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Emboss Like a Boss

teacher avatar Renee Day

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Intro to Embossing


    • 2.

      Embossing Supplies


    • 3.

      Embossing on Paper


    • 4.

      Embossing Stamps on Glass


    • 5.

      Blending Embossing Powders


    • 6.

      Ombré Embossing Powders


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About This Class

Renee from thediyday shares several easy and creative ways to heat emboss.  Perfect for any beginner!    

If new to embossing, embossing is a quick way to add embellishing to all sorts of projects.  It's fairly affordable and it's super fun!

Learn about the supplies needed to emboss, what each supply does, and most importantly, how to emboss.  Also, see how to create some unique effects with embossing powders.

For more info on embossing or for a list of supplies, please click here for Renee's blog.  

Meet Your Teacher

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Renee Day


Hello! I'm Renee Day, creator of thediyday. Let me just share this...I love DIY. I grew up doing crafting and creating and I never really stopped, I incorporate into just about everything, really.

For instance, I was once a professional photographer. I photographed engagement sessions, weddings, boudoir, and landscapes. After about six years, I decided I needed to do something else, so I applied to grad school. Three years later, I received a Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and started interning at an addiction rehabilitation facility. I started implementing art therapy into my sessions when clients couldn't use their words. It was then that I realized how therapeutic art really is. Art speaks volumes, it tells stories.

Anyway, I was born and raised in Orang... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Intro to Embossing : Hi, everyone Renee here with the D I Y day, I receive a lot of questions regarding heating bossing, So I've decided to create some tutorials on that. I'll be going over the supplies I use, as well as various tips, tricks and techniques, including using your bossing pants on paper, as well as using rubber stamps and heating bossing on glass. I'll also be sharing some really cool effects that you can use with your bossing powders, so stick around and let's get started. 2. Embossing Supplies: So let's go over all the materials needed to heat in boss and the order in which they're used. So this right here is an anti static bag. What it does is it keeps strained bossing powder from sticking to unwanted areas around your project. Sometimes in Boston, powder does stick to areas you don't want it. And so this actually works to keep those strained Boston patterns at bay. So what I do is I just take my powder bag, rub it all over my project, and this is what I call prepping my project. And then, after you're done prepping your project, you put this away and you're done with it. So after prepping your work with the anti static bag, the next thing you're going to do is other use and bossing pens or this in bossing ink pad , and we'll go over both of those. So these are being in Boston pans that I eat like to use. Most often, these pants aren't just regular pens or markers they're actually designed specifically to do in bossing. So let's go over each one of these pens that I have here. So these three and Boston pens are actually made by the same company. They all work exactly the same. However, each one is different, So this pain right here has a brush tip. Whenever you right on something, it goes unclear, and it's really useful. If you like to brush letter this next pen. It's a bulleted. This also goes unclear. You could see that mine's got a little stain on it, but it doesn't affect the work in this In Boston pen, it's actually a bullet tip, and it goes on black. This one is actually really good if you're working on a darker color project. So, um, I have yet to see this pen in a brush, but I do like using this one because it's easier toe to see them, the other two clear ones. And then this one is also in a Boston pen that I really like to use this side. It's the scroll, so you could see that scroll tip and then on this side. It also has a brush tip. You could see that, and I really like using this one for, um, brush lettering as well. It does come out a lighter shade of blue, but it's like it's translucent. But this pen works really well. So if you don't feel like writing or using in Boston pens, you can also use an embossing in pet. This is actually really cool because you could just take your stamp like, say, like this, for instance, cooked. Cut the stamp in this type of ink and then you could actually em boss a stamp and let me show you what that looks like. Um, I posted this one on instagram a while back, but, um, you could see the the stamp design in gold right here. And I did that with the stamp pad and the Embossing Inc. So depending on what you're going for, you can either do in Boston with your pens or in Boston with, um, stand pat. Okay, now that you've used your in Boston powder bag and either you're in Boston pens or in Boston a pad, the next thing, the fun part is using the embossing powders. So let me get those out. Now it's not necessary to have all these in Boston powders, but it's really fun to have. So let's just go from there. I've collected these for, like, the past 10 years, That's why I have stupid collection. I've gotten some free. I've gotten some from my sister. I've bought a lot of them, but, um, I like having a bunch of the Boston powders. But if you're just starting out and kind of unsure about it, I would probably just buy one or two and then let your collection grow from there. So the embossing powders actually don't come in these little containers. I actually did that just to keep my in Boston powers more organized. When you go to the store to buy them, they actually look like this or this or this, and different brands have different, um, the types of containers, obviously. But they all work the same with either the embossing ink pad or the pens. Eso You know, if you like color from this brand or that brand. For the most part, all in bossing inks will work on the powders. Okay, After you've placed your in Boston powder onto your project, the next thing you're gonna want to do is set or melt your in Boston powder and you do that with a heat gun. So this is my heat gun right here. It's super duper old. It dates back to my scrapbooking days, which was like 1999 eso It's still holding up strong 17 or 18 years later, and I cannot stress enough how important a heat gun is. Um, I get a lot of emails from people saying Please help My in Boston powder isn't melting like yours is. I don't know what I'm doing wrong and come to find out there trying to heat their or melt there in Boston. Powder with a boulder and a blow dryer simply doesn't get hot enough, so it's not going to work. A heat gun is absolutely necessary to in Boss anyway. So what's your project? Has the in Boston Carter on it? You're gonna want to melt it with your he ca. What I like to do is turn on my he ca for about five seconds toe, let it warm up, and then from there, I just run it all over my and Boston powder. Um, I do keep the heat gun about 2 to 3 inches away from the powder are from the work area, because the heekin does get really hot and you don't want to. The in Boston powder to melt too much. They're actually comes a point to where the Boston powder starts bubbling, and that's when it's overheated. Yeah, it's kind of strange, right? So anyway, in my next videos, I'll show you different in Boston techniques on different projects, so stick around. 3. Embossing on Paper: in this tutorial, I'm going to share with you the basics of heat and bossing and how to do it. Nothing fancy shmancy. So let's just get to it. I'll be heat in Boston on this mixed media paper by Strathmore. I really like this paper foreign bossing it. It gives the in Boston powder really nice, smooth results. Different papers do, um, produce different results. So my suggestion would be to practice in a small area of the paper before committing to the larger part of it, just so you can decide whether or not you really like the way that paper looks with here with your work. So I'm gonna print my area with my anti static bag and that this is just to keep the strain . Boston powders away from unwanted areas. And with my in Boston pen, I'm gonna brush letter the word. Hello? There we go. Now that the word hello has been written on the paper I'm gonna selected in Boston powder to embossed with. I think I'll choose copper. So I'm going to Sprinkle the copper in Boston powder on top of the word covering the entire area. Like so now that the word Hello is covered in a bossing powder. I'm gonna take my coffee filter and collect the excess and bossing powder. Kolding what the coffee filter is It serves as a collector as well as a funnel. So I took off all the remaining in Boston powder. And if you notice a spot that didn't get covered, just grabs more in Boston powder, put it on top and then remove the excess so you can put more bossing powder on top of the in Boston powder that's already been, um, sprinkled on their. There we go. So I'm gonna put this back into the jar. They would go and do So let's bring this back over here. And I noticed that some areas still have some embossing powder on it, so I just take a little brush. Remove it, just take it off. There we go. Now the powder is ready for melting. So what I like to do is grab my heat gun, let it warm up for about three seconds, and it'll apply it to the embossing area, and I'll keep the heat gun about 2 to 3 inches above the in Boston. Now that the heat gun has melted the embossing powder. Look how cool it looks. So this is a metallic copper in Boston powder, So stick around and I'll show you more cool stuff to do with in Boston Powder. 4. Embossing Stamps on Glass: in this tutorial, I'm going to share with you how to stamping boss onto glass. The first thing I like to dio is to grab a baby wife and clean off the top of the glass removes any oils that might be lingering on top of it. And I'm using a baby wife just because baby wipes clean up pretty much everything. You can also just wash us in the with soap and water. But I'm using a a baby. What? And then let it sit and dry. Then I'm gonna take my, um, anti static bag and rub it over the glass area. There we go. Now the glasses ready for me to stamp on it. So I'm gonna take my embossing ink pad and my stamp in a press the stamps several times into the ink pad and impress it onto the jar. There you go. Okay. So now I'm gonna place thean bossing powder on top of the jar minute. Grab my coffee filter, place the door on top of it so the excess in Boston powder can fall into the coffee filter . I think I'm gonna use pink powder for this one. So I'm just gonna hold the jar and Sprinkle the powder on top like so there we go. Then I'm gonna pour off the excess powder into the filter. See how that looks. You could see the are on there. Very cool. I'm gonna actually take my brush and remove any and bossing powder. That might be just lingering a bit. There. Looks good. Gonna put that up here and for the excess powder back into the jar. Now the image is ready to be belted. So I'm gonna grab my heat gun warming up for about three seconds and then apply on two being bossed image. So the top of the glasses super hot because it was just heated with the heat gun. So I would refrain from touching the top for about five minutes. But from the bottom, if I'm holding from the bottom, it's it's not bad at all. So you can see the the embossed image onto their onto the glass. It's really cool way of personalizing a gift. Thank you for watching this tutorial. I have Maurin bossing tips and ideas to share with you, so please stick around 5. Blending Embossing Powders: hello again In this tutorial, I'm going to share with you how I like to blend to in Boston powders together to make a really cool effect. I'll be in Boston on the metal lid of this candle. The top of it looks a little plane, so I'm just gonna add a little bit of color to spruce it up a bit. So I don't need the candle itself. I just need the metal lid. So I'm going to remove the lid and put the candle aside. The first thing I'm gonna do is take my baby, wipe and remove the dirt and oil that might be on top of the lid. Baby wipes clean everything. So this is the round I go, There we go. Now I'm just let it sit and dry. Now that the lid is dry, I'm gonna take my anti static bag and prep my project again. This this bag just helps keep strained bossing powders from unwanted areas. Um, so I just rub it on the project until I feel it's covered. And then I'm done with the powder back. I'll be using my black bullet tip in Boston. Pin the words be Mary on top. So I've written the words be Mary, Let me see if camera will will show it might be able to get a glimpse of that. But now that I've written the word be Mary, I am gonna, um, put, I think gold and green in Boston, Powder on top. So let me grab my coffee filter. Okay? I'm gonna use the gold powder first, and I'm just gonna Sprinkle it all over the word be Mary. I'm gonna leave some parts of it. Um, empty. Just so the green has a place to stick to a swell. So let's go for it. So I'm just gently sprinkling the goal on top of the word, I think that's enough. Scylla made Show you a close up just so you can see that the empty spaces there's like part of the E and the M, and there's some e are part of the why are not covered in the gold. So that's where the green will stick, Teoh. So let me shake off the excess. There we go. So I'm gonna pour what's left in the coffee filter back into the jar and put the gold back ham and put the lid right back onto the coffee filter and then pour the green. So I'm gonna grab my green and pour it all on top of the the lid covering even the gold there, Bill. So I'm gonna pour the excess back onto the lid. There we go. And you could see the gold and the green normal it itself. I'm gonna put this aside and we've got two options to do with this grain. So option number one is to pour the in Boston powder back into the jar of green. There might be some remnant gold flakes from when I took off the excess green powder. Some gold may have landed in there, so got to decide if you want to put that back into the jar or option number two is to throw it away. But for myself, because I didn't use that much gold, I know it won't affect the green powder that significantly. So I'm just gonna pour this back into my jar and save it, and I'll put this back right there. So there are some in Boston powder stuck in areas I don't want it, so I'm just gonna grab my brush and brush it away. Okay, so looks good. Now it's ready to be melted or heated. So I'm gonna grab my heat gun, turn it on for about three seconds to warm it up, and then I'm gonna melt the in Boston powder. If you're in Boston on metal, please remember that You just He did this for, like, a solid 30 seconds or so. So the lid is going to be extremely hot. I would refrain from touching it for good. Five minutes. There are a few more details that I want to add to this. So I'm gonna put this on hold, let it cool off, and then I will be back. Okay, So the metal wood has cooled off, and I decided I'm gonna add some dots around the circle of my lid. The first thing I need to dio is used my bag again. Powder bag. Just wrap it around, like, earlier. There we go. And then I'm gonna take my in Boston pen and just put dots all the way around the circle. Now that I've placed the dots around the Lynn, I'm gonna use my red in Boston powder and cover up those dots When I get my coffee filter, place a little on top of it, and then I'm in the Sprinkle my red in Boston powder all way around. Now I'm gonna remove the red powder and drop the excess into the coffee filter. You could see the red dots. I'm There are some areas that have powder where they shouldn't be. So I'm going to grab my brush and brush that off, Okay. Before this. Back into the jar. Now I'm ready to heat in. Boss. Pull it again. Winogrand. My heat gun. Let it warm up and then apply it to the In Boston. It's again. It is hot. So I would refrain from touching it for about five minutes. The blending of the golden the green really do give it a really need effect. Stick around. I have more in Boston tips, tricks and ideas to share with you 6. Ombré Embossing Powders: Hi, everyone. In this tutorial, I'm going to share with you how to do ombre heating bossing. So let's get started. So, like, always, I'm gonna start by prepping my page with my anti static bag. So I'm just gonna rub it on this paper. That should be enough. So put that back that I'm going to grab my in bossing pin, and I'm going to write the word love. Okay, so I wrote the word love. Now what I'm gonna do is grab a few colors that are similar. So I have plenty of pinks, plenty of greens, purples, blues. But I think I'm gonna do purples just because you could see a greater contrast. I think so. I'm gonna dio the purples. So for the first color that I'm gonna lay out is the dark purple. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna Sprinkle it just on the top portion of the word love. Now you could do as far down are as little or as much as you'd like. So I'm just gonna start sprinkling and then when I think it's it's good enough, then I'm going to stop. So I'm gonna start by covering the top portion of the letters. I think that's good. So I'm gonna remove the excess in Boston powder that doesn't need it. And what I'm gonna do is grab my coffee filter and pour the in Boston powder downward rather than downward. This way, just because you don't want the in Boston powder to stick to the areas that haven't been covered just yet. So I'm gonna pour this toe out. There we go. And you could see that only a portion of the word love is peeking through with the dark purple in Boston. Powder for me. Poor what's in the coffee filter back into the container. And then the next purple color money use is this one. It's a medium shade of purple. So with my medium shade of purple, I'm just gonna get the middle section of the word love. And it's okay if it gets on top of the darker purple. Okay, again, I'm gonna grab my coffee filter and pour the remaining pounder into the filter. And again, I'm pouring it the same way downward before the powder back into the jar. And as you can see, there's still some portions of the word love that have yet to be covered. So I'm going to use the lighter purple and cover the remaining portion of the word love. So I'm gonna grand my purple and just Sprinkle it on the bottom of the word love. Like so again, I'm gonna pour the excess powder into the coffee filter, and this time around, you could just pour it straight down. You don't have to turn the your paper sideways, just port straight down. Then I'm gonna grab my jar in the coffee filter where the rest back into the jar and put it back in here now, before he'd it. Let me see if I can get a close up so you can see what it looks like So you could see the variation and color goes from the dark to the medium shade to the light shade Now that I've poured the embossing powder over the word love and all the areas are covered in the different colors of purple. Now I'm ready to heat it or felt it. I'm gonna turn my heat gun on and let it warm up for about 3 to 5 seconds, and then I'm gonna apply it to the word love. I'm gonna keep my heat gun about three inches above the embossed area on Lee, because the heat does get hot and you don't want to burn any of your work. So let's get started on that. Now that the embossing powder has been set, you can really see the ombre effect of the darker toe lighter shades. There's a darker the medium purple, and then the lighter shade of purple. It looks really cool, and here's a close up of the hombre heat in bossing Watch my other in bossing videos for additional ideas, tips n tricks. Thank you.