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Facebook Ads Fill-In-The-Blank Personalized Micro Targeting Strategy

teacher avatar Will Irish, Facebook Ads Specialist / Author / Certified Coach

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Personalized Micro Targeting Course Trailer


    • 2.

      The Big Reasons Marketers Fail Real Ad Critiqued


    • 3.

      Personalized Micro Targeting Explained!


    • 4.

      Why This Strategy Is So Effective


    • 5.

      The Magic Formula


    • 6.

      A Real Example and Case Study


    • 7.

      Bringing It All Together and Your Project


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About This Class

The Following Facebook Ads Formula Flies Directly in the Face of What the 'Gurus' are Teaching. 

"Expect resistance."

That's what I was told when I talked about releasing this private coaching method as an actual training course.

But why?

Personalized Micro-Targeting is about understanding my go-to, fill-in-the-blank formula to get the attention of your perfect prospect on Facebook.

I've helped thousands of my coaching students (some who were about to give up altogether on FB Ads) use this very formula to build audiences from scratch, and connect with much deeper levels of engagement. 

In fact, I built this strategy for myself after years of understanding the platform... why would there be any resistance?

Here's why...

In this short course, I teach a Facebook Ad strategy that directly uproots some of the key teachings that many of the "big-name marketers" have publicly endorsed.

In less than an hour, I'll unravel a lot of the regurgitated social-hogwash you hear about selling on a social platform, and I make no apologies.

If you enroll in this course, you will learn:

  • Why so many entrepreneurs fail and bail with Facebook ads (Huge common problem)

  • A real example of an ad by an upstart company as I explain why it performs so poorly

  • Exactly what this "Personalized Micro-Targeting" strategy is and why it works like gang-busters

  • An exact step-by-step formula breakdown of how to apply this strategy... today!

  • How to fill out a simple worksheet which virtually writes your copy and advertisement

  • A real-world ad I have run over and over again to model this strategy for you visual learners (like me)

  • Why I so desperately want you to complete the project worksheet and upload. I will help with any feedback I'm able to. 

Enroll in this course now and I promise, it will be eye-opening training that will broaden your reach with precision accuracy. 

Let's start getting relevant and fresh new eyes on your work and vision today. 

I can't wait to see how you apply this to your business!

All the best, 

Will Irish

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Will Irish

Facebook Ads Specialist / Author / Certified Coach


As a Certified Coach & Specialized FB Ads Trainer, I help entrepreneurs leverage Facebook Ads in unique ways that allowing them to set up "messages" (aka Ads) that inspire & rally, hyper-relevant audiences around their vision, even while they sleep at night.

Have you ever had this insatiable "gut level" passion inside that you're desperate to connect with but you just feel like you go in circles? Kinda like you just can't put a defining sense of clarity of "purpose" to anyone, much less attract others to your vision?

Well, that's who I live to serve.

Here's the deal...

What most people don't understand about Facebook Ads is that you have the opportunity of a lifetime to get your message in front of virtually anyone, at any time, virtually anywhere!  See full profile

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1. Personalized Micro Targeting Course Trailer: welcome to Facebook ads. Personalized micro targeting. I'm, well, Irish. And then this premium training I'm gonna teach you the magical Facebook ad strategy that convert you're gonna be able to create Facebook ads that are highly converting, knowing exactly what to say and who to target. In this course, you're gonna learn why many businesses and marketers are just bleeding ad spend and not seeing the engagement or the conversions that they formally have enjoyed. I'm gonna share exactly what personalized micro targeting is and why it works so well. And finally, I'm gonna teach that magic Facebook at formula so you could increase your conversions at much lower cost. This will put you way ahead of most people doing marketing. And guess what? It's totally doable, even if your new Now, if you want to use Facebook ads to grow your business creative following, maybe you want to reduce advertising costs or Seymour add conversions. Some of you may simply just need a fill in the blanks framework that you can go back to time and again just to determine what to say in who to target. Well, let me tell you, this course is for you. So After taking this course, you're going to realize why personalized micro targeting is really a powerhouse strategy. You'll understand the entire secret to getting these action, prompting attentions in your ad and you'll come away with creative ads ready to launch using a simple fill in the blanks worksheet that I created for you in all this in less than one hour, and your project is gonna help. You created a downloadable pdf workbooks, really one page where you get the download, this one page, you fill in the blanks and you upload the screenshot. It will be specific to your market, and I will be happy to give you feedback if you ask for it and upload a screenshot of your filled in the blank workbook. That way I can give you some expert insight to your market. After you do this and understand it thoroughly, really short course, really power packing, and this is going to teach you really the important side of Facebook ads in less than an hour. So let's get started 2. The Big Reasons Marketers Fail Real Ad Critiqued: Okay, So in the last video, I talked to you that there was three things we're going to cover, the very first of which is why marketers, perhaps yourself why business owners are bleeding the ads, Ben. Well, with Facebook ads, you should know the opportunity is to get your ad in front of virtually anyone, anywhere, any time. I believe I can do that with my advert Heismans. However, there's a big recent people are failing, the first of which is they don't realize, oftentimes, that Facebook users as a personal profile on the user side of things. They're surfing with social intentions. They didn't have these commercial intentions like they did with Google AdWords remember, that's what people were trained with paper click traffic. They would go into Google AdWords, and there was a lot of commercial intention. Where can I buy a lawn chair? Or they would have? You would know exactly what's there, whereas when people are surfing through Facebook, let's face it, you're competing with on Ruthie and Brother Tim in terms of what's going on in their personal lives. And what a lot of marketers and business owners don't realize is that they might be the CEO at some company where the CMO if you're the chief marketing over for your solo preneurs. If that's you when you are surfing in your personal profile, you're not looking through that commercial lens. You're looking through a very, very different lens. Whether you know it or not, you've been conditioned to expect social relationship activity on that platform. It is a social platform, right? So with that understanding they are creating, I was once asked on a live broadcast Global broadcast. A. Well, what do you think? The reason people fail over Facebook ads is what if you could narrow it down? I said, You know, I don't know how better to say this, but the number one reason I think people fail with Facebook ads is they write Facebook ads , and I know that sounds ridiculous, But the reality is when you're writing advertisements for a social platform, there's a disconnect in your subconscious mind when it's going through somebody's news, feed your invading their personal space. So what I'd like you did first take away in this course is that start thinking of relating to people on a social platform before you start talking to them commercially, and that goes right into this. Many businesses and marketers are mawr caught up in speaking at or telling their demographic they're ideal prospect on what their services and why they should do it. You know, buying this. Sell this. Here's all the things you should get. But that's not that social lens so relate to them first, and marketers, frankly, are getting a bit lazy. There's so much automation now. Testing has gone out the window, and they're not really adopting to the new strange lens that people are seeing through. They have new expectations from business owners and what social transparency looks like. And so we're gonna address all that in this personalized micro targeting strategy. So Facebook makes all of this very fast and very easy. And like I said, the opportunity is ripe. You can get your message in front of virtually anyone. I think it's akin to sending digital doorman that you personally trained and knocking on doors. Why you go to sleep at night, tens of thousands of people knocking on doors and getting into the households to talk to people about your product or service. But you don't do it by telling them you engage them. So how do you do that? We're gonna talk a little bit more about that. Okay. So I want to give you an example of how businesses are doing this wrongly. OK? And I hope there's nobody on here from square watching this but square. Sorry, I'm not picking in you. I just saw this in the news feed, and I wanted to capture it as a point in Case Square. This has a an icon. This is a sponsored ad, and it came through my newsfeed. Now, did they target an entrepreneur? Of course they targeted me. So they're targeting is OK, But what they didn't get is they didn't get the message, right? I am searching on my social profile right in square. Does it tell me anything about what square is? Is this your counter or is this your counter find yours at and they even have shop in the URL again? Nobody's looking to buy. No one ever logs into Facebook to purchase something. And frankly, this was just like an animated GIF that would, you know, go from desktop the desktop. And it didn't ever tell me what it was even about. It was a really waste of ad spend, in my opinion, and it was a perfect example of what you shouldn't be doing. This is not socially captivating to me. I don't even know what it's asking me. Is this your counter counter like I don't even do you mean register? Do you mean my desktop? What? What is that you're trying to convey to me, and why do I care about that if I'm in my news feed searching for social things? So that's the point I'm trying to make here. And no again, no offense to the square folks, but I'm sure they learn that with their wallet. This probably wasn't one of their best. Converting adds. I know it didn't convert well for me and having the word shop in your URL, maybe on the right column ads where people know there's commercial in there. But coming through a news feed, the best thing you could possibly do is not look and smell like an advertisement. Lett's is bluntly as I can say it. So how can you avoid this trap? That's what we're going to talk about in the next video or we get into personalized micro targeting. I'll see you there 3. Personalized Micro Targeting Explained!: Okay. Welcome back. So what is personalized? Micro targeting And why are you so hung up on it? Will. Well, you're going to be hung up on it, too, because this is what it is. The very first thing I told you people were failing with is that they're telling people about their products and service. And you need to stop doing that. What you want to do is start relating to them, firstly, socially, because that's why they're there. I say it this way. Strive for their attention and not their wallet. The more you can do that in your own mind. As you're preparing your advertisement, which I like to call messages, I make my client's mother at coach. I make them calm messages, not advertisements. But the idea is I want to get out of their heads, stop being sales in advertising things that way. So strive first to get their attention and then talk to them about what their relevantly engaged in. So that's the first thing. Don't come out of the gates with any certain pitch, strive first or their attention. Get them to stop scrolling. And you know how you do that really point number two, you need to segment your prospects by social activity. Now think about yourself or anyone else, for that matter. It's a social platform. Everyone has hobbies. Everyone has passions. Everyone has certain things they're just drawn to. When you go in a bookstore, you go to a certain area. When you goto a magazine rack, there's always a magazine you you aim for. Think of the groups that you join on Facebook. There are things that you're just you just are attracted to. And when you're in a social area and you're seeing three social lens like a platform of Facebook, well, you need to first think. OK, let me let me segment my prospects that are first drawn to a specific passion or a hobby or even location. And here's why. I'm going to give you an example of a really add that Iran. Obviously I run ads to Facebook advertisers, right? So Facebook advertisers, because I want to train them and how toe how to do it correctly. I made a Facebook advertising cici, which shows every targeting options out there. Now I could run an ad through somebody's, you know, personal news feed that you're doing Facebook ads all wrong. 10 days to success with Facebook ads and, you know, maybe that catches their attention. But that's not what they logged into Facebook to get from their personal profile. What they logged into for their personal profile to get were updates. So I need to come up with ah ha B a passionate location. So for you, I want you to start thinking for your project. Will hobby, passion or potentially location? Location works really well, because if you think of those concerts, think of like in Houston there's a concert and you live in Houston, Texas. Let's say and the guy in state says, Hey, you sin, how's it going in? The place just erupts, right? It's because people like to be part of something that and locations work well. Hobbies work well. Passions work well, obviously, because they're very interesting it so the very first thing you want to do to get their attention. As we said in 0.1, it's a really stop them from scrolling, and you do that through layering first socially, so link your product or your service to a passion and make them segmented. So instead of thinking Oh, let me get everyone who's interested in Facebook ads into this one big group of people to target what I'd want to do. Its first layer over the top of that, an interest in segment them that way. And I did that here with a really example. So for you in this step, what I thank you to write down is first understand? Pick a hobby, pick a passion, pick a location and first think about how that looks on Facebook. Wahabi isa Canoeing, is it? Is it crewing? You know, the crew racers, Is it engulfing? Is an example I'm going to use here. What hobby is there that you could use and then linking your product to it? I'm gonna show you how I did that because that's a part where you're going to win or lose. So we'll see you in the next video where I'm actually gonna walk you through. Why? It works so well 4. Why This Strategy Is So Effective: right. So why does personalized micro targeting work so well? Well, you heard part of it in the last video, right? It's socially segmenting your audience. So no longer is everybody who runs Facebook ads all linked together. They're not all equal. Some people are interested in canoeing, and some people are interested in swimming. And some people are interested in what have you by the ideas. I want to find passions in segment my ads and create relevancy. Why? Because I know there their first layered, they're going to see socially first and then underneath. Of course, they run Facebook ads, but that's not what's going to stop them in their tracks. Why they're looking three social lens. Very, very, very powerful. So here's why it works and people get offended when I say it like this. But here, don't be offended. It's just true. They think this about me. They don't give a rip about you. They don't Facebook users don't give a rip about you, your product or your service. Therefore, don't create Facebook ads about your product or service primarily, or firstly, everyone has a personal life, and that's a really key point, so they don't care about my Facebook ads, courses, my training, even my cheat sheet at first, when they're scrolling through their news feed guys, the sooner you get this, the faster you are going to see great success with your conversions. So the sooner you actually say, let me relate socially to this market, and then somehow we've in my commercial service, are offering, and there certainly ways to do that. You'll you'll understand why that's such a truth about people not giving a rip about us or the commercial side of things. Okay, people inherently hate to be sold to. Isn't that true? I mean, just take that for the truth. That is. They hate to be sold to, but but they love to discover they love it. We love to discover that's why we're on Facebook. We want to discover cool new things in about our passions or hobbies or interests. Whatever. Right? Let them. You're creeping up to their news feed. You shouldn't even be thought of as an advertisement. Let them discover something cool. Almost so cool they couldn't believe they found it right. That's the mindset I want you in, because when you come across selling 1999. Far cry when they're going to run from that, they're going to report it. You're not gonna get great conversions, and you're gonna waste money doesn't help anyone. All right, So with personalized micro targeting your firstly firstly appealing to their social habits their social passions on and then second, that's where you are appealing to their interest. Okay, so I write that down because as you're going to do your project, your assignment, I want you to think, OK, here, I'm gonna. And you're gonna go through worksheet in the next video here and then see how I did it. But you want to be thinking, How can I first first appeal to him with that hobby or passion, and then next talk to him about that interest? Okay, so let's see how we can do that in the next video. Give you a real example 5. The Magic Formula: Okay, So in this video, I'm going to give you my formula, and you're going to see how we break it down so you can actually run with this. Okay, So here's the formula. Guys, this is really great stuff. The problem that you saw get clear on it. So first, right down the problem that you saw. What is it that you solve? So for me, I help people with Facebook ads run better Facebook ads. That's what I saw for people, right? So get really clear on the problem. You solve again. You're not writing the ad. You're just doing a worksheet that's going to basically write the ad for you. The next thing you want to do is call it out. Who's your direct market? Who buys what you sell again? Don't worry about segmenting yet. We'll do that in a moment. But you got to get clear on these two things first. What problem do I solve? Second, who buys what I sell so again keeping it relevant to me. People who advertise on Facebook are the people who by what I saw, right, that's that's just the way it works in terms of getting clear on it. I know exactly what problem I saw. Help people get better conversions and use Facebook ads. So leverage that platform in historic ways to get results and grow their business. So I'm very clear on it. You should be a swell. The next thing I want you to do is remember, in the last video assassin, you think about what social activity you could layer. Here's where you picked that social activity. I don't care if you picked, you know, fishing or if you picked Frisbee golf. Okay, find out a social activity in segment your audience. And first just write down a social activity right down a handful of them. If you'd like the ones that come to mind bowling, I don't know what it is, but the idea is, you know, on Facebook there are groups all over the place. Just look at the interests that are there. They're all over. You can search graphs, urgency exactly what types there are, and then connect the two. This is really where the hardest part of this entire strategy comes, and you get better with it with time. And I don't know about you, but I'm not just a formulate guy. I need a formula, but I'm very visual, so I'm actually gonna show you my real add that I did. You're going to see how I how I filled this worksheet out for myself here in just a moment . And then you're going to be able to do the same and see how that looks. So how does your product really in your social in your prospects, months? Socially. So if you chose bowling, how can you link bowling to what you really want to talk to them about? This is gonna be very powerful in a moment when I teach you about the targeting side of it . Okay. And then what image should you choose will make sure that it's socially centric. This is what gets them stopping in the scrolling from the news feed right there, going through the news feed. What stops them in their track? Well, guess what? It's not your product or your service. And it won't be news to you if you've listened thus far that what does stop them in their tracks is what they're highly interested in. So let them discover that let them see that what's going to catch their eyes. What passion do they have? So make sure your image is about the hobby, the passion, the interests of location, whatever it is and then use Facebook's detailed targeting. This is so powerful. And if you haven't watched my course on detailed targeting, watch my course on Facebook's detailed targeting. This will teach you exactly how to surface this. And I'm gonna explain what that is here in the next video. But I've got an entire course on it so you can learn how to use detailed targeting to surface Onley relevant ads to people, make sure their messages are Onley going in front of the eyes of the right prospect. Okay, because you're going to be used what they call and interest, okay, and that's a weird word. But what a lot of people don't realize is when they go and pick all those interests and they put them into Facebook that those air or interest and they could like Frisbee golf, or they could like both bowling, Or they could like Facebook ads. You know, you have to figure out how to do and interest so they like this and they like this big difference between or the word end. I'm gonna show you in a moment how I ran my add and why that made all the difference and why you should do this with every single ad. Okay, so let's talk about and a real example here and this example. I'm going to show you how I filled in this worksheet. So the very first thing, what problem do I saw while I help people keep current right, I run FB Insider's report that is a monthly news newsletter instead of people having to figure out what change. This is a once a month strategy report that people pay for small price and they stay up to date down to worry about all the blog's and all the commentary. They can see riel video training inside my my newsletter that's digitally delivered. So I helped them win with Facebook at, So I helped them keep current in win with Facebook ads. That's the problem that I saw What's yours? My direct market. So this is me filling out the worksheet so you get a modeling for you. Exactly how to do this. Who's your direct market? Well, for me, my direct market of who I'm selling to is people who placed Facebook ads of regularly. Who buys what you sell, right? Who is your direct market? People who place Facebook ads regularly. What hobby or passion or location? I chose golfing for this example, and actually, I call it an example, but I ran this actual ad. I mean, I do. I do practice what I preach. And so I run ads of all sorts of demographics and psycho graphics and interest layers. So just know that for this ad I'm gonna show you a golfing as the hobby so you can feel free to choose whichever you'd like. And I'm gonna show you really the hardest part. Which is how did I connect the two? Remember, I said, you have to approach them socially first and then secondarily link it to your product or service. Well, in my mind of my prospect in their personal news feed, what I wanted them to think is I love golfing because that's going on in their mind, right? They love golfing, and they placed Facebook ads. They do that. That may not be why they were logging into their personal profile going through the news feed. But in their mind they love golfing, right? So they also please Facebook ads. And the next logical thought is, What's this? Facebook ads cheat sheet that this guy's offering. So it starts with I love golfing, I place ads. And what's this cici all about? Something to show you what that looks like in a minute, the graphical representation. It should always be golfing. In this case, golfing is the hero. That's what gets their eyes stopping from scrolling to figure out. Hey, I'm of golfing and that stops them from scrolling, gets their attention. And all sudden, it's linked to something else that's in their life, which is running Facebook ads regularly. Now I've got their attention, and I've got their interest just by bringing those two things together in the right order. Socially layering first and I'll show you again that exact at and then micro target those people that are definitively in love with golf. You can do this with detailed targeting, and as I mentioned in the last video, you should make sure that you watch detailed targeting could be because the course I haven't detailed targeting could change your game with this strategy forever. So micro Target. Don't be afraid to have a smaller audience size just because golfers who run Facebook ads aren't as large as people who run Facebook ads, it's way too broad. What you want to do is get personal, get really micro targeted. So they definitively love golf. But equally as important, I'm not discounting this. They have. You have to make sure that they equally definitively run Facebook ads regularly. So there's ways to do that. And I'm gonna show you how in the next video. So I hope this worksheet model example here made sense for you. I hope you got your own ideas because I want you to actually upload this example of your of your own. I want this worksheet of your own uploaded as the project assignment, and I'd love to be able to comment on it and see if I can't help you, because I think connecting the two is honestly going to be the hardest part for you. It was for me as I stride to attempt this, and the ad that I'm gonna show next should really help open your eyes to what's possible. So I'll see you in the next video 6. A Real Example and Case Study: All right. So we did the worksheet. So what does this look like? I know you're dying to see what this looks like, right? So here's an actual ad that performed extremely well. And it was just one example again, Just one example. For the purpose of this course I wanted to model for you. What? It looks like I'm very visual, and I think a lot of my viewers are. So take a look at this. Here's that cheat cheat that I'm talking about. But what's the first thing that catches your eyes? It's probably gonna be the golfers, right? So I made this image in Camba. It was It was either. I paid a dollar for the image orders for him that I don't recall. But the point I'm trying to make here is that this one image gulf is the hero. That's what stops people. So if they're watching golf, guess what? And if they were watching it over the Masters or the PGA Tour, you know, weekend or anything like that, I would have linked to that. Right? So when I wrote this ad, you can see Gulf was a hero. They've got the guy who swing and you've got two people looking on either making fun of them or wanting or the other wondering if they could do the same. So how do you link this? So I first approached them on that social layer, right? Can you see that? And then what did I do with my text? It almost wrote itself Free Geechee, because less time guessing at Facebook ads targeting means more time to tee it up so you can see what I did there. I'm using golf language, and I'm talking about really just trying to get at the focus of what people are really thinking about. They wanted the Facebook, as is what they do. But they want to be on the Gulf, right? That's the hero. And then look at the copy. Does this sound like a advertisement to you? Download, print and enjoy its free download print? Enjoy. What ad have you ever heard? That ends with a call to action of enjoy. So you just don't find that? But that's the way I want you to start thinking about your Facebook ads relate to people. Talk to him. Enjoy. I made this for you. This This is for you. And then, if you notice in the middle of their it says our Facebook ads starting and Cici can't help with your slice again reference to, ah, popular problem with golfers, but it will help you find more time to hit the links. And then below the hero headline is pdf Cheat Cheat reveals every targeting option inside Facebook ads at a glance. So by then you've got their attention. And why wouldn't you download that? And even the u R L the display. You are all you can see it put in. They're gone golfing because I wanted them to feel like this is about Facebook ads Dude, who helps like sculpting like they do so that really helps. So guess what? Here's the secret sauce, the only people who who are going to see this advertisement. Here's what I chose. They have to be interested in all of the below. Now, remember what I said in the previous video about detailed targeting and using and interest instead of or interests which it defaults to. This is why you need to watch the course on detailed targeting that I did because that will open your eyes to what's possible. So the only people that will ever see this message are people that were interested in John Loomer Digital because he runs Facebook ads. I need to make sure, firstly, that the definitively they definitively run Facebook ads. So if they are interested in face in Jon Loomer Digital, who runs Facebook ads and trained on Facebook ads, would that make them guaranteed to be running Facebook ads? Maybe not. Maybe John's father. You know, Run likes it as well. And then the next one would be Mari Smith, right? She's popular with Facebook ads. So would Mari Smith be somebody that would be interested? Uh, excuse me. People who love Mary Smith. Would they be interested in it? Well, probably not alone. So Jon Loomer and Mari Smith. Well, if somebody's interested in both of those people, chances are there's a relativity to it. But that's not it. They also had to be interested in P G. A tour. That was an interest. So now we know for sure Jon Loomer and Murray Smith. But they also have to be interested in P G. A tour for golfing and the Golf Channel. You don't get the golf channel unless you actually watch Gulf. And if they are interested in Golf Channel guess what? You probably are a golfer, remember, This is all four things. Jon Loomer Digital Facebook face, Mari Smith, Facebook, PGA Tour, Golf, Golf, jail, Golf. Oh, and I didn't tell you this. This is Onley viewable for males aged just 24 to 55 and their fan page ad mons. So if you're an admin of a Facebook fan page, you probably have advertising privileges. So can you see how I guarantee definitively that they're most likely interested in both of those things? Why would this ad work so well? It's because we related to them first, socially, and we guaranteed that they were interested in both things. That's the ah ha. Moment you should take away from this course is that they're guaranteed and both things. So again, as you write your own ad, I want you to go through the worksheet. I'm going to go through the worksheet one more time with you, and then I'm gonna ask you upload your product. But remember, detailed targeting allows you to serve this upto only the proper people and hit people socially. First And that's where you segment your ads by social interest, not your business interests. Okay, that's the real key to making all of this work. So I'll see in the next video where we're going to go through your projects and make sure that you fill out your formula. 7. Bringing It All Together and Your Project: All right. You've made it to the final video. And this is your assignment. This is your project. And don't don't, don't Don't ignore it. I want you to actually have a Facebook ad. Almost ready. Okay. So if you do this formula worksheet, if you actually fill this in like I modeled for you, I want you to upload this so you can write it on a piece of journal paper like I'll constantly dio you can go ahead and just take a picture of it and upload it. You can literally type it out. If you want to honor Microsoft Word. You can do what you want, just uploaded and let me see it. And if you want any critique on it, feel free to ask. But let's let's let's get better at doing it. I promise you, I got better at doing it. My wallet got better at giving me those that mentoring advice. So I want you to get through this project so get clear on the problem that you saw. Remember, you're only trying to solve one problem with one particular ad. Whether it's free or or anything else. You want to make sure your first talking about what problem you saw who buys it get really clear on that. What social activity or location did you choose and then relate the two. And that's where you want to start thinking. How could I relate this in and again, I would I would scratch this out, and I would make sure that might add fit the guidelines of Facebook ads. But you really just want to give them a real opportunity. So upload your project. I can't see what it can't wait to see what you have, and I ask for any critique that you need. I'll be happy to do so and thanks again for watching this. Make sure you check out my other videos. Have a great day. Appreciate your views.