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Easy Sourdough Bread For Beginners.

teacher avatar Thomas Charles Mathiassen, A Culinary Project

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Lessons in This Class

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      What Is A Sourdough Starter


    • 3.

      Sourdough Starter Day 1


    • 4.

      Sourdough Starter Day 2


    • 5.

      Sourdough Starter Day 3


    • 6.

      Sourdough Starter Day 4+


    • 7.

      Sourdough Starter Maintenance Phase


    • 8.

      Baptise Your Sourdough Starter.


    • 9.

      A Word About Flour.


    • 10.

      Desired Dough Temperature (Ddt)


    • 11.

      Equipment You Might Need.


    • 12.

      Mix & Autolyse.


    • 13.

      Bulk ferment & Fold nr. 1


    • 14.

      Bulk ferment & Fold nr. 2


    • 15.



    • 16.

      Simple Shaping Technique.


    • 17.

      Prove, Score & Bake The Bread.


    • 18.

      Bonus Lecture, Make Your Own Lame.


    • 19.

      Bonus Lecture, What Is A Banneton.


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About This Class

The aim of this course is simply to get you hooked on sourdough bread baking.

i'm not going to delve into the chemistry of sourdough bread baking, analyse the properties of different flours, list masses of baking equipment or baffle you with complex techniques.

I look at it this way: do you need to know how a carburettor works to learn how to drive a car? No. Well nor do you need to immerse yourself in science to bake a wealth of wonderful sourdough breads.

The Sourdough breads in this course are ones that i bake at home for my family and friends in my standard domestic oven, with my 3 kids distracting me as much as they can. I teach them to the people who comes to my sourdough bread classes in my bakery and i love the moment when the baking is finished and we all sit down with the breads we have made, some good cheese and a glass of wine or beer, and relax and enjoy the sense of achievement.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Thomas Charles Mathiassen

A Culinary Project


I have always been crazy about bread since i was a kid, my earliest bread memory was when my mother would send me to the local bakery Langhoff's bakery in Silkeborg, Denmark to pick up a freshly baked bloomer, wrapped in a piece of paper.

My mother would cut some thick slices, of the bloomer a generous layer of butter and fresh strawberry jam, i was the happiest kid in the world, to me it was magic.

When i was around 11-12 years old, i would deliver newspapers on bike in the morning before i went to school, and at the end of my route i would knock on the backdoor to the local bakery, and have a chat with the baker, exchange a fresh newspaper with a fresh Danish pastry and one day he asked me if i wanted to come and work in the bakery, to help out a bit with the cleaning of... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction.: in this section will be making a white basic sour dough bread. The recipe will give you to bread off approximately 600 grand each. I would be proving my bread into eight inch punch on proving baskets, but if you don't have a proving basket, you can use any bowl with a tea towel. Or you can use a Pyrex dish. I will be begging my bread in a cast iron skillet, but if you don't have a cast iron skillet, you can use any part that can go into the oven. Or you can use a baking stone, and then you can add a little bit of steam. Teoh the skill. It is really, really good because it creates a lot off steam inside, and it will give you that lovely oven spring. 2. What Is A Sourdough Starter: basically a salarios daughter is water on flower, but it's a little bit more complex than that. Inside, you'll find Wild East on Bacteria's Toby. More specific, you'll find lactic acid bacteria's. Those guys are responsible for the rice and your bread. Basically, they eat on the burp and they fought on. The magic happens. That brings us to the next question. Why should we bake salad or bread to me? This four reasons, the 1st 1 being the flavor. To me, it's simply better. But that's a matter of opinion. I think it has a lot off complex flavors and aromas. Reason number two is the texture. You will find that Ah, sour dough bread has a really, really nice crust and a chewy texture and an open crumb and nice air pockets. The third reason why I like sour dough. It's the shelf life. The bread will stay fresh for longer because it's slightly a sitting. The fourth reason is nutrition. Sodo helps to break down the protein and make all the nutrition available for the body, and it will give you a slow rise in your blood sugar compared to a white standard feasted loaf 3. Sourdough Starter Day 1: all of us on Welcome toe online, bacon. In today's lesson, I want to show you how to get started on Make your own sorrow Start up from scratch on all you need you need is a job You need scale and then you need a spatula and that's it. Many some water and some flour on your well on your way to have your own perfect sourdough starter. So let's get started. Take your job on Syria obvio scale, and then you're scared off 50 gram of water. I always like to scale everything to make it more precise. And then you take 50 grand off your whole meal flour, and then you're simply gonna mix this, um, until all the flower has been high graded and then you're gonna give it like a good rigorous makes so we can capture some of that while you still there and then scrape down the sides on that is it. Now we have successfully started our so does started, and then all you do issue covered with loose lips. If you have one of these jobs with a Roberts still take off the rubber seal, I just leave the late on very loosely. And then you're gonna put this in a place that is around around 2125 degrees soldiers a lot off. People like to put it in the microwave, so there's no draft and the temperature is constant. I like to just put it on top of my fridge. That works for me. So tomorrow we're gonna discuss some off this hour. Go on. We're gonna feed it again. Um, pick a time off the day where you can attempt to sorrow roughly the same time every day. And and it doesn't take modern maximum 10 minutes a day to attend to your sour doughs, Daughter, I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial on I will see you ache. And tomorrow 4. Sourdough Starter Day 2: Hello and welcome to online Bacon Academy. This is they Number two off Salado Starter for beginners. And if you saw Day number one, you remember that we started our sorrows data with 50 grand off home in flour and 50 grams of water. So today we're gonna discount some of this on. We're gonna give it another feeding, and you might already start to see some activity in your sourdough starter. If you take a look at mine here, it's already starting toe form some publishers, which is a good sign. But if not, then that is perfectly fine. Just needs some more time. So let's get started. So take your job with your Sato's daughter on Syria, out your scale on as you remember yesterday we did 50 grand off water. I would get 50 grand off floor on on day two. We only need 25 grand a walk off our so does daughter. So we need to take out 75 grand. So Syria, out your scale and take it down to minus 75. There we go. Now we have 25 grand off Solidos down serology a scale And then, at just like yesterday 50 gram of water on them, 50 gram, your whole new flower again exactly like we did yesterday. There. Go take your spatula and then give that a coach mix until all the flour has been hybrid, just like we did yesterday. Give it a good, uh, vigorous makes on scrape down the sides, so it's as clean as possible. Now I can see we have Fed starter for the first time, and now we're gonna leave it until the same time tomorrow, which is day number three, um, cover loosely, just like you did yesterday and put it back in his warm, safe place. So I have got a couple off questions in the Facebook group, and one of the question was, What do you do if you live in a very warm and humid climate and that's not really a problem . It is only gonna make the process happen faster. But what you can do is if it's very, very warm and humid your water use a little colder water like 20 degrees 18 degrees to slow down the process a little bit, but expected to take from anywhere from 7 to 10 days in total, so use a little bit cooler water. Another good chip is toe To put your job in sight of Mike aware the temperature in the eyes constant on There's no draft, so to keep it consistent put it in your microwave Oh, in your in your oven Always Just remember to take it out if you need to use the oven before you put the oven on So that was it for day two off our sorrows dollar for beginners And remember, state of fucking home. Protect the NHS and save lives on. Why do you do that? Bakes from a mason bread. See you tomorrow. 5. Sourdough Starter Day 3: So welcome to online Bacon Academy. This is staying on but three off our sourdough starter for beginners. And if you have been following, they want and they to you. So we how we fed this hour Start on. Now we can see that s already a lot of activity on. That is a very good time. And But if you're us doesn't have any activity at all, that is completely fine. It's gonna be OK. Just trust in the process. It is gonna happen. It all depends on temperature. And yeah, it's a lot of factors and yeah, it's just different from place to place. And now there's a little bit off brown liquid until off the salaries data, if you have, that is not a problem. It's called Bush on hooch, and which just means that the sorrow is getting hungry and it's time to feed it. So what we gonna do now is exactly like they want. On Day two, we're gonna take everything out except for 25 grand, and then we're gonna feed it with 50 grand off water, 50 grand off our whole meal flour. So stop by taking out all of this, our starter except for 25 grand, No, for more. And then we are ready to to feed this on. I just quickly want to say all the discards at this point is not worth saving because it's just what flower on wet flour doesn't taste of anything. So go ahead and been this. If you are one of these people, come post, you can compost this as well. So, at a later point when I was out of order is ready to bake. With the this cost, you can use it for pancakes. Biscuits are grab us. There's so many things you can do with this. So at a later point, you don't want to throw it away. So now zero out your scale take 50 grand off water. So 50 ground water, 50 grand off your whole meal. Flour. We're still using holding a flower. But don't skip tomorrow's video because here we're gonna When I started using some white flour, So don't skip tomorrow, sweetie. And then you just give this a good mix, just like we did on day one and day two scrape the size down to keep it as clean as possible. I'm not. It and again nobody loosely. I put it back in its warm, safe place. So that was it for Day three off Salarios Tyler for beginners on If you don't see an activity Yes, out of yet it's OK. Trust in the process and keep on going on. We'll be back again this time tomorrow for day number four on here changed a little bit. So don't skip this step. If you're watching this video on YouTube, subscribe to the channel. Hit the notification boat as master like bottom Andi just to let you know we have a Facebook group with a lot off dedicated home Vegas. If you're watching this Facebook group, go and join our YouTube channel and some stripe. So see you tomorrow and keep on bacon. 6. Sourdough Starter Day 4+: Hello and welcome toe online bacon. This is the number four hours out of star for beginners. If you have been following along, your sourdough starter should be well in this way. And if not, then go back and watch. They want to three that you're going to see on my mark here. My job, my sorrow star, has actually collapsed a little bit. And that's quite a lot off brown you could have on Venice jobs. What I explained yesterday, it's called, which just means that your sorrows really hungry. So to give myself a little bit more nutrition toe feed off, we're gonna change the ratio into a 133 feeding, which we're still using 25 grand off the sourdough starter. But this time we're gonna take 75 grams of water and 75 grand off our whole meal flour. Before, we were doing a 1 to 2 feeding. So take away everything about 25 grand on, um, the hooch that is on top of this hour. You can just that you comport off that really matter, and then I'm gonna take away. I see myself. Tower is almost liquid as well. Gonna take away everything but 25 grams. I'm not zero scale, 75 grams of water and 75 grand off your take your spatula on. Give that a good mix toe hydrate all the flower just like we did the the last three days. So it's basically the same. We've just changed the ratio just to give the the start of a little bit more to feed from scrape down the sides and keep everything nice and clean. Do you go and call by beautifully put it back in this warm, safe place. This was the number four off our sour dough starter for beginners on this feeding, they want 33 ratio. You want to do that for another 3 to 4 days before you enter a stabilising face or maintenance face? You want to continue this until us, our starter can pass the what we call the floating test, where you take a little spoon off your sorrow star on, dump it into some water and it floats. Then you know that you are ready to toe move on to the stabilizing face maintenance states and come back tomorrow on I will show you the maintenance stage off your sorrows dollar on what to look for, how to know when I said Ready toe, move onto that stage. 7. Sourdough Starter Maintenance Phase: Hello and welcome to online Baking Academy. Today is the last episode off our sorrow style of for beginners. If you have been following along on day 123 and four on so on now, it's about 10 12 days since we started our sorrows. Dara on you should be about ready to move into the next phase with is the maintenance face off your sorrow and I will explain a little bit about when it's your sour dough starter ready to bake with. So when you're so start, I can safely pass the floating test where you take a little bit of your sour rose donna and dump it into some water. On this. Our star floats then you know, is vigorous enough and has enough yes, activity that it can bake bread with it. Also, at this stage, you can now convert your sour does data into 100% rice out of starter or a whole meal. Solidos Donald or you can go playing white flour. If you're only making white bread, you would just keep on feeding it the same ratio as I showed you, and and you just used the flower that you want depending on the flavor and style off the bread that you're making. So you might be wondering, How do you store your summer rose Donna? If you're baking every single day, then I would feed my sourdough starter at the same time every day on. I would just keep it in my microwave because it is the same temperature and his free off draft. But if you're not making every day, then it might be a little bit too much to feed your sorrows data every day. So put it in your fridge. And then, if you want to bake, let's say you want to bake a Saturday morning. Then you take out your Sours Diner Thursday morning on your feed it and then your feet again Friday on then Friday evening. You can make sure, though, that you can bake several very morning. That way you can story or sado starla in your fridge, and you only have to feed it like once a week are every two week, and it can keep in their for very, very long time. You just need to attend to it once in a while and let's say if you're baking once a week. That is perfect, and now your sorrows are should double in size in around 5 to 10 hours on it should be ready to make your dough. I'm adding a little time lapse for you to see how my solidos dollar is doubling in size. I hope you enjoy this little video on I hope to see you Again. Marie were assume with a sour dough bread video, and you can join our Facebook group, where you can connect with other home Vega's and remember to subscribe, Hit the like button and See you next time. 8. Baptise Your Sourdough Starter.: I hope you manage to make your sour Get it to bubble like this one, Onda. Now it's time for you to baptize shows I named my guess would because I'm a huge fan off this would. So let me know in the comments section below What? You're baptized your sorrows. 9. A Word About Flour.: Hello, guys on Welcome back. This lecture is gonna be all about flower. The number one key ingredients in bread begging you will be so much more in control off your sado begging after this lecture. Wheat. In short, there's too main categories off wheat in the world. This common wheat or three d come by, Stephen. And then there's durum wheat. Tragic. Um, Door, Um, I don't just use the Latin names to sound a little bit more legit. The Latin names are very useful for clearing up any misunderstandings, Andi misconceptions that are widely spread in forums and Facebook groups. That message situation with all the misunderstandings about the different types of flour is basically due to the lack off a global, um, classifications system on flower. For example, in France and Italy, common wheat is called soft wheat, and durum wheat is called hard wheat because basically Durham means heart in Latin. Okay, enough with you. Let him. But for example, in the US, hard wheat usually means high protein, common wheat and soft wheat means low protein common, which can you see the problem. So for the rest of this course, when we are talking about a strong bread, flour or bread flour. We're talking about a high protein common wheat and your bread, flour or strong bread flour should have a protein content between 11 and 15%. See you in the next list. 10. Desired Dough Temperature (Ddt): Welcome to Online Baking Academy. In today's lesson, we are gonna talk a about temperature because temperature is really, really important in bread baking, such as when you're making a lovely sour of breath. A lot off recipes are online courses or videos on, YouTube, says use lukewarm water or use tepid water or body warm water room temperature water. But the fact is that nobody really knows what that means on how it affects your dough, because all the factors are changing all the time. One day it's cold. One day it's hot. So basically I made this lesson to make it easy for you to make a consistent product in a bakery when we were working as a professional baker. One thing that is very important is to make a consistent product, and the easiest factor that the baker can control is the water temperature. How does the bigger calculate the water temperature so he get that consistent low temperature every single time? Well, that is a very clever formula called DDT, and it means desired, though temperature. So basically it is a formula where you calculate your desired dough temperature. How do you do that? You take all the factors that can impact your dough temperature such as room temperature, flower temperature temperature off your sour dough starter or you're live on on. Finally, a something called The Friction Factor on that is the temperature rise that you can expect in the door from mixing on needing. Let me give you a quick example. Most those that we are making in the bakery. Oh, the one that you will be making in your home kitchen. The ideal, though temperature is 75 F. So the formula says you need to find your base temperature and you do that by multiplying your desired though temperature with the amount off factors that can impact your dough temperature. So in this example, we will have four factors. We will have the room temperature, flower temperature, the temperature off your solidos daughter and then the friction factor. So that is four factors. So we divide. Sorry, we multiply 75 F with four that is 300. So now we have our base temperature. So what you do now is you start to subtract the key factors that are impacting your temperature. So we're gonna subtract the room temperature and for this example, we say it's 65 degrees Maronite. Then you're gonna subtract the flower temperature. And for this example, we will say that is 65. Well, and finally you're gonna subtract the temperature off you're livin or solidos Donna. And in this example, we will keep it simple and say that is 65 us well, and then we have something called the friction factor. For this example, the friction factor is 8 F. So we take our 300 minus 65 for the room temperature minus 65 for the lower temperature, minus 65 for the sado temperature and miners eight. Then we get a number 97. And that means that your water temperature should be 97 F. Then, when you're finished mixing your dough, udot will have a temperature off 75 F every single time. So now you might ask yourself, what is the friction factor on? How do I find this number? Well, there's so many factors that is involved in the calculation off the friction factor, such as what kind of machine using what kind of tool I'm using on your mixer? Are you mixing by hand, I am mixing by machine, so this is just an estimate. If you have, like a kitchen eight and your mix three minutes slow and forming it fast, the friction factor is 22 F. And if you make spy hand, obviously it's not affected temperature as much on the friction factor is, I have also made a PdF guide to this formula on. I have also made like a very smart calculator in Excel and Numbers. If you want to get this, you can go toe online Baking academy on. There's a small course or tutorial. It's completely free. All you got to do is sign up for the course on. Then you can download the files. I hope this little lesson projects of value on. I hope that it is going to help you to make fantastic bread every time and see you next time 11. Equipment You Might Need.: The truth is that masses off baking equipment out there, and I find it really, really depressing when you open a baking book or you take a course on. The first thing that you see is a huge list off essential baking equipment that you need just to get started on your bread making journey. I would try to focus on the future tools that you actually need and a few mentions of tools that are not essential. What makes it more fun to bake? All the recipes in this course is mixed by hand, so you will need a decent size mixing bowl, and it can be either metal or plastic. And you'll also need some kind off plastic container where you can rest on DFO old your dough if you don't have one, you can always use your mixing bowl and cooperate for a Tito begging off tea towels. Make sure you have a clean stack off details on. Then you're gonna need a scale preferable. You need a scale that can measure in pounds and ounces and in grams and kill. Oh, scaling your ingredients is really important to get a consistent product in this course, all the breads will be baked in a cast iron skillet. Except for the rye bread. The cast iron skillet is perfect for baking sour dough bread because it creates a lot of steam inside to get that nice of in spring. If you don't have a cast iron skillet, you can use a baking stone, and then you can put in a tray with some ice cubes on it to create that theme and the saddle breath we will be making in this course, we will prove them in to eight inch round proving baskets, Orban intones. If you don't have any proving basket, you can use any small mixing bowl or blast bow with a T tell to prove your bread in on Finally gonna need some sort off those graver It can be a plastic, and then you're gonna need a very sharp knife to score your bread. 12. Mix & Autolyse.: before you can bake any sour dough bread, you need to ah, feed your sorrows Data. I did this six hours before, and your sorrow is ready when it can safely past the floating test. In a large mixing bowl, scale off 400 milliliters off water and 200 grams off your sour dough starter and 600 grams off strong bread flour. Now mixture Dough very lightly with your hands. Just makes it so it barely comes together. We don't want to do a lot of needing with this recipe. This is just toe hydrate the flour. Cover your door with some cling film or a tea towel and leave it to rest in a warm place for around 30 minutes. This process is called out Elise, and it helps to develop the gluten without doing a lot of mixing. Basically, you're letting time do the work for you. After the 30 minutes off outta lose at 12 Graham off sold. Make sure dough for a couple of minutes until all the salt have been dissolved. 13. Bulk ferment & Fold nr. 1: Udot has now been resting for 30 minutes and we are ready to do the first stretch and fold . The purpose off thes stretch and fold is to build tension on to build a structure in your door. As you can see as I'm folding this, though, the doe gets a love more tension. Now our door has to rest for another 30 minutes before we are ready to this second fold. Remember to give it that little love pat at the end. 14. Bulk ferment & Fold nr. 2: it has now been another 30 minutes on our door is ready for the second fold, and as you can see that, though, is very relaxed and it's also a lot more active than before. So be a little bit more gentle now when you are falling it as we keep on building tension on structure. Annatto. At this stage, my dough is very, very active on it all depends on the power in your sorrow starter and also the temperature in your kitchen. Make sure you download the desired though temperature formula at the beginning off the course. So my door was really, really active on. I decided only to do two folds, but if you need to, you can do three or four folds. 15. Preshape.: so it has been another 30 to 45 minutes on my toe. Waas ready to appreciate after to stretch unfolds so flour your work surface on It's about the dull, very gently. Now divide your dough into equal sized pieces. It does not have to be accurate, but the recipe says to bread off 750 grand each. Now we're going to do a very simple pre shape. Basically, you take all the edges on, fold him into the middle on. Then you turn it over on. We go do that with this second Doha Swell. Now take your bench scraper on. Create a little bit off tension in Edo by turning your door around with Joe Bench Graber on pulling it towards you so it creates a little bit off tension. It's called a tension pool. Remember, this is just a pre shape and you don't want toe. Overdo it and risk off ripping your door on. Remember to put that little bit of love into the dough by patting it. Now cover your door with a Tito on, leave it to rest for 20 minutes and we are ready for shaping 16. Simple Shaping Technique.: we are now ready to shape or first basic like sour dough bread. Make sure you put a little bit of flour in your Barrington's. Andi. Just a little bit of flower on top off your doors as well. Take your door and turn it upside down on. Just make sure there's not a lot of flour on the bottom. Aunt spread out a little bit like this, and then you're falling into the middle on Return it and you fold it into the middle. And you do that until you come all the way around basically like, well, what we did when we were appreciating and keep on doing this to build tension, and when you feel it's getting type, turn it around and then you do a tension pool. Basically, you pull the door toe, watch you to tighten up the door. But be careful you don't rip the surface, and then you take your dough on. Place it upside down in your ban chon basket, and now let's shape the second glove, spread it out a little bit on. Then you start folding it into the middle on your turn it at the same time, and you just keep on going until the door feels nice and tight, and then you turn it around and you do the tension Pull once again. But this is where you need to be a little bit careful that you don't rip this surface off the door because if you ripped the surface off the dough, your dough will stick to the pan it on, and then you put it in your balance on with the seam side up. This method of shaping is the simplest form off shaping. And I don't want to make it too complex in this, um, cause because there's so many ways you can shave a bread with structural stitch in, but let's keep it simple for this course. 17. Prove, Score & Bake The Bread.: just your bread with a little bit of flour covered with a to tout or the planet online us and put them in fridge for at least 8 to 12 hours the next day. Now the bread has been proving overnight in the fridge, and if you push it gently and it bounced back very slowly, then it's ready to bake. If it doesn't bounce back, then you over proved it. And now we're gonna score the bread, and I have different tools. Have a plastic one on. You can also scored him with a sharp serrated knife before we can bake our bread. Need to preheat our skillet on our oven to 250 degrees socials, or 482 degrees Fahrenheit. Then you take your dough and dump it very gently into your skillet. But be careful. It is blistering hot, and then you will score your bread at a very low angle on. You can probably do it better than me, Andi. Then I like to spray my bread with a little bit off water before I put back on the lit on. We do exactly the same thing with bread number two this time I'm gonna score it with my serrated knife in a very classic pattern. Don't be afraid to cut into your bread. Pop the little on, put it in your oven for 20 to 25 minutes and then removed the lid and bake for another 10 to 15 minutes. So here is our basic white solo bread right out of the oven and toe here. If they're big, you can lightly tap it under the bottom, and it should sound very hollow of the crackling. Leave your bread toe. Cool off completely before your slice. Enter it. I couldn't quite a weight, but that's OK. I was so excited to show you a crumb off this bread and love it that open ground that is just amazing. And while dis melt is amazing, though, that was our basic wife. Sour dough bread. If you have any question, leave them in the Q and a section 18. Bonus Lecture, Make Your Own Lame.: Hello. Welcome to online Baking Academy. My name is Charles from Charles Good food. And in today's real, we can talk about Lam's. This is a tool that you use for scoring your breath on if you don't want to. In best in two like this, I will show you how you can easily make your They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes on price range on Let's get interest on. Let me show you how to make your home. So first, go to your local cafe, our coffee shop. Get yourself a cup of coffee on uh, on your way out. Grab a stack off coffee stars on by a pack off razor blades on just to let you know these are really, really sharp. So be careful on. Don't leave them lying around if you have kids in the house, so you open your race oblique on. Then you take your coffee star on. Then you bend it like this on you. Attach the razor to the coffee star. Very, very simple on easy to do and you all good to go on. Make some mice parents on your breath. So that was today's lesson. I hope you enjoyed it on See you next time 19. Bonus Lecture, What Is A Banneton.: Hello and welcome to online Baking Academy. My name is Charles from Charles. Good food. We're gonna talk a bout. Bantams. What? It's a balance on a an Intel. Issues for proving your bread gives this nice pattern on your bread, and it also draws much away from your dough. And they're really, really good for proving sour dough bread on high hydration, right when you buy a bounce on, most of them will come with a shower cap, which you can put inside your ban it on, and it will give a little bit different. Look to your breath when you have a bad time. It needs to be seasoned with a little bit of flour to prevent it from sticking on. It's all it's a good idea to use a mix off rice flour on semolina or anything like that that doesn't stick too much. It doesn't have to be sour dough bread. You can also bake any normal yeast bread in this one on gives it this nice, rustic arches and look on. Yeah, I really, really think these are awesome on If you haven't tried to use a mountain, I really, really think you should try it will definitely take your sour dough, bread or bread baking in general to the next level. When you buy a bantam, they're not very expensive, but most of them come with with a plastic scraper on alarm on there will be around 15 to 20 U. S. Dollars. So Barrington's for proving your bread. But as always, I will give you alternative ideas. So if you don't feel like investing in a Ballantine basket, then a very good thing you could use instead is a columnar. Because it has the their holes to the job, it will give support to your bread. Um, you're just line it with a T town, or you can also use your mixing bowl or a pirate's glass bowl. So that was the tip of the day on. I hope you enjoyed it on See you next time