okay, so in this form, then everyone, we can create a yam, a Q and a question and answer automated chat bot. So what you wanna do is you just click on the top left mobile monkey leg over again, sway in the same screen, the oman. Okay, by the way, we can see that that messages and earliest recorded that already. And so just coming back here, this is gone now and click on Q and a. You then see a screen like this, okay? And you can see some carnival questions on here that I've already come three. And what maybe monkey does is it gives you lock a count on the right-hand side. Um, and what you can do is you can actually get an idea of which ones, which questions you're getting most commonly. And then you can actually create a ball around those questions. And it's also got white noise feature now is color-code automated? Memories of system moral column. The bot will automatically try and figure things out and trauma respond to them the best way can. So and you did this three keywords. So for example, they give us four, click on the icon, select this, any of these either the column, the DNN, answer questions here on the right-hand side. For that particular company, then you can only do it that way or you can create your own. So for example, we've got one in there. You can do in there, so you have price. So I hit enter that will come down into there to get rid of this and a prize. So if somebody mentions the keyword price in that chat box on the website, we can then go back and our chat Bob will reply with a certain answer. So you can either choose a dialogue. A dialogue is something that we created a moment ago. Ok? All we can just do our own unique text here. You can stick in things like emerges and also some net. So if somebody says, so if somebody says, Well, you know, I'm just after some prices for your product or I'm just wondering how much, what kind of price this costs. You could go back and you could say something like, hey, again, open brackets, firstName, always good practice to do that for personalization. And you can say, hey, yeah, FSM, I see, you're interested in getting some pricing from us. Please drop us a quick line. Here. What you can do is again open bracket. And if you type in a name email, or am I the K, that will then actually, this is a millionaire. They obey Sardi, a merging things and weigh in a little bit topologists law. So that also come up and nowadays should add our email address in there so the user can just direct email. But essentially you could put anything you like in there. You know, you can add in another answer. And in their secret like multiple answers and narrative delete edges click on this delete box here. Random means that if somebody asks and there's multiple answers in here, if you select random and have that on, it will send these messages in a randomized order. So instead of saying the same thing over and over, over again. So if the customer comes back and under severe returns, a message to that says all No, really I was looking for REM price today. You can then create another answer here and then it will randomize. A robin keeps saying, keep repeating the same thing which obviously would get little bit irritating for the customer, in that you could do other things like this in here. Say for example, just give you a real-world scenario. Let's say you had luck, a free PDF download in here, all gone here, for example, is an Grotius ego free version coming saying. So somebody could say, well when is the free version or the longer version coming saying when his upcoming seems so I could go into mobile, so that could be questionable becoming three-quarter law, go in there and I can type in their light archetype in their version. Ok, just get rid of that for a second. And this just show you an idea. So we've got light and vision in that. Anybody mentions that anywhere in their text or go back and say, thanks for your question. In controlling Today. Theme K2 is launching, sorry, thin K2s lite version is coming in and Anika GPA in college. A date in there for example. So, so how does this benefit you in two ways. Say one, you're capturing that customers data and that will come through in your inbox, which means that you can later send a message to that customer for free through mobile monkey. So when the product is live, for example, beta, we can send a chat blast to that customer. Okay, because that's a lead. Technically. You're also you're answering their questions. And it's study in an automated way where you don't have to actually need to be there and it's done it automatically for you. So absolutely fantastic to lots and lots of colors, benefits to it. And I highly, highly recommend day. There's lots of other good free bits in there. There's also lots of other great tutorials out there that will go in depth as and I'll come cover unfortunately a cone cover everything. Otherwise, this lesson would be hours and hours long. But you've got things like comic gods in here. The coming God is the one I talked about in the previous lesson. And that allows you to store again, start a dialogue. Go back and reply back to people inside Facebook comments, since it's a view I've gone and running. And you can create some of these. They're hitting the hey, thanks or leaving a comment, commit message you hear later user replies. You can call, you can edit these, you can change them. You can add emojis. You can even add like pictures and all sorts. And there you can even change the frequency of leaving choose minutes as well in there. Yes, I've minutes. Obviously all sorts. It's a really, really powerful tool. And one of the things I haven't, and I'll show you really quickly, in fact, is getting a setup on your website. So let's say you're using something like WordPress and you want to actually get this added behind. You wanna get mobile monkey added onto your website itself, as opposed to Facebook. So he using a popular platform like WordPress or you want to do is login to Dashboard. Go onto your plug-in section, and then just simply search for like, you know, mobile monkey. Hit Enter. You'll get this form. Come upon here. Wp chat bot for messenger hit install. Okay, so once ice installed, you just do them just want to eight it. Okay. Because we're logged into Facebook already. This, this plug-in should give it gives options. A heavy guy, say connect to Facebook page. So I'm just gonna connect to the page so we're going to continue. Okay, let us call it, let it do its thing on there. So there's now been a connect that plugin on our website to the page. There we go. So spotted the page. So we're going to hit select. Ok, just wait for it to finish off, which is just doing now. And there we go. So that's all set upon there. Okay, perfect. So thus all connected loop where all green. Now let's have a look on the front-end now. So bottom right corner, if I hit refresh on this page, we should see a nice blue icon pop up in the bottom-right corner. If it doesn't appear in the bottom right-hand corner, then it might be that you just need to activate a Send button on there. And I'll show you how to get to that. Now. What you need to do is that. So I'll just go through and say click on, go to Melbourne monkey for you there on the button. It will then load up the screen. Okay? And then what you wanna do is if you come to just come through to here, customer job chat, Ali Khan. Ok, come down. That's all fine. A next on their case and this is how we want to appear. Now. Hit next. Indexed on these, just keep falling it through UK. So you might need, we might need this code here. There's just copy this code as Allowance, copy that code. Okay. Let's run the diagnostic. But I believe there might be that we just need to reinsert this code into the yeah, there we go, into the header section on there. So let's just double check that in the theme. So you'll need to do this in your, in your website or software as well. So you'll have a header section on their on their says hasn't it says no issues found murmured. Double-check that inside the themes. I'm just going to go. In fact, let's just log on justice, do another refresh now and see if it pops up as a code might already be on there. There we go. So yes, so there we go. So it's all working in then the bottom right hand corner now. So because well, because I'm logged in as myself, you know, I can continuous myself or I can login as a Gesso, just you just continue as asthma, I'd say. And there we go. Because it goes so is come up with automated continuous working perfectly in there. So I'm just going to show you how to create the chat bot now guys, the chap luster, sorry. So if you jump back into mobile monkey, again, top left-hand corner, if you click on the logo. If you then come to chat bot near the top left and click on dialogue. So the chap bluster essentially can work through a dialogue, said dialogues essentially, almost like message. And imagine yo dialogue is lock him in a creative message that you're going to create. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna show you how to do that. Now, on the left-hand side, what we're gonna do is we're gonna create a, an offer. So we're kind of log K, M and a flash sale. And via chat blast, say, we come onto the left-hand side and do the default folder, hit the plus and dialogue and give you dialogue names. I'm just going to call it something like 25% off. Okay. Cuz that's what the offer is going to be. And remember that's going to stay in there now as well. So there's quite a few things we can do here. So we can, we can create an image, we can even add in light gifts and we clean, declarative multiple Gallery in there. We can add attachments so we can do all kinds of creative stuff now, even video. So there's no limitation on your creative side of things. Hey guys, Are you personally, I'd create some inquiry in a simple and effective. So I'm just going to show you, show you that now. So click on here. Selector image. So that's just one of created earlier. And what I do recommend is because majority of people are now on mobile, you want to go for an image format of either 1080 by 1080, which is square, which is what you've got on your, on your screen here. And all you want to go for like a year. And 1920 by 1080. And so a big part in the other way around 1080 by 1920, which is a good HD mobile portrayed size. So that's does collagen and getting be my image that I'm gonna put off, that they're put in there as a twenty-five percent offer, which the user's gonna see. So I'm going to create another widget now, and I'm going to add some text in there. I'm going to put some text in there and say hi, and then do first_name. And then what we do is let's just put in. In fact before that, what we'll do is move that down. And let's add in some stars. Let's just do some stars in there and do flush offer. Learned just copy paste this. Okay. So flash refer just to produce a desk this is centrally located and attention grabber. Okay, to flush offer high first_name and then enter. Just to not caps lock. Just to let you know, we have an amazing twenty-five percent off right now for a limited time. Only exclamation mark. Okay. So what we've done is we've coined, if we've got look a bit a minute, attention grabber here, we've got their first name for personalization. We've then got the discounting now, which is very important to kind of reflect what's in the image. And we've got right now. So these are all very, very important ingredients, if you like, that, we should highlight you recommend in kind of in probably in all your various marketing activities, be it email marketing, SMS marketing, or calling a web chat blast and Facebook marketing. These are really, really good key ingredients that you know, I've been known to work for a limited time only this Collins like helps with what we call scarcity or urgency, say because, you know, people often will have what we call fear of missing out or, or FOMO is abbreviated. So people don't want, you know, people that got that fear, they don't want to miss out. So these kind of things, they can get it for a limited time only. These kinda help create action and they help people take action a lot more quickly. So, and so this is just a top tip here in, in, in a sense. This is a very good comment. Your short and sweet and personalised message they should be following to. We're always said just to let you know, we have an amazing twenty-five percent off right now for a limited time only. Hurry themed K2 is available now. And then you could call him, put in there. You can put like Boeing now. And then a URL in there. And then getting just, just put your kind of any, any URL in their view of your choice. Okay, so we can also add a tag in there to say at a tag which I do recommend and any tag you want to put something like 25% of Deal. And this, this will really help you because later on, you will know how once you start creating a few of them, you know, twenty-five percent, ten, 50% percent, etcetera, etcetera, or other offers you'll be able to see which ones have been most successful, which had been the most lucrative. And that'll give you a very good idea and you know, you'll be able to see OK, well we've got a list of common line 20 here now or ten year now. Offers 4610 were the most popular. So then you can con stall using them again, improve them slowly, and work on them. And what happens is over time you'll get better and better and better. And you'll get to a point where you have, it's so kind of opera. So while optimized, you'll, you'll beginning color really, really high conversions, very, very low deed costs. And that's kind of where you want to get to. But these three stop things will give you a massive, massive headstart. And because these are things I do it day in, day out and they're known as a working formula. And this is what I highly, highly recommend. Again, just go ahead and hit Create. Once you're happy with your messaging and trap bought in there. Again, you can actually, you can, you can, you can move this up or down. You can, if you want to have this common line below, below there or have this both there, you know, you can do that as well. Just grab these arrows on the right hand side here and just move it up or down. So I just grab it and go. Since up to you whether which way you want it. Generally images at the top or the beginning works slightly better because they, you know, they colorful that they're bright. And they call it, they, they look good and they'll grab a user's attention quickly. And if they logged the look of the image has got located, you know, something like a new in there or a discount in there that will call up, grab people's, people's attention. And obviously this is just your messaging here, through there. Okay, so, so this is the first part of your chat blast. Once you've got this and you've created a new saved it, you know, this is your twenty-five percent ROM. You can't test a dialogue through there, which we're just come and bump you out into the front end. And but what I'm gonna do is I'm going to show you the chap law. So it now, so does another dialogue created for your offer. So let's just go back into, into here, or MOS or campaigns or a crate campaigns. So chap luster on the left, hit chat bluster. Okay. You then see a screen like this. So let's name a trap plateau. Do 25% of the cave to match what we had in the other screen. Okay. So says a promotional message. You can also do update and other things on their tea and hit next. Okay? And lets call it. So the audience. Yes, so the audience that we had in therefore just the first one that we created, long though I tested with earlier on. And this is called event upsell. So we just leave it as that for the moment of the can change line down, call it what you like. So the dialogues or this will be the 20-40 percent one author we've just created. So if you scroll through here now, they will be a 25% of which is here. Okay? So that's the one that we've just created, which is here. Okay, there we go. So that's all perfect. You can even add more buttons in there if you wish, or even, even actually edited there, which is really, really handy. And you can even add ly more widgets and they're talking coming there and in another widget in there, another image or more texts or even, you know, even a gift. So all essentially all these things, all these widgets you can add in thereafter. So it's really, really powerful, really, really great way to grab the user's attention. Very effective, such as clothes that off. So hit next again. I came to choose when to send your message. Okay, same audio, obviously the sand layers in the primary, but if you want to send it now, if I hit, then, you know, that will that will get sent as a message to hit send. Yep. So this sentence, if you see here, it's been it's been delivered and it's been sent via Facebook Messenger. So to to myself in fact, because I was the only person in the event upsell group at the beginning. Thus constraint to me as a message inside meu Facebook chat. And that's all been done completely free. And that's going to have a very, very high, you know, high open rate on this. You know, in fact, you remember monkey says is around 80, 80%. So I'm going to, I'm going to show you that. So I'm just looking on my mobile phone here and it's come up straight away right at the top of my phone. And I can see that it's come up on my phone. So I'm just going to open that so you can see see where it comes apart. So in fact, what it is. If I if I take a screenshot of this and then I'll post it on here so you can see what it looks like. So I'll post it up on the screen now. So we can see the authors constraint through on mere BAD instantly G, These are sort of noise, nice image. And then we've got the Flash offer with the, that the boy now button here at the bottom as well. Says where it kind of really, really effectively wellness constraint into the where, into my inbox and would feign. Or could even so click on this image here and expanded. But that sort of fits in that coordinate mostly because I went for the 1080 by 1080 square format, which I do recommend. As I said, most people are on mobile now. And, and, you know, this, this render really stands out away, grabs my intention. It looks good. So this is going to wear irregularly effectively. Now let's, let's flip back into mobile monkey and let's see if it's already updated. Their stats are now already as I've only just literally kept on it. Just now is let's flip back to that. So back in mobile monkey and let's just take on the risk is refreshed really quickly and see if we've got any stance. And now as of yet, so from Gaza we've got 1 $0.01 in there. So it's just right-click on then him view rapport. Okay, so we can see, there we go. We can see straight away that it's come upon there as it's been spinning red and on there already. Okay. And there's no response on there at the moment. But if I if I go into into my, into my short app itself and let's just do is just do a quick reply and net of I'll just hit Reply, hit send. So I'll just hit sent in than just now the second, let's just do another refresh on the screen. So it's not updated just yet birds and I've only just santa this very, very second. Let's go back into top-level going to analytics. Ok, so these are some of the analytics dashboard they can see in here. Kay, Let's go back into our campaigns. It's doing a little refresher on there. So yeah, I think it will take a short amount of time to date, a set of Eddie to literally just take the and respond button. That Denmark more in tech, I show loyalty to update. I think it's normally about 30, not 20 to 30 minutes approximately. But it's kind of come up in any showing up in their says as it has been read in there as, and that will kind of update in your RAM, in your analytics here as well. Say when or Georgia show you the extraordinary cookie and a justice or complete off. And give you a well-rounded view of everything in. So in a contacts we've got, you know, boy platforms we can see in there at the moment in here we've got a 43 contacts and they've all come via Facebook Messenger. Member monkey does have an SMS short message system. Text messaging facility would open cover off in this lesson, that is a paid service through them. I believe very charging around $19. Yeah, $19 is all they charge amongst those is quite cheap and is a very, very good, powerful software that gives you a few more, excuse me, like gives you a few more sort of updates in there and few more access to a few more integrations and some other bids. So for for any $19 is it is a very, very good software. And as you know, in combination with Facebook, ad space messenger adds, yeah, this, this can work very, very effectively. And in fact, with that offer or $50 that they did have on, you know, technically your first couple of humans would actually be free as well. So just looking at the start, said that everyone, and we can see here this is the welcome message that we did on and the actual On our Facebook website itself. So we can see on there that we started off three conversations to respondents, which has given us and just AD 66% open rate on there. Q and A's. We haven't admitting on there at the moment that we're calling gives the keywords are triggering off most of your popular keywords in here. And any unanswered questions triggered and are in here. So obviously, if this, these numbers get quite high, then you need to solve, investigate that on the ends of sea water sampling. It is your daily contacts and sessions. So this is called low hanging. On a daily basis you gain also just put this one back home to give you an idea and as an example. But this will give you the last 14 days with a date or a nasa, again, very handy to see the see your progress in there. And essentially in terms of the, you know, in terms of the stance instead, these are the basic start say again the free version. As I said, you FE, did wanna upgrade and you know, to to the bigger package, then I slowly more and month. So but yeah, in a nutshell, that's pretty much a on the mobile monkeys or things, but it is one of the best bottle automated. Sophisticated AI chatbots, diets around at the moment did these chapels here, they've been around for probably a year or so now. But they are getting more and more popular every year because they do save you costs overall, they do how? But automation, they do capture leads. And in my opinion, there are other ones out there. And I have tried monetary where there's Molly favorite, and it's definitely been my ball monkey. And it's just very, very noisy, simple, intuitive dashboard. That's quite easy to setup. And yes, like I said, it's going to capture leads for you. You can either send them messages local just showed you a moment ago. You can grow and build your ram, your Facebook contacts this way as well. And the anion. So slowing negative about Asia, you can see specific details. You can't see pizza and people's information in their email address and stuff like that. But you can blast and through the software. And, and I said you can set up the Facebook ads through there as well, through the sponsor. Wants to enter in here as well. So you can't display knows it that will go to your, your, your contacts. And then once you've done this, you can then create lookalike audiences in soil Facebook using these, using it and using these columns. Contacts in this custom audience from within here, from within mobile monkey. So it's still really, really effective. Boroujerdi Hyundai. And if you do have any questions on legis, drop me a comment or semi message and you know, ultimate best to help you analyse or things. But that concludes the mobile monkey dashboard soil things. And please, please do let me know in the discussion section how you get on locked in there to help you expand nine grayed out further with Yay. 14. Ad-Hack 1 - Inverted / UpSide Down Ads: Okay everyone, so I'm running. So I wanted to show you some of the fantastic at hacks are going to help you ready scale up and grow your account. So smart after all, that is the name of the course in a Facebook ad hacks and tricks to get you growing your accounts really, really quickly. So just to clarify, you know, an ad-hoc is nothing. It Ego is completely defined. And these are basically growth tactics that will kind of quickly help you scale up, install, getting quick results in your account. So as mentioned previously, Facebook isn't as cheap as it was a few years ago. And cost per conversion rates and are getting more and more expensive. And that climbing every quarter and in fact every year. So you probably know this from the previous lesson that I've showed you how to create a good working at that will get you some really noise results. But if you're really looking to push the boundaries and stop thinking outside the box. I'm going to show you some crazy add hacks that are going to scale up your account. So here's my number-one ad-hoc. And I'm going to show you some real life, real working examples to make it a lot easier and a lot more tangible for you to see and replicate your south. And some of these ads are getting super, super high engagement and they're very, very cheap on Tokyo early, a few cents a click. So, so let's take a quick look at this ad on the screen here. So we've got a t-shirt company that's essentially summing this t-shirt, which says, life took me to England, but I'll always be in Arizona girl. So this is actually a very, very specific T-Shirt that only a very small amount of people that will be interested in. So why is it getting on lots of engagement and voice again, lots of comments. Awhile people engaging with this so much. So let's take a quick look at some of the comments on him. Some nano she sent a list a little bit creepy. And they're saying, you know, what slots commonly going on here. Jessica saying, I need this. He's interested in a cerebellar saying, you know, how many areas had seen I live in England. And another person saying a bit creepy, and it definitely is. In a nutshell, what necessary, particularly teacher companies doing is they run an ad in Facebook. They're targeting people in England that were previously living in Arizona. So yes, very, very specific, very, very tailored. How on earth did they do this? How on earth did they achieve this together? Very, very super low clicks and lots and lots of engagement. While I can show you guys how they actually did this. And this is what we call an inverted ad. Or an upside down at two kind of different likes and embed different college behaviors and combine them to create a super, super high engaged adverts. I'm going to show you exactly how these guys did that right now. So this is how this company actually did this and how they achieved this. If you look on the right-hand side with the two circles overlap. So there in the blue one that targeting women that live in England. So this is very, very easy to do as you learn through the course. So you can target females or women. You can target countries, languages. So it's very, very easy to do. And this is really, really easy, Paul, or they, what they've done is there's also a demographic that you can target inside Facebook, monastic green circle on the right. And that's people that have recently moved. So there's also a web talk to demographic in there. So that kind of covers 50% of how they achieved this. So quite simple so far. But I'll show you the magic behind their, how they have gotten there. So the first half is very easy. Just talking women in England that common like recently moved. Nice and easy. Ok, but how do they know? Well, how did they actually know the people that have moved from Arizona specifically does the challenge and that's the key here to getting that super high engagement to get now really, really, really low clicks and cost per clicks to achieve really very good conversions and high impact on your, on your answer. So I'm going to show you that in the next slide here. So you've take look at the new image here on the right-hand side, everyone, so you can see, and there's a third circle that's been added and nasty yellow one. And that's the third interest that you target by inside Facebook. And so you take the key. Here's a bit of an educated guess. And this is where the inverted or upside down kind of a token comes from because you cannot flip it on its head in Yukon and make an educated guess based on your demographic and you sort of start to target people that may be interested in this, as I say, you know, bars in Arizona, clubs, schools, leisure centers, you know, activities that specific in Arizona and other relating your perhaps you know, Arizona. The locations in Arizona. For example, if it is like a beach destination or if it's called corner location, that that your you you wouldn't go for. Specific things are specific to that city. Only. And that's where the magic happens. So you can see where the red arrow is pointing, where the sweet spot is to talk. And that kind of combines the three together. So you've got from 22 million from the women in England down to 3.5 million people who have recently moved. You combine the two and then you combine that third circle and you target the sweet spot in the middle. Say your target audience might only be a couple of thousand or something like that perhaps. But what happens is because they're highly, highly engaged people in your ad that drastically drops down your cost per click. And you'll inevitably your cost per conversion comes right down really, really quickly. So that's dusk comment the magic formula here, nascar, unlike the small growth hack that you can do to kind of combine the three. And this works, this is tried and tested. It works fantastically well. So you all are, what I recommend is for your next step as an action point is to basically just get a whiteboard with a pen and paper. Start scribbling down some ideas of who your target audiences. What do they do, what are their interests, and what might they be interested in? And then solve brainstorms and really good ideas, perhaps asking friends and family to get some of their important ideas as well. And just write it down and start to build and grow your audience that way. And you know, I can guarantee Goyal, you'll get some fantastic results and the software radio very effectively for you, because the more engaged when you get on your, on your ads like comments, likes shares, more. And you know, engaging when you get your, your cost per click will come down and inevitably your room cost per conversion, and then sales and costs to acquire customers will come right down. So just before I show you that term, second example, everyone, just take a real quick look at this screen here. So we can see on there this is sum targeting in Facebook. And the traditional method in Facebook is to target what we call as column Roy, can you maintain target points? So for example, if we're, let's say an email marketing company. So we've got an email marketing software. Let's say. We've got this software. We want to target customers or people that are interested in perhaps other popular softwares such as calm, a male chimp, constant contact, email marketing as a general kind of interest. And also sort of just in the middle here we've got a sort of industry that they're interested in generally should include or must include and much marketing. So there's color, the, the traditional way of doing things. And like we said before, it is getting slightly more expensive. And it is, it is sort of gains older, bought boy the day. So. Take a look at this example now the second example of how unrelated interests are kind of creating more engagement. So as I said, people or getting slightly less engaged now with these kind of ours because they're kind of building what we call ad blindness to them where they would just kind of skip past it. And, but you become blind to those ads. And you know, those kind of ads, you know, fatigue as well over time. So the unrelated at tactic and ad-hoc is a fantastic way because it's something new, something fresh, and it's something that not many people are doing at the moment. So take a look at this example here. So on this example here we can see that I contact, which is an e-mail marketing platform as we just can't have discussed. They've come and use the unrelated ad-hoc combined with Game of Thrones, which is very, very popular TV show, which I'm sure you've heard have. So what they've done is they've integrated and in their targeting method that we just looked at, they've targeted people that were also not only interested in marketing, but also interested in Game of Thrones. So what happens then is because they're two very unrelated targeting methods. And you get, you get good amount of engagement. You get lots of people that are kind of, you know, they'll interact within their law. Oh wow, that's a bit different. So that's collar the actual reaction that they'll get. They'll then sought to like share, comment and so on. And thus it will decrease your room, your advertising costs, and increase your engagement and boost your sales. I mean, they did, these costs are done in a very clever way where they've kind of worded in such way you can tell the odyssey of earning a split test between the two and stayed with ofs, with the dragon and, and, and the crow. So you can see there they've done here, there are many ways to get the word out. Don't just winging it. Get email marketing for my code tat, Detroit's for free. So this is a very, very good at. And I said people that are kind of interested in marketing and Game of Thrones, you know, you can kind of target that two of them and you'll get much more engagement from them. So, so in a nutshell, that is the first ad-hoc that I do recommend. Please do follow the action point that I shared with you a moment ago. Crate those lists, do some brainstorming and perhaps do some mind-mapping and get some ideas flowing. And you can really ready solved, tailor your aunts, brought this and start talking this, those unrelated tactics to get some really, really good engagement. So just to summarize on this section than everyone really quickly. So the first step is to create those really high engaging, unrelated targeting attributes to get those ridiculously high Cordova engagements. And the second thing is, is to obviously create your ads and then sort of not, you know, they're not really that boring, less or different, that fresh and appealing to people with multiple interests, such as a second step. And so I'm the third and final step is to cut down the soils of the audience by combining those unrelated audiences are unrelated interests. And that way you can spend less on your budgets if you have only got a few dollars to spend a day, for example, you know, you can really bring your write your costs right down and get away with maybe spending a couple, a few dollars a day and bring your costs year right down. So I hope that really, really helps. And I can't wait to show you the next exciting ad-hoc. 15. Ad-Hack 2 - The Food Fight Method: Okay everyone, so the next ad-hoc talks a little bit about the food fight method. So this is a method to get maximum engagement, once again, in your Facebook ads. And it's a slightly different technique to essentially get audiences to interact with each other in a nutshell, to boosting engagement on a post, get your cost per clicks right down to, again, increase that towards a mountain called comments, likes, shares and column, essentially get them. And you know, figure WE speaking, fighting against each other in the comments section to help boost your, your visibility and metrics and Valentine's goal on your Facebook posts. So let's dive in and I'll show you a real quick example of this. So let's say for example, you re a food or a diet or nutrition fitness company, or a personal instructor for example. So you might post a new more and say, hey, what do you feel is the best diet? Do you think it's the Atkins diet or do you think it's a, you know, the keto diet and, or could even be Paleo. So what you do is, you know, you could probably do something like Atkins versus paleo diet or icons versus Quito. And then essentially what you do is in your ad, you would target those customers. So like for example, on the screen here you can see the ad targeting method, the auger tall gay in Facebook. So what you do is you actually target both parties, essentially compete against each other because you'll get the corner of the die-hard fans that will be kind of very attached to, for example, Atkins. And I might say, hey, well know Atkins is great because it's very low. Carbs is high protein. This is where it really, really well for me and I feel gray and this is fantastic. And then you might get the paleo and audience. They might say, well actually no, you know, and I've used this for years. So let lots of my clients, and it gives you lots and lots of energy and EC essentially, what starts to happen is you get the both parties start engaging in conversation. And because you're talking very, very specific audiences, again, the engagement level goes up and you start to get lots and lots of interaction. Engagement and Facebook. Absolutely love Stan, and that's key here. So you know what you don't want to do is you don't want to post anything too dramatic to Collins taught people having arguments or anything like that. So you want to stay away from that. Of course, obviously you can also hide comments, don't forget should they ever happened. But this is a very, very good hidden secret and a little hack to get a lot of engagement on your posts. So obviously it, you're kind of a fitness. Go to your instructor or your proudly a gym or anything like that. So this would be a great way for you to kind of put this out there and get lots of interaction and gets a lot of traffic to your posts and mentee or website, etc.. So that's just one very, very good work in practice example. I'll now show you another one which would effectively run. These are things that have been tried and tested everyone. So they were very, very effectively. Let me show you another example that you can call and get the ideas from and you can implement it straightaway. Okay, so the next one, AUB chooses the same mythology for targeting is another post which ones actually tried and tested. And I'll show you some of the colors and the demographics and Taguchi methods and Facebook that we used for this to give you a real working live example. And so this was the same techniques. So this was done at targeting. So essentially this was a post that was done in LinkedIn Pulse. And it was targeting as a, as a test it was targeting and the working moments versus kind of the stay at home moms, which, you know, It's a very, very common Vm, is a topic which is well known and often, you know, working moms economy want to validate their sort of their choices for them for being working moms at Harvard. Did this whole study in their name column said they, they, they working moms, you know, rates more successful daughters and empathetic sons. And so you can kind of imagine if he posted this somewhere and then kind of boosted Facebook post with their, you know, you've got a game with 2.5 sheet. You got the first half, which is called the working moms, you know, the kind of lawyer. They'll comment on then to Hague and I, this is wireless current day. We're CMO Walcott, if there were the head of head of marketing for good or for this company. And I want to give my daughter the best terms, you know, when a teacher all more, give out all my knowledge and help us succeed in life. Then you've got the other half, which is coronoid. The stay at home. Moms work equally as hard. And they say, well, hang on. I want to spend all my quality time with my children. So it's almost like the perfect balance of, you know, getting to audiences to interact with each other. And you can kind of see here that the engagement went through the roof. So it had over 10 thousand likes, red, One over 400 comments. And these are both both sides of the corner of the half. There were kind of, you know, not, not, not arguing or not really debating. The economists say, let you know, this is why I do it. So you can imagine the kind of engagement that these kind of postcard was very, very high. So just to show you some of the targeting methods that are used inside Facebook to again talk somebody to give you a flavor and a good working idea of there. So I'll show you on the screen, on the screen now. So you can see again, typically we chose kind of demographic and various interests and targeting methods as kind of, you know, stay at home mom, It's successful stay-at-home moms, you know, being a full-time mommy. Mumps net, which is a very, very popular blog and current forum where moms will go in and interact and ask each other lots and lots of questions, a calling it all, all walks of life in those. So that's also a good idea for you guys to target some kind of popular blogs and forums in the niche, niche that you're corn of targeting as well. So these are just some really, really good ideas that will help you grow and expand your red you're talking methods and great, get that maximum engagement. And that is really the best way to draw it down. Some your costs in there. At the moment, this is the working formula for Facebook to get that. And as I said, you know, if things start to get a little bit heated conversations or whatever at which sometimes carping, you've always got the, you know, the power and the admin rights, Econohead comments. So people can sort of see them and so forth. And you can always call IT admin ego as well. But this worse, this is, this is the most effective way at the moment that is working very, very well and I'll hard-line you recommend it. So that's says hack number two. So I'm going to now move on to the third hack, which is going to be more slowly on continent there re-marketing side of things inside, inside Facebook. 16. Ad-Hack 3 - Re-Marketing Only?: Okay, so in this third hat, this is slightly different than the idea of this one is to, is to run Facebook remarketing ads only. So I know that sounds a bit crazy and just hanging out for a moment. So the idea of remarketing is if it's too, when bank customers, I've kind of gone away from your website. If you don't quite understand this or effectiveness or principle of remote thing adds. So most websites out there tend to have when, let's say either a bounce rate or often, e-commerce websites will only convert, kind of wanted to out of every ten people that land on their website or, you know, Italy lawyer came around five, for example, 5%. So a massive 90 to 95% of visitors I will come onto your webpage. Status it sounds will actually bounce off or not convert in a sale or lead. So the beauty of re-marketing is that you can serve ads to those people who have already landed on your website. They've so senior website that collagen flavor for who you are, what you do, what you can call it the present and how you can help solve their problem. And they can see, and later on. You can do this through Facebook. Obviously Kongzi also do through things like Google, Bing and so on. And but the idea of remarketing ads is to win back those losing customers and ensure that they don't forget about your brand. They don't forget about what products or services. They will look it up on your pages when they landed on that. And this is just kind of like the nature of the consumer and nature of how people can shop and how they behave on loin. Remarketing is a very, very effective way to win back those customers. And Facebook is absolutely fantastic and to allow you to you and to do that. And three, the remarketing out what you'd have is an oil test set is personally along with many, many other, While respected marketers in the industry, um, and what they do is they, even if you set up ads, enjoyed Facebook that were absolutely identical in terms of colliding in ID, the ad copy, the colliding the audiences, the demographics, etc., etc.. But if you set them up as a remarketing answer, oily only targeted people that have already been on your website and gone away to show them the ads nor a fresh list. And you'll find, looking at this chart here on the screen, you will find that the click-through rates will be much, much higher. You'll find that your conversions will also be higher. And you find that that will also spend more time on your websites as well. So, so, so the question here is Why is everyone running remarketing ads? And the other key really here is, is to, you need to initially get some traffic to your website first in order to actually remark it to those customers thereafter. Because hey, you know, if you haven't got customers that come onto your website, well, how are you going to remark it to them? So you've got a, gets a few starting off as a brand new company, starting off fresh with not such a huge audience online. The first step is obviously is to drive traffic to your website. You need to be things like keyword research, things like SEO. And I'll show you that with a top ten list file share with you in a moment of freeways and eaten generate traffic and good quality traffic in order to actually compile those awesome remarketing lists and campaigns, which I'll be showing you how to create those shortly in the course as well. And so or share all that with you in just a moment. And so if you, if you do want to look at ways to generate traffic via SEO, I have got another course on keyword research, that keyword research is one of the most fundamental things of search engine optimization, SEO. And Mr. cornerstone obey is why Level I first start marketing and I highly, highly recommend is I've got a whole course on that. It's almost skill share, account, do check it out. I highly recommend Day. And I'll give you a very, very good inside flavor. It's got lots of free tools in there that will help you understand that sort of things and drive the traffic to your, to your websites. And then that's when you can stop creating as remarketing lists to re-target those, there's customers have gone away. So just having a look onDestroy or chow here on the screen, you can see that the click-through rates are much, much higher or you know, on the, on the remarketing ones and also get a lot more sales. So they do a lot better if, you know, unless your column using some of the other strategies I've talked about already, some of the color box ways and to get a massive engagement in the previous lessons. But if you can combine the two that I've talked about with the food fight on the corner of the high engagement one. Tactics and hacks, if you can combine with the remarked infant, combine these. You're going to absolutely smash it with your ram, with your energy going to be fantastically well. So, so yes, let me, let me show you. So you, so you're probably wondering, dashed grey as Mao per, How am I going to get that traffic on my mom Karnak and new, new company am coin Knutson advertising and Facebook. How am I going to generate those volumes or connect traffic in the first place in order to remark it to those customers thereafter, what goes? I'm going to show you exactly now. So if you look on the screen here, these are my top ten ways of generating traffic this year. So the first one undoubtedly is a solid SEO strategy. And as I mentioned a moment ago, SEO really does start with the fundamentals of keyword research. And so that's column and the first one, unless we're talking about a moment ago. And so the second one is to guest blogging. And that's rotting and basic blog posts for other popular blogs. And in exchange for cognitive lock em, a link back or some form of recognition. And that's a really, really cool way to when to actually find the so-called blogs, become a guest poster. You actually do is you go into Google, type in fitness, followed by speech marks, and then right for us, and then hit Enter. And the speech marks tells Google that you're looking for exactly that. And click on the link here. And you can see on there because we've speech marked right for us. It comes up on there in the search. So we've got here company called flexible where cowl. And they've gone there right for us as an article exchange. Roy here, having a look at the website and then you've got some nice contact details here at the bottom as well, with a 48 hour response on there as well. So nice and easy guys, really, really quick and easy to do. And that will also help you cover off the second there. And the third thing is in relation to guest blogging and guest posting. So if you're not, if you're not comfortable with writing or you feel that you're in a writing skills might not meet the standard that the person is looking for. You can always outsource this to companies, company, freelancers, online, Upwork or people per hour. And you can get really, really good professional copywriting. And you know, professionals and quality freelancers out there that are very, very affordable. They only charge, you know, when, you know, maybe like $10 an hour and it might take them like literally a couple of dollars, sorry, a couple of hours to knock something like that. Because because that's what they do on a daily basis, you know, writing comes naturally to them. They're very, very quick to solve or write things up. They'll probably spending 30 minutes researching a topic and, you know, 3040 minutes and then they'll codon right. Knock something. I'm saying within 2-3 hours, you know, for for the for the project 20-30 dollars only, you get a very, very good quality, high professional article written. And, and then you can come, will reach out to these companies, submit them and just say, hey, you know, Just love your saw blog or very little post they would love to share with you. Would you be happy to link back to me in exchange to showing this post on your blog. A lot of people don't have the time to solve, write them a lot. Company owners, they have blogs are sat there. They don't quite have the time to actually write those blog posts. And they're, you know, they're looking for that sort of opportunity for people to reach out. And dado mind you they're doing alleles More link back in and turn or just lock a little ad and near you'll get free traffic that way from them. So really, really fantastic way of duty guys. And definitely give, give, give that one at or try of delete personally myself in the past and it works really, really well. So the third option on here is other Facebook pages and groups. So star interacting with other Facebook groups or the kind of, you know, we're painting Facebook pages or do things that are similar to the south and the groups that are like mutual groups are out there. So less than say, you know, going back to the fitness example, if you are into health and fitness health and well-being, there's lots and lots of good large Facebook groups out there. And, and the key areas, not just all be pushy or over promote yourself. But to kinda help people, that's really the best way of doing it is to offer people helpful suggestions. And under this all questions and comments just in interact as you would do. And then here and they can economies, they are drops and me and then say, hey guys, you know, of talking about this off of, you know, got this on our website or if you want to, you know, check it out. And a lot of people kind of appreciate that and they'll, they will actually, you know, check, check out her website has another good way of getting free traffic. So number four on the list is a website called Cora. Said, Korea is a very, very large question based website where thousands and thousands of people had questions on there on a daily basis. And what you do is, is very clever the way that they formatted the website, you actually, once you create your free account on there and train, it takes a couple of minutes. You just type in there, your colleagues, your area of expertise or what field you're in. You know, for example, I'm on there as, as a digital marketer, as a marketing consultant. Od unsaid things on there. I've posted things on there. Again, you know, don't try to be too pushy with the selling side of things. Trending genuinely tried to, you know, how people answer questions. And also if you are posting a question on there yourself and always in a rather than doing it in a, in a promotional way. For example, these here he has the best health tips. You know, it's all, you know. You ask a question. The idea that you get more engagement if you asked him a question like, you know, you know, what is the best DIA Atkins versus Quito question mark. That way you get a lot more engaged engagement because people read questions and you get higher click-through rates as it's a top tip there. Now the foil is, is one of my favorites. And this is actually collaborating with other complementing third parties. So are you just going back to the economy that the personal training and fitness odder things. Unless you say you are a personal trainer or you got a fitness, you're sounding kind of fitness attire or fitness equipment, clothing. And you know, if you're selling like fitness clothing for example, you could partner with lock-in equipment, fitness equipment manufacturer and say, hey guys, you know, I'm gonna be doing some mm, you know, some some enzymes and promotion for RIM for some micron or fitness. Would you mind I'm gonna be using your equipment in my videos? Would you mind giving me a shout on your channel or your Facebook account or something like that. And a lot of them are happy to do that. So number six on the list is interacting on the forums and commenting on blogs. Again, don't try to be like put, Be pushy. You also try to source, oversell yourself some ideas, but just be helpful, interrupt to be as helpful as possible to people and you're naturally find being helpful will allow people to engage with you a lot, lot more and they'll be actually more interested in what you do and how your business can actually help them. Never seven, Troy, a nice simple one Troy Local conferences and local so seminars as number eight, is valued at events. Make sure you're always in branded clothing, always a biggie and tried to get a website dress on and on somewhere on your clothing, your logo, your branding clothing is a biggie as a definitely do that. And just so you know, business cards as well, make sure you've got those with you. Again, more good ways to drive traffic to your website. And because remember guys here we're training droid free traffic in order to create those remarketing lists on Facebook. This is why we're doing this. So number nine is local aerosols. So things like Craigslist, next door, gum tree, the canto, depending on where your base, you're going to have a good, reliable local website where you can post things, get ideas, share motivational things, explained about who you are, what you do, what your business is, posted website on there, and you can get traffic that way as well. And the final one on the list, isn't it? Number ten is just in a perhaps run a podcast or a webinar. So never underestimate the power of these things. They can work really well and there's lots of gear free ways to do that. Just do a quick Google search and search for, you know, free podcasting or run a free webinar, team up with local people. And another great way to drive lots and lots of free traffic to your website. So that's it for room for this one everyone. So that's my third TopHat is do is to recap ionize, to build those remarketing lists and create a re-marketing campaign. And you couldn't, you can always actually, you know, you can create different campaigns and Facebook. So you can create one or two for the hacks I talked about in the previous lessons. And the third campaign is, and what I would personally do on the third campaign is just run a re-marketing campaign and then just look at the stats. Just compare the stats, sales clicks, conversions, click-through rates, and just have a little look. And you know, I'm, I'm pretty common goals. You'll, you'll probably notice that the remarketing list is actually a little bit cheaper and converts a little bit better than some of the other ones on there. So I hope that helps. And I'll see you guys in the next part. 17. Ad-Hack 4 - Message For Success!: So my fourth Facebook ad hack is a relatively new one, although it's fairly unused and that is Facebook Messenger marketing ads. So essentially, this allows you to send messages to people inside the Facebook Messenger feed. So you see from the screen here that the three main and most popular ones that most people use tend to be the traffic, engagement and conversions, ad, ad campaign setup and through their objective. And these are the main ones are around that. But one of the best ones and one more full tags is the messages one. So I'm gonna show you how to create that from scratch. But if you look on the screen at the moment, you'll see an ad. So we're a messenger add essentially choice in silico few days though, display in your Facebook Messenger app and, and, and they, they get very, very good engagement. However, the beauty of a Facebook Messenger ad combined with a another free software which I'm gonna show you how to set up from start to finish in the next lessons. It shows you how to essentially allows you to engage with customers with one-click. And without one-click, you capture customers contact details, such a respond to them and you can contact them via Facebook Messenger messages freely thereafter. And the amazing thing about this little hackers guys that you can actually use, the open rating for messenger message, messages is a lot La Jolla, I believe it's only the 80% open rates versus and on email which is 20%. So your thes i over 4X, different photons difference of open rates. And obviously the more eyeballs you get on your marketing and your messages, the higher probability in the higher chance you've got of converting that customer inter-cell. So this is a fantastic little hack. And as I said in the next lessons, you will say I'm going to show you how to set up this strategy step-by-step from start to finish. And you're using a free software. And the other fantastic thing about this software, everyone is that it allows you to amalgamate chatbots, automated chatbots. So it actually allows you to be a lot more time efficient, a lot more productive, and a lot faster, cleaner responding to customers. Nurturing leads. It allows you to qualify. Leads that you go on your website a lot, lot faster, quicker, and easier. As I said, you don't need to use as many resources. So you know, you might be spending time on live chat or you might have lifetime on your website. But you might not always be able to solve answer customers as cookies you want aim. So this, as I said in one of the next lessons, I will show you how to Conor setup from scratch. You know, Facebook marketer, message marketing ad alongside with the chat bot to really explode that side of it and allow you to capture leads very, very quickly and easily in there. And then this will be, a lot of There'll be automated. So it was going to really cut down a lot your work. Now the other great thing about the messenger adds hack is it also allows you to get permission. So if you're in a GDPR country where you have to follow abide by the GDPR arose. Once a person clicks on a button on your RAM, on the app itself, they, they automatically opt into your marketing because essentially they're going to ask you a question or they're asking you a question. And the way I'll teach you how to set it up and they automatically opt-in. Why? Because they're asking you for support. And soon as they obtain you've got access to their full name. You've got access to their kind of their contact details. And you can also send them what we call Chat blasts. So once you get coming in a few 100 plus in there or less, you can actually chat, blast all those people. Sending them, send them a message via Facebook, ad in Messenger, and then all those, all your contacts, glycogen or you upload those contacts through a custom audience, which I showed you more of the previous lessons. You can send them and chat blast. And as I said, you know, with over 80% open rates and over 30% click-through rates, there's a world of a difference between chat marketing and email marketing. Are you really amin? Yes, email marketing is gray and he still works very, very effectively, but it is becoming a thing of the past. And so resource spam going around the, these alternative ways and new smarter ways is what makes it a very, very good Avenue and a good way to scale and grow your business or your client's business. 18. Ad-Hack 5 - Partnership & Affiliation: To happen in the phi very worn is a different kind of style and what it involves is, is actually promoting another business. So he might be thinking it is out while hay as my, you know, I find it quite tough to actually promote myself and my own business and services. Why, why on earth would I promote someone else's products or services when it's so difficult to do my end. So I'm just going to break that down and explain that to you in this lesson and then give you some instructions and some helpful tips and hacks on how to scale your account thinking outside the box. So what you wanna do is you want to partner with somebody that is complimentary to know what your service is. So depending on who you are, what you do, and who your target audiences, you, um, you want to find somebody that can complement your surveys and you've gone overlap in your audience targeting. So let me give you an example of this. On the screen here you'll see got a phone cover. So an iPhone phone case. So something that would compliment there. So if you're, if you're running, let's say, you know, I feign covers. So something that compliments are radially while is unless a screen protector. So if you don't do screen protectors, however you do do phone covers, you might want to reach out to another company that does the glass screen protectors because they're gonna, they're gonna get a day, compliment your OUT very well, then no indirect competition. So you could reach out to them and say, Hey, I'm from same service company, but love what you guys do. This is what we specialize in and we'd love to do so Flickr co, promotion with Yay. And what we can do it, I can't create a template for you. So if this is something that you're interested in doing and you want us or reach out to a few people. And you know, what I would recommend is, is to target people in your own, sort of your own native country. So you know whether you're based in US or UK, Canada, Australia, wherever it might be, and target the companies if you can in your own country. Because this will just make a lot, lot, lot easier in terms of economy of language and communication perspective in terms of Connors shipping things, again that call it conversation going just to be a lot, lot easier, more and more RAM, straightforward. So that's something I'd definitely recommend. Um, I'm gonna give you another example. I mean, there's lots of examples here. So another one could be, you might be a fitness coach or personal instructor. And you might be promoting other equipment or the equipment that you use in your YouTube videos, on your website, in your Facebook ads. And don't be sure to reach out to the potential partner and say, look, you know, hey, you know, would you fancy doing a partnership with me? And also don't be, don't be afraid to sort of say, you know, I can kind of run ads for you if you'd be happy to do the same for me in return. And you can actually run ads, Facebook ads for each other. So that's it. That's just a great way to choice something slightly different and then a little bit outside of the box. And it's very, very effective affiliation and partnerships, or the native thing to do. And I would highly, highly recommend it. 19. Ad-Hack 6 - Comment Guards & Automation: Semi sex and final hack. Everyone is the coming God hack that allows you to tie in with the software that I'm going to show in the next lesson. This is going to automate your messages and auto responses in Facebook. So essentially a comic God allows you to quantize setup and obtain message for anyone that leaves a comment on your Facebook post, on a canonical boosted post or a Facebook ad. And once the coming God is setup on the post and the ad will allow your body to automatically send messages to anyone that comments on the poster, right? So this is really an incredible way, an easy way to get Messenger op tins and grow your list and inquiry that custom audience lessons on Facebook. So I'm gonna show you how to do this. The easiest way to do this is to create a post that's gonna go home and engagement more than the Poston works. Very ready. Bow is a question based post. So cash-based post something for example, what you can see on the screen here. So you just, you'll ask a question to your audience. We abused opposed inside Facebook, to your targeted audience starts to key here is to boost a post to the target audience that you want to capture. So you really want to descend. Did I could people loved to answer questions and this is why you get semaphore engagement on these toilet posts, which seems fairly generic to the person. And what you do is you, your, your Oscar very, very quirky question or something that, oh, a locality is a bit of a brain teaser. And people love to solve, comment on these things. They love to get involved. And what you, what you delays one, when you create the ad inside Facebook, your target, the audience that you want. So for example, if you were a web design company and you were looking for small business clients in a same area. You'd kind of make sure that you set it up in Facebook to target that particular demographic audience. And you've set it up, say you are specifically tronic, capture them. Sounds really, really important because you don't wanna throw this out to anybody and everybody of course, because you'll just get everybody commenting on there and you get current, non-relevant audiences. A good marketing campaign is always about using good quality relevant audiences and call it getting quality traffic. So the beauty of this corner of this method is you get very, very high engaging post which Facebook close. And you capture new, automate fluttering through these test software Taotie as then in the next lesson, you cut down all your time and it will allow you to respond back to these customers Volodya automated method. And so as long as you do community-based Bornstein, because Only capturing the audience that you want to, but you're also getting all their contact details. Everything's all stored in there and then you can send them chat blasts later on. So you're just, you're essentially you're growing and growing your funnel. You're growing your database of customers. And that's a very, very important NAT already fundamental in marketing to grow your database of good quality, contact and prospects so you can market to them after build that trust, nurture them along, along the way along their journey. And then start to tease them with job offers and your product listing or, or your service. So I just want to recap here, everyone. The recent and hacks I've just gone through, just to give you a quick idea and a very, very brief overview and summary to recap what you've learned in the last few lessons. So what I've tried to do is I've tried to amalgamate all the hacks in current, some kind of synonymous order. Working from the top of the funnel through to the middle of the funnel, all the way to the bottom of the funnel. So any neuron in some of the lessons in this course, you know, I always talk about the top, middle, and the bottom of the funnel and how important it is to get customers to move from these different, you know, parts of their collarbone, Janie. So not all customers are the same and they all have to be treated differently nor equally, which is a key key takeaway. So customers will generally start at the very top of the funnel where it's wide. And they'll call and I'd be at the research stage and there won't be ready to buy to their economy, just be interested in a product. So let's say your sunning coats or something like that will T-Shirts or parallel clothing online. So you'll get a customer there might be interested in is coming up towards winter, let's say. And they're interested in purchasing a, a winter coat. And so they'll con law there at the very top part of the funnel at this stage. So I'll be thinking of, you know, or I need to get a code, you know, it's the weather is going to be turning colder. So they're very, very top of the funnel at that stage. So they, they might come into something like, you know, in, in, in Google for example. And they weren't sort of type in something like winter coats or somebody might doubt. They'll then London on a clothing website there my Abby don't lock. And they might then bounce off and search on a few other different websites. Well, then have, what then tends to happen is they might have looked at one or two coats or they've got their eye on, you know, those companies then if, if there could have been there, if they're small companies, they'll be running kind of Facebook campaigns and fixed Facebook or remarketing. And, and that's kind of where you capture them because once they bounce away from your website, which has, as you remember from the earlier lesson. So they didn't run 90%, um, and good remarked in Facebook and gives the customer the opportunity to look at your offering, your product or service again. And it's like a little gentle drip feed reminder so they can look at it again and go, hey, Yes, that was the code that I had my ion. So they, if they haven't con le, bookmarked your website, they'll see a remarketing Abdel pop-up somewhere on their feed elsewhere or NEH Facebook feed or more even pop it on their phone. As I mentioned, if you, if you follow the steps and the guards in this course. So just completely Django through into the middle part of the phenomena there at the corner of the awareness stroke interested part of the funnel. So they've gone from being from top to the middle. Where you then want to do is you then Mano, serve that particular customer. They might come back onto your website. And then, you know, what do you then want to do is as the bottom of the funnel, the lowest part of the funnel is he human and then serve them with organ offer or an incentive through a Facebook ad in a, hey John heads, whatever near his, his thirty-five percent off Disco. You can kinda see the monad Or, you know, we've got flushed, say along this weekend, up to 50% of hurry end seeing stuff law now this is kind of what you know, I tend to do on a daily basis for my clients and for, for, for the, for the companies I can solve for. And this is a very, very effective and a fantastic working formula that really, really helps too. And, you know, take customer's journey frozen said from the top of the funnel to the middle, and then all the way to the bottom. And this is the key to marketing. You know, you're understanding your target audience, you market your ring again, a good deeper understanding of these customers. You, and you're kind of helping them move through that funnel from top, middle to the bottom. So so yes. So so just to recap, you know, as I said, we started off with some of the earlier ad-hoc CIA or are those what are our current top of the funnel? So we've got the inverted ad targeting method where we flip the whole Facebook advertising on its head. And when we use a very, very different outside of the box hack that allows prospects to engage with different interests and different ways. So that was a gas very, very top of the funnel. We then looked at the color of the food fight method where we're getting people to interact with each other, Connie against each other and cause a bit of a stir on there. And, you know, we then looked at the, the, the, the remarketing on which I just talked about a moment ago. And we then moved on to Collinger, blasting them more through to the University from the from the middle more to the COD of the bottom of the funnel where you know, through the chat blasts and through the messenger marketing ads, where you're kind of moving more through to the bottom of the funnel where you can kind of send them direct messages. You can send them Connect Chat blasts and get them into the Columbine mode. And caught him into the kind of conversion mode where they are actively looking to purchase. So hope that covers the stages from top, middle to bottom, the final night that's giving you a really good or India and some tangible ways to get it all implemented. As I said in the next lesson on numbers, show you how to set up the, those chat blasts with a free fantastic software that you can set up right now today after, after you finish the course. And I'm gonna give you your great ways are IOUs to capture the news audiences on and then send them free messages and blast message to them and get those Fantastic hi, hi, open rates. 20. *BRAND NEW* Facebook Shops: Okay, so in this lesson, everyone, I'm going to show you and walk you through setting up something off in reading, excited about for a long time and it's following any ear. That is Facebook shops. Yes, Facebook shops have finally arrived and I'm absolutely stoked about it. I'm super, super excited because oilfield ways can absolutely change the e-commerce game. So this is something that Mark Zuckerberg has been working on in the background for a long time. So he's always pushed the social commerce side of things and he's always believed that social commerce is the way forward. So why is this, the reason why this is so important is because people in consumers in general or social beings, we're all social beings. We'd long-term follow each other as we like to see what others are buying, we'd like to see what others are doing. And this is why the Instagram, you know, it's absolutely exploded. Things like tech talk, you know, they're doing. So, so one, really, really pushing the boundaries or to have got, you know, an Instagram course in the pipeline. So please do follow me as that's going to be released really, really soon on planning to release that in the next couple of months for 2021. So when doo doo doo, definitely follow me for that one. Um, but yeah, no, if again back to the Facebook shops, you know, really, really excited. So I'm gonna show you how to set one up from scratch. So Facebook shops is available in most countries at the moment. Particularly the top four were the big four. But it will be coming into your country very, very soon. So it's definitely worth watching this tutorial and learning about it because it is going to be so powerful guys. Because it's going to combine the way people can shop online. You know, you can integrate it with things like Shopify, which is also written powerful, but people come boy, straight from your Facebook page, from inside Facebook, there'll be able to sort of send you messages again already integrating Facebook through Facebook Messenger. You can already the ads and the promotion. So it was only a natural fit for Mark Zuckerberg to integrate this all and have it all set upon there. So it's really very exciting. Please do take notes during this part of the lesson. Are trying on trying to cover as much as I possibly can on trying to squeeze in as much as I can from, you know, setting up your catalog to create your first product on there and integrating it with another shop, should you wish to do that? And a lot of law more so super excited a coal wait, let's dive NLS doing now. Okay, so the first thing that you need to do is is to local into your Facebook business page. And once you locked onto your business page, if you look in the near the top right-hand corner, you've go a Settings. Click there. And then if you come down to our essays, templates and tabs on the left here, click there. He then want to scroll down a little bit and hit Add tab. You'll then see the option for shop here. So click on Add tab, close. You've then got the new option for your Facebook shop here. So just grab this and move it up. Okay. You want to put it somewhere fairly near the top? I'd recommend underneath reviewed and shops and post because they only show these by default. Once you've done that, if you go back onto your page, okay, we can now see that we've got shop here on the left-hand side. So click there. Okay, so we're now going to set up the shop. So we can see that facebook is saying that, you know, we can showcase products, make it easier to buy from us and customize our shops. And let's go to the commerce manager. Ok, so this isn't the brand new dashboard. So what we can do is we can either utilize Facebook shop to push sales through to our third party shop, such as the popular Shopify, big commerce and some, some of those in that. All we can use it to push it through the Facebook commerce manager, which we're gonna do in this case. So select this one here on the left and then hit next again. So again, can either check on another website or check out with Facebook or institute. So in this example, we're just gonna use the checkout with messaging. So what can show you how it looks. Kick next. Slit the pages that you want next. Okay, so what we're gonna do now is then we're gonna create a new catalog so that the idea of the catalog is to organize and make it easier for you as a shop owner or a business only note to create your own stall catalog. So for end to categorize things, say for example, it's as if resign follows a let's say a computer store or an IT hardware accompanying, unnecessary. I would do what, a catalogue name of keyboard's, let's say, for example, say computer keyboards that crane won't cargo called keyboards had next. Okay, so check out with messaging. This is our page and this is our product. Ok. You have to agree to the T's and C's and the finished setup. Okay, so this is now going to set up our shop. And Facebook is just going to do its thing now. Okay, so we're now into the main commerce dashboard which Facebook is created, which is really, really cool. So when, so as you can see, they've added a few new things in there. A list, list, click on Done here, and let's start adding in our new product inside our category that we just created. So you can either click on add products to your catalog here, or we can click on add items on the right-hand side that was there. So I'm just gonna click on an ad and show you how easy it is to add our first item in here to add item. So we're going to say you can choose from RNA using your Facebook pixel, which I've covered in the previous lesson. So if you are using in a less a Woo Commerce. Um, or, you know, or Shopify or something like that. And you've got your pixel installed. You know, Facebook is small enough to actually dynamically pull those items from within your catalog, from within your shop that exists already. So that's a run unicorn option goes and then that's really, really handy. And it's a big time-saver. But in this center, you know, you can, you can also upload as biochem bulk upload. So if you're using something free like a Google spreadsheet or an Excel spreadsheet, you can do it that way, which is a little bit more complicated. However, in this case, and I'm going to show you how to do it manually, which is a little bit easier. The first thing to do is to either drag and drop your red, your main product image or just upload it. So I'm going to click here and upload it now. So I've just got to attack temporary keyboard image on there. You can add additional images on there. So I just click on there and just put the same one in there just for the moment. Ok, you then want to name your product. So we're just going to call it at all. Keyboard. Ok. And in the short description, we're going to call a wireless keyboard. Ok. Now your skin, so your stock keeping unit is very important because this is how you identify what has been sold. So imagine that you've got to lots and lots of keyboards and lots of computer items, you'll stop your skew or stock keeping unit, which is a very common e-commerce terminology that you'll come across time and time again. This is how you identify which item is being sold on what to ship out to your customer. So for example, in there, you know, I would name it something like a K12 Apple keyboard won, for example. So I know that when that cells, this is the item that the customer is interested in. Now, because we've chosen the messenger link, this will send us to a third party site of our choice. So we're just going to pop in there, any website address in there at the moment. I'm just gonna copy this and now just to show you as a quick example. Ok. Now the sale price, I'm gonna set it as Twenty-five, OK? And the currency you can says are the, you know, all these in here, there's lots and lots of them in that. Again. So I'm going to set mine is GBP. And now the sale price at sort of the full price or the, or RP, I'm going to set that to 50 pound, okay, so 50% off essentially on there. Ok, So, so it shows as 50 pound, sorry, show it's 25-pound with worse 50 pound as an offer. Okay, so it's really important. Ok, so we're going to pop in there that we've got five available. Okay. And you can have this on, both on. You can also show these as off, or you can create a just select these as often then it won't show on the front end does handy if you want to sort of create a few, leave them as off testing, view them onto outdo them. Then you can sort of click there and set them live so quite nicely or feature. Set the condition is all these hands. So we just set that as new brand quite important acts is good for search engines and search visibility. So definitely put that in there. So it was put in that. And keep that as Apple. Now your variance here, what you can do is you can create different variants of your products and necessary, I had different colors of that keyboard. Let's just say I have white, enter, I add black and green, let's say for example. Now the other cool thing about variances, and again, this is very common in the e-commerce platforms. To Shopify, you can commerce and you can create different pricing for different variants. So necessary, our black keyboard costs ten pounds more than our white one, for example. Or you do is you just go in there, click on Enable edits, okay, set your black corn to 35 GBP. And again, you could do a sale on their 30 GBP and set your inventory or your stock as far you've. Okay. You can also go across and fit in any content IDs should you wish. And so this is a really cool way to showcase more quantities. Other variants, really, really good for like clothing and a Tojo shops as well. If you're doing anything like that. You can also added lots of other options in there. So I just show you in their Wiles had Gaza, they got and fit soils, flavor lens, material, model, centered eating, perfumes size, we're all sorts and they're so lots of good choice to choose from inside there. I k. So obviously there's just got rid of it now, but I'll just quickly pop that back in. Okay, so essentially guys, that is it. Ok, so let's just take IED product on there in the bottom. Okay, so it's going to add our three items. Laozi, the 140K temple, we had three variance of a. Ok. So that is now complete. Everyone that is on that. And I said done on there. And he's our first product. So let's take a quick look at it on the front end. I guess if you come into the front end of your your page, you'll see you've got shop here on the left, a cape. But what I am going to do is every one I'm just going to change and swap out this send message button here. And I'm gonna actually barber shop button there instead. So let's do that straight away. Let's click on Edit button on the right. Okay, let's click on shop with the a, which is just in this little tab here. Shop now. Okay, we're gonna hit next. Okay, it's gonna ask us for our website links. I'm just go in there. I just paste in your link again. So you can just copy the link from your shop once you've clicked on that link on the left-hand side, hit Save and then hit finish. Okay? Which now says Shop Now just fantastic. So we can just click on this. Okay, this will read artist to our shop page. Okay? And here we go guys. Here's our shop, and there's our keyboard that we've got there. Okay, so I can even search our products in there. I can view this product. So if I click on that as a customer, this is how a customer will see it. So we can see you have got the price on there. It is. It's got five left. It's even got the colors in there. Okay? I can select the quantity that I want. And then, you know, it can even locate comment. I can share it, save it, view different kind of images in there. And then what it can do is I can send a message to the shop owner, which are for that. And this is what comes up. Okay. If I hit send out come through strength through to me and then I can call tapped that customer bug and get that and get that assail. So absolutely fantastic. Read or anything that this is going to change the whole e-commerce game. And as I said, this is just investing site. And I will show you the purchasing via Facebook as well and shortly. But it in essence is exactly the same principle of setting it up. But it looks grey. It's simple, you know, once you've got a few different products on there and you can kind of added on a lot more and do a lot with it. So I'm really, really impressed by it. I'm definitely going to be using it for for, for more inclines and also for, for myself. And I call wait for you guys, so start sharing your Facebook shop with me as well. So please do so in the comments section as I'd love to see and see how you're progressing on in there. Okay. 21. Website LPO - Page Optimisation & Web Funnels: all right, so the next session is one of my favorite sections, and that's all about landing page optimization and getting the most from your Facebook traffic. So Facebook traffic on creating a successful online businesses about two halfs. It's all about driving relevant good quality traffic to your website. But then, importantly is to convert that traffic into either lead sale or in its informal inquiry. Um, so my recommendation is, if you are not using something such as WordPress or let's say, Shopify, if you're selling online, then are really high, recommend they use this type off CMS content management system, which essentially allows you to quickly and easily create Web pages that arrest CEO optimize So their search engine friendly, straight out of the box. Andi Yeah, just, you know, using something like, you know, a good quality themes that just theme K two alongside Button called Khar Flows, which I'll talk to you more about in just a moment. Thes themes and plug ins combined are very quick and easy way to sort of build a very powerful website. So you know, if you are sending traffic from your Facebook campaign to website, you can use Facebook to Craig leads just purely inside Facebook. Using the lead generation forms, However, most people will send their Facebook traffic to a website so they can capture more data from their customers. And if you are, then I really recommend to check out theme K two along with car flows, which is a WordPress plug in, which is a free, underpaid version on their both absolutely fantastic on. So let me just quickly show you what theme K two is about. So this is the thing k to landing page Those essentially, it's a WordPress website builder, which, as they put their is supercharged Andi. Yet, essentially, it's a marketing powered website builder that allows you to quickly and easily create on powerful websites with very little or no marketing knowledge so you can utilize that traffic on decree ate a very powerful website. So so do take it out on bond. Yeah, hope hopefully that will help. No, I'm also gonna show you call place. So again, car flows is essentially a funnel builder. Andi again, there's a free version, and there's a paid vision for most people. The free version will be absolutely falling to get Europe a running on. Essentially, what that would do is already complement your Facebook Andi online marketing strategy to create those powerful in Munich funnels to be able to solve really turn those visitors into actually sales. So, I mean, if you get stuck with any of those, do leave a comment below on, I'll definitely look into that for you. I'll give you some money somewhere and feedback. So So it helps. Andi, I shall see you in the next lesson. 22. Share and Feedback Opportunity: All right, So now we're just gonna talk about a bit of sharing and some feedback. Eso just throwing this out there and it's a bit on opportunity for the you guys to actually send in your room. You know, your Facebook ads to me. So contact me via the discussions. Well, I'm gonna do is I'm gonna personally try look into these for you and give you my expert feedback on help you the anyway that I can. So please do drop a comment, blowing the discussions on a central try and person. Look of the 1st 10 people that drop me lying in there, and I have looked for you, so I can't wait to do that on on and thanks very much. 23. Summary and Conclusion: All right, big congratulations to you guys. You've made it through to the end of the course. I hope you've enjoyed as much as I have really called Wait for you to share some of the successes that you get from it and how it's gonna grow your business this year. So just to cover off what you've learned in the course so you know, understand? You know who your customers are through personas on how to align them best with your business goals. You know, the future of Facebook and where they're heading in terms of their advertising. You've got all the tools and creativity to create those Facebook ads fire can ver or other tools on get those really creative images by Sunsplash picks a bank and so on. You should now be familiar with the purchase funnel and kind of how customers moved through that funnel through the top. I'm all the way through to the bottom Onda how to fall in those best customers through remarked ing lookalike audiences and so on. And you also have got the tools of hell now on to choose your best off theme around getting a good website builder to quickly and easily create a fantastic landing page to convert those or important Facebook traffic. So again, I really, really hope you enjoyed it. Thanks very much for watching. Please do Follow. I'm not discourse. And please do share any of your