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Easy Floral Wreath with Watercolors

teacher avatar Gulnara M, Artist/Etsy Shop Owner

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Sketches and Ideas


    • 3.

      Green Wreath


    • 4.

      Cherry Blossom Wreath


    • 5.

      Wreath with Big Pink Flowers


    • 6.

      Wreath with Purple Flowers


    • 7.

      Bonus: Pink and Blue Wreath


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About This Class

In this class I will walk you through the process of creating your own wreath with watercolors.  I will show you my process of how I come up with an idea for a wreath and I will demonstrate how to paint 5 different wreaths. Check the project section of this class to see the 5 wreaths I will be painting.  

I have used wreaths in the illustrations for galleries and my personal prints that I sell on Etsy. You can find some examples of my illustrations of baby animals on my website and the prints that are exclusively sold in ArtStar NY art gallery and on Etsy.

Tools you will need for this class:  

  • Sketchbook
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Watercolor Paper Watercolors (I am using a limited palette)
  • Brushes (round size 6 and 2)
  • Paper towels
  • Glass with water

In my class "Create Your Own Baby Animal" I go over different art supplies and how to pick more affordable options. So, check it out if you want to learn more.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Gulnara M

Artist/Etsy Shop Owner


My name is Gulnara and I am an artist based in Los Angeles, California. I have been drawing since before I could write and art has always played a huge part in my life. I always experiment with techniques and different mediums. My favorite mediums are watercolors, oil paints, ink and color pencils. I love to create illustrations that inspire and bring smiles.

I hope you enjoy my classes ;)

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Level: Beginner

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1. Intro: Hi. My name is Gulnara and I'm accepted artists from Venice, California I worked with different mediums such as oils. Water collar is ink, and I primarily focused on creating cute and kind characters in this class. I will walk you through the process of how to create your own raise with water colors. You will see how I mixed colors, my brush techniques and I will paint five different reason for you to choose from. Please ask questions and post your progress. I will be here to help you along the way. I look forward to seeing your projects. Thank you so much for taking this bust. 2. Sketches and Ideas: before you start painting your wreath, it's a good idea to roughly sketch what you playing what you pond paint. It doesn't have to be a real size sketch or very detailed one. For example, Hero sketch three different wreath is that I plan to pain in this costs. One will be a one layer wreath. 2nd 1 will be a cherry blossom one, and 3rd 1 will be a layer of grease. It is also good idea. Just catch different branches, flowers and Berries that you might want to use in your grief. Think of it as if you are actually building your own wreath, and the step lets you assemble your branches and flowers. It's also very helpful when deciding what color scheme you plan to use. As you can see, I'm using my limited palette for this class, and you can see that it can achieve a lot of variety in your colorist was the minimal palette 3. Green Wreath: I first likely draw a circle as a basis for the week. You can use a bowl or plate. I'm going to start adding branches. I will paint lease with water colors. Sketching the court branches helps to establish the composition for your grease. I like member and just to be waiting so you can see that I'm drawing them like a weight. Also, this race will not have a beginning or end, so having the wavy bridges helps to hide the connection. No, I'm going to go ahead and raised a circle that I draw. We don't need it anymore. Try not to use your fingers or hands to move the bits of the razor from the paper. All hands have natural oils and papers. Very absorbent you might end up with. Much is. Instead, grab a big, clean, dry brush and just brush away old obits left from the razor. - Now it's seven to pain. You re let's make some collars. I'm using size six run brush and I'm mixing sap green, lemon, yellow and yellow okra. I keep consistency very watery and light. We can always make a dark a leader. The reason I had a yellow colors. I wanted to tone down Sepp grade. So first I'm going to paint out branches. It's pretty straightforward. You just idly trace over the pencil drawing that we made. I like to always start. My paintings was very watery consistency of the colors, so you will see me consistently adding water to the mix. - Now at the first set of leaves, too old a little branches. Before I had more leaves. I will let more small branches d add some volume to the breeze. You always want to have a big Adam's first. Yuri's as if you were actually building one. If you get us bladder like idea, don't worry. Just grab a P a piece of paper tell and dep it. It did not try to raise it. Just keep dabbing at it until it's gone again. Also had some clear water on top and depth a little bit more. So now all I will be doing is adding leaves. You can also see a varied the consistency off the green collar giving variation to green Hughes will make your waist look fuller and more real for the rest of this video. I'm going to speed it at more. I'll just keep adding, You'll Oakland burn CNN did. That makes in order to give more variation to the leaves. So just go ahead. Keep on growing leaves where you see the branches are balanced. 4. Cherry Blossom Wreath: I older to draw a circle as in the previous video, and now put the three smoke crosses for where I'll put the cherry blossoms will help me in the future, to balance my race and widely as to work to put the branches and the flowers. So now I'm gonna go and lately at branches was depends also wavy as in the previous medium . And I'm gonna go ahead and raise this article that I drove. You don't need it anymore. So first you will paint cherry blossom flowers. They're the biggest items in a wreath, and hands were starting with them. I'm mixing Ella's there in crimson was changes white and keeping the pain very water again . I'm using size six thrown brush. Um, I get my paid a watery consistency because I could always make a miracle later, but you can make it lighter. - So before I had moved flowers, I'm going to let that layer dry and start adding branches. I mix burnt umber and noser crimson, and I'm painting my baby branches connecting the cherry blossoms. Now I can get back to work in mature blossoms. I'm Ed ing wall is there and comes into the mix and making it more milky consistency. And with the's, I'm so late ing more flowers, making it more fuller. - So I'm gonna go move back to work on the branches now using the same mix and winked at flower buds to all branches. They bring balance in order to make this bus not float in the air. Amazing. A darker mix of burnt number and eliciting crimps into the please for about connects with the French. I'm also going to go ahead and little branches with little flower buds to the cherry blossom. Um, does the chair bosses salus? Almost going to go ahead and add small branches? Was the buds to the tree blossoms again as the variety form and shape to our way for the green mixed sub green olives earned Crimson intends blue and a little bit of yellow lemon. I love to mix the colors on, find the tones and hues that a pleasant to my eye eso hands was. These grain makes quitted quite a few colors until I find the tone and hue that I was happy with. It's not as you can see, I'm adding leaves to older. Brent is I'm also gonna end them to cherry blossoms. And this way, our Reese is gonna be much fuller and more vibrant. - So I'm mixing Eliza and Crimson and Bird Upper and creating a star shaped centers in the center of age. Joe Boston flower. Okay, - So , looking out Greece, I realized that the right side of it is a little bit of unbalanced. Um, so I decided to go ahead and draw in another branch, so I lightly traced it with the prints. So just to keep myself a little guideline, and here I am adding a branch with leaves and boats. 5. Wreath with Big Pink Flowers: here's before I Start was already drawn circle. Mixing knowledge and crimson was a lot of water to make it worry in using side six run brush, I'm going to paint big pink flowers. As you can see, the shape of spirit is simple, at first being C shaped metal and then to drop pedals on top of it. I will have these flowers only in one spot, like a crime. So painting with some space in between because several add some more flowers was a different thank you. - So in all of their incomes and mix, I added, Can you yellow to bring it to a more peachy tones? Also, story before the intruder. It's my foster kid, and she will helps to what you paint and play with my pain. Precious After painting beach dunk hours, I'm aiding the same tone flower buzz Teoh at the variety and shape and form to all these. I'm going to add some lemon yellow in the cabin, yellow to the centers of all flowers and for the branches and leaves. I'm going to accept three toe already mixed yellow mix and start adding long lease. You can see that I'm baiting them was one stroke. So using says, six round brush started lightly painting the stem and then when you're ready to draw the leave, press on the brush while dragging it upwards and release, and you will have a long week. I'm ending same leaves to the flowers as well now mixing burned over and blood sienna and using sites to round brush edek small stabbings to the center over the flowers. 6. Wreath with Purple Flowers: This will be in purple flower weeks and since I don't have a purple color in my palette, Apple makes ultra marine blue Was Eliza in crimson? These flowers are super simple. Using side six runs, Raj, I'm adding 5 to 6 battles for each. I will place my flower arrangements on two sides of the reef and again leaving some space in between to add more flowers later of a different hue. Okay, by adding moralism crimson to the makes, we're getting more of a lilac color and using this mix at animal flowers in this video, I'll show you how I create my own common I'm mixing ultramarine blue was canyon yellow and a little bit of lamb in the yellow to bring up the brightness to the green. And here we have all until now, concept cream, using the same technique as in the previous video. Adding leaves to our I make stems shoulder and leaves sugar as well, but the process is the same at some depth star flowers. I mixed more Eliza in crimson to our purple mix and put small DOS to the center off the lilac flowers and for the purple flower centers, I mixed more ultra marine blue 7. Bonus: Pink and Blue Wreath: This is a bonus video. I have some problems. A while recording the painting of the street. Some of the portion did not get recorded, unfortunately, but I will try Teoh catch you out. Bob was what I did in between. So, as you can see, already started with the circle pre drawn, as in all the previous media's, and this will be pink and blue layered. So for the blue color I next ultra Marine blue was a bit of burnt number. The bird numbers turns down ultra marine blue because I want this grease to be more of Estelle colors. So in order to turn down all the reds and blues, I'm gonna be adding more brown colors in the mix and keep them very watery. A painted the same branches. The blue breakfast was leaves as in the green three CDO. It's the same process on, and what I did is I did Steve branches of blue and then see branches off pink and pink flowers, the same as in Cherry Blossom Greece video. You can watch that want to see how them and for the pink color I made a very, very water makes off canyon Red and others are in crimson. So once the first layer is tried completely, I can start adding the second layer. And what I'm doing is I'm adding a con, trusting color branches to the existing one. So, for example, if it's a pink branch, then the next layer will be the blue. And if it's a blue branch, I will add a different shade of pink contact. So in the rad mix, I'm adding more always run crimson and cabin red to make it more saturated and milky. Consistency and bar owner Allyson Crimson site and this French will just have Berries on it and painting on top of the blue French and for the pink branches toe layer, it makes saying ultra marine blue was burned number making war milky consistency. So it's darker, and I'm painting those branches. Some tip off pain. Control of awesome French is the's. Branches will have small tear shape leaves again. It creates mobile variety to our Reese. As you can see, using branches with Berries with lease was just flowers in different types of shapes of leaves. Again, when you create a layer of grease, you want Teoh create writing shapes tones, colors and forms. So again, sketching beforehand, the types of breakfast you might use in the future is very helpful at the state. - I kept this at only two layers. You can go ahead and add mole ears if you wish. Just keep in mind that you ideally want to let each letter dry completely before you add the next one so that the collars did not bleed into each other. Unless that's the attack you going for again. There are no rules in art. I truly believe that it's all about your imagination, your creativity and making sure that you have fun. So here we have our last week. I hope you enjoyed this class and I can't wait to see your projects. Thank you so much for taking this.