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Easy Holiday Cards in Watercolor and Ink

teacher avatar Irina Trzaskos, Watercolor Artist & Illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Christmas Car


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      Painting a baby Deer


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      Holiday Wreath


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      Christmas Tree Card


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      Last Thoughts


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About This Class

Welcome to the Class!

It is Holiday Season and in this class, we will be drawing and painting fun and easy holiday illustrations you can use as cards, gift tags or any other holiday-related purposes ) 

Feel free to use this holiday imaginary any way you like - hosting a holiday craft party, packaging your gifts or sending a nice letter to a friend. In projects section of the class, you can find all the drawings, if you want to paint exactly what I did you can just transfer them on watercolor paper. 

Have wonderful and creative holidays!

x Irina.

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1. Introduction: Hi everyone. My name is Irina Trazskos. I'm an artist and illustrator. It's the end of the year, and I want to say thank you to all of you who watch my classes, left hundreds of beautiful projects and reviews. In today's class, we'll be painting fun and easy holiday cards in ink and water color. This is my class number 17. We're planning to build a lot of classes next year. I hope my classes will help you build a successful and beautiful portfolio. In next video, I'll show you the supplies you'll be using in this class. Let's get started. 2. Supplies: In this class, we'll be using following supplies: watercolor paint, I'm using White Nights it also is called St Petersburg sometimes. That's how the box looks, lighter color paper. I'm using Canson cold press, but feel free to use any paper you like. Water of course, eraser, a pencil, paint palette to mix the colors, paper towel. Out of paper I cut the pieces which are five by seven inches, which is a card size. Also we'll be using a medium watercolor brush. This is Kolinsky Sable number 4. The small watercolor brush, this is Kolinsky Sable number 2. For ink I'll be using a small Kolinsky Sable zero brush, which is a word brush. Also I'll be using a sharpie liner. Just make sure your liner is waterproof. Today I'll be using both liner and black ink, but you can use or ink, or liner either way you want. Also I'll be using white ink for details. Instead of white ink you can use wet brush or white gel pen, whichever you prefer. If you like using tip pen, you can use it too with your ink. The next video I will start painting and drawing. 3. Christmas Car: So first quality illustration we'll be drawing is this red color at Christmas tree on it So I did a quick and read a light pencil sketch. You can find the drawings in the project section of the class. So if you don't feel like drawing with me, you can just transfer them on watercolor paper. What I'd do next down, outline the drawing with fine liner. Today we'll do two holiday cards in fine manner and two with actual ink. But you can do them all in fine liner or in ink, whatever you like better. It's a really simple drawing of a car. Here we have just a triangle far between this part. On the chair up we just put in these little lines randomly. Because after I'm going to color it, so it's where the color will show the actual shape. They're always going to add more lines for texture after we add some color. Maybe a few lines for road. Now we can start coloring. I'm starting with cadmium yellow. We don't mix colors for this clause because you are afraid to use any colors you like. So I'm mixing some cadmium yellow and golden orange, and a drop of purple. The ones I do I'll put just few dots on my Christmas tree in there, so they can join while we'll be painting something. Also I want to paint the lights of the car. I'll start with yellow. What to do next? Go along. It can red, red will like the most. For me it's Carmen red and we'll color the car. I wanted these sell extensions to be really simple, so I'll try not to overwork it. Just leave some imperfections here in there so that the data will look hand painted. Just adorable. You can pick any red you like. Say mix my red with a little bit of yellow. Just to change the wash. What I've got to watch to be more interesting. As I said before, this illustrations are really easy and fast to make. If you have on. Occasionally you need to bring the holiday card or gift tag. Feel free to use them. My yellow is drawn, so I'll mix some yellow, green with some green for the tree. You don't have to use the same colors if you don't want. What I do next, I'll just add some brush strokes on the tree. Again, I'm giving this hand painted feel. What we do next, we'll mix some black with water and dimple with it, and I'll paint this some parts of the car gray. A little bit here I guess it's done. Next, I'll mix a little bit of green to my Carmen red. Just to add some depth to the car. Just heal brush strokes. Again, I'm trying not to overwork these illustrations. Oops my gray was still wet but it's okay. I just dried our brush in my paper towel, so I can fix this part. Next what I want to do I want to make some unrolled green with purple, it should look a beautiful Grayish blue. I'll paint some snow. You can paint it any color blue, purple, gray, even black if you feel like it. Just has to be a contrast to your paper, and here some shadows, and the snow. Still waiting car with our Grey will dry. Meanwhile we'll, with the small brush, if our Christmas's tree is dry we can paint lady birds. In the [inaudible] I'll try paint the a wheels of the car with black, because the gray was still wet, and this one. Then we can add some details. They are fine on here again, make some texture here. Few more lines on our Christmas tree maybe a line here. Now I can add some white snow on the car, on that part of the car. Just randomly here and there. I'm using white ink, and a tiny brush. Let's set our car and Christmas Janus duration is ready. 4. Painting a baby Deer: Next illustration we've been drawing again with fine line and water color and it's this little deer. You can find the drawing in the project section on the class and just transfer it into your water color paper. Here are the ears, after I've outlined with fine layer. Next is the eye. Of course it a stylized illustration of the deer. Here we have white part. Next you can mix any brown and black. I'll be using a red ocher. For the lighter tone, I will mix it with some golden orange, and for darker tone, I'll mix it with purple. For our first layer, I will take it really watery, and I'll just color my deer. The area around the eyes, white. I'm mixing some red ocher with purple so I can edit right in the edge areas. That's how the edges [inaudible] ink so I'm not worried about this, and I'm just coloring from the tip. The end of the tail is white too. Legs are a little darker than the body, and finally take a darker tone with more pigment, and a little bit of purple, and get some shadows. [inaudible] brown and add few shadows on the white. Next, adding some emerald green with purple and I'll add some shadows on the snow, and maybe some snowflakes. Snowflakes on the deer are white. After our deer is a little dry, we can add some more shadows if we feel like it. I don't want to overwork it so I think it's enough. Next with the tiny brush, I'll add some white spots on our deer's back and few white lines on the nose. Add some white dots for snowflakes. I'd like to add some branches, just be careful don't smudge your paint. I'll turn my paper to be more comfortable. Whatever [inaudible] drawing, and for the last touch, let's add some red. Red will always make our illustrations more positive. Add some red berries here, and here. Then one way the deer will have a red nose. Our deer illustration is ready. 5. Holiday Wreath: For this artwork we'll be using ink instead of Fineliner. I have my ink here and you can use a tip pen if you want. I'll be using the brush. What we do first is draw the word JOY and instead of O, I have circle. This 'll be a rib. I'll just draw this rectangle in pencil. You can draw everything first in pencil if you want to, but after drawing just this rectangle in pencil and then everything else I will do in ink. The lines look more alive. The middle is here, another circle and maybe another decorative architectural element. This is all the drawing got to and next, we'll start painting. I'm using Scotlic brand for letters and just coiling it with your color and if it they'll be some water color and they're fictions to look in and more beautiful to the handmade. Fee free to use a smaller brush if you need more control. On the same hand on the rib I'll make some there is. We can add some more later. Let's color for next letter. Easy. Next to this small brush I will mix a green I'd like to add to my young artist, so I will mix some green with ultramarine blue. You can use any green even though if you don't want to use green, you can use blue or turquoise, just whichever colors can work for you. Next, what I'll do, I'll start adding branches to my leaf. I'd like it to be darker and we can have high branches over just a tree or any leaves you'd like to add all the way around. We can always add more after we paint our door. I'll make something that begin to mix VEIL and they'll add some details here and there. This is enough right now. Next touch I'd start that painting in ink. I'll be painting from the left corner to the right. I want so much ink and be careful with the ink which is still wet. Let's start from here. You can make your door horizontal cylinder. You can even make your own door if you feel like it. I like the beautiful to quarantine fillers. In European cities there are so many of those doors. I'll try to make it as symmetrical as possible but if there are some imperfections don't apply. It's a holiday card. Here you can put in any initial or a number or tiny shows on one of them, I'll see I could draw this with Fineliner instead of ink, which is totally fine. Then branch here and as many elements as you like until you're happy with your door, and feel free to use this recurrence and otherwise you find. Next down step to work on actual doors. That's a double door. We have one rectangle and then the next one. Where we can see it through a rib, again my lines are not straight and its okay. Add direct ink, you can paint in thicker and thinner, which is so beautiful and some decorative elements here and here. Let's add some rectangles here and add this to the sides. This is good. Lets make a stabb, also I can add some branches right here on the rib and some dots on the variance, and I have another card ready. 6. Christmas Tree Card: Next, let's draw and paint a Christmas tree in incunabula color. Somehow, we'll start just with drawing a big triangle and part, a bucket or something like that. Next I will take some black ink and will be painting a standardized Christmas tree. So what I'm doing like this, loops, needed a random and leaving some white space between them. They're just filling this triangle of ours. Next, it will be very important to make your ink dry before we start adding some color with watercolor. So just consider the branches, they feel like you can make them more zigzag if you want my black loops. I think I like loops better. So they do not have to be too regular they have to be more likely to leave model white space like I did. Now I realize my dad like this, some part of it taller like this. So I'll just erase the rest of the triangle. Maybe some handles and modern branches in bottom, they'll create some elements here and there. Next I have to let it dry and then we'll start painting the color. So after the ink is totally dry, I erase all the lines and I can start easing all curls. So I want to paint a star on top. So here's some cadmium yellow with a little bit of quantum orange. The same color I'll be using for some lights on the tree. Next, I wanted some Christmas ornament and that'll be using carmine red and just add some ornaments wherever I feel like. I have a second column of ornaments, just trying not to overwhelm the tree wave. I have pink ornaments. Maybe one here. The second part I want to use for my ornaments is turquoise. If you think that turquoise is too bright just add some cadmium orange to it. I think I'll go right. I'll make some cadmium orange to my turquoise and I'll paint some snow. But a good color mass try to use mostly the color sellers you have in the callers can. In this case, we even could use black arsenal. I would like to add some lights in our tree too. Just some yellow dots, maybe some lights on the background too. This is our Christmas tree card. 7. Last Thoughts: Thank you for watching my classes. I hope you had a chance to paint with me. If you like this class, please leave a review and upload the project to the project section of the class. I can't wait to share beautiful artwork. Happy holidays. See you in my next class.