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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Introduction: Easy Alcohol Ink Art


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      Easy Alcohol Ink Art: Lesson 1


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      Easy Alcohol Ink Art: Lesson 2


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      Easy Alcohol Ink Art: Lesson 3


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      Easy Alcohol Ink Art: Lesson 4


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About This Class

Welcome to the Easy Alcohol Ink Art class.  This is a follow up class from the first basic course.

In less than half an hour we going to create an easy and simple art piece by mix and pouring of an alcohol mix on our yupo paper.

Alcohol Inks are an easy and fun medium to work with and this is just another way of playing with alcohol inks to build your confidence to explore and experiment with the medium.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Riana Van Staden

Artist, Surface Pattern designer


Hello, I'm Riana. I am an international artist, surface pattern designer and photographer. I am also a registered Art Clay Silver Instructor.  I love to be creative and love to share my knowledge with others.

I will cover a wide variety of interesting topics, like how to start creating art for clothes, abstract art and how to use it to create extra income and much more.

If you feel that you can learn something from me, please follow me to get updates as soon as I publish a new course.

All my classes will be fun and you can really relax and just enjoy your own creativity. I love to work by way of creating "intuitive art" - to me that is letting go of the fears to be "perfect" and to allow your art or painting to evolve based on your heart callings, visions and d... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Easy Alcohol Ink Art: Hello, everyone. And welcome to my second cause. This is the project we're going to do in the second course. Um, I have to see everyone in the next video. Thanks a lot. 2. Easy Alcohol Ink Art: Lesson 1: Hi everyone. Welcome to the need New and next course I trust that you did the previous or my first schools that by singing Oh, Kaling's we kind to We're from the basic local instance Next projects Andi looking to more detail on what you can do is all goings. So for this project, we going to do something. It's going to be quick and easy. I'm going to use my two colors. I'll use my cups. I'm going to use my local. Then I'm going to use like this gold going to play a little bit of this and then old also see, my Bible uses ink Glimmer mist. Um, I think you're gonna this a lot off brands that you can use, but you're anything that it's like little now that's private. You can use anything like that. Uhm, I'm going to use this on Dean going to use a straw or if we don't have a straw, I usually just like out being like this on Didn't just use this to blow suits in boosting. So if you have a straw, it's fine. Otherwise, if you don't, you can just do that. I don't keep more brush with me If I need to know, Move A little bit off inks around, but he is. This is a bicycle going to use with this project. I'm going to start mixing everything together and I'll show you show you the race on the next video clip. I'll see you in the next one. 3. Easy Alcohol Ink Art: Lesson 2: people starting with this one. I just bought a little bit off Oh, cold in my plastic guff. Not too much because my fi personal that big so you can you can just pull a little bit on. Then you can decide on your color are going to use this purple. I'm just going to like the lucidity. It's a very strong color you can see. So it's but means in the in. The ink is very strong, so I'm going to use too much. How would Roldos use extra ink in between? If I think it's needed? Not just think that's perfect. No going to use another color do. This sign is not really a rule about how much in drops you can use if you want to delete your links. It all the pains on how strong the the pick Minto that is very strong. E this one a little bit. It depends on the color you want. That's more lease, but I want to do so. Is this this project? I'm not going to put any local on my piper now. The local and the inky speaks in years, so I'm going to use it like this and 90 years must draw for this Assir. Jeez to keep Kitchen five. Bill Powell was YouTube. Just keep at hand if you my commis and just want to clean up. So yes, it's thought with this, I think I stole this one. So what you do is you just start to pull the ink Condo's slated. Move around a little bit when you dislike that. How much you should be Xiaoying on Just Mike. A drop or two for security fighting Now 30 Obstructs work. This is also a song that you can use your hair dryer once again. I'm not really using that, so it depends on what you want. You can use it. There's no right or wrong if it's, I think if it's a large project or large piece of by burning awfully good, but working the small pieces. This is fine for me. You can trust. Give it a little bit time. You'll see because it's diluted and pick. Means is like you are deluded. It's a lot lighter so you can play around with this and you know, like your things. And if it's a little bit Troy, you can add more ink in it does. This was also apply full thing. This really just give us a little bit of time to dry his Oakleys fun to use. I hope you all hold on. This is like it was me first. I'd like to do this. It's really really nice t by around and create Thanks for it. Kinds of justice draw a little bit. It sees it's quite late, so you can just leave it a little bit too dry. Something else you can do. I don't know. Some people. I don't know if everyone voted. I like to take a piece off this on. As you saw in my previous course, I like to Mike Marks on my old work. So if you take like your Piper kitchen toe, I doubt you can just make it like this. You can't just take off Nutsack off a little bit off the inks. That's also something Teoh, you know, create markings. I love Morgan's gives me dating my artwork, so I always try to see what I can do to, you know, keep that date in a vote work. You can see this is a much drier. You can just thought for a little bit more. - Just leave it like this. Should keep it a little bit of time to try more. I really like you can see. How does this movement it might see? It's still really Wait. So this is really nice that is going on here. I like the movement. Yet I like that. That's a city. If you want to use you, he drive. That's perfect. It is really now right or wrong doing this. So I'm just going to let it stand for a minute or so just to dry a little bit out of me going Teoh at more color and D dealt of this. So just give it a second and then I brought to the next year. 4. Easy Alcohol Ink Art: Lesson 3: okay, but I didn't know what I'm doing. I take my gold. I know now there's always different ways of adding your goal to your old working situation . But for me, the easiest way from used to just stepped off down the gold on the piper and just little flat because they still got weight in here. Um, just to mike it, um, in this weight boards to just thought in some gold. So they always otherwise that you also congest pour it down. But I prefer to do it like that. And I think you saw with the courses from all over the Internet that everyone works away. That's the easiest for him. No, this is always different. Wise off to being this. Let's now right or wrong or just one way to do it. Who said this is my Ms? It'll who do it. I thought it too much. I just really just got a little bit. And it's still in the wit areas. You will see its repeated down the inks or media distorted flow. So I just dropped on a little bit off gold here Sunday does keep a little bit. So for now I will just leave it like this and, you know, let a dreidel but you can't touch up with singled in between. If you feel these areas that you want to act mogul, it starts with up to you. Um, I just tried to do it while it's still wait. Otherwise, it's going to look like just flops that he put down to try to do it. Boy, his big areas. Also, it okay, because I'll just leave that for for a while to settle the gold boards. And if you want to work with glass, you're welcome. I mean, some people here's gloves are used gloves. It's just easier for me to, but But you can see my hands is that's already full of inks, so I would just let it dry a little bit at the Gold board. Remembering the first videos video Course I told about told you about layers of you can use . Um, is it Simon? This one? You can see they are there a lot of details with our love to keep. But there are also areas that I think you can add a little bit more detail. You can just pick it up my fist still wait. There's beautiful detail here. I don't want to miss that up because I like the looks like fun. It's It's very nicey. And in these areas, like the year that I can add a little bit more detail. Tough. The gold's looking good. They really miss well off the weight fort. So at this touch, what I will do is I will just let it dry to give it time to settle down because I already have a nice background. This beautiful things going on here. So I love this. We can live around this and, you know, work with it. So I will just leave it that down for a while and let it dry and then going to do the next things. 5. Easy Alcohol Ink Art: Lesson 4: I got the most areas are draw. They're still a little bit, especially with the gold. They are still places that its weight. But I'm just going to leave it like that. I'm not going to to anything around that area. Just want to leave it like that. Um, you can see here that this is also still a little bit of weight, but it's fun. It it materialized. Beautiful detail on this board. I really love This is very, very nice that so let's see if you can do with the rest. I don't like this drop here because I messed up. There was a drop here. Michael Zanzi might is wanting. So I just want to see if I could do anything around this girl beastie me to see just kind of for a little bit. I just got into I just wanted to connect with this one. Well, this is a beauty off. Um, so going stories that you can, even if you might something like this would be by accident. Drop, uh, oh co Inc on your piper. There's always a way that you can go back and just fix it, you know, because this is like awash in the colors is light, and you can always put something on top of feed when it's dry. Yeah, there's a lot off things you can do. I'm going to uses again, see if I can provide some smoking stone here to break it up. Then McCain I will got you nickel beautifully. Thanks. God, just leave it like that for second. Okay, So what I can do is like in the first list. And you can decide now if you want to, like, add more inks on your base that he confided Now, I mean, there's still wait, and we need to if it's on to draw this side. But you can decide if you want Teoh work on this and create more detail with you things. Otherwise, you can go back to your pain to remember we used them. The pains, the moment ink beans do create Dita. Um I'm not going to start with stains off that this died because that's going to be a separate course. We'll show you everything how you do that. But if you want as a shirt before you can really just start, you know, picking up Thanks. Because it also might more kings Now, that's one way you can decide now if you want this guy we hate just let the color where the watch is. Your pains. Oh, don't see now what we're going to do here, because I just gave it a little bit more time. I really loved this board here. You can see how beautiful the lynx things. Oh, yeah, it's baby nice. That's really, really nice. Okay, that is almost dry these up, but I think I going to do with this one. It really depends on what do you want to do? Um, I'm going to Hughes. Maybe just see, You can t use their thinking with thinks. Oh, cool. With my regis, we just played both. There's so many ways that you can you can go and look on this just a little. It's just going to be easy. Okay, Um, did you just get this other tool? I used it a second. I'm going to see in the next video