Easy MicroGoals: How To Escape The Overwhelm Trap For Good | Nathalie De Ahna | Skillshare

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Easy MicroGoals: How To Escape The Overwhelm Trap For Good

teacher avatar Nathalie De Ahna, Serial Entrepreneur | Premium Instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Are You SO NOT Like Many Other Entrepreneurs, Too?


    • 2.

      01 About Me And Being Highly-Sensitive


    • 3.

      02 How I came up with MicroGoals


    • 4.

      03 MicroGoals and Overwhlem


    • 5.

      04 Checklist & Assignment


    • 6.

      05 Bonus Tip And Outlook


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About This Class

Are you a highly-sensitive, introvert or soul-based entrepreneur struggling with overwhelm because you come-up with new projects or ideas all the time ... but never pull through till the end?

Maybe you are unfocused.

Easily distracted by shiny objects.

Or simply feel seriously stuck.

My name is Nathalie, I’m a highly-sensitive entrepreneur and I've totally been there!

I've tried every mainstream method to get my dream business out of the starting blocks but I kept hitting glass walls.

I clearly saw where I wanted to go. But what seemed to be working so well for others, wasn’t working for me.

I hustled harder, bought shiny crap. And ended-up in an emergency room.

That's when I realized that fail-safe blueprints and awesome swipe formulas of awesomeness will never work for me.

As a soul-based entrepreneur, I simply roll differently.

In order to get unstuck and work efficiently, I didn't need an Ideal Client Profile (yet).

What I needed was a strong foundation of clarity & direction.

A toolbox of hacks that worked with my highly-sensitive nature and not against it.

This is the first class in a series of classes I'm creating to help you get out of the overwhelm trap.

One logical step after the other.

We're starting with MicroGoals and the clutter blocking your system.

Have you ever felt your so NOT like many entrepreneurs out there? Then I can't wait to see you inside!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nathalie De Ahna

Serial Entrepreneur | Premium Instructor


My name is Nathalie and I built my first successful online business in 2006.

I'm a multi-passionate online entrepreneur, DIY designer & Holistic Health Strategist teaching small business owners how to efficiently build a brand and business with non-techy and inexpensive tools.

Because I can never sit still and learn new stuff more often than other people have regular bowel movements, I've started building other businesses, too.

With limited time.

(Because I have small kids).

And fun and non-nerdy tools.

(Because I'm still wearing a tech-onesie myself and don't intend to ever grow into a full-blown nerd.)

Also, my French roots are allergic to over-priced tools and services, which is why I've become a Black Belt Master in Free But Effec... See full profile

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1. Are You SO NOT Like Many Other Entrepreneurs, Too?: 2. 01 About Me And Being Highly-Sensitive: Hello there, Natalie Year from Thimpu with drills with a couple of highly effective packs for highly sensitive and other entrepreneurs. Why the emphasis on highly sensitive? Because I am a highly sensitive entrepreneur myself and running three online businesses, I realized that a lot off the mainstream content and strategies out there simply will not work for me. I built my first successful online business in 2000 and six, but when I wanted to start another business a couple of years ago, I found myself stuck and completely overwhelmed. Things got so bad that I almost ruined my health and killed my dream business along the white. So I had to come up with a couple of strategies that worked for me. For me, as a Seoul based entrepreneur who's spilling, her business is on her own. And these strategies, that's what I want to talk to you about in this class. 3. 02 How I came up with MicroGoals: Let's start with micro goals. The micro gold strategy is actually one of my favorite tax because it is quick, it is free. You will see results right away, and it works in every area. I came up with the micro gold strategy because I used to suffer from depression and an eating disorder. At some point, I was so sick that I knew I had to get away from mainstream therapy and drugs. If I genuinely wanted to be better, I had nobody were to start, and I wasn't exactly bursting with energy. Now, in retrospect, having no clue and little stamina was actually the best thing that could have happened to me because it forced me to focus. I had to come up with a plan that actually worked on what I did was defined three realistic daily goals, which I wanted to achieve. Now being tired and depressed doesn't go well with ambitious resolutions. So I picked something really small, so small that I could make sure I could actually achieve my goals and feel good about the results I chose. Run yoga, pose in the morning, one healthy snack a day and one tiny act off self live before going to bed at night. Since I had consciously decided that I truly wanted to get better, this was doable, and I managed to stick with my plan. Each and every day, our time, my daily girls turned into regular routines, and it's something as normal to me today as brushing my teeth. Now you might be thinking, Come on that you didn't really get better by doing just one yoga post and eating one healthy stack a date and off course. That is true, but the brilliant thing about micro girls is that they come with a built in bonus automation system by picking ridiculously small goals, which you can achieve with almost no effort. You are tricking your week yourself into action, and since you're already at it, why not earn some extra kudos? So, more often than not, one yoga post turned into five, eating some carrots, turned into preparing an entire sell it on a couple of deep breaths became an actual meditation session. If I felt like it, I made a bigger effort and I earn bonus points. But I never put myself under pressure by aiming for more than my micro base on. This always made me feel like it's true. Winner 4. 03 MicroGoals and Overwhlem: So I started using micro goals because I was struggling with my health. I got better healthy meals, and working out became second nature to me. And I was doing great until I had kids started way too many projects and ended up pretty burned out and struggling with too much off everything, both in real life and online. At some point, I remembered my micro gold strategy. So what I did was note down the top two physical areas, which were giving me a massive, overwhelmed headache. I had collected way too much users stuff in my house, and I owned way too many business related books and magazines piling up around my workplace , blocking just about every business chakra a single woman can have merely thinking off. Dealing with all that baggage made me want to crash on my couch and binge watch Netflix. But one day I sat down and defined my first anti overwhelm micro belts, starting at the top off the house, used five minutes daily and get rid off everything which is broken, doesn't have a genuine purpose and or truly feels good on. The second goal was go through 10 books on magazines daily and get rid off everything that is outdated to comprehensive, not actionable has peanut butter on it on again, which doesn't make you feel truly good. I also made sure that I don't subscribe from magazines that I didn't read anyway. Now, both actions took me about seven minutes a day. That is 49 minutes a week, or an impressive ah, 196 minutes in a month. Do you have any idea what a difference? 100 and 96 minutes a month come make. And that number doesn't even include the bonus minutes. You will add, since your already at it It took me 2.5 months to get rid of the crap I had accumulated in my house and not even three days before, the only books and magazines that really mattered in my life had found a home. All my shelves seriously, micro goals are miraculous. And since you always do them in between on on the side, you will never feel paralyzed are overwhelmed, which is a big, big problem for highly sensitive people. I use them all the time. So does my husband, my kids on my clients and If you two are itching to be overwhelmed for good, then I want you to check up the assignment I've prepared for you. 5. 04 Checklist & Assignment : Okay. As your micro goal assignment, I want you to take a pen and paper and note down. The 1st 2 physical things are areas which are giving you and nasty overwhelm migrate for each area. I also want you to refine a micro go now before you get started. Let's talk about a couple of guidelines When you define your micro goals. Keep in mind that you should only need a couple of minutes to actually achieve your goals, something between one or five minutes or if you go for units rather than minutes. Pick a small unit, for example, 1 to 10 books or one coupled or one shelf. I wouldn't start with more than three goals. No, it's 10 thing to choose an entire range off micro goals, but don't define more than three at most. Okay, it also helps to define a specific time to achieve your micro goal and then stick to this time. This way you can build routines that get a fixed place in your life, for example, I like to take care of my goals either first thing in the morning, all right, before I do something every day, for example, like brushing my teeth. Now, once you've reached the bigger outcome behind your Migra goal or once it has turned into routine, pick a new goal on the last thing. And this is really important. Stick to your micro base rather than aiming for two ambitious goals. Don't aim for 10 minutes. Aim for one or two. You can always earn bonus points if you feel like it. OK, one more thing and then a really, you get going. Start with physical overwhelmed. First, I promise we will get to digital stuff we will get to in boxes to do lists and other things that stand between you and your business. After all, this is a serious offense for entrepreneurs. But what I really want to do is help you to get to the bottom off, your business paralysis and you being stuck. I don't want to fool you with success formulas that leave you without a strong foundation and at some point simply send you back to square one. Okay, are you ready to accept the micro goal overwhelm challenge, then download your worksheet. Define your micro goals, putting your frequency or amount specifics. Enter your start date and any additional thoughts of results you want to note in the daily truck is simply check every day you've accomplished your goal and to create accountability . Post young micro goal worksheet in our discussion section. If you like post before photos and then keep track off your goals with the daily Trekker, upload your worksheet again with have to photo. Each time you've achieved a goal, I have turned something into a routine. 6. 05 Bonus Tip And Outlook: in cases still thinking about whether or not to try out our micro gold strategy. I have a bonus tip and outlook for you. I know that getting rid of stuff can be tough, but it gets easier with practice. Believe me, I started on my top floor, going through closets and cupboards like a snail. But when I reached the basement, I had become extremely quick and efficient. When in doubt, ask yourself one. Does this item have a genuine purpose to? Well, I realistically use it in the near future. And three dust This item make me feel truly good are my only hang onto memories, for example, are feeling guilty because something wants cost a lot of money. Being that radical is something I learned from a Japanese coach called Marie Condo, and although I don't remember exactly how she gets things done, I found this attitude extremely helpful. Another thing I'd like to mention is that although this first hack is specifically dealing with physical overwhelm, micro goals can be used for any area off your life. They're also the basis will refer to for some of our follow up hacks, which will tackle digital and online overwhelmed inbox, constipation, flesh card journaling and project sprinting. Make sure to master hag one first and I look forward to seeing you for more.